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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  April 26, 2022 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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note month old baby is back home with his mom tonight after an all night kidnapping ordeal in san jose that left a neighborhood on edge. happy for them that they got the baby back. i didn't know and where they're going to buy them. i didn't know if they took them far. there are still many
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unanswered questions tonight after a kidnapped baby is found unharmed in san jose. good evening. i'm julie julie haener heather holmes. three people are in custody, and police say they believe the family may know the suspects. live coverage now from ktvu is amberleigh. she's in the neighborhood where the family lives in amber. people who live nearby are certainly relieved. relieved and happy, but neighbors tell me what happened here was also traumatic for them. police say brendan queer is back with his mother's safe and sound following a kidnapping ordeal that started monday afternoon. he was taken from his family's apartment while his grandmother was unloading groceries from her car. now relief for his family and neighbors. hours so happy i was excited because the kids, it's not their fault. blanca aguilar spoke with me in spanish with her granddaughter translating. they live just steps from the apartment where the baby was
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taken. they say they attend the same church as the baby and his family. angular tells me she was home at the time of the kidnapping. grandmother of the little baby was screaming. i ran doubt try to see what was happening and the grandmother was saying, can you help me? help me, please? i want to find my baby early tuesday morning, the california highway patrol shared a photo of this gray nissan van. as a possible suspect. get away vehicle. it also provided the license plates and a description of a white circular sticker in the back window features that a woman who works for kenyan springs post acute facility not far from where the baby was taken, saw on a van parked outside, according to coworkers, so she went and looked inside the vehicle. and saul car seat in there, at which time she felt red flags are going off, and she called san jose police department and within seconds, san jose pd showed up. my coworker in our eyes is a hero. police arrested the man seen on this
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surveillance video taking the baby along with a woman who was with the baby's grandmother and a third person. but police have declined to release their identities. there is some connection to the family, but we don't know exactly what that connection is, and that's something that will be determined during the course of the investigation back at the apartment complex where the baby was taken, neighbors say they were unsettled by the police and fbi searching their apartments after midnight. kind of nervous color. i've never talked to the fbi or the police. and i just had. i was panicking a lot grateful their baby brandon is safe. happy for them that they got the baby back. a source tells me that d a s office is expected to decide tomorrow on the charges the three suspects will face and that they could be arraigned in the afternoon. heather holmes live for us tonight. there in san jose. amber. thank you for more now on
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possible motives in this abduction. we spoke earlier today with mark class. he is founder of the class kids foundation. we've seen various very young children being kidnapped in the past, maybe four or five times in the last several years in in the san francisco bay area, but it's usually in in the midst of a car jacking now when somebody steals a brand new baby like this, it's usually because they're desperate to raise a child on their own. the class kids foundation started after mark classes. daughter parley poly class was kidnapped and murdered in 1993, our coverage of the kidnapping and ongoing investigation in san jose continues online. just visit ktvu .com. for the latest developments, the rate of new covid infections has doubled in a month in the bay area. the chronicle reports that cases are nearly 20 per 100,000 in the bay area that is up 110% from last month. according to data from
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the state, but it remains far below the january peak when cases were more than 250 per 100,000. health officials say hospitalizations and deaths are still declining due to widely available vaccines and treatments. well three bay area counties have the lowest death rates in the us among counties with populations over one million. they are alameda, contra costa and santa clara contra costa county health director anna ross said the county is launching a path to zero initiative. meant to stop all preventable covid deaths. it will encourage people to stay up to date on vaccinations and get treatment if they get infected as many as three and four children in the united states have had a covid infection. according to some new research done by the centers for disease control, and it is a figure that surprised even researchers. ktvu jana katsuyama joins us now live with details on this new data and what it suggests janna about the omicron b two variant. heather this was really interesting data. basically, they were looking at blood
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samples to see if they could find an antibody. that is specific just to a covid infection, and they did find it was very widespread, and it's an indicator, they say of just how virulent that omicron variant is. as of february, more than half of americans now have been infected by the covid-19 virus. that's according to a new study released tuesday by researchers with the centers for disease control and prevention. the researchers analyzed blood samples from more than 200,000 americans, and what was concerning is three out of every four children. 17 years and younger showed they had been infected with a big jump in cases during the winter months as the milder but highly infectious omicron variant was spreading. the numbers went from around 40% to 75% for kids. so an awful lot of people got infected during december and january and in parts of february infectious disease expert dr john schwartzberg of uc berkeley
