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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  May 3, 2019 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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>> reporter: tom kennedy organized the rally on the steps of san francisco's city hall.>> the name of the event is demand free speech and our concern is political bias on the social media platforms.>> reporter: organizers pointed to conservative voices. dylan wheeler suspects that platforms are actively working to stifle his conservative message after watching his twitter follower numbers stagnate.>> twitter i gained 20,000 and 30,000 and now the last four months i have not gained one single follower and about 350,000. it does not cut off that fast. >> reporter: protesters are saying the conservatives are
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using the first amendment to try to spread a message of page. >> we are here to oppose these nazis. we are here to oppose these fastest, these white supremacist. >> reporter: conservative protesters will never be welcome in san francisco. >> reporter: there was a large law-enforcement contingency here as deputies and park rangers are all out keeping an eye on the crowd. they kept the clashes verbal, no arrests or incidents on either side. the city is suing the trumpet menstruation of the new federal relation allowing healthcare professionals to opt out of providing medical treatments they oppose. a city attorney filed the lawsuit late yesterday just hours after president trump announced the rule to protect
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healthcare workers who object to procedures like abortions on moral or religious grounds. the lawsuit contends the policy exceeds the trumpet ministrations authority and violence the constitutional separation of church and state. oakland police are getting ready for a big weekend with cinco de mayo on sunday and a large celebration plan on saturday, police say they will be focused on cracking down on front driving and preventing sideshows. >> we will have a large contingency of officers focused on discouraging sideshow activity and doing enforcement, issuing citations and aching arrests as necessary.>> reporter: police have ramped of efforts to prevent sideshows since a sideshow last month turned white violent. a crowd of 1000 people fired guns in the air, eluded truck at gunpoint and set a transit bus on fire. an elderly woman using a walker was killed
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this morning, the crash happened at 6:45 in the southbound direction between fifth avenue and harbor boulevard. police say the 83-year-old is from san carlos and was not in a crosswalk when she was struck by a minivan. the victim was taken to a hospital where she was pronounced dead. drugs and alcohol are not considered to be factors in this crash. a couple carjacking incidents ended in crashes earlier today, one car slammed into a house where two elderly women were inside. two teenagers were caught but two other suspects remain on the run. >> we believe they were working in tandem.>> reporter: just before midnight and san leandro police say four teenagers carjacked a 21-year-old persons van, the teenagers smashed the
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window and after a struggle stabbed the man in the back of his leg. the victim is expected to be okay.>> you requested his phone back and for whatever reason which is uncommon the suspect gave him his phone back.>> reporter: 30 mins later police believe the same group of teenagers split up after carjacking another victim, amanda does not want to be identified says his wife was the victim in the crime, it happened in the driveway of their home in castro valley. he was on the phone with his wife at the time. >> next thing i know i heard a scuffle and someone said give me the keys and then i realized she was being carjacked in front of our house.>> reporter: he dialed 911 but felt helpless and rushed home.>> she realized she just was going to give the keys because our child was standing there and i'm glad she did goes at the time she was telling me one of them was saying to go ahead and stab her and the other one was talking about shooting her.>> reporter: an officer spotted both stolen cars driving together and gave
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chase. police say the car stolen and san leandro ended up crashing into a castro valley home on parsons avenue, nearly missing two elderly women who were getting ready for bed.>> it's ever the gas line and electrical lines, we had to call fire and evacuate the surrounding residences.>> reporter: police on a 12 mile pursuit before crashing into a fence and san leandro, the owner of the car says it was brand-new.>> even though the car is totaled i'm just glad, it is a quite neighborhood. to have something like this happen to us as traumatic.>> reporter: one of the teenagers is 16 the other is 17 anson at the sheriffs office is working to try to track down the other teens who they believe were the drivers in this case.
