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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  May 20, 2022 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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t puts you in control. chase. make more of what's yours. my classic and spicy popcorn chicken with 100% all-white-meat chicken. and good good sauce. ♪ pop it like it's hot ♪ ♪ pop it like it's hot ♪ ♪ pop it like it's hot ♪ pop my $6.49 classic and spicy 50/50 popcorn chicken combo. order on the jack app today. ktvh quarter comeback and chase center, the warriors defeating the mavericks in game two of the western conference finals. honestly i always have faith in the world because i'm like they're going to come back. and guess what? they did so exciting . good to have faith in the home team, right? the lawyers now lead the series two games to zip. as the road to the finals continues. good evening. i'm andre senior greg lee. the team stayed perfect at home this
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postseason, handing the mavericks their second consecutive loss. 1 26 to 1 17. we have live team coverage of this exciting game to ktvu is joe fonzi will show us how the warriors came back, but first toward jana katsuyama live outside to chase center janet this crowd partying after another statement win. oh my gosh. this was such a roller coaster. they didn't even take the lead until the fourth quarter. but these fans, they believe they had faith and they came fired up. center fans came ready to win outside dub nation showed their colors people covered head to toe in gold. others bringing the blue to all came out to thrive. city plaza outside chase center ready to do their part for game two against dallas. even little kids getting their warriors warpaint on super excited that we got tickets to the game, just like spreading the joy and feeling the joy that's already here. longtime
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warriors fans feeling the golden glow like stanford basketball player haley jones. it's amazing. i'm a barrier, kid. i'm from santa cruz, california. so i was here when it was we believe back at oracle, so it's really cool to be here now and i've never been to a playoff game before, so it's dope border fence still believing in our own g warrior fan, you know used to have to pick a playoff team because we weren't doing it. but now we're in here. this was part of the vision that we could have just this entire drive city area be alive. it's my favorite time of the year when i can wear my suit with a t shirt support the team, a team that even when it rises, stays true blue to its domination roots in the community from the make a wish, bellringer one from dublin. icu to the 17 year old singer from the leo has been singing the national anthem for the warriors since she was eight years old. that was amazing. like all the lights and the pyro, it just had a different vibe that's like indescribable. i've been singing
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for them since i was probably eight years old, but something about that performance, right? there was different warriors tribe, one big bay area family, the home crowd, the energy, the vibe, and even for those mavericks fans that came to the game i had to see luca take on seth curry in the finals. what else? what else brings me to san francisco from arkansas, clear that warriors fans aren't cold blooded, but hearts of gold blooded, super sweet like it's amazing. i've never been somewhere with the fans are like really like being speak towards us. and after that amazing win, everyone came out of chase center and there was really a party in the plaza right here at thrived city a lot of people hanging around even right now, back here live. there are people who are out getting a bite to eat, trying to unwind after that, really amazing when one of
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the things cool today is that they actually allow people to sit out here and watch the game if they didn't have enough money to get a ticket or just couldn't get their hands on one and they are planning to do these watch parties out here once the doves go to dallas for the next game. greg happy workers fans tonight , janet. thank you. let's go now to our joe fonzi, who was on the court where the warriors clawed back from a 19 point deficit. joe, what a win. yeah no question about it, greg. the one thing that we know we've been saying this for a couple of days is that back to back games in the playoffs rarely bare resemblance to each other. and that was certainly the case that i just because the warriors won decisively in game one did not mean they were going to do the same thing in game two was pretty evident from the very beginning that the dallas mavericks came out. and they had a little bit of a chip on their shoulder and they were going to prove that they could be physical in this game. nothing better demonstrates that then when davis batons mixed up with damien lee early in the game, lee kind of stepped over him after batons had made a three
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point shot. both players were assessed technical files, but it didn't escalate. beyond that. luca dot the warriors defended him well in game one. and his supporting players did not hit the threes when they needed to. that was not the case tonight. the maverick shot 55% in the first half from three point range. duke blah dot went for 42 . but then you know you talk about the support players for the warriors. they had a big third quarter. most people are not expect cavan loony to be one of the big scoring leaders. he had a career high 21 points. then when auto porter hit a three pointer early in the fourth quarter, it was the first time the warriors had lead after trailing at one point by 19 points, and it was largely the second unit for the warriors that brought them back. early in the fourth quarter. then they brought the first unit into close things out as they wanted by a final score of 1 26 to 1 17. now in post game, we've seen lots of times where people want to talk to steph curry and klay thompson and draymond green. not a lot of times when we want to hear from heaven loony as we did