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says the study shows just how efficiently the coronavirus can be transmitted. this virus just burns through a population. some parents say they're not surprised even before covid you know, daycare or schools. they got sick often, so it does not sound surprising that there there they're catching it from each other. this alameda family says both of their kids have had the covid vaccine and haven't been sick. but other children at school have tested positive. the last four months has been pretty much wanted to children that have had parked with covid this month was four. the cdc study results come as fighter asked the fda tuesday to authorize a covid vaccine booster dose for healthy children ages. 5 to 11 6 months after their last shot. dr schwartzberg says fighters data needs to be reviewed. but if it's deemed safe, a booster could be an important tool to help protect children. doctor schwartzberg says scientists still don't know covid's long term effects and previous covid
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infection does not protect against future illness. we've learned that unlike measles, if you've got measles once you're never going to get it again. but if you get covid once our immunity to covid, whether it's an infection or whether it's the vaccine, it does wayne cdc officials say that they suspect that many covid cases are going unreported, and recent data indicates that it could be as high as three infections for everyone reported case. that's why they are really emphasizing the importance of getting vaccinations and booster shots. yes significant numbers indeed. alright janet. thank you. and it was ucsf's study found that bay area residents of asian descent had the worst covid outcomes of any ethnic group. researchers looked at 130,000 people who underwent covid testing before the vaccines were available, and they found the asian population in the bay area had the highest covid hospitalization and death rates. the report says. those poor outcomes came regardless of
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socio economic, economic status or age. your rate of hospitalization was twice that if you're asian compared to if you are white, and that was regardless of whether you were younger or older. the study's authors say the findings highlight underlying longstanding health equity issues that continue to affect communities of color and vulnerable populations after more than 11 hours of public comment, debate and discussion, the san francisco board of supervisors tonight voted to make part of jfk drive in golden gate park. car free. that proposal passed in a 7 to 4 vote less than an hour ago. ktvu is andre senior tells us the move comes with a lot of opposition and support from city residents. i'm a dad in the outer sunset. i rely on the car free route through golden gate park to get my kid to his doctor's appointment to get him to get myself just to work, etcetera. francisco board of supervisors hearing from the public tuesday
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, many urging them to keep 1.5 portion of jfk drive. in golden gate park car free for good. thank you for the vote that you're all about to make in favor of the mayor's plan, which, still in my day is permanently protecting pedestrians without the threat of prior to that meeting outside city hall, a rally from supporters of a car free jfk. we are here today to make sure that our voices heard loud and clear opposition just as strong among them the young museum, saying, quote it negatively impacts significant group of our local community, including people with disabilities, those with 88 placards. the elderly families with infants and young children and others end quote and not all members of the community were on board, either. one public comment are signing a recent trip to one of the park's attractions. and when i went to the d young, it was extremely hard. for me to get there for me to park blocks and blocks away. supervisors opposed the proposal , questioning the equity of such
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a move on walton, previously calling the proposal recreational redlining, saying it excludes people without reliable transportation from areas such as the bayview. visitation valley. the mission excelsior neighborhoods sticking to his opposition on the day of the vote to close down portions of the park. says to a certain geography says to a certain class of people says to a certain race of people here in san francisco. that you weren't welcome before and you're still not welcome summary of our findings, city funded equity study found that there would be a loss of parking, especially those who are seniors and those with financial hardships, one public comment or forecasting possible fallout for the city. if you do vote yes, on this proposal, you should expect a lot of ada lawsuits. as the permanent car free jfk drive prevents disabled and older residents from accessing golden gate park andre senior, ktvu fox two news. a massive increase in
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demand at one bay area food bank this month alone, 30,000 more meals served every day coming up at 10 30, how inflation may be part of the spine. breezy and cooler today. what changes for tomorrow and the rest of the week. i'll have the forecast coming up ahead tonight. oakland teachers prepared to strike this week coming up the concerns from parents who say their kids have already missed too much school. i find that just another day of missing school when the kids have (music throughout)
