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tv   The Ten Oclock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  July 18, 2020 10:00pm-10:45pm PDT

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xfinity flex 4k streaming device included? even beautiful-er. and now flex also comes with peacock. ooh la la. this rare bird lets you stream tons of movies, shows, news, sports and more. and with flex, it's all at your beck and call... show me parks and rec! see? the best really did get better! magnificent. switch to xfinity internet and get a flex 4k streaming device with peacock premium included for no additional cost. . two animal attacks in just over a week in an east bay community. tonight, neighbors are concerned about the coyotes in the area. >> the coyotes are prevalent on our street. >> residents in the area taking
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extra precautions because of court roaming the area. >> there have been two animal attacks in just eight days. the first happened last thursday where a child was bitten by a coyote at moraca commons. authorities still aren't sure what kind of animal is behind the attack at the country club. new at 10:00, greg liggins joins us now with reaction from people who live in that area. greg? >> yeah, that's right. i you can at thatted with some people that lived near where these two incidents took place. to be clear, one is a confirmed coyote attack. the other is under suspicion. now for people who live in this area, this is very unsettling and potentially dangerous. >> security videos taken recently outside a home shows a
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coyote meandering through the yard. the homeowners say in april, their 12-pound dog iggy was killed by the coyote. >> at the start of covid, our dog was taken by a coyote right by our feet. >> police say a man sitting with others at a fire pit at maragan country was bitten on the leg by something no one saw. he's being treated by the bite and fish and wildlife are investigating whether it was a coyote. a resident of the area says she's never heard of coyotes actually biting people. >> i'll try to do my route differently or maybe taking rocks or sticks with me. >> reporter: they temporarily closed the commons for a day after a 2-year-old was bitten by a coyote in a parking lot last week coyotes have been
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more active in several months and even during the day when kids are playing outside. >> a coyote was coming down the hill. we weren't sure if it was coming towards her exactly. but it was coming down the hill and my husband had to chase it away. >> we tried to haze them and then make noise. but that hasn't deterred them too much. >> reporter: she's putting up a fence to protect the two new pups the family got to replace the dog that got killed. a neighbor stopped letting her dog out without supervision. >> we don't send him out in the front yard at night to go to the bathroom anymore. we're out there with a leash with all the lights on. >> reporter: police are working with fish and wildlife to try to get a handle on the problem. residents say something needs to be done to make the coyotes stay away so residents and their pets can enjoy the outdoors. first it was the pandemic keeping people inside more often. now it's the coyotes. >> after shelter in place this year, they have definitely come
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down to our doors, our driveways, just walking up and down the street as if they own the place. a 20-year veteran of the police force says he has never heard of anyone in maraga actually being bitten by a coyote until recently of course. we did reach out to fish and wildlife to try to get an answer to the question: when are they going to be able to determine whether the man at the country club was actually bitten by a coyote? and if it is confirmed, what are they going to do about it? so far, we have not heard back. >> just scary for those in marag. and hopefully they can be more alert when they're outdoors. greg, thank you. new at 10:00, a san francisco come is searching for her sister's stolen wedding chase. katie worthing says her car was stolen from a garage on tuesday
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night. her sister's wedding dress was inside. the car was recovered near mint plaza but that dress is still missing and lucky her sister's wedding was three weeks ago so it was worn on the big day. but she says the family would still like to have that dress back. if you have seen it, you're asked to call sfpd. flags at the white house and the capitol have been lowered to half staff following the death of georgia congressman george lewis. he died yesterday after a battle with pancreatic cancer. he was 80 years old. and reaction has been pouring in following the congressman's death. earlier tonight, i spoke with oakland congresswoman barbara lee who was not only colleagues but friends with the congressman as well. she says the black lives matter movement happening now is a continuation of the movement lewis started himself. >> and he has passed the baton. and john was a young man just like our young people today when he got involved in the
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movement, when he was a student, when he was -- he protested, went to jail. i mean, this was a movement of young people. so this is a movement that, yes, john started, but it's a movement we all have to continue until there is true equality and liberty and justice for everyone. and we know that's not the case now. and john knew that. and he continued to fight for justice until he passed away which is really hard to -- it's still hard to come to grips with. i tell you. i can't imagine a world without john. >> fox news steve harrington has more on the passing of the icon. >> when you see something not right, not just, not fair, you have the moral obligation to say something, to do something. >> reporter: tributes pouring in, honoring the extraordinary life of long serving georgia congressman and civil rights icon john lewis. >> john lewis personified
