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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  April 26, 2022 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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news on ktvu. fox two starts now. doctors say the findings show just how contagious recent covid strains have been. hello again, everyone i'm heather holmes julie julie haener. the findings can the same day that visor asked the fda to authorize its booster shot. for some children. ktvu is jana katsuyama joins us now live from the newsroom with more on covid impact on children. janna julian heather, the cdc researchers said that they did expect some increase, but they didn't expect this much. and they say that this rise in cases among children coincides with the spread of the omicron b two variants. as a february more than half of americans now have been infected by the covid-19 virus. that's according to a new study released tuesday by researchers with the centers for disease control and prevention. the researchers analyzed blood samples from more than 200,000 americans, and what was concerning is three out of every
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four children. 17 years and younger showed they had been infected with a big jump in cases during the winter months as the milder but highly infectious omicron variant was spreading. the numbers went from around 40% to 75% for kids. so an awful lot of people got infected during december and january and in parts of february infectious disease expert dr john schwartzberg of uc berkeley says the study shows just how efficiently the coronavirus can be transmitted. this virus just burns through a population. some parents say they're not surprised even before covid you don't daycare or schools. they got sick often, so it does not sound surprising that there there they're catching it from each other. the cdc study results come as fighter asked the fda tuesday to authorize a covid vaccine booster dose for healthy children ages 5 to 11 6 months after their last shot. dr schwartzberg says fighters data needs to be reviewed. but if it's deemed safe, a booster
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could be an important tool to help protect children. doctor schwartzberg says scientists still don't know covid's long term effects and previous covid infection does not protect against future illness. we've learned that unlike measles, if you've got measles once you're never going to get it again. but if you get covid once our immunity to covid, whether it's an infection or whether it's the vaccine, it does wayne cdc researchers say many of the covid cases maybe going unreported, with new data indicating that as many as three cases could be happening for every one reported case and bottom line. they say it's very important for people to get the vaccines and get booster shots. jana katsuyama reporting live tonight for us in the newsroom. janet. thank you. vice president kamala harris is now tested positive for covid. the white house made that announcement today, saying so far she is not showing any symptoms. harris is isolating and working remotely.
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her press secretary says neither president biden nor first lady jill biden were considered close contacts of harris in recent days. harris did spend part of last week here on the west coast, where she appeared at an event in san francisco. a new study found. california was among a half dozen states that saw an increase in adolescent suicides. during the first year of the pandemic. other states that saw increases include georgia, indiana, new jersey, oklahoma and virginia. montana saw a decrease in adolescent suicide during that time. researchers say the findings highlight the need to address the consequences of the pandemic , especially for adolescent well being. the study appears in the journal of the american medical association. new at 11 tonight. we're learning more about the u. c. berkeley student who allegedly threatened to harm people on campus. the threats forced a lockdown on campus for several hours last thursday. the alameda county district attorney has now charged lamar bercy with
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felony criminal threats, allegedly emailed staff saying quote two people on this email will get shot. the student was taken in for a psychiatric evaluation. now to san jose were three people are under arrest tonight in connection with the abduction of that three month old baby yesterday. museum. burly has relief from the neighborhood. and the latest on the investigation into exactly what happened. police say brendan queer is back with his mother's safe and sound following a kidnapping ordeal that started monday afternoon. he was taken from his family's apartment while his grandmother was unloading groceries from her car. now relief for his family and neighbors. hours so happy i was excited because kids it's not their fault. blanca aguilar spoke with me in spanish with her granddaughter translating. they live just steps from the apartment where the baby was taken, tells me she was home at the time of the kidnapping. grandmother of the little baby
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was screaming. i ran outside to see what was happening and the grandmother was saying, can you help me? help me, please? i want to find my baby early tuesday morning, the california highway patrol shared a photo of this gray nissan van as a possible suspect getaway vehicle. it also provided the license plates and a description of a white circular sticker in the back window features that a woman who works for kenyan springs post acute facility not far from where the baby was taken, saw on a van parked outside, according to coworkers, so she went and looked inside the vehicle. and saul car seat in there, at which time she felt red flags are going off, and she called san jose police department and within seconds, san jose pd showed up. my coworker in our eyes is a hero. police arrested the man seen on this surveillance video taking the baby along with a woman who was with the baby's grandmother and a third person. but police have declined to release their identities. there is some
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connection to the family, but we don't know exactly what that connection is, and that's something that will be determined during the course of the investigation back at the apartment complex where the baby was taken, neighbors say they were unsettled by the police and fbi searching their apartments after midnight. kind of nervous color. i've never talked to the fbi or the police. i was panicking a lot. a source tells me the d a s office is expected to decide wednesday on the charges the three suspects will face and that they could be arraigned in the afternoon. in san jose amberleigh ktvu, fox two news. a bill to expand services for crime victims and for people wrongly convicted of crimes move forward today in the california legislature. the california senate public safety committee unanimously approved the bill authored by the east bay's nancy skinner. the legislation would increase the amount they can receive from the california victim compensation board and improve access to funds, according to a 2019