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tonight. no it's a keep working your time going to come and steve always talking about. you can always get the opportunity definitely plan on this team and take full advantage of it. and tonight was my night to make a make a big difference, and that just stepped up. it's been the thing of for our whole team throughout my whole time being here. no, god step up when they're when they're called upon and has made me lately people may forget, but loon was a big part of a couple of those championships. you know, um the last two. he played a lot of minutes. i don't know where we'd be without him, frankly, because you know he's he's just a huge part of our team. so another characteristic of a potential championship team when they can be contributions made all up and down the roster. so the words do take care of business here at home, going ahead in this series two games to none, but again, i'm going to bring out what we said earlier. it does not necessarily mean anything in playoff basketball if you remember the same dallas mavericks we're down to the phoenix suns two to nothing and
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came back and won that series in seven games. so the words you're taking nothing for granted, but they did take care of business here at home as this series now shifts to dallas for games three and four. they'd like to at least get out of there with the split. porting live from san francisco. i'm joe fonzi back in the studio. i think a lot of folks about loony jerseys after the game tonight. thanks for all your work there tonight. the stars were out for tonight's game among them superstar adele sitting courtside with her boyfriend and sports agent rich paul. here she is waving at the camera rapper little wayne, also at the game and dark novinsky, former mavericks player there as well. there's gary payton rooting on the team. dallas mavericks star luca don check has been out this week, checking out the san francisco food scene first on tuesday night. here he is pictured that sends having a beer, a mediterranean restaurant along the embarcadero. then today, an employee underdogs cantina on king street, told sf gate had lunch there with some friends. reminder you can
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download the ktvu news app to keep up with the warriors playoff run. it is free in the app store. also the news tonight in developing story in fremont, where seven year old boy on a bicycle was struck and killed by a car collision happened around 3 45 this afternoon on montrose avenue. the child was taken to the hospital where he died. neighbors said the boy was crossing the street ahead of his grandfather when he was hit by that car, the vehicle, then jumping the sidewalk and continue onto the lawn of a home. neighbors say there is no stop sign at that corner and drivers frequently speed through that area. this drawer is, cars are going so quest. and that, um , you know, city has to actually do something. police say the driver stayed on the scene and cooperated with their investigation. the boy's name was not released. any all clear . lamar thorpe is now facing two d u i charges stemming from an incident back in march, the contra costa district attorney's office announced today. it made the decision to charge thorpe with two counts of dy thorpe was
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stopped incited by the highway patrol along interstate 6 80 pleasant hill on march 23rd. he said he had been having dinner with a friend. thorpe issued a public apology. not long after the incident tonight. police need the public's help to identify the woman they say assaulted a student at piedmont high school authorities released photos of a person of interest in this case described as being between the ages of 30 and 40 years old. around five ft. eight inches tall, weighing about £115 with a nose ring. investigators say the assault happened in the area of brings rawlings gymnasium between 3:34 p.m. yesterday. contact piedmont police if you can help their investigation the medical examiner has identified the two men who died following an assault on a police shooting in san francisco last night. they are 57 year old michael mcphee, nian and 49 year old rafael mendoza. officers were called the mariposa and owen streets. for an aggravated assault in progress just before eight last night. there were two men there, and we know at least one officer
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fired their weapon. one of the men was pronounced dead at the scene. the other died at the hospital. this case is now being investigated by the san francisco district attorney's office. the police department says it will hold a town hall about this incident within the next 10 days. or none of this. a red flag warning for a huge portion of northern california has now expired. the danger was evident in the east bay today, we're a fast moving brush fire burned very close to some businesses. flames were spotted around noon near highway four in the area of willow pass and evora roads. this is the former concord naval weapons station. firefighters were able to keep the wind driven flames away from the buildings about 20 acres did burn, though cruz said containment was achieved around 1 45 that cause under investigation tonight. whether there is a red flag warning or not. cal fire says they are ready to battle wildfires. ktvu tom baker shows us how they're using a new fleet of aircraft to keep fires from spreading. for more than a half century cal fire's firefighting air force has been critical in the fight
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against wildfires, but never more important than it will be this year. mcclellan field just north of sacramento, is cal fire's central maintenance based to the largest firefighting air force on earth. it's also a supercritical super busy refueling and reloading of fire retardant center, especially for larger firefighting aircraft. we can be up to 20 to 25 aircraft flying in and out of here is more fire retardant than any other tanker base in the nation with this week's red flag warning. the base has been hopping. to be sure it can hop on new wildfires before they explode into firestorms three or four fires before lunch today, and we've got aircraft flying a fire as we speak count. fire operates 13 air tanker bases and 11, cal fire helicopter chopper bases. they slow fires down so engines and ground crews can put them out as of friday, thanks to mostly cool, wet spring weather