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nonviolence everyday of his life. everything he did, he tried to do in a nonviolent way. i'm inspired and millions are inspired by john lewis. >> lewis, creating a lasting legacy to his 33 years in congress and his life-long activism, inspired by martin luther king, jr., lewis joined him to become one of the most influential leaders. >> what a loss and what a giant. when john lewis would get up to speak, he wasn't somebody who would always go speak, but when he did, everybody would stop. >> reporter: president obama who bestowed lewis with the highest civilian honor in 2011 saying in a tweet, not many of us get to live to see our own legacy play out in such a meaningful, remarkable way. john lewis did. the white house ordering flags to be flown at half staff for his service. quote, representative john lewis was an icon of the civil rights movement and leaves an
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enduring legacy that will ve be forgotten. one of his congressional colleagues says his passing is an end of an era but the fight for justice will continue in his honor. >> what we've seen in the streets is an entirely new generation of leaders indicates the fight goes on. >> reporter: lewis died following a 7-month battle with pancreatic cancer. he was 80 years old. in atlanta, steve harrington, fox news. there is a growing movement to rename the edmond pettis bridge after congressman lewis. the bridge was the site of the 1965 bloody sunday beatings in selma, alabama. lewis suffered a fractured skull when state troopers and sheriff deputies moved in and began attacking the marchers with tear gas and clubs. at the time, he was just 25 years old. the petition to rename the bridge has garnered more than 4,432 nurse.
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the reverend ct vivian also died yesterday in atlanta. he was a civil rights leader who worked alongside martin luther, king. he met dr. king after the 1955 busboy cot. his civil rights work stretched back to the 1940s. he was awarded the presidential award of freedom by barack obama in 2015. he was 95 years old. well, during the coronavirus pandemic, california now has more than 375,000 cases today. and that is an increase of about 10,000 in 24 hours. the death toll went up 120 more than yesterday. in the bay area, there are more than 41,000 cases. and today reached 700 deaths. >> well, dozens of alameda county sheriff deputies and staffers have tested positive
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for covid-19. that's according to "east bay times." they say at least 41 sheriff employees have come down with the virus in just the last month alone. some of the cases are tied to an outbreak at the santa rita jail in dublin. ray kelly tells the paper many of those with positive tests are asymptomatic. testing sewage at yosemite park shows coronavirus. no employee has tested positive at the clinic. and no visitors have reported being sick since they reopened on june 11th. samples of untreated waste water were collected and sent to a lab in massachusetts for an testing. that lab told maricopa health officials that based on the amount of virus they counted, it's possible about 170 people were infected at yosemite valley. centers remain closed while gift shops and hotels are limiting services for physical
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distancing. as u.s. coronavirus cases continue to rise, reopenings are being rolled back and there are growing calls for people to wear face coverings as a way to help slow the spread. but not everyone thinks mandating masks is the best way to move forward. we have more on the heated debate over masks. >> reporter: the country shattering a new record. this over a debate of wearing a mask intensifies. >> we have a very difficult decision to make. are we going to go down the road of harsh shutdowns or down the road of universal masking? i think universal masking is the best strategy. it's low cost. it's high benefit. and it's compatible with an open economy. >> reporter: more than half of the states in washington, d.c., requiring face coverings in public. and now without statewide regulations, some of the hardest hit areas are implementing their own local
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mandates, including miami-dade county. officials saying they'll fine people $100 for not wearing a mask in public and issuing an 8:00 curfew at miami beach to prevent gatherings at nightclubs. >> we're not doing it to hurt our businesses. what we're doing is for the safety and health of our residents. >> reporter: but not everyone is on board. in neighboring georgia are cases are sharply increasing, the governor is suing atlanta's mayor over requiring masks. and oklahoma is also seeing a rise in cases, leading to calls for a statewide mandate there. but the governor who recently tested positive for the virus says he is against such an ordinance. >> i'm not going to mandate something that's uninforcible. and what are we going to do? put people in jail because they don't wear a mask? >> reporter: and despite growing pressure, president trump says he will not invoke a nationwide mask mandate. in new york, fox news. the debate over face
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coverings hits a northern california community. at 10:45, the restaurant that's accuse accused of not wearing customers not wearing masks. >> the trump administration is reportedly trying to block billions of dollars that would go towards contact tracing of the new coronavirus relief bill. "the washington post" report it is administration is also trying to block billions that gop centers want to allocate for prevention. mitch mcconnell is expected to unveil the new relief bill in the coming week. it will likely be the last coronavirus relief bill before the november election. well, president trump making a major change to his campaign rallies. at 10:30, how he says he'll be addressing his supporters moving forward. >> and lots of sunshine. warmer temperatures for today. coming up, we'll let you know if this warm weather pattern continues in your sunday forecast.
