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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  April 4, 2019 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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site to help the homeless. >> i am sorry that this is an issue that has divided this community. >> amid the heated debate, we visit navigation centers in the city to see if they are working. pleading the fifth, owners of the ghost ship warehouse where they fire killed 36 people take the stand but refused to answer questions in the trial of the two defendants. our legal expert way to know what is next. crash report, investigators in ethiopia released the first report on what caused the disaster on the same day the first lawsuit is filed under the downed 737 max 8 jet. >> we as passengers need to demand that plains be safe so that no one else dies. >> reporter: from ktvu news, this is the four. new details this afternoon on the crash of an ethiopian airlines boeing 737-max 8 jet last month. data from the plans black box
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showed the pilots followed boeing's emergency steps before the crash but that the crew members could not regain control of the plane after turning off the flight control system. welcome, everyone to the four this afternoon. i'm heather holmes . >> i'm frank somerville in for alex savidge. that is among the 4 key findings released by investigators today. the preliminary report shows the plane was fully licensed and airworthy it also says the crew was qualified to fly the plane. the takeoff appeared normal and most significantly, the pilots and crew followed all of boeing's safety procedures in their attempt to avoid the crash. >> ethiopian airlines released a statement saying the preliminary report exonerates its personnel saying "we are proud of its pilots compliances to follow procedures and high- level performances in such difficult situations."
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>> attorneys on the families are seizing on these reports as evidence the boeing was to blame. lawsuits were filed today against the company in san francisco and chicago. >> today we are hearing from the ceo in boeing. in a videotaped statement posted to twitter, he apologized for the lives lost and acknowledge the role of the company's flight control system. tom vacar has been falling today's developments and joins us live in the newsroom . >> the boeing stock actually rose 3% today, a late afternoon tweet may negatively affect all that by tomorrow. >> reporter: in a day packed with boeing news, boeing's ceo tweeted this genuinely surprising admission and apology. >> it is apparent that both flights, the maneuvering characteristics augmentation system, known as mcas activated in response to erroneous angle of attack situation . >> a few days before, the family of sonia stu, a woman killed in the ethiopian airlines crash filed a wrongful death lawsuit against several
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defenders including boeing, the airline and a claim against the title administration of aviation. >> we are one of 337 families with holes because the aircraft did not function. she and her fellow passengers should not have died. >> we learned we could not bring home her body. or even fragments of her body. >> the potential of my sister and 156 others thrown straight into the ground because of boeing's green. >> reporter: attorneys say boeing put larger engines on the max eight which changed how it operates when climbing. the lawyers say in and move to reduce pilot training costs, it put in an automatic system to keep the plane from climbing to steeply. >> that would all be done automatically without the knowledge of the pilots. >> reporter: and apparent defect in the system caused the
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plane to dive severely, causing loss of control, something also reported by other pilots months earlier. but the woman's great uncle says the max it should never be allowed to fly as he believes they are not fixable. >> if we don't get this right, if we don't end the relationship between the apache faa, captured agency which have been documented for years, and the volume company -- boeing company, 5000 of these fatally flawed planes will be in there all over the world. >> reporter: in a statement, ethiopian airlines praised the crew and trying to save the 157 passengers and crew on board. despite their hard-working full compliance with the emergency procedures, it was very unfortunate that they could not recover the airplane from the persistence of nosediving. >> the crew performed all of the procedures.