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new details not police making a break in the case of an armed robbery in berkeley that we first talked to you about yesterday. tonight for people are under arrest, police say the crime spree began when the thieves carjacked a dodge challenger on wednesday night. a similar vehicle was used in an armed robbery this morning, this morning they spotted that dodge on 680. the driver refused to stop what was eventually arrested in denville along with the other suspects that try to run away.>> they have in their backyard knockdown this fence and you can see in the bark that's their knees.>> police say they will be working with denver police to link them to the crimes in alameda county. san francisco police say they're searching for a man who attacked and stabbed a man at random in the cities north beach neighborhood. it happened shortly before 11 a clock this morning near columbus and mason street. witnesses say the attacker stabbed a man that was walking down the busy street for no
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apparent reason. the victim is expected to recover but at this point police do not have a description of the attacker. san francisco is bringing back its red light camera system after allowing enforcement collapse in the past few months. the first of the digital cameras is now in operation. >> reporter: the first new red light cameras up and watching again.>> they run the lights all the time to be the traffic. >> reporter: we saw drivers pushing it to get to the on- ramp, the city will be installing 12 additional cameras in areas plagued by high numbers of accidents, they will be replacing older cameras that went off-line at the end of last year when the contract with the camera provider was up.>> they broke down more and that resulted in more citations.>> reporter: advocates a there should be at least as many cameras as before but the san francisco municipal
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transportation agency says it is not necessary to have cameras in all the places it once had them.>> we try other means before we try to put a red light camera there. shorter intersections, crosswalks installed, if that does not work the way we want it to we look at red light cameras. >> reporter: the new cameras are digital and state-of-the- art, the old one shot film and had to be processed. red light corners will get off with just a warning for the first 30 days of operation, after that it's a $500 fine. the nta believes the cameras have been a deterrent since they first went up 22 years ago.>> since 1996 we saw a 60% decrease in injury collisions related to running red lights. we have seen projects with these cameras. >> people crossing the street say they are glad.>> i have a lot of friends that are bicycle riders and they have been close to being hit as well. i think in areas like this it's
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important to think about the cyclist.>> it might help eventually.>> reporter: the remaining 12 red light cameras are expected to be up and running by the end of the summer. firefighters put out a fire earlier today that damaged a tesla parsed in a garage. crews responded just after midnight to 26th avenue in the sunset district. in the garage they found a tesla model s with smoke coming from near the right rear tire. firefighters say the tesla was not plugged in at the time accrues to the cause of the fire is under investigation but does not appear to be suspicious. and glider overshot the runway at the seminoma airport this afternoon, it actually ran into this eucalyptus tree at the end of the runway, the sonoma county sheriffs office says the pilot suffered minor injuries, the airport is closed, roads in the area were shut down while
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crews tended to the pilot and removed that glider. a new proactive approach to get homeless folks the help that they need. hiking trails closed due to this increasing mountain line activity, the discovery made by wildlife experts that had them taking precautions. and whether another beautiful day here in the bay area, lots of sunshine and temperatures on the warm side, a few 80s out there for friday, some chances for the weekend, cooler temperatures and maybe shower chances, we will have the forecast coming up. moving forward with designing a gondola, the work underway right now to transport a's fans despite no official greenlight on the waterfront ballpark.>> this is a live look at the friday evening commute, you can see it is slow going on interstate 80. seresto, seresto, seresto.
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nice weather for hiking these days but some hiking trails have been close this week due to an uptake in my line activity.>> wildlife experts say this is perfectly normal in spring. they're taking the opportunity to raise awareness about the animals.>> is popular with children who come to see the farm.>> reporter: this week it
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also plays host to a mountain line or two, who left their dinner, a deer carcass behind. so they sent out alerts promptly closing ,500. >> the mountain lion takes a lot of effort when he has to kill deer so it is going to hang around for a day or so and try to feed off that carcass as much as again.>> reporter: in recent weeks they ventured into more urban areas as well, these cubs took a stroll through half moon bay and this guy went to macy's and santa rosa. santa clara county officials decided to put out a warning just to raise awareness.>> young adults are coming out on their own, also dear, of course we have beautiful weather now so we are out and about more.>> reporter: while more people have been capturing the critters on camera the chance of a human encounter is still pretty rare, but if you see one don't run, back away slowly.
