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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  March 2, 2016 2:07am-2:37am MST

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democratic races for the presidential nomination. 12 states aren play tonight. polls have now closed in several of those states. let's go right to the boards. first to arkansas where they just closed a few seconds ago. and right now donald trump is leading but too close to call actually. too close to call in arkansas on the republican side. on the democratic side in arkansas, hillary clinton is the projected winner in arkansas. let's take you to what else we've been watching here tonight. in alabama, let's go to the republican race. alabama, projected winner is donald trump. to massachusetts now. donald trump is the projected winner. in tennessee, tennessee right now, donald trump the projected winner. and georgia, again, donald trump the projected winner as he continues to do well
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let's look at the virginia virginia, rubio and trump seem to be battling it out. in vermont in the republican race, right now it's too close to call. in oklahoma, too early to call in the republican primary. let's take you to the democratic races as we know them. alabama, hillary clinton is the projected winner. we move to tennessee right now, where again another win for clinton. in georgia, it's going to be clinton again, the projected winner in georgia. and then we move up to virginia, and again hillary clinton the projected winner there. in vermont, bernie sanders' home state, he is the projected winner. sanders wins vermont. democratic primary right now, too early to call this one. we'll continue to watch that one. oklahoma, the same story there. too early to call this race between clinton and bernie sanders. we have got a lot to about. our team is in place. let's start with the
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nbc's katy tur in palm beach. >> reporter: hello, lester. so far an outright win for donald trump in four out of the 11 states. you've got to imagine that the campaign is feeling good right now, hearing nbc news call out his name for four of those states. also doing well across voting blocs in many of those states as he was doing in south carolina and new hampshire and in nevada. the campaign using their preferred method of communication, donald trump tweeting a thank you to all of those states. just take a look at the maps, and consider this. he's now won in the north with new hampshire and massachusetts, in the south with south carolina, alabama, tennessee, georgia, and in the west with nevada. his support is cutting across this country, defying expectations, defying the popular sentiment that a northerner, a new yorker, can't necessarily do well in the south, that they would be unpopular. donald trump proving that not to be the case. but it has been a dramatic week for the
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campaign. trump refusing to the kkk over the weekend. that drew a lot of criticism from his opponents, a lot of criticism from the establishment, and a lot of criticism from the democrats. the campaign now trying to look ahead to the general election and promising that they're going to continue to hit hillary clinton. lester. marching through this night with victories as many suspected, the most suspenseful thing could be the race for second place. marco rubio and ted cruz are competing to be the face of the anti-trump effort within their party. nbc's hallie jackson is at ted cruz's headquarters in stafford, texas. hello, hallie. >> reporter: you can hear behind me this crowd is ready for a celebration, and the cruz campaign feels they will get one, at least here in texas. a campaign aide essentially predicting a win, telling me within the last hour that they will win texas and, quote, come out of the night as the only campaign with
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foundation to destroy -- feeling good in texas, thinking that could be enough to move on, obviously picking up a win in a place like arkansas or oklahoma is beneficial. nbc calling the oklahoma primary as you know, on the republican side, lester, too early to call, but ted cruz leading. >> hallie jackson, thanks very much. we're joined by nbc news political analyst nicole wallace. nicole, talk about the depth of the split right now in the republican party, especially watching those trump victories stack up tonight. >> it couldn't be more profound. i've been on these campaigns and when you utter the words too close to call, it breathes life into those campaigns hoping for either a strong second place or an upset. that is the position that the kasich campaign is in in vermont, that the rubio campaign is in in virginia, and that the cruz campaign, they think they're going to have some wins in texas, but they're hoping for others. when you say too close to ul ca, that breathes hope into those campaigns, but donald trump's
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by questions about the >> we have talked about this in terms of this being a three-way race. forward, will it still be? nobody's getting out. just by these races being too close for us to call, they'll have enough life. they'll have enough oxygen to keep going. as you said, this is tonight shaping up to be another chapter in a story and a historically divided republican party. turning now to the democratic race where nbc is projecting a hillary clinton with her only loss so far tonight in vermont. bernie sanders home state. team clinton hoping tonight this is the beginning of the end for sanders. our andrea mitchell is at clinton headquarters in miami. andrea, what's the mood there? >> reporter: the mood here is ebullient. they're waiting for hillary clinton. are told. she was at an event with black women, which is part of her strategy to appeal to minorities, and she is so far winning those
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southern firewall, winning overwhelmingly with that african-american vote and particularly the older vote. she had the mother of tray von martin with her here today in florida. she has been very active with the mothers of victims of gun violence, african-american young victims of gun violence. that has become one of her themes, going against bernie sanders, who as she points out five times voted against the brady bill. that is one of her signature issues. that said, going forward, you can see a change in the tone. she is not going to be as tough on bernie sanders, and they haven't been of course as personal as the republicans have been, but she's already pivoting to a campaign that she is anticipating against donald trump as the most likely republican nominee. she went after him again in a more subtle way tonight, telling these african-american women that they have to elevate the level of the political dialogue, be kinder, be more gentle. she is trying to create the contrast between what she is proposing and what