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specifications provided by the manufacturer but was not able to control it. >> reporter: without the legal settlements that have not even begun to be discussed, this could go on for years. tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news. we're learning that san francisco police confirmed the victim of a shooting at the department of of corrections office in michigan has died. 19-year-old, taiepisi gutu has died of his injuries. according to records, hakim oden walked into the office and shot the victim. he is facing attempted murder charges in connection to the incident in southern california. the shooting that he is accused of in san francisco is being
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investigated as a homicide. san francisco police announced an arrest in the case of a sword attack following it argument outside a living. 30-year-old leor bergland is accused of slicing another man in the hand after having his make america great again had swatted off his head. police say the identified suspect was arrested last night . he now chases -- faces charges of attempted murder. and engine are charged with trying to kill a coworker at berkeley by spiking her water with a toxic chemical pleaded not guilty today. the suspect was charged with putting cadmium in his coworkers water. they were both engineers at bear on gilman street in oakland. authorities say coworkers noticed a strange taste or smell from her water in her
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office. she and two of her relatives got sick after drinking from the same water bottle. tests of the bottle and the 3 victims all revealed the presence of cadmium which can cause cancer or organ failure. the judge today set the suspect bail at $2 million and said if you make spell, you must be under house arrest and vertical monitor. the d.a. has asked for a $5 million bill saying he is extremely dangerous. >> the judge determined there were conditions that would permit his release. he is not a danger and he will be fighting these charges. >> the defendant will return to court next month.'s attorney says he no longer works at the berkeley engineering firm. not to the growing debate in san francisco oa over a proposed new site to help the homeless. dozens packed a contentious meeting last night, some people even shouted at mayor london breed. we talked to the department of homelessness and those living near the current navigation centers. >>
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>> reporter: when it comes to addressing homeless issues, navigation centers are usually a viable option. they look good on paper but advocates say when they try to build them in neighborhoods, they often run into roadblocks. since inches of snow opened its san francisco opened its first navigation center, the vulnerable have found refuge from the outdoors . >> every time we open a shelter summer, there is usually a lot of opposition, actually every time, there is a lot of opposition. >> reporter: on any given night, 7500 san francisco and find shelter in the street. >> i think we need to solve the homeless problem. >> reporter: this out-of-the- way navigation center hidden beneath the expressway at south van ness and 13th street -- >> i don't because it brings a lot of problems to the neighborhood. >> reporter: do you want, >> you want me to talk or yell? >> >> reporter: it seems that nobody wants it in their neighborhood as mayor breed found. >> people have a lot of fears and stereotypes and assumptions about poor people and some of
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that is racist and some of it is class is a but basically through the process they start coming around. >> reporter: these renderings for the latest proposal would put this 175 to 225 bed facility on the property by 2019 and would operate for 4 years. it is a nice facility but struggling for support. >> there is a lot of traffic and a lot of tourism and it drives away tourism. maybe it is not the best place for but like i said, i don't know whether best place would be. >> reporter: back here live, the navigation center would be going into this parking lot behind me. we did try to reach out to the mayor's office through emails and also phone calls and did not get a response as we tried later in the afternoon. >> rob malcolm in the city tonight. thank you. also in san francisco, this afternoon, several people
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remain in custody following a major police operation targeting fugitives into neighborhoods. offices from the tenderloin station led operations working with deputies from the sheriffs department. they tell us 66 people were arrested yesterday, most of the suspects wanted for drugs including heroin and cocaine as well as robbery, vandalism, burglary, assault and parole violations. here are just a few of the mugshots, 29-year-old christopher boyd wanted in san bernardino, authorities in pleasant hill have been looking for 46-year-old jacob posey, 38- year-old joseph galindo was wanted in san joaquin county and 27-year-old zachary padgett is a state parolee. the ghost ship trial underway with jury selection days away. coming up next we will sit down with our legal expert, michael cardoza to learn what happened in court today and what we can expect. a bizarre place playing out
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case playing out in kentucky. 823-year-old man claims he is in fact a boy who was missing or had been missing since 2011 but a new development in the case. the fbi rejecting that man's claim. in weather, tracking lots of clouds in the bay area. even some scattered showers for from the storms developing offshore that will bring rain especially for one part of the friday forecast. that is coming up.
