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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 4  FOX  January 19, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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oakland ahead of an important vote on a new a stadium at howard terminal, the hurdle the project has to pass today in order to move forward and we're following some breaking news live images coming to us after an investigation into a suspicious device at oakland's federal building. evacuations are underway right now, police sheriff's deputies, even the fbi on scene. from ktvu. fox two news. this is the fourth good afternoon and welcome to the forum. cristina rendon and i'm alex savage. we want to get right to that breaking news. we're following this afternoon. possible explosive device was found late today outside of the federal building on clay and 13th streets in oakland. map shows you where this is all unfolding. ktvu crime reporter henry lee has just arrived there at the scene and henry what can you tell us? is this situation been resolved yet? or are they close to figuring things out? well alex. we're at the corner of 11th and clay. just a block from the oakland federal
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building. take a look behind me still very much. an active seeing what we have here is beginning about 12 30. this afternoon, a man was caught on video, leaving a suspicious plastic bag inside looks to be a possible pipe bombs or right now the alameda county sheriff's bomb squad. oakland police oakland fire fbi and are all here outside the building. this device is found outside the building in a courtyard right on clay street. and right now, they do not know if it indeed is a suspicious device, but they're not taking any chances you recall back in 2020, a federal security guard was shot and killed outside this building. by an accused member of the boogaloo movement, who then also allegedly killed santa cruz, sheriff's sergeant. so right now again to recap, a man caught on video, leaving what looks like a plastic bag with a possible suspicious device inside. it looks like a pipe bomb. so they're not taking any chances with the sheriff's bomb squad out here. this federal building includes the u. s. attorney's
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office, federal courthouses or federal court rooms and other federal offices, including the i. r s so right now, at this point, we do not know how long these shares bomb squad will take to render this possible pipe bomb saved. we have a member of the fbi here talking and we will get the latest and bring that. to you as soon as we know, reporting live, henry lee ktvu fox two news, henry, can you tell us a little bit more about how this discovery was made? you said that authorities there at the federal building. saw this man leave this potentially explosive device in a bag outside of the building, and then were they able to find that person or is that person gone? this man is still at large . alameda county sheriff's lieutenant ray kelly told me that he was caught on video acting suspiciously in the courtyard, not looking like an average member of the public walking to or from the courtyard . so they caught that on video, and they realized that he was most likely the person who left
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this plastic bag with a possible pipe on inside, but he has not been located. the pipe bomb is still out there with a possible exposed by still out there trying to determine what to do at this time. henry can you tell us before we let you go about evacuations in that area? how widespread are they for people who live and work in that downtown area? yeah there's a lot of mix of office space and restaurants here. i know that if you block radius has been cleared, they have made some calculations. at this point. people are allowed to walk in the area on foot, but again about a block or two radius. around the oakland federal buildings cordoned off by yellow taste, so anyone who's not and it was in the area should stay clear of the federal building. at this point, all right, ktvu is henry lee live at this still unfolding scene where possible explosive device was discovered late today. outside of the federal building in downtown oakland. henry thank you for the update, and again, the fbi could be giving us an update shortly on this situation, so, of course
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as soon as we do here from the fbi on this situation in downtown oakland will bring you those latest developments. moving now to another story here. california attorney general rob bonta announced today that he has launched a civil rights investigation into the santa clara county sheriff's office. the move comes amid multiple accusations that range from corruption to misconduct. ktvu andre senior, is live outside the senate clara county sheriff's office with all of the details, andre well, christina, the sheriff and her deputies have been the focus of several accusations in the past, and this evening, the attorney general says he wants to get to the bottom of what exactly is happening inside this department. santa clara county sheriff laurie smith and her deputies are once again under the microscope. accusations that have proven could have far reaching consequences within the department. that is why today i am launching a civil rights investigation into the santa clara county, garrett's office,
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california attorney general rob bonta announcing wednesday, but he's launched an investigation to determine whether the sheriff's office engaged in a pattern and practice of unconstitutional and unlawful conduct. this investigation comes amidst deeply concerning allegations relating to conditions of confinement. in the offices, jail facilities resistance due lawful oversight and other misconduct among the most well known of cases of death of santa clara county inmate michael tyree. he was allegedly killed by three correctional officers back in 2015. and then there's a $10 million at the county paid out after inmate andrew hogan while in the throes of a mental health crisis, kept banging his head against the jail transport van while guards looked on and failed to intervene. there have been deaths and injuries in custody. um and we want to be. we're going to be looking at all those, including the use of force as well as um, treatment
