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tv   9 News at Noon  NBC  September 20, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm MDT

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this is 9news. >> some information just into the news room, we found out this is not the first time that the bombing suspect in the new york has been on the radar. his own father contacted the
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for stabbing someone in the leg in 2014. the official said the fbi looked into the matter, but rahami retracted his comments, saying he was hanging out with the wrong crowd. the grand jury decided not to indict him. he spoke to nbc,, the father did, in list belt, new jersey. he said he did call law enforcement enforce twice, but didn't elaborate. >> did you know your son was doing this? >> no,. >> you had no idea? >> not sure what happened. but, very hard right now to talk, okay? >> rahami is an american citizen raised the u.s. the family immigrated from afghanistan, people are coming
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neighborhood, where 29 people were injured by the bomb. west 23rd street between 6th 6th and 7th avenue is now open to pedestrians and to cars. rahami has been charged with five counts of attempted murder against a police officer. he could get up to 20 years for each count, that will essentially be a life sentence. investigators are trying to determine his motive. we have an update from a story on august that has details that could be upsetting j jefferson county was killed by two pit bulls she helped raise. shaw was found unresponsive in august on her property in conifer. today, we obtained the results of the autopsy. the jefferson county coroner determined she was mauled to death. no charges are represented against her son, who was the owner of a dog. the victim had the dogs on her property since they were
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incident. both dogs have been euthanized. a truck carrying michelobe ultra rolled on loveland pass this morning, leaving three people seriously injured, and closing the i believe. the truck -- highway, the truck crashed into another vehicle, and overturned on a run away truck ramp while coming down from loveland pass. all three people were hurt, and they were taken to the hospital. drivers had to take the eisenhower tunnel as detour, while u.s. 6 was closed both directions over the pass. all summer is not ready to let us go yet. like an annoying ex-boyfriend. it's warmer than normal for this time of year. taking a live look in downtown, you see skies are gray, probably know the feeling, it just won't let go! >> that's the best description i've heard in a while. annoying ex-boyfriend. couple more days, and warm
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start to finally cool off. the if i recall start -- official start of fall on thursday. let's look at the clouds we're seeing over denver. despite the clouds, we are going to be making our way into the middle to upper 80s, and see some sunshine in the mix. some of this moisture coming from our southwest, believe it or not. this is some remnants of tropical storm payne, getting ready to come on shore, so a lot of moisture from that the vicinity, drawing into the southwest, and cod colorado. 83 at dia, here in downtown denver, cooler, at 679. we're at 79 in greeley, 81 in fort collins, we have middle 80s out east, and 60s and 70s to the west in the foothills. so the next couple of hours, we're going to see the mix of clouds and sun, we warm it up into the upper 80s by 3:00, and 4:00. not many chances for rain today. and if you don't like it, because it doesn't feel like
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weekend. 60s are in store. >> oh, wow! goodness. it's going to be a change. >> oh, yeah. dozens of people will have to start over today after everything they owned burned. jessica was in arapahoe county for most of the morning. she gives us a look at the damage from an apartment fire that investigators are still facing today. >> reporter: what a tough situation for residents to wake up to this, and have to deal with the aftermath of residents lived here, but 24 units have been destroyed. the three aharm fire was powerful enough to make the roof collapse. some were treated for smoke inhalation. firefighters were here until about 11:00 p.m. last night, putting out hot spots, a necessary step considering how hot and dry conditions were yesterday. today, residents, the focus is
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if you look closer in the units, you could see there are no belongings left. everything has been destroyed. so firefighters, the focus turns to the investigation as they try to figure out why this apartment building went up in flames. we still don't know the answer to that yesterday. residents say they're interested to know what started the fire as well. >> it was chaotic, different a flow of emotions you know, people were running around, trying to see, talking to anybody in uniform they coul news. all residents who were displaced did get to stay with friends and family overnight. this is a newer building, so it is kind of amazes to see how fast residents say it went up in flames. as investigators continue to figure out what happened here, no doubt they will look closer and smoke detectors, and try to figure out why flames spread so
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final months, excuse me, president obama made his last trip to the united nations to address the general assembly. amongst the topics, the ongoing refugee crisis around the globe. he called for the nation to do more to help the more than 65 million people who flee their homes because of armed conflict or persecution. >> we have to have the empathy to see ourselves, we have to imagine what it would be the unspeakable happened to us. >> last week, the white house announced the u.s. will take in 110,000 refugees in 2017. it's the 30% increase over the number allowed this year. some groups have called on the u.s. to do more. yesterday, 61 use corporation -- u.s. corporations pledged
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of this! that's the message that skit tells is sending to donald trump junior. trump used this as an analogy to describe the risk immigrants pose. if he had a bowl of your water before you drink t people are finding sediment in the water. blame it on a construction project. the city of boulder says they have received reports of cloudy drinking water. they are urging people to leave their water running for a little while to just it clears up. if it doesn't, wait 30 minutes and dry again. so far, the precaution, we shouldn't have to say that,
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looks clear. kellogg's is recalling 10,000 cases of eggos, because they could be contaminated with listeria. no illnesses have been reported. the waffles have use-by dates of november 21, and 22, 2017. they results in 25 states, including colorado. other flavors and sized are not being recalled. you can check 9 for more details. really good news. more affordable we'll tell you where. >> and how long will summer stick around?