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cisa ski resort in tahoe. it happened on saturday afternoon at palisades. tahoe officials with the ski resorts say they found the victim unresponsive off a closed trail. he was taken to the hospital where he died. the nevada county sheriff's office has identified the man as 25 year old kyle moffett of san francisco. the cause of death is under investigation, the palisades says. he was not wearing a helmet, and it appears he fell and hit his head. oakland city schools are bracing now for a one day strike on friday as teachers plan to take to the picket lines. it all stems from the district's plan to close or merge 11 schools to help ease a budget shortfall ktvu zach sauce joins us now live with what this all means for parents and students, zack
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well so far, the district is assuming that this strike will go on ahead as planned, telling families in an email today not to send their kids to school on friday. we have off the rise a one day you lp unfair labor practice strike brown, head of the oakland teachers union, making it clear tuesday school administrators should be prepared for empty teacher desk . come friday. the unions 3/4 vote in favor of the strike, sending this message to leaders at the oakland unified school district, their refusal to honor agreements and have meaningful conversation about how the school closures will impact communities of color is unacceptable. the oakland unified school district has said not closing or merging schools would lead to a $90 million budget shortfall tuesday. the superintendent responding to the strike plan, saying, in part quote, this action impacts our entire oh usd community,
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especially our students who should be in school learning. the district is pursuing all legal means to prevent this action from happening. we are hoping that oh, yea will change course. but we are also putting plans in place in case the strike occurs district, calling the union's plans to take to the picket lines and unfair labor practice. the walkout would be the latest in a series of demonstrations by oakland teachers. including protests, rallies and even a hunger strike that lasted 18 days supporting the strike, guys, i've heard that they're trying to, like close majority african american schools, and it's like that's not that's not cool. it's nice to have a day off, but like it's also, like really bad. they were closing all these schools and stuff, so i definitely support the strike. but administrators, pointing out that the potential strike comes with a cost one more potential mistake of classes after a year of on again, off again, learning a point not lost on a number of parents who say they support their teachers, but as one mother put it, i find that just
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another day of missing school when the kids have already missed so much is it really helpful to our students? as for the vast majority of students, at least at this school there, take frustrating. but, um, i believe it's worth it. and the district again, telling all families not to send their kids to school on friday, adding that off let it contest for the day they're being rescheduled or canceled altogether. live in oakland's axa's ktvu, fox two news and we'll be watching. what happened, zack. thank you. a rally in march, took place at uc berkeley today to protest working conditions at all 10 uc campuses. the protesters are members of the u. c. student workers union. it represents more than 19,000 student workers , including teaching assistance and tutors. they say wages are low and you see policies are bad for workers. rallies also took place today at uc san francisco , u c. santa cruz and u c. davis. the uc system issued a statement saying, in part quote
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our overarching goal, which each of these negotiations is a multi year agreement that recognizes these employees, many important contributions to the u. c community with fair pay, quality health and family friendly benefits and a supportive, respectful work environment. alrighty cut a breezy out there today, especially at sfo. we had gusts today, up over 45 miles an hour and around the bay area up to 25 35 miles now, right down to sea level, so breezy and cooler was the story today. a few clouds earlier this morning cleared off and you had temperatures like these. uh good 5 to 10 degrees cooler than they were yesterday, especially in fairfield and anti och temperatures tomorrow. we're going to be a little bit warmer, but we still have breezy conditions to continue with really this next 48 hours going to continue to be breezy and windy at the higher elevations with this classic spring pattern , just taking hold in staying hole in charge. no rain in the forecast. no heat wave in the forecast either fogs having a tough time forming at the coast
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because of the wind, but the wind is dredging up the cold water. so you're getting up welding. remember that from geography class up holdings when the surface winds blow the top warmer layer away, and the cold water actually rises, creates a circulation. it's where the fishing is so good off our coast . right? you have a lot of nutrients come up with that cold water, but it's also the reason we have such prolific fog in the spring and summer months so that colder water temperatures colder water temperatures kind of a feedback loop. with these onshore winds, and that's what we're saying right now, and that's what we'll see. the next couple of days succeed. surface temperature is gonna drop fog will be a feature here pretty soon temperatures right now mostly in the fifties, the winds not as gusty as they had been, but still sfo doing 30 miles an hour on the gust. 23 sustained so pretty breezy outside. really nice day tomorrow. this whole week looks pretty darn good, but it's very spring like it's not gonna be warm. i'll see you back here a little bit. definitely noticed that win today. all right, bill. thank you. state regulators met today to discuss that massive explosion at a hayward power plant that