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more than two years at the 36 people lost their lives in oakland ghost ship warehouse fire, the trial is underway. the first week has been mostly procedural and we are days away from jury selection. defendants derick almena and max harris each face 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter, one for each of the 36 people who died in the 2016 fire. for more on what is happening so far and where the trial is headed, we are joined by our legal analyst, michael cardoza. if you were the attorney for max harris and derick almena, what would you learn be strategy be? >> i would blame the owner who is allegedly has taken off for china and i would be blaming her son and her daughter who showed up in court today and took the fifth amendment, not in front of the jury but in pretrial motions, they got up there, the judge allowed them, the defense attorneys and the prosecution to ask them
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questions and both of them said, i'm not answering anything. i'm taking the fifth. >> what is your thought about that? >> will the prosecution can give them what is called use immunity which means, for example, if you are a witness and on the prosecutor, and say look, frank, you get up and testify, whatever you say, i will not bring a prosecution against you and use what you say in front of this jury against you. i might prosecute you but i won't use what you say so i'm giving you immunity for that. i think the government should give them use immunity. the defense is screaming, give them use a nearly use immunity, make them tell what happened to the building. >> wouldn't that make it less likely that the prosecution could come back and charge them? >> no, because like i said if i give you use immunity, i'm telling you i will not use what you say right now but -- the evidence, the other evidence
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and i don't need your statement. you on the building, i have fire inspectors, firemen, policemen that have gone by, looked at it and said the building was in horrible shape. they didn't do anything about it but i could use all of that to prosecute you. i don't need your statement, at least that one. >> if you are the defense attorney, would you put max harris and derick almena on the stand? >> i would. a lot of defense to turney think if the jury doesn't like them, you are taking a chance because the whole case then becomes your client on that stand and a lot of that is, does the jury like you. do they believe what they are saying. but in this case, i would put them on because i would want them to get to know them to show that they are nice people that they really were not responsible for this, that they should point to the city, point to the owners. these guys subletting, i'm arguing as a defense attorney now saying
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they submitted it and it wasn't their job to make sure the electrical work, etc. etc. what do they know about electricity? what do they know about the building codes? yes, i would put them both on . >> now go to the prosecution. as a prosecutor, what are you going to say? >> i would tell them that in this case it was so obvious that the building was in bad shape. there were no stairs that went to the second floor where the party was happening. instead of stairs, the head wooden pallets and common sense would tell you this is a fire trap and these two gentlemen should know that. when you look at the building, and you go, oh my god, no steps in or out, what if a fire happens, how do we get hundreds of people out of the building. it is not possible. mimic the defense, though, is arguing that l mena and harris are being scapegoated and that the real people here should be the owners, they are the ones who should be charged and the city as well. what are your thoughts on that? >> like i said in the beginning, i would be blaming
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them if i were them in fact those words, scapegoating and blaming the city have been banned by the judge. they actually had a motion and the d.a. said those words should not be used in this trial . >> right. >> the judge said only in opening statements, don't use those words there, defense because they are words of argument. it is an argument. opening statement is supposed to lay the facts out so i understand her ruling there and i agree with it. later in the trial, i guarantee if i were the defense, you know what i do? i take two chairs and i put them right behind my clients or right next to my clients, two empty chairs, maybe 3 and i'd say to the jury, time and again, there's the city. there is the building department. and there are the owners of the building. they should be in this courtroom . these two are scapegoats. the city inspected the building. the police have gone by. they have, the permit people, have gone by, they did nothing about this.
