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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  May 14, 2022 10:00pm-10:45pm PDT

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thax two. he can feel safe in your own neighborhood. people come over here with me suits on shooting people. this is ridiculous. developing tonight, outrage and heartbreak in buffalo, the suspected white supremacist accused of shooting 10 people to death and wounding three others. makes us first quarter appearance with little to say. yes, sir. i understand my charges. good evening to you. i'm andre senior with today's violence at buffalo, new york supermarket that you see right here behind me. it dominated the headlines today. it is not the only crime scene getting a lot of attention right now. this is the other one inside milwaukee, wisconsin, a combination of three downtown shootings near the site of an nba playoff game , at least 21 people injured and in los angeles crowds. scrambled for cover when gunfire broke out inside the city's downtown grand central market. one person there
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died. we begin, though, when buffalo were that cities mass shooting suspect made his first court appearance today. that's the 18 year old. you see him right there. white supremacy, police say who live stream of the shooting rampage at a supermarket in a predominantly black neighborhood. that's fox news reports. the suspect here public offender entered a not guilty plea to a murder charge on his behalf. unfortunately we are learning 10 people have been killed at a tops supermarket in buffalo, new york, alleged shooter driving hours, also from new york state. to buffalo to commit this attack, according to police accused shooter is an 18 year old white man. this is being investigated as a hate crime and to see that sense of security shattered. by an individual. a white supremacist who has engaged in an act of terrorism. and will be prosecuted as such attack according to police happening
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both inside and outside the supermarket once the accused shooter was inside. police also went in after him. they say that he held the gun to his throat. they talked him down. he dropped. the gun took off. some of his tactical gear surrendered at that point, and he was let outside, put in a police car and transported the buffalo police headquarters. next picture. i'm also warning is very disturbing . if we can pull it up, you see again, it's heavily blurred. but this woman being shot and killed in real time, authorities say. that this 18 year old man live, streamed the attack on social media. here's a witness who saw the horror in person. listen to this. he took the machine gun with the strap and put it to his chin, and i was hoping that he'll shoot himself and he didn't he put gunned down on the strap. and then he took his gun . he put it down. he did put something on his feet. he took his vest off. and then he got on
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his hands and knees and got on his back. and then they arrested him again. all this playing out at 2 30 in the afternoon. a lot of reactions pouring in. this is the worst nightmare. that any community can face and we are hurting. and we are seething right now as a community, mayor eric adams of new york city, sending his prayers to our neighbors in buffalo and his words and then called to end hatred. and gun violence. i can also report, according to a statement from the white house. the president has been briefed on the shooting and will continue to receive updates. he and the first lady are sending their prayers to the victims and their families will send it back to you. nate for reporting for us tonight. the department of justice calls what happened in buffalo and act of racially motivated violent extremism. ktvu elissa harrington continues tonight's team coverage of this tragedy after speaking with the
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leader of one of the local chapters of the naacp alyssa. that's right, andre. i spoke with reverend amos brown, who is also the pastor of the third baptist church in san francisco. he called this a sad day, and he said he wants people to start standing up for one another. we must not live. in fear. but we must be very careful. reverend amos c. brown the president of san francisco's said when he heard about the shooting in buffalo and the motivation behind it. he immediately spoke with the group's national president. we both are just, umd that here again. act african americans. victims. of blatant hate. and violence. investigators say the suspected white gunmen targeted mostly black shoppers. brown thinks the country's previous leadership under donald trump built up
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division until good people speak out. connect with each other. and take a stand. this will be the staple of this nation. this mass shooting comes less than 24 hours after shootings in milwaukee injured 21 people last month, six people were killed in a shooting in downtown sacramento. the gunman in the buffalo shooting was carrying an assault style weapon. it's always very depressing news to see that this problem is continuing and even worsening one, john donohue, a law professor at stanford, said. anytime there's a mass shooting it brings up the battle over assault weapons. he called gun control, a contentious issue in both the courts and the public. i asked him if reinstating a ban like the federal assault weapons ban that expired in 2000 and four would make a difference today it would make a difference . the problem is, we're in so much of a worse position today