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happened last year and what to do to prevent it from happening again? chunks of heavy metal went flying into the air after a steam turbine blew apart last may at the russell city energy center. calpine owns the plant and blames the blast and fire on equipment design flaws. commissioners voted unanimously to require the plant's operator to make a number of fixes before it can restart operations. well this might be a rare events. we have to do all we can to make sure that it never happens again. i'm someone could easily easily have been killed by the flying shrapnel as the report called it. the first responders could have been hurt. and i think you are hearing from all the commissioners. recognition of how. life threatening this incident was and you know, it's not often that we on the dais are ruling on matters of life and death. state investigators say they're also looking at
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similar power plants to make sure additional safety measures are in place. santa clara county has hired its first female fire chiefs. you want a good god has served as a firefighter. paramedic battalion chief and assistant chief in her 20 year career at the department. she also makes history as the department's first asian american pacific islander and lgbt q chief. she has received praise for her leadership during major wildfires, including the ccu fire in 2020, she says in her new role she wants to increase. inclusive practices are still to come tonight. one person commits a robbery and carjacking on the same day in san francisco. the arrest police have now made plus. just back from a trip to the ukrainian capital, secretary of state antony blinken, appearing in front of congress, blanchard in washington with more on what he had to say next, and stanford is working to help ukraine here at
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lincoln was on capitol hill today, speaking to lawmakers about his recent trip to ukraine , he says there are no signs russian president vladimir putin wants to end the war through diplomacy. we get more now from fox news, lauren blanchard in washington. for all the carnage that russia's brutal invasion continues to inflict. ukraine was. and will continue to be a free and independent country. that was secretary of state. antony blinken message to senators during a hearing on capitol hill tuesday, just back from his secret trip to the ukrainian capital of kiev. we've seen no sign to date. the president putin is serious about meaningful negotiations in a meeting with the united nations secretary general. russian president vladimir putin blamed ukraine for a breakdown in negotiations. however negotiations take place they are being held in an online format. i hope this will lead us to some positive result, lincoln said.
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the u. s will continue to aid ukraine and encourage other allies to do so as well. which are in the number. we need aircraft to defend our sky, but we can do nothing with this. anyway we are happy to get anything but not all think enough is being done to stop putin's army. aaron man that the goal here is for the ukrainians. to win in congress. it's expected the white house will ask for more funding to help ukraine but its swift passage is less certain now with immigration and additional covid funding on senators plates expect both sides to work in the same bipartisan way. we did the first time to get a ukraine supplemental done. president biden's nomination for ambassador to ukraine bridget brink has officially been sent to the senate in washington. lauren blanchard, fox news the u. n estimates the number of refugees fleeing ukraine this year will be as high as 8.3 million people. that is up sharply from previous projections since russia invaded
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more than 12.7 million people have either left ukraine or relocated within the country. almost 13 million more people are estimated to be stranded or unable to leave due to security risks. before the invasion. there were more than 41 million people living in ukraine. let's stand for blood center today launched a new fundraising effort for the people in ukraine . the center says it will give $10 towards blood supplies in ukraine for every blood donation made from april 26th through may 6th. the money will go toward blood collection and transfusion equipment. the donation drive is part of a larger nationwide effort. those who want to donate with money instead of blood can do so by going to stand for blood center .org. a plan that could impact more than 40 million americans coming up how president biden says he could forgive most student loan debt also had tonight the first hearing for a controversial plan aimed at getting the mentally ill out of homelessness, what supporters and opponents said
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today. of the battle for the bay is decidedly one is decidedly one sided. joe fonzi is up later to show us the two key hits that did in the ace tonight in san francisco. and fall out from the twitter deal with elon musk. tesla shares tumbled and the company lost billions in market this is elodia. she's a recording artist. 1 of 10 million people that comcast has connected to affordable internet in the last 10 years. and this is emmanuel, a future recording artist, and one of the millions of students we're connecting throughout the next 10. through projectup, comcast is committing
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$1 billion so millions more students, past... and present, can continue to get the tools they need to build a future of unlimited possibilities. under district attorney gascón, i prosecuted car break-ins. all repeat offenders, often in organized crime rings. but when chesa boudin took office, he dissolved the unit and stopped me from collaborating with the police on my cases. now home and car break-ins