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why are these two gentlemen here? they are scapegoats for this. and the d.a. is saying they are investigating. they might hear that during the trial. i'd say, sure, we are investigating. we might go after them. come on, guys, you did enough investigation. get them out. put them in. if i were prosecuted, i would have them in those seats because i would not have that defense argument. let the jury decide if those people, the owners on the two men, harris and derick almena, who is responsible, or are they all responsible? don't let the defense argue that in the prosecution, the government has done that. >> we will leave it there. thank you. >> you are welcome. -- how do you feel this morning? >> 2 investigates has been closely monitoring the trial it attempted to talk with the landlords of the ghost ship
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warehouse fire following the court appearance. they avoided our team while leaving the courthouse. they were in open. coming up at five, candice nguyen will have more on the owners role and what happened in court today. the weather pattern is not changing much over the past two days, constant cloud cover and scattered light showers and a few sprinkles or drizzle. things will change tomorrow. you can see the system offshore, well offshore. that will move in first thing tomorrow morning. most areas pick up under 1 inch of rain and most areas are picking up under 1/2 inch of rain. winds could be 30 miles per hour and the sierra has a winter storm watch in effect. we are making adjustments in the timing. the bulk of the action will move in for the morning hours and decreasing into the afternoon. in fact by 3:00, a chance of a lingering shower. here is the satellite itself. you can see the clouds overhead. here is the weather system out here in the pacific. right now, lots of cloud cover and a little bit of green on the radar, nothing too
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widespread but still a few isolated showers out there. in fact, here is a closer look at satellite and radar with mostly cloudy skies. current numbers, most areas right now, pretty mild, lots of 60s, san francisco, 62, napa, 62 , san jose, 60 degrees. here's a live look at san francisco out toward oracle park. we will be talking about the forecast for this area on the next update but they have clouds in place and we are watching rainfall closely for tomorrow's home opener. as we break down rainfall totals, the bulk of the action is focused in the north bay for the coastal hills. most areas pick up about 1/10 inch to 1/4 inch and lesser amounts toward the south. we are scaling back on the intensity of the front. here we are tomorrow morning, rain develops, windy and by 12:00, chance of showers and by 4:00, a chance but it looks like partly cloudy skies and a
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bit of a breeze so it looks like the update we are highlighting is the bulk of the action will be for tomorrow morning. here we are at 4 am and 9 am and into the 12 pm hour, rain from the north bay to the south bay. look what happens in the afternoon, by two 8 pm -- 2 pm, we have the main shower been moving out of town to the south and east. we will talk more about the giants home opener forecast for tomorrow and also showers in the weekend. all of that is coming up and a little bit. still to come here on the four, the white house is reacting to a new demand from democrats for president trump 's tax returns.
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congressional democrats are stepping up efforts to get a look at president trump's tax returns. this comes as a battle over the mueller report each up. gillian turner is in washington and tells us the department of justice is defending the attorney general's handling of the report. >> reporter: >> until such time as i am not under orders, i would not be obliged to do that.
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>> reporter: democrats are trying to get their hands on president trump's tax returns for years and now they might be able to do it. the house ways and means many officially requested the presidents taxes for the past 6 years using an iris code that requires the treasury to give congress tax records for any american citizen. the only limitation is that without the taxpayers consent, the documents have to be examined in a closed-door session. democrats say they are viewing this as a test case that could establish a new law aimed at increasing transparency . >> the test case provides us with an opportunity to embrace established precedent. the last 8 precedents presidents have released their tasks firms . >> >> reporter: this a new fight against allegations that attorney general william barr misled the public about the mueller report and that the contents are more damaging to the president dunbar reported.
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the justice department says this is not true and they are committed to releasing the full report as soon as possible. white house press secretary, sarah sanders called the allegations part of an ongoing pattern of partisan attacks. >> they lost on collusion and now they are looking for anything and everything they can to continue to attack this president because they have no message. >> reporter: the doj says the mueller report will be released to congress and the public by mid april. in washington, gillian turner, fox news. another democrat is running for president. ohio congressman tim ryan announced the canonicity on his website just before he went on the view earlier today. ryan says he is running for president because the current leadership of the white house and congress is not doing enough to help the working class. what sets ryan apart from the 20 or so other democratic candidates is that he calls himself a moderate. he challenged nancy pelosi in 2016 for the democratic house
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leadership and in the past, was a member of the nra and opposed abortion rights. amazon ceo jeff basals and his wife have finalized their public split and once the dust settles, will another billionaire take on the mantle of the world's richest person? we will have details after the break. coming up next, the latest developments out of kentucky. what was believed to be a big break in the case of a boy who went missing 8 years ago has sadly turned out to be a dead end. >> the fbi office in cincinnati released information indicating the dna results taken from the subject down there indicated that subject was not in fact timothy it's in -- timmothy pitzen.
