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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  May 10, 2022 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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i'mn american families, but the president says he wants to do to help fight inflation. plus california's drought conditions continue to worsen. but one bay area water district says not enough is being done to conserve water with the district is now considering as a plan to cut down on usage. covid cases continue to rise across the united states and here in the bay area, the local county that says it's seeing case numbers it hasn't seen in months. the news at noon starts now. this is ktvu fox two news at noon. good afternoon. i'm gasia mikaelian andre senior happening right now . santa clara county is about to give an update on the increase in covid cases, the county says it's seeing numbers they have not seen in months. this comes as u. s. health officials say the country could see as many as 100 million covid infections during the fall and winter, which would be more than double the national case. count now. coming up at 12 30. what santa clara county public health is
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saying about this recent surge. president joe biden spoke about the steps he wants to take to tackle the problem of inflation . ktvu sally rasmus was monitoring the president's speech today. she's here with an update on the measures he is outlining, to help with the rising cost of food, energy and housing alley. classy. a part of the challenge here is that there isn't a whole lot president biden or any president for that matter can do to stop inflation . but when the cost of goods and services become a big problem for americans presidents and other elected leaders do get blamed for it. a recent cnn poll found that eight out of 10 voters say inflation is their biggest concern right now, and that the president isn't doing enough to fix it frustrated and i don't blame them. i really don't blame them. i want every american to know that i'm taking inflation. uh it's very seriously and it's my top domestic priority. some of the things president biden says he's doing and wants to do include releasing one million barrels of oil per day from the strategic petroleum reserve for the next six months to try and lower oil and gas prices. that step is
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already underway. but mr biden says he also wants to allow medicare to negotiate drug prices and cap insulin costs. he advocated for another $1 billion in covid-19 relief funds for small businesses and agricultural workers. those last two items on the list are things that congress, though, is not likely to approve the vast majority of the of the of the economist. i think that this is going to be a real tough problem to solve. wilcox agrees. he's an economics professor with the high school of business at uc berkeley. he says there's no doubt the pandemic. the government's response to it. and the war in ukraine are the main drivers of inflation. there has been very strong demand in the economy much more demand than there is in our ability to supply goods and services in the economy, and, of course, as a consequence, the inflation rate has risen to the levels are enough seats. consumer prices are 8.5% higher now than one year ago. most economists agree it's really up to the federal reserve to put the brakes on
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spending with interest rate hikes process. the feds already begun. inflation generally tends to be slow to start and slow to stop. it will not be, uh, problem there is going by christmas time. and that is a big concern for the president and congressional democrats. as we head into this year's midterm elections tomorrow, the consumer price index will release new inflation numbers for the month of april. the inflation rate is expected to go up again, though not as much as it did back in march. garcia and andre back to you, ali rasmus. thank you. let's turn to wall street. here is. stocks turn mixed in late trading after a rally in tech companies help reverse most of that early morning slide we saw today the dow jones is now back above sea level, gaining a handful of points up almost one quarter of 1% snps up by almost a full percentage point. nasdaq is up by almost two full percentage points. in the south bank could soon cost you hundreds of dollars for not saving enough water in about an hour or so. the santa clara
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valley water district will make a plan on how to enforce water conservation efforts. ktvu james torres explains. the santa clara valley water district set a goal asking its residents to cut down water usage by about 15% well, not only did water usage not go down, it actually increased. by about 30% over the last two years. the drought that we're in the middle of is truly unprecedented for three years and counting. california is short on water and in the south bay that could cost you. unfortunately we aren't meeting that goal. valley water says the agency needs to ramp up its efforts to save water. it's already asking city governments to enforce a twice a week camp on residents watering lawns. some have done that. but cities like palo alto and mountain view , have not. the power out of spokesperson tells me the city doesn't use valley water, and they have efforts in place for water conservation. they're not far from enacting a role on watering days. while we may not officially have a regulation, limiting the number of days per