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are on the rise because repeat offenders know they can get away with it. chesa boudin is failing to do his job. there's a better way to keep san francisco safe. recall chesa boudin now. driving an increase in people going to bay area food banks. the alameda county food bank says it is serving 30,000 more meals per day this month than it did in march. the food bank says it's not just the cost of food clients are also struggling with higher costs of housing and gas. even after the drive through distribution alone. we're starting to see more people walk up to the drive through
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distribution because gas is so high and they don't want to spend, you know a gas on waiting in line. the alameda county food bank estimates it will serve £4.7 million of food by the end of this month. that's below the amount last year but much higher than in 2020 or 2019. state lawmakers heard from supporters and opponents of the care court plan in sacramento today. it's a plan from the governor aimed at overhauling the state's mental health system, our political reporter greg lee, explains their arguments. governor newsom is controversial plan to force some people in the court ordered treatment faced its first public hearing, the state senate judiciary committee took public comment for a bill that would establish care court. designed to get the severely mentally ill off the streets, offers hope and a path to a better life for thousands and thousands of californians in their families. the proposal would require every county to add an arm of the civil court focused on mental health, which could push people into treatment and housing. the
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state estimates it could help 7000 to 12,000 people. we need a different on ramp, the things that we've been trying have not been working. in totality away that is more engaging on the upfront away that invites people into the process in a way that collaboratively makes a plan. we don't believe that forced carer. works well for people with mental health disabilities, and we don't feel that there's a good evidence base to support it. proposal faces stiff opposition from homeless and disability advocates. several organizations signed a letter to the legislature, calling the plan unacceptable and raising a number of concerns, including the idea of forced care and racial disparities. let's also make sure there's not an unintended negative consequence for african african americans who are disproportionately homeless and disproportionately getting these diagnoses ahead of the hearing, newsome met with planned supporters, including some bay area mayors. during a visit to san francisco. i asked newsome to respond to opponents . he deferred to mayor london
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breed. she and i share one thing in common. we're not interested in the status quo, and i couldn't be more proud to have her support. this is not about people of color minorities, civil liberties. this is about basic human decency. and we need to be able to make the hard decisions in order to help people. the governor's office has not released a cost estimate of the plan yet previously said he wanted to sign the bill into law in july. in the newsroom. gregory ktvu, fox two news bay area lawmakers are teaming up to urge the state legislature to pass a bill to ban police from retaining or using dna from rape kits to incriminate victims for other crimes. the lawmakers gathered today in sacramento outside the state. capitol state senator scott wider, introduced this bill back in february. it came after the san francisco district attorney's office discovered that the sfpd was retaining dna collected from sexual assault survivors. it was being kept in a database and, in at least one case used to
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incriminate a rape survivor in an unrelated crime. federal law already prohibits the inclusion of victim's dna and the dna index. so it was shocking to learn that there is no corresponding california law to prohibit local law enforcement databases from retaining the dna from victims. in their local databases from retaining and for years searching it. the sfpd crime lab stopped the practice and changed its operating procedure shortly after receiving the complaint from the da's office right now that bill is in senate committee, san francisco police have arrested a man suspected in a violent robbery and carjacking on the same day, police say an 81 year old man was pushed to the ground in the area of leavenworth and eddie streets and then robbed. it happened on the morning of april 10th about 12. hours later , police say, a 71 year old woman was on mission street and
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then partially run over by the suspect. both victims are expected to be okay. 36 year old solomon tolbert was later arrested and faces multiple felony charges in brentwood. police say a convicted felon was arrested after threatening to shoot people. it happened early sunday morning at a bar on first street. investigators say the man tried to get into a fight with other people while displaying a handgun. police arrested allen green of sacramento for being a felon in possession of a firearm, exhibiting a firearm and making criminal threats of the two brothers charged in connection with that deadly gang related shooting in downtown sacramento earlier this month. appeared in court today, smiling and deandre martin are being held on weapons charges stemming from that mass shooting that killed six people and injured a dozen others. now, at this point, the brothers have not been charged with any of the murders. cameras were not allowed in court today. their attorneys told the judge that they needed police reports
