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tv   The Ten Oclock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  June 15, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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damaged and one person transported to the hospital after a quick moving grass fire burned up a hill in vallejo right toward as many as 20 homes, forcing some evacuations. just tons of smoke up high and i started to see the flames and by then the fire department all showed up. and
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it was a quick moving fire, and it does come as parts of the bay area brace for that heat wave. good evening, everyone. i'm mike mibach in tonight for frank somerville and i'm julie julie haener. here's where it happened on skyline drive between bihar away and silver view court in vallejo, not far from interstate 80. tonight crews remain on the scene, and some roads remain blocked. this is a live picture. now firefighters are still mopping up and monitoring any hotspots, but all evacuation orders were lifted around 9 15 tonight, ktvu. deborah villalon explains. what drove this fire to four alarms from sky fox, the charred footprint of a grass fire that made an uphill run in east phileo right into some backyard patios on skyline drive. i was hoping we'd be okay. this resident was among the first to spot it and call 911 and my husband ran across the street to her house and got up on the roof and started watering. so, um, the neighbors started coming out. it was pretty scary. it got scared.
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here before it got better flying embers sent fire inside some of the homes this fireproof in a location like this. it doesn't have to be big to be threatening. probably 4 to 5. acres down below us, uh, iran, north and south. we had 15 to 20 homes threatened, calling for alarms got extra engines to the scene swiftly and cal fire in the wings. the ground crews had the fire knocked down within 90 minutes, eight homes were damaged as many as three severely. this fire moved faster than an early fire should moisture temperatures art you know, instead of june, their recordings of august typically in june, we wouldn't see the rapid progression that this one had until later in the season. you have to take precautions, even though you're in urban area vellios mayor came to the scene to lend support. it moves because of the wind. and when we have weather like we have today, and probably will have tomorrow. that's high time to be very, very careful, and some residents say they saw this coming. they've been pressing
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the out of town, owner of the hill property to mow the weeds with no success. we've called several times on that field back there. get it. if you look back there, you can tell it's a real tender box. an elderly woman in one of the first houses to burn went to the hospital for smoke inhalation. the fire's cause is still under investigation in vallejo, deborah villalon ktvu, fox two news and with that fire danger on the minds of many, especially with the heat wave about the blanket some england area starting tomorrow. chief meteorologist bill martin joins us and to emphasize here, bill. we're not talking about coastal cities. this is inland, specific, yes, yes, this big. it's gonna be a big heat up, mikey and as we go into the next couple of days, you're going to notice it, especially inland where there will be an excessive heat warning. some of us in the bay area, there'll be a heat advisory that will go into effect tomorrow and stay in effect through friday that the excessive heat warnings goes into effect on thursday, stays up through friday. i'll show you those specifics in a minute, but just this heat
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where it's coming from, it's coming from the desert southwest at high pressure is building out so coastal areas in areas around the bay are going to be very warm, but they're not going to be out of control. they're not going to be sweltering places like oakland and berkeley and hayward and san bruno. you going to have a bit of a break. it's still going to be in the eighties. it's just not going to be in the nineties or low 100 years. the heat trend and you can see what's going to happen here on thursday. temperatures peak thursday is the height of this thing, and that's when we could see some record high temperatures in places in the central valley. believe it or not, or even down towards vegas. here's the specifics on the heat advisory that starts tomorrow stays through friday. here is the excessive heat warning. kind of get the picture in the big valley. and here's the big picture. this is the thing that i really want to stress. this is not just to us thing. this is not just a bay area thing. this is a statewide four corners from vegas to phoenix or two, so i talked about it last night all the way on up and just check this out. right
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now. it's 106 degrees right now. in phoenix that heat this heat. this is that these are the current temperatures. obviously this heat is going to be working its way. up into our central valley and push out this way starting tomorrow, but in earnest on thursday again when you do it 106 degrees. at this time of night at 10 o'clock at night. that is super impressive that he. coming. i wish i got actually a little colder that he's coming our way and so thursday is going to be the main event. for sure we could see records in places like las vegas and tucson up over 120 degrees, some say and some, there are a couple records all time records that could be broken from this heat spell that's going to last for them. 3 to 4 days a couple days 2 to 3 days for us, especially human. i'll break it down when i see you back here in a little bit dangerous heat. alright, bill, we'll see in a little bit. thank you. well, staying healthy in the heat is vital doctor bill carol from sutter, santa rosa regional hospital tells us what he's expecting. i think it's very possible that
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you know, we've seen an increased number of people in the emergency department again. i mentioned those people that are particularly susceptible that elderly and also children, um you know, um and it's it doesn't take long and heat over 100 degrees to get dehydrated or to actually start seeing an increase in your body temperature. medical experts advise drinking water before you're thirsty and avoiding caffeine and alcohol during the high heat. they also suggest avoiding strenuous activity during the hottest part of the day. santa clara county is helping people beat the heat with cooling centers. the county is opening cooling centers tomorrow, thursday and friday amid the heat advisory. those locations include the cupertino library, the gilroy library, the camden community center in san jose and the senior center in santa clara. the hot weather is also raising concerns about the state's power grid. ktvu tom vacar, now on whether we could see rolling blackouts in some parts of the state. with a big time heat
