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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  June 20, 2019 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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door. the neighbor said ramos constantly antagonize the children and pulled right on them for riding their bikes. right now ramos is under allegations that are much worse. >> reporter: they will tell you there three different s.w.a.t. teams it is real big. >> officer o'sullivof duty. >> she gave her young life for protecting our ability. >> that is with the 26-year-old was doing helping an unidentified woman near a home gather her belongings after getting a call about it just mastic dispute. that is when they say adel ramos and started shooting with a rifle. o'sullivan went down to the yard of the home at around 6 p.m. officers warning those in the area to stay away. >> the cops said you need to move. he has an assault rifle. bullets don't have a name on
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them. >> reporter: ramos kept firing the gun that officers, forcing them to find cover witnessing the chao >> i don't know whatth shooting from, and then i see gunsmoke. he is shooting at anybody. >> people trying to get out of the way. >> reporter: about 40 minutes later an armored vehicle was brought in and able to reach o'sullivan around 7 p.m. she was taken to a hospital where she was pronounced dead. ramos had barricaded himself inside the house, police say continued shooting at officers. eventually the around 2 a.m. thursday morning he surrendered. an end to a long siege that is left the community mourning the death of an officer who would only be on the street for six months. >> our police officers leave home knowing there is a possibility they will never return. ing reality for tara at
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o'sullivan . >> reporter: sacramento bee is reporting that ramos had a history of criminal offenses dating back to 1985. include multiple domestic violence and battery cases that and driving under the influence. the most recent case stemmed from an incident back in september when he was accused of assaulting a juvenile at the very same home with the shooting occurred yesterday. right now ramos is a sacrament a county jail being held without bail for his first court appearance is next monday. o'sullivan grew up in the east bay where her dream of eating an officer one day first we are joined now from pleasant hill with more on the story. rob? >> tar o'sullivan graduated from college park high school eight years ago. today the school, the community are in mourning.
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>> i am tara o'sullivan. >> reporter: this is tara o'sullivan in a recruitment video for the law enforcement candidate scholars program at sacramento state university in 2017. her dream was unfolding at the time she had been hired by the sacramento police department's administrative division. her yearbook photos highlighter on the soccer team and in the ceramics class. later she attended diablo valley college which but that is what meant statement saying we are proud of her success and of her choice to serve, protect and give back to the community. we are heartbroken that her life was taken at such a young age. police officers are wearing a black ribbon of mourning hve li quickly. >> her parents were very proud of her you know to see her go as far as she did. she had a wonderful family. it is going to be a big loss for that. >> ugly, always in a good mood.
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happy-go-lucky. a go-getter. whatever she wanted to do she went for it. >> as a teenager o'sullivan joint the martinez pleasant hill police explorers club. they issued this statement. "tran10 will always be remembered as the vibrant, energetic, and passionate committee servant who rose the ranks as a sergeant and serve the community with purpose." >> she had the willingness to help clearly that is going to be a police officer and those traits i followed her to this job. >> this december we are both graduating from sacramento state. >> >> reporter: o'sullivan recently told friends that her life is going great and this was the happiest time of her life. >> heartbreaking for all her friends in the video. rob roth tonight. thank you.
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according to a new audit of the california state university system stashed away 1.5 billion dollars in reserves all while raising tuition for students. state auditors say that over 10 years the university system deposited those reserves and outside accounts instead of the state treasury. during that time cal state's tuition costs nearly doubled. the report also claims the university not disclosing the surplus to students when talking about tuition raises. timothy white says the audit mischaracterized the reserves. he says are used to cover expenses not paid for by the state. san francisco technology has made its debut on the new york stock exchange today. the messaging platforms are creating a $38.50 and they close up slightly about $.12. they launched in 2014 and now has about 10 million active
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users. the company's software seeks to replace email and instant messaging in the work setting for better collaboration and workflow. in the bay area company already had it initial public offering today. grocery outlet started trading on the nasdaq. shares closed at $28 $.51. that is up 20% from the ipo price of $22. this reality is more than 300 stores mostly in the western u.s. and also in pennsylvania. on wall street stocks made solid gains gains. all three indexes were off. up. dowd jumped today 249 points, not the gross 64 and the s&p 500 gained 27 and hit a new record high. >> some great news for bart and its riders today, the federal government is sending the transit agency $1.2 billion in funding to help bart further reduce congestion on the system. tom baker joining us live now
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from the station with more on how this money is going to be spent. >> reporter: as you will see shortly and this piece, it is fair to say that properly used social media really can empower citizens to get what they want. >> hey everyone, breaking news from washington, d.c. >> reporter: after a long wait and with major assistance from nancy pelosi and senator dianne feinstein, the federal transportation administration effectively granted $1.2 billion to bart. >> we're getting 300 million effort today, so to speak to begin our engineering for this project. >> reporter: the project is a massive $3.5 billion upgrade of the entire bart system giving it far more capacity. not just by adding more trains, by running these trains much more frequently, even with the fixed prescription of the transbay tube. the project will increase its capacity by a whopping 40%.