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hellfire in the u. s. forest service have battled 1734 fires. fewer than the 2100 and 52 fires this time last year, but that's still more wildfires than the five year average of 13 47 this time of year. we typically start to see the transition when the live fuels dry out. but at this point in the year they're pretty dry and they're ready to burn with early release. inmate hand crews are in short supply. and of course, it's had an impact on the number of firefighters that we've had available to staff. our our crews to make up for that cal fire has hired additional contract hand crews as well as assistance from the conservation corps and the national guard. without that symbiotic relationship. um you have a catastrophe on your hands immediately. fire needs more firefighters than ever, and there's a bill in the state senate right now. to grant them 1100 more firefighters. the question is, will even that be enough? tom baker, ktvu fox two news. and in whether the strong
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winds from today will begin to a decrease this weekend and temperatures get ready for a warm up will have your weekend outlook coming up. and one of san francisco's famed painted ladies is back on the market after the break here from the homeowner about her tough decision to sell it and why it's listed for the same price. she bought it for. in san francisco's archbishop goes after house speaker nancy pelosi over her views on abortion, banning her from receiving communion, but his decision is receiving some backlash. he is. trying to bully uh, speaker pelosi into not representing her constituen
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it e between san francisco's archbishop and house speaker nancy pelosi. that archbishop decided today to bar the congresswoman from receiving holy communion. ktvu zach sauces here with the rift. zach tell us about the san francisco archbishop informing speaker pelosi about his decision and a letter this week writing bluntly. quote you're not to present yourself. for holy communion. quote you are not to be admitted to holy communion until such time as you publicly repudiate your advocacy for the legitimacy of abortion, the
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words of san francisco archbishop salvatore korda, leonie and a lengthy letter addressed to house speaker nancy pelosi friday. the move comes after the archbishop says pelosi failed to heed a similar warning in april following the leaked opinion on roe v. wade. by the nation's highest court, the house speaker two weeks ago on capitol hill. it's very damaging . it does violence to the constitution and violence to women across the country. it's not the first time the house leader has sparred with the church over the issue, describing herself as both a devout catholic and pro abortion rights. friday several anti abortion groups applauding the archbishops move in a statement , the american life league calling his decision courageous defense of quote the faithful and innocent human life. meantime a pelosi ally in the state, the archbishop is trying to bully speaker pelosi into ignoring her constituent's state senator scott wiener, painting the archbishop as out of touch with san francisco values.
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franciscans overwhelmingly want access to reproductive health care, including abortion, a message echoed by several parents on the campus of st mary's college in morocco. the catholic affiliated school preparing for commencement ceremonies this weekend. i think you are responsible for your own body self, and i think that lady is such a smart person that understands every woman's world , not just body, but world in general, you have to respect the other person and their views. anyone is allowed to have their own views at any given time. it's sad that somebody would be so vehemently against anyone person coming. and we did reach out to both the house speaker and san francisco archbishop for further comment. so far, you have to hear back faith and politics collide, zack. thank you. facebook parent company meta, reportedly reminding its employees to avoid debates about abortion on its internal platform. the verge reports that an executive at marital staffers at a meeting yesterday that the
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topic of abortion was quote the most divisive and reported subject on the workplaces platform that's used by its employees. she reportedly said that such discussions could create a hostile work environment. families across the us continue to struggle to find baby formula tonight. area health officials are offering some guidance they say to avoid making your own formula. don't water it down to make it last longer and avoid giving toddler formula two infants. health officials are also encouraging moms to continue breastfeeding if possible. federal officials expect the supply shortage to ease within a few weeks. well and whether we have been talking about fire danger over the past day or so, with the red flag fire warning that was in place for today has been allowed to expire. but some pretty strong winds out there is particular looks at some of the wind reports throughout the day and mount st helena gusting at over 70 miles an hour earlier today, mount diablo over 51 miles an hour of vacaville. 43 is so some
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of those wins coming out of the north, and that's the direction that boost the fire danger. so just to give you some perspective, this is kind of a model that tries to kind of portray fire danger and the yellows indicating moderate to level so that we're going to kind of going back in time here at six o'clock this evening, you can see the overall trend, though those colors begin to kind of melt away into your saturday, so still a little bit of activity, possibly up in the northern california but it looks like we are heading in the right direction for this weekend. for his temperatures this afternoon , ranging from the sixties coast side seventies around the bay, england, mainly in the eighties . lots of 83 showing up for santa rosa conquered in antioch , and here's the plan this weekend. lots of sunshine out there, mild to warm on saturday should be warmer than today. and then on sunday, some patchy morning fog and still clearing skies will be a warm one, especially inland. here's the satellite where we had lots of clear skies. some cloud cover way up to our north earlier today. and right now, we still are in the clear current numbers