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>> make noise put your arms up, look big.>> reporter: those using the trails say they are not worried, they have received alerts like this before.>> when i come here with my kids they are excited to look for one. just go about your business and get out of their way they're not going to do anything with humans.>> reporter: while it's still wise to use caution while hiking hidden villas planning to reopening all those drills for the weekend. another great day to get outside, temperatures once again in the 70s and a few low 80s, temperatures have been coming up each and every day across most areas today, warmer days of the week you can see some lower 80s out toward filthier and concord, santa rosa 77 san francisco 63 and san jose's music series, satellite showing you this and our main concern is going to be
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impacting our forecast this weekend as that circulation offshore will be: is off into the weekend, right now clear skies and patchy fog, just offshore it gradually makes its move. later on this evening and tomorrow morning. we have 70 s. toward concorde and walnut creek, san francisco 57 and santa rosa 60 degrees, here is the live, looking out for the golden gate bridge you can see the traffic year and also the weather, and as combination mostly clear skies up above the gate right now but some patchy fog, overnight lows will be in the 40s and 50s to sort out saturday so here's the plan tomorrow morning, a bit more overcast portions of a into the afternoon hours the clouds clear back to near the coastline but temperatures still cooler than today, some 60s and the warmest locations around 75, coming up by sunday
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we are still tracking that shower chance, we will have more on all that coming up in a few minutes. record-breaking flooding continues to cause devastation across iowa, the disaster began when the mighty mississippi river crashed through some of the states major flood barriers.>> devastating floods brought the ire was governor to davenport for a firsthand look at the downtown area.>> reporter: ever and find a levy breach along the river have left a region submerged. davenport is reportedly the largest city along the mississippi with no permanent flood control protection system. this week the river arose past the high at 22.6 feet. public works officials admits the sewer system is not equipped to handle this much water.>> we continue the fight, we are hopeful for the waters to receipt.>> reporter: more than 60 of iowa's 99 counties have been designated after
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disaster areas. even a seemingly passable road can be dangerous. >> the water pushed me totally off the road which ended me up in a ditch. >> reporter: also bringing dozens of reported tornadoes mainly in arkansas, locals near little rock say one of them passed right over obliterating barns and sheds leaving huge gaping holes in warehouses and throwing tree branches on to passing cars.>> just came flying towards me, it slammed right there. i was sitting in the truck hunkered down.>> reporter: several people have died because of this severe weather and the storm is forecast to hit florida and parts of georgia with strong hail. it's deadline day for the people living in a santa cruz home ready to pack up and leave, we are over head at the camp this afternoon, the city or those living in the camp to clear out by 10 am.
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the camp first opened in november but conditions had been deteriorating there and at one point an estimated 200 people lived in a credit camp. the city was expected to hand out vouchers today so people from the camp can spend the night in a shelter. the city wants to provide 45 people with a place to stay for up to six months at miles discovery church on miles boulevard, the soldier would consist of portable buildings, some people who live nearby are opposed to my community meeting is planned for later this month to discuss the issue. bart is dispatching a homeless outreach team to two of its stations in san francisco, the transit agency says the specially trained team is helping relocate homeless people into special services from the 16th and 24 mission street stations. the outreach teams are part of the agencies $1.6 million quality-of-life improvement initiative in its budget this year. in berkeley a plan to replace
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the parking structure with housing is coming under fire, is located at hearst avenue near the cal campus. the university wants to replace the four-story parking structure with apartments for professors, classrooms and event space. the city council opposed and so does a group of professionals, they say the $126 million project would send the school deeper into debt. the chancellor however supports the project pointing to the need for more faculty housing. san jose is celebrating a couple new additions, here is a look at the 2100 square-foot plaza that opened up at 700 santana road. also a new parking garage at olson street with 1300 added arcing spaces. the family of a student
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named in the college admissions scandal, why her mother says she was misled into donating millions of dollars to the university. honoring the late nipsey hussel here in the bay area, the new mural unveiled a short time ago. many people living with diabetes
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monitor their blood glucose every day.