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or lack the potential for lack of appropriate treatment, including for mental illness. there's also the issues surrounding sheriff laurie smith herself, who was formerly accused in december of quote. willful and corrupt misconduct by a civil grand jury, citing evidence of corruption and jail mismanagement. one of the many issues bonta will likely be looking into also looking at the response to oversight. management decisions that were being made within santa clara county jail surrounding the sheriff's tenure runs deep with accusations of political favoritism. criminal indictment alleged smith traded favors by leveraging her control over issuing concealed carry weapons permits. while bonta wouldn't dive into the exact issues he'll be looking into, he says much of it has already been publicized trust. generate safety and safety generates trust. however we are here today because there is a deficit of trust in santa clara county. if systematic misconduct is found, bonta says
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the sheriff's office could be compelled to institute changes and reforms under the oversight of an independent monitor, not coming up at five o'clock you will hear from santa clara county supervisor joseph median. he's been pushing for changes within the department for some time. now here, his reaction and what do you want to see happen next? coming up at five o'clock . christina back to you. alright andre senior alive is clara county for us. thank you, andre. two people were killed and a third person was heard in yet another collision between a vehicle and pedestrians in san jose. this happened at the intersection of almaden expressway and foxworthy avenue , not far away from the capitol expressway auto mall. police say the driver in this case stayed at the scene. ktvu south bay reporter jesse gary joining us now live from san jose. with a closer look at some disturbing numbers when it comes to deadly crashes in the south bay, jesse alex salmond in is a major thoroughfare here in san jose. it starts in downtown around downtown, which is a two lane
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road. but as it winds its way south, it broadens out eight lanes here, including a turning lane. san jose police say the trio that was crossing here that was hit that we're not in a crosswalk, and they did not have the right of way. that is a factor in this collision. obviously it's not a good idea to cross busy streets at night outside of a crosswalk. two male victims from tuesday's collision were pronounced dead at an area hospital. a third person, a woman suffered non life threatening injuries. the loss of life marks the 5th and 6th times in the new year that someone has died due to a collision with a vehicle. last year got mark wasn't reached until march, the beginning of 2022 is higher than we have seen at the beginning number here recently, experts with san jose's department of transportation say this is in line with national statistics showing an 18% increase in fatal pedestrian vehicle collisions dating back to 2020. we have
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been looking at the data in the most of them as rita. here's but particularly during the pandemic . it's been a different trends then compared to previous years , vision zero manager jesse mints, roth says the number of fatal pedestrian vehicle collisions in san jose was down before the pandemic and just before shelter and place protocols were lifted, but those numbers increased sharply in late summer and autumn of 2021. i think part of the reason why it's happening is that the drivers have a very distracted environment. there were a total of 60 fatal collisions in san jose in 2021, including the case of hillary lopez. the 35 year old was hit and killed on center road december 16th, the hit and run driver was caught and is charged with her death. he was the nicest person they know. she was so empathetic she could really feel your feelings. city experts say the burden falls on drivers and pedestrians to be as safe as possible whether driving , walking or cycling on area
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roads were working with a consultant. to do some surveys studying benchmarking and will be releasing a campaign i believe later this year. medical examiner is not released the names of the two men that were killed here last night live in san jose jesse gary ktvu, fox two news. jesse thank you. we want to get you back out to the breaking news sergeant ray kelly with the alameda county sheriff's department is speaking about the suspicious device found outside of a federal building in oakland. let's listen in. we don't have an immediate answer for you. but every time we look, and then we look more into what we're dealing with we don't we see more problems with this particular device? so go ahead, henry. describe what you talking about. games like. watering can well our end goal. our end goal is to render this this package
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in this device safe and at that point, preserve the evidence and then turn that evidence over to the fbi so that they could continue on their investigation. we have one role here as the bomb squad, and that is to render this safe in the best way possible using the best techniques, but right now we're working through the diagnostic process to better understand this device. so that we can take the appropriate course of action. well, you guys blow it up. that will be up to the commander, captain lyski as to what they decided to do and what the team the best course of operation is for that. if we do do that, then then it will be area we believe can withstand high order detonation that this is a location that we've made safe. our first rule is to always preserve life. and so at this point, the only lives are in danger are bomb technicians who are downrange dealing with the device. so it'll be up to the captain and his team as to how they proceed so that that is one option, but we'd like to preserve as much evidence as we can to further the investigation
