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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  May 27, 2022 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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ktvd frustration. new volley texas now after learning officers waited more than an hour to enter that classroom were gunmen shot and killed 19 kids. and two teachers. we're mourning were grieving. and even thus they don't have the kids here. these are our communities, our children. we're angry. and we want something done. well texas law enforcement facing outrage and criticism over their response to tuesday's massacre. good evening i'm andre c and i'm jana katsuyama officials today admitted they were wrong when they assumed the gunman was barricaded in the classroom, and no students were at risk authority today also clarified the timeline of when officers entered the building. the 1st 911 call came in at 11 30 local time on tuesday. dispatchers also received several calls from within the classroom between 12 oh, three and 12 46 students
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repeatedly called 911 pleading for help from police. at least 19 law enforcement officers waited in the hallway until the border patrol tactical team arrived, breached the classroom door and killed the shooter at 12 50. fox news is reporter lauren blanchard has been down there and joins us now live from your body with the response from the governor of texas, lauren. hi janet. yeah, this small town may only have 16,000. but there is a lot of anger and frustration here, especially after we learned more details from police. even the texas governor greg abbott says he feels misled livid by the timeline that we are now getting from police. he says he was not told initially. about how long it took. for police to go into that classroom even while that suspected gunman was in there shooting children. the incident commander inside believed they
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needed more equipment. and more officers the benefit of hindsight one sitting now it was not the right decision. police officials are now acknowledging failures in the response to the shooting that left 19 children and two teachers dead inside. rob elementary school, texas department of public safety now , says students reportedly called 911 multiple times begging for help. while trapped inside the classroom with the gunman. yes, i was misled. i am livid. about what happened. there are people who deserve answers. the most. and those are the families whose lives have been destroyed. we're also learning new details about the suspected gunman. police say they had no reason to believe he was going to unleash violence that day, except for facebook messages immediately before the shooting. the grandfather of the shooter says he has no idea why his grandson did this. i wasn't in inside his main i don't know
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what he was thinking or what? if he had this plan. and at this late hour, this memorial continues to grow in the town square here in new volley, texas , you can see the candles that people have lit as they remember . the 21 lives lost around this town square. 21 white crosses have been placed each with the name of those 19 children. two teachers. that were so tragically lost on tuesday. this community still trying to grapple with the sadness that they fear and, of course, now, jenna. the frustration there are also feeling after learning more about the law enforcement response, and we certainly hope that they get more answers in the coming days. thank you so much, lauren. while some people who live in you've aldi say that they saw more than one dozen law enforcement officers outside the school as parents pleaded for
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them to go inside. these guys had vests. they had tactical weapon vests, and they had their guns and they did nothing but hold people back. just, you know. keeping people at bay like they couldn't come in. they were not allowed through crying. those residents said that law enforcement should have gone inside and out, blasted the shooter in order to save lives. a former swat officer who is now a police consultant, tells us that he agrees. it's unconscionable. i don't know how anybody could have made that decision. none of the my former appears that i've talked to can understand it. uh the only thing that i could think of is that somebody with not a lot of experience, the other thing that is just amazing to me. is that somebody on the scene? one of those officers on the scene didn't go against his his orders. when they're hearing shots continue to be fired. wyatt told us that often current tactics call for pairing
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paramedics with tactical officers in order to help treat the injured while police are neutralizing the threat. protesters gathered outside the national rifle association convention kicked off today, four hours away from yuval to in houston. just a few words yards away from where these people are standing right now, there is an exhibit hall showcasing guns and gear. they're also speeches from advocates who reject calls for gun reform, as tiffany justice tells us tonight, there were politicians in that crowd there who called out the nra. this was the scene friday in front of the nra conference at the convention center in downtown houston. hundreds of protesters angry over the massacring you've all day texas. facing off with people attending to nra convention and they made sure that they scanned everybody. they checked everybody's backlight. no guns would make it in that building. why do we not have that same kind of security and investments in our school with our children with our babies earlier in the day, local organizations including black
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lives matter and moms demand action, organized a rally where they spoke out, demanding gun control now. yes gubernatorial candidate bottle of work also addressed the crowd of more than 500 protesters for us to have stopped. valerie was right after parklands. time for us to have stopped you validate was right after santa fe high schoolhe nes shooting in this country is right now, right here today. single one of us. several other local politicians, including congresswoman sheila jackson lee showed up. and called out the nra as well as the people who still chose to attend the convention. so what? i'm asking for the n r a to do. it's a cancel itself. cancel yourself right now walk out of the building that is paid for by taxpayer dollars. and that was tiffany justice reporting for us