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two 508,000 riders a day. >> and set of 28 trains an hour we are going from 20 3 to 30 trains an hour. >> reporter: this is a huge shot in the arm for a system running out of capacity due to massive bay area growth >> we carry twice as much traffic as the bridge today and the future the demand for travel will be such that we cannot meet it except for this new project. >> the order for 775 new bart cards can now be increased by 306 more cars on the way to the eventual 1200 car fleet. also to be added? a new power system for the entire expanded system. a sophisticated train control system to keep the massive fleet moving safely. and a huge expansion of the hayward maintenance facility. all of this was announced on a so-called twitter town hall. an occasion that part puts on to reach out and answer riders and citizens unfiltered questions. >> anyone, no matter who you are can ask us a question and we will answer it for you.
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this is a way we can cut through all of the redtape and have a very vocal conversation. >> reporter: today's twitter town hall was known to federal officials before hand as a call for citizen action. >> this project was high-stakes and have been delayed for a year. so we were strategizing what way can we make sure the bay area knows a -that we have a plan but b it is solved and how can you help? >> reporter: just minutes before the event officials approved the $1.2 billion grant now remember this is no gift through windfall, the sibley return a federal tax money that you have already paid and it is simply coming back home where it belongs. reporting live, tom baker, fox 2 news. >> all the money can make a huge difference. in the south bay, a public transit strike might be on the way. union bus drivers and train operators have rejected the last and final offers for wage increases. the two sides are not an
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impasse and have been negotiating since last august. they say they have offered an 8% increase over three years plus a 3% lump-sum payment spread over three years to help offset the 4% contribution that they are requesting from the union. >> take a close look at the offer, do you really want to shut down the system in san jose to keep her rolling and keep our citizens going, we are here for the riders. >> the union spokesman says they believe that dta has money in its reserves. officials say they had hoped the union would see the latest offer as fair and equitable. and the agency hopes to avoid a strike. it is sad because i grew up knowing this guy. >> new homicide on the peninsula coming up tonight at 5:30 long-term friends and neighbors tell us how the suspect has dramatically changed over the past two
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years. also had tonight, from one defendant to the other, defense attorneys for a second man charged in the goshen warehouse trial present their case today. you with the forecast all laid out for you when i see you next. everyone's got to listen to mom.
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>> reporter: oakland park in lieutenant salvador garcia showed up in full uniform to testify as a defense witness for max harris. garcia says he was off duty and in regular clothes when he and his wife attended a christmas potluck party at the ghost ship warehouse in 2014. two years before the fire. the fire lieutenant wife was a teacher and the party was for staff at her school which one of derick almena's kids went to. he passed by an rv before taking steps to the second floor where he noticed things belonging to the family. he did not feel unsafe in the warehouse. >> that showed that max harris, a young kid out of art school , with no training or experience in firefighting, wouldn't have known or anticipated any type of dangers. >> reporter: davidn the fires that he agrees with the defense
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that garcia and other oakland firefighters who have taken the stand are covering up for the city. >> that firemen lied on the stand to protect the city and the fire department today. he should be ashamed of himself. >> reporter: also understand was the person he used to run a ute salon around the corner there was also owned by ghost ship landlords and their family. they have said for years that the family ignored her complaints about a block fire exit and power outages numbering up to three times a day. >> her experience for 13 years with dealing with the family, dealing with electrical issues, dealing with fire hazards, not having those issues addressed and being yelled at by the family, being harassed. >> reporter: family members are not testing testify because they've asserted the right against self-incrimination. >> having them show up and testify themselves, this shows what type of people they were, what type of people the tenant of the ghost ship were renting from.