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survey of crime survivors. less than one in five california received financial help counseling or medical assistance. hundreds of crime victims from across california march through the streets of sacramento and gathered on the steps of the capitol today, they demanded the state leaders pass a budget containing significant investments in programs. aimed at preventing crime called on lawmakers to expand access to services for victims as well. the action cap, the ninth annual survivors speak california conference. the state's largest gathering of crime victims, a bill that would help tackle the problem of catalytic converter thefts passed its first california assembly committee today. the bill would require that all new cars sold have a number etched into the catalytic converter. the california new car dealers association said that could increase costs or damage converters. they also said it could take 3 to 4 hours to etch the converter. yet the committee chair pointed out that the thieves can get it off the car in four minutes. the bill still has to pass the assembly
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and then the senate. the san francisco board of supervisors tonight approved a proposal to keep jfk drive car free. the board spent all day today listening to hours and hours of public comment on the issue before taking that vote late tonight. the proposal passed 7 to 4, the mile and a half stretch of roadway through golden gate park was closed to traffic at the start of the pandemic. the ordinance also green lights dozens of improvements to make the park easier to access for seniors. and the disabled. san francisco mayor london breed reacted to tonight's vote, saying quote today is a historic day. the board just voted to make jfk drive permanently car free and essential space for our residents and families. that is now a long term benefit to this city. and state senator scott wiener expressed his support for the vote, saying quote as a longtime supporter of the car free jfk, i'm ecstatic. the board of supervisors approved this visionary project for our city. we must work to make our
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streets safer and more sustainable. today's approval of a car free jfk is a huge win in that effort. coming up an effort to increase diversity at university of california schools , the students that could be eligible for free tuition, and it's been eight months since san francisco stern grove flooded in a water main break coming up. why the fix will be
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unim is making efforts to enroll more native american students you see, will fully cover in state tuition fees for california residents who are members of federally recognized native american, american, indian and alaska native tribes starting this fall. that's, according to a recent letter from uc president michael drake. two chancellors, drake said the u. c native american opportunity plan will make the you see more accessible and affordable to california's native american undergraduate and graduate students. oakland city schools are bracing for one day strike coming up on friday as teachers plan to take to the picket lines. it all stems from the district's plan to close or merge 11 schools to help ease a big budget shortfall. ktvu zach sauce has the latest we have authorized a one day you lp unfair labor practice strike. keith brown, head of the oakland teachers union, making it clear tuesday school administrators
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should be prepared for empty teacher desk come friday. the unions 3/4 vote in favor of the strike, sending this message to leaders at the oakland unified school district, their refusal to honor agreements and have meaningful conversation about how the school closures will impact. communities of color is unacceptable. the oakland unified school district has said not closing or merging schools would lead to a $90 million budget shortfall. tuesday. the superintendent responding to the strike plan, saying, in part quote, this action impacts our entire oh usd community, especially our students who should be in school learning the district is pursuing all legal means to prevent this action from happening. we are hoping that oh, yea will change course, but we are also putting plans in place. in case the strike occurs . it would be the latest in a series of demonstrations by oakland teachers, including protests, rallies and even a hunger strike that lasted 18
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days. i'm supporting the strike , guys, i've heard that they're trying to like close majority african american schools, and it's like that's not that's not cool. it's nice to have a day off, but like it's also, like really bad that we're closing all these schools and stuff, so i definitely support the strike. but administrators, pointing out that the potential strike comes with a cost one more potential mistake of classes after a year of on again, off again, learning a point not lost on a number of parents who say they support their teachers. but as one mother put it, i find that just another day of missing school when the kids have already missed so much is it really helpful to our students in the district, telling all families not to bring their kids to school on friday, adding that athletic contest for the day or either being rescheduled or canceled altogether in oakland, zach's ktvu, fox two news governor newsom visited san francisco today to celebrate a milestone for the city's kindergarten to college program . the governor said the program has now reached $11 million in savings for san francisco's
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public school students. governor newsom founded the program when he was mayor of san francisco. it was the first publicly funded universal child savings account program in the country. i'm incredibly proud of this city close to 50,000 of these accounts. the $11 million is great, but 50,000 opportunities to create a different pathway. the children with governor newsom and mayor breed today made deposits into their college savings accounts. the governor has expanded san francisco's concept statewide with cal kids . it's a $1.9 billion investment to set up 3.5 million college savings accounts. for california public school students shares an online trading platform. robin hood plummeted today after announcing a round of layoffs. the company says it will cut 9% of its workforce. the ceo says the layoffs are largely due to what he called hyper growth over the past few years, and during that time robin hood increased its step from just 738 100
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employees. after the announcement, stock in robin hood felt $10 a share the lowest price since the company went public last summer. we're still on course to have the driest january through june on record in 2022, the drought it rages on coming up tonight's vote from an east bay water district to cut back on water usage. and breezy conditions to continue for the next couple of days might even see a wounded vise ary here. i'll have the forecast and the five day coming up also ahead a new real estate realm, the home that's not only being offered for sale in southern california