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>> and speaking of that warm weather, we'll have more on this. getting ready for fire season. how one community practiced an evacuation drill today without leaving their homes.
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the bureau of land management, fire and aviation says there have been 4,891 human caused fires here in our state so far this fire season. texas made the list with 2400 such fires. florida, north carolina, and arizona rounded out the top five. excuse me here. i'm going up on one of our scrips. with a wildfire at livermore nearly out. and cal fire says the mineral fire in fresno county has now
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burned 24,600 acres. the fire burning west of colinga began on monday and is 35% contained. an evacuation order has been issued. and four such structures have been destroyed. another 60 are threatened. spoke from that fire is also causing some haze here in the bay area. well, contra costa county, fire officials want to make sure its community is prepared in case of a large wildfire. we have details on the why the maraga fire district helping an evacuation exercise during a pandemic. >> with everything going on right you no, it may feel a little bit overwhelming to plan for yet another emergency. but fire and police officials want their residents to be prepared which is why they planned this evacuation exercise. >> reporter: the covid-19 pandemic makes everything look different this year, including preparing for a wildfire. >> today's exercise was a
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virtual exercise. >> reporter: the mainga fire district with a group of volunteers ordered the evacuation exercises. >> i think people just going through the motions enables them to figure out where they need to improve on their evacuation plan. >> reporter: the entire city was included in this wildfire scenario so people could get ready for an emergency while officials tested coordination and information sharing. an alert went out over the contra costa county community warning system. but because of coronavirus, people didn't actually leave their homes. while there were some issues -- >> we had some residents who had difficulty getting their texts. >> reporter: that's the point of the exercise, to iron out problems and be better prepared for a real emergency. >> we've already identified three or four things just in talking through the exercise this morning that we want to change with our evacuation protocols. >> from traffic control to communicating where resources should go, fire and police
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officials say they'll make the changes and be ready for what's to come. >> we can do it in a calm, deliberate manner with a little bit of stress involved. really paid dividends to when things go wrong. >> reporter: if you haven't signed up for the community warning system, head to our ktvu app and click on web links for a link on how to register. sara zendehnam, fox 2 news. in terms of fire danger in the bay area, no red flag warnings in place this weekend. but of course any day this time of year, of course, fire danger is a big concern for us. those hillsides are so dry. and it's pretty dry out there, especially the inland spots during the afternoon hours. we're watching out for that. look at the highs for this afternoon. we were advertising a warmup. and that indeed happened. in fact, a few spots in the 90s out towards livermore, antioch, concord and fairfield. lots of 80s up in the north bay. san francisco, 67. and san jose, 81 degrees. here's the plan for your sunday. most areas cooling off a little
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bit. so areas and the fog return first thing tomorrow morning near the coast and near portions of the bay. hazy sunshine. it will be breezy into the afternoon hours. fairfield, 67. fremont, 64. san jose, 66. and san francisco has cooled off into the upper 50s. actually had some clearing near portions of the coastline earlier today. but as you can see on the satellite, those low clouds regrouping and a pretty good onshore breeze that will help transport the clouds back into the day as we head into tonight. here's our live camera out toward the bay bridge. san francisco in the distance and evidence of that cloud cover out here. so that will bulk up in coverage over the next few hours. as far as first thing tomorrow morning, overnight lows in the low 50s to low 60s into the afternoon hours, low 60s to right around 90 degrees for your forecast highs for tomorrow. so tomorrow, most areas will be just a little bit cooler compared to today. and it looks like that cooling trend will continue in your five-day forecast. we'll have the full update coming up in just a little bit.
