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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  January 13, 2022 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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good behavior, and you're basically telling the public that yes, you believe in science, and you believe that vaccines and proper testing is the way to go. the area nurses applaud the supreme court's ruling that holds a vaccine mandate for healthcare workers. but the high court did block a different mandate. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox news starts now. you know? 63 ruling the united states supreme court stopped president biden's push to require employees at large companies to be vaccinated. hello again. i'm christina brando and i'm andre senior. more than 80 million people would have been impacted by this. ktvu jana katsuyama joins us now live from the newsroom. with reaction to today's decision. jenna andre. the swing votes today were chief justice john roberts and justice brett kavanaugh. one law professor says that the court's decisions left a path open, though for future vaccine and covid testing mandates. the
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supreme court ruling thursday said osha did not have authority to mandate covid vaccines and testing for some 80 million us workers at companies with 100 or more employees. the opinions do allow for osha to be more targeted. that what they could do is say, pick out an industry and say this is an industry that because of the working conditions is such that it's vital to have a vaccine mandates . u c. hastings law professor david levine says that could include industries such as the airlines are factories where workers operate in close quarters, and levin says the court left the door open for state or local mandates. the opinion does say the right place to do. this is at the state and local and private employee level . the ruling comes just before cal osha was to consider vaccine and testing mandates just next week, right caliper cal osha would have voted to put into effect basically the identical standard in california. now of
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course, with the supreme court's opinion, whether they'll take that vote up is in question. the court ruled in favor of vaccine and testing mandates for health providers. with justices roberts and kavanaugh ruling with justices breyer, kagan and sotomayor, it was the theory of the case that was different and the and the reason is that the medicare and medicaid rule was framed as a spending requirement . so if a health facility does not want the vaccine mandate, they don't have to accept. the medicare money. many california health workers applauded the decision where i work, we don't have e c access to testing on site. i wish it was even a broader decision, but i think for people who work with the most vulnerable who worked with patients i've long wanted there to be a mandate. and those vaccine and covid testing mandates for health care providers are expected to impact about 10 million workers. andre jana katsuyama reporting for us live from the newsroom. janet.
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thank you. when you study says covid-19 vaccines have saved an estimated 240,000 lives and prevented more than 1.1 million hospitalizations in the u. s. during the first half of 2021 researchers at yale and the university of maryland conducted the study, the team notes. the study was done at a time when less than half the population was fully vaccinated against coronavirus and his new variants emerge. continued vaccine push will be crucial to keeping case numbers down. the findings were published this week in the journal jama network open. people who vape are more likely to develop symptoms if they contract covid, according to the mayo clinic. their study also found that e cigarette users who also smoke regular cigarettes are more likely to require emergency room care if they contract the virus. is that many previous studies have shown vape use is associated with inflammation in the lungs and other lung injuries. another you study suggests compounds found in cannabis may prevent people from contracting covid-19.
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researchers at oregon state university identified two proteins commonly found in hemp , which is shown to block the coronavirus that causes covid-19 from entering human cells. scientists note that the compounds cannot be heated. therefore the cannabis cannot be smoked and must be ingested in edible form. they also stressed the studies are in the early stages and more research is needed. public schools in marin county have eased some quarantine rules for people who are exposed to covid orange county public schools also doing away with the automatic 10 day quarantine for kids and staff who test positive for covid. if a person test positive but has no symptoms or their symptoms resolved quickly. they can test again on day five. if they test negative, though they can go back to school. it's becoming more more nuanced so that people would be able to return to school. um rather than automatically, um, being out for 10 days. this is actually something that's a statewide guide, and we are applying that
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here in our community. students who are fully vaccinated do not need to quarantine even if one of their close contacts tested positive and schools will send exposure notices only if a close contact tests positive. students in oakland staged a sick out today the action for some schools to shut down. many teachers also stayed home and solidarity. students are demanding more covid safety measures demands that the school district says it is in the process of meeting. the students are demanding k n95 masks and more covid testing availability. it's nice to see a lot of people supporting what the causes for and trying to make sure that students are adequately prepared for and safe and just, like, feel comfortable on campus. we want our students in class. we want our teachers with them in class. and so you know, this is an unauthorized sick out by the teachers. the district says it has received 200,000 k n95 masks and is in the process of distributing them. some students
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are circulating an online petition calling for another sick out next week, but the district says it expects students and teachers to return to class tuesday following the mlk holiday on monday. tomorrow is what the district is calling a teacher wellness day and remember, you can find all of the latest coronavirus developments on our website ktvu .com/ covid-19. note. 11 the oakland police department says it has busted an illegal casino operation. officers say they served a search warrant yesterday at the establishment on the 16th street in 23rd avenue. they found 10 guns, including four assault rifles. £5.5 of crystal meth worth $70,000. they also discovered £15.5 of marijuana. officers also seized $7000 in cash and 12 illegal casino gambling machines. two people were arrested. new tonight. we're hearing from the family of a man who was killed two months ago in a shooting in anti, aka another person was injured and we understand that one suspect has