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which means they have to stop. and stick their fingers. repeatedly. today, life-changing technology from abbott makes it possible to track glucose levels. without drawing a drop of blood, again and again. the most personal technology, is technology with the power to change your life. life. to the fullest. unemployment in the u.s. has reached a 50 year low. the labor department has released the jobs report today for the month of april, employers added 263,000 jobs smashing expectations. the unemployment rate fell from
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3.8% to 3.6% and that is the lowest number since december of 1969. wall street as you might imagine went up the tao of 97 points, the nasdaq 127 points and the s&p 500 up 28 points to end the week just shy of a record. elon musk is telling investors that autonomous driving will turn tesla into a company with a $500 billion market. that was during an investor call with goldman sachs underwriting his efforts to raise $2 billion in new funding. his current market stands at about $4 billion and the company posted a loss during the first quarter of this year. video surface featuring a student from china who was targeted and the nationwide college admissions scandal. the video was recorded in 2017 before the freshman year.
6:25 pm
her mother now says she was misled when she paid $6.5 million to the consultant at the center of the admission scandal. she says she thought the money was a legitimate donation to the school. in the video she credits hard work for her admission to stanford.>> i'm admitted to stanford i am very lucky i would like to say, i felt like you can always achieve the things you want if you try hard.>> stanford resented her admission shortly after the department of justice is close to scandal back in march. the removal of radioactive material on the peninsula, what we learned about where the material came from and how experts carefully remove it. new information about yesterday's freeway shooting, see why the people in the car
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the couple of carjackings in the east bay ends in crashes, police say for teens carjacked a vehicle and later carjacked a second vehicle in castro valley which led to a chase. one of the stolen cars crashed into a home, the driver of the other car ended up crashing into a fence. two of the four teenagers were arrested. red light cameras are back up and running in san francisco, the city is replacing older cameras that went off-line at the end of the year. red light runners will get a warning for the first 30 days of operation and after that it is a $500 fine. tensions ran high in san francisco today as
6:30 pm
conservative organizers of a free-speech rally clashed with counter protesters. organizers say the event was intended to underscore their belief that companies like google, facebook and twitter stifle conservative viewpoints. there were some heated exchanges but no arrests. things are getting back to normal in a neighborhood after an unusual discovery in a backyard shed.>> how officials believe radioactive materials wound up in that said and what it took just to get it all out. >> reporter: nobody knows how long the radioactive material had been stored here or where it came from, officials say the community was never at risk but once they got a call they were not sure what they were dealing with. the home located on cedar street has been surrounded by yellow caution tape since thursday evening. this afternoon officials with the california department of public health used a black suv finally removing the radioactive material to a
6:31 pm
secure location.>> we feel extreme the confidence that the material is maintained and is not a health risk to the community or neighborhood. >> reporter: cleaning crew discovered the containers of radioactive material stored in a backyard shed, the man worked for the accelerator center, the company confirmed in a statement today saying ron was an employee at slack from 1961 until 2003, at which time he retired. mr. c fred was a science and engineering technician at the lab, to our knowledge none of the radioactive material came from slack at all radioactive sources are accounted for. authorities identify the material as radium and determined it was contained to just the shed. >> that material was probably in the house for many years.>> reporter: the discovery prompted a hazmat response and
6:32 pm
neighbors were evacuated and surrounding streets shutdown. many people were so curious.>> it's a little bit out of the ordinary like where do you ever hear about low-level radioactive material it is not a meth lab or something you hear about everyday. >> reporter: the question still to be answered is how it got here.>> if you ever had a chance to figure out where it came from we will have to determine how it was acquired and all that but certainly it's not the best place to keep radioactive material.>> reporter: neighbors today breathing a sigh of relief, the excitement is finally over.>> just another typical day.>> reporter: officials would not disclose whether taking the radioactive material they are taking it somewhere where it can be further catalogued. new information about a freeway shooting in hayward, chp now tells us it was targeted and the people in the car that were