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federal investigator said today a man claiming to be a missing teenager is not who he is claiming to be. the fbi says the dna evidence shows the man is not timmothy pitzen who was a boy who went missing in 2011. it has been awful. we have been helpful, alternately hopeful and frightened and it is just exhausting. >> that is timmothy pitzen's grandmother describing what it has been like over the last 24 hours. timmothy pitzen is a little boy who went missing in aurora, illinois 8 years ago. his mother apparently picked him up from school before committing suicide in a motel room. the boy has never been found since then. the family was originally filled with hope when a young man found on a street corner in
4:31 pm
kentucky claimed to be timmothy pitzen but the hopes were dashed when the fbi said the person is not 14 , the age timothy would be. instead, he is a 23-year-old man from ohio who has a criminal record. >> unfortunately, this child is not our beloved timmothy pitzen. we know that you are out there somewhere, tim and we will never stop looking for you, praying for you and loving you. >> timmothy pitzen's aunt said of all the sightings over the years, this was the most promising and unfortunately the most devastating. authorities say the man claiming to be timothy is in fact brian michael rennie from medina, ohio. his motive for lying is still not clear. a federal judge in manhattan today gave tesla ceo elon musk and the securities and exchange commission two weeks to resolve -- resolve their dispute over the battle centering on weather must violated the terms of a settlement he released --
4:32 pm
reached with the sec about a tweet he released in february about the potential demand for tesla cars. musket did not specifically address the dispute as reporters conflict in him outside the courthouse in new york city . >> i have great respect for the justice system. i think the judge and the american system are outstanding. >> what about the sec? >> the sec contends the that musket must get approval from an attorney before publishing any twitter posts that include potentially market sensitive information. the judge made it clear she would resolve the conflict herself if the two sides failed to reach an agreement. facebook is facing a new controversy involving their privacy policy. up guard is a mountain you view cyber security firm that says more than 540 million facebook records were left exposed by a third-party company on an amazon cloud computing server. records include facebook users
4:33 pm
comments, likes, account names and more. facebook says they have teamed up with amazon not to immediately identify and correct the security breach. amazon founder and ceo, jeff basals has finalized his divorce. his former wife, mackenzie will now get a stake in the online shopping giant worth more than $35 billion. the couple announced they were divorcing in january just before the national enquirer published a story saying jeff basals was having an affair with a former television host. when the divorce is complete, mackenzie basis will have a 4% stake in amazon. before the separation, jeff basals basals -- jeff basals had a 16% stake worth more than $140 billion and even after the split, he will still be the world's richest man. a big honor for a student robotics team from san francisco. this past weekend, the miss it
4:34 pm
the misfits on the silicon valley regional robotics competition and the team is now qualified to attend the world championships in houston coming up later this month joining me now are the 3 very impressive members of the misfits. madison, erika and claire. thank you ladies for being here. how exciting. congratulation on the big win this past weekend . >> thank you . >> madison, tell me a little about how these competitions work. >> so in the competition, there can be ranging from 40 to 60 teams and the regional type competitions and these teams compete with each other, friendly of course, no battle bots and teams rack up points and gain points and eventually we had a large playoff at the end when 3 teams will win the regional and can qualify for the world championship. >> that is what you guys, you ladies have been able to do. erika, what sets you apart is the part that you are an all
4:35 pm
girls robotics team, the only one in san francisco. tell me what that was like for you guys this past weekend? >> it was really special. we all have a close bond as females. there is a lot of disparity, not many females are in stem right now i think about 24% which is a really disheartening number and being all-female, and all girls team, is really great for all of us. >> claire, tell me a little about how you came up with your robot. week have it here so viewers can take a look at it. tell me how you came up with it and what it does? >> initially when we first got the challenge, in january, we went through a lot of lists of what we could do, what we could not do, and then we came up with the best strategy to be able to implement those ideas and feed them all into one robot so using that and using a lot of deducting and the process of elimination, we were able to construct and start putting the ideas that we had
4:36 pm
and turned them into something that is now a robot. >> tell me what your robot is able to do? >> there are different goals you have to compete with in the game. one is picking up that large orange ball. it is about a kickball size so you can pick those up from the ground on the field and deliver them to a box, i want to say and you get points for that and there is another field element, a large, large frisbee, pick them up and deposit them on the box for more points. >> this is something you guys have been working on since january, right? did you know, did you get an idea that, we are really onto something and we are going to go big here? >> actually, we had a lot of trouble. i think this year there was a
