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tv   9 News at 530am  NBC  January 4, 2016 5:30am-6:00am MST

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this is 9 news. he is excited. through denver. manning came off the bench and jolted the broncos in to the number one seed in the afc. breaking down the win and how you can score playoff tickets. >> the sheriff is back. could be a rocky financial start to 2016. u.s. stocks for a big tumble when the opening bell rings this morning. the global dip affecting the numbers at home. get the work pools ready. $400million up for grabs in the power ball drawing.
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the odds aren't very good. good football, broncos are headed to the playoffs thanks in part to coach kubiak pulling his star quarterback off the bench. after only a few points and a handful of turnovers, kubiak asked maning to step in. he has been out for 6.5 games. he helped the broncos beat the chargers 27-0. the final score. >> the crowd went nuts when payton manning took the field and the cheers sure continued after the game. >> they pulled it off. they pulled manning in. he is our savior, number one all the way. >> payton manning is back. love it, love it. >> we all love it. the hottest ticket in town is for sunday the 17th. the tickets are not on sale yet. set your alarm for noon, that's when you get our first chance at broncos playoff tickets, log on to ticket master or give ticket master a call.
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that's if there is any left. there are rules, you must have a billing address in the rocky mountain region, new mexico, utah, wyoming, nebraska, montana, south dakota and western kansas. you can only buy up to 4 tickets. ticket prices range from 80- $230 for reserve seats and 27 5- 470 bucks for club seats. expect those prices obviously to skyrocket in the secondary market. >> that's if any tickets are available after today. >> absolutely. so interesting to see how the game played out. payton manning may not be 100% healthy but was held any enough to save the day yesterday. will he start the first round of the playoffs. we will ask ron coming up. >> time is such a key. another week to get rehab treatment. >> to heal the wounds of
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good morning, everybody. marty coniglio and traffic reporter amelia earhart is joining us. we are have a mild start to the week, right? >> we are. pretty nice today, tomorrow and wednesday. cooling off later in the week. high clouds this morning, it is calm, dry and warm. that's true not only here but statewide. we are starting to see snow moving to southwest parts of utah, in the north western sections of arizona where they are looking for 9 inches of snow today. some of the snow will move in to southwestern colorado tonight. watch the clock spin along, noon, afternoon in to the evening we go, finally tonight around cortez, and moving up through the san juans, we will see snow. 1-3-inch snow that will spread as far north and east as crest butte. not much farther than that.
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more snow on the way for the mountains coming up this week. for us, temperatures from the teens, northern colorado to 20s 30s around the metro area. we slipped below zero again in grand county. not very comfortable. temperatures in the 20s to start your day. we finish up the day in the mid 40s around here. partly cloudy skies throughout the afternoon and almost no wind. great combination for this time great combination for this time of year. here we are, it is monday, folks have been taking it easy for the holidays. we got to get back to the grindstone now. for the last couple of weeks we have seen such a light drive, no scattered commute times, past couple of weeks, everybody had time off. back to the roads, nice clear start. good morning to folks in greenwood village, denver tech center.
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let's take a look at the speeds coming in along southbound i- 25, dropping down to 34 miles per hour, northbound, 25, approaching u.s. 36. back up around 65, 68, southbound 25, approaching your travel times throughout commerce city are looking pretty awesome. 5- 6 minutes either direction between i-25 and i-70. coming up the drive to colorado springs. folks tuning in after the holiday rs they might look at their set and go that's amelia earhart. welcome back. you have been flying around the world, helping young women pursue their passion for aviation and having private aviation adventures yourself. anything. >> i flew around the world to come back with you, makes sense. circle. >> i'm happy to be back.
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happy to be back with the morning crew. in the news, overnight burglarys are leaving a string of businesses out of cash, with a huge mess to clean up. colleen ferreira is live in inglewood where 9 smash and grabs happened this past weekend. >> reporter: we had 20 happen between anglewood and denver in the past week. are connected. another. i'm standing on the corner where i can give you a 360 look where these happened. saturday night in to sunday morning, police tell us the starbucks was targeted. this hot dog cafe here, this place targeted, too. i can give you sid video we shot yesterday morningment in most of the cases it happened over the weekend, the suspect or suspects were targeting those cash registers.