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by the fbi. i think we're going to be out here for the next a couple hours at a minimum working through this problem person too. i don't. we're not focused on that. that's something the fbi will answer it at a later time. so stay tuned on that. what your bomb techs have seen so far, is there can you describe what i would say that we have a very experienced bomb squad. they run hundreds and hundreds of calls. we've been in business since 1973 and i will tell you that we keep coming across things that concern us that make it to the point where we don't feel that we can can leave yet. or that we want to do any of our intervention techniques at this point, so we have more work to do more diagnostics to do and the bomb team at some point will make a decision as to how to proceed. that won't be right now we're going to work slowly and methodically through the problem. can you describe what it looks like? it's similar to a
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pipe bomb, but it's got other pieces and parts to it that we have to look into internal components and things like that. whorehouses evacuations have any other building? presidential possibilities evacuated celebration. okay let me let you know. let me clarify so for the evacuation, and all that went on leading up to the bomb squad arriving on scene, we turn it over to officer kim are said with the oakland police department. she can ask me this question. hi good afternoon. yes as mr kelly stated, i my name is kim armstead k. i am a r. m ste a d. and i'm one of the public information officers with the oakland police department. so this afternoon just past 12 30, our communications division received a call about a possible explosive device and the 1300 block of clay street. our officers immediately responded and set up a perimeter from 11th street to 16th street from jefferson to broadway, so this is still an active and ongoing
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investigation. we are asking people to please stay out of the area. and we have had some, um evacuations and. some of the buildings, i guess in close proximity to the to the device within the 1213 100 block of clay street. party of those residential buildings. i believe they're mostly some are residential, but i believe there are mostly businesses. thanks guys. if we can, we will talk to you again, probably in the next couple hours or so give you an update all social media of various agencies and will keep thanks, guys appreciate it. all right. you're listening live to an update from authorities in downtown oakland, where a potential explosive device was discovered this afternoon. outside of oakland's federal
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building, live pictures from sky foxx showing us the scene. the lieutenant from the alameda county sheriff's office described this device is something similar to a pipe bomb , and authorities say they saw a man on surveillance video. leave this device outside of the federal building this afternoon. and as you can see the alameda county bomb squad working right now to render that device safe. nearby buildings have been evacuated as this very delicate operation unfolds. christina yes , and in terms of evacuations, 11 3 to 16 as well as jefferson to broadway. we heard the police officer there mentioned mostly buildings that are that are housed two businesses and not necessarily residential. but there have been some evacuations in that area, and it's going to be a couple of hours before the alameda county sheriff's bomb squad completes their job here because they said that one of the key aspects is trying to preserve as much evidence as possible so they may not even detonate. what could be this potentially explosive device. they're trying to figure out whether or not this is, in fact,
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a pipe bomb, he said. it has very close similarities to a pipe bomb but different components that they need to look into. so that is something that the bomb squad's looking at right now. it seems that the area has been cleared. but for people who may not know or if you work in that area, authorities are asking you to stay away. so we'll, of course, keep an eye on this and bring you any updates as soon as we get them, but it will likely be several hours before that area is cleared outside of the federal building in oakland. the bomb squad is going to move very slowly here will continue to monitor this developing situation at the federal building in oakland. in the meantime, we'll move on this afternoon and the vote could happen later tonight on a voting rights bill, but with no republican support it will almost certainly fail. so what will democrats do next? and a weight of up to nine hours just to drop off a patient how a shortage of hospital beds, maybe leading to longer ambulance response times in northern california. and a very weather after a foggy start this morning
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, some sunshine this afternoon. we're still talking police officc
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series of national staffing shortage of first responders. but there's also another issue the departments are dealing with, and that could delay the critical care. you need. foxes you, bonnie hill easy. joins us live from sacramento and shivani, what is going on here? when first responders weight with the patients in the hospital accepts the patient, but with hospital beds filling up across the country, it's leading to longer wait times into taking. critical services off of the roads. end here in sacramento, more than 28,000 hours of wall time. just for example, that's how many hours were spent on the wall wall. time is when those paramedics and first responders have to