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tonight. now amid the protests, republican politicians inside the convention pushing a familiar message that fell on deaf ears to those outside the convention for millions of americans, the right to keep and bear arms is not theoretical. it's not abstract. for a single mom in a dangerous neighborhood. it is a matter of basic security. texas governor ted cruz, doubling down on his gun rights despite the killing of those 19 children in the state. former president trump also took the stage. the existence of evil in our world is not a reason to disarm law abiding citizens who know how to use their weapon and can protect a lot of of evil ise crowd. the country should adapt more security at schools, including strong exterior fencing and metal detectors in every convention runs through sunday. employees at salesforce
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are petitioning the company to stop selling its products to the n r. a more than 4000 workers signed a letter asking for the bay area cloud software giant to cut ties with the nra, according to the chronicle. in 2019 salesforce stopped selling its products to companies that sell automatic firearms, ghost guns and three d printed guns among other weapons. so far, salesforce has not commented. also in the news right now, new details tonight san francisco police explaining why they used a gun and a knife fight officer shot and killed two men last week who were fighting with knives. the department gave its version of what happened, along with audio and video recordings in a town hall meeting this evening, ktvu amberleigh joins us now live after monitoring that event, amber andre police say the incident started when someone called 911 to report that a homeless man was beating another man. the department released videos, including those from the officer's body, worn cameras to show what happened. drop the knife right now, sir.
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police say four officers shot and killed two men who were involved in a knife fight on may 19th around eight pm at mariposa and alwyn streets and her interstate to 80 in san francisco. police say the officers fired their guns after the men repeatedly failed to comply to orders to drop their knives. you told me that he was attacking you correct. correct. i need you to drop the knife so that we can sort this whole thing out. we don't want to hurt you say they used less than lethal weapons, such as discharging phone baton projectiles, but say when one man was about to stab, the other officers fired their guns, one man died at the scene, the other at the hospital. the medical examiner says both men died from gunshot wounds. police chief bill scott listened to people who called into the town hall even if it took all night. if you really care you would stand by until they dropped the knife. it was just insane. how many police officers were there, and
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any change of de escalation was completely thrown away. and i just feel that this is a failure of leadership. australia training. police originally responded to a 911 call made by a woman driving in the area was person with two large sticks. under like beating the #### out of a like a little. it looks like a shelter where someone else might be living witness recorded the cell phone video, which captured what appears to be the attack in shadow, violently beating it over and over and over again, police say what was recovered at the scene included 11 handgun casings, one rifle casing and three knives. the two men killed have been identified as 57 year old michael mckinnon and 49 year old rafael mendoza, without suggesting a premature judgment on the appropriateness of the force used in this particular incident. i can express on behalf of all of us in our department, our condolences to the family friends and loved
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ones of mr mendoza and mr mackinnon. the police have not said how long before officers who fired their guns have been with the department. the california department of justice is leading the investigation into this police shooting. andre johnson angry voices on that call. all right, amber. thank you. out of this story. no charges will be filed against the gilroy police officer who shot and killed an armed wanted man, he said clara county district attorney's office has cleared the officer in this case, her name catalina freed. for an incident that happened back in september. authorities say the suspect, david lopez, started shooting at her when officers arrived. he was shot in the head while trying to fire second round after the first one jammed. lopez was wanted for attempted murder and, in fact had agreed to meet police at the post office where this all happened when the shootout occurred. silicon valley is determined to find a cure for a l s coming up at 10 30 how those affected by the disease are coming together and using
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mhms back. thousands of people flooded into napa today for the very first day of the music, food and wine festival. the event was canceled and then postponed once during the pandemic. and people are very excited for its come back. you can see the crowd there. ktvu zach sauce has been there all evening and joins us live now with a look at how day one went exactly. well the festival just letting out right now and if you're wondering just how popular bottle rockets. all you have to do is head to the website sold out. from the moment the gates opened a bottle rock friday. thousands flooding downtown napa top acts drawing festival goers from all over on this illinois couples calendar since we heard metallica was