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event coming later this week. it's fair to ask is the california power grid up to the challenge? u c. berkeley haas business school energy economist severin bornstein's on the board of the power grid. we're in better shape this summer than we were last summer, but i don't think we're in wildly better shape in a statement grid operators who answer to the board. issued a heat bulletin to conserve but project they will have enough power. the same goes for grid member pg and e. we're not anticipating ps ps events. we are not planning any public safety power shut off events, but we do want the public to be prepared for possible heat related outages. in some cases, older equipment, especially transformers, no matter how well maintained. simply fail under excessive use, causing local outages. we are expecting the bulk of any heat related outages. if there are any to be on thursday and friday, operators say if needed, though
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issue of flex alert a plea to cut usage on a typical summer weekday, the grid typically uses about 30,000 megawatts of power. thursday and friday. it will more likely be 50,000 megawatts. that difference is almost all air conditioning. so if we can do a little bit to cut down the air conditioning load that goes a huge distance towards making the system balance balance also means importing a lot of scarce, expensive power from out of state in our second straight drought year where our own hydro electric supplies are severely curtailed, plus the other serious worried this week, he. dryness sparks from power tools and the statewide threat of fireworks. nobody should be doing fireworks right now. in this heat, uh, any kind of pyrotechnics gender reveals those kind of things that could start a fire, so conserve and keep an eye and nose out for fire. tom vacar ktvu, fox two news and as the temperatures
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start to rise, just a reminder here for you to download the ktvu weather rap, you'll find interactive radar hourly updates and a seven day forecast. today that many californians have been waiting for fully reopening the state's economy. for many places, no more social distancing no more capacity limits. and if you're vaccinated, no more masks. ktvu is azenith smith joins us now, with a re opening celebration in the south bay azenith smith. well, julie, a lot of businesses are in a celebratory mood. some people are partying like it's 19 at 2019. others are taking it slow, hesitant but optimistic. oh taking aim at covid-19 this pinata in the form of a covid protein, the main attraction in downtown los got us tuesday night. months of restrictions now lifted today is the day that you can take your last shot at covid to the future, the party promoted as the unmasking celebration with
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live music and bubbly put on by the last carlos chamber of commerce. the tides are turning, and it's really an exciting day for everybody who's persevered through these. you know this last 50 months and i wore heavy lipstick to show off. this woman couldn't wait to show off her smile and see other people's faces. i'm just so excited to finally be able to be released into the world. i'm a person who loves events and crowds has got us like so many other towns and cities suffered during the pandemic, with store funds vacant, many restaurants closed on monday and tuesday soon that will change as far as i'm concerned. covid is that my rear view mirror and i'm looking forward. i'm not looking back at the end of the envelope store where the owner sold governor newsom non essential t shirts and other pandemic related attire. there's a new sign that greets customers, the sign actually says, you know, feel free to wear a mask feel free not to wear a mask. and feel free not
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to tell me if you've been vaccinated. it's not my business, she says. some customers said they were masked, shamed in capitola, and she says, i don't have to wear a mess and people shamed her into putting a mask back on. some people are very scared to not wear the mass anymore. other places reopening at their own pace, including the town's library, still requiring masks vaccinated or not, i hope it's not too soon because the delta variant as me a little concerned, the las cartas chamber of commerce anticipates the return to pre covid times certainly won't happen overnight. a chamber plans to keep the pinata as a reminder. remember just the good that came out of you know that tough year and a half, but there was some good for sure. and the last got his chamber of commerce says new businesses and restaurants are coming in. they aren't too worried. storefronts will be vacant for long. they're planning to hold more events to a taste of visitors back to downtown julie. people have been waiting a long time for this day as nothing. q
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san francisco also celebrated the lifting of most covid-19 restrictions today, out in china basin fans turned out to watch those first place. san francisco giants take on the arizona diamondbacks. right across the street. people packed into momo's there at second and king just hours before the first pitch as restaurant capacity limits were lifted, owner scott morton says even though staff are still complying with workplace rules about mass customers can go mask free as long as they're vaccinated. the biggest change that we're seeing today is just peace of mind. i think people know that it's okay to go back out to restaurants, not just sitting outside, but being inside. we on the other hand, don't have to feel like we're policing too much because we know that people have gotten vaccinated. mass are still required on transit in schools, healthcare settings and in many workplaces, and they're also still required for unvaccinated people inside any public setting. still ahead tonight. the reopening now presents a new challenge for some businesses staffing for full capacity at 10 30. why some
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restaurants say they need employees more than they need customers but first right after the break of san francisco firefighter is now being remembered after dying suddenly just hours after battling this large fire out at san francisco international tonight we are hearing from those who knew him best he loved just helping people he loved the camaraderie of. you know, being with his brothers and sisters serving the community, trying to make th this is the silence volvo never wants you to hear. so we're as committed to protecting you in an accident, as we are in preventing them. this is volvo on call. is everyone okay? making us one of the safest cars in the us.