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before the case could proceed. they are both being held without bail. president biden has announced he is granting the first three pardons of his term . the president is providing clemency to 86 year old abraham bolden. he is a secret service agent from the kennedy presidency who was convicted of bribery. president biden has also pardoned two people convicted on drug related charges one in texas, the other in georgia. president biden says he is considering options to forgive most, if not all, federal student loan debt president shared his plan during a meeting with members of the congressional hispanic caucus. the move could affect more than 43 million borrowers who have more than $1.6 trillion in federal student loan debt. earlier this month, the white house extended its paws on loan payments. through the end of august. coming up at 11 signs of the future. a home in southern california is not only for sale in beverly hills, but also the metaverse. and we are tracking
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that forecast. looks like it's going to be another kind of breezy day coming up. we're looking at the forecast highs in the five day in just a minute. we'll be ready for that. thanks bill, a thirst new details about elon musk's effort. to buy twitter. the agreement reached in
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12 e purchase of twitter by ceo elon musk. the electric car company's market value fell by $128 billion. investors are concerned that must may sell some of his tesla steak. to finance the twitter deal, and they're worried that must maybe less engaged in running tesla as he focuses on the social media company. well, that agreement between musk and twitter includes a $1 billion termination fee if the deal
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falls through that huge fee applies to both sides of the deal, either musk if he fails to come through with the financing or if twitter finds another buyer musk is offering $54.20 a share to take the company private. he said that his motive is not financial. but in the interest of free speech on the site. heard lots of platforms say they want to be a free speech platform. and yet that means a lot of different things. it's just not possible to have a site where they allow everything that users submit to be published. musk says that he would be reluctant to censor content or permanently banned accounts and says he plans to develop new features, defeat spam bots and authenticate all users. one of the world's biggest banks, is warning that the us is headed for a major recession. deutsche bank says in order to curb inflation, the federal reserve will have to significantly increase interest rates, which will cause the economy to shrink. but other big
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financial institutions are not so sure. goldman sachs estimates the risk of recession over the next two years is about 35% bloomberg estimates of 44% chance of a recession. on wall street today, concerns about a possible recession and the current rate of inflation since stocks plummeting, the dow dropped more than 800 points. nasdaq fell 514 and the s and s and p felt 120. analysts also point to investor worries ahead of a flurry of corporate reports due out this week, one of the nation's largest retirement plans could soon allow 41 k accounts to directly invest in bitcoin. fidelity investments will reportedly offer this option beginning later this year . the wall street journal reports employees could set aside up to 20% of their portfolio in bitcoin without having to open a crypto exchange account more than 23,000 companies use fidelity for their employees for one k a new health guidance, says most people 60 and older should not use daily
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low dose aspirin to prevent heart attacks or strokes. the announcement comes from an independent panel of experts that advises the government on health issues. new research shows, while aspirin does reduce the risk of nonfatal cardiovascular events, it also increases the risk of internal bleeding cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death here in the u. s health officials, though, say exercise , healthy eating and quitting smoking are important tools to prevent heart disease. coming up a vote on flavored tobacco in the east bay plus this case is way bigger than the city of san francisco and the parties. a massive lawsuit playing out in san francisco. the opening statements from drug companies accused of contributing to the city's opioid crisis and are mild spring weather continues. chief meteorologist bill barton is back with your five day forecast right after the break.
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ants considering whether to delay implementing new restrictions on flavored tobacco products. the ordinance was passed last month . but since then the city has heard from retailers asking for a grace period to sell out of the remainder of their stock. the american heart association is among the groups arguing there's no reason to delay the measure, saying the health risk
10:45 pm
tied to those products is too great. the grace period would also be used to educate the community about the new ordinance. rather than immediately enforce it. opening statements continue today in the san francisco trial against several opioid manufacturers and retailers. pharmaceutical companies gave their side today and it's ktvu s. evan sernoffsky tells us they say they're not responsible for the city's drug crisis. case is way bigger than the city of san francisco and the parties, all eyes in the legal world or on san francisco as one of the most important cases in the country. plays out here in federal court attorneys for drug manufacturers and pharmacy walgreens responded on tuesday to accusations that they helped fuel the city's drug crisis. the results of this case will have ripple effects far beyond just the city u. c. berkeley law professor andrew brought teaches complex litigation, he said. san francisco's case may determine