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>> reporter: to others testify that they saw firefighters inside the ghost ship after they responded to a 2014 arson fire outside the building. another derick almena friend that he even saw firefighters dancing on the second floor. he said the stairs leading upstairs were "and rinky"he wouldn't even call them stairs. up ski the trial is until tuesday when we expect derick almena's wife to take the stand. >> henry lee in the newsroom. the family of a man who died while in the custody of leadington police have now filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the department. the parents of 38-year-old jacob bowers filed a claim this morning alleging that police knew about their son's deteriorating mental health before he died in their custody last august. his father says he went to police headquarters two months earlier to tell officers his son was dealing with serious mental health issues.
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>> he doesn't have any guns, he is never owned any guns, he doesn't carry knives. he is harmless and if you should have an encounter with him, please put them on your radar. if you guys have an encounter with him, just let him walk home. >> jacob our died after officers responded to a complaint of him causing a disturbance at a grocery store. the coroner's report states he died of a methamphetamine overdose. the family argues that his death was the direct result of his interaction with the police. we did reach out to the pleasanton police department for comment today. they said they haven't yet seen the lawsuit and other than that they cannot comment. the summer season officially starts tomorrow and once again little local water agencies are urging everyone to conserve water. the water district is encouraging homeowners to race to replace traditional lawns with drought resistant ones. cristina lee and her family
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took advantage of the rebate program to make changes to their lawn to save water during the hot, dry, days of summer. >> it seem like a win-win situation. we used a landscape designer and she had experience with the rebate so it was really easy. >> even though our lawn is in really good shape we do know that the next drought could be just around the corner so we wanted to make sure people have great habits in terms of unit using water wisely. >> water agency managers emphasize that we should always conserve water, even if there is no immediate threat of the drought. have you looked at that first? >> i have seen people that have it. >> it looks pretty good. i have a couple of lawns. >> i thought you did it? >> i started but i never did it. but, i remember the one year. a couple of years ago we had the bad drought and i had to paint my lawn? we were having a graduation
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party. the move was to paint it, it worked pretty good, it was all brown but we painted it green. we are not going to have a drought situation that we always want to conserve in this area. this is what is happening tomorrow across the country and again it continues hot down here. and cool appear. look at the area, that is the area that has kept us relatively cool but now it is following this arrow and leaving. that means we will warm up the next couple of days. temperatures the next 36-48 hours are going to be warmer by a couple of degrees. certainly friday and then saturday the warmest day as a high-pressure building. that sets us up for the day tomorrow that will be noticeably warmer and saturday noticeably warmer still. we lost a couple degrees again today because of the low clouds and fog that was everywhere this morning. it is getting to the way pretty good so you are seeing patches of it. and by friday night, saturday morning i suspect it will be chewed up to the point that we have very little of it and that
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is always our increased temperatures are higher temperatures. also high fire danger, not so much for the bay area but if you go up to the north and east of us towards a butte county and up towards contra costa county, they will have a red flag warning in the next couple of hours. fire weather watch could now but it will likely go into effect due to some heat and a bit of a north-northeast wind. 79 in fairfield, that is running behind by five degrees so today was the second day in a row the temperatures bottomed out a little bit. it is fine. not a bad day, just not as warm as you might expect for the time of the year. julie mentioned first day of summer tomorrow, summer solstice. first full day anyway. and it will be like that, like a summer day. especially on saturday, the second day of summer will be hot and we will see temperatures into the low 90s. we know this already, they are
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going to get off the fog that gives you an indication of the high pressure is building it. that is a low ridge the built in and you get the compressed marine layer. when we come back we will take a look at the forecast and what you can expect. president trump says iran made a big mistake shooting down a u.s. drone. but he also says he thinks it might have been unintentional. i am lauren blanchard in washington with the latest from the white house, and its response, next. coming up on ktvu and news after 6 frantic moments after routine work in the south bay turns into a rescue operation. plus, new technology used to tracked in a suspected serial killer. it may not be called on to help identify the remains of two victims from last year's deadly campfire. re.
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writing tensions between the u.s. and iran with the shootdown of a u.s. drone. today iran released the video that it claims shows the surveillance drone being shot down by tran, iranian forces. they say the drone was violating its airspace, u.s. military says the shootdown happened in international airspace. fox's lauren blanchard tells us that trump calls the incident a big mistake and he is deciding how the u.s. will respond.