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murdering her seven year old son and then dumping his body in the las vegas desert. the criminal complaint against 35 year old samantha moreno rodriguez shows the boy was found naked with multiple injuries about eight ft from a dirt road. it also reveals the woman had told a friend she was going to las vegas for her birthday. moreno rodriguez was arrested at a denver hotel last week, 11 days after a hiker discovered the boy's body. the san francisco fire department announced today. the death of a veteran firefighter christopher jac, died suddenly a week ago and tonight his brother is opening up about the one he loved. ktvu is amber lee as the story. he was just proud to wear the badge is proud to go.
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you know when the alarm rang when that alarm rang around 6 30 last tuesday morning, chris jac and his crew responded to a fire at the domestic hourly parking garage at san francisco international airport. eight vehicles were damaged in these photos. jac is the firefighter on the right battling the fire. he died at his home in sandra fell that night without a cause of death, his family and the fire department suspect cardiac arrest. his loved ones grappling with the sudden loss is your little brother. uh um, it's not supposed to happen that way. jeff jaca, retired daly city firefighter says his brother chris was a proud filipino american who achieved his dream of working for the san francisco fire department. yeah access as a young boy, chris helped put out a kitchen fire in the family home in south san francisco, where they grew up the beginnings of a dedicated firefighter. he would. well loved uncle chris had you know the island vibe? he was
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the it was like the matthew mcconaughey, the family. everything was all right. all right, all right with him, and he had this infectious smile and, you know, he was low key. things are going good. i'm just checking out the camera was listening to music. chris adored his son, caden and his family. yack says his brother was generous and cared for others. oh, he was the dj. the bartender, the cook, the waiter, um, the photographer, all in one. chris was a world traveler and wanted to experience other cultures. yack says chris was part of the tight knit community of firefighters who have given his grieving family tremendous support. chris was supposed to go on a trip to maui next month with his family. we're all still going and. planning to paddleboard out and throw our lays in the ocean and saying a little prayer for uncle chris love one love respect, have a
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great weekend. the family and the fire department have planned a vigil for chris on thursday and a celebration of life on friday. both will be held at standing nations church in san francisco. police in berkeley are asking for the public's help tonight and finding the driver of a car that hit a man on telegraph avenue. it happened at about 9 30 last night on telegraph between webster and ashby. police say a man who was in crisis laid down in the road and was then struck by a car traveling north. police say the driver left the scene. the 50 year old victim was taken to hospital with serious injuries. witnesses described the car is a lower dark color. mid nineties sedan with tinted windows. anyone with information is asked to contact berkeley police bay area dog owners desperate attempt to find three stolen pets ended with a very happy reu jesse garh the help of social media aesidel three dogs were found. oh the
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reuniting was almost as frantic as the ill fated events preceding it. tuesday afternoon. roxanne moaveni got the treat. she was searching for. yeah. yeah this tale begins monday afternoon. moaveni a dog. walker left two of her pits and the client's dog in her toyota tacoma to run inside another client's home in the 500 block of brand street in oakland, as i am leaving the house to go back in my car, i see somebody jump in my car and drive off with it. it was just my worst nightmare. louise barcia and phoebe disappeared with the pickup truck. the camper shell of the vehicle was discovered tuesday. louise and. farsi who's the client's dog were found by a man near the oakland zoo. the search for phoebe intensified with clothing left behind as a scent trail. she's very skittish. so if anybody happens to see her, i urge them to contact me. phoebe was found
10:20 pm
at this gas station in the fruitvale district of oakland. around the same time the other dogs were found a young woman who made the discovery took the pooch back to her mom's house in san leandro, but they weren't able to make contact with roxanne for another 24 hours. i had lost a dog a while ago to for two weeks and i had got him back. so i know what it's like, you know, it's like losing one of your kids. the tacoma truck is still gone and roxanne is dealing with a string of fraudulent credit card charges, but the two most important things to her are once again in the picture in san leandro, jesse gary ktvu, fox two news. after the break recognizing inspiring activists from around the globe as the prestigious goldman environmental prizes were awarded in a virtual ceremony tonight. tonight our global community is gathering virtually to honor six formidable environmental champions who put themselves on the line to