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in the fifties and the sixties. san carlos 59 san jose checking in 63 degrees, and here we are tomorrow morning. those readings will be in the fifties into the afternoon hours, all sorts of colors to reflect the microclimates out there. 60 seventies. the warm spots backup approach you the 90 degree mark by about four o'clock tomorrow afternoon. so warm weekend with the real heat that moves in next week, and we'll have more on that change with your forecast update in a little bit forward to it, mark, thank you. new tonight and iconic house in san francisco hit the market today, the young owner put the pink painted lady up for sale after the pandemic dashed her big dreams for the house. leah culvert purchased the famous home on steiner street, across from alamo square park just two years ago earlier today, we heard from culvert about her renovation plans that never took off and the difficult decision to sell the beloved home. i had high hopes for restoring the property, but unfortunately, the pandemic put a little bit of a
10:21 pm
damper on the process of getting the permits that i needed and so had to take some time over the past few months, really thinking about if i could afford to, and i realized that i think i don't have the time or energy to do do so and would love to see it. go to an owner who really does or is able to dedicate more resources to making this home. absolutely fabulous. the home is listed at $3.5 million, the same price culvert paid when she bought the home in 2020 and the full house house going for a whole lot more than just down the street. all right, still to come. the state coronavirus test positivity rate is on the upswing, plus preventing long covid the new study that suggests it all depends on when you get vaccinated against the virus and another racehorse has died in california. this time. it happened here in the bay area. details
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nothing brings the pack together like a trip to great wolf lodge. now open in northern california. fanduel and draftkings, like a trip to great wolf lodge. two out of state corporations making big promises to californians. what's the real math behind their ballot measure for online sports betting? 90% of profits go to the out of state corporations permanently. only eight and a half cents is left for the homeless. and in virginia, arizona, and other states, fanduel and draftkings use loopholes to pay far less than was promised. sound familiar? it should. it's another bad scheme for california.
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cal. cited a stall accident. the cause. of death for two year old filly named honey do last year more than 65 race horses died in california. critics say horse racing is cruel, and they are working on a ballot measure this year to end the sport. alright so in brentwood, four dogs died after a fire broke out at a kennel. there ktvu is henry lee spoke to fire officials who say they did everything they could to save as many animals as possible. tragedy at the brentwood dog boarding and day care center. after a late night fire. four dogs died of smoke inhalation. about a dozen others were saved. obviously most of us, you know, all have animals as well, too. um so you know, it's a part of the family and so we do everything we can happen at the dirty dog canine retreat and fitness on brentwood boulevard at about 10 thursday night. brentwood police in east contra costa. firefighters found more than a dozen dogs that were housed in the modular building
10:25 pm
room was filled with smoke all the way down almost to the floor at that point in time, but it does in dogs were rescued and removed from the building. four dogs didn't make it, including one that firefighters tried to save that animal was still breathing, so crews made every effort to form cpr on the dog right now, we still believe it to be accidental in nature, but again, we're looking at whether it was the air conditioning unit. or was it the power source leading to the air conditioning unit? there were some challenges in the fire response because there are no hydrants in that area. unfortunately the facility is in an hydrogen area, so we had to dispatch numerous water tenders in order to support fire attack operations. dirty dog tells ktvu. it's thankful for the quick action from first responders, which prevented fire from spreading to other kennels in the building where someone was sleeping. in a statement, the business said. in part we ask for privacy, kindness in prayers right now for the families of the ones lost the employees of our business and for our own family as we're all
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dealing with broken hearts, grief in the shock of this horrific accident, the company says it's also grateful for the overwhelming love it says has been getting from its clients and customers. henry lee ktvu fox. two news hours long standoff between fremont police and a man barricaded in a burning condo came to an end this afternoon. it started just after nine o'clock this morning when a fire broke out inside of the unit. and a complex on one imma common just off highway 2 62 in fremont complex was evacuated, but a man inside the burning unit refused to leave. he told firefighters and police that he had a gun. authorities say the man eventually surrendered after we struggled. it was taken to the hospital for police called an emergency medical issue. the fire was contained to that one unit. there is no word yet on how it started. cutting edge covid testing the various school district that is not just using nasal swabs, but also the air students breathe to detect the virus, plus a judge delivers a setback for president biden's plans for the southern border.
10:27 pm
caroline widely in washington, i'll have details straight ahead and later in sports. jesse gary is here with more on the warriors. they come from behind win to take a two and o series lead. over the mavericks and the wild day on wall street as the s and p 500. there's a bear market later tonight, we hear from an expert about why investors are for state controller, only yiu will save taxpayers money. wait, who, me? me? no, not you. yvonne yiu. yvonne yiu. not me. good choice. for 25 years, yiu worked as an executive at top financial firms. managed hundreds of audits.