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playing, we booked our tickets. yeah six months in advance, and we're super excited, making the trek to the festival from even farther i have been called santa claus. father christmas. you name the band. i'd probably like it from the music to the wine and food. this year's festival, offering all the crowd favorites with some new additions. ktvu is good. this is the best corner right now. right here. yes, until metal with a big night ahead, some wisely choosing to catch us news. i mean, i don't think he's not wrong. it is good to get a little rest. she should know she's a bottle rock pro. this is my fifth in a row since 17 on the calendar every time it happens here for the music and part of what makes this festival well, so napa wine producers, both large and small, were very local or small, and it's huge reach. people travel for this people like this chicago in on a mission to find a taste of home, you know, hot dogs. and of
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course, i know how to behind the booth, the chef making sure his dog doesn't disappoint one of 2500 cooked. it's super fun. i mean, we get to sit here and do live music and hang out with my homies on the weekend. and then go back and brag about it at the restaurant in front. we're helping her deliver those dogs to friends. 20 minutes later, that's fantastic. so ask people what they like most about bottle rock. probably get this answer. music vibes, fun things, the food, the wine, all the things. metallica just wrapping up a short while ago. let's just say they did not disappoint bottle rock runs through sunday, janna and i saw you carrying the tray . so it sounds like maybe you know, we can give you some tips, and you can you can bust the tables, huh? yeah i'm a full service reporter. put it that way. all right. thanks so much. zach memorial day weekend is underway and a lot of people are expected to hit the road, even
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with the record high gas prices , according to triple a gas here in california, is about a dollar 50 cents higher than the national average. in the bay area. the highest gas prices are in san francisco, napa and san mateo counties. where it's $6.31 a gallon in marin and sonoma gasses at least $6.27 for a gallon of regular. it's about 6 , 20, santa clara and alameda counties, and the cheapest gas is in solano county, where the average price is $6.08 a gallon. triple a says across the nation 39 million people might travel by air or drive for this holiday weekend. some airports are already experiencing delays. travelers are advised to get to the airport and on the road early and be prepared for bigger crowds than last holiday. earlier we spoke with aldo vasquez from the triple a northern california office about what you can expect. we do anticipate an increase in travel this year over last year this
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year. we anticipate about 39 million people traveling. that's three million more than we saw last year and an 8% increase, which comes out to an 8, greece 8% increase over the last year. in california. in total, we expect about five million people traveling and about 4.2 million of those folks are gonna be hitting the road. and if you happen to be flying, make sure you check with your airline for delays or cancelations and to save time check in for your flight online or through the airlines app before you go to the airport. and in the barrier weather. the heat will not be around this week, and in fact temperatures in the cool to mild side and we'll have a few clouds moving in as well. and even the possibility of a few sprinkles. you heard a lot about bottle rock day one for today, day two. for tomorrow, you can see the forecast partly cloudy skies. probably some cloud cover in the morning and then temperatures on track to maybe reach the 70 degree mark by about four o'clock and then cooling off rapidly as you would expect into the evening hours. definitely one of our bundle up, especially as we have been fortunate early
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portion of the afternoon and then once again by about six or seven o'clock. here's your weekend outlook. we're gonna start things off with some cloud cover tomorrow morning. partly cloudy skies into the afternoon hours. sunday fair skies, probably on sunday, the wind will be the biggest issue we could have winds around 20 to 30 miles an hour and then on monday for memorial day, we are expecting mostly sunny skies. that will be the warmest day of the weekend, not by much, but a little bit of a warm up into early next week. here's a satellite the radar some green showing up here. in fact, there is a chance we could have some rainfall up to the north of the bay area and into your saturday we could have a few sprinkles. or maybe some drivel show up, especially up in the north bay. far as current numbers right now, san francisco 51 santa rosa 50 to fifty's and still some sixties for san jose and in brentwood, as we check out the winds right now winds around 10 to 12 to 14 miles an hour. sfo west lead 13 in san jose wins at about eight miles an hour, so lots of cloud cover for tonight
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we had the lower clouds filling into the region. mostly cloudy skies to start out your your saturday morning temperatures will be in the upper forties to the fifties. into the afternoon hours. partly cloudy skies and there is that chance of a sprinkle. we'll talk more about that chance, and also that warm up for next week with your full update coming up in a few minutes. mark thank you. california joined forces with new zealand today on a new agreement to fight climate change. governor newsom and prime minister of new zealand jacinda ardern. nlcs partnership with the san francisco botanical garden in golden gate park this morning. the accord outlines broad areas for corporation. some of the biggest areas they're targeting include electric vehicles and sustainable farming. 41% of our greenhouse gas emissions come from the tailpipe. but you add an additional 10, plus percent from the extraction of fossil fuel. so it's over. 50% this is the game changer, zealand. our biggest challenges food production, and that's why you've seen us push vary. very progressively on how we can ensure we maintain our position
10:22 pm
is being the most sustainable food producers in the world. california's climate change partnerships with other countries, including canada. mexico and china. coming up in arrest made in a number of sexual battery cases involving children. plus a church goes up in flames in the east, paid this sadness from the community as they prepare to rebuild the numbers from the cdc on this year's flu season, how cases and deaths compared to before the pandemic. now that much of society has reopened.