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winners. the awards often called the equivalent of nobel prizes, recognize grassroots activists across the globe. new attend ktvu jana katsuyama is here with the touching ceremony and the tragic loss of one nominee during the pandemic. jenna mike. this was the second year the ceremony was virtual. it still had so many inspiring stories. many of the prize winners, though, overcoming some additional challenges from the pandemic. 2021 goldman prize ceremony from an online screen gave people a window into the worlds of each prize winner, and they're sweeping visions of how to make the planet better in their cultures and communities. the ceremony's emc. jane fonda praised their courage six formidable environmental champions who put themselves on the line to protect the planet. this industries are part in our air, poison our water. sharon levin was the u. s prize winner who organized a grassroots movement
10:24 pm
to stop the construction of a plastics plant in st james parish, louisiana, where predominantly african american communities have cancer rates higher than the rest of the nation from japan prize winner kimiko hirata lead coalition against plans to build 13 coal plants after the fukushima nuclear disaster, instead raising support for renewable energy. cool. summit having had some success gives us confidence that we can make a difference in vietnam type and when was honored for fighting to save the pangolin, an endangered animal hunted for its meat and used in traditional medicines. their work has led to an 80% decrease in illegal activities to prize winners were first from their countries to win. gloria magica camel toe a millennial activists from malawi fought to reduce plastic waste. we need to start making different choices, different decisions we need to start refusing plastics
10:25 pm
and naida beloved from bosnia herzogovina led a group of women to stop to proposed dams along the river near her hometown from peru. is chika to try one for helping to create a national park to protect amazon rainforest land populated by more than 20 indigenous groups through education and outreach. they organized a broad coalition of indigenous leaders that supported the creation of yeah. aguas national park. i was there to defend the right of indigenous peoples and natural resources, but the pandemic took a toll on this year's prize winners. we had at least six prizewinners, um, come down. covid-19 during the pandemic and had to hlp them, uh, seek proper medical care. goldman environmental foundation executive director michael sutton said one of the nominees benjamin rodriguez, who worked with liz chair i died from covid 19. the virus hit these remote communities very hard. all over the world, and, um, it had a
10:26 pm
disproportionate impact on grassroots activists. as a result, the goldman prize says this year's winners reflect a growing trend toward diversity with 75% of the winners being women in the past four years, many from indigenous communities and the goldman family and organisers are hoping to return to an in person ceremony next year. reporting live jana katsuyama ktvu, fox two news president biden has arrived in geneva ahead of his highly anticipated face to face sit down with russian president vladimir putin. wednesday's high stakes meeting is expected to last 4 to 5 hours. president biden is hoping to find some areas of cooperation with his russian counterpart. the president's agenda includes potentially returning ambassadors to washington and moscow and a new arms control agreement. pr biden is also expected to bring up the recent cyber attacks targeting america's gas and food supply chains. the president said today he's ready. he's bright. he's tough. and i have found
10:27 pm
that, uh he is a as they say. i used to play ball a worthy adversary. but some republicans, including house minority leader kevin mccarthy, are concerned the president will not be able to confront putin making america look weaker when the talks wrap up, the leaders will deliver separate press conferences still ahead, the state's lifting of covid-19 restrictions now posing a new problem for some businesses. a worker shortage why they're having trouble staffing as many employees as they need plus 10. californians are now $1.5 million richer following the state's latest vaccine lottery, and one of those lucky winners is from here in the bay area, and the san francisco giants, just with an epic comeback against those arizona diamondbacks sports director marco bonnie's is up later with the dramatic highlights and a hearing on capitol hill, focusing on the response to the january 6th riot at the capitol. the timeline of events and information revealed in newly information revealed in newly released documents. absolutely.