4:37 pm
lot of different, you had a lot of different ideas and our team really wanted to do different things and we really wanted to do everything, really because at the end, you can actually, you have to climb or go on to that platform that you see there and wanted to be a like and all domineering robot, jack of all trades, do everything but we realize that we couldn't really do that and then we decided to specialize and do the ball and we can do it really well . >> and that is what was the thing that set you apart this weekend? >> yes because for the first competition at san francisco regional, we had a broken robot, we could not do much other than defend against other teams to try to prevent them from scoring but however, over the few weeks, we were able to build that working cargo mechanism which was huge for our steam our team. >> and claire, you did not get down with that defeat, you went back to the workshop and made changes? >> absolutely. >> here you are now and on your way to the championships. you are trying to raise money,
4:38 pm
medicine. talk to us a little about how people in the bay area can help you ladies? >> we have a few venues of being able to support us, we need flights and hotels and so forth and they are very kind for that. one venue you can do that with his three gofundme. if you search misfits 64 -- >> we will put that information on the website so you have a gofundme page? kimberly and erica before we go, tell me a little bit about what this means to get the this point, especially as an all girls team? >> we are actually pretty young, third-year team robotics team and and it is special for all of us. on the field, we see a lot of boys on the field in our competition and mostly boys working on the robots, driving them so being an all-female team is really special, you know, it is great for all of us . >> i have to ask before you leave, how did you come up with the name, misfits? >> well our creator, anya decided this was a good name
4:39 pm
but wanted to put a little trickery into it so on our shirts, there is like a big s and big f for san francisco where we are based . >> plus you are all ladies which is great. really inspirational. i wish you the best of luck in houston and hopefully you can get donations to help you along the way. very impressive. thank you for being here. coming up night -- next, we will talk live with the giants about opening days. there is a little bit of rain in the forecast. how all of that will affect plans, coming up. we are watching out to assist him well offshore that will bring rain to the bay area and we will timeout the heaviest downpours and shower chances as we head toward the weekend. here is where to watch the world's best 7 pm newscast on ktvo plus.
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there are grand plans for the giants home opener tomorrow but there are concerns that rain may interfere. let's head now to oracle park right now and talk live with mario alioto, the vice president of business operations. mario, a big day tomorrow. tell us what fans can expect? >> tomorrow we are ready for opening day. we are putting the final touches on the ballpark. we have a brand-new scoreboard tomorrow that we will unveil for fans which is more than twice the size as the scoreboard last year or the last several years. tomorrow's opening day is a special day for all giants
4:43 pm
fans. we know there are some weather issues but we are confident we will get the game in. it may be delayed for a bit but the gates will open 11:00 and we invite our fans to come out. if we need to delay for an hour or two, we will but we have every intention to play the game because these games are not easy to make up and we are playing tampa bay who do not come back to san francisco this year., now, it is opening day, friday, we will have a great time out here. >> still hoping to get this game in. do you think it will be just delayed? you offered douglas are you pretty confident you will be able to play the game? >> we have been looking at all of the weather like you do, every hour or so and we check how quick the storm is coming
4:44 pm
through. it sounds like it will rain a lot in the morning, maybe until 1:00 or 2:00 and at that point, we will keep an eye on it but we have every intention to get the game in. it may be delayed by a little bit of time and if it is fast- moving like we have heard, maybe we will start sooner than expected but i think we will definitely get the game in. >> talk a little about the contingency plans being put into place? i know you have a lot of festivities for fans, do you have backup plans you are working on? >> we are talking to the league and we have many meetings internally in case it rains and if it continues to rain but again, keeping in mind it is a 1:35 pm game and we have all afternoon if we need to delay it we have so many festivities and tributes to peter mcgowan and with william mccovey, it is a day full of festivities and we really want to get the game in tomorrow and that is our plan. if we need to wait a little we will . >> it will be worth the wait. can you talk a little bit about what is on the agenda for tomorrow? you mentioned some of the ceremonies that will take place. >> i think besides introducing our players to the fans, it is our first home game and part of our celebration tomorrow is to honor bruce on opening day.
