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tv   The Ten Oclock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  October 2, 2021 10:00pm-10:45pm PDT

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we're almost in our mid thirties. so while many say they could never think of leaving the bay area, others say it's a matter of quality of life. and for them, that quality of life is better somewhere else. in oakland, sal castaneda ktvu, fox two news. that's our show for today. thanks for watching the cost of california. you can watch all four episodes online. be good to each other. have a good day.t leaving rebecca behind. so if i can't get her rv running well, they're just going to have to tell both of us. despite facing threats of getting towed. some rv owners insist they will not leave the community they've created in berkeley. good evening. i'm greg lee. and for andre senior tonight, the city of berkley has given dozens of rv owners until this wednesday to relocate. offering them
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permits to a brand new safe parking site two miles away. ktvu is emma gas spoke with rv owners resistant to moving and his live at the safe parking site tonight with details, emma. greg there are 40 available rv parking spots here at what's being called a safe parking spot on grayson street. the problem the city faces is convincing rv owners who are comfortable where they are to relocate here. they put a citation on the window. then in the same breath, they towed it the area of a thin harrison in northwest berkeley is home to more than 30. rv owners. amber whitson is one of them. the city has initiated a sweep of the area and she says last wednesday, city officials told her work van away. come this wednesday she worries rvs belonging to her and her neighbors are next. i'm not really looking forward to it, thankfully, little community that said, we're in. you know this got a lot of us support lot of supporters and, uh and i think we might. might just make
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a stand here. the city has offered parking permits to rvs, allowing them to come to spark which stands for safe parking and respite kickstart operated by the berkeley nonprofit dorothy day house, along with them being able to park there. safely with their with the beautiful clean area is that they have the restrooms, clean water, but what dorothy day does is so much more. the problem is some rvs are inoperable and either don't have the gas or wiring to move there in the next few days. we're living a lot of people behind here, and that's exactly what we don't want to do is like. some people go to safety. and then some people just get told and lose their homes like that doesn't sit right. yesica prado, who sits on the board of where do we go? berkeley wants to negotiate with the city to bring those rvs into spark where rv owners will be provided weekly groceries, charging stations and mechanical support, among other amenities, according to the executive director of dorothy day house. she says. it's low
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barrier and accommodating. we take everything on a person to person basis. it's not that stringent that we have to make hard fast rules. that's not the way life works. that's not the way dorothy day just business. rv owners told me they were concerned there were restrictions on how many pets were allowed at spark and that visitors may not be allowed. but the executive director of the dorothy day house, berkeley, said visitors and any number of pets are welcome as long as they don't pose a threat to public safety. and i reached out to the city of berkley for comment. they partner with the dorothy day house, berkeley on this site. but i've not yet heard back reporting in berkeley. demagogues continue. fox two news story will certainly keep following him. a thank you for your reporting. we have an update tonight to oakland's newest homicide case. a man is dead and his wife was injured after a home invasion and shooting. officers responded to reports of gunfire at a home on monticello in the maxwell park neighborhood around 11 30 last night,
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friends of identified the victim to ktvu is 52 year old dirk tillotson. well respected education advocate at activist until it's in, died at the scene. his wife was shot in the arm is expected to be okay. friends say tillerson was a tireless advocate for schoolchildren who helped found great school choices, a nonprofit that supports community based charter school development. this senseless murder of dirk is inexcusable and unexplainable, and i hope that the oakland police department. does everything they can to find who murdered such a caring, compassionate legend in our education community that shared about all children. when dirk said he cared about all children, he meant it. it's too heartbreaking loss for the community. no arrests have been reported. this crime marks oakland's 105th homicide this year. police in union city are
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investigating a shooting that left a man dead. it happened last night, just after 8 30 on queen and drive just west of alvarado boulevard. when officers got to the scene, they found the victim with at least one gunshot wound. they attempted life saving measures, but the man was pronounced deceased by first responders. a motive for the killing is not known at this time. this is union city's first homicide of the year. anyone with information should call union city police. we have a better idea tonight of the destruction the dixie fire caused in parts of lassen county, leslie bachelor homes tweeted today, images of burned out trees near juniper lake. in all more than 1300. homes and structures have been destroyed by the fire, which broke out on july 13th. it burned in butte, plumas, shasta lassen and to hama counties. it is now 94% contained nearly a million acres were burned. the cause remains under investigation.