6:33 pm
shot at were taken into custody because that vehicle was stolen. shooting happened after 6:00 last night near the 238 interchange. the chp says somebody opened fire on a white jeep and what they are now calling a targeted shooting. the shooters got away and nobody was hurt. during the investigation the chp determines that the jeep was stolen and they found a loaded gun inside a backpack. the two people in the jeep were arrested along with a relative who came to provide assistance. the highway patrol shuts down on the northbound side to look for evidence and they say they found bullet casings on the road. the freeway was closed for about an hour. a new mural unveiled today honest a late rapper nipsey hussel. it was on a convenience store wall on the north side of lake merritt, timothy junior says they wanted to honor the rapper in oakland because he inspired people to give back to their communities. the grammy nominated rapper was gunned down outside his store
6:34 pm
in los angeles back in march. the woman accused of posing as a nanny has been caught, her name is darlene she was arrested last night in the east bay town of cummington. the 60-year-old woman stole the identity of a real nanny and met with families for job interviews. police say she stole valuables from them once she was inside their homes, officers describe her as a con artist with a history of running these types of scams. the ex-wife of the disney voice actor jim cummings is accusing him of rape and animal abuse it's a bitter court battle. his estranged ex-wife claims he repeatedly raped her during their troubled marriage and abused their family puppy. the couple was fighting over custody of their two daughters in a los angeles courtroom. the 66-year-old is best known for being the voice of the pool and last year disney film. coming up are learning about
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today's phone call between presidents trump and the russian president vladimir putin. excitement building and britain for the arrival of the next royal baby, it could happen anytime now.
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6:37 pm
president donald trump says he spoke with russian president vladimir putin for more than an hour today, this video shows the two leaders last year, they discussed nuclear weapons agreements, the conflict in venezuela and the mother
6:38 pm
report. president donald trump said he quote knew there was no collusion whatsoever. house judiciary committee chairman jerry nadler has made a finer final counter offer to attorney general barr, he is giving them until 9 am monday to provide access to the special councils unredacted report and underlying evidence or risk being held in contempt of congress. republicans say the report exonerates the president while democrats accuse him of lying to congress. democratic congressmen are urging the bar association in virginia and dc to launch an investigation into the attorney generals public comments on the report. the department of homeland security is building two new tent cities in texas along the border with mexico. officials say each tent city
6:39 pm
will be able to house about 1000 migrants. dhs says the migrants will have access to food, hot water and medical care as they are processed. agents say the sector is seeing an average of over 1000 apprehensions per day.>> this gives us more flexibility to process people. this is for processing only folks will be here for about 72 hours or so so we can move them.>> the crossing claimed the life of a 10 month old baby boy this week. what patrols that the group of migrants on a restaurant across the river and the raft flipped over. two other children and an adult are missing. excitement is building for the arrival of the next british royal baby. the only thing more exciting is the world baby. expected to give birth any day now, get ready for this wedding outside the hospital, following
6:40 pm
the modern world dimension and keeping all the details private in an effort to not expose the baby to a high profile public life. the due date remains unknown although prince harry has cleared some of the schedule next week. also unknown is whether the baby will be born at home or in the hospital and what name the couple plans to give. they were math out there today, 70s and some 80s but some changes by the weekend, we could be tracking a few showers, more on the timing and your five day forecast coming up. let's go to the newsroom with some of the stories were working on for the 7:00 news.>> uber drivers say they are turning off their apps, we will tell you about the protest that many of them are planning next week as the company goes
6:41 pm
public. a trial now underway in la or an accused serial killer dubbed hollywood ripper, we will tell you why ashton kutcher might be called to testify at this trial, we will have those stories and more coming up tonight. they are described as buses in the sky, we are learning new details about the gondola design for the proposed waterfront ballpark. a live look outside as we look into celebrating this sunday. alright boys, time for bed. listen to your mom, knuckleheads. hand em over. hand what over? video games, whatever you got.