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dats ktvu is, tom baker explains, more than one million customers will be required to cut their
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water use. the east bay municipal utilities district has spent many years encouraging water conservation and spent a whole lot of money contracting for additional supplies. we're still on course to have the driest january through june on record in 2022. this is a chart. you're familiar with the drought management program guys in the east bay mud board, but tuesday afternoon to consider drought related measures. needed to maintain adequate supplies. they were in an advantage because they've secured more extra or supplemental water supplies than many other agencies. not only is 2022 looking this way, but the expectation based on what's happening around the state. is that 2023 will also see very limited supplemental supply, even though east bay muds reservoirs are at 71% capacity, they're not expected to fully refill after the spring snowpack melts so the board adopted measures elevating the drought
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response to stage two that includes only a 10% mandatory reduction in water use tightening outdoor water use prohibitions. reinstating excessive use penalties and imposing a drought surcharge on all customers to pay for both supplemental water supplies and costs of the drought emergency itself. the surcharge increase is projected to be a maximum of 10 cents per day, or $6 for each two month billing cycle until the end of the drought. outdoor restrictions reduce watering 23 days a week. no runoff allowed no watering between nine and six pm and no street or sidewalk washing summer is the best window to reduce demand. so taking an action now provides the best opportunity to reduce demand during the irrigation season. east bay mud customers, residential business and industrials do not respond meaningfully or the drought worsens than more in the way of
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surcharges and penalties could arise. tom baker, ktvu fox two news. alrighty we had a nice day. today. temperatures a little bit cooler, more wind. we're going to see wind again tonight and tomorrow and thursday and friday a little bit the wind conditions right now pretty pretty gusty out of the airport temperatures today suffered accordingly a couple of degrees cooler. temperatures tomorrow will be about the same maybe a little bit cooler than these. so those were the recorded highs from today, but it's breezy makes it tough for the coastal fog to form so we're not really looking at a lot of coastal fog, if any, but as he's lows, kind of keep tracking to the north, which is the very definition of spring. they go to the north of us these lows in the highest jump in and create this pressure, gradient this wind and so this time of year very typical to see wind and we in fact, are seeing it now, and it's even it's still pretty windy for this time of night, right? usually get a diurnal thing where you get you know, the hot valley. cold coast and
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that equals out some point in the night winds calm down, but this is a whole different deal. this is more of a driven wind dynamic win, and so we're seeing because sustained winds in fairfield. up to 20. pardon me 20 miles an hour. 26 or 28, mile an hours on the gusts at sfo, so pretty breezy tomorrow will be very similar. like i say, next next 36 48 hours. we're going to see some pretty breezy conditions, not wind advisories. we might see one up high. but more just breezy and gusty at times. cooler tonight because of that. there are the systems kind of a parade of systems like i mentioned the other day. we're getting plenty of surf, and that's because there are still weather systems up there and those weather systems not getting to our latitude. but still active and producing waves and moving to the north of us and all we get is the wind from the pressure gradient. so these are the forecast highs for tomorrow, about the same maybe a little cooler. and in the five day forecast, it is not too bad. i wish we had something to talk about. maybe early next week is the hope we're getting to the
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point that heather and julie were rain is sort of a kind of, you know, pipe dream at this point when you get into spring like this, but maybe we can get maybe. all right. thanks so much bill appreciate it. in san francisco, the cost of restoring stern grove after last summer's flooding. has now risen from 4 to $20 million last august, a water main broke, sending 700,000 gallons of water into the park and damaging much of the area of the san francisco board of supervisors approved four million to pay for the cleanup and repairs. well now city staff say that they have uncovered even more damage, increasing the price for repairs to $20 million. there should be something for all musical tastes at the alameda county fair this year, the fair has unveiled the lineup for its concert series, and there are some local legends on tap this year, including oakland native sheila e. and alejo zone function. blue oyster cold play. walker and neon trees are also scheduled to play. the fair is back to its usual summer time schedule. starting june 17th. it was delayed until the
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fall last year because of the pandemic. i knew at 11 tonight a multimillion dollar home for sale in beverly hills comes of course, with a swimming pool, five bedrooms and a guest cottage. but this $9.4 million spanish style estate also comes with the option to have your own private metaverse of the luxury mansion. that's right. the realtor says that for $400,000, the buyer will also have the right to buy a completed three d house in the virtual world is an investment that realtors say will grow over time. in the last year alone, for billion dollars invested in the metaverse, so it's not a little thing. it's not going away. facebook changed their name to metta. this is happening and it's real and i see the potential with it. um if you're interested, check out that listing 67 north ardent drive in beverly hills. i prefer the real world $400,000 for a three d version. i don't know. alright coming up game. one of
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the battle for the bay is a blowout. joe fonzi is up next to show us the two key hits that did in the eighties tonight in san francisco. yeah
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under district attorney gascón, i prosecuted car break-ins. all repeat offenders, often in organized crime rings. but when chesa boudin took office, he dissolved the unit and stopped me from collaborating with the police on my cases. now home and car break-ins are on the rise because repeat offenders know they can get away with it. chesa boudin is failing to do his job. there's a better way to keep san francisco safe. recall chesa boudin now.