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the huge knp complex fire burning in sequoia national park has triggered another round of mandatory evacuations. late yesterday, the two larry county sheriff's office ordered residents of the remote areas of big meadows and quail flat to leave their homes immediately due to fast moving flames. the fire has already forced the evacuation of thousands of other people and shut down the sequoia and kings canyon national parks. it has burned nearly 80 square miles and is just 20% contained. drifting wildfire smoke and other factors will keep a spare the air alert in effect through tomorrow, our cameras captured images of hazy conditions near mount diablo this afternoon. air quality monitors with the bay area. air quality management district say pollutants may cause throat irritation, congestion and respiratory problems. warm weather is part of what's contributing to the air quality problem. meteorologist mark tamayo joins us now with a look at what to expect next from this heat mark. hi there,
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greg. yeah, the heat always kind of linked with it with the air quality. and of course, we've noticed that over the past few days, so with that, spare the air alert for tomorrow, just encouraging people not to maybe to limit the driving if you can, because that could help out with the overall picture with eric quality for your sunday. course we have been tracking the heat temperatures have been warming steadily over the past few days since mid week and into into this weekend, lots of eighties and nineties this afternoon. take a look at some of the highest upper nineties for fairfield. livermore 90 to san jose 89 eighties in san francisco downtown. you'll see a bunch of nineties up in the north bay. but the one exception that the one area that cooled off today out toward the coast we actually had a pretty good fog bank out there. you could see pacifica only 65 degrees. now in terms of their equality. here's the setup with this warm air kind of creates a stable layer up above us. so as a result, all the pollutants get trapped to the surface. and we have that spare the air alert for tomorrow. satellites not only picking up on some of the fog, but also some of the smoke, as
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you can see, drifted in from the fire as we were just covering so some of that smoke has been drifting closer to the bay area, adding to some of that, hayes. projections for tomorrow. we are in the yellow to the orange range so moderate, unhealthy for sensitive groups for your sunday forecast coming up a lot more on this hot weather pattern and some cooling in our five day the full update just minutes away. felt like summer out there today. thanks, mark. still no deal deal in congress over president biden's big spending plan today, house speaker nancy pelosi again delayed a vote on the bipartisan infrastructure bill after progressive and moderate democrats failed to come to terms on the larger social safety net and climate reconciliation bill. outside the white house today, president biden reaffirmed his promise to get both packages past. mr biden says once people understand what is in the bills, they will be on board, too. why would someone. making say, 20,000 bucks a year. not get a rebate, not not get money
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back from the government just like you guys and i get when we file our taxes. we get $2000 every kid we have. against taking right off our taxes, but they don't have any taxes to pay. because they don't make any money. then they should get the direct came back. why should they be cheated out of that? they should just being fair. there's nothing in any of these pieces of legislation. that's radical. that is on reasonable that is when you look at it individuals. white house press secretary jen psaki released a statement about the ongoing talks reading in part, the president and his team will continue close engagement with members of both the house and the senate through the weekend. the statement goes on to say, and he looks forward to not only welcoming members to the white house next week but also traveling the country to make the case for his bold and ambitious agenda. thousands of people today gathered at women's march rallies across the country, the focus on protecting abortion access here
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in san francisco ktvu is greg liggins shows us how men and women rallied to support reproductive rights. a crowd of thousands gathered outside san francisco civic center to march for women's reproductive rights, the political situation in the country today causes me concern. for diminishing diminishing of women's rights demonstrators displayed a panoply of protest signs and creative cannabis is i think it's just really immoral that someone who. doesn't understand my gender and my choices as a human being with regards to whether i want a family. what kind of job i want. what i see in my future wants to make those decisions for me. there were plenty of men in the march along market street to the embarcadero supporting the women in their lives. i think my, uh my mother in law was marching in the seventies. and the fact that women still have to get out on the streets and march for their
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for their righteousness stat chapter in our history. one woman told us this was her first time participating in any demonstration. motivated by an issue that she says extends well beyond reproductive rights. because if i don't want a child, but. i get pregnant, then that can affect many decisions down the road. and so it's not just about abortion. it's really about my future. although several groups helped organize the march there were no official speakers. greg legans ktvu. fox two news. we had an audience. uh 98 3. it took a month and a half to get your back. mechanics say there isn't much they can do for annoyed drivers waiting to get their car serviced coming up what's forcing some shops to hold on the cars for weeks. find out why some people think climate change will give the fall season a new look.