5:25 pm
>> reporter: the u.s. and iran dispute where exactly the drone was when it was shot down. iran claiming that they covered sections of the drone of their territory but the u.s. maintains it was shot down over international waters. >> reporter: iran made a big mistake. this drone was in international waters, clearly we have it all documented.? take a look at this video, the pentagon saying it shows the moment when an iranian and guard missile made impact with a u.s. navy surveillance drone. the military calling it an and provoked attack by iran in the street. however president trump is saying it may not have been a direct order from iranian leaders but rather a mistake. ! i find it hard to believe it was intentional. i think it could've been somebody who was loose and stupid. that did it. >> reporter: this is the first provocation by iran . they reported there was an unsuccessful attempt to shoot down another u.s. drone. the iran iranian guard saying
5:26 pm
that the u.s. violated their boundary. >> we do not have the intention to go to war with any country but we are fully prepared for war. >> reporter: as the u.s. weighs its response their concerns in congress about war with iran. this afternoon a bipartisan briefing in the white house situation room with congressional leaders. the drone cost about $180 million and has a wingspan larger than a 737 plane. the president warned had there been u.s. service members inside, the response would be very different. in washington, lauren blanchard fox news. >> the u.s. senate voted to block president trump from using his emergency powers to complete several arms sales to saudi arabia. however the senate fell short of the votes needed to override the veto. mr. trump has cited the growing tensions with iran as his justification to go ahead with the u.s. arms deal with the saudi government. the white house announced that
5:27 pm
the a billion-dollar arms sale last month. does not have the longest say they have seen a change of the past few years and are still in shock about a homicide arrest. up next, the latest on two homicides in nearly the same spot. also had tonight, the current american soccer stars with a soccer hero from the past. still to come, how the special world cup watch party blended benefiting the next generation. plus, another way to get to events at the chase center this year we will have details on where ferries will be running from. the fox 2 weather app is like your best friends best friend. >> download the new ktvu 2 weather app, the power to prepare for ever you go.
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two homicides, one location, 24 hours apart. san mateo county authorities are still to trying to figure out the two stabbings along skyline boulevard are connected. today we are learning more about the man deputies arrested at the scene. ann rubin joins us there with more on the suspects. >> reporter: neighbors say
5:31 pm
malik dosouqi was friendly and outgoing until about three years ago. they say that is when something changed. friends say malik dosouqi shown here on his facebook page had changed lately and become an introvert. still his arrest for murder came as quite a shock. this man went to school with him for years. >> now, it is unfortunate. he was always a nice guy. just until about like three years ago he's been acting a little weird. he would walk his dog by us, he wouldn't say anything. sometimes he would just stop and stare. >> reporter: but now malik dosouqi is in police custody and the san mateo sheriff's office is trying to figure out what happened along skyline boulevard. is monday night they found the body of abdulmalek nasher , a taxi driver originally from yemen. then on tuesday night in nearly the same spot they found a second victim, john sione pekipaki , a tow truck driver.
5:32 pm
deputies arrested malik dosouqi as he tried to flee the scene. >> both homicides happened within close proximity of each other and both victims died from multiple stab wounds. investigators are actively looking into a connection between the two homicides. >> wednesday the collected evidence at the pacifica home that malik dosouqi shares with his parents. >> they were here for two hours searching the house, searching the white car, the bmw. they found something because they took a lot of evidence. >> reporter: authorities as a this is not their first run in. in march he was arrested after walking in and out of traffic along highway one. and trying to touch passersby. he then got into an altercation with an officer. he was sentenced to a year probation. sources say he had been dealing with mental health malik dosouqi they used to know. >> he has been acting a little weird lately. it is sad because i grew up knowing this guy.