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week, we do have those permanent wadis restrictions on the books , and we do support the concept that that is probably a wise water conservation practice in mountain view, the city says. it's in a stage one water shortage. about 10% of its water comes from valley water, but its primary source just like palo alto, comes from san francisco. since june of 2021. we've reduced our valley water supplies by 25% this afternoon valley water district board members will meet to talk about a plan. to enforce conservation efforts that could include water cops were representatives can find homeowners up to $500 for using too much water. baker says. first offenses will start with a warning definitely want to start with the education approach. um but if the education approach isn't working , we will, um you know, ramp things up appropriately. at the end of the day, water representatives say enough is not being done to last through the drought. for the first time in 20 years, the board is looking at a budget covering the
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next two years instead of just one. if the drought continues into next year, we have plans to understand where that is, what reserves will need to look into how we're needed. how we will, you know, maybe need to postpone certain things to make sure that we have enough money. to buy enough supplemental water to make sure that we have enough water for the valley reporting in san jose. i'm james torres, ktvu fox two news. leaders in the fight to protect women's rights to an abortion gathered last night in san francisco to discuss what california should do now that the supreme court appears poised to overturn roe versus wade. speakers included the executive director of access reproductive justice, who said volunteers in her organization are ready to start housing women who are seeking abortions, something that was put on hold during the pandemic. our volunteers can also volunteered to drive people to and from appointments and we will work to coordinate that care on our end, so we match volunteers in the area wherever you're coming from or wherever you're going to the
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group access, reproductive justice and its network of volunteers also help women seeking an abortion, paper, hotels, childcare and food. do it during the state of california says it's taking steps to protect reproductive rights for people of color in particular, at a news conference in sacramento, female lawmakers called the expected reversal of roe v. wade. by the supreme court and attack on women, they say women of color will be disproportionately affected in states that are likely to ban abortion. east bay assemblywoman mia bonta shared her own story of a choice she made as a young college graduate. coming out of yale. with my very first job. i found out that i was pregnant. and i had to weigh all of the decisions that came with that reality, and i chose to get an abortion. i chose to own my body in anticipation of the overturn of roe, california lawmakers are introducing a bill that would block other states from
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obtaining subpoenas on people who have abortions here. the warriors are just one win away from the nba western conference finals. it can happen as soon as tomorrow night in memphis, but they may have to play once again without head coach steve curb. joe fonzi reports now from chase center warriors have a commanding 3 to 1 lead over the memphis grizzlies, but it didn't come easy. the warriors found out before game time that steve kerr had tested positive for covid, and he'd be replaced by assistant coach mike brown. brown is no stranger to playoff action. he has a former head coach of the cleveland cavaliers and los angeles lakers. and we found out on saturday that he'll be the new head coach of the sacramento kings, once the warrior's playoff run is over. he's been interim coach for a little bit and made his presence felt especially defensively leading us this year, so he has a good presence about him. the warriors then proceeded to put together one of the worst halfs of shooting you'll ever see in an nba playoff game. they were
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over 15 from three point range before otto porter finally hit one. the warriors scored only 38 points in the first when desmond bein beat the buzzer with this shot to end the third quarter. warriors entered the fourth quarter down by seven. i had a feeling we're gonna win the game when bain hit that tough shot the end of third. just we willed it before, and i just knew we could. we were going to win the game. i just had a feeling that's playoff basketball sometimes, uh, it's grimy. sometimes it's gritty. battling from behind the entire game. the warriors tied it for the second time when steph curry hit this shot, even the game at 90. at the 3.5 minute. mark don't let the first three quarters influence the fact that we still have a chance to win the game. shoot the shot you think you can make play aggressive. take care of the ball. we did all those things. the warriors then made 11 of 12 free throws down the stretch to win it by a final score of 101 to 98. this is a team that
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prides itself in strength and numbers, and that applies to the coaching staff up and down or mosul day for me, too. but again , i you know all of our guys kenny ackerson, bruce fraser, crystal marco and jama becky. all of our coaches were fantastic. so the warriors head to memphis now to try to close things out on wednesday. this game was tough. they know it will be even tougher trying to win their in game five in san francisco, joe fonzi ktvu fox two. new at noon, one of the greatest players in san jose sharks history is retiring from hockey 42 year old patrick marleau became emotional and making the announcement in front of his family and the sharks family at scp at s a p center in just the past hour. in that time he became the sharks record holder in most games, goals and points. he's the nhl leader in all time games at 100. excuse me, 1779. marlowe was just 17 when he came to san jose back in