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the u. s. hit a grim coronavirus milestone the u. s has surpassed 700,000 deaths from the virus, the white house's covid response team insists. vaccinations are key to limiting the spread of the virus. the team is pleased so far with new efforts to distribute booster shots. nearly two million booster shots in the first week. that's a very strong start people who are not fully vaccinated. are eight times more likely to test positive. 41 times more likely to be hospitalized. and 57 times more likely to die compared to people who are vaccinated. dr anthony fauci, who was the president's chief medical advisor says booster shots provide further protection against covid-19 infection. some people worry youtube's promised to remove
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vaccine misinformation from its website violates free speech, richard joke office spoke to an attorney about the band. in the fight against covid, doctors, health experts and even the president. of all, said the only pandemic we're experiencing right now is the pandemic of the unvaccinated. we will not have control of this pandemic until we notably increase the rates of primary vaccination and with vaccine misinformation plaguing almost every social media channel online video sharing platform youtube. is cracking down on what many say is setting us back. they have a right to remove this, the platform owned by google, announcing a push to remove all anti vaccine content from its platform. if you want to use the platform, you got to play by their rules and their terms. and this is now one of them. youtube suspended the account of the children's health defense fund, a nonprofit co founded by robert f. kennedy jr. nephew of the former president. kennedy is now unknown anti vaccine activist who tells fox free speech is the essential core
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value of liberal democracy, all other rights and ideals arrest upon it. chd president mary holland says it's unfair. they never pinpoint richard exactly what they believe is inaccurate. um they just sort of put a blanket statement and say, well, you're engaged in misinformation or disinformation, but doctors say the misinformation is a serious problem across the country, one that must be stopped. in order to save lives. we need to recognize that there are experts in the field physicians scientists. those are really studied this virus and understand the implications and we should be able to turn to them and received reliable information. youtube policy kind of works like a three strikes and you're out deal if you violated three times in a 90 day period, your account will be terminated. meanwhile, youtube says. widespread enforcement will take time, but they're doing everything they can to work against discouraging these lifesaving vaccines. richard gere, covas fox news. former president donald trump wants his twitter
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account restored and he's asked to florida judge to make it happen. his lawyers filed the motion yesterday they claim the social media company violated trump's first amendment rights. by permanently banning him. twitter blocked trump after the deadly january 6th riot on capitol hill. the company said it was concerned his tweets could lead to more violence. the former president has also been suspended on facebook and youtube. well, barry, a weather has been quite the warm to hot stretch settling in over the past few days tomorrow, another hot forecast, especially inland, but we will bring in some cooling, noticeable cooling into early next week. take a look here. the average highs for today. you can see santa rosa 81 degrees oakland 74 san jose in the upper seventies. everybody as you can imagine, up above the average for today. san francisco once again in the eighties 85 degrees this afternoon for the second day in a row and san jose in the upper eighties. here is the satellite. now we
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still have some fog hanging out in your portions of the coastline. of course, today, the fog. cooled off the beaches compared to a yesterday and we could still have some patches redevelop once again tonight into tomorrow morning, in fact, did see the fog kind of pushing on through through the golden gate earlier this evening with our live cameras for us current numbers, san francisco 56 half moon bay 49 compare that to some seventies that's where conquered and livermore right now in san jose, checking in 70 degrees. here's our live camera, looking out toward oakland, where we do have mostly clear skies. so most of the fog tonight near the coast and also right around the golden gate bridge as far as tomorrow in san francisco out toward the ballpark, we are expecting mostly sunny skies. for the giants and the padres. temperatures will be in the seventies. and of course we have some football tomorrow afternoon with the seahawks in towns. temperatures in santa clara will be in the eighties. approaching 84 degrees by kickoff tomorrow afternoon. so here's the plan. here's the breakdown for your sunday morning temperatures in the fifties to the low sixties with some fog near the coast, at least a few at least a few