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all right, mark. thanks so much. and if you want to get outdoors, there's something new happening. the new stretch of the bay trail in albany opened today. take a look at the video we shot earlier today. the trail connects oakland to richmond. the nearly $19 million project by the east bay regional park district added a new mile-long stretch to the trail. it's located behind the golden gate fields racetrack, closing a gap between berkeley and albany. walkers, hikers and cyclists can enjoy the sweeping golden bay bridge. >> a one mile total extension of the missing link for the san francisco bay trail. a recreation trail and a linear park. it will connect to unconnected pieces of the 8.5-mile mclaughlin state park. >> it's it's been open for a
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few weeks. today was the official unveiling. it included the renovations of a small beach at the north end of the new segment in albany, doubling its size with picnic tables and restrooms now added. the beach and new stretch of the trail, as i said, actually opened several months ago. but today was officially the kickoff. >> as i've seen this before -- >> a house fire leaves two people seriously hurt, including a child. how firefighters may have saved their lives. later in sports, major league soccer's all-time leading soccer forward weighs in from the bubble in orlando as their tournament keeps up. >> and could relief for hair salons be on the way? when new rules could be announced that would allow stylists to work outdoors.
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a fire in daly city leaves to injured. one of them, a 9-year-old boy. the fire broke out just after 8:00 this morning at a duplex on bismark drive. as elissa harrington tells us, firefighters found the child and an adult unconscious inside of the home. >> oh, man. that's horrible. >> reporter: neighbors react to the news that a child is among two critically injured at a house fire on daly city's
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bismark street. the fire broke out at this duplex just after 8:00 in the morning. >> man, that's super sad because i've seen those kids before. man, i didn't even know about that. that's -- that's horrible. >> reporter: those who know the family say a 9-year-old was badly hurt. firefighters forced their way inside. they found heavy smoke and flames coming from the kitchen area. >> there were two victims found inside a house and both were transported to the local hospital in critical condition. >> reporter: the victims were rushed to the hospital. nobody else was hurt. and the fire was quickly extinguished. police and firefighters were seen investigating throughout the day. it appears the building may have lacked smoke detectors. >> it appears smoke detectors may have played a role in this. >> nobody was injured. the cause of the fire has not been determined. i'm elissa harrington, ktvu, fox 2 news. the alameda county district attorney's office has charged a
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priest with sexual battery. authorities say barhesi, known as father george, inappropriatedly touched an adult woman last july in alameda. it happened last july. "the chronicle" reports a number of women have accused him of sexual harassment. the catholic diocese of oakland has placed him on administrative leave. he's not in custody and has a court hearing on monday. he's been charged with one count of misdemeanor sexual battery. oregon's attorney general will take action after federal enforcement officers are seen arresting protestors in oakland. >> a petition created against trader joe's. why some say the chain has racist packaging and the changes trader joe's says it's making. >> and big changes to this year's democratic national convention. why the donald trump administration is criticizing their plans. superfast internet.
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president trump appears to be backing off of large convention rallies. at least for now. he told supporters he will hold, quote, telephonic rallies. they'll have to suffice until the, quote, covid-19 problem is resolved. but neither the president nor his campaign have completely ruled out the holding more in person campaign rallies. biden says intelligence agencies in china and russia are looking to undermine the election. they're looking to downsize its party convention in milwaukee. the announcement was expected but it formalized
10:31 pm
those scaled back planned. now only about 300 people expected to attend the convention, that includes news media and party workers. programming willreduced from about six hours of daily speeches to three. "the new york times" reports much of it will be pretaped and no former 2020 presidential candidates will be there. counselor to president trump, kellyanne conway, took shots at the plan. >> they said we only want 300 people. they went from 50,000 to 300. which as i just noted is legendly a small second wedding where i come from. it's not a national convention. it's not the way we should be electing our president. >> reporter: a head of the dnc, joe biden, has started receiving classified intelligence briefings. russia offered bounties to kill american soldiers. he said he would request them. last month, biden said the trump administration had not offered access to the briefings which are traditionally provided to party nominees. biden plans to accept the nomination at the convention.