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because the band was allowed to lapse into 1004. so you know, literally millions of additional assault weapons have been bought and sold. speaker of the house. nancy pelosi, also tweeted about the shooting, she wrote today. another community was shattered by the horrors of gun violence. we must never stop fighting to stop the bloodshed because enough is enough. reporting live . i'm elissa harrington ktvu. box two news, melissa. thank you will continue to share new updates about the shooting in buffalo on our app and website are online coverage includes more reaction from national figures. on this tragedy. and the other big shooting. we're following tonight. curfew is in place in milwaukee, wisconsin, right now, following three shootings that entered 21 people. it happened right into my head. and my boyfriend told me behind like this like brick wall, and if you want, this outcome would be a lot different. and i know that everybody took off running and i just kept running. all of the last night shootings happened in an area where people were
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gathered for an nba playoff game . one of the shootings injured 17 people. another three people injured, a third injured, one person coming up at 10 30, the city gets ready for another playoff games set for tomorrow. just days after a night of violence. you're down. video posted to social media shows people in downtown los angeles scrambling to get to safety this afternoon as gunfire erupted inside grand central market. multiple food vendors operate out of that market. the one person who was shot died. investigators looking for that shooter now they have not commented on a possible motive for this shoot. well new at 10 tonight, the parents of a missing oakley woman tells ktvu they feel like they're getting closer to finding out what happened to their daughter. it's a lot of things are unfolding. um we're getting closer. we're getting closer. 24 year old alexis gabe has been missing since january. 26th this week,
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investigators confirmed that a cell phone case found by searchers two months ago is a dna match with gabe. investigators say the case may have been discarded by a man captured on video walking down the street with a space covered, the family says they knew who the man is. but due to the pending investigation, they will not say we know exactly who it is, but we can't see a lot of people know so clear. he is even alexis friends. they know who that person is. police say the man in that video is a quote person of interest in the missing persons case. well in the north bay. investigators searched tonight for the driver who took off from the scene of the crash that killed someone, but we're learning about the case that's coming up, plus okay? protests over reproductive rights pop up all over the country coming up the message
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being sent to the u. s supreme court justices as one justice weighs in on this issue. ed and weather nice warm up today across most of the bay area, but it looks like a cool down begins in your sunday forecast, and for state controller, only yiu will save taxpayers money. wait, who, me? me?
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sooa hit and run crash that killed a pedestrian this morning. it happened about 2 15 this morning on highway 12 emperor drive. police say the driver hit the pedestrian and did not stop. anyone with information about the crash is asked to call so soon. city police abortion rights supporters took to the streets and cities all over the country, turning this saturday into a national day of action because of a leaked draft opinion from the u. s. supreme court. that document, of course, suggesting the court may overturn roe v. wade. ktvu greg liggins shows us how locals got in on the rallies. natural choice. thousands of abortion rights supporters stretched out
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along market street as they marched along their route from the civic center to the embarcadero, young and old women and men. i think everyone should be here participating, you know. pick. it's a human right. it's healthcare. person should be legal on demand without apology , the supreme court decides to overturn the 1973 landmark roe v. wade decision legalizing abortion. the question of legality would then fall to the states and, according to the good marker institute. 26 states are certain or likely to ban the procedure. if that happens, some fear the worst catastrophic disasters. there's going to be people dying when they need healthcare. there's going to be people left without basic needs of what their body needs. some demonstrators say they have been working for years to stave off a potential threat to roe v. wade because they felt it's been under constant threat. no i'm not surprised at all in fighting this for a long time 25 years old women feeling powered,
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seeing themselves not only as beautiful but strong. capable and powerful. in san francisco's mission district, at least a couple of 100 gathered outside the bart station at mission and 24th hearing speakers in both english and spanish. it was organized by a coalition of groups under the umbrella moniker rise up for abortion rights .org. a spanish speaking activists used an interpreter to make sure her message reached everyone not allow them to take a ride. home color freedom of chose school students who participated in a walkout last week urged young people to set aside excuses and get active in the fight to preserve roe v. wade i got to play with my friends on on sunday or whatever, you know. this is more important. this is more important. this is an emergency. the group rise up for abortion rights is urging people to continue to stage walkouts protests and take to the streets . they're organizing a