4:45 pm
i can say we have a special tribute to peter mcgowan and willie mccovey and we always have a surprise as to who throws out the first pitch because we like surprises but opening day, we have been planning for months and we hope the weather doesn't get in the way but it'll be a great day either way because the beginning of baseball season is always rain or shine, a great afternoon. it is a special time. no hint at all about who is going to throw the first pitch? >> no hint at all but you know, we always have to keep on surprise back but it will be appropriate who it is and i think when he throws out the first pitch, you will understand why it is him. also i have to tell you, come out to try some of the new food items this year. you have to try the superduper hamburgers that are here. that is one thing about a
4:46 pm
giants game. you have to walk around and taste all of the food. it is part of the experience. there is no better time than opening day and starting a new season. >> it sounds good to me, mario, put me down for one of each, all right? in the come on in. gates open at 11:00 and come out tomorrow. it may be a little delayed but again, opening day, friday, let's get the weekend started the right way . >> i really appreciate you taking the time to talk to us and good luck tomorrow. let's head now to our meteorologist, mark to find out about the system. what you think, mark? will people get the game in and the little delayed? >> i think that is probably the highest chance of that happening. if you asked me a couple of days ago i would have said there was no way >> so it shifted? >> yes, in fact it looks like the storm has backed off in intensity and is speeding up so as you heard throughout the afternoon, the system will be
4:47 pm
on the move so for the home opener, we have a chance of showers early tomorrow afternoon at 1:35 pm but the bulk is happening before this point, winds out of the south/less west at about 25 miles per hour. let's coming closer and show you the timing. around 11:00, we could be talking rain. it 1:00 a chance, look at what happens by 3:00 and 5:00 throughout the afternoon. we scale back on the rainfall, probably a son called mix by the 2:00 hour so it looks like a nice improvement with the forecast and they will get the game and as you heard, maybe a bit of a delay out toward oracle park. here's the camera once again. we have clouds in place and when you wake up in the morning, it will be raining but just know the system will be moving out as we head into the afternoon hours. years the satellite and radar, a little green showing up on the radar. today is one of those deals where i have light rain reports and portions of the bay area through the day but nothing too widespread. it does look like a few scattered showers popping up and portions of the south bay
4:48 pm
and the bulk of the action right now is focused to our north along the north coast around eureka, mendocino. here are the current numbers, mainly in the upper 50s to lower 60s, santa rosa 59, san jose 60, concord 64, here is the next system developing. for friday, primarily around the morning hours so rain devolves friday morning and a chance as we head into the afternoon hours. it will not be sticking around so as a result, we have scaled back on the rainfall productions and also by 2:00 or 3:00 we could have improving weather. in the weekend, as the high pressure rebuilds, it means typically dry weather but the storm track will be just to the north of the bay area so as a result, we have a chance of saturday showers, clouds linger into sunday but we will be warming up a bit as we set towards sunday. it is springtime but we have winter weather advisory is in the sierra. snowfall expectations have backed off as well but may be above 80 have -- 8500 feet, around 6 to 12 inches. here is the forecast model that
4:49 pm
has changed quite a bit. here's a closer look. this is 5:00 tomorrow morning. the rainfall is more widespread by 9 am and late tomorrow morning into the early portion of the afternoon. this looks like rain from north to south but it will not be sticking around. look what happens after the 12:00 hour. look at things change between 12:00 and 2:00. a chance of scattered showers by 5:00 and we should have partly cloudy skies. here is the shower chance especially for saturday morning. this is saturday at 10:00 and we will hold onto the possibility into the afternoon but it looks like the best chance for showers will be for the morning hours on saturday. forecast times for tomorrow, in the upper 50s to 60s. here's a look ahead to the 5 day forecast and there is the rain clouds primarily for friday morning into the early portion of the afternoon. a chance into saturday and clouds and warming temperatures by sunday. it looks like the giants are able to change the weather pattern for the home opener because it does look like a dramatic improvement compared
4:50 pm
even to yesterday. >> perhaps it was the collective plea. >> hopefully the forecast remains on track but right now it does look good. 3 things, mark. arianna is in for juliana tonight and tells us some of the stories we are working on for ktvu news at 5:00. a man was carjacked right outside his home? >> yes it was caught on camera as a 72-year-old man was attacked in broad daylight. mickey jumped in the car and i reached in and grabbed him and tried to pull him back but he punched me and broke my glasses. >> how the victim fought back against the young carjack or. that video is really something when you look at it. also new research shows we here in california are long overdue for a big one. make a new study says california is in the middle of what the call and earthquake
4:51 pm
drought. does that mean we are do? we talked to one of the authors of the study about what it means for california . >> all right, we will see you in a few minutes at 5:00. the predictions are out for this years hurricane season. coming up next, how this year will compare. ar sauce. plus, hot and salty fries and a drink. for just $4.99! the $4.99 fish sandwich combo.