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little or no cash in the businessesment placing at thed include the copper pot, bakery, starbucks. at the hot dog placings the suspect or suspects smashed the door with a rock, stole much from a box selling lobly pops for a charity, stole a tablet they used for on line orders and beer from fridge. back to last week in denver, a dozen of these happened near i- 25 they have surveillance ins. no suspects in custody. now, we don't know if any of those connected between denver, anglewood or connected within denver and anglewood standing alone. there are a lot of these happeningm crime stoppers offering a reward up to $2000. if you you have seen anything, if you got a look, we have it
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if you have an idea, let police know. thank you for running through that for us. four people robbed at gun point near the university of denver campus last night. denver police are not saying for the victims were students but they sent out a campus alert. 3 suspects armed with a pistol and shotgun and wearing camouflage jackets and masks robbed the people on south williams street. the suspects were drying a black toyota rav 4 with damage to the front end of the driver's side. new this morning, we are saddened to share that former denver newspaper columnist penny parker passed away. her husband says she died saturday, she was 62 years old. known for her on the town column in the rocky mountain news and connected with readers as she shared her battle with breast cancer over the years. she joined the rocky in the early 90s after leaving the
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from chefs and dining events. she launched this on the town website. when we hear information about memorial services we will pass it along. it's 5:38 now, decades worth of private adoption records will be unsealed today. it's part of a state law that makes those documents available to the people who need them the most. >> we are just now seeing the final implementation of it. the group of sealed birth certs available are starting today. people adopted pass outer of closed adoptions can access their birth certificate. including people like betsy, she was adopted as an infant. getting her hands on the birth certificate will be the missing piece. that's the case for tens of thousands of people who couldn't find out something as simple as a health history because they couldn't access
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passing the law in 2014. all people who are adopted in colorado can get access to their original berth certificates. and no longer need a court order. adoption advocates say that's huge. >> most of us were loved dearly by our adoptive parents. it makes all the difference this the world as terms of your identity and story, knowing you are not about to marry your sister or cousin. it's a powerful thing to be recognized we should have equaling a says to recourts. >> the final group will with unveiled. we have a link to all of this on our website, 9 trading was halted on china shanghai composite. there is a circuit breaker
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because the shanghai composite nose dived nearly 7%. disappointing data about manufacturing activities and the tensions in the middle east helped fuel the collapse. this has caused u.s. stock futures to react, they are down sharply at last check. we will get a better idea of how things might go in the u.s. when the opening bell is rung at 7:30 mountain time. president obama is reportedly going to move ahead with plans to use executive orders to tighten gun laws. he will meet with lorretta lynch to map out what he can do legally. expanding background checks and restrict gun sales to criminal suspects. plans announced tomorrow.
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launching another search for el faro. the focus of any search is trying to find the black box. the 790-foot freighter sank after getting caught in a hurt cape. 33 people were aboard while it was traveling from jacksonville to san juan puerto rico. spots along the flood flood mississippi river in missouri and illinois are seeing the water rise. death toll in both states is 25. flooding is now expected to get worse in arkansas, kentucky, tennessee, and some of the other southern states as the water flow moves south. people in the areas are doing what they can to get ready for the water. the water is starting to reseed in is hardest hit areas, crews say clean up and damage assessment will take weeks. the hardest hit towns, streets look like junk yards. hundreds of structures have been damaged or destroyed. people have started to gut
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anything that might be salvaged. we always look to the northwest for cold air that may come down and visit us. mild around here this morning. temperatures in the 20s, similar to what we are seeing in went and north western sections of canada and central alaska, not so bad. not look for huge outbreak of cold air. that's something. it's going to get chillier later in the week. temperatures in the mid to upper 40s around here, high clouds today. for the next couple of days, warmer tomorrow, not so bad with an average temperature on wednesday, thursday, some light snow in the area right now looks like an inch or twos we will refine that number. temperatures not plunging down to super cold levels, only in the 30s for the tail end of this week. >> 52 by tomorrow?
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they get outside recess. >> everybody loves that. >> teachers says thank yous marty. this week, off chance to get rich. really, really rich. >> however, the odds of winning
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this maybe the week to test that luck. power ball will draw the winner for one of the 10 biggest prizes on wednesday. no one claimed saturday's $334 million prize, the jackpot now stands at $400 million, that's for wednesday's drawing. that will exceed the size of the 6th biggest prize in power ball history. won back in 2013. here is the reality. the winning of chances of getting a jackpot, 1 in 292 million. >> do we have to say that? >> it's the reality.