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how thousands of others shake out. the goal for these defendants is going to be try to win this case to send a signal. in the rest of the lawsuits, uh , that the claims against them are not going to be worth that much. attorney kollie james gave an impassioned defense of pharmaceutical company teva. and its subsidiaries, he said. quote my clients did not mislead doctors. my clients did not receive suspicious orders, and my clients did not cause a flood of medically inappropriate prescriptions into san francisco . one day earlier, attorneys for the city played videos like this one. it's from teva's subsidiary , cephalon celebrating the fentanyl derivative in tora with music and fireworks. the defense conceded the video and other parodies by the drug companies were in poor taste. attorneys for the defendants also argued that opioids are appropriate for certain patients. james said. quote pain is their first
10:47 pm
companion in the morning and what tucks them in at night. these are the stories that people would like you to forget. before the case even went to trial. many of the biggest defendants like purdue, pharma and endo, cut their losses and agreed to multimillion dollar settlements. so it's totally understandable that some defendants would prefer to roll the dice at trial. while others might say you know, the risks are just too great. we'd rather cut our losses and make a deal. the trial will continue on wednesday when we'll start hearing from the first witnesses , including experts, doctors and former drug company employees in the newsroom. evan sernoffsky ktvu, fox two news meantime, the number of overdoses in california prisons has dropped sharply since a new drug treatment program started. the medication assisted program was implemented in 2020. and since then, officials say the rate of overdose deaths dropped. 58%
10:48 pm
hospitalizations were also down 48% the program involves giving inmates anti craving medications while winning them off opioids. more than 22,000 inmates have received the drugs. that number is expected to grow to 25,000. already temperatures did cool a couple of degrees. today they're going to cool couple degrees tomorrow or stay about the same as what we had today. it's pretty breezy out there. these were the numbers from today highs tomorrow. like i said, maybe a degree cooler. maybe the same. it's just gonna be right. you know, kind of a wash. it will be breezy again tomorrow, especially in the afternoon overnight into the next day, and the potential for a wind advisory does exist under wednesday in in the wednesday night and thursday live camera shot. that's oakland. no fog out there no coastal fog windy enough that it's making it tough for it to stay put. this low pressure right now to the north of us is generating the wind. there's going to be another one behind that another one behind that, so that's the mechanism for the win, right? these lows
10:49 pm
come in like this. and in the high builds in here, and then you got a pressure gradient and the winds start blowing, so that's the plan and that's spring. it's exactly what you expect this time of year, so gusty winds along the coast gusty winds. in london and gusty winds up high again tomorrow. it's breezy out there now. sfo still doing 30 miles an hour, and they're sustained at 23. so that's pretty breezy. you know, for the most part, 55 fairfield with that breezy condition. you've got lots of marine air. not just in the bay area, but all the way up into the delta. they call him a delta breeze. right so the sacramento in those areas are cooling off tonight, via a lot to do with our sea breeze are aggressive seabreeze. temperatures are cooler than they were last night. at this time, that makes sense. here is the system one of them. here's one. here's why here's why these very active in the pacific, but they're all staying up here right up around the latitude, oregon and washington. so we are just going to get the byproduct of that of the symptom of that, and that's going to be a
10:50 pm
pressure gradient think it's tight and the winds start to blow spring so there is the next system. the wind for us rain for northern car far northern washington and oregon, and that's how it's going to be the next couple of days. the forecast highs tomorrow. yellows are seventies greens are sixties. so that's tomorrow. it's breezy, too, right along the coast of the great highway that a lot of wind sand blowing the whole bit and other than that, you know, i guess you hate fever sufferers or bothered a little bit, certainly with the grass ponds and the weeds coming on, and then the wind right, so forecast highs tomorrow morning. or tomorrow afternoon. pretty mild. 73 fairfield 72 nanak fairfield just you know a couple of days ago was in the eighties and so now back down to 73. these are the forecast periods right through saturday and sunday because he's saturday warms up, but it's not the heatwave by any stretch of the imagination. there's your five day forecast. no rain in this five day, maybe something next week. i'll see you back here, 11. alright thanks. bill summer reservations for camping at yosemite will begin tomorrow morning. the reservation system
10:51 pm
opens at seven o'clock for spots that will want a campground. most popular campsites typically set sell out in just a few minutes. you got to be quick. park officials warn campers not to arrive at the park without a camping reservation as same day camping reservations are not available, park officials say updates about other campgrounds will be coming soon. betty white's caramel vacation house has sold and it went for way over the asking price. white and her husband built the three story oceanfront home back in 1978. her estate listed it for $7.95 million and it sold for almost $10.8 million.03 million over asking. white's estate has also recently listed her home in the brentwood neighborhood of los angeles for $10.5 million. coming up the dunk of the year in the finish of the nba playoffs. so far, joe fonzi has the judge dropping highlights next. then on the 11 o'clock news, new details about last week's shooting threat and
10:52 pm
lockdown at uc berkeley. the charges the suspect is now facing at 11.