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batteries and first aid kit are a good start to learn more, visit the governor celebrated in los angeles today, there was confetti and a guest appearance by the minions at universal studios this morning as the state officially lifted most covid restrictions, governor newsom said in the midst of the festivities, he is mindful of the stress and hardship of the past 15 months and the sacrifices made by so many people. this is not a day to spike the football. that's not a day where we announced mission accomplished quite the contrary. we're here because of your. hard work. we're here because of your resilience. we're here because of 40 million californians that met their i say the moment universal studios and other amusement parks can open at full capacity, including
10:31 pm
disneyland and can now welcome out of state visitors. bay area resident was among 10, winners of the vaccine lottery drawn at the event this morning. each won a prize of $1.5 million. the local winner is from marin county. so if you're in marin, look out for that 916 area code on your phone. the other winners were from six other counties, including four from los angeles. governor. newsom says the incentives helped to get more people in the state vaccinated. the state is giving away six luxury vacations on july 1st. the uc system will now require all students, faculty and staff to be vaccinated. this coming fall. the decision reverses a policy you see proposed back in april. the goal was to require everyone on campus to get vaccinated, but only after the fda fully approved at least one of the three vaccines. as of now, the fda has approved the vaccines for only emergency. you. you see, officials say students, though, can be exempt from the requirement for medical or religious reasons.
10:32 pm
in san mateo county. the state's reopening was a day to officially celebrate with a barbecue in a plaza in colma. many stood face to face, perhaps for the first time in a while, and not just with friends or families or in pods, but stranger to stranger. a dramatic turnaround from one year ago. that's when the county closed local beaches and parking lots so people wouldn't form crowds and risk spreading covid-19. but today it was all about celebrating getting back to normal. we're free. we're able to swing dance were able to listen to jazz were able to dance and be with people again, and it's just it's freedom. but i love it. but it wasn't hard to notice that more than a few people who were celebrating. we're also still wearing their masks for some being comfortable putting their mass take away may take a while today also marks a milestone for many businesses hit hard during this pandemic, especially the restaurant industry. and as ktvu maureen naylor reports, many of them now face an uphill battle finding enough workers to fill the need. it sounds at vito's
10:33 pm
new york treachery, a restaurant near the san jose airport. they're serving up the same mouthwatering lunch menu to diners. but this week marks the first time in more than a year, the restaurant can open at full capacity. we're moving in the right direction, it seems like the pandemic. the worst is behind us. but along with the optimism of california's reopening comes concern for this restaurant owner and others who simply can't find enough. workers were at the point. now that we're we really need employs more than we need more customers. many restaurants can't even open up to full capacity. if. even if they wanted to, because they are faith facing this employee shortage challenge the california restaurant association says the industry was already dealing with a worker shortage before the pandemic and is now facing several new contributing factors, including workers choosing to collect unemployment or moving on to other industries. and other workers the group says, are still dealing with child care
10:34 pm
problems, along with fears of contracting the virus. but this reopening day hasn't marked much of a difference at the fourth street pizza company were hanging on until the students come back. so the businesses come back. i mean, downtown san jose has been a ghost town for, you know, 15 months, but as for vito's, there's still six employees short and the owner says ultimately, diners will have to expect bigger bills to cover increased labor and food costs. let's face it, you're going to have to raise your prices. great. okay, so i got georgia calamari is a little bit. right and in addition to raising prices, industry watcher say we may see fewer traditional servers and more restaurants offering counter service along with a simpler menu to deal with the ongoing worker shortage. maureen naylor, ktvu fox two news. well, most master restriction mask restrictions are now lifted. santa clara county health officials are
10:35 pm
looking at future uses for face coverings help keep people safe from other illnesses. we spoke with county health officer dr sara cody. today she says space coverings have their benefits. he played a role in limiting the number of people getting the flu this year and could help to stop the spread of other viruses in the future. we essentially didn't have an influenza season. i know, anecdotally from friends and family and from others, very few other normal winter respiratory viruses were spread between people because people were practicing social distancing and they were masking. um so that's something that we might want to do again in the winter. dr cody says she doesn't anticipate a situation again where a health order or legal authority will have to be used to protect people in the county still ahead, juneteenth one step closer to becoming a federal holiday to mark the emancipation of those who had been enslaved in the united states will tell you about the action taken by the u. s senate
10:36 pm
today and taking a live look right now outside on this tuesday evening, a beautiful picture of the golden gate bridge, we'll check back in with our chief meteorologist, bill martin. for all the details on the upcoming details on the upcoming heatwave [hippo groans melodically] [iguana belts major 3rd] [gator reverb] [splash] [singing indri sings] [elephant trumpets] [buffalo punish timpani] [cassowary crescendo] ♪ [goat does a sick vibrato] ♪