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it's a deal so good, it will make everyone a fish lover. you get 100%, wild-caught alaska pollock breaded with panko bread crumbs and topped with tartar sauce. plus, hot and salty fries and a drink. for just $4.99! the $4.99 fish sandwich combo. quieter than normal. that is the prediction from the hurricane experts for this year's season. scientists think there will be 13 main storms with just two becoming major hurricanes. phil keating shows us how the experts come up with their storm predictions. >> it has been months since hurricane michael all but
4:54 pm
erased part of the florida panhandle. even longer since harvey triggered widespread flooding across the gulf of texas and there was irma raking through florida. all 3 cyclones were category 4 storms but barely scratched the surface of the past two hurricane seasons. 2017 was hyperactive according to forecasters. there were 17 storms, 10 reaching hurricane sadness status and six deemed major meaning a category three or higher. michael will was one of two major stormed storms to develop. the next hurricane season begins in june and they are offering w scientists are offering new predictions. the forecast is slightly below normal activity. experts they cooler temperatures in the atlantic will help. the probability of a major storm making landfall in the
4:55 pm
u.s. is also below average. technology and a better understanding of weather patterns has made forecasts more precise. experts remind you, any storm is capable of causing major damage without being a major storm. hurricane season begins june 1 and runs all the way through november and september is historically the most active month. in miami, phil keating, fox news. the national oceanic and atmospheric administration also released the names of the storms . here they are, the first five, andrea, barry, chantel, dorian and erin. a bay area rap star is launching his own brand of tequila. e 40 of vallejo had named his tequila line -- the name is e 40 in spanish. the rapper was our guest on ktvu at 9:00 this morning and explained why he decided to get into the tequila business. >> i ended up doing mixed
4:56 pm
cocktail drinks and now i am doing this tequila. >> the rapper says he plans to continue to expand his growing adult beverage empire in the years ahead. the lineup for this year's grow festival in san francisco has been release. the festival is still awaiting 82 years. it will be held every sunday from june 16 through august 18. this year's festival kicks off with the group, dig it will planets. other artists include the san francisco symphony, the san francisco ballet and pink martini. ktvu why are all these business owners so excited? we're going to comcast. it's ahead of the game, ahead of the curve. it's going to add to the productivity of our business. it's switch and save days at comcast business. right now, get fast, reliable internet for $49.95 a month
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ktvu fox 2 news it 5:00 starts right now. >> i reached in there and grabbed him and tried to pull him back but he punched me and broke my glasses. >> a 72-year-old great- grandfather unloading groceries attacked by a teenager who then steals his car. the brutal attack that you see here was all caught on camera. tonight, police say they have made an arrest. the suspect just 14 years old. good evening, i am alyana gomez . >> i am frank somerville. the teenager is behind bars
5:00 pm
facing felony charges. as for the great-grandfather, he told us today he would defend himself just like he did all over again. maureen naylor is an san jose. >> reporter: i am in front of juvenile hall. his name is not released because of his age. police called the surveillance video brutal. it starts in the middle of a carjacking on coldwater drive in east san jose. you see the owner of the car trying to get his keys back when the hooded criminal with a backpack gets out and starts punching the great gun father . >> he jumped in the car and i reached in and grabbed him and tried to pull him back but he punched me and broke my glasses. and that's how i got all of these cuts right here. that i couldn't, i started bleeding so i could not see him. >> reporter: hector estrada was unloading his groceries when


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