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patches out there, but temperatures england once again hitting back up into the nineties for tomorrow afternoon. tomorrow another warm to hot day but definitely cooling things off of the five day and eventually maybe some rain chances. we'll have more of those changes with your full forecast and a little bit. mark thank you sad ending to the search for a missing college student from florida authorities announced today they found the body of mia marcano. family members reported her missing on september 24th when the 19 year old missed a flight to fort lauderdale and stopped responding to her family's calls and texts. marcano is remains were found this morning in a wooded area in orlando, a maintenance worker at the apartment complex where marcano lived and worked was considered the prime suspect, armando caballero had been accused of improperly using a maintenance master key to enter marcano is home. the same day she disappeared, but authorities say he killed himself. his body was found three days after marcano was last seen. back
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here in the bay area. the city of oakland is marking a somber anniversary this month marks the 30th anniversary of the devastating oakland and berkeley firestorm that claimed the lives of 25 people. and destroyed more than 3000 homes. a ceremony was held this morning outside of the rockridge bart station to honor the memory of all those who lost their lives in the 1991 fire. past and present members of the oakland fire department, along with a host of dignitaries took part in today's commemorative event. where the important things of, uh of our. member to acknowledgement of the people who passed away and the impact this had to so many families 30 years ago. is the importance of making sure we don't let this happen again. to honor those who battled the fire and those who were lost. the firestorm community mural project was erected in 1994. it's located outside the rockridge bart
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station. the mural features over 2000 hand painted tiles. in october. 2016 the mural was rededicated and a plaque that bears the names of those who died was unveiled. coming up. new video shows how some people getting involved inside shows in oakland are avoiding police investigators break down why it's hard to crack down on this problem. and even with a giant's loss earlier today, they still had the chance to clinch the n l west with eight dodgers los joe fonzi will have the status of the playoffs later in sports. and find out why your next trip to service your car may take longer than your car may take longer than you expect. so in honor of my tiny tacos, i made tiny versions of us. i think they look great, right? i need new friends. try my tasty tiny tacos. download the jack app today.
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such wisdom. mmm. but it's really genesys that helps me understand people and what they truly need. i'm just glad i can help. parts for way too long. well, you're not alone. covid related global parts shortages go way beyond computer chips. cristina gonzalez has been checking into auto parts back orders that are creating nightmares for customers. mechanics at many tech in north hollywood working nonstop and that's just to find the parts to get their customers back on the road. this is not chips. it's actually hard parts like mortar mounds like turbos like lines for turbos, engine parts, mechanical parts. same story at the auto detail shop next door.
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we had an audi uh audi 83. it took a about a month and a half to get a door panel. we were told this was the chips and new cars. it's not just chips. oh no, no, no, no, no, it's everything. the owner of norton, otto works in the inland empire just can't find the warranty tires for a customer's transit van. he uses a vehicle for his ace business for the tires. i'm able to like scoot around, i was able to play with tire sizes. so here's tires on his vehicle right now, but there. forward they're not appropriate for his warranty. i'm like he's like, i don't care. i need to drive. but what if your vehicle is un drive a ble and you have to rent something to get around. people cannot find rental cars and then the rental cars are actually charging them too much. they don't want to be spending 708 $100 we and that's somethint you know, it's as far as we can
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find these parts of cars. the cars just sit here, and we're just waiting for these parts to come in, squeezed by parts shortages, auto companies like gm and ford have announced temporary closures at some factories, which will make things even worse. but not making cars so that i'm making cars and making parts. it's crazy right now. that was christina gonzalez reporting, otto experts say it is more important than ever to keep up with your vehicle maintenance. don't skip on the old change, make sure filters are cleaned and replaced and do not forget about the radiator fluid because no one knows when this situation will get any better. palo alto based tesla is bucking an industry trend and delivering more cars this quarter despite a shortage of computer chips. tesla says it delivered more than 241. 1000 electric vehicles in the third quarter compared to 140,000 during the same period last year. sales are also beating expectations, jumping 72. so
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far this year, the company has sold roughly 627,000 vehicles that is already well over last year's total. an oil slick spans more than 13 miles off the coast of california tonight, coming up what's being done to figure out what caused the spill. and the first person to enter the oakland mayoral race officially launches his campaign coming up, councilman lauren taylor tells supporters why he's running. and we'll show you how people are working to get more comfortable in large crowds during the pandemic.