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nationwide student walkout on may 19th and another work in student walkout. on the 26th greg liggins ktvu fox two news. outside the state capitol today. california attorney general rob bonta spoke to abortion rights protesters, he says california is doubling down on access to reproductive health for women. the golden state's top attorney encouraged the crowd to vote in the upcoming elections for candidates who support abortion rights. supreme court justice clarence thomas spoke publicly for the first time about the draft opinion expected to overtone ruby wade justice thomas expressing shock after learning of the league while speaking at a conservative conference in dallas yesterday, adding he believes the documents could lead to a lack of trust in the supreme court. he also appeared to blame the leak on law clerks, saying the court was no longer the collegial place it once was. no i just think that they bring anybody who would, for example, having attitude to leaked documents, does he? that general attitude is your future on the bench. and you need to be
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concerned about that. and we never had that before we actually trusted it was. we may have been dysfunctional family, but we were a family and we loved it. i mean, you trusted each other. you laugh together. you went to lunch together every day and i can only hope you can keep it. so it was that ben franklin said. yes, we gave you a republic if you can keep it. and i think that you have a court and i hope you can keep it. the high court's sold. black conservative, also criticized recent protests by abortion rights activists at his home, describing their actions as quote, temper tantrums. or the updating that wildfire burning in southern california tonight. containment for the coastal fire in orange county now stands at 60% and authorities reduced the mandatory evacuation zone in the laguna niguel neighborhood from 900 homes to just 71 now since it started four days ago, 200 acres have burned nearly 500. firefighters have been fighting the flames and tonight many are
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mopping up hotspots to keep the fire from spreading further. meteorologist mark tamayo. now with a look at your forecast for sunday. mark either, andre yeah, we started to warm up today. we in fact, yesterday that warming trend really kicked in today, temperature is probably the hottest day of the week and as we take a look at some of the hives. we're talking about a few spots in the nineties. you can see that happened out towards anti aachen, fairfield. lots of upper eighties well, inland. it was warm right around the bay as well. but the coast not so much with pacifica, only 55 degrees and some patchy fog nearby the headline for tomorrow weather wise will be a cool down partly cloudy skies. some stronger winds could be over 25 miles an hour. and temperatures ranging from the upper fifties, all the way to the lower eighties. so still warm inland for tomorrow. just not as warm as today. here's the satellite. some cloud cover up to our north and you can see the low clouds are just offshore, getting ready to push back into the bay for tonight. and current numbers for the 10 o'clock hour. right now we have san francisco 55 walnut creek. 70 and san jose in the lower sixties. so kind of a mild
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evening out there in a few neighborhoods and the winds nothing too strong on these panels as we check out some more spots for sfo. northwest released 16 miles an hour, but definitely the winds will be accelerating. tomorrow afternoon . i was kind of a neat shot for you looking out toward the golden gate bridge. we're talking about the fog. making a comeback, and here it is, you can see it's almost trying to hide the south tower of the golden gate bridge, so the low clouds and fog definitely a good sign that we're going to be cooling the four tomorrow and that is the plan. so beta breakers forecast mostly cloudy skies tomorrow morning in san francisco. i'm calling it refreshing whether for the runners out there, temperatures will be in the fifties, right around 54 degrees and then patchy fog right about 11 o'clock closer to ocean beach. so you can see not too much warming for tomorrow, with temperatures mainly in the fifties rug 54 to 57 degrees. so here's the forecast model tomorrow morning and then into the afternoon hours. we're gonna partly cloudy skies may be mostly sunny skies well inland and the temperatures will be in
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the upper fifties coast side the warmest occasions instead of lower nineties. we're thinking some lower eighties for tomorrow afternoon, so cool down in your sunday forecast. what about next week? we'll have more on that with your full update coming up in a few minutes, andre. u. c berkeley hosted a campus wide commencement ceremony today for all students receiving degrees at every cal school and college. the ceremony began at 10 o'clock at memorial stadium, a number of other bay area universities are holding their first in person graduation ceremonies in three years, including dominican university in san rafael and cal state east bay. in hayward. at mills college in oakland. more than 400 students walked across the state to collect their diplomas this morning, as ktvu james torres tells us the ceremony was a set of first and less for the school. class 22. we did it. the weather just right to tolerate wearing a heavy black robe on graduation