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1997 to play for what was then a new nhl team. this is what makes the game fun is all the friendships all the battles you go through all those that you'll you'll have for the rest of your life. it makes the journey that much more special and i want to thank you guys for being a part of it. in an essay on his retirement posted online, he said. clued playing in the 2016 stanley cup finals despite the bitter loss to the pittsburgh penguins and helping team canada win gold in the 2010 olympics. still the compass noon, a seven year old boy recovering after freeway shooting in vacaville. what we know about the investigation so far as police continue to search for the person responsible, plus this putting businesses out of business. small businesses and their owners in oakland, calling for change now how they want more accountability and better police enforcement following at least two dozen robberies. that and seasonably cool, breezy
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weather continues across the bay area with the possibility of showers and isolated thunderstorms. have a look at what you can expect for your bay
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get fast, reliable internet for any budget. act now to get xfinity internet for a great low price. or visit to see if you qualify for the affordable connectivity program. qualifying customers can get free high-speed internet for more streaming, chatting, and gaming on all your devices. ready for more value? add xfinity mobile for as little as $15 a month. go to, call 1-800-xfinity, or visit a store today. child abuse charges in connection to the death of their 15 month old daughter. police were called to a home on sonoma avenue yesterday morning around 10 30 about a toddler who was not responsive. paramedics
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arrived and took the tyler to the hospital where she later died. police say they found what's believed to be fentanyl. inside the home. police arrested the toddler's parents, 26 year old evan frost iq in 23 year old madison, bernard. out of a layer where police are investigating a shooting involving at least three victims. the gunfire was first reported just before 8 30 last night on avian drive. investigators say each victim was shot at least once no word on their conditions. it's not clear yet if there had been any arrests in this case. a seven year old boy is recovering after being shot on interstate 80 in back of ill. it happened late yesterday afternoon on eastbound 80, west of alamo drive. the chp says the child was in the backseat of a honda accord when bullets hit the car several times he is expected to recover. so far. no arrests, and officers have not released a motive for the shooting. but say if you have information, call the chp i knew it knew. the former heavyweight champ mike tyson will not face charges in the bay area for punching a passenger on a flight at sfl. the application
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on a jetblue plane was caught on video of san mateo county district attorney announced today that he will not file misdemeanor charges against tyson or against the passenger involved here. a spokesperson for tyson says the man had thrown a water bottle at the former boxer and was extremely drunk. tyson was visiting san francisco for the 4 20 marijuana festival that was in golden gate park a few weeks back. also new at noon, ellen must said he will reverse twitter's permanent ban on former president donald trump has plans to purchase the social media company eventually finalized, must made the announcement while speaking virtually at a future of the car summit. hosted by the financial times twitter band trump's account back in 2000 and 21 in january for incitement of violence following the insurrection at the us capitol must says twitter's ban on trump was quote morally bad decision. he said permanent bans of twitter accounts should be rare and reserved for counts that are scams or automated bots. taking a peek at our back window here on the oakland estuary. we see
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some trees blowing around a little bit. there's lots of good son out there to the rosemary one. it's a breezy one. garcia and andre and temperatures are on the cool side once again very similar to yesterday, even the possibility of scattered showers and isolated thunderstorms remain. for today, a lively care from ktvu across the oakland estuary towards san francisco, where we do have plenty of sunshine to go around. but don't let it fool you. still a really cool, brisk day in store storm tracker to still showing you that we have thunderstorms and we've got snow in the sierra and we've got rain over areas of northern california. and areas over the pacific northwest, moving closer, not a lot going on around the bay area, but take a look at what is happening to the east of us right on the eastern edge there of napa valley. in the higher elevations , maybe over areas like a lake berryessa. we've got not only thunderstorms. we've got some lightning out there. perhaps some small hail falling as well . so again, that is going to be
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the unsettled weather we continue with for today. meanwhile, in the sierra snow levels were up last night. they're back again down to about 5000 ft right around blue canyon, and the snow continues to fall there. few more inches, a possibility before we are finished in the sierra and the winds out there. nevada reporting a wind gust to 14 right now conquered reporting 12 so not too bad, but do expect them to pick up in the afternoon. so you will have a brisk afternoon. if you're going to the giants game is going to be cool. it's going to be blustery mid fifties right now in nevada, 54 in san francisco upper fifties in walnut creek, 59 over san jose. here's a look at the future cast into about five o'clock or so. notice continuing, especially for the east edge of the bay area, the inner east bay areas near antioch's brentwood, perhaps along highway four. that's where we'll see some of that moisture out there as this continues to push east, although taking its time finally winding down tonight. temperatures remaining
