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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  March 12, 2019 10:00pm-10:59pm PDT

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new wok fired shrimp, another american chinese creation from panda express. f0 it's appalling. >> high school students reaction to the newses of a college scandal after wealthy parents pay bribes to get their students into colleges. >> students are busting their butts, and if they don't get in they can't rerye on mommy and
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daddy. >> a privileged few used their wealth to buy a spot into a top college. >> eight top you universities including stanford rocked by about bribe and. paying bribes and fraud to get into college. >> four of the eight are in california usc, claw, stanford and the university of diego. more on the scandal. >> it's dubbed operation varsity blues a bribery scheme with wealthy parents paying to guarantee the administration of
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their children. >> they flaunted their wealth sparing no expense. >> william singer crete add college counting and prep business. from 2011 to 2019 parents paid 200000 to 6.5 million dollars. he bribed coaches to pretend is kids were athletes and conspired to fabricate profiles. they used stock photos off the internet, photo shopping the face of the child on the picture of the athlete and submitting in support of the children. >> felicity huffman and lori
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laughlin are named in the scheme. others paid four times to their daughters. the person employed her with answers to the exam questions and after the exam that person gloated they cheated and got away with it. another pay $250,000 in facebook stock as a soccer recruit. and another accused of bribing the water polo coach to get his daughter into school. he complained his daughter's score should have been higher. >> for every student admitted through fraud, a honest talented student was rejected. >> no student was charged and
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in many cases the students were aware of what their parents were doing. >> stanford's head sailing coach pleaded guilty to expirer see. he coached the university's sailing program. in 2018 he agreed to give a recruiting spot to applicants with minimal sailing experience. in return he received payments of $270,000. >> he understood this violated policy and should not have accepted money. the money was given to stanford university. >> his attorney said the money went to the university happening them buy new boats and hire another coach.
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stanford official said: . high school students are studying to get into college and those we spoke to express disappointment. they fight to overcome obstacles and the parents who pay bribes are heid cheating else. >> we visited a nonprofit that bribes themselves in colleagues. every college admission to a person that didn't earn it is a spot stolen from those who work hard. >> i do the regular class course and individual prepping so i can get a good score. >> college track helps high school students from low-income families find a path to i strug
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for help. >> this is a program that offers tutoring, counseling and prep that helps through high school, college and until they get a degree. many are striving to be the first in their family to get a krem education. the news the disheartening. >> i could be acing my classes for someone else to take my spot. that's really demote evacuating. >> it's a slap in the face because we don't have the opportunity and we stay up to study for things. >> students come here for tutoring up to 3 times a week
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to get good gradesment the privileged parents are chiding. >> it makes me angry. i have to work hard. >> when people have the money to pay for their kids to cheat through the requirements for college, it puts me at a higher disadvantage. >> the receivelation of a bribery screen is a reality check that the playing field is not always even. >> they will learn how to get past it. >> advisers and council said this scandal can be a teaching moment and in end work and honesty payoff. you can read the full list of those charged by heading to our web site. we've a list of the bay area
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parents charged in this case. the governor plans to suspend the death penalty in california. he will sign an exclusive order putting a moratorium on the death penalty. he will shut down the death chamber in san quinten. this suspends any executions in california as long as he's governor but only california voters dead penalty. in a prepared statement the governor said the intentional killing of another person is wrong and as governor i will not over see the execution of any individual. he is expected to make a full
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announcement tomorrow morning. now to shows where police have arrested a 24-year-old homeless man for stalking and fate alley stabbing a woman in her home. there's no indication that baby larson knew her attacker. >> we're told the murder of bambi larson went unanswered. that changed when there was a suspect. >> on monday the learned a dna a warrant was obtained for the suspect. >> they poured over 460 hours of home surveillance video video capturing images of the
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suspect. >> home security cameras showed an unidentified male with a back pack, pants and long sleeved sweater. >> the victim's son discovered his mother dead in her bedroom after he was contacted by colleagues. >> we've lived here 45 years, i'm glad they caught the guy. >> the officers ran into him and cited him for possession of meth. 24 hours after that especially counter the results were and he was arrested. he had a long rap sheet.
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flap. >> we will go to the ends of the to find a person like this. >> those undocumented residents who are not violent or serious criminals should not fear the police. when we've violent or serious offenders that are preying on our community we must have the ability to protect our residents. >> he gave details but a motive was not one of them. the department protect all but the department should not to shield a gangster or violent felon. san jo
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. a year after a concord man disappears his community is not giving up. 100 people turnout for a vigil to keep him from being forgotten. >> whipping winds and saturated ground combine for falling trees. >> and we're tracking the strong winds for tonight. if you want a y forecast like w way. [ pleasant orchestral music ]
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for $49.95 a month and save $600 a year. just one more way we take your business beyond. but hurry, switch and save days ends april 7th. internet that's reliable. internet that's fast. that's super important. i just want to get it right now. call today. comcast business. beyond fast. . a remembrance for a concord man who disappeared a year ago. david came kerr went to delta. his companions returned he did not. >> a s heldthis elementary school david attended. he never strayed far from his roots and his neighborhood showed up for him. >> i don't know if we'll have
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david back in body but he's here in many ways. >> family and friends held a procession in concord. the streets they remember him as a boy and young man. >> we don't know what happened. we don't know what happened. >> his mother has doubted the story his son and aquaintnesses head to the island. they get separated in the dark. he vanishes on a supposed fishing trip. >> fishing, i think there was no fishing poles. >> his loved ones had never met the he was with. he may have gotten hurt, perhaps drowned. >> somebody something. >> this lifelong friend leading searches and vigils says he
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would do the same with others. >> he was the life of the party and he would do anything for the ones he loved. >> it looks like he ran away on his own. >> there's no sign of foul play. >> this time of the year high moving water, fast current, there's a lot of dangers in that area. >> if be anybody knows anything, if they think it's him. snap a photo. >> they hope he's still alive. hearted. >> he was fun to be around. >> and hope propels them now as the crowd to share more, cherish more, love more. >> i have faith we'll have answers one day, in the meantime i'm breathing and a.