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day all smiles at mills college in oakland, as students prepared to move on to their next chapters. this is exciting, you know, it's actually the first time most of us get to meet our classmates in person, covid-19 led to the cancelation of traditional ceremonies in 2020 and 2021. those students invited back this year to celebrate as well. this is the first time school leaders are standing in front of a graduating class in three years that was in attendance required to wear masks. i can't say i don't have butterflies, and i can't say i don't feel unusually excited because i always do on this commencement day, so i have to say it feels special, but also absolutely what we should do in college is now transitioning. this is the last undergraduate class. as an all women's college after struggling with financial trouble and declining enrollment , the college agreed to merge with northeastern university now moving forward, the school will function differently. dealing with change was the theme of commencement speaker jasmine ward speech. the only person of color to win a national book in
10:20 pm
fiction twice. i just wanted to sort of speak to sort of speak to how you navigate how you would try to navigate that right navigate, change, um, but still remain true to who you are. students today have changes on their mind. they say they hope the mills college of northeastern university will continue to give the same opportunities to future students . everything happens for a reason. um, it is unfortunate for us. however, i still feel like the staff that are here will still be able to provide wonderful education for the students coming into mills called newt eastern and be able to support them the best way they can reporting in oakland. i'm james torres ktvu. box two news. while the nationwide baby formula shortages sparked new interest in breast milk banks. nonprofit milk banks typically serves sick or premature infants when mothers don't have sufficient milk supply for their baby's nutritional needs, but as the formula shortage continues, more parents are turning to milk
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banks as a way to feed their babies. we're hearing from moms who want to be part of this solution to this crisis and are interested in donating the excess milk that they have, um so we're really pleased to see that response and then we're also hearing from parents who are worried, looking for new strategies for feeding their babies. the breast milk donated two milk banks typically goes through a thorough screening as well as the donors to. 70% of our planet is ocean. the ocean dies. we die danger down deep off the california coast still ahead tonight the reason divers are risking their lives to remove a hazard lurking on the ocean floor. then a day and night doubleheader for the oakland a's joe fonzi with the dramatic end to game one. later exports and celebration turning to danger. dozens of shots ring out. dozens of people hit when gunfire wraps interrupts the revelry followed an nba playoff game.
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take california coast this weekend, hearst castle opened to the public for the first time in more than two years, and not only did the pandemic shut it down, but so did extensive storm damage. and reporter dave ali says the historic castle now has a new attraction. spectacular hearst castle open again at long
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last after being closed to the public for so long state parks has something special planned. we are taking the opportunity to still celebrate our 100 plus anniversary. and we're offering a brand new tour celebrating the life and career of famed architect julia morgan. this tour will definitely show her influence on this estate. and also talk a little bit about mr hearst and how they collaborated together, creating a stunning masterpiece known the world over . they designed and built this castle, which is a spectacular one of a kind collection that really could never be replicated again spanning two hours. visitors will view rarely seen areas of the castle and learn more. about this groundbreaking pioneer. this was one of her big projects, project number 503 for her, but it took 28 years to work here. building with mr hearst. so definitely her crowning achievements. making
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this a jewel not only for the central coast, all of california that can now be enjoyed once again at hearst castle in san simeon valley. bodies found slumped over the bay area bus stop tonight. police are looking for the person who left it that way. than mayhem and milwaukee nearly two dozen people shot in a roughly two hour time span, and it happened after a closely watched nba playoff game plus the reason divers off the california coast in an act of selflessness are putting themselves in harm's way. out-of-state corporations wrote an online sports betting plan they call "solutions for the homeless". really? the corporations take 90 percent of the profits. and using loopholes they wrote, they'd take even more. the corporations' own promotional costs, like free bets, taken from the homeless funds.