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well below average by 5 10 15 degrees or so. 59 degrees afternoon high for santa rosa. today we'll go 56 in san francisco 59 in oakland, 60 in livermore and 61 over san jose. better look at some of these numbers mid fifties to upper fifties along the coastline upper fifties and napa inner east base 60 degrees for it. concord as well as livermore and low sixties for morgan hill. better details on what's to come in the sense of a warm up and into your weekend eighties in the forecast for some inland cities more on that after the break. here in ukraine on the front lines. it's looking like there is a stalemate as us congress works to approve billions of
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rusn forces striking the vital poured about desa overnight part of an effort to abruptly or disrupt supply lines and weapons shipments. and tonight the white house is expected to pass a new aid package for ukraine worth about $40 billion. matt finn has the latest developments from the v russian forces pounding the ports city of odessa with missile strikes on day 76 of the war in ukraine. it's part of an effort to disrupt supply lines and weapon shipments from the west. further east there still hammering the steel plant and mary up. oh where ukrainian fighters are denying moscow for control over the city. the u. s now being drawn deeper into the conflict. president biden
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signing a bill on monday rebooting the world war two lend lease act, hoping to get more weapons. two ukrainians as soon as possible. the cost of the fight is not cheap. but kagan to aggression is even more costly. that's why we're staying in this not clear if the increased targeting of weapons shipments is having an impact, the russians still haven't made any major breakthroughs on the eastern front, putting vladimir putin in a difficult position with most observers agreeing this is a war he cannot afford to lose irreversible position he's in right now. so the stronger the west is and the more unified the west is a stronger ukraine obviously becomes and on the economic front, nato ally. these are making a big push for europe to stop buying russian oil and natural gas. it would be a major blow to moscow's ability to finance the war. but there are still some holdouts, particularly in eastern europe area ghost in european capitals . the main theme is the price of peace that still has to be paid
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to stop the war unleashed by russia of ukraine, matt finn. ktvu fox two news. back here in the bay, ukrainian supporters his music to show solidarity. a concert of compassion was held last night in san francisco. people packed a synagogue to hear a classical music concert there in support of ukrainian refugees. proceeds will benefit three different charities that are helping ukrainians authorities in indiana, saying alabama corrections officer who helped an inmate escape killed herself as authorities were closing in. vicki white was pronounced dead at a hospital hours after she and murder suspect casey white were seen at a motel in indiana. us marshals chased them. the pursuit ended when the marshals collided into them. investigators say they never fired a shot. vicki white and casey white had been on the run for a week and a half. authorities say they were carrying $29,000 in cash for
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handguns, and we're preparing for a shootout when they were captured. he is never going to see the light of day again. and you know that's a good thing for not just our community, but that's a good thing for this country. casey white as a convicted felon facing murder charges. he is now being treated for injuries suffered in the crash. authorities say vicky and casey white, we're not related, but they shared a special relationship. casey what is expected to be extradited back to alabama. police departments around the bay area or updating their policies and acquiring and using military style equipment. now a new state law now requires sheriff's offices or police departments to get approval from their city council or board of supervisors. before they can request the equipment. they also have to provide annual reports and what equipment they have and how that equipment is being used type of equipment and vehicle as utilized oftentimes in a mass casualty incident, something similar to shooter some kind of terrorist event or terrorist incident where there is ongoing
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threat to the public. officials say, even through the military with the military style equipment isn't used on a daily basis. it's like a fire extinguisher. they say. you hope to never have a tease or have never have to use it rather. but when you needed to no other tool can do the work as it does in a critical situation still to come at noon, covid cases rising here in the bay area with the health officer in santa clara county just announced minutes ago, plus the shortage of baby formula growing worse, some lauren blanchard what led to it and wh
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county is reporting an uptick in covid cases and urging people to take precautions, health officials say reported cases in the county are on the rise. the seven day average has gone from 193 back on april 3rd. 2 589 on may 3rd covid is also being tracked in county waste water levels in san jose are more than twice what they were two weeks ago. not surprisingly, we are also seeing pretty significant uptick in reports of outbreaks from schools work sites. and other congregate facilities. many of them are related to social gatherings. it's spring school is ending and people are gathering and covid is spreading. county health leaders