10:53 pm
10:54 pm
eveg tonight in sports. it's that time in the bay area when you only have to go across the bridge if you want to see your baseball team and a visiting stadium 32,000 plus in san francisco for this year's first edition of the bay bridge series. josh took a 2 to 1 lead to the third inning. they've got a couple of runners on for wilmer flores flores, dalton jeffries pitch over the left field fence. that's a three run homer on a four r b i net for flores. it was 5 to 1 giants. carlos wouldn't has been as advertised in all of his starts so far. tony kemp can't pull the trigger here. nine strikeouts just one run in six innings for
10:55 pm
reagan. giants padded the lead in the seventh, austin slater goes the opposite way off oakland, jacob lemoine that ball hits the roof of the arcade. that's a three run shot. they did review the play, and you can see that the ball clearly hits the roof. the giants win 8 to 2 at 13 and five now supports the best record in baseball game capper on his starting pitcher who's now three and oh, get some . carlos at the tone came out throwing strikes and, uh even when the a's, which they did all the way through the game, put really good high quality of bats on them. from a crisp standpoint, he was he was crisp right out the gates and um, we had some big at bats, and i think we played a good all around baseball game. the words will try again tomorrow night to wrap up their first round series with denver. they'll do so with a player who is returning to form at just the right time. thompson has one of the signature members of the warriors, who went to the nba finals five straight years. his return from two separate
10:56 pm
injuries has been well documented. but in his last seven games he's played as well as he has any time in his career. thompson averaging 30 points a game on 53% shooting overall 51% shooting from three point range expectations again high for the warriors, with the intensity growing by the game, and claire knows by now how to keep the pressure from getting to him. luckily i have a boat and fishing and being on the ocean. is a great remedy to that stuff, doing other things besides basketball, you know, reading a book going for a walk. you know, there's more life than , uh, internet and nba twitter so being able to be out here and play and be free, free minded when i play, it's ah some i don't take for granted. in memphis. people have been saying john marantz dad looks like usher picked the real usher as the grizzlies hosted minnesota. they pulled had to like this one. morant took this game over at times, including on this spectacular duncan, which post arises. malik beasley, right,
10:57 pm
went for 30 points, but the grizzlies played from behind. much of the way. gross is led by three and the timberwolves answered. anthony edwards hits the three with 3.7 seconds to play the appear to be headed over time. but moran had something to say about that. edwards goes for a steel moret hits the game winner with one second left. better to play it straight. if you were edwards, the grizzlies win 1 11 109. they go up 3 to 2 in the series that now heads back to minnesota. if the warriors beat denver, they'll play the winner of this series. sharks fans will have to wait until next season with hopefully an improved team to see their team play at home again. the sharks down 3 to 1 to the ducks tonight in the second period, and this is pretty good watch the puck sale and slow motion and into the anaheim net . jacob magna's shot deflected by scott ready, it's 3 to 2 games. but that's as close as the sharks got third period. ducks put the pressure on its josh maduro with the goal. the ducks added an empty netter for
10:58 pm
five to win two more games for the sharks thursday in edmonton friday in seattle. manchester city hosting real madrid in the first leg of the champions league semifinals man city with a two goal lead in the 55th minute vanishes, junior gets real back in the game. he takes the ball all the way in himself finds the net. it's now a 3 to 2 games. but man city answered back. alexander zinchenko is taken down outside the box. but bernardo silva collects it and hits the real madrid net. manchester goes on to win 4 to 3. two teams will meet one more time next week in madrid. check this out time and maybe the strangest walk off win. you'll ever see detroit at minnesota twins trail 4 to 3 in the ninth also know it's a drive to right. he goes off the glove of tigers right fielder robby grossmann. trevor larnaca, running from second joe ursula from first they both hold up, but you know, keeps running and they've got a traffic jam on the basis. do
10:59 pm
tigers get your erik haas on the left field? here comes the tying run. here comes the winning run. that's what you call a sloppy walk off. but 5 to 4 walk up just the same. san diego cincinnati. watch this one into the stands. you see it all the time, but you don't usually see as a man holding a baby one handed, not missing a beat on the bottom, feeding the baby watch and the baby. oh, yeah, never interrupted from baseball is secure, spilling very good catch in many ways. very good indeed. alright, good stuff. thank you. and next at 11. after going through a crime. we knew it hit an awful lot of people. we just didn't know quite how many sobering new data from the cdc showing as many as 75% of us children have been infected with the coronavirus. the 11 o'clock
11:00 pm
news on ktvu. fox two starts now. doctors say the findings show just how contagious recent covid strains have been. hello again, everyone i'm heather holmes julie julie haener. the findings can the same day that visor asked the fda to authorize its booster shot. for some children. ktvu is jana katsuyama joins us now live from the newsroom with more on covid impact on children. janna julian heather, the cdc researchers said that they did expect some increase, but they didn't expect this much. and they say that this rise in cases among children coincides with the spread of the omicron b two variants. as a february more than half of americans now have been infected by the covid-19 virus. that's according to a new study released tuesday by researchers with the centers for disease control and prevention. the researchers analyzed blood samples from more than 200,000 americans, and what was concerning is three out of


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