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police said 11 of the victims are black or white. buffalo police say the alleged shooter is 18 year old peyton genderen. he is in custody right now is public defender entered a not guilty plea to a murder charge during a court appearance tonight. the shooting occurred at the tops friendly supermarket this afternoon. investigators say the gunman was wearing military gear and, in fact, livestream the shooting with a helmet camera. the supermarket is in a predominantly black neighborhood a few miles from downtown buffalo. dallas police chief thinks this week's shooting of three people and one of the city's koreatown hair salons, maybe a hate crime. he says. the gunman in wednesday's incident got away in a maroon minivan. a similar vehicle was reported to be involved in two other recent shootings involving asian run businesses. need to, as in any other instance where we feel any part of our community is being attacked for a reason of hate. we're going to take this abundance of caution. he has no place here. um and so the minute we see that we're
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going to take this action, so we're going to we need to get this person in custody. all three women injured in wednesday's shooting a recovering from their injuries, gunfire from the other recent shootings at asian run businesses did not injure anyone but left behind property damage. recent violence to hit milwaukee, wisconsin prompts a cancelation of an outdoor watch party for tomorrow's nba playoff game. police say at least 21 people were hurt in three separate shootings in downtown milwaukee last night. following the end of the bucks celtics game as foxes christina coleman reports. a curfew is now in effect. city leaders announced a curfew will be in effect tonight and tomorrow at midnight in milwaukee for people younger than 21. as a result of the shootings. a total of 21 people were injured in the violence and chaos last night in downtown milwaukee. the version didn't happen near the dear district. that's the entertainment area where thousands of fans had been watching the books and celtics game. a number of fights reportedly broke out as the game was winding down, and that's
10:31 pm
when shots were fired. one witness credits her boyfriend for saving her life. everybody started running and then me and my boyfriend walked out and there was an active shooter and it happened right into my head. and my boyfriend told me behind like this like brick wall, and if you want to have this outcome would be a lot different. and that's i know that everybody took off running and i just kept running, police say several hours later, just a few blocks away. there was another shooting that injured 17 people, including five who were armed and taken into custody. fortunately no victims suffered life threatening injuries in these shootings. the mayor says whoever fired the shots should be held accountable if somebody takes out a gun. and they fired that gun into a crowd of people. then guess what. they should go to jail and they should go to jail for a long time. we cannot have that in this city nor anywhere else in this state nor anywhere else. in this country. the shootings come amid a surge in homicides and gun violence nationwide. milwaukee is one of
10:32 pm
at least 10 cities seen a dramatic rise in deadly violence compared to last year. homicides are up in milwaukee by nearly 50% reporting in los angeles. christina coleman fox news. it was locally now. san mateo police are investigating a homicide after a man dead man was found slumped on a bus bench . police say the man was found dead at the sam trans bus stop on el camino, real and west hillsdale boulevard shortly before seven this morning. police say the victim is a 48 year old man, but they did not release his name. police are asking that anyone with information about the killing, give them a call. apollo alto woman is facing a series of charges after police say she tried to break into an occupied home. officers arrested the 48 year old her name kathleen cuadros. she's accused of breaking the glass of the front door of a palo alto home yesterday morning, reaching her hand inside and trying to unlock the deadbolt lock. police say she ran off after the resident confronted her. she was booked on suspicion of residential burglary, vandalism and drug charges. senate majority leader
10:33 pm
mitch mcconnell and three other members of the gop made a surprise trip to ukraine. mcconnell along with senators, john grasso of wyoming, susan collins of maine and john cornyn of texas. met with the ukrainian president today in the capital city of kiev. the visit comes as ukrainian forces continue to fight back against russian attacks. after the visit, president zelensky administration posted a group photo on social media. highlighting the friendship between the two countries. finland and sweden are the latest european countries to put in bids to join nato. the decision spurred by russia's invasion of ukraine, with the two nordic countries faring they could be next fox news, jennifer griffin spoke to the finnish ambassador. to the us about his country's efforts to defend itself. finland's ambassador to the u. s mikko hautala knows vladimir putin better than most actually flying to sochi. to meet with putin. so how many times did you meet putin? roughly 12 13 times you actually took a sauna with him? i've been
10:34 pm
in also social situations with him. yes. i'm not going to comment on any specific, uh, specific meeting. but yes, i've seen him a lot. and what's your take on him now compared to when you met him. he's more more ideological. he has concluded that the relations with the west are gone. there's not much ah, much to lose anymore. he says the russians should not be surprised that his country now wants to join nato. he says he personally warned them in january. this would happen if russian troops crossed into ukraine. last november. 20% of all finns wanted to join nato. now it's 80% how do you explain that change in public sentiment ? the major change, of course, was the russian attack. it was unprovoked. i think it's shocked the fence in a profound way. do you take that threat seriously? most likely they will place more
10:35 pm
military resources close to the finnish border nuclear weapons. i don't see that as a kind of a major issue here. finland has a large number of nuclear bunkers. are you preparing those bunkers? they have been built and prepared and they stay ready. ambassador says finland would not be a drain financially to the alliance. we are spending more than 2. we have lots army and we have a modern air force. think one of the best in europe. it's fundamentally a defensive move. some of the ambassador's most sensitive and classified discussions with other diplomats and american officials take place in his sauna where frank discussions can be had, and there's no place to hide listening devices. your opponent's sweat. everybody sweats here but my opponent to hide. the finnish ambassador grew up with the stories of his grandfather, a finished farmer deployed to the trenches on the border with russia fighting the russian invasion of finland in
10:36 pm
1939 at the start of world war two. the fins pushed back the russians in just four months. there were farmers. um just ordinary people. the russian still tell their children stories about the brutal finished fighters. finland was four million soviet union was almost 200 million. more we have more motivation like we've seen now in ukraine in washington, jennifer griffin fox news. these nets will continue to do what they were designed to do, which is to trap and harm and kill marine life, and that's enough to convince some drivers to risk their own lives coming up what they're doing off california's coast. ed and weather. nice warm up today you will definitely notice more fog and cooler temperatures in your sunday forecast and also into next week we'll have your updated forecast coming up, plus the nine of this world mission. spacex pulls off to launches in two days with the company hopes to accomplish is company hopes to accomplish is ahead.