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say outdoor gatherings are far less risky than those indoors. they also recommend wearing masks when you're in an indoor situation that's crowded. they also say get tested, if you think you've been exposed. federal health officials are warning covid cases are surging once again nationwide. they say, we could see as many as 100 million covid infections during the fall and winter that would more than double the country's total case count. backers say the surge is possible given reduced immunity from vaccines. there's also concern and increase could exhaust the nation's supply of covid tests and antiviral medication. some of the newer variants some of the neuro microns sub variants, um, might lead to a bigger surge. another problem. some covid patients are relapsing after taking fighters, antiviral pilpacks livid, doctors say a small number of patients seeing their symptoms returned several days after treatment. covid cases among children are rising again as well cases top 62,000
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in the united states last week, according to new data by the american academy pediatrics. children represented 18% of covid cases nationwide. in the north bay 20 schools in marin county of covid outbreaks right now, the county health director told the marine independent journal. students are mostly getting infected outside of school. just last week, the county health department recommended that schools add proof of vaccination, negative covid tests and masks for large, school sponsored events. such as prom and graduation, the county health director said. they will not bring back masking even if cases continue to rise. we're doing a police released body camera video surveillance video of a police shooting at a tan correa that left a man injured. officers say they got a 911 call of a fight at the restaurant on march 27th. they say the surveillance video shows 20 year old k on green, punching a man on the ground shortly afterwards , a second man brian carter, has seen with a gun. police who responded say the fight moved outside, and green was now holding that weapon. they say
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green refused to drop the weapon and they opened fire, shooting him. for times. his injuries were not life threatening. green says he disarmed the government . he has since filed a federal lawsuit against the city of san jose. also new at noon, we've learned that network couple has died following a fire at a home in alameda yesterday, the alameda county fire department confirming the 80 year old woman and 85 year old man died from their injuries. the grandson was also taken to the hospital after he escaped the home. the fire started around 3 30 yesterday morning on one of us to avenue. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. some small business owners in oakland or calling for better policing and accountability after two dozen robberies reported around the city over the weekend, and most of these cases, the robbers were armed ktvu elissa harrington reports. it makes me really, really sad because i do own a business here. michelle walton and wesley dewan or the owners of loyal to the soil oakland on broadway. they say crime is hurting small businesses in oakland and want to see more enforcement and accountability
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from the city not going to be accountable as far as the tearing the crime getting people to stop doing it. they can at least pay when people do do it because they're putting businesses out of business has to start with. what are we doing for these young people? to get jobs training anything other than looking at crime as a way of making money friday, there were seven robberies and two car jackings saturday, nine more robberies and a carjacking and sunday four robberies, carjacking unorganized ring city council member noel gayo represents the fruitvale, the neighborhood where he grew up. he said. residents call and text him all the time about crime. they sometimes send him videos like this one that shows a catalytic converter theft. he wants to see more police on the streets. the violence prevention program to be more visible and better recruitment for opd, the only thing that they endorse individuals will understand. is
12:34 pm
to push back that if i catch you doing it, you're going to jail. nobody's safe. nowadays they ortiz, the owner of la perla, puerto rican cuisine, has done outreach and worship with youth over the years, surveillance video shows masked men robbing his son outside the business just days ago. ortiz is now making hundreds of flyers with pictures of the gunmen to distribute around town. his message to those targeting people in oakland find someplace out because your time is coming pretty soon they're going to clean the streets in auckland, elissa harrington ktvu, fox two news. not a venetia, where people are still under temporary water restrictions as a crucial water pipeline is still being fixed. the pipeline broke at the venetia water treatment plan over the weekend. right now, people indonesia are not supposed to be washing their cars or watering their lawns and landscaping. the link. swimming pools is also not allowed. residents and businesses are asked to cut back their water use by 30% that requirement could last for several days. it's very difficult pipe to fix
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its very old over 50 years, maybe 60 years old and we're working on fixing that right now by trying to bypass it and putting in a temporary fix. officials say there is no danger in drinking the water. the massive valero refinery is exempt from water restrictions because it uses untreated water in its processes. new at noon. santa clara county is drawing awareness to the growing epidemic of fentanyl, an opioid use enforcement and lawmakers are marking the first ever fentanyl awareness day in san jose today, overdose deaths have risen from 29 back in 2019. to 135 last year. self the officials want to increase efforts on education and outreach to that end, a newly formed fentanyl working group started meeting last month and includes parents of teenagers who died from fentanyl poisoning. the best way to reduce demand is to educate and we are using social media platforms to do that. unfortunately those same social media platforms can be used to discover and transact. which in many cases that occurs with young people. but most importantly, they can be used.