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bill establishing june 19th as juneteenth national independence day. the federal holiday would mark the day that enslaved people in texas learned about the signing of the emancipation proclamation. june teeth became a texas state holiday in 1980 is commemorated in every state, but south dakota. the bill is expected to easily pass the house 94 year old opal lee of fort worth, texas, has been advocating for the holiday for years. none of us are free and to will all
10:39 pm
free and we weren't free on the fourth of july. 17 76, so i'm advocating. that we celebrate from the 19th of june to the fourth of july to that would be celebrating freedom. on saturday, lee will walk 2.5 miles as she does every year to raise awareness about the cause. the distance marks the 2.5 years it took for union soldiers to bring the news of freedom to the state of texas. east bay. regional parks will be waving many park fees. on saturday, june 19th and celebration. they include park entrance fees as well as parking, boat launching and fishing fees. the park district is partnering with the group outdoor afro, which advocates for more people of color to spend more time. in nature, a local nonprofit has received a generous donation from mackenzie scott. she is the ex wife of amazon ceo jeff bas, owes the philanthropist recently donated $2.7 billion to 286 organizations in areas
10:40 pm
that have been historically underfunded and overlooked. one of those organizations is oakland's the greenlining institute. greenlining focuses on helping communities of color, build wealth and address the root causes of racial, economic and environmental inequities. house oversight and government reform committee held a hearing today in washington on the january six attack on the united states capitol. as madeline rivera reports. the hearing put a spotlight on the continuous divide in congress. more than five months after the capital riot on january six. lawmakers are still looking into the security failures that led to the attack the federal government failed to sound the alarm capitol police and d c officials had made 12 urgent requests for guard support, but army leaders told the guard to stand by as the violence escalated per research by the house oversight committee. the guard did not arrive until 5 20 pm. more than four hours after the capital was breached. we are absolutely determined to
10:41 pm
make sure that we're d our part with our partners to make sure it never happens again. still some republicans think the hearings are unlikely to reveal new information. director ray is here for one reason only. and that is to add an aura of credibility to this overtly political hearing. the hearings come as new documents show president trump had pressured the justice department to investigate unsubstantiated claims of voter fraud in the 2020 presidential election. senate majority leader chuck schumer says conspiracy theories that flourished under the leadership of former president trump helped incite the riot. qanon supporters spread disinformation that amplified hatred. in violence. attorney general merrick garland is now rolling out a new strategy to combat domestic terrorism, tying the policy directly to the attack. the only way to find sustainable solutions is not only to disrupt and deter but also to address the root
10:42 pm
causes of violence last month of bipartisan january six commission feel in the senate, but house speaker nancy pelosi says they're considering several options to move forward with an investigation into the attack. in washington. mala rivera, fox news coming up preparing for the expected rico election of governor newsom. why county officials say they wanted to take place after mid september and enjoy that cool evening out there as we give you this live look out of the city of san francisco, the bay bridge right there in that screen. warmer weather on its way specifically for many bay area cities inland, we're going to check back in with chief meteorologist bill martin for the forecast in your neighborhood.
10:43 pm
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expected recall election of governor newsom before mid september. they say they can't guarantee enough paper to print ballots until then, clerk say they also need time to train poll workers and handle other logistics. the election date is still uncertain. there are a number of steps to go before the recall is certified. leaders across california are calling for immediate action on governor do some $7 billion broadband infrastructure plan today. santa clara county supervisor cindy chavez led a meeting. urging the state legislature to reinstate the governor's three year plan to close the digital divide. the plan uses federal relief money to build a statewide middle
10:46 pm
mile fiber broadband network. the aim is the goal here is to connect the 51% of rural households that have no high speed option. this is such an urgent issue for the entire state, especially for the underserved and unserved communities. whether we're talking about rural communities where they were talking about low income. urban and suburban communities. we need to close the digital divide as soon as possible states itself. the plan is included in governor's newsom's budget proposal. now officials say that federal rescue dollars must be spent quickly or they will be given back a bill to hike penalties for participating in illegal side shows. moved one step closer to law today. assembly bill three unanimously passed out of the senate transportation committee. it now heads to the senate public safety committee. legislation would give courts the authority to suspend an offender's driver's license for up to six months. law enforcement says citations for side your activity have surged by as much
10:47 pm