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more california sea lions could be killed in the columbia river along the oregon washington state line. new federal guidelines allow any sea lion spotted eating fish at the dam to be killed. billions of dollars have been spent trying to save protected salmon in the columbia basin and so far this year and sea lions have been euthanized officials are authorized to remove up to 92 sea lions but have never come close to that number. a celebration was held today for the completion of the calaveras dam replacement project. the new $823 million dam is located directly adjacent to the old dam in southern alameda county. the new one has been built to withstand a 7.2 earthquake, officials say having the reservoir at full capacity is a vital component of maintaining
6:45 pm
a reliable water supply for the 2.7 million customers. he met the completion of this represents storage that we are going to need moving into the future of a changing climate.>> when full the reservoir is the largest bay area reservoir accounting for 40% of the water supply. we have had a great stay in the bay area. for people who love the pictures a great time to exercise. we have a little sprinkle in the forecast.>> at least cooler temperatures. it must be hard to describe the bay area whether. one day could be 80, the next day could be 65 it depends on where you are. it has been a variable pattern over the past couple weeks, we
6:46 pm
have been trending with temperatures cooling things off this weekend, no more 80s in the forecast for tomorrow, overnight lows in the 40s to the 50s and 60s and 70s for the afternoon hours. more clouds to start off your saturday morning, partly cloudy into the afternoon hours then on sunday it looks like a chance of a shower but that might be later in the day. especially as we head toward sunday evening. here is the satellite showing you the circulation out in the pacific and right now we have an onshore flow in place with dozen patches of fog i saw that trying to regroup, we will continue to do so as we headed to the overnight hours. current numbers 68, san francisco 58 degrees, 70 s. toward concorde san jose in the 70s in fact this is the camera i was talking about. looking out towards the golden gate bridge it's that one patch of fog, first thing tomorrow
6:47 pm
morning clouds near the coast and near the bay, partly cloudy skies for the rest of the bay area, as i mentioned no more 80s, the warmest locations will be in the 70s. this will be getting closer to our coastline as i mentioned the 60s and 70s to start off the weekend and into sunday looks like a sun and cloud mixed, sunday the coolest day of the weekend. here's the forecast model here we are tomorrow morning 9 am and skies partly cloudy, into the afternoon hours and sunday more clouds partly to mostly cloudy skies, later in the day this is primarily sunday evening, the chance of a few showers popping up your between seven and 10:00 and just a slight chance that could linger into your monday forecast. the bulk of the weekend should be okay but late in the afternoon and into the evening hours we could be attracting that shower chance. forecast highs will be in the
6:48 pm
60s, warmest locations in the 70s out toward fairfield, san jose 72, gilroy 76 degrees in half moon bay a forecast high right around 60, looking ahead at your five day forecast we continue to cool things off, a slight chance of a shower until monday and then you can see what happens later in the week, increasing clouds and it is still a long way out but some of the models seeing more showers. the good news is the weekend could be okay. facebook ceo mark zuckerberg has reported we purchased two new estates in lake tahoe for $59 million. the wall street journal says he wanted to keep the purchase a secret, with the deal including a number of nondisclosure agreements. the new deal even required that photos of the waterfront home be removed from the internet.>> must be nice. washington's
6:49 pm
that company has tapped into design a gondola to get fans to the a's new ballpark , designed out of lacey washington and olympia the company works on aerial wire transport as a means to move people rather than widening roads and building new bridges. the gondola could carry 35 people to the park every 30 seconds. >> it's almost a bus in the air that's why we can push or get 6000 people per hour, per direction, cross over into freeways, the railroad.>> one from my house to the office. they have worked on other systems around the country, they hope to open the new ballpark in 2023. >> san francisco to oakland.