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as mayor, she saved taxpayers over $55 million. finding waste. saving money. because... yiu is for you. yiu is for you. exactly. yvonne yiu. democrat for controller. (music throughout)
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cove street. new numbers show more than 1700 people are hospitalized. that is the highest level in two months. the daily case averages up above 9000 and test positivity is spiked as 6% up nearly 2% in a week. in san francisco positivity has climbed to 11% and various school district as part of a pilot program using a unique method to keep the coronavirus from spreading among
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students as ktvu s and ruben tells us tonight, it involves testing air and wastewater covid-19. the memo. park city school district. they're not only testing students for covid . they're also sampling the air and waste water at school in testing that, too. it's part of a new pilot program with a company called concentric by gingko. and with stanford. we reached out to stanford university and said, hey, can we be a part of this? are you interested in learning about what's happening at k 12 schools to they were for now, the pilot study is small with menlo is the sole participant and they're only testing it two of their schools, but the hope is by monitoring air and water. scientists can see covid spikes or even new variants coming, so we would like to get to a place where we can provide californians and nationally, this sort of pathogen map to let folks know when things look good , and when we need to take precautions, researchers say environmental testing also has the advantage of being less invasive. no swabs needed.
10:31 pm
hopefully maybe this will become sort of a normal way of testing for pathogens out of school population. the air testing is only just begun, and they're still experimenting with what equipment works fast. sampling has been going on for a few weeks. final results won't come until summer, but the school district is already getting helpful updates. and so what we're seeing right now is we are seeing an uptick in the rates of covid in our sewage. uh and what ? how we responded is by reaching out to the community and saying hey, now is the time to put a mask back on the pilot program is expected to last eight weeks. although the end date may be flexible, no word on whether it might be expanded next year. in menlo park and ruben ktvu, fox two news. due to the recent surge in cases, the berkeley unified school district is reinstating its indoor mask mandate for students and staff to a letter to parents from the district superintendent says
10:32 pm
beginning monday, mass will be mandatory for everyone on berkeley school campuses. through the end of the school year, the last day of the school district school years at a couple of weeks away, the superintendent says the decision was made after discussions with city health officials, they see an increase in cases, including a number of classroom clusters indicates the virus is being transmitted in schools. a new study finds getting the covid vaccine after infection, lower the odds of having ongoing symptoms known as long covid. researchers from the uk looked at more than 28,000 people between the ages of 18 and 69. they found getting vaccinated after having the virus lowered the odds of having long covid by 12.8% after the first dose. the study was conducted during the delta wave and concluded before macron became the dominant variant. a federal judge has blocked the biden administration from ending title 42 that public health measures aimed at stopping the flow of migrants at the southern border because of covid-19 as caroline shadley reports tonight. this comes as
10:33 pm
illegal border crossings are the highest they've ever been. a federal judge has blocked the cdc from ending title 40 to the pandemic policy that immediately deport migrants at the southern border without a chance to seek asylum. think everyone's probably breathing a sigh of relief because what we know is that title 42 is really the only thing that's keeping that border in any kind of check right? the trump administration put the policy in place in march of 2020 on the grounds of preventing the spread of covid president biden was set to lift the restriction . on monday, 24 states challenged him in court. friday night, a judge in louisiana ruled the policy will stay in place while litigation continues . border patrol agents apprehended more than 234,000 migrants at the southern border last month, the most ever recorded and you ask any border patrol agent they will tell you they need a resounding policy to stop the flow. of illegals coming across the border, the white house said in a statement
10:34 pm
. it would follow the judge's ruling, but added the authority to set public health policy nationally should rest with the centers for disease control, not with a single district courts. the congressional hispanic caucus called the ruling outrageous utilizing this very mean spirited, um, policy to turn away women and children that are seeking help from our country is absolutely inhumane and wrong. department of justice officials plan to appeal the ruling. in washington, carolina shively, fox news monkeypox cases are rising across the world, the world health organization announcing today there are now 80 confirmed cases of the virus. in 11 different countries. meantime health officials are investigating a second possible case of monkeypox here in the u. s health officials are now trying to trace the infection's origin. earlier today we spoke with dr john schwartzberg infectious disease and vaccine ology expert. the good news is we've
10:35 pm
known about monkeypox for a long time. we have a vaccine, the smallpox vaccine that appears to work well to control this people aren't usually contagious from monkey pox until their illnesses declared itself that is like covid is spread. when you're asymptomatic, you have no symptoms. that's what makes it so insidious monkeypox. you're sick by the time you can spread it, so it makes it easier to control. i don't think we're going to see any big outbreaks of this. monkey pox is said to be caused by a virus that is related to smallpox and is usually less severe. it can be spread through close contact with people, animals and material infected with it. the latest from eastern europe or russia says it has captured the port city of mary. you paul after weeks of bombardment and thousands of casualties. the russian defense ministry says tonight that all ukrainian fighters have surrendered at the steel plant where they were trying to withstand the russian invasion. new video shows ukrainian soldiers arriving at a russia controlled area near the city of donetsk. meantime
10:36 pm
president delinsky said that at least 12 civilians were killed today and shelling in the donbass region. the armed forces of ukraine continue advancing to liberate the harkin region. but in donbass, the occupiers are trying to exert even more pressure. it is a #### there and it is not an exaggeration. the ukrainian government released this video showing an explosion at a cultural center in kharkiv, which has been the focus of an intense russian assault. ukraine says seven people were injured in that missile strike, including an 11 year old child. coming up at the london school employee accused of selling fentanyl to students. health authorities say she used students to help her that's at 11. and a barrier weather looks like temperatures will be trending up a bit in your weekend forecast, but the real heat that's set to move in next week we'll have the forecast update coming up. of personal remembering the buffalo, mass. shooting victims, the first funeral held today after
10:37 pm
i joined the district attorney's office to pursue justice for everyone. but like so many of my colleagues, i resigned in protest because chesa boudin interfered in every single case and failed to do his job. the office is absolutely in disarray right now. chesa dissolved my unit prosecuting car break-ins. now criminals flock to san francisco because there are no consequences. we can't wait. recall chesa boudin now.