as 300% in some areas over the past five years. oh alright the trend. you know what it's going to heat up. it started today with about 5 to 10 degrees of warming. and then when we get into wednesday, it warms up another 5 to 10 that will see some low and mid nineties and some of the warmest spots and then by thursday were in the low one hundreds in the bay area inland. it's going to be 1 10 1. oh, eight and down in vegas and palm springs. those guys could go over 120 degrees, in some cases that heat last thursday into friday, and then we get a bit of a cool down. so tomorrow is the day you notice the heat, you know, instead a little today, but you know, the air conditioners will kick on tomorrow. there's no fog at the coast, but there is still a sea breeze. fortunately and that sea breeze is kind of you can see, the sea breeze writes in green temperatures right now, it's 71 in brentwood, 69 fairfield, they're running ahead of schedule or ahead of where they were last night in almost all areas, right, so it's warming up already, as the air starts to sink and move in from the southwest, and you
10:48 pm
know that's going to be hot. well i think i think i got numbers here for you from yeah, from down around palm springs, phoenix, 105 106 and. phoenix right now, that's right now, so all that heat bullseye that red. that's all coming our way. it's just going to work its way north and we're going to find temperatures by tomorrow into the triple digits and in the big story really is going to be the western power grid because the big cities are getting hit with 100, plus heat that includes los angeles that includes phoenix that includes tucson. that includes right includes a lot of us so big cities, air conditioners equal strain on the power system. so that's the main thing that the main time no civil time for that will be thursday when it's been a couple days of heat, and that's the peak day a little bit of an onshore wind continues. no fog at the coast really anywhere along the coast right now, the forecast for tomorrow with the fog you don't see any. you see a few clouds right there and then look at all that red. and here's here's a saving grace. look at that little bit of yellow and green right along the coast. that's
10:49 pm
going to stay that way. this isn't an offshore wind event at all. this is a heat coming from the southwest onshore flow at the surface at lower elevations will be will be coming onshore. so if you need to get out of the heat go out to point reyes go up two point arena go out to bodega bay go out to a half moon bay much, much cooler out there. forecast highs tomorrow. there they are, and it's you know the except for the hundreds. it's manageable right that 81 in oakland. that's hot for oakland, but not horrible. 85 in hayward, the next states thursday. it will be the hottest and heat advisory goes into effect for lots of the bay area away from the bay tomorrow and then an extreme heat it warning. i mean, excessive heat warning goes into effect for parts of the bay area on thursday, mainly the inland parts and that last through friday. and those numbers that excessive heat warning will stay in effect really right through friday for the central valley straight through and they're going. i mean, that's the real story here is going to be going to be. the central
10:50 pm
valley day after day of 100, plus heat, so we're going to cool down a little on friday and saturday. they're still going to be doing 100, so fire danger? sure it's high, but this isn't a wind event. so when you get a fire like we had in vallejo today, did you notice there wasn't much wind out there? that's why that thing didn't didn't just cook more than it did because they got on it early, so we're not expecting a bunch of wind fire danger? always something to think about with the low humidities in the high heat, but this is not repeat, not a code red red flag warning kind of a thing with the big offshore winds. so with that, said, heats, the most dangerous thing right. that's what affects people, the most in terms of whether it's it can kill people that can make you sick. and if you have pets, i know a lot of folks got pets during the pandemic. please please, please lots of water and don't walk them out on the concrete. mikey, you got a dog, you know that. keep them off the concrete, getting plenty of water. exactly let's get through this 48 hours. safe and sound bill. thanks for that. the city of oakland along with the oakland a's have formally asked the alameda county board. two supervisors for money to help build the waterfront ballpark district at how we're terminal, the a's want to
10:51 pm
privately financed a $12 billion stadium at howard terminal, but they're asking the city for about $855 million in future tax revenue to spend on infrastructure. we're talking about roads and sidewalks and transportation improvements. and now the city once the county share of property taxes to help pay for affordable housing, parks and other improvements. we see this as a deal for the region, um, that this is bigger than the city. it's even. it's bigger than the county. this is a significant endeavor. um that's really once in a generation opportunity there are in terms of, you know, technically speaking, there will be agreements with the city. there will be agreements with the port of oakland. um and that's something that's going to take this all comes as major league baseball gave the a's go ahead to consider other cities to move the organization too, just in case the city of oakland does not approve the new proposed ballpark coming up in sports kevin durant with the performance for the ages and
10:52 pm
the nets comeback, win over the bucks and speaking of comebacks. wait until you see how the giants rallied against the arizona diamondback and then coming up on the 11 o'clock news, remembering san francisco firefighter who died suddenly just hours after battling this fire at a parking garage out at san francisco international tonight his older brother opens up to us. about his sibling, a man who he says love the fire department and who love to travel the world.