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been arrested. another remains at large. ktvu is amber lee spoke with the victim's mother, who says she just wants justice for her son. i love to laugh. um joke around, demitrius white spoke to me while she's working out of state. she tells me her son, john t. white was a hard worker. he was about to start a full time job at tesla and a part time position at bed bath and beyond, when he was shot and killed. that was my baby boy. and um, we was very close, so it's very hard on the morning of november. 10 police say jonte and a male friend, we're at a gas station on lone tree way and was about to drive off when another vehicle pulled up. two men got out and started shooting at dante and his friend who managed to drive to the hospital. i was certainly described the incident that happened as very brazen and clearly a danger to the community. jonty was shot in the head and died the next day. the friends survived. police say the
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two men were targeted, but that the attack was unprovoked. the two victims were not armed. it's really tragic, senseless. last month, police arrested 24 year old raymond jenkins, investigators are still looking for the second suspect. 23 year old robert mathews. investigators say both men are gang members, but no motive was given for the deadly shooting. police are asking the public for help if they see uh robert matthews do not approach him. he is considered armed and dangerous. mom tells me jenkins had bullied her son when they attended middle school and high school. but says she doesn't know why. as adults, jenkins or the other suspect would shoot her son, white says this is video of john to dancing during her birthday celebration last january, body got every minute and him with his sisters singing during that same gathering this year is like very sad. very, very down right now. because
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he's not here. i think they should go to jail for a long time. mom shows me the necklace she keeps with her. it contains jonty is ashes. both suspects face charges of murder and attempted murder with gang enhancements. in antioch. amberleigh ktvu, fox two news. vandals and thieves, trash and east bay high school what they got away with coming up. it's not even about what they took anymore. the emotional pain that we are all going through right now it's been really hard. up first in 90 seconds. this homemade look like a shock to some, but to others, it is worth more than a million dollars. this is peak san francis new year, new start. and now comcast business is making it easy
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is ridiculously red hot home in nowy valley, considered by neighbors to be a broken down eyesore, just sold for close to $2 million. the home located on day street is listed as having zero bedrooms and one bathroom. it sold for $1.97 million. alright well, they call themselves the pothole vigilantes, and they spent the last week killing dozens of potholes around molehill. as ktvu elissa harrington reports. they say they do not want to wait for the city to send its own cruise. we have asked for we have tools. they call themselves
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the pothole vigilantes. a group of black residents who met through facebook over a shared passion or dislike, i should say of you guessed it. potholes we're just tired of our cars, you know, receiving damage over . tired of, you know it being a liability in regards to our kids being in the car with us, you know, we want public safety comes first. now this group has already filled about 90 potholes in just one week when you get some citizens that are just tired. you know they'll they'll pitch in their help, and that's what's happening right now. we want to better our city. we want to implement change. garrett tolls explained how this all came about, he said he posted on a community facebook page asking if people would be willing to pitch in to fix the roads. the response was overwhelming. so another member of the group started a go fund me. and they raised enough money to hit the streets filling up these pesky potholes. that's the famous pothole over there. we're going
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to call that the lip biter because when you run over it, you bite your lip. it is tough work. you've got to have some, you know, you gotta put some muscle into it. the volunteer run group has already made quite a name for itself. driver stopped to say thank you as they passed over the newly patched roads, i'd love them and i plugged them. have linda lived here since i was 13 years old and these streets are horrible, but the city is less enthused in a weekly newsletter, the mayor said he strongly discouraged pothole vigilante ism. part of the letter read, it can be a hazardous task to undertake repairs without the proper help with traffic control. often these efforts and money will all be wasted without adequate compaction techniques. if the rains carry away the asphalt once again, these volunteers tell me they even got a legal notice to stop the work. but they tell me as long as they continue to raise money, they will continue to patch these potholes. in vallejo. i'm
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elissa harrington ktvu. fox two news. san francisco is testing out a new plan that will text some drivers before their car gets towed. the text before toe plan means drivers who parked blocking driveways or have left their vehicle for three days or more may be parked in a construction zone or temporary. no parking zones have the option of getting a text message before their vehicle is towed. the aim is to reduce some of the 12,500 toes that take place around the city every year. you will. now if you opt in get a text message before the tow truck comes so that you will be given the opportunity to pick up your car and move it before it gets towed. drivers do need to opt in here and provide the license plate number and mobile phone number to the sf mta. the pilot program kicks off this week, but it does not include vehicles parked in peak hour traffic to away lanes or yellow and white zones. together. the big day for
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a young boy with cancer, how this law enforcement agencies and dozens of others are helping him with his biggest dream. and on track in the weekend forecast. i'll see you back here with that, and just a couple minutes san francisco police cracking down on shoplifting at safeway details on their latest operation right after the when you have xfinity, you have entertainment built in. which is kind of nice. ah, what is happening. binge-watching is in the bag, when you find all your apps, all in one place. find live sports faster just by using your voice... sports on now. touchdown irish! [cheering] that was awesome. and, the hits won't quit, with peacock premium included at no additional cost. all that entertainment built in. xfinity. a way better way to watch.