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wait for the hospitals to accept the patients. anybody's responding. i wouldn't want more words. first responders are sounding the alarm minutes can mean the difference between life and death and a lot of these situations and the wall times are really slowing down our ambulances and dampening our ability to get people to the hospital in time. wall times are getting longer, leaving first responders stuck at hospitals with the shortage of hospital staff and hospital beds. some of them are forced to wait hours on the wall. because now you know every room in so many of these hospitals across the country are already booked up with covid patients and others. um and it's you know, hospitals are just at their max because those first responders are stuck waiting. there's less staff responding to calls we've had wall times go as long as nine hours, which means
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you remove an ambulance out of service for nine hours, and that's driving up response times . what used to be a four minute wait for an ambulance in sacramento is now closing in on almost 12 minutes. if you simply hold your breath. you'll start to feel the panic in your body at about a minute. there's no simple solution, they say, but they also say they are hoping to get more help from the hospitals were in this fight together with the hospitals, you know. covid created such a big problem for anyone trying to conduct any sort of business to stay staffed have people there available to meet the community's needs. and first responders say that this is not an isolated issue. it's happening across the country here in california. they say that rural communities have been hit the hardest by this issue for now, here in sacramento, giovanni leads you kid to view fox two news. alright, giovanni. thank you. the federal government is offering hundreds of millions of free at home
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coronavirus tests and n95 masks , the biden administration announced it will start shipping out 400 million and 95 k n95 masks to pharmacies and community centers across the country. last week, the cdc said the n 95 time mass provide the best protection against the omicron variant. the mass will start being shipped out from the federal stockpile this weekend and distribution should start by early next month. this is in addition to the free testing kits now being offered by the federal government, and we do have a link to the website where you can order those free kits. it's up at our website ktvu .com. and in weather, lots of sunshine this afternoon, but a completely different story this morning with some dense fog out there, in fact, identify dog advisory for the north bay earlier today, things have been gradually clearing out, but we still have a few patches to attract this evening, but take a look. this was a satellite from earlier today as you can see it as we put this into motion, you
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see the cloud cover, with the fog actually, gradually clearing out. in fact, there's another way to look at the visibility reports. near zero visibility up and portions of the north base that fog was really settling in. but then right now, you can see things have changed around quite a bit with the visibility most areas around 10 miles, i am tracking least a possibility of some fog once again that could reform in your in your thursday morning forecast. your numbers out there a little bit warmer than yesterday fifties and some sixties toward fairfield, san jose 62. it looks like santa rosa 64 degrees. now the winds have been picking up probably not in your neighborhood. but if you go up in elevation, you can see. diablo. that's a current wind gust of 33 miles an hour we'll be talking about the winds quite a bit over the next couple days, especially on friday because that will probably be the day we tracked the strongest winds across portions of the bay area, especially for the higher terrain. here's our live camera. we're talking about the fall going away now wants to come back into the picture. here's our live camera above san francisco where you can't see a patch here and you just get the idea. it is so well low to the
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ground here. so you see, they have the salesforce tower and there's the cloud deck. so this is an indicator that we're gonna have some dense fog first thing tomorrow morning. that could impact your visibility overnight lows to start out you are a thursday will be in the forties to most areas in the forties run 40 to a 46 degrees so off to a chilly start to once again and some areas of fog out there and then into the afternoon hours, we're going to have hazy sunshine temperatures. we'll continue to track us some mild readings. lots of sixties for your thursday afternoon forecast and even warmer temperatures as we head towards the weekend coming up, we'll talk more about the day we could be at least tracking the possibility of a few neighborhoods flirting with 70 degrees. that could be the case. we'll talk more about that with your full forecast in a little bit. that would be something, mark. thank you. well it's another critical day for the oakland a's and their fans. the vote expected to happen today on a new age stadium issuee
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filibuster. but as foxes lauren blanchard tells us an unexpected vote tonight or an expected vote tonight, rather is likely to end in defeat for democrats, at least for now. the debate over whether or not the us needs a massive voting rights bill continues on in the senate face a coordinated and relentless campaign to limit americans constitutional right to vote in attempt. to manipulate people into thinking that 2022 is 1965 wednesday evening, democratic leadership will push the bill toward a vote. republicans are united against it. this bill isn't about protecting voting rights. it's about protecting politicians, democrats say through state election laws passed after the 2020 race, republicans are trying to tip the scales in their favor. i think that there are a number of things we can do if we don't get it all now to build to get it so that we get a big chunk of the
4:28 pm