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>> you can't win if you don't play. i was feeling lucky. >> yeah. thanks for sharing the facts. happens. -- pool and see what happens. when you are c often ceo of facebook, he wrote a thank you note to a different person everyday. this year, he wants to be like tony stark, zuckerberg wrote in 2016, he would like the build a simple artificial intelligence to run his home and help out with his job. zuckerberg will teach it to understand his voice, music, lights and other features and teach it to recognize faces of friends and monitor his newborn daughter, max. >> i feel like an under achiever. >> channeling his inner iron
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he thinks very big and big goals. >> he will probably do it. 5:47 now, let's check in with more they and amelia. looking at little wind around here this morning. that's nice to have wind, mild temperatures around here. with no wind, moderate air quality expected. no wood burning restrictions. we will start to see snow move in to the southwestern mountains, spotty tomorrow. widespread wednesday through thursday, by wednesday night in to thursday, we will be seeing a good 4-6 inches of snow in the western and southwestern mountains, snow will continue in to friday, could get up to a foot in the southwest mountains and around here, again, total snow, thursday, friday, saturday, all three days looks like maybe 2-4, 2-5 inches of snow, fairly light.
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the end of the week than the way we are starting the week. we can handle that. out and about across the drive. back in the swing of things, fort collins or colorado springs. typical delays across i-70, havana, speeds in the lower 50s as we inch towards the 6:00 drive. you head it from marty, good days to wash your cars, monday, tuesday and wednesday, things change in toour cosmetics line was a hit. the orders were rushing in. i could feel our deadlines racing towards us. we didn' t need a loan. we needed short-term funding fast. building 18 homes in 4 months? that was a leap. but i knew i could rely on american express to help me buy those building materials. amex helped me buy the inventory i needed. our amex helped us fill the orders. just like that. another step on the journey. will you be ready when growth presents itself?
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this is 9 noon cartoonist take on the game. payton manning rushing in here i come to say the day. picking up a bronco, number 17 jersey, saying, nice, what took you so long. >> i love drew. playoffs shake out like this. we don't know who the broncos will play in the second round.
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will play sunday, january 17th, kick off at 2:40, plan that playoff party right now. >> imdoing the happy dance. everybody is very excited. amazing. if you lose the game, it's such a different situation than the playoff picture. today, high clouds over us now, that will be the case throughout the day. we will get snippets of blue sky. massive storm moving in to southern california, moderate to heavy rain and snow, forecast for the next two days. they could see a couple of feet of snow in the southern california mountains by the end of the day, wednesday. we have snow in utah this morning, temperatures with their typical spread, eastern colorado, singles teens, 20s, metro area. little bit colder in the mountain valley, the usual suspects along the frazier river, along gunnerson, sliding below zero.
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conditions, mid 40s to 50 degrees. similar just a little cooler, in northern colorado. we will stay in the 40s with little wind in the foothills. dry during the day today, we have some light snow form up in mountains of southwestern colorado and the four corners tonight. an inch or two, 30s, 40s northeast. warmer here, warmer in southeast colorado, with 30s for the mountains and west. 46 downtown, high clouds around the area, keep them around tonight with low 20s, spike it a little bit. above 50 tomorrow. mid 40s wednesday. the light snow, i put it an inch or two, thursday, friday, saturday, doesn't look like a big deal. clearing out saturday in the afternoon. we got to get our snow driving mind set back in here for the end of the week. >> get the scales back up. starting things off, a pretty
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security wait times up to 15, or 20 minutes. making your way towards the airport, your drive painia, nice and dry , the lots have plenty of space open this morning. across the metro commute back in the swing of things after the long holiday, the unusual drive we saw over the past couple of weeks. one of the slowest commutes, southbound, across i-25, approaching 36. eastbound 36, at 31 miles per hour, on the approach towards i- 25. sunrise this morning, at 7:21. if you are lucky enough to head to the mountains, icy conditions across i-70s vail pass, both directions are open
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flat iron fliers are taking passengers between denver and boulder. service for the transit service began yesterday. 6 routes with one way fares from $2.60 to $4.50. lot of people looking forward to that. mom gave birth to twins at the end of last week, they will spend the rest of their lives celebrating birthdays in different years.
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