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for controller, yvonne yiu. as an executive at top financial firms, yiu managed hundreds of audits. as mayor, yiu saved taxpayes over $55 millio. finding waste. saving money. yiu is for you. fanduel and draftkings, two out of state corporations making big promises to californians. what's the real math behind their ballot measure for online sports betting? 90% of profits go to the out of state corporations permanently. only eight and a half cents is left for the homeless. and in virginia, arizona, and other states, fanduel and draftkings use loopholes to pay far less than was promised. sound familiar? it should. it's another bad scheme for california.
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thed a man suspected in at least five cases of sexual assault spanning nearly two months. most recent case happened on tuesday when a 14 year old girl was assaulted by an armed man with a knife. near albany middle school, berkeley. police took tommy goggles junior into custody later that day. other victims included a nine year old child who was assaulted in albany in march. he's also suspected of
10:25 pm
sexually assaulting three adult women in berkeley and oakland in april and may. flames ripped through a church in the east bay early this morning, causing the roof to collapse. ktvu henry lee spoke to parishioners and church officials who say they are devastated. one pedro cabrera stood outside the pittsburgh church still smoldering hours after fire tore through it before dawn. he's not just a church member, he was the construction foreman who helped build a 25 years ago, transforming a theater into a place of worship. it's heartbreaking, literally. i want to cry. fire broke out at pentecostals of the bay area church in pittsburgh. it started about three in the morning and then an hour later as firefighters sprayed water from high above the roof gave way, literally blood, sweat and tears that went into this. it was. it's a labor of love. no one was hurt. the church had been there for about two decades in historic three story building the church has about 1200 members as part of its bilingual congregation unit on the roof
10:26 pm
collapsed. the collapse based on the building geometry created an over pressurization events similar to a backdraft, which blew out the front doors of this building. many rushed to the scene when they realized their house of worship had gone up in flames. it's absolutely a tragedy, it's very sad, but we're very strong church. we have a strong leader. the church's sign includes a rendering of flames, church member kennedy, camacho says that's not as much ironic but symbolic, often a symbol of renewal of a new season. and so you know, that's what we're believing. we're just trusting god that you know what's happening here has, of course, a spiritual meaning. senior pastor elias lamanna says the church had undergone renovations inside and out about a year and a half ago, they installed a new roof and solar panels. i believe this is going to bring the church together. we are body, the body of christ. we believe that church is going to rally behind us. it's going to. we're going to pray. we're going to sink
10:27 pm
directions. see what we're going to do next because of the fire, not yet known captain george lang of the contra costa county fire protection district says investigators have to make sure what remains of the structure is stable. before they go in. you have the historic building footprints and then you have some structure around that that's been remodeled several times over the course of decades . it's hard to say exactly what part of the building was involved in fire. even if we had macular reported that because we don't know enough about the building yet complicated floor plan and remodel meant that the fire continued to burn and some of the interior walls and crawl spaces in between floors. firefighters stayed on scene for hours to put out hot spots and watch for flare ups. pittsburgh locals will recognize this as the former vogue theater. the fire department still has to render this building completely safe before going in and determining the cause in pittsburgh, henry lee ktvu fox studios. still to come a push to do more research and more quickly diagnosed als in silicon valley. i really think it will
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save their life. i mean, i honestly believe that if we had this mechanism peter would be alive today. after the break. how one woman who lost her husband to the disease is now using artificial intelligence to make strides toward better outcomes for patients. also ahead tonight, the latest landmark in the east way to be placed on the national register of historic places. and why that location is abroad and controversy. and the warriors have to wait a couple more days to see who they will face in the finals of the heat. jimmy butler willed miami to game sev it's time for our memorial day sale on the sleep number 360 smart bed.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ nothing brings the pack together like a trip to great wolf lodge. now open in northern california. awag attention to the neurological deasy's. that first gained notoriety when baseball great lou gehrig was diagnosed more than 80 years ago in silicon valley, a young nonprofit called
10:31 pm
everything ls is working on diagnosing the disease more quickly and earlier. new at 10 ktvu demagogues tells us about that technology that they're using. silicon valley, indu navarre is determined to find a cure for the disease that killed her husband, peter cohen. in 2019. he noticed the symptoms of a l s early on when his ankle wasn't supporting his foot, but it still took nearly three years before doctors determined his diagnosis. it's like finding stage four in cancer, and then we say, okay, you have a less and so it's too late bars started the foundation in peter's name. and two years ago, the foundation launched everything. als a nonprofit working on groundbreaking research that this month the support of an accelerator research program funded by the fda. our goal is by end of the year. we want to have an algorithm and a biomarker in front of fda right now, everything ls is analyzing