john lewis legislation without the 60 votes needed to advance the bill. democrats instead want to change the filibuster rule in their way. senators joe manchin and kirsten cinema. they do not support the plan to allow for passage by a simple majority. the senate's greatest rules the one that is unwritten. this is an unwritten rule, and it's the greatest one we have is the rule of self restraint. which we have very little of anymore. some republicans called the plan a democratic power grab, then we'll try to smash. and grab as much short term power. as they can carry. the filibuster issue continues to so deep divides within the democratic party, senator bernie sanders now says he may support primary challengers for both mansion and cinema. in washington. lauren blanchard, fox news oakland community groups held a rally outside of city hall this afternoon in opposition to a new baseball stadium for the oakland
4:29 pm
a's at howard terminal. that rally happened just hours before a special meeting by the city's planning commission about the final environmental impact report on building the ballpark. the community groups say they oppose any public funding for the $12 billion stadium. the city and county are slated to spend as much as $800 million on development around that project. some ports, workers and labor advocates oppose the stadium. of the working portable oakland. it's a very important part for working people for containers and they would destroy it for billionaires development plans that's wrong. the planning commission meeting started about an hour ago, they will be taking public comment on the environmental review. they could take a vote today to send the e i. r to the city council for certification. the city's vote could happen as soon as february. tomorrow marks one year since president biden was sworn into office up next we'll look at what he's
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live pictures from sky foxx as we continue to monitor this scene, where the alameda county bomb squad is investigating a suspicious device discovered this afternoon. the sheriff's office said a short time ago, this device looks like a potential pipe bomb, although with some different components that authorities do want to take a closer look at and that's why they have cleared out this area. this is the federal building in oakland clay street is shut down between 11th and 16th street
4:33 pm
right now is this work happens here. police say they have evacuated a number of nearby buildings as well. and authorities there say it could take several more hours for the bomb squad to finish its investigation and wrap up its work at the scene will continue to monitor this unfolding situation in oakland. president biden marked his 1st 12 months in office with the news conference this afternoon, he called on the federal reserve to do more to fight inflation, which is damaged his public support boxes. madeline rivera has more from washington. as president biden ushers in his second year in office, he acknowledges more work has to be done. i've long said it's never been a good bet to bet against the american people or america. i believe that more than ever today, but the best days of this country are still ahead of us. not behind us. the president is eager to tout his accomplishments from signing the $1.9 trillion covid-19 relief and bipartisan infrastructure bills into law to a 3.9% unemployment rate in december, a
4:34 pm
pandemic low created six million new jobs. more jobs in one year than any time before. but inflation and raging covid cases from the omicron variant have shaken americans confidence in the president's leadership. a gallup poll shows an average of 48.9% americans approved of his performance in his first year. one of the low is among modern presidencies, only ranking higher than former president trump. president biden promised to deliver national plan to get the virus under control. but recently, he admitted, there is no federal solution and despite campaigning to bring transformative change the president's ambitious social spending agenda and voting rights measures appears stalled in congress. senators joe manchin and kirsten cinema unwilling to change the filibuster rules. steering unrest among democrats. i'm not asking for castles in the sky. i'm asking for practical things . the american people have been asking for a long time. the president is also eyeing this
4:35 pm
year's midterm elections just 10 months away and helping democrats maintain control of the house and the senate and washington mall. vera vera ktvu, fox two news all right. for more on president biden's first year in office. we're joined now by political analyst brian sobel. brian always appreciate your time today. let's start with covid-19 because obviously, president biden came into office , saying that he had a plan to control this virus. he was supposed to be that steady hand to sort of move us beyond this pandemic, but obviously, he's been thrown the latest curveball here with the omicron surge, the white house now struggling to send out free test kits and mass to americans. critics say he's been too slow to act here. what do you think president biden biden has gotten right in terms of the covid response and what were some of his most serious mistakes. first, alex. i think what he got right was raising the national consciousness consciousness around covert that you need for vaccinations. in his view for boosters, he's been
4:36 pm
the covid and chief in a sense. about what was not controllable was a the virus and b how all these departments we're going to try to deal with this situation. this is not a contained virus. this is a national virus. it's an international virus. and so i think the tendency was to for the president to signal that he had his arms around the whole thing. but in fact, i'm not sure one person. one administration can do it. i thought he gave a pretty good answer. alex one when he said that, you know it's sort of a moving target the virus it is. it's not so easy. i think it was just the rhetoric in the early days about how the last administration didn't do anything or didn't do enough and we're going to do everything and what we find out is that that this virus defies party registration, and it is certainly humbled many people in
4:37 pm