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to educate. officials said. just a few weeks ago, police seized 11,000 fentanyl pills, which they say is enough to kill everyone in santa clara county. that's a full officials are expecting a busy summer at the airport and travel returning to its highest level since the start of the pandemic. officials are getting ready for a crowd of about 120,000 passengers to kick off memorial day weekend at the end of may. they're predicting 12 million travelers during the summer season, which is about 67% of pre pandemic levels, while facemasks are now optional at the airport and on planes airport says that the cdc still recommends wearing them. in public transit settings. well barry it tech companies, putting a large chunk of its office space back on the leasing market. it is the latest indicator that the work from home economy is not going away, and it reflects the commercial real estate market throughout the region. ktvu jana katsuyama reports. it was six years ago when splunk moved into its san
12:37 pm
francisco headquarters in the shiny new south of market building at 2 70 brandon street . now the data analytics company has decided to downsize, giving up its lease at the 215,000 square foot space. a company spokeswoman sent a statement to ktvu saying quote san francisco remains plunks headquarters were consolidating our operations. to a newly renovated office space at 2 50. brandon splunk began that building at 2 50. brandon is just half the space of the current headquarters for close to 24% vacancy for office space in the city with reagan, vice president of the bay area council says that 24% vacancy for commercial real estate in san francisco is a new record. we didn't see numbers that high after the financial collapse, um or after the .com bust, so these are pretty uncharted unprecedented times throughout downtown san francisco, the impact of work from home pandemic policies is evident in
12:38 pm
the number of four lease and rent signs in the windows. things are not at 100% capacity with our on a hybrid schedule. my office started like three days a week. it's a requirement to get in the office and be there retailers and small businesses that depended on those office workers also have felt the pain at the station tavern wet your whistle stop on market street for 25 years, happy hour. crowds are far smaller than pre pandemic levels . right now, it's like 30% hoping the businesses come back , and i'm hoping that you know, i think the real estate in san francisco so high and hopefully it goes a little bit lower. even so, it's so much vacancy right now. area council says pre pandemic office rents have fallen from $90 a square foot to $76 a foot but that is still high historically and compared to other similar markets nationwide. there's definitely still some optimism in the
12:39 pm
commercial real estate world that things will return to normal. jana katsuyama ktvu, fox two news. appearance in nearly half the country experiencing a shortage of baby formula and the problem it is getting worse. lauren blanchard is in washington with more on what parents need to know. it's incredibly stressful to not know if i'm going to be able to feed my baby next week, concern for parents over how to feed their babies, the nationwide shortage of formula is growing worse, more than half of states have a 40 to 50% out of stock rate of formula. the shortage began with supply chain problems, then made worse after a major producer, abbott nutrition, had a voluntary recall in february. when four infants that drank their products became sick to die, the food and drug administration in march announced they found abbott's plant in sturgis, michigan, failed to maintain sanitary conditions. you just want to provide for your childhood, your
12:40 pm
worst nightmare. if you're unable to do so, and i feel that we're on the verge of a public health crisis if this isn't fixed in a statement, abbott nutrition said they are working with the fda to fix problems at the michigan plant and are ramping up infant formula production at other facilities. we are dedicated to doing everything possible to ensure parents and caregivers have what they need to feed their babies, ensuring the availability of these products is also a priority for the fda, and they're working around the clock to address any possible shortage . doctors warn against homemade formula there's a chance for a bacterial infection through those homemade formula, so we recommend against making your own formula. some major retailers like cvs and walgreens say they are limiting the number of formula people can buy in order to prevent hoarding still, fresh snow in the sierra will take a look at how much snow has fallen in this latest system and how long this is expected to last. yeah i said unsettled
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weather over the bay area is well, i'll have a look at what you can expect for the rest of today and the warm up coming our way in time for the weekend comi
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gatn campus. ktvu lamonica peters reports. this isn't the first time a news has been discovered at the university. the potentially charged like hatred behind that is just unsettling.
12:44 pm
at 7 45 sunday night, stanford university officials say student affairs received a report of a noose hanging in a tree outside of brand or hall, a residence for undergraduate students. honestly i was kind of shocked when i first saw the email, stanford says it sent an email to the entire university community alerting them about the noose incident on campus. muhammad a freshman who says he lives in brenner. hall believes the news was spotted hanging from one of the trees just behind brenner. he says there are black students living there and that the residential hall is racially diverse. the university also released this statement, saying in part we cannot stay strongly enough that a news is a reprehensible symbol of anti black racism and violence that will not be tolerated on our campus. as a community, we must stand united against such conduct. and those who perpetrated bearing in mind that this is not the first time this
12:45 pm
has occurred at stanford in recent years. certainly disturbing information to hear doesn't necessarily make you feel comfortable on campus. stanford's department of public safety, responded to the incident and has since removed the news, keeping it as evidence . there's just so much division in our society these days, and it permeates everything. from the legal field to pretty much you know any sort of any sort of academic or professional field. stanford says it has opened an investigation into the news and sudan and that mental health services and support will be available to anyone who needs it. lamonica peters, ktvu, fox two news, public schools or protesting today ahead of effect finding hearing on contract negotiations. these teachers protesters outside prompt summit prep school in redwood city. they are also so much schools in six other bay area locations to the union representing the teachers say they are protesting the charter school networks, high teacher turnover and a lack
12:46 pm
of support for students. we were recognized as a union in 2019. and so pretty soon after we went into negotiations, pandemic hits, so many of these bargaining sessions have happened virtually and so this is our first in person hearing. and so this fact finding hearing is the last step before teachers can legally go on strike. someone public schools released a statement in response to the teacher protests saying, in part quote through our 170 hours of listening, bargaining, admitted mediation. we have made great progress towards a contract that will raise teacher pay support teacher retention and establish a fear and comprehensive teacher evaluation system. there's more snow in the sierra, and it's expected to continue on and off through tomorrow evening, katherine's reminding all drivers heading up to lake tahoe arino. they should bring chains with them and be ready to put them on. the chp has been enforcing chain requirements. as the weather changes. it's saturday, officers say that will be the case until the snow lets
12:47 pm
up likely late tomorrow night. can you believe it? let's check in with our meteorologist rosemary oroczo. this feels so atypical rosemary, but we've had this before. yes so it's spring after all, you know, spring showers that you know, we see this. like you said every year it's just it seems so late, especially since we had such a dry winter. and now here we are in dwell into spring and these storms continue to bring us just a little bit of rain fall and a little bit of snow outside our doors at this time, a look there over mount diablo, where those clouds there, indicating unstable weather and scattered showers a possibility, especially for our higher elevations today. and for areas to the east, and i'll show you that here in just a moment. john tracker to having a having a good indication of what's going on in this way, as well as the snow in the sierra. you may notice those lightning strikes caught me off guard moment ago and that is on the east side of the napa valley area. let me move in a little bit closer.