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♪ ♪ introducing the first ever at4 lineup. premium and capable. that's professional grade from gmc. tonight to figure out what has oil floating along california's
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coast. u. s coast guard says there is an oil slick spanning about 13 square miles off the coast of newport beach in orange county. there are also multiple reports of an oil sheen in federal waters near huntington beach. the state's department of fish and wildlife deployed a crew today to figure out the source of a possible leak. we have not heard whether they've come to a conclusion. the city of newport beach does not yet expect the oil will come ashore. no beaches have been closed. the big point man is behind bars in connection with a domestic disturbance that left a woman dead. deputies with the mirror station sheriff's office responded to a disturbance and island view drive in bay point. just after 12 o'clock this morning, when they arrived, they found a man and woman in the street. the man ran off but was quickly apprehended. the woman was badly injured and transported to a local hospital, where she later died.7 year old richard ortiz faces
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several charges, including murder and domestic violence. oakland council member lauren taylor formally kicked off his campaign for oakland mayor today taylor hold a community event where he addressed supporters. he is the first candidate to announce he's running to replace mayor libby schaaf. who cannot run next year because of term limits. taylor was elected city council in 2018 from district six, which covers areas, including maxwell park and havens court in east oakland. being progressive. while also making progress. that's what we're about, and that's what oakland has so much potential that we haven't realized we have promises that we haven't delivered on and i'm running for office to make sure that we deliver on those commitments. taylor's priorities include homelessness and public safety. he has pushed for more police resources in oakland while on the council. oakland police are investigating another overnight sideshow video posted here on the citizen app shows cars
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doing doughnuts it park boulevard and spruce street in the city's ivy hill district. police don't ktvu that officers were aware of sporadic sideshow activities throughout the city, such as the areas of 106th avenue and macarthur boulevard, along with spruce and park. oakland police say its officers managed the side shows as best they could, but with limited resources due to quote multiple critical incidents. well did you feel it? the east bank got a good jolt today when an earthquake struck at 12 22 this afternoon, the trembler registered at a 3.5 magnitude, according to the u. s. geological survey. quake struck just about two miles north of san leandro. this latest earthquake comes on the heels of another quick that happened around 7 15 last night, also about two miles north of san leandro. there were no reports of injuries or damage from either quick. well whether it's this coming week's fleet week
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or the numerous festivals popping up around the state, people are working to figure out how to get more comfortable in large pandemic era crowds. stephanie lynn spoke to people working to have fun safely in a crowd today. okay happy to be here. tiffany evo and kim pham are clearly excited to work at today's mid autumn festival in little saigon. this is the first time the event has been held because of delays caused by the pandemic, but has been a very sad year for old of us, including business owners. such as this woman she runs filipino chinese pop up the orient with her husband, because the pandemic yes. last year is very bad. she relies on festivals like these to survive. it's helped. it's helped by left. this is cultural vitality, and it is economic vitality. city officials telling us they encourage safe outdoor gatherings like this one. because this helps bring foot traffic to businesses who've
10:34 pm
been hurt during the pandemic. mayor steinberg speaking with us after recovering from a breakthrough case of covid-19, or not, out of this yet, but you know, we are certainly i think on the back end of it, and if we just keep doing the right thing and. mascot and people get vaccinated or in facts. innate it'll be that much faster. i'm told that there are about 45 different restaurant businesses participating in today's festival organizers tell me that they wish that there could have been more but staffing issues caused by the pandemic have limited the amount of businesses that could attend. it's a lot smaller than what we used to. louis wen runs the north cal vietnamese chamber of commerce, he says the pandemic hit hundreds of asian run businesses. many in our area hard. i think it's very important that we have this kind of event to bring people together and to remind people that hey, south sacramento is the place. where the melting pot culture of asian are here.