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speech and facial data from hundreds of voices using an artificial intelligence platform created by san francisco based modality dot ai. peep it takes 10 minutes a week open to anyone online really figures out. what are the key features within speech that implicated in lsd diagnosis and on june 1st. the next phase of research begins tracking the movements of als patients using shoes with high tech sensors. so what we are doing is we're peeling the onion one by one. it's bringing hope to 66 year old lisa cross in san mateo. she was diagnosed with als in 2017 and was an early participant in this speech study studies like this one that were find that kid. at least two earlier died. i know, sis a long time dancing better instructor. cross hung up her tap shoes late last year when the muscles in
10:33 pm
her limbs began deteriorating. her younger sister died from the disease in february and her three adult children each have a 50 50 chains of developing a less having digital biomarkers navarre believes is the key to early diagnosis, drug testing and a better outcome for a less patients in the future. i think it will save their life, i mean, i honestly believe that if we had this mechanism peter would be alive today. in mountain view . demagogues ktvu, fox two news. a second suspected monkeypox case has been identified in sacramento county. health officials say this case is believed to be connected to the first case found earlier this week. both patients are isolating in their homes and reportedly have not been in contact with others. officials say that the risk to the general public does remain low. new numbers from the cdc shows. thousands of people died from the flu this past season. the cdc estimates between 4500 to
10:34 pm
13,000 people died from influenza between october 1st to may 21st. that's slightly lower than before the pandemic when 20,000 people died. the agency also says at least seven million cases of the flu were reported this season and between 74,000 to 100,000 patients were hospitalized with flu related symptoms. those numbers also much lower compared to before the pandemic when there were around 35 million flu related illnesses. new state data shows . covid cases are up this week. the state's test positivity rate is now 7% that's a 1.5% increase from the previous seven day period. hospitalizations are also up 2000 and 56. people are in the hospital with covid that is 89 more compared to yesterday. you'll soon decide. election day is less than two weeks away now and candidates vying to be san jose's next mayor are out in force reaching out to the city's residents. ktvu marks here caught up with
10:35 pm
two contenders and spoke with them about how they are connecting with constituents. i'm just wanted to remind you that the ballots had gone out. volunteer star iverson is busy working the phones at the willow glen campaign headquarters of cindy chavez. just going to go over a few highlights of cindy's many, many accomplishments. getting out the vote is a key goal of all of the candidates. first of all, it feels like it's going great. chavez a current member of the santa clara county board of supervisors, and a former city council member, is currently the top spender in a race that has already topped $2 million between all of the candidates. as a candidate. people will tell you their hopes and their aspirations not just for their city, but for their families. chavez says she has noticing some changes in this year's campaign cycle, with covid related shifts at work and at home engagement on social media and through virtual forums is now just as widely accepted as the old fashioned campaign rally. but there's a balance and the balance is that as a
10:36 pm
candidate for a city of a million people, you want to be able to talk to as many people as possible, and the one benefit to zoom is that you're able to have conversations with people that can be 30 minutes as long as you would have won with somebody face to face, but you can have many, many of them in a day across town in the city's evergreen neighborhood. these photos show, city council member raul paralysis out canvassing with his wife and his parents, he says going door to door can initially startled some voters. but i would say it's a very warm response as soon as we tell them hey, i'm running for mayor says hearing directly from voters is a huge benefit. the reality is coming out in canvassing going door to door. you get a sense of the community that you don't get a city hall. not every voter is going to call their council member or the mayor and tell them about the challenges that they're having. and so when we come out here and have those one on one conversations, you absolutely learned a lot more about the needs of the entire community. top candidates are all current elected officeholders, including city
10:37 pm
councilman matt mehan, who checks in at number two on the expenditure list. at more than $700,000 and council member dev davis, who was spent about $220,000 so far reporting from san jose city hall. i'm mark sayer, ktvu, fox two news. advocates in favor of preserving people's park in berkeley say they have been successful in getting the park listed on the national register of historic places. the vacant lot was turned into a park during the free speech movement of the 19 sixties. u c. berkeley and the city have long planned to turn the land into housing the university of scheduled construction on more than 1000 units of student housing to begin this summer. coming up at 11 how california's employment department basically avoided a fraud attempt that would have cost more than half a billion dollars. adam barrier, whether the weekend or holiday weekend starting off on a cloudy note was still the possibility of a few sprinkles. but we will
10:38 pm
eventually warmed things back up and we'll have your updated forecast coming up. first special guest addressing stanford students virtually what ukrainian president vladimir zelensky told them about his efforts to defeat russia's attacks. this? this is supersonic wifi from xfinity. it's fast. like, ready-for- major-gig-speeds fast. like riding-a-cheetah fast. isn't that right, girl? whoa! it can connect hundreds of devices at once. [ in unison ] that's powerful. couldn't have said it better myself. and with three times the bandwidth, the gaming never has to end. slaying is our business.