12:48 pm
vacaville fairfield area, so we've got some thunderstorm activity and those lightning strikes right in there indicated we could also have a little bit of hail falling yesterday, santa rosa firefighters reported some in the santa rosa area. now we have some to the east of us, and this is primarily where it is going to favor for today on the east side. of the bay area, including areas like antioch. brentwood may see those thunderstorms developing into the afternoon. it is fairly quiet out there. we do have a lot of sunshine, but again continuing to watch this active weather here was quite active in the last half hour and continues at this time and then into the sierra, where we are talking about the snow that will continue to fall here right now. it looks like the snow level ride around 5000 ft right around blue canyon. into what we can expect for the rest of today, as well as rainfall amounts with this type of pattern. it's really hard to tell exactly where the rain is going to fall, but it does favor are higher elevations, and it favors areas to the north and to the east, and that's where you see the green there. so that's will last
12:49 pm
until the evening hours. this model also shows you kind of the same pattern where we are just on the eastern edge there of the bay area for today and then the snow continuing for this year, it will begin to wind down tonight and at least for the bay area. we do expect to be dry tomorrow and temperatures will begin to rebound. in addition to the possibility that whether it's been really breezy and windy in around the bay area that will continue for today. right now. 17 mph reported. sfl in the winds could pick up into the afternoon 54 degrees right now. san francisco 59 in napa 57 in livermore. temperatures well below average, and we're not going to see much change between now and the end of the day may warm just a degree or two. if you're going to see the giants play a little bit later today, it is going to be a blustery 54 degrees with the west wind about 20 mph. under partly cloudy skies and temperatures will continue to fall just slightly as we get into the back end of the game. upper 50, or i should say, upper forties to low fifties expected for san
12:50 pm
francisco. your extended forecast here so into tomorrow we begin to see a switch in the weather pattern. temperatures will come up by a few degrees and then a tad warmer on thursday, take a look at friday. that was huge leap when it comes to our temperatures inland 80 degrees the afternoon high on friday seventies around the bay into saturday, right now looks to be the warmest day. low eighties in the forecast for inland communities upper seventies for our basic communities upper sixties at the coast and that will cool it off a little bit for the back end of the weekend on sunday, back to you. thank you to state lawmakers are calling for the president sonoma state university to step down. it comes the same day, faculty members voted no confidence for judy sakaki over allegations that she retaliated against an employee who reported sexual harassment against her trained husband. about one third of the faculty participated in that no confidence vote, which past democratic state senators bill dodd, who represents the district that includes the school, and mike mcguire, sonoma state alumni are both calling
12:51 pm
for the president to leave her job. still to come at noon. what could be a game changer for people suffering from parkinson's disease? the e
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get fast, reliable internet for any budget. act now to get xfinity internet for a great low price. or visit to see if you qualify
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for the affordable connectivity program. qualifying customers can get free high-speed internet for more streaming, chatting, and gaming on all your devices. ready for more value? add xfinity mobile for as little as $15 a month. go to, call 1-800-xfinity, or visit a store today.