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indg into a bear market. the dow was up eight points racing a 600 point drop earlier in the day, the nasdaq was down 33 points. and the snp ticked up half a point. that index is just shy of the 20% drop considered a bear market. financial advisor george machete tells us investors are nervous that interest rate hikes will cool the economy too much, pushing it into recession. to the market is very, very worried about that, and it's very, very speculative as it looks out in the future. it's really afraid that the federal reserve will become too hawkish too aggressive and raise the rates too high, and that could kill the market. that's really fear. my my position is that the federal reserve as well equipped to manage this will probably get close to getting it right. i
10:40 pm
don't think they'll kill the market. it may slow it down a little bit, but we have to slow down inflation. but the chilly said he expects to see the s and p lose even more value before recovery will begin. amid the rocky stock market. the job market remains red hot, especially here in california, the state says employers traded over 41,000 jobs last month. the bay area added over 11,000 jobs, leisure and hospitality, where the sectors with the biggest games unemployment is at 4.6% down from 4.8% in march, the governor's office says that the state has now regained more than 91% of the nonfarm jobs lost during the early months of the pandemic. do it, 10. us attorney general merrick garland has announced new steps to combat hate crimes across the country, garland said the department will be issuing guidance on steps police and community groups can take to raise awareness about rising hate crimes. they will also provide great opportunities for states to create hate crime reporting hotlines. the announcement comes less than a
10:41 pm
week after racially motivated mass shooting in buffalo, new york. we know the threats we face are evolving. and our strategies to confront them must evolve as well. addressing them requires making total use of both our criminal and are non criminal resources. according to the latest statistics from the fbi. hate crimes are at their highest level in more than a decade. speaking of buffalo, the first funeral was held in buffalo today for one of the 10 victims of what authorities describe as a racially motivated mass shooting. targeting the city's black community loved ones paid respects to hayward patterson, the 67 year old was a top friendly grocery market to pick up food and supplies for his church's food kitchen. when he was killed in that attack. the suspected 18 year old shooter has pleaded not guilty to first degree murder charges. another court hearing in the case has been set. for june nine. still to come celebrating korean culture in the east bay
10:42 pm
will come in as strangers and leave us friends and family, the restaurant that's using comfort food to bring people together. no red flag warning to tell you about, but we'll still see warm temperatures this weekend. meteorologist mark tamayo breaks it all down for us coming
10:43 pm
10:44 pm
are celebrating asian american
10:45 pm
and pacific islander heritage here in the bay area, and today we're showing you, a new restaurant in berkeley that's serving up much more than korean comfort food. i spoke to the co owners who say they want to share their culture with the community. in korean culture. food is important, not just for nourishment but for identity community and in many families, including my own away to show love. we do everything through food. meeting people business just i think also breaks ice with that in mind, she moon and hey, young eun opened korean super red in berkeley. the small space on solano avenue was meant to make diners feel like they're at home. having meals at home like small like soup and, like small rice and small citation. so like more home style. the menu includes dishes like job chair glass noodles with
10:46 pm
vegetables, stews and rice plates with meet the recipes unique to the owners, families and traditions. things they want to share with the community. but we also added more of a comfort food and we use a lot of vegetables. in our sauces and in our dishes. korean super rep not just an eatery. they've also utilized the space to include a mini mart of sorts designed for people to take a piece of home with them. you know, they're learning more about korean culture, and people are also wondering why we have so many instant noodles. so i think now they know how that's the style of crane hamon. from the wall of ramen to homemade ban chan or the side dishes served with meals to pre cut pieces of meat for korean barbecue, two sauces and key ingredients. for every dish. you can find the groceries . you need to make korean meals at home. union said it's led to grandparents and parents sharing stories of their favorite
10:47 pm
childhood snacks with the new generation come together and they introduced there is yeah, i used to eat and that's still ths and like everyone is like feel like home culture of price for more than a full belly or a bag full of groceries, moon and eun hope customers leave feeling the love they put into sharing a piece of their korean heritage will come in as strangers and leave us friends and family and yeah, it will be a little bit closer because we shared a meal together. i can attest that the food tastes as good as it looks. you can see all of our stories about asian american pacific islander heritage month online. just visit ktvu .com/ ap i similar theme here famous san francisco landmark officially reopened to the public today. there was a ribbon cutting ceremony this morning for the newly remodeled ghirardelli