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the republican side, particularly donald trump. the clintons know this is going to be a very tough campaign if she is the democratic nominee, and is likely, donald trump is the republican nominee, because he is so unconventional. he doesn't follow the rules. they are girded up for that. they know this is going to be a hard one to win and probably harder than any of the other republicans just because he is so unusual and so controversial. that said, we're expecting hillary clinton here tonight, and one of the things that's really interesting to her is that it is still too early to call massachusetts and oklahoma, where she's going after bernie sanders in two of his strong holds. >> andrea, let's talk about bernie sanders. i want to go to nbc's kasie hunt. she's with the sanders campaign in vermont. bernie sanders addressed supporters a short time ago. what's the latest from there, case sooe? >> reporter: the delegate rich south is going as they expected. they knew they were going to suffer losses there. they're watching those two states,
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oklahoma, very, very carefully. they're hoping they might still be able to pull out a sweep of those five states where they played aggressively. also, minnesota, colorado, and of course vermont, where he won and where he was greeted by an adoring crowd. he told them that he's committed to fight on. >> at the end of tonight, 15 states will have voted. 35 states remain. and let me assure you that we are going to take our fight for economic justice, for social justice, for environmental sanity, for a world of peace to every one of those states. >> reporter: what might allow him to fight on, lester? those millions of dollars that his supporters are giving after an online call. they raised nearly $6 million in just 24 hours. >> kasie, thank you. we're joined by chuck todd and savannah
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our super tuesday tonight in prime-time. chuck, what do you make of what's happened so far? >> i was trying to look to see why is donald trump dominating in the south in particular? we have some interesting exit poll data that i want to share with you. we asked what candidate quality mattered to you most. overall in the nine super tuesday states, a candidate that either shares my values got 35%, can bring me to change, 30%. so going through the states, i went through georgia. among those that cared more about finding a change candidate as president, look at this. trump dominated. 46%. cruz a distant second at 20%. among those that want a candidate that shares my values, look at this. cruz on top at 35%. trump almost near the bottom sitting there at 12%. tennessee, similar story. change voters, trump dominates. over 50% in tennessee. shares my values, cruz at 37%. rubio just beneath. trump at the bottom. but the change aspect,
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more to republican primary voters. not this year. the change candidate is who's dominating. that's donald trump. that explains his southern dominance. >> let me talk to savannah. they knew it would probably be a dominant trump night, but what's thar path going forward. >> they would both love to see the other get out, and both are saying that's not going to be me. marco rubio is saying no matter what happens tonight, i'm in it all the way to the end, all the way to a contested convention. the rubio folks, frankly that is their path right now. he's got to win florida, but they're hoping that they're able to peel off delegates here and there to at least deny trump that majority. ted cruz sees a different path. he says, okay, we are going to win the delegates outright. we're going to get this momentum from tonight. but never forget the absolute central part of the cruz strategy was to be big tonight, be big in the south, and that's not happening. he's going to win texas, it looks like, but maybe one other state, but really
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>> we started with 15 in the race? >> it kept growing and now we're down to five. after tonight, maybe it gets down to four. >> but didn't that large group of candidates, did that create the situation here that allowed trump to move quickly? >> it sure is with cruz and rubio. i just showed you those values. cruz and rubio basically are splitting those that care more about values. if you only had one in the race, i guarantee you trump would win in some states, and cruz rubio if they were one candidate would win some states. cruz didn't really compete in virginia. we saw if you can get him in a one-on-one, he is potentially beatable, but i don't see cruz or rubio backing down. we're going to have live updates throughout the night as results come in. i'll be joined by chuck and savannah and our entire nbc news team live across the country. prime-time, we start at 10:00 eastern with all the breaking news. let's turn to some other news of the day. the battle between
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reached all the way to capitol hill hill. apple is fighting the fbi's demand to help unlock an iphone used by one of the san bernardino attackers. as our pete williams explains, both are asking congress to play referee and find an answer. >> if you would please rise, i'll begin by swearing you in. >> reporter: the fbi director faced a skeptical house judiciary committee over requiring that apple write special software to help the fbi unlock an iphone used by one of the san bernardino attackers. >> essentially we're asking apple take the vicious guard dog away. let us try and pick the lock. >> reporter: comey said the fbi asked every part of the u.s. government to crack the phone and concluded only apple held the key. >> when it's been the function of government to compel or force a private citizen or a company to act as an agent of the government to do what the government couldn't do. >> reporter: apple's top lawyer warned that if the fbi gets what it wants, the software to disable an iphone security, could get into the wrong hands. >> we think that protecting the
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privacy of hundreds of millions of iphone users is the right thing to do. that's the reason that we're doing this. committee members worried about phones keeping evidence out enforcement. >> you can go into people's bodies and remove bullets, but you can't go into a dead person's iphone and remove data. baffling. >> reporter: the federal judge in brooklyn has now ruled for apple in a battle over access to a drug dealer's locked iphone saying the government cannot force apple to bypass a security measure it markets to its customers, something the judge said would be plainly offensive to the company. >> for now, apple is on a roll, a win in court, its stock price up. next the san bernardino court hearing in three weeks. pete williams, nbc news, washington. still ahead here tonight, back on the stand. more emotional testimony from erin andrews. the trauma she still feels years after a stalker secretly taped her. the defense firing back, suggesting the incident actually helped her career.