10:35 pm
families and friends celebrating the diversity of their local community to give people an opportunity to expose to, um to different kind of culture. different kind of food different. it feels really good for that. i'm glad that we have the opportunity to come out here hopeful for a better, more prosperous year ahead. and we pray for more health and luck and peace. all that food looked amazing that was stephanie lynn reporting fleet week. organizers here are asking anyone coming to events next week to wear a face covering. alba continues to pour out of the volcano on the spanish island of la palma, nearly two weeks after it first erupted the ongoing threat to the community. add and whether we are wrapping up another warm to hot day, but we will eventually cool things off in your five day forecast, and we'll have the update coming up. plus
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scientists fear climate change could disrupt the fall foliage. so many people love warning from environmentalists. ♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music)
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♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪ can you see my wall of smiles? when i first started using genesys technology i was kind of embarrased at all the love and attention i got from my customers. people are so moved by how much i understand about them. they start including me in their lives. that's helen and her friends. i arranged a wellness retreat for them. look at those ladies. such wisdom. mmm. but it's really genesys that helps me understand people and what they truly need. i'm just glad i can help.
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afghans being housed on u. s
10:39 pm
military bases have left the installations reuters is reporting about 700 afghans are no longer staying on the basis. prompting concern about the refugees, medical status, among other issues as they try to take their place in american society. foxes lucas tomlinson has more from washington. there are now over 53,000 afghan refugees spread out over eight bases in the united states. as you mentioned, some 700 have already decided to leave on their own. the department of homeland security says they are not breaking any laws by doing so. dhs did not refute the reuters story, only saying if afghans choose to leave the basis they are responsible for completing any medical requirements on their own and may forfeit other benefits. afghan refugees were only supposed to be on the basis for days or weeks now that mission has been extended for months, according to the top general for u. s. forces in north america were prepared to be here as long as we need to conduct this mission that's best addressed by dhs, the lead federal agency. we stand ready
10:40 pm
to support will be ready if we need to support through the winter months and into the spring. there are still 14,000 afghan refugees at bases overseas, including at ramstein in germany, waiting for flights to the us that have been suspended for weeks because of a measles outbreak. now, general van herck says all afghans have been vaccinated for measles and those flights should resume soon. he says 84% of afghan refugees have received the coronavirus vaccine. fox news asked the general why afghans were fully vaccinated against measles, but not for the coronavirus. he says he has a bigger worry. i wanted to remind lucas is that the covid positivity rate is 0.4% less than 1. and so you know, we haven't had significant challenges. i will tell you that the. ah the task force's concern is primarily flu outbreak at this point, and we're working hard to get to flu vaccine as well across all
10:41 pm
of the afghans last week of female u. s army soldier at fort bliss in texas, says she was assaulted by a group of male afghan refugees. two other afghans were arrested at fort mccoy in wisconsin, one for allegedly assaulting a child, the other for assaulting his wife in washington. lucas tomlinson, fox news. implement clean energy solutions or risk losing mother nature's fall colors. that's the stark warning from us climate scientists. extreme weathers impact on the leaves, and here's a look at a pretty night out there. felt more like summer than fall today. coming up meteorologist mark tamayo will join us with a breakdown of how long to expect this heat to last.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ introducing the first ever at4 lineup. premium and capable. that's professional grade from gmc.
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forced evacuations on the spanish island of la palma off northwest africa. it's been nearly two weeks since the volcano first started erupting. the lava flow has destroyed hundreds of homes and buildings. local authorities are warning residents to keep their windows shut as a mix of toxic gases may be released when the lava comes into contact with the water of the atlantic ocean. la palma's government says they are continually monitoring the air quality for health threats. the lake of lava has been found on hawaii's big island. video released by the u s geological survey shows the lava pulling in a crater at the summit of the killer way of volcano remarkable video there. the volcano, one of the world's most activist, started erupting on wednesday. the eruption is said to not be in an area with homes and is completely contained within hawaii volcanoes national park. well the breeze is getting cooler days are getting shorter. a
10:45 pm
sign that fall was here. but one thing that helps make this season so special could be going away. kevin corke has more on what's threatening fall foliage. bright colors. they're gorgeous. prettier than we've remembered them in years past and dramatic, vibrant hues. it's like the mountain is on fire. it's really cool. the changing of the leaves during autumn is loved and admired by many. but according to research collected by the associated press, this sea of striking shades could soon become a thing of the past as increasing wildfires, droughts, hurricanes and global warming brought on by climate change are attacking our forests. because these extreme temperatures and natural disasters are happening more frequently, scientists say. they're damaging the leaves before they even have a chance to change their colors. climate activists say enough is enough. we're behind.


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