10:53 pm
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we want you to join our family. with you tonight. the vital role. it's okay. you can have better wouldn't blame you for switching the channel with the giants down seven to nothing, but you feel it is just like one of those years. things are starting to happen where? those who didn't believe are starting to come around. this team might
10:55 pm
have it going on for the distance. get ready for father's day. right here. a fan out there. hey dad, you want to foul bomb? yeah not a bad way to get this thing going, although the giant pictured that problems, seven nothing early lead and let the comeback begins. stephen duggar two run, shot their cuts the deficit. own water world, and it's suddenly only 73 with his fifth. pick it up in the six. now it's an 84 games to out man at second, jason fosler with a shot off the glove of christian walker incomes, donovan solano, and it is 85 bottom of the eighth. it is now 85 bases loaded, two outs. 12 pitch, mike your sprints. is a high drive the right is it fair down the line. it is pop. gregg slammed into the water. can you believe it, just every giant fan holding their breath as
10:56 pm
that ball. was it gonna stay? fair first career grand slam for yes, suddenly a 98 victory. soak it all in mccovey cove. 21 the straight losses on the other side now on the road for the arizona diamondbacks. they've lost 12 all older 098 the final. it's got the field of one of those very special years as you see that swing again, one changeup that ends up waterworld on the other side of the bay. not quite as dramatic but every bit as effective the a's in case you didn't notice they got it going on to. they're on a roll. and guess what? all smiles so again for bob melvin, and why not? he's got every reason to teams. roland and his option picked through the 22 season around ris clicking in every phase pitching and defense guy bo
10:57 pm
best name exports sky balls out of the western sky. he makes it it that makes frankie montas on his way to his seventh win very happy three to aids in the six men at 1st and 3rd. have you noticed elvis and this is starting to hit the ball gap er left center field. two runs are gonna score. sean murphy catcher all the way around from first to make it five to oakland, just for the heck of it got to show you this in the eighth inning, showtime show. hey. oh county. one of the biggest attractions in all of baseball right now. aces lazard. oh what about 440? ft gone. 18th homer didn't hurt too bad. it's just a solo shot. and guess what, they get it right back or bottom. now don murphy sweet part of the back and his eighth of the year 64 final days of 1 11 out of 13, including five straight. watch the nba playoff postgame show today, charles barkley said the
10:58 pm
milwaukee bucks should not be fed on the flight back to milwaukee. that's pretty harsh. they did blow it, but you've got to focus more on the good stuff. kevin durant did. and brooklyn has james harden back, although he wasn't too much of a factor as milwaukee gets up to a quick lead yannis after the campo major skills scoop to the hoop, he had 34 points, 12 rebounds and. led by as many as 17 2nd quarter, but here comes the brooklyn barrage, actually, just mostly katie, one of the top five games of his career, said his coach steve match afterwards, does everything he is every 49.7 rebounds. tennis is 1 14 1832 lead in the series back to milwaukee, you know, by the way, steph curry first team all and be a. got little time. so why not check this out? a
10:59 pm
little more baseball for you as we take a look at one of the best place the night willie adama's from short step number when derek jeter used to do that to skip hop in the throat milwaukee music loser, though, to the reds, 2 to 1. hey, you! hey neo suarez robbed on that play and let's go. you know about toronto? they can't play in canada because of the pandemic, playing their games of the triple a field, the buffalo bison look at this ball out on the highway there, the fan gets it. that's the yankee rookie chris gaitan's. his first major league hit is a home run getting says good. i don't think that guy looked both ways did not. he did not. yeah right. did not, but he got himself a ball. hopefully he got it to the guy for his first major league home run. that's the sporting life for right now. we'll get it back to you guys. mike nice to have you with us. okay great to be here. appreciate that, mark. thank you. next at 11 is your little
11:00 pm
brother. uh um, it's not supposed to happen that way. a bay area family grieves the sudden loss of a veteran san francisco firefighter, the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox two starts now. he died suddenly one week ago after battling a fire in a garage at sfo. hello again, everyone. i'm julie julie haener and mike mibach into in tonight for frank somerville. tonight christopher york's brother opened up about his family's loss and his brothers love of firefighting, his love for travelling and helping others. ktvu amber lee joins us live in san francisco with more on the story. am burisma jac had worked at the fire station here at sfo. he has been with the fire department for more than two decades when he died suddenly a week ago, and he was just proud to wear the badge is proud to go. you know when the alarm rang when that alarm rang around 6 30 last tuesday
11:01 pm


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