leadership, including president biden. he was asked today at this news conference specifically about an issue affecting a lot of americans right now, and that is the lack of available tests. the administration just now beginning to ramp up the website to send out those free test kits. let's listen to what president biden said today about that criticism. on testing we've done. we should have done it quicker, but we've done remarkable since then. what we have is we have more testing going on anywhere in the world. and we're going to continue to increase that. did we have it at the moment? exactly when we should have moved, and could we have moved a month earlier? we could have it was everything else is going on. i don't view that as somehow marketing competence. so do you think president biden truly understands and appreciates the frustration from american people from the american people and not being able to just be able to find a test kit to know if they have covid-19? how can he sort
4:38 pm
of restore that confidence? um moving forward here so that americans believe he has control of this pandemic in this situation? alex i think anecdotally, he certainly knows how americans are feeling is watching television like everybody else and hearing stories, and these test kits have not gotten out the way they could have in the way that he wanted. but again we're talking about what is a massive logistical effort and what happens a lot of times in government, as we all know is a over promise and under deliver kind of scenario. and i think if the president is going to learn anything through this whole covid situation, it's to temper his enthusiasm around. what government can do in a quick period of time. in all fairness, alex the last administration, for example, was able to within the government apparatus foresee fda. to make the vaccines
4:39 pm
available in a record period of time. but when you're talking about shipping things all over the country, it doesn't work quite the same way. all right, you know, also today, president biden really pointed to a lot of progress that's been made on the economic recovery in this country a lot more people are heading back to work. the unemployment rate is falling in this country, but at the same time the administration facing a lot of criticism because we're dealing with soaring inflation right now, and we continue to struggle with the supply chain issues. how does president biden and this administration go about convincing the american people that the economy really is on the rebound? i think he has to be the president that comes out and talks and very optimistic tones with plans behind that or solving this, whether it's dealing with the inflation which, as you mentioned, is rising and needs to be and we'll need to be brought under control these shipping issues. it's
4:40 pm
across the board, alex, where this. this is problematic for the president. but there is time i hear if he can get some of these things under control, it will potentially work better for him over time. but there's a backdrop to this and that is that people are losing confidence in the president. and i see a lot of parallels. historically with the first months and years of the jimmy carter administration, where the individual was a really, really nice person. joe biden jimmy carter, but whether they could govern at a level of the presidency is a whole other question. we're going going to see whether this administration can make this work, but there's there is time. for him to right. the ship, right? absolutely as the white house and the president continued to point out here. this is just one year. three more years to go here for
4:41 pm
president biden, so certainly plenty of time to reverse course here. and right. the ship on some of these issues really appreciate your time, as always , political analyst, brian syllable. good to see you. absolutely, alex. take care. take care. we want you to meet these two kittens. this is betty and the other one is named quite very are coming up how their namesake help animal shelters across the country, including in the bay area. by the way, these two are up for adoption will be right back. and a burial weather after some dense fog this morning, lots of sunshine this afternoon and a warming trend. in fact, a few
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to honor the late actress on what would have been her 1/100 birthday on monday. berkeley humane is seeing a rise in donations. and for more on that, we're joined by the director of development and communications. morgan pulley bank. morgan thank you so much for joining us. i mean, doug on it. wouldn't you know it the power of social media here it started, with betty's fans asking people to donate $5 to any rescuer shelter after her death, and this just really exploded. how much money have you guys seen at berkeley humane. yeah you know, it's just been wonderful outpouring of support so far we've seen over 300 donors donate over $12,000 to the humane in betty white's memory. and we're just thrilled to be able to honor betty white's legacy and to be able to put that money to you saving gods and cats from the bay area. how specifically will that money be used? where does it go? and when you say it goes specifically to saving them? what do you mean by that? well i can give you this just an
4:45 pm
example of one of the ways that we've helped dogs and cats recently when and um there was an owner of two cats, too, sadly passed away and you know, with all the comings and goings in her home there. two cats. they went to the place that was the safest for them, which was the heating ducts. and so they were . people who were going in there to take care of her stuff. just couldn't um you know, they couldn't get those cats out. they called us and it took several weeks night vision cameras and you know volunteers being there. every night before we were able to stay for the rescue them out of the house. and those are the cats. you see, um betty right there. so betty and her sister, friend, white and. were successfully rescued from that house, given some time in a foster to be compressed, and they're actually available for adoption right now, you know, so it's yes. so when we
4:46 pm
talk about rescuing the rescuing dogs and cats, it's you know, stories like that, or there might be a and public shelter who's got an animal with a complicated medical case that you're not able to that they don't have the resources to address and so that you know, dog or cat might get transported to berkeley humane have their medical needs taken care of, and then get placed for adoption. so it's really you know, whatever the cat, whatever the dogs and cats need in order to get them into living home. i love that you guys renamed those two cats , betty and why they're bonded pairs, so they you're hoping they can get adopted together. and i just curious. what do you think that we're seeing such an outpouring of generosity for this betty white challenge. she was a fierce advocate for animal rescues. i mean, who doesn't love betty white? you know, she's just i'm incredible as an actress as a comedian, you know