10:48 pm
chocolate and ice cream store shot there. there's an entirely new look to it brings visitors behind the scenes of the chocolate making process. the reopening coincides with nardelli's 170th anniversary, and in fact, the 1st 170 visitors today received a free ice cream sundae. this chocolate company has survived to global pandemics. earthquakes fires, other challenges and throughout all of this time and throughout all of those difficulties. they are a true example of what it means to be resilient, like the phoenix of san francisco and rise out of the ashes to create a beautiful space that puts a smile on people's faces. all that sugar will do that wanted. one thing. her deli is not changing, though, is its retail offerings, including its ice cream sundae bar, and it's going to be hot enough tomorrow mark for you wouldn't want to go there and eat some of that ice cream. back foot sunday over there, gordo. i like that plan, andre. yeah. in fact, we are expecting lots of sunshine in
10:49 pm
san francisco. so good, good idea to head out there for this weekend, especially even into the next week. temperatures will be a warming up. as far as the plan this weekend. we are expecting this mostly sunny skies mild to warm for your saturday after the mild start tomorrow morning temperatures will be warming up the hot spots getting close to 90 degrees and pretty much the same story for sunday, although we could have some patchy fog. sunday morning, right near the immediate coastline. we're watching out for that. here's a satellite where you can't see the clear skies over the bay area. we have some fog down towards southern california and some cloud cover out here. but look what's happening now to our east toward colorado. they actually have some snowfall. what's interesting denver yesterday in the eighties today, only in the thirties, and they have more stone the forecast for your saturday now for us, we are in the clear right now. of course, we have been talking about the stronger winds all week long. as far as the winds right now they have been backing up as we assure you some of the reports out there calm wind out toward concord, oakland, only seven
10:50 pm
miles an hour or so these reports and improvement across most of the bay area, the winds have been decreasing just over the past few hours. here's a live camera, looking out towards san francisco downtown. we'll go ahead and drop in some current numbers out there and most areas in the fifties and the sixties for the 10 o'clock hour overnight will bring temperatures down into the fifties, so not a dramatic drop off of the numbers with mostly clear skies. first thing saturday morning, and here we are tomorrow morning and then into the afternoon. hours of brighter colors do represent some warmer temperatures in a big range that we're starting to see the microclimates out there. from the low sixties coast side seventies around the bay and temperatures inland in the upper eighties. maybe flirting with 90 degrees, so over the past couple of days we've been talking about that northerly wind kind of linked up with that red flag fire, warning this area of low pressure to our east, this area of high pressure offshore the pressure difference. sets up that northerly wind. now things begin at what changed this weekend. basically, this area of high pressure just wants to
10:51 pm
build in so this will lead to the warming into the weekend, but a specially next week so 60 seventies and eighties all weekend long, but we could we will be talking about some more nineties into early next week. here's the forecast model for your saturday mostly sunny skies , and then into sunday morning, we could have some patchy fog out there first thing sunday morning and then clearing into the afternoon hours. take a look at the numbers for tomorrow. saturday afternoon temperatures will be in the sixties coast side lots of seventies around the bay. lots of eighties inland and maybe a few spots out toward fairfield. maybe antioch's kind of flirting with the 90 degree mark by about three or four o'clock tomorrow afternoon. no big changes in your sunday forecast. but here we go. the warming moves into the region monday and tuesday. in fact, by tuesday, hot spots could be getting close to the mid nineties. so warmer weekend but the real heat that moves in early next week mark thank you so much coming up in sports. two time mvp steph curry raves about yvonne loonies career night.
10:52 pm
more on the warriors come from behind win after the break the 11 o'clock news what governor gavin newsom is saying about for controller, yvonne yiu. as an executive at top financial firms,
10:53 pm
yiu managed hundreds of audits. as mayor, yiu saved taxpayes over $55 millio. finding waste. saving money. yiu is for you. it's time for our memorial day sale on the sleep number 360 smart bed. it senses your movement and automatically adjusts so you both stay comfortable and can help you get almost 30 minutes more restful sleep per night. save $1,000 on the sleep number 360 special edition smart bed, queen now only $1,999. plus, 0% interest for 48 months on all smart beds. ends monday.