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working to curb thefts at safeways in the city, the sfpd mission station tweeted today that they held their first of several large shoplifting enforcement operations at one of the stores. they say multiple people were arrested for shoplifting warrants and probation violations. they did not say which store they targeted. but the safeway on market street in the castro has dealt with theft problems, even
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reducing their hours and installing automated gates at the front of the store. now to dublin, where preschool is working to recover from a burglary thieves taking thousands of dollars in supplies , including ipads furniture and diapers are crime reporter henry lee spoke to the school director and parents who say they're heartbroken. up now, but they kind of dismantle the. diaper area over there and have tampered with the books. watch mom s array is devastated. someone broke into her dublin preschool breaking doors, ransacking rooms and stealing everything from office supplies to ipads. unfathomable i don't know. i don't know what goes through this person's mind. it happened monday night at resurrection lutheran child development center on amador valley boulevard. intruders went through different rooms and trashed the place. it's not even about what they took anymore. the emotional pain that we are all going through right now. it's been really hard pre school
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and church officials have been taking stock of the damage writing vulgar messages on our office door files were opened up destroyed. keys were taking keys to the whole entire church and school were taken. this locksmith went room to room changing all the locks. it's heartbreaking. courtney treff corns two year old son goes to the preschool. she started a go fund me page after learning about everything that was taken . it was like diapers, snacks, teachers gift cards that they received for christmas. teachers personal ipads tools, um, anything they could. they took a whole desk. the preschool had already been shut down this week because of coronavirus infections. this made it even worse. it just feels awful that there not only their has their space spend disrupted but just the emotional toll and wanting to feel safe in a church if they have any any faith, any sort of decency, any sort of you know, kindness and their heart to come forward. the braking is under investigation by the dublin
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police department. anyone with information is asked to give them a call in dublin, henry lee ktvu box to needles. the man who assassinated robert f. kennedy was denied parole today by governor newsom. the governor rejected the recommendation that sirhan sirhan be released, saying the 77 year old remains a threat to the public and is not taken responsibility for the crime. sir and shot kennedy at the ambassador hotel in los angeles and 1968 moments after kennedy declared victory in california's democratic presidential primary. then op ed in the l. a times governor. newsom wrote that kennedy's death changed the course of history, saying quote kennedy's family bears his lost every day millions of americans lost at unifier in a time of national turmoil and grief. just nine weeks after the assassination of the reverend martin luther king jr and 4.5 years after the murder of kennedy's brother, president john f. kennedy. already checking in on your weather the weekend just about
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here. it's friday, but it's uh, almost it's not friday yet, but once it's friday, it's pretty much the weekend in my mind the temperatures today we're nice temperatures tomorrow are going to be about the same but slightly warmer 60 in valais ho turns into 62 or three tomorrow , so the little bit warmer tomorrow and less cloud cover. that's the reason the little warmer overnight lowest kind of mild because we do have some clouds. so overnight lows are generally going to stay in the upper thirties and the cold spots a lot going on out in the pacific. as you know most of this activity. all these storms are good looking storms, but they're all going the other way. they're all kind of going to the north of us, and that's how it's going to go for a while, so we're not expecting any kind of rain around here for at least a week or so. so that's the downside. the upside is we had a ton of rain early. historical rate in some cases early on places like marine and san francisco. there's the cloud cover outside those sweeping radars. it's the librado are out of humboldt and out of san jose santa or santa cruz mountains.