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mixed after an awful lot of up and down here, the dow jones is just below sea level, losing about one quarter of 1% snp is up by about that much nasdaq is going to finish on the plus side by a full percentage point. tesla is recalling nearly 130,000 vehicles across the united states because their touchscreens could overheat and go blank. the recall covers certain models s sedans and middle model x suvs from 2021 22. as well as model three cars and model. why suvs from 2022 documents from the national highway traffic safety administration say during the fast charging process, the central processing computers may not call sufficiently and that can cause the computer to lag or restart, making that center
12:55 pm
screen runs slowly or appear blank. without the center screen. the cars can lose important settings and can increase the risk of a crash. well, it could be a game changer for people suffering from parkinson's disease. stanford doctors are testing a new treatment that may have the ability to slow or even reverse some symptoms. as ktvu s and rubin reports, a pair of vibrating gloves seems to help not only with tremors but with speech walking and even balance. joan flak is determined to fight parkinson's with everything she's got. 10 years have been tough, you know that it's a challenge, and you have to be a fighter. and now thanks to stanford medicine shall have a new weapon in her arsenal. these vibrating gloves. yes gloves are supposed to counteract many of the worst symptoms of parkinson's tremors. what balance skate all these smell and taste. we don't have that we don't smell anything in parkinson's. this is supposed to bring all that back to our brains. so yeah, it's a game changer. for sure. dr. peter
12:56 pm
test has been developing the gloves for decades. this is how they work. they vibrate in a specific pattern, essentially tricking the brain into forgetting it's abnormal patterns. the advantage of the glove is that these pathways, the sensory pathways big bring the signals the stimulating signals exactly to the areas and neurons we want to be stimulated and unlike the current treatment of drugs and brain surgery, the gloves are noninvasive. so far, stanford study of them has seen amazing success. take, for example, this patient who had trouble walking without a cane after six months with the glove, he was not only able to walk normally, but he ran his first marathon. another patient went from issues with his gate. two incredible feats at the gym. i think it's just the start. just the beginning. you can do a lot of very, very mild type of intervention and you do not need to treat invasively joan flak is
12:57 pm
hopeful the gloves will help her to she's enrolled in a new clinical trial to test them. oh my gosh. am i ever i am convinced it's gonna work. the hope is that the effects of the vibrations are lasting. even after the gloves come off by doing this exercise and weaning off the gloves supposed to just make the change for the rest of my life. that's just a miracle. that is literally a miracle in front of me. and pretty excited about it. the clinical trials about to get underway, but they are still enrolling a few more patients. the study is expected to last about 14 months, and they will be seeking fda approval after that. in palo alto and ruben ktvu, fox two news finds most californians state tuition at uc and state schools is becoming more out of reach. a poll was commissioned, but in part by the times, it finds 60% of california say they think you see schools are largely or completely unaffordable. 55% said the same
12:58 pm
about csu schools. californians are also about evenly divided on whether they think a four year degree is valuable in response to u. c system said it believes you see degree is still the most valuable investment option available to californians. caltrain is delaying several planned fare hikes in hopes of getting more people to ride. the board of directors voted to delay a pair of 5% increases that were set to go into effect in 2023 25. those will not be pushed back a year. to either increases for this summer and the summer of 2024 will also be pushed back by one year as well. today is the final day of a year long cleanup effort around lake tahoe. divers have been picking up trash along the entire 72 miles shoreline of that lake and a quarter of a mile underwater. so far, they've pulled out more than 21,000 pieces of trash weighing a total of nine tons. organizers say the clean up the late campaign is designed to maintain the lakes reputation as one of the clearest in the world. legendary nfl quarterback tom brady has already made plans. once his days on the
12:59 pm
playing field are finally over. fox has announced. the cemetery native has signed a multi year deal to work as its lead football analyst. once he retires, brady would be the likely replacement for announcers joe buck and troy aikman, who left fox sports to step into the monday night football broadcasting booth at espn. 44 year old. brady recently decided he will play at least one more season for the tampa bay buccaneers. cherry picking season is earlier than usual this year in brentwood, and normally begins about a week from now, but most cherry farms in brentwood opened at the end of april due to the mostly warm and dry weather this spring. customers can pick the cherries they want to buy and the farms in brentwood say fresh cherries will only be available for the next few more weeks. so you better get your cherry picking on that is one of my favorite things to do every year, maybe eat about as many as we pick and end up in the bucket, but it's just a day long. i mean, get there early because parking is a mess, but it's one of my favorite bay area traditions
1:00 pm
tastes so good to cherry pie. cherry jam cherry cobbler. you put it all together, and this is for cherry. oh, that sounds good. bring some in the next time you make it love it love to thank you for joining us. we get >> ready for some good dish. >> spring is in full swing and we are here for it. >> tips to make the most of the great weather and still get dinner on the table. >> cooking a chicken this way is incredibly easy. >> how about a perfect butterfly roast chicken with vegetables? turn it... beautiful. >> wow. gorgeous. oh, look at the juices. oh, that smells so good. and how to brew your own barista worthy coffee right in your own kitchen. it is pure joy. that's next. the kitchen has always been the center of my world. because life is more delicious when it is full of food and fun. everybody knows me as a culinary expert and food judge on television. but also, i am a mom trying to get dinner on the table.


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