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so n the bay area tonight. the warriors two wins away from the nba finals this after a thrilling comeback when in game two, a game they trailed. by 19 points at one point across the bay to face center head coach steve kerr and jordan's kid match wits and strategy in game two of the western conference finals. we pick up feisty action in the second quarter with the warriors down damien lee contesting davis bertrand's three pointer. pretend makes the shot and his lead tries to step over him. two players get tangled up. tempers flares and we get tease approaching
10:55 pm
halftime with the shot clock winding down luca for 33. okay in the corner, and then clay thompson with the three ball that puts the warriors up for the first time. and now here, you see, loony showing he can have a career night. that is 2021 points and 12 boards a little later the same combo jordan's pool now this time to loony for three finishes, with 23 off the bench under four minutes to play in clay thompson shows his basketball like fakes, right goes straight to the basket. he's drunk, and he's pumped. and now arguably the best assist of the night. clay curry 1998. that's it. the warriors go on to finish off the mavs. 1 26 1 17. the series will shift to dallas for game three sunday at the american airlines
10:56 pm
center, steph curry says that could not have done it tonight without even looking steve warriors. he's been playing amazing, um making his impact felt. both ends of the floor, greer high mostly said, however long so it's ah it's amazing to see him just take the experience of being around. you know these last seven years and you know, being ready for his opportunity and different series. since especially especially with the way the game was going the way he came back way we all came back and fought to the end. giants in san diego padres, beginning a big series for second place in the northwest. tonight the orange and black seven and three over the past 10 games, coming off a loss to denver on wednesday, former a's manager bob melvin, back in the bay, but not with the a's padres manager. we go to the bottom of the third giants, trailing 41 and another former member of the athletics hanaya on the mound, but his slider is sent along way
10:57 pm
by darren rough, the second homer of the season. the two run blast makes it 43 padres bottom of the fifth same matchup. same result ties the game with his second homer of the game. we moved to the bottom of the ninth, two outs, bases loaded giants down by two. flores comes through with a dunk shot base hit. that scores yes, and who's that? that's rough with a slide , but but but i know everybody's happy, but but but too much, manny. there you go shot into the gap that's going to score a couple. unfortunately the giants will fall to the friars seven in 10 innings hard hit is also in action down in southern california, battling division for the l. a angels loosey goosey in the dugout before the first pitch, and then in the top of the first, jed lowry crushes his second homer of the season. green and gold up one early. onto the top of the fifth and seth brown with us laser shot
10:58 pm
down the right field line inside the police take a 32 lead on brown's fourth thing, or the year they would go on to tack on another run in the sixth. they take it 4 to 2. today was cut down day at the pga championship and $12 million is on the line and prize money for whomever wins. we will head to southern hills golf club. tulsa oklahoma were all eyes are on tiger woods . he was on the cusp early, but made a charge late in the day. first on the 13th, then the 16th his approach shot on 16 sets up. this easy birdie, meanwhile, will notorious is on fire. he birdies four holes in a row, saving his best for 17th over and around trees. and a little role to put his foot just feet from the hole. this birdie makes him the leader through two rounds at nine under. 65 tigers strong back nine, though, has him three over and slated to play saturday and sunday. and
10:59 pm
there's the mission is to go ahead and win this thing somehow and i know it's sometimes it doesn't exactly feel well. but, hey, that's just what it is. that's life. that's sports where we push it, and i'm really good at breaking things are really good at fixing things, so it's a great relationship. time for a little check this out on this friday evening first game a little fast pitch with cardinals left the laboratory as i saw this earlier, look at this throwing a nerf ball teammate nolan gorman. that is amazing. we had to slow it down because it's so fast. look at this. he turns lefty, right, right. he left even if you know it's coming. that's yeah. yeah. your arm. yeah, because you could be just a little so that's curveball to coordinate exactly, exactly. a real paul. thank you so much. we'll see you at 11 next at 11. the archbishop is trying to bully speaker pelosi into ignoring her constituent's reaction tonight from lawmakers and catholic voters after the
11:00 pm
san francisco archbishop bands nancy pelosi from taking communion. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox two starts now. san francisco's top catholic leader , is speaking out tonight against house speaker nancy pelosi. over abortion rights. hello again. i'm greg lee andre, senior san francisco's archbishop, band, the congresswoman and practicing catholic from receiving holy communion. ktvu zach sands is here with the rift. zak yeah, that san francisco archbishop informing speaker pelosi about his decision in a letter this week. the message essentially when it comes to holy communion. you're not invited. quote you are not to be admitted to holy communion until such time as you publicly repudiate your advocacy for the legitimacy of abortion, the words of san francisco archbishop salvatore korda, leonie and a lengthy letter addressed to house speaker nancy pelosi friday. the move comes after the archbishop says pelosi failed to heed a similar warning in april following the leaked opinion on


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