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biden warned foreign actors are attempting to undermine the election. saying, we know from before and i guarantee you, i know now because i get briefings again. the russians are still engaged as trying to delegitimize our electoral process. and china is engaged as well, designing to lose confidence in the outcome. he's often criticized president trump for being different shall for russian president vladimir putin and allowing china to downplay the severity of coronavirus early in the pandemic. ahead of president trump's interview on "fox news sunday," the biden campaign has purchased ads in swing states which will promise voters in those areas that his administration, if he's elected, will not abandon those states. in new york, jackie heinrich, fox news. late last night, oregon's attorney general filed a lawsuit against federal agencie the suit alleges that federal law enforcement officers are violating the civil rights of
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protestors by arresting people without probable cause. there have been several reports this week of federal agents arresting protestors and putting them in unmarked vans. several city leaders have called their actions unconstitutional. house speaker nancy pelosi and rod bloomenhour reacted to protestors there. in redding park, last month the administration tear gassed peaceful protestors in washington, d.c now videos show them kidnapping protestors in unmarked cars in portland. all with the goal of enflaming tensions for their own gain. while portland is the" president's current target, any city could be next. a black lives matter mural was painted today. it's included on parrot street and was painted by community members in honor of stephen taylor, shot and killed by san leandro police three months
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today. he was killed outside a walmart after he refused to drop the baseball bat he was holding. organizers say the mural advocates for change, justice, and unity in san leandro trader joe's says it has already begun phasing out some of its ethnic food product that is come with what some customers say is racist packaging. this comes after a petition called out trader joe's for selling chinese food under the name trader ming's and mexican food called trader hjose's. officials are set to announce rules that will allow stylists, barbers and aestheticians to perform some outdoor services. the california consumer services and housing agency which is in charge of licensing, says they recognize the hardship for barbers and hair stylists. many salons were closed up and
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down the state. announcement on personal care services is expected in the coming days. washington debates more financial assistance during the coronavirus pandemic. many small businesses are struggling to keep their doors open. fox's edward lauren shows us why many face several challenges >> reporter: downtown bethesda, maryland. >> it went from being full forced, fully booked, working every single day to almost even too much. and to absolutely nothing. you know, march 15th, i had to close my doors. i to shut everything down >> reporter: she applied for and was denied a paycheck protection loan, forcing her to fire her one employee. >> i didn't have that. this may be a good time. i kind of focused more on my
10:36 pm
retail and skincare >> reporter: with revenue of 50% of what it was and an understanding landlord, she's hopeful she can reopen soon. restaurants on her block also adapting. >> how may i help you? >> reporter: richard fancy let go most of his staff, and converted the restaurant to takeout only >> we have to be constantly coming up with new ideas to drive sales, bring people in and be efficient >> reporter: the national bureau of economic research says the arch small business has $10,000 of monthly expenses and in less than one month cash reserves. it's a more desire story for maddie bullet who owns three bars in orlando, florida. this forced allowed to open and forced to close again >> so we can't tell our staff when they can come back to work and they can make money again. the unknown is the worst part of it all >> reporter: the unknown of which businesses will be able to hold out, which employees will have a job to return to.
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it's estimated the pandemic wiped out 110,000 businesses across the country and counting. the ones left praying to reopen fully, adapt, our be closed forever. >> be sure to download our ktvu news for the very latest on the covid-19 pandemic. there, you'll find the latest on openings, health orders and the next coronavirus relief bill something many parents know it's going to be a very different school year for many kids. how crayola is stepping to make sure being safe in the classroom is a little more fun >> and a bit of a warmup today. with you temperatures will be trending down not only for tomorrow but as we head into next week. we'll take a look at the cooler forecast coming up. >> also ahead, the european union considering a massive relief fund for countries affected by the covid-19 pandemic. details after the break.
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the notre dame last year because they were able to get it under control quickly and the roof is intact. the qua today really previously survived a serious fire in 1972 leaders of the countries in the european union met for hours today to discuss a plan to give financial a ide to countries hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic >> reporter: eu leaders have been meeting in brussels on saturday to discuss a coronavirus fund for member states. many leaders of the 27-member countries arrived wearing masks. on the table, a 2 trillion- dollar covid-19 fund. how that would be spent and what conditions would be attached is still being debated with so many countries in need of help in europe, those discussions continued overnight. the idea is to support countries heavily impacted by
10:42 pm
the pandemic. italy, for example, has suffered a high number of fatalities. it was one of the first european countries to be hit by the outbreak. in all, 135,000 europeans have since died from the coronavirus. and that has had a huge economic impact on all eu member states. also here in the uk, a regional lockdown in one town is continued. but they hope restrictions will be eased. he's encouraging people to go to work by early august. but there are fears the winter could be the start of a second spike in infections perhaps even more localized lockdowns. in london, kitty logan, fox news. buckingham palace has
10:43 pm
released two photos from princess beatrice's wedding. she married on friday in windsor. her grandmother, queen elizabeth ii and the duke of edinburgh were present. the palace says strict social distancing protocols were told at the ceremony. the princess wore a vintage gown and tiara that the queen wore on her wedding day in 1947 more than a dozen complaints against a northern california restaurant. the evidence that shows the restaurant does not want to serve people who are wearing masks. >> plus more summer weather on the way. meteorologist mark will have your extended forecast coming up.
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