5:33 pm
>> reporter: malik dosouqi suffered a laceration to the arm and is still hospitalized. the district attorney's office hope to get the case as soon as tomorrow. >> thank you. ferry service is one step closer to becoming a reality. today the golden gate ferry district gave the okay to consider when to schedule both from oxford to the chase center for basketball games and other events. it also voted to approve up to $400,000 to partner with the port of san francisco and the water emergency transportation authority to erect a temporary dock. it will be right between peers at 48 and 50. that is a 12-15 minute walk to the arena. the temporary dock will likely be in service for the next two seasons. at this point we are scrambling to make sure we have some way for fairies to dock and serve the community who
5:34 pm
wants to come to the new stadium. >> it is a one-sided dock so the fairies will only be able to come in and land and unload or load from one side which means one ferry at a time. >> a permanent dock closer to the arena will be built as soon as funds are available. we would like to see a regular ferry terminal for the many thousands of workers ever- growing. hundreds of bay area soccer fans gathered along san francisco today to cheer on team usa. alyana gomez and andre senior hosted a watch party near the ferry building as the u.s. team defeated sweden in today's magic. the 2019 women's world cup. final score was 2-0. team usa will now face pain in the knockout round on monday. and today's world cup match between sweden and team usa held special meaning for one group of fans in san jose. jesse gary tells us why. >> reporter: in this hour
5:35 pm
soccer is life. >> has been amazing. randy is one the most censorious women's soccer players ever. >> reporter: usa women's soccer world cup champion brandi chastain, famously said her jersey in victory 20 years ago. today she runs the bay area women sports initiative which auctioned off tickets to those back home and watch thursday's match between the u.s. and sweden. money from the year from the bidders rights training for underserved girls. >> to celebrate the bay area women sports initiative and if you do that while watching soccer it is a double bonus for me. >> reporter: also intently i to match the family of abby dalton. >> i am doing well. i have a lot of confidence. i think we are going to win. >> >> reporter: brother joey says they have a typical sibling relationship with his soccer star sister saying that abby has worked for years for this. >> it is weird seeing her on tv
5:36 pm
by the end of the day she is my sister and i love her. >> reporter: another step taken in the march twirled world cup immortality they are gaining support on the coattails, likely to continue. the rose garden section of hand san jose. jesse gary, ktvu fox 2 news. >> remember when the world cup games are live on ktvu as ktvu moves over to ktvu plus. cracking down on the unvaccinated. the new bill going to the state capital that targets certain doctors and school districts with low vaccinations. also tonight, a community turned out in protest they say they are upset about a neighbor who built a giant swastika in his front yard. mornings on 2 is a trip is heading to campbell. from campbell trivia. >> you know that one?
5:37 pm
>> wrong. >> and so much more. plus all the news, weather, and traffic that powers your day tomorrow on mornings on two.
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late this afternoon state lawmakers advanced a bill that would make it more difficult for children here in california to avoid getting vaccines. the assembly health committee passed senate bill 276 after a
5:40 pm
long and contentious hearing. the room was packed with opponents of the legislation which limits the number of medical conditions doctors can use to write exemptions. supporters of the legislation site the risks to public health and the nationwide measles outbreak as reasons for requiring vaccines in most cases. but, parents at today's hearing claimed the bill would endanger the lives of their children. >> my son went into anaphylactic shock. >> this bill is basically forcing me to have to choose between his education and his life. >> the bill will now headed to the assembly appropriations committee and then on to the full assembly. it would still require final approval from the senate and the governor, who has said he supports the bill in its current form. right now in el sobrante demonstrators are gathered at a busy intersection speaking at any against a neighborhood built a giant swastika in his
5:41 pm
front yard. about 25 protesters are gathered holding signs. the man who built the concrete design in his front yard said it is a symbol of peace and love. but neighbor say it symbolizes hate and makes them feel unsafe. sky fox flew over the man's house. the swastika was partially covered with a tarp and a pickup truck on top of it. the supreme court is weighing in on a year's long battle in maryland between supporters and opponents of a large cross honoring world war i soldiers. the piece cross overlooking maryland highway is maintained by a local parts commission. but the american humanist association has been trying to have it removed for years. they say the monument is essentially a government endorsed or a government endorsement of christianity. >> representing those who have fallen with a monument that is only representative of one faith is just not universal enough >> today the supreme court disagreed a ruling 7-2 that
5:42 pm
this particular cross does not violate the constitution. the attorneys who defended the cross called the opinion the dust. the man accused of shooting baseball legend david ortiz raises a federal judge enjoyed indictment in new jersey. the drug indictment today was announced today and it comes one week after authorities in the dominican republic announced his arrest for wounding the former red sox star earlier this month. surveillance video shows the gunman walking up to ortiz and shooting him at close range at a bar in santo domingo. investigators say the gunfire was a case of mistaken identity. former alabama chief justice roy moore says he will make another run for the u.s. senate. he ran for the seat in a special election back in 2017. after he clinched the republican nomination several women came forward and accused him of sexual misconduct when they were teenagers.