4:47 pm
, and as a, you know, just incredible advocates for animals across across the country and across the world. and so i think , you know, she touched so many people's lives and so many people's hearts and you know her passing just before her 1/100 birthday, i think meant that you know, everybody wanted to do something to mark that. and what better way to honor her legacy than to make a donation to cause that was near and dear to her heart. yeah and it's not just you guys. i read online that the los angeles who has received $70,000 just on monday alone, and i'm sure these donations are going to keep pouring in any final thoughts. you can say just about the fact that we're in this pandemic, and that's been hard on rescues and shelters as well. can you talk about the state of where we are with animals in the pandemic? yes so we are, you know, just you know the dogs and cats in our shelter were still seeing that there are
4:48 pm
lots of folks who are still working from home were still able to adopt. their dogs and cats. you know, i think we're looking to see it. just come back. um, we're looking for a little bit more. sort of almost a return to normalcy, so we've returned to in person adoptions . so you know anybody who wants to come meet betty and white can do that on friday. um and if you've got easy up here right now, but is he was just a wonderful dogs that's going to find just an amazing home soon, so you know tons of animals that are up for adoption. there are a lot of great animals that are up for adoption right now. and a lot of just amazing homes. it can't wait to find love morgen police bank with berkeley humane thank you so much for joining us. also, if you want some more information, we have put a link to your website on our website at ktvu .com. morgan, thank you so much for joining us. thank you so much. mom burial weather
4:49 pm
after some dense fog this morning, actually feeling nice to be outside this afternoon, but we will continue to turn up the heat as we head towards the weekend. in fact, a few neighborhoods flirting with 70 degrees. so you probably can guess we are above the average with temperatures. as we take a look at the graphics. these would be the average highs for tomorrow. upper fifties to ride around 60 degrees in the forecast highs for your thursday we're going to top those numbers easily in a few neighborhoods by friday, could be close to 70 degrees. take a look at the satellite picking up on all that dense fog this morning. we had that dense fog advisory for portions of the north bay earlier, but that cleared out looks like though we have some patches already developing near the coast and right around the base, so we're not completely clear. and it looks like we'll be tracking some fog. first thing tomorrow morning once again current numbers out there. san francisco 56 san jose 62 lots of sixties for livermore, walnut creek and conquered and just within the past few minutes . since our last update, this fog bank has kind of expanded a bit, hasn't it? so yeah, we have
4:50 pm
some fog for tonight, not only for the inland valleys, but as you can see near portions of the coast. and over san francisco. overnight lows will be in the forties around 40 to 46 degrees , and then into the afternoon hours will have some hazy sunshine 58 to 66 so more sunshine. for tomorrow afternoon with your future cast models showing you that this big area of high pressure does not want to move at all. it sticks around for tomorrow into the weekend, this dry weather stretch will continue. possibly through january. we'll see if we can eventually had some rain chances to the forecast, but there's no sign of any rainfall just yet. once again, though, the fog regroups overnight then here is the plan as this area of high area of high pressure builds in we have warmer temperatures for your thursday forecast friday. those northeast wind look celebrate. we could have some windy conditions, especially for the berry hills and then this weekend, hazy sunshine and some mild conditions and once again the storm track. is focused way up to our north kind of highlighted the friday forecast because kind of borderline wind
4:51 pm
advisory for the higher elevations. you can see the breakdown for the highest elevations. we could have winds maybe approaching 70 miles an hour. that's mount st helena, maybe mount diablo or mount hambleton and then closer to the valleys winds, not nearly strong but still breezy winds could be around 20. to 30 miles an hour. this forecast model is picking up on some of the fog first thing tomorrow morning, especially out towards the central valley, but also toward the coast. so just plan on some areas of dense fog tomorrow morning and then hazy sunshine into your thursday afternoon forecast and temperatures for tomorrow, widespread sixties so most spots a little bit warmer than today. and we'll continue to turn up the heat a little bit in your friday forecast warmer and windy, says 69, but a few locations maybe right around 70 71 degrees for friday and saturday, and it looks like this mild stretch wants to stick around. the mild pattern wants to stick around through the weekend and possibly into next week as well. so it's going to be warming up over the next few days. not too bad, mark. thank you. the man accused of shoving a woman to her death off a
4:52 pm
subway platform in new york, made his first court appearance today the charges he's facing and the examination ordered by the judge. coming up tonight at five o'clock. we are still live outside of the federal building in oakland, where a suspicious device has shut down this area for several hours. no new year, new start. and now comcast business is making it easy to get going with the ready. set. save. sale. get started with fast and reliable internet and voice for $64.99 a month with a 2-year price guarantee.