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seee civilians are feeling nonstop artillery attacks by russian forces. volunteers are helping elderly residents with limited mobility who are having trouble escaping through narrow apartment building staircases. this is c there. in recent days, the russians have stepped up their bombardment in the donbass region. ukraine's defense ministry is describing the onslaught as quote maximum intensity. and there are deep concerns that when the bombing is over, there won't be anything left for those who returned home. the united nations today
10:41 pm
urged russia and ukraine to abide by international humanitarian laws, airstrikes and shelling appeared to hit civilian targets continuing all sort of ramp up our efforts to provide life saving humanitarian aid and support to millions of ukraine's impacted by the war. we have now reached 7.6 million people. that's 11% increase from the 6.85 we reached by the end of last week. the us also is concerned that airstrikes have resumed in the city of kharkiv, which had been relatively calm. at least seven civilians were killed today in a blast near a metro station. stamford community welcomed ukrainian president vladimir zelensky is virtually today. woo. president zelensky received a standing ovation at stepford fremont, fremont spogli institute for international studies. he spoken to questions from students for more than an hour mark to the
10:42 pm
audience about how refreshing it was to see people living life normally in california. unlike the people of ukraine, who are experiencing life in a war zone , he remained hopeful that his country will prevail against russia. ukraine is the country where everything is possible. that was the case. now you know, the whole world knows that in ukraine even more than possible . ukraine is the country who destroyed the myth about the enormous capabilities of the russian forces. president zelensky repeated that he believes ukraine can win the war but that it will be long and costly. encourage stanford students to be aware of the realities of war and continue spreading awareness. still become the reason some popular swimming spots in the east bay are closed for memorial day. plus it's amazing because it's more business for us. gold
10:43 pm
blooded fever at san francisco, the excitement from warriors fans and businesses as a city preps to host the nba finals. and a look at tonight's cloudy sunset over the oakland estuary . meteorologist mark tamayo tells us what we can expect over holiday weekend up next
10:44 pm
out-of-state corporations wrote an online sports betting plan they call "solutions for the homeless". really? the corporations take 90 percent of the profits. and using loopholes they wrote, they'd take even more. the corporations' own promotional costs, like free bets, taken from the homeless funds. and they'd get a refund on their $100 million license fee, taken from homeless funds, too. these guys didn't write a plan for the homeless. they wrote it for themselves.
10:45 pm
10:46 pm
while it's the team's sixth finals appearance in eight seasons, it's the first time since the team relocated to san francisco ktvu. christian captain shows us the excitement and the preparations in the city. dub nation is still enjoying the afterglow of thursday night's win over the dallas mavericks clinching a place in the nba finals friday morning. the warriors store opened up with this year's must have dubs accessories. 2022 nba finals hat and t shirt, warriors hats and then i got the shirt is the best is a nice hat. we're going all the way to the finals . golden state will host games one and two of the championship series. the warriors front office is talking tickets. single game tickets for games 12 and five of the nba finals. go on sale to the general public at two pm tomorrow saturday. we do have a variety of pre sales that are carrying between now and that time reminding fans to buy their tickets from warriors .com
10:47 pm
to avoid getting scammed. we do notice, um during marquee events that fraud activity does increase so we would encourage anyone looking to purchase tickets to please do so via warriors .com. good fortune spilling over into god's and thrive city, the restaurant seeing a surge in business this postseason. it's amazing because it's more business for us. we get people get to know that we're here and we're open every day. manager claudia correo says . this might be the spot to hang out during the finals for a little celebrity spotting. and game five. the restaurant had a visitor who left a pretty big impression came in and never the crowd went crazy, so it was very exciting and it was awesome, too. see him coming to our business tickets for games. 12 and five will be available over the weekend if the series goes to a full seven games that seventh game would be played right here at chase center. those tickets will be available later in the series. at chase
10:48 pm