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things should be warming up pretty quickly. mix of clouds and sun is what we're anticipating today. not very many chances for rain. still can see the mostly cloudy skies coughing the denver metro area, covering the denver metro area. the clouds gave us a beautiful sunrise . sunrise. we had a picture from julia, beautiful colors as the sun came up amid the clouds. official start to fall, you've seen it on your calendar, is on thursday. 8:21 a.m. why that time? that's the exact time the sun's most direct phase hits the equator as the northern hemisphere, so our part of the earth tilts away from the sun, indicating a couple of things.
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temperatures, but two, equal time in daylight. we'll get roughly 12 hours and 8 minutes of daylight that day which is great news for folks that want to go to the mountains. we have great temperatures there and an opportunity to check out the fall numbers. 50s and 60s in the mountains, 83 in denver here outside 9news, partly sunny skies. our temperature is at 79. let' right now, we have moisture just outside the state, a lot of cloud cover across colorado. coming frap this system, that's -- from this system, that's prop california storm -- tropical storm payne. it will high pressure help to increase our rain. we are looking at a drop in
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colors indicating cooler weather. it all arrives come friday. friday into saturday, we're going to see the most significant temperature drop. rain will be mostly in southwest colorado. we'll have partly sunny skies in the denver metro area. middle to upper 90s for friends on the eastern plains. the wind from the northeast 5- 10 today. tonight, drop to 58, still keeping you mostly cloudy. rain and snow in and low 80s wednesday and thursday. thursday an isolated shower, same for friday. and check out the weekend.
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great news, more affordable housing is coming to denver. ment city council approved the $150 million proposal monday night. this is in response to rising cost of living that is forces some people out of denver t is the first dedicated fund to affordability housing it aims to create 6000 in equal qualified units it will use property taxes and development fees to raise that money over the next ten years. lot of people have been waiting for this to happen inform the past, parents -- waited until their children would be older until they let them eat
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prevent allergies. researchers looked at the timing of introducing foods, children exposed to eggs between 4-6 months old were less likely to develop an egg allergy. andhowever, experts say parents should definitely discuss the introduction of the foods with their child's doctor. very important to talk to pediatrician about this. be honest, last time you dropped food on the ground, did you think about the five second rule? science is not on your side! researchers at rutgers university -- they say the bacteria actually contaminated the food in about one second! not five seconds, not even the fastest mom or dad can beat that. most foods that are moist like
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bacteria transferred. foods dropped on carpet had less contamination than those dropped on the slick surface, like tile. you have to choose, choose tile. kid like to pick things up off the floor. it is the the break up that had the news room buzzing. these two. >> the race for the cure, just
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the race for the secure is scheduled for this sunday, in downtown denver. thousands of survivors can and supporters will be there, raising awareness and money to fight a disease that affected one in seven women in colorado. so so important to come out and support this cause. i'm here with dr. moore on behalf of sky ridge medical
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you can give us insight. blood cancer is epidemic proportions. we hear that women here are healthy. >> the -- breast cancer. one in eight in the nation, about 12.5% risk in a woman's life time. in colorado, seven. there's about 2100 in men, as well. it's important for men to support. >> >> i think the population we see happens to be a higher risk population here. >> probably nothing environmental? , but women just happen to tom in the high-risk categories. >> what are the risk factors?
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we can't be control, is getting older. women get it more frequently than men. and genetic predisposition. you can't change that, but if you're aware, you can get it diagnosed earlier. the life-style factors are keeping your weight at a normal range, so maintaining a health body weight, not being overweight. exercising regularly. that's one of the most important things women can do. eating a diet that's high plant proteins and stuff. animal proteins is very important. and, increasing your alcohol intake, about one -- decreasing our alcohol intake. one orless a day for women. so. >> there's so much that goes into funding research when we talk about race for the cure. is there anything happening in research that you're excited about you see that is new?
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foundation is talking about in jets -- injecting a tracer that will detect it sooner. the what is available now, a testing that is readily available. i work in surgery, so i'm interested in the technique, reducing scarring during surgery, and doing a better cosmetic result. lots on the horizon. new chemotherapy. >> race for the cure, why is it so important? >> it funds research, and funds support services for patients. they boy about $1 million -- provide about $1 million last year, and another 460,000 for research. very important to support this.
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sharing the world. join us sun -- the word, join us sunday, at pepsi center. registration opens at 5:00 a.m., and 5-k starts at 8:00. we hope to see you there.
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we're used to hearing about celebrity break ups, but this one is catching a lot of off guard, including here. angelina jolie is divorces brad pitt. they say she filed the paper work on monday. she is file for physical custody of all. children, gives pitt just visitation. it may be over pitt's alleged substance abuse, anger, and conflict over the kids. they have been together since 2004. they got married just two years ago, and have six children.
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>> yeah. >> you feel for the kids. >> yeah, absolutely. >> not easy. we thank you for joining us this morning. we hope you stick around -- see
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the "o.j." cast cleans up. brand new couple alert. and why fallon and corden are fighting over mario. >> it's "extra" -- >> at the emmy's right now. ? extra, extra ? temperatures soaring, hot couples, scorching fashions. >> really hot. >> tv's biggest stars doing the emmys "extra" style. you're so naughty. >> before kimmel killed it. >> are you rooting for o.j. to win this time? >> the late-night competition hijacking "extra." >> it is a fallon/corden takeover. >> jimmy kept on going. >> hi baby, it's jimmy. the "o.j." stars dominate. >> come on. >> john travolta, courteney b. vance and sarah paulson backstage. what sarah revealed about her emmy date, the real marcia clark. >> marcia thought it was the


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