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tv   9 News at 1030PM  NBC  January 31, 2016 10:30pm-11:00pm MST

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all right. one week to the super bowl and to help get the viewers ready for the big game, 9 news is handing out more broncos magnets. we know that you guys love these. our next give away is tuesday, 6:00 a.m. at the king soopers and that at 4:00 p.m. on tuesday at the king soopers.
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for this week are posted on- line add >> at the end of the week we should give refrigerators. them. >> all right. they stick on the car. >> give away a car. >> you're on to something.
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[ music ] welcome to broncos tonight,
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aaron, mike, rod join you. the super bowl is now officially less than one week away. it is interesting the top two teams actually for a third straight season with number one versus number one. >> the best feels and the broncos are the sentimental favorite because of peyton manning. but what is interesting as they got off the bused to, the crowd here, the bay area bronco fans they didn't yep peyton, peyton, they yelled defense, defense. they know the identity of this team. when john elway was wrapping up his career, and davis was the reason that they won the super bowls. maybe the same thing with manning. >> now, the pro bowl, of course, the most exciting portion of the week. just kidding. this sets up for denver i don't know why, a lot of people are saying that north carolina has not faced a lot of top defenses they played seattle twice and put up 27 in one game and 31 in another. >> arizona is pretty good, too.
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still likes it. >> you talk about the four pro bowler they are thrilled to be here in santa clara instead of hawaii. it is chillier here. and the broncos touched down officially at 2:51 in california, santa clara. and gary kubiak the first guy off of the bus and plane. the head coach is raring to go. this is a team game, but manning is the big story. they were greeted by terrell davis. td called himself the broncos ambassador, here to bring the team good luck and karma. >> this is fun. this is cool. i remember getting off the airport, you get to the city, of the super bowl, and -- and you try to have a business mind about it, but you sill have a week to go. so you want to have fun at the same time. you want to be focused on what you know you have to do, but enjoy it. you know, you never know when
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>> aaron you were talking about, you like the broncos. one of the reasons i like them, they have been tested time in and timeout. north carolina passed a lot of people. broncos had 14 games decided by a touchdown or less and won level of those. >> on the bright side, you're right. they have been in tough games and north carolina is better than the league. >> so were bronco as couple of years ago. >> that is true. and the number one offense and the number one defense, we saw that two years ago in the super bowl. and north carolina's defense is good, too. not a lot of people are talking about manning and the offense, because the other storylines are better. but they are good defense, sixth in the league at scoring, but they have giving up points. 35 to the giants 38 to the saints. >> and the close game factor does seem to favor the broncos. the panthers the so many games up by three touchdowns and sometimes it is scary late. if it is close the whole game you can see the younger panthers maybe getting tight
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will. the have a big favorite in this game. the broncos i think come into this game feeling like they are playing with house money. so if the broncos can keep it close, i think they feel confident they can win this game at the end. >> you talk about north carolina being a big favorite. this game feels like one many years ago, john elway knows about the super bowl with the packers. green bay a 13-point favorite in that one. but elway and the broncos were able to get it down. we sat down with the broncos g.m. [ music ] >> it is interesting because a lot of this to me everyone's picking the panthers. i know most people were picking the patriots, too. but it feels like packers super bowl, and people talking about green bay celebration, and who is going to win the m.v.p. for north carolina. and players like to use it as a chip on their shoulder.
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tremendous year, 18-1. you scoring. so played great defense. so-- you know, they deserve that. obviously when you look at the way we've played, a lot of close football games, we won with a lot of grit this year, and played great defense and made enough plays offensively to get ourselves where we are. hopefully we saved our best for last. but everyone knows that we're going up against a great football team. they have to get our best game for us to win. >> talking about the close game. we didn't see that in 2013. you were hit in the face. team. no lead is safe against the broncos and it goes to the toughness that you talked about for so much of the season. it is. our defense has set the tone and developed that. times we struggled offensively this year and the defense has given us opportunities to make plays during the game. they have done that. even last week, we had a good
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you know, we will have to play 60 minutes against north carolina. and the defense has continued to give us that chance. north carolina is plus 28 or 29 in turnover ratios. so we have to be careful with the ball, but not too careful so we cannot shut things down. a fine line, and fortunately, and hopefully we can continue to play the good defense and figure out a way to win this one. >> is the special the way it shapes up. you're practicing at stanford where you went to school. they are practicing at san jose your dad coached. >> i'm excited. i get back every once in a while. it is great to take the team back and practice there. it is a long time ago on the field, we're going to be practice on the same field. i'm excited about getting back. i love the bay area, have a lot of friends there. so able to go back and be at super bowl l in the bay area. the weather is a great day. so i'm excited about it.
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bay game, the most famous line was this one is for john. and a lot of people will wonder if this will be for pat. >> everything is for pat. they give us a chance to do what we do. pat is a tremendous owner for them to give us the opportunity, and the resources to be able to do what we do, we owe everything to them. so is always to pat and the family. so hopefully we -- i -- uncover any secrets now, but hopefully there is an opportunity for us to say something. >> john, final thing, so many people made so many comparisons to this team and your team. the fact you were able to go out on top, and perhaps peyton will go out on top. and your helicopter versus peyton, an 11 or 12-yard run. i'm going to do whatever it takes to win the game. like the helicopter. >> no question, pategen the whole football team has done this year. so that's the mentality of the team.