6:50 pm
>> that would be awesome. the raiders welcomed their new rookies to camp in alameda. next in sports we hear from the national championship team. tune in tonight for last man standing at eight, and stick around for the 10:00 news and limited news right here on ktvu. the nature of a virus is to change. move. mutate.
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today, life-changing technology from abbott is helping hunt them down at their source. because the faster we can identify new viruses, the faster we can get to stopping them. the most personal technology, is technology with the power to change your life. life. to the fullest.
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we are in the middle of baseball season right now but football is taking center stage. we are here to talk about what the 49ers did today. >> football is a hard-core fan is, look at baseball and all the other sports, just intermission. they get a little taste of their favorite game. we will start with the 49ers, after all they are the team that loves to stay in the bay area. 49ers rookie camp today down in santa clara. get a look at their big pic number two in the entire draft, number 97 is what he will wear, the first time fans get to see him not going full pads. number 17 is a very highly interesting pic by the 49ers out of tennessee.
6:54 pm
play running back but again the story drifts back to earlier this week. the general manager not necessarily seeing eye to eye on everything, that was the report anyway. this morning 95.7 the game. >> the notion that we went out working together could not be further from the truth we have a tremendous working relationship, we are great friends of the fields there's a lot of trust, we came in this together and came in knowing there would be tough times and that it was not going to be easy but it was going to be worth it. but we got each other's back.>> meanwhile for the raiders in alameda today, a lot of heat. john gruden and company had three first-round draft picks and whether he will admit it or not they went against the grain
6:55 pm
in a big way choosing to select the defensive lineman out of clemson as their top pick. he's wearing number 96 in these drills, let's see if he can come true. lots of experts saying he's the shock of the draft, another of their top picks is the receiver. lower down out of clemson a two- time champion, five foot 10 inch hundred and 83 pound receiver he says it's not about brawn in football, brains do come into play.>> i think it is such a big part of the game when people don't realize, you have to be able to play, you can outwork people and a guy that knows what he's going to do before he does it is a lot more dangerous than a guy out there that's big and fast and has no clue what's going on. >> we will see how it pans out, meanwhile the warriors are
6:56 pm
happy to have three days rest in between game two and three, they are down in houston right now and happy because it gives steph curry a little extra time to work out. here he is at a drill in houston today, of course the dislocated middle finger on his left hand, he said it is okay. of course he would like to get on track trying to take a swipe at it and could not quite get it and was seen dislocated. he continued to play and the warriors lead two games to none but he's focusing on the mindset that it will take to beat the houston rockets in this series.
6:57 pm
>> 2-0 lead, next game tomorrow 5:30 our time. if you have a brother or sister you know about this, this hockey playoff game last night other and sister fighting for that armrest. it's mine. that was the game between the bruins and columbus. that is luca in his backyard. is already ready for the next season. he's wearing his house slippers. who needs those fancy basketball shoes when you look at doncic check this out a little league game back in michigan the umpire called the little kid out, and he just can't resist. he leapfrogs over. that might be illegal in some states. live news continues right after this.
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well, i must say, leonard, when i first heard your idea for giant jenga, i was skeptical. i can't blame you-- tiny twister was a complete bust. no, i was wrong. the looming threat of being crushed under a pile of lumber does add a certain spice. i've never felt so alive. (knock on door) oh, hello, alex. uh, let me go get you last night's recordings. what recordings? well, you remember when you told me i talk in my sleep? well, it occurred to me that, like most things i say, it's probably pure gold. so i started recording it all, and now alex gets to comb through eight hours of what i like to call "sheldon after dark." hey, leonard. hey. just playing a little giant jenga here. oh, i know-- i'm the one who had to buy him the helmet.


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