5:43 pm
moore denied the allegations, but was nearly defeated by democrat doug jones who will be running for reelection. president trump is supported moore back in 2017, but urged him not to run again. it is a rusty buy as much ammunition as possible that is according to some california gun stores. the new law that kicks in on july 1st that most owners say is driving the sales. plus, from the south to the northeast there is widespread storm damage from trees downed two roots ripped off of homes and even entire transit system shut down. here we are looking into the weekend just around the corner and warming up. i will have the details on your bay area forecast.
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people who live in texas are cleaning up after at least four tornadoes that set down there yesterday after a severe thunderstorm. thunder storms are also bettering parts of the midwest and the east coast. fox news has more from new york. >> trees downed and several businesses suffering damage. >> reporter: there are no reports of any injuries. local officials say a possible tornado struck the city of greenville today. >> we have two gaping holes in our sanctuary. if you can see this spot over
5:47 pm
here, that is actually my granddaughter's sunday school room and it is quiet, kind of like a bomb went off there. >> flash flooding across the area and pennsylvania is a damaging property. >> ohio declares a city of emergency were travel conditions are dangerous with high rushing water. the weather was erosions of clothes in philadelphia and new jersey. severe thunderstorms causing widespread flooding in new jersey leaving drivers stranded on major highways across the area. the chaos prompting authorities to shut down mass transit services. as rescue efforts continue. >> timber creek apparently over floods multiple times. this is the worst flood in 40- 50 years we can use the relief we could get. >> the severe weather much of will clear up by friday. >> reporter: in new york, fox
5:48 pm
news. this is the final day, final full day of spring that we are in mixup. we will see temperatures that are pretty darn warm >> is kind of chewed up. >> is out in the district. out throughout the area. temperatures right now, they are 79 in fairfield. just 67 in napa, look at that.
5:49 pm
running a little bit cooler than that, mostly the weather is about mostly, especially in the season. the transition seasons. it is about trends, we are trending down the last few days i have shown you minus numbers on the day before. tomorrow we will show you plus numbers, positive numbers knowing that way and saturday we could see 10-15 degree warm- ups. on the golden gate bridge the fog is up off the deck it is breezy out along the coast where it has been the last couple of days. san francisco tomorrow, on friday, 62 at lunch time to look at the daytime high about 69 degrees. heck of a lot of sun tomorrow so mostly sunny all day is how it goes. you look at the forecast model, yellows are 70s and then this model got rid of the fog that will be interesting to see. i suspect there will be patches of fog and even "they are looking at chance for mid-60s tomorrow. the offshore flow developing and be more robust and
5:50 pm
pronounced on saturday. temperatures are really take a hike. but tomorrow, 88 and clear, that is the worst of all the action. these forecast highs warmer than today, certainly, in the santa clara valley. 80 in sunnyvale and air quality with this pattern, we do have a red flag warning that will go into effect not for our region but the northern counties in the central valley on the east side of the coastal hills up towards winters and writing in other areas. here is the five day forecast, saturday turns out to be the warmest day of the week and then sunday, not bad. then a little cooler. classic bay area, early summer forecast. >> it is the moment toy story fans have been waiting for. the fourth installment of pixar's first feature film hit theaters today. >> who needs a kids room when
5:51 pm
you can have all of this? >> well. what he, aren't we going to bought bonnie? >> two of twitter's biggest arts tom allen tim allen and tom hanks have been the voices for almost 25 years. they say at this point they do not see the difference between the movies and reality. >> i relate too much to enter. i am having too much trouble with this now. i don't even relate, there is no difference. >> if you joined us for one of the many lunches we have had we just sit around and lose all sense of time and space, it is woody and buzz arguing and agreeing and laughing exactly as they do. >> the first choice for a film was released back in 1995 and has been almost 10 years since the last installment back in 2001. >> but the people behind the scenes at pixar say all of your favorite characters will be back in this latest sequel.