center in san francisco. christien kafton ktvu, fox, two news officials with east bay regional parks are warning families at some popular swim facilities will be closed this holiday weekend. the affected areas include shadow cliffs and lake ends. it it's student, water quality, low water conditions or construction swim areas that are open include lake temescal in oakland castle rock pool and one that creek and crown memorial beach. in alameda . all parks will remain open for the memorial day weekend. and mark the weather. probably be good to the weather a bit of a chill to start things off over the weekend. but then, as we head toward monday for memorial day, we are expecting temperatures to a trend upwards. so as we head into next week. that's when the next warm up begins. take a look at the highs from this afternoon. remember is just a few days ago tuesday and wednesday, we had temperatures topping 100 degrees, so major cool down that really begins started yesterday. and today just temperatures in the sixties and the seventies tomorrow kind of in that same range from cloud cover. tomorrow morning. maybe
10:49 pm
some drizzle partly cloudy skies into the afternoon hours and then on sunday fair skies, but the winds were probably the issue on sunday could be going up about 25 miles an hour. and then on monday, mostly sunny skies. that should be the warmest day of the holiday weekend and the warming will continue. in the next week. here's the satellite and the radar as you can see the clouds drifting in from the north, and here's some green showing up on the radar as well. most of this is falling in in the upper levels, but still the chance of some drizzle, maybe a few sprinkles showing up up in mendocino county a better bet, though, in fact, with areas the rainfall up to our north. that could be for your saturday afternoon. right now, though, we have the low clouds and place with mostly cloudy skies and current numbers out there. temperatures have cooled off into the fifties santa rosa right now, 52. conquered 58 in san jose, one of the warmer locations. check it in 60 degrees in lake tahoe, at least in the sierra temperatures in the upper forties to lower fifties and here's the plan this weekend. we're gonna have some wind around here. they have a
10:50 pm
wind advisory for lake tahoe lakewood advisory for saturday and then lots of sunshine in the sierra for sunday and into monday. remember the heat we had just a few days ago. well, that big heat dome is moving out to the east, and we had this cooler pool of air setting up for us, so as a result, temperatures have been cooling off. still that bit of a breeze that really kicked in for today and then into your saturday this front wants to approach our region and essentially kind of fall apart. but this will keep temperatures down, and we do bring in the chance of a few sprinkles. it's a slight chance, but the best possibility would be up in the north bay. but maybe even some coastal drizzle as well. so we have some clouds around for your saturday, especially for the first half the day in the in the form of some lower clouds. the forecast models showing you the bulk of the rainfall is focused up to our north, but it wouldn't be surprised to see increasing clouds up in the north bay but not so much in the south bay. probably just partly cloudy skies for a place like san jose tomorrow afternoon, and then on sunday, we clear things up for
10:51 pm
tomorrow will be in the upper fifties co starred sixties around the bay. warmest locations will be approaching the low to mid seventies. into sunday, clearing skies. the winds do pick up so if you plan to head to the beach or something like that, we could have some gusty conditions out there. lots of sunshine by monday, it looks like another warming trend that really kicks in by tuesday and wednesday. of next week, but the weekend after cool start, but by monday, we're looking pretty kind of keep those layers handy. right. thanks, mark. well our special show voices for change returns this weekend, and we'll hear more advice from a professional about just how to speak to your kids after such a traumatic week. as a api heritage month also comes to a close. our greg lee will speak to several organizations about their efforts to push for representation, influence and economic opportunity. plus a very special conversation with the woman behind sesame street's first asian american puppet. voices for change airs this
10:52 pm
sunday at 9 30 in the morning, right here on ktvu. alright coming up in sports warriors and their fans will have to wait until sunday night now to know who the doves will face in the finals after historic performance by jimmy buckets and then on the 11 o'clock news much more on that mass shooting in uvalde, texas, including a new poll that shows how many americans support tougher gun laws. i'm so glad sauced & loaded fries are back. yea. i really missed this. i missed us. to my fries—and to my guys.