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overdoses fueled by fentanyl in san francisco, remain a public health crisis, the number of people dying from overdoses in the city is down, according to data released today by the san francisco medical examiner. 650 people died in 2021 of drug overdoses in the city. that's down 9% from the year before. this is the first time the number has dipped year over year in a decade, but it follows an unprecedented spike in deaths that year before from 441 in 2019 to 711 in 2020. the man
4:55 pm
accused of pushing michelle go in front of a subway car in new york city, was arraigned from his hospital bed. he has now been charged with second degree murder. the judge in this case ordered a mental health fitness exam for 61 year old simon marshall. investigators say marshall is homeless and has a history of emotionally disturbed encounters. he's accused of pushing michelle go off the platform on saturday. she was then struck and killed by an incoming train. go grew up in the east bay. prosecutors are still trying to determine whether this attack was racially motivated. friends colleagues and community leaders all gathered at san francisco's chinatown last night to honor go . her family says she grew up in fremont but enjoy traveling and was working at a financial management company in new york. police say her suspected killer had never met her, but for some reason pushed her in front of that oncoming train. could have been any of us trade. she was just so incredibly smart and sweet and carrying because she
4:56 pm
was thoughtful. she just always was like the light in the room. she was a leader. go with studying for a master's degree at new york university, her family said. they are still in a state of shock. the minister to trial for the three officers charged in the death of george floyd has been postponed until june after both the defense and prosecution asked for more time thomas lane, jake kong and two towels all face charges of aiding and abetting both murder and manslaughter. the state trial was delayed until june because the federal trial of the three begins tomorrow. they're facing federal charges that they violated. floyd civil rights. former officer derek chauvin was already convicted of murder and manslaughter and pled guilty to a federal charge. all right. that does it for us here at four o'clock. now. we have, not at tht
4:57 pm
4:58 pm
4:59 pm
been able to rule out that it's still a credible device. it's got a lot of characteristics that are concerning to us. we are following breaking news. now at five. fbi officials say they are trying to determine whether a suspicious device near the federal building in oakland is a possible explosive. good evening , everyone. thanks for joining us. i'm julie julie haener and i'm claudine wang. the federal building was evacuated in streets surrounding it. shut down almost all afternoon. this is at 14th and clay streets in oakland. our crime reporter henry lee is live in the area has been gathering details and henry, what do we know? right now? according were at 11 and clay just a block from the federal building in downtown oakland. take a look behind me still very much an active see we have the alameda county sheriff's bomb squad, joining fbi agents oakland police and oakland firefighters as well as federal officials here about 12 30. a man was spotted placing a
5:00 pm
plastic bag with what looks like to be a possible pipe on inside the courtyard, near flagpole and some planters and right now. officials are trying to determine whether or not this is a real device, and they are not taking any chances because this building contains the u. s attorney's office, federal courtrooms, the irs and other federal ah, a lot of federal offices right now. they have evacuated several blocks around the oakland federal buildings is right here in downtown oakland. they do not know if this is incredible device, but we did talk to the fbi and the alameda county sheriff's office about their plan of action. here's what they said. just to set expectations were going to be very meticulous and how we examine this device that is ongoing. alameda county sheriff's bomb squad has a lead on examining that device. federal protective service has done a great job, and it's been fastidious in observing this and bringing these these teams together. we always approach these problems trying to rule out that it's aev


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