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in about hopefully in a week or so. we'll see some green showing up, but we're not going to see any green for a while. it's going to be more of the same, which has been really nice temperatures outsider. nice overnight lows. aren't that cold? um a little bit of valley fog picking up in the central valley. maybe a little valley fog around here, but it's going to be pretty great day tomorrow and saturday and sunday. so there you go. the forecast for tomorrow you can see the morning right here that fog in the valley kind of see it kind of clings in the valley, so there's a little bit of valley fog. and then as we get into the evening beautiful look at saturday morning, saturday afternoon. saturday is gonna be ridiculously great. sunday is going to be really great, too. so um, smiling because we've got plenty of rain. plenty of snow. we always need more, but we can we can bear up with this. dry spell, which is unusual, normal to get a dry spot in the middle of winter, and that's what we're seeing. san francisco tomorrow go 60 degrees morgan hill. that's about 64 or 65, then the five day forecast couldn't ask
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for better so enjoy it. drive safe out there. be careful this weekend and we'll root the rain on next week. hopefully we get something about 8 10 days out from now i'll see you back here. sunday night. bill. thank you. a young texas boy who is battling terminal cancer, has one goal to get sworn in by 100 law enforcement agencies. he is almost there halfway. we should say yesterday, 38 agencies swore in 10 year old device dj daniel, bringing the total to 45 agencies. d j is always wanted to work in law enforcement, just like his father, who is in the military. i didn't know that. he was gonna turn up like this for him. he could have been gone, but the loves just keeps the want to go. d j was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer and spine cancer more than three years ago, the freeport police chief who set up yesterday's
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event also gave dj special badge in stars, making him an honorary assistant police chief. while some families got a sneak peek at new outdoor play space at the california academy of sciences, it's called wonder. woods ended officially opens to the public tomorrow. the new garden place cape offers kids the opportunity to connect with nature by crawling and climbing through various areas that are set to stimulate the senses as well as the imagination. and that's something parents say kids need right now, more than ever. but the warriors look like deer in headlights as they face the defending champs today in milwaukee sports direc
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and backing from an expert team, 24/7. and for even more value, ask how to get up to a $500 prepaid card. get a great deal for your business with the ready. set. save. sale today. comcast business. powering possibilities. there's this feeling we chase... like someone upped the brightness on the entire world. like your body is super-charged, but your mind is super calm. it feels like 20/20 vision for your whole being. and we'll chase this feeling, until we can feel it... one. more. time. feel the hydrow high. room. you know what i think? steve kerr pretty much summed it up perfectly in his postgame
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comments, saying the warriors got their butts kicked. i mean, that's a nice way of putting it. really they were never in this game. granted they didn't have dream on green. but one guy can't make that much difference, although maybe be honest, coop oh, can reigning champion mvp, a rare warrior highlight here. steph took that three away. he had only 12 was basically non factor all milwaukee, janice makes it look easy down in the post 30 points. 12 rebounds, 11 assists, whereas didn't have anything to contend with that still in the second quarter mixed and missed shot. no problem. the honest school cram it back down. perfect example of the first half here, warriors man, it's steph go the other way. bobby portis, junior. at the buzzer. the warriors get this trail that intermission 77 38. that's their largest first half deficit since they moved from philadelphia back in 1962.
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they came back to make the score look respectable at 1 18 to 99, but they're still lost four of the last five. so it is all about college basketball tonight. up on the hill top. loyal to mary, mont in town to face the dogs who are rolling. look at barry bowie s strip steel other way. get into yuzhin . czarsky will put it down and the dons do roll going away. by the way. bowyer had 22 97 73 as we go to st mary's versus pepper died with randy bennett squad looking for their first conference win second half sales up six. driving dish. alex do kissed to matthias task to ram it home test that 10 points. 11 rebounds, seven assists. 77 62 gales first conference win and in the pac 12 upon the pollution ws you hosting stanford game delay at an hour and 13. they
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had to wait on somebody's covid test stanford that as many as 12 scrambled back, 21 to 0 run and it's brandon angel finishing that break thanks to it's a silver spath. he had 16 did angels and stanford a 62 57 winner, backing up that window over usc with routine one today , you might say sharks not so hot. they get cooled off by the rangers. three. nothing's final shark seven all star, though timo meier will represent san jose next month in the all star game, power play situation for the shark, but they turned it over turns into a shorthanded opportunity for the rangers. adam fox. chris kreider. and that is one nothing. they had a couple more cry. they're heading to end of the sharks three game win streak as we have a little time left, so why not check this out my favorite video of the day without a doubt, this is kind of a weird a game of fetch for this
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dog because the story is not the dog. it's the cows making like they're at a tennis match right there, and they're following that stick very closely. that stick very closely. choreographic that is (ducks chirping) come on. why aren't they transferring to me? i look just like you. maybe i don't have the scent right. a few weeks ago, i found a nest of duck eggs. i, uh... i lovingly nursed them, and then, uh, by some...sick fluke, claire was the only one there when the ducks were born, so they imprinted on her. (telephone rings) who's calling at this hour? hello? yes? luke's been arrested! ♪ (birds chirping) well, good morning, leonard.


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