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thap in southern california group of divers. their report, cristina gonzalez spoke to the divers, but why? they say the risk is worth it. mhm. barely visible like ghosts, divers 150 ft.
10:40 pm
under the ocean surface, the dark, murky water so thick with debris, they need flashlights to see one another and what they're doing, which is removing next caught in a wreck. just off san pedro. they call themselves ghost divers risking their lives to recover. ghost nets nets take decades to biodegrade, so they basically never break down. and these nets will continue to do what they were designed to do, which is to trap and harm and kill marine life. regular working is the moody these are images of her sinking in 1933 for the movie hell below the ghost diver usa team has been planning the difficult dive for weeks, mapping it out from their headquarters at zen diving company. this can be dangerous diving, requiring multiple tanks of specially mixed gasses for long, deep dives. fishing nets are going to do what they're designed to do, which is catching fish. and those fish are gonna die drowned. then you're going to have mammals
10:41 pm
like sea lions. dolphins are going to try to get those caught fish and then they cut in. videos from other missions show entangled fish, crabs and other creatures. even a stingray disentangling them a lot easier than the nets themselves. balloons were already attached at an earlier dive, and now the divers had just enough air to the bags to start lifting those nets so they can cut them away from the wreck. as a year in the bags expand. one set net is lose it quickly rises to the surface where boats are waiting to get it. what it does it feel to get it out of the. it's amazing. what's interesting is what's going to happen to those nets because they're going to be actually cleaned up and turned into all kinds of things every pound of nylon that we make from recycled content is one less pound of nylon we have to make from petroleum. nelson is with aqua phil. it's orange county
10:42 pm
facility recycles carpets and, yes, these nets into nylon. that is really used to make things like new carpets and more. beachwear at another southern california company, santos swimwear, things that once were waste or trash or dangerous to marine animals and then transforming it into something to give it a new life that you can actually wear and enjoying the ocean again. the circular economy circular economy means based as a resource. veronica mikos is a director of healthy sees the organization that started ghost divers in europe and came out for the launch of its first usa chapter we have collected over 700 tons of fishing nets, and this is our mission to bring this problem to the attention of people. and also provide the solution. we need a bigger been one less net and an ocean where this estimated that 640 tons of nets are lost annually. is it worth it? heather who almost lost her
10:43 pm
life and this ghost diving mission at another wreck, but this way 70% of our planet is ocean. if the ocean dies, we die going. celebrating at least one less net in that ocean. cristina gonzalez fox news the owner of an oil pipeline that spilled thousands of barrels of crude oil onto southern california beaches has agreed to pay $230 million to settle a class action lawsuit. the suit was for the 2015 oil spill was brought by a fisherman and property owners as well. houston based plains all american pipeline agreed to the settlement without admitting wrongdoing. the agreement still must undergo a public comment period. it needs federal court approval. plains all american pipeline officials have not commented on the settlement. the spill was the worst california coastal oil spill in nearly 40 years. spacex celebrate another successful launch tonight coming up how this mission works to
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