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led them on a chase in a hummer, holding children hostage, but
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for a second day, sports reporter erin andrews took the stand to testify in her $75 million civil trial. today the defense got its chance to cross-examine andrews. she is suing both her convicted stalker and the hotel where he admits secretly videotaping her. andrews told the jury it's a trauma she's
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nbc's morgan radford has more. >> reporter: another emotional day on the stand. >> i know i'm not fine. >> reporter: erin andrews describes the daily night mash of that secretly taped viral video and the therapy she still needs. >> i'll always have to go get treatment for this, always go need to talk to something fw this because this will always be on the internet. >> reporter: she was particularly emotional when describing what could eventually happen when she has kids. >> what happens when my kids say mom, you're naked on the internet. >> she now does a thorough sweep of every hotel room. >> i look everywhere. i look for red lights. i look to see if there's cameras. >> her testimony complete. >> erin andrews rests her case. >> reporter: it's now up to the defense to make their case. first up, former employer, espn. >> did you see her suffer in way as a result? >> no. >> reporter: the hotel's legal team trying to convince the
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five men, that the hotel shouldn't pay for a video that wasn't their fault and that didn't damage her career. >> your income has gone up substantially since this occurred. >> reporter: andrews argued back, saying the work is her escape. >> i've been overcompensating in my life, and i admit that. i feel like if i can do the top nfl game and if i can work the world series and i can pass out the trophy, then people will forget. >> reporter: but, she says, she wants the jury to remember. morgan radford, nbc news, nashville. when we come back, after nearly a year in orbit, a
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in southern california, an intense manhunt is under way for a kidnapping suspect who took police on an hours long pursuit while holding his girlfriend and her children captive. police tailed the man across the los angeles area during rush hour on monday before he
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even though he was surrounded by officers. nbc's miguel almaguer has the wild details. >> the driver may be armed. >> reporter: the 40-mile chase started during rush hour. >> you can run but you can't hide. >> reporter: a low-speed pursuit, but this was high drama. >> this vehicle is stolen with kids inside. >> reporter: police say the driver, thomas ueno, kidnapped his girlfriend and two young children. a domestic dispute playing out on one of the nation's busiest free ways, i-5, endangering the public for more than five hours. >> he's not going to get very far. >> reporter: onlookers with cameras are there when the pursuit comes to an end in affluent newport beach, the suspect holding up his 1-year-old. finally the woman and children able to run towards police as ueno flees into the night. the suspect is shot with nonlethal rounds. >> the suspect in a hoodie comes running up and says, i'm hit. i'm hit. >> he escapes, slips
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into the night. today it's a manhunt, but like this chase, police say it's only a matter of time before they have their man. miguel almaguer, nbc news, los angeles. after spending nearly a year in space, astronaut scott kelly is coming back home. he departed from the international space station where he set an american record for longest single space mission. he'll finally set foot back on earth with all its gravity late this evening. when i interviewed kelly last week, he said the thing he missed most about home was human contact. when we come back, more on super tuesday when tom brokaw joins us. amid all the insults and attacks in this campaign, has he ever seen a race get so
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we're joined now by tom brokaw on this super tuesday. so much talked about a campaign dominated by insults and child like behavior.
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night? >> well, you know, what we've seen in the last three days is the whole rubio attack on donald trump. he stepped up his game by throwing a lot of spitballs and other things at him. it looked earlier in the evening like rubio had a shot at virginia. now the late returns are showing that donald trump is looking very good there. so the real question is at this stage, does that tactic work for anyone except donald trump, who can get away with almost anything? and he's not penalized in the move. others have tried to come out with the campaigning. it's not worked as well for them, and the question is, who is rubio if he doesn't have any victories by tonight, where does he go from here? that will be the big question, and was it a consequence of how he behaved in the last two days. >> we'll find out if this will be a gut check moment for the other candidates after tonight. tom, thank you. that concludes our first half hour of "nightly news" on this super tuesday. stations, we will continue for another
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coverage. a reminder we're back on the air tonight at 10:00 with all the breaking results. i'm lester holt. for all of us at nbc news, thank you for watching and good
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show. we are talking "what's hot now". a new study revealed how many married people cheat. should they confess? and a new law that makes answering e-mails after working hours.
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lowes is here. and star of obsession of "eddy the eagle" taron egerton is here and shared the dream. it all starts right now on meredith. [applause] makes you feel real good. [applause] >> meredith: hi, everyone. we have a great show today. "scandal" may be the hottest show on television. any can fans in the audience of the show? i am pleased to welcome back lovely katy lowes here today. and i upon so obsessed with the new movie called "eddy the eagle" starring taron egerton who is here with us.


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