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saying, our guys are down to thinking they can win the football game. and we have been able to figure out how to win this year. so hopefully we can figure out john, appreciate. >> thank you. [ music ] >> you know, it is interesting elway was so good as a player. we still refer to him as number seven. i don't think that he gets enough credit for what he has did an executive. >> yeah, absolutely. he was on the cover so many illustrated." if broncos win the super bowl, illustrated." but so much of the storyline bringing peyton in here, and the defense quietly assembled is what's paying off this year. >> it is amazing. manning two years ago was
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and dishing to these guys, filling the lines. lighting up the scoreboard and setting point records. now in two years elway has transformed this team into a defense team. and it is a remarkable transformation. i think it is unprecedented in the nfl to go to two super bowls in three years with two completely different teams. one all about of. this one all about defense. >> if you look at the super bowls recently, you remember how long the super bowls were super blowouts. four of the last five have been decided by the last play of the game. it has come down to it, the only one was -- one that was not, it is 43-8. >> no, no. >> he realized the defense mattered more. and hopefully this is the case in this year's super bowl. >> after that super bowl, he got key players and started the change right there.
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the number one defense against the number one offense. it didn't workout well two years ago and hopefully the tables have turned and it will this time around.
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drew, of course, referencing the fact that so many in the organization would like to get ailing owner pat a win in super bowl l, but there are other motivators as well. of course, maybe a win for peyton manning and what might be his final season and how about the great demarcus ware getting ready to play in this first title game. [ music ] >> oh. [ music ] >> four man rush, demarcus ware. down he goes at the 13. >> demarcus ware. >> no one was there. demarcus ware as well. >> the first sac of the game for the broncos. >> coming out of troy, honestly, how long did you think it might take to get to the super bowl?
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long it takes to get to the super bowl, but it's, it's a hard fought battle. 11 years for me, so it has been a long time coming. and now getting an opportunity to play, you know, in the super bowl with the denver blancos it -- broncos it will be awesome. >> and we heard daniels say the wait made him have an appreciation. do you think that is the same? >> i think is appreciated each year. if you win it early it is the same thing trying to get it now, the 11th year in. you have to take it as it comes. >> can you taste it now and feel like you're there and one win away from hoisting the trophy. >> yeah. it was a long time coming and -- you know, each game is always a big momentum builder. you're playing pittsburgh and you're playing the patriots. now, you're in the big one.
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and saying i are business to do. because i look at it as, yes. the biggest game of my career and i want to win it. >> out of curiosity, the stigma about quarterbacks and super bowls and that doesn't transfer to our positions as much. you don't hear people say demarking wear might -- demarcus ware might not be the greatest ever because he didn't win a super bowl. that is more on the quarterback than a linebacker and defensive end. >> usually the quarterbacks are who leads the team and -- and -- they control a lot. and for a guy like peyton, you know, he, you know, been in the super bowl before and played in the super bowls and the thing is, that's what usually makes them great. because they're the leaders on the team. but you know, you sort of look on the transitional side and say, you know, defense wins championship. who is leading the defense.
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the whole deal. i think it is a team sport, not just an individual person. you got to look at the that way. >> that being said, you hope it will not go down as someone who didn't win a super bowl. resume. some guys have been in the league for 15 years and maybe played or haven't gotten to the super bowl before. and so for me, it's -- just look at the beginning of the season, super bowl other bust. and-- i don't feel like that's going to happen. [ music ] >> rod, we've talked, maybe the team. always one of the gays. and he was, always in that interview, there was a different intensity in demarcus ware's face when i sat down. interview was different. it came across to me he is all
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shot at a super bowl. >> it looked like he was going to chop wood. doing that rocky thing. get up there. the money thing, then we then -- funny thing after mckey is running across the field back and forth with miller. and it is interesting to see. they talked about how well they play together. not just individually, but they are the best in the nfl. >> a terrific defense because they have the edge rushers, terrific edge rushers and miller and ware and they back them up with shack and shane. and then they have three great covered corners. i mean it's, it's a recipe for a great defense, but they have not faced anything remotely close like cam newton. this is a college-style offense, they will be challenged next sunday.
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up, the office has put them in holes and the defense steps up. and look at north carolina, they start in the first quarter gangbusters but the broncos is their best. that's it, broncos to is over. we're getting warmed up for the super bowl. one week from today. thanks for watching.
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>> so someone just tweeted me this. you get a snow day, you get a snow day. don't you wish that was true. i wish. i'm thinking tuesday maybe it will be more likely. h.d.
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snowfall increases from the southwest. i will zoom into the metro area. a pocket, a dry side here in the metro. north at i-25 and the foothills the snow is coming down. this is a taste of what is to come. the entire state is under the winter storm warning. 8 to 16 here in the metro area
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