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my $3.50 triple cheese & bacon sauced & loaded fries. order on the jack app today. (music throughout) my $3.50 triple cheese & bacon sauced & loaded fries. thee tonight to learn who their opponent will be for the nba finals. but we still don't know and we will not know until sunday night. do not blame me. it is not my fault. the butler did it. jimmy butler or jimmy bucket, says he's better known. he played 46 minutes scored a
10:55 pm
career high 47 points. we go to td garden in boston, where miami was looking to keep their season alive. we pick up the action in the third quarter, with the heat holding an eight point lead. max truce is so happy about knocking down this three ball, he loses his mouth piece celebrating not to worry. he's saved by the three second rule, probably picks it up, puts it back in his mouth and away we go. he finishes with 13. now in the fourth quarter, all tied at 99. jimmy buckets, drives to the rim and finishes with a two handed layup and the foul three point play puts the heat up by three. miami is up by four under a minute to go and two seconds on the shot clock. butler hits this amazing three at the shot clock expires the dagger, the celtics could not keep up. they fall in game 61 11 103 at win forces a game seven sunday 5 30 in the afternoon. the giants took their two game winning streak. yeah two game east to cincinnati.
10:56 pm
they had hoped to use this three game set with the reds to work out some of their troubles and keep pace with the dodgers and padres instead. the giants found more problems. take a look at our video trouble started even before the first pitch was thrown. two plus hour rain delay , so postgame fireworks pregame . okay that's not a good sign. bottom of the third and matt reynolds hits this carlos when done pitched up the right center . gap lopez scores from second, the reds take a one nothing lead later in the same inning. two abs tyler stevenson. excuse me swing, but it's effective to dribble their forces donovan walton to make a bad throw as he tries to get the out at first, his high another run scores, reds are up to nothing onto the bottom of the fifth. same score . brandon drury that's out in the blink. solo shot homer this season three nothing baseball's worst team. beats the giants won oakland a's hope to try to stay out of last place in the west
10:57 pm
that they continued their four game series with the texas rangers over at the coliseum. both teams below 500 by night's end, one of them would be in the division cellar. some of the sparse 5000 yes, 5000 fans bundled up to enjoy the action. we're in the bottom of the third now. oakland up 32 and sean murphy hits this john gray pitch deep, and it is not playable its fifth homer of the season and extends the green and gold lead to 4 to 2. good things come in pairs as the next battered shed. pinder goes back to back for his fifth homer of the year. are now up 5 to 20 was so good. all those good feelings come crashing back to reality. the aids give up two in the seventh one in the eighth and now tied in the ninth with two out of oakland reliever danny jimenez faces hinder and the advance says, and he hits a seeing eye single up the middle scores two runs the rangers go on to beat the 8 to 5. oakland needs to win the next two games just to get a split. it's a big weekend down
10:58 pm
on the farm in palo alto with implications for the women's college world series. stanford is one of 16 teams remaining in the tournament and plays in the super regional against oregon state and the best of three series started tonight. passionate cultural fans showing their support the cardinal early on in the top of the second now no score, but that changes on this ground into the shortstop hole by oregon state's grace messmer. the throw home is wide . the beavers take a one nothing lead. oregon state's next batter, madison. simon sends this pitch deep and over the left field fence. it's her eighth homer of the season. and the two run shot gives you a three. nothing lead. the cardinal had their last chance in the bottom of the seventh, trailing 3 to 1, but this strike out right there is the threat and the game. mariah amazing, pitched a gem, 11 strikeouts and route to her 17th complete game of the season. as i said best of three series, stanford needs to win. game two tomorrow night,
10:59 pm
defend off elimination and have a chance in game three. it's a friday night. a little ct. oh, here's proof that being a three time nba champion doesn't translate to success on the diamond divall mcgee. he can hit a basket, but apparently not baseball much harder. if you google. if you google futility, you'll see this video because it's switching. we all tried and swing in the midst swinging, missed swinging a foul short with them, and this is staying with baseball. very clever way to try to come home. this toddler. is doing somersaults down the third baseline as coach is, you know, exhorting him just pulling his hair out trying to get the kids to stand up and run before the ball gets there. okay, there, he gets up and he crosses home plate. he scores the run. uh yeah, parents. we've we've seen that before. get get positive. the cue points are where it's at. all right, that's it. thank you so much. appreciate it. we'll see you back here at the level of clock
11:00 pm
next at 11. we don't want to hurt you. all right? i really do not want to hurt you do not want to do this today. new video from a deadly officer involved shooting in san francisco. police break down what happened at a town hall meeting the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox two starts now. and we are learning more tonight about a police shooting the left two men dead in san francisco. good evening. i'm jana katsuyama andre. senior san francisco police shot and killed two men last week who were fighting with knives. the department gave its version of what happened, along with audio and video recordings in a town hall meeting this evening. new details now from ktvu s amberleigh, who joins us now live after monitoring the event . amber police say they were responding to a 911 call of a homeless man beating on another man. they say the initially used less lethal force options such as bean bag guns from baton projectile weapons and pepper spray before firing their guns.


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