5:52 pm
we went out to the studios to get an insiders take on toy story 4. valerie started as an intern and is now a supervisor. she got excited about the new film when she found out that bo peep would be back with an integral role. she also gave us an inside for how creators came up these with the idea of the new character forkey who goes from a sport spork to a toy. >> from there, it just kind of was so funny and entertaining it ended up folding into the story and pretty nicely in a way for woody. >> again you can get the whole new journey and "toy story 4" out in coming up, the law chang july 1st and gun store owners say is now flying
5:53 pm
off the shelves. details about the new law that is driving a flurry of sales. up next on the ktvu news and 6, working to identify the remaining victims. >> tense moments in the south bay after a tractor operator got pinned against our underneath the machine. the latest a little bird told me you have the fastest internet and now the best mobile network too? yeah and get them together and save hundreds on your wireless bill. wow, that's great. oh, and this looks great. are these words for sale? no. go, go, go, go, go. now the fastest, most reliable internet can help you save on your wireless bill. that's simple, easy, awesome. taxi! should i have stopped her? save hundreds of dollars a year when you get internet and mobile together. plus ask how to get $250 back when you switch to xfinity mobile.
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today a federal appeals court in san francisco heard argument on a proposal by president trump to divert $1 million of federal funds to build a border wall. the $1 billion would be diverted from the army pay and
5:56 pm
pension fund and pay for two sections of the wall in texas and arizona. a judge in oakland blocked the diversion last month. this is a small sum of the total of $6.7 billion that president trump announced that he plans to divert from several agencies. the actions came after congress refused to approve most of the money he sought for wall construction. the funds from federal agencies violate congress's constitutional power to appropriate money. the trumpet ministration is asking the full federal appeals court to order a new hearing on the century state law. that is after both a federal judge and an appeals panel upheld the state law saying the federal government cannot require a state to assist in the enforcement of immigration law. some northern california gun store owners say ammunition sales are surging right now i have a new state law requiring background checks before purchasing. we had the story from
5:57 pm
sacramento. >> reporter: mad rush to buy as much ammo because a new state law that kicks in july 1st requires everyone who wants to purchase ammunition to pass a background check and show a government issued id. >> need to realize that to purchase ammo or even a gun so it is getting to shut up a lot of people really quick. >> all these people, -- >> reporter: one detail that is still unclear with dealers. instant background check or wait a couple of days. >> reporter: one customer purchases more than $1000 worth of handgun and rifle ammo. >> i see you bought a lot of ammo does this have anything to do with the new law? >> absolutely. it is bad enough they stop letting us order it online. now they're going after register, it is kind of crazy. you know a weekend with the kids, it is ridiculous.
5:58 pm
>> reporter: governor gavin newsom wanted to keep deadly ammo and the wrong hands and protect communities. >> bad guys will always get whatever they want. bad guys will always be able to get ammo. that is just making it harder for the law-abiding citizen to go out and have fun with his family. >> the criminals do not come in here and gives information to purchase a gun or ammunition. this is ktvu fox 2 news at 6. a 26-year-old brookings police officer and bay area native being remembered tonight after she was shot and killed in the line of duty. >> we are a family, you know us. so we all heard today. >> she is the exact kind of person i want to protect me, to protect my family. >> the shooting death of officer tara o'sullivan is the first fatality for the sacramento police department in 20 years. good evening everyone i am in
5:59 pm
for frank somerville. we are learning more about officer o'sullivan and the 45- year-old man accused of killing her. >> andre senior is joining us to explain more on how this deadly confrontation unfolded and the charges the suspect is facing. >> reporter: neighbors said the suspect harassed a black family that lived next door to him and that the 45-year-old antagonized the children and put knives on them. we are also learning that a warrant was issued for his arrest because he didn't show up to court on charges of assaulting a minor at the very same home where he is accused of killing the sacramento police officer. many police officers will tell you that there is no such thing as a routine call and became evident on wednesday in sacramento. >> anytime you have three different swat teams. >> tara o'sullivan was shot and killed wednesday in the line of duty. >> she gave her young life while protecting our community.
6:00 pm
>> that is exactly what the 26- year-old was doing helping an unidentified woman in the court homewood north sacramento gallagher belongings relate to the call. that is when officers say adel sambrano ramos started shooting with a rifle. she went down to the yard of the home gets around 6 p.m. officers warning those in the area to stay away. >> the got the cop said you need to move, he has an assault rifle, bullets do not have a name on them. >> police say ramos kept firing those officers were trying to get to sullivan's body forcing them to fight cover from the gunfire. people witnessing the chaos. ski i went to where they were shooting from and i saw gunsmoke so he is like shooting at anybody. >> he will not get out of the way. >> reporter: about 40 minutes later an armored vehicle was brought in and was able to reach o'sullivan at around 7
6:01 pm
p.m. she was taken to


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