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andf year in the bay area when you only have to go across the bridge if you want to see your baseball team and a visiting stadium 32,000 plus in san francisco for this year's first edition of the bay bridge series , the giants took a 2 to 1 lead to the third inning. they've got a couple of runners aboard for wilmer flores. floors drives adult jeffries pitch over the left field fence. that's a three run homer on a four rbi night for floors. it was 5 to 1 giants scholars were don't has been as advertised in all of his start so far. tony kemp. can't hold
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the trigger strikeouts just one run in six innings for redon giants padded the lead in the seventh. austin slater goes opposite way of oakland, jacob lemoine that ball will hit the roof of the arcade. that's a three run shot. they did review the play and you'll see that the ball clearly hits the roof. the giants went 8 to 13 and five now sport the best record in baseball. gabe kapler on his starting pitcher who's now three and oh, carlos at the tone came out throwing strikes and even when the a's, which they did all the way through the game, put really good high quality of bats on them. from a crisp standpoint, he was he was crisp right out the gates and um, we had some big at bats, and i think we played a good all around baseball game. sharks fans will have to wait until next season with hopefully improved team to see their next game in san jose, the sharks wrapping up the home schedule and down 321 tonight to the ducks in the second period. it's
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pretty cool, watch the puck sale and slow motion into the anaheim net. jacob bangles shot deflected in by scott ready 322 game, but that's as close as the sharks got third period. the ducks put on the pressure. it's josh mahara with the goal. the ducks had an empty netter for five to win two more games for the sharks thursday in edmonton and friday in seattle. we're the team with the best regular season record in the nba has looked like it might be in trouble, but the phoenix suns came out swinging tonight. devin booker, still out with an injured hamstring as the sun and pelicans were tied two games each in the third quarter, kim johnson drove the lane. pretty pass to a cutting mchale bridges . the sun's up by 17 bridges had a 31 point game. well, that was an assist for johnson. he'll take it to the hoop himself. this time his sons take care of business. 1 12 97. they take a 32 lead in that series, and they can close it out thursday. in new orleans. check this out time on a tuesday night. memphis the second seed in the west, has had
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its handful of minnesota roses are happy to have john marin, who made an all time dunk tonight on the timberwolves. malik beasley, 30. there was this came from behind for 1 11 1 of nine when that is flying, isn't it for 3 to 2 lead in the series? and san diego at cincinnati. we've seen this before the stands. are you going to do in the stands? well, you don't usually see a man holding a baby, making a one hand catch with the baby, not missing a beat. take a look at he's got the bottle going there. and he says, you know, take care of business there, dad, because i'm not going to stop the bottle and he has a lifetime story. could i tell you about the time at the baseball game feeding you and i caught the ball with one hand? here it is. that's some skills. i mean, not only was he holding the baby, i mean, he was holding the bottom. it was feeding the baby. that's that's impressive actions. yeah kids play extra bonus there. thanks chow will do
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it for us. everybody thanks so much for watching. have a great night. we'll see you back here tomorrow at 10. everybody tomorrow at 10. everybody goodnight. how you doing? phil dunphy. what do i have to do to get you to ask, "what do i have to do to get you into this car today?" well, why don't we start with a test-drive? i'll get the keys. sounds good. right where i want him. come here. come look at this. this thing warns you if you deviate from your lane. in my car, that's my wife. "andre, if you try to kill me, i swear i will kill you!" well, i guess this is what i'll be driving for the next 39 months. this is my dna talking, but you do not seem sufficiently excited about the prospect of driving a new cadillac. no, it's great. i've just leased the same thing forever. part of me wants to shake things up. i don't know. get something like... like that.


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