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thes a little more. >> people along the way sharing stories about him and the memories prompting laughter entires. he was an electrician and lived in truckee for several years but returned to concord often. >> have there been any leads. >> there were tips and supposed sightings, they have dwindles and none were legit. a dismember beared body was found and they are ncerned there's a chance he will co home. to are searching for the suspects that robbed a u.p.s.
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driver this afternoon. police say the driver called 911 after three people stole several packages and ran off. high winds across the bay area knocking down trees and power lines. a cypress tree calm down blocking traffic. cars were backed up while crews worked to clear the debris. >> a tree branch caused an outage that shut down part of 101. the tunnel will be closed 3: 15 4,000 customers lost power. in sonoma county crews work
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to clear trees. the firsthanded on a newly remodeled home. the buyers had just moved in. 15 minutes later another tree crashed down and got caught in power lines and ended up dangling in the lines. the street was closed while clean-up crews worked to clear the area and restore power. >> just took a weak system to move up and over california. the winds have backed down a little bit. look at the stronger winds, the peak gusts. having a wind gust of 45 to 49 miles an hour. redwood city 39 miles an hour.  even down in the south bay san
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jose 39 miles an hour. snow showers toward lake tahoe. a report of light shower earlier today. for the most part a sun cloud mix. santa rosa 49. walnut creek 51. oakland airport is a gust of 21 miles an hour. sfo at 14. half moon bay gusting at 35. here's the live camera. we're experiencing partly cloudy skies. we'll clear out the skies and the overnight lows will be in the 30s and 40s to start out the day. temperatures in the 40s. most areas on track to reach low to mid-60s. lots of sunshine and the weekend is warmer.
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coming up, neighborhood opposition to a homeless area. >> there are families and businesses here, i don't want night as the campers face a led line to leave. they are same greating -- celebrating as st. maries wins. mark as it all. . more countries move to ban the 737 markakis marx eight. so with xfinity mobile
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. the faa is facing criticism for on the ground boeing 737 max jets after two crashes. two unexplained crashes in less than six months. live at oakland air port with the faa's latest statement. >> tonight here at oakland airport in passengers on southwest airlines arrived on the 737s but the calls are increasing for the u.s. to ground the planes. >> still no answers for families of the 157 souls
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killed in the crash of flight 302. the heartbreak and growing uncertainty of the safety of the jets is prompting swift action. on tuesday the european union safety agency is suspending all flight of all boeing 735 max eight and nine are suspending all flights. the u.s., canada and japan are the remaining that hanot grounded the planes. 68 are authorized to fly in the
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u.s. the association of flight attendant will not be forced to fly if they feel unsafe. u.s. lawmakers called for the faa the take precautions. >> protect the passengers and ground these planes until the faa has a chance to review their safety. >> it makes sense to ground the aircraft until we have better information. >> the faa stood firm. president trump in february over saw an order for 100
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boeing 737 max plans. an antistall system is expected to contribute to the crash. >> before falling down the plane rotated and had smoke from the back and hit the ground and exploded. >> at bay area airports some were worried. >> i think either they fix it or stop it. why should the people go in be worried. >> the u.s. transportation secretary flew on the plane from austin to washington and said her department will not hesitate to ground the plane if they are deemed unsafe. fe. . residents in a san jose neighborhood are speaking up over plans to move a homeless village here, their concerns pl
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an oakland city councilwoman breaks her silence on the shooting death of her son
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alright,yeah!excited? waaahoo... well... that was fun, right? it's time to get more. lower fares. better service. sweeter rewards. alaska airlines. . federal prosecutor have
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charged wealthy parents for paying bribes to get their kids into elite universities. john vander more pled guilty and was fired. >> in san jose a man is under arrest for stalking and fatally stabbing a woman. for 12 days the questions went unanswered today police announced the arrest of the man. he has a long rap sheet and is in the country illegally. people gathered to remember different chemmer. police say there's no sign of foul play and this case is open. there's concerns over a
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proposal to relocation a homeless camp. it is located on rough drive near the airport. county leaders want to move it to willow glen. res don'ts don't want it. >> the deadline is approaching. march30th. some residents weren't given much notice or a say. >> with new fencing and concrete slabs this vacant slab in san jose is move in ready. for hope village the first sanctioned village for the homeless population. >> let's get them into hotels. get them clothes, some job interviews, a couple thousand
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dollars for first and last month's rent. get >> they live near the proposed site and oppose the proposal to relocate it here. >> they've not done anything about the homeless population. >> there's families and businesses here. i don't want it. i feel for these people. the city needs to do a better job. >> 17 people live in tenths on rough drive are with showers restrooms and dining area. campers must move since the site is too close to the airport. >> there's many solutions and we have the them. >> this sits in deb davis' district. she supports the move.
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>> i understand the concerns and fears, we know that just like the house population contains unsavory people. >> 59-year-old willie gonzalez, he lost his job after hurting his shoulder, he hopes residents will give hope village a chance. >> the rent is so high. your only a paycheck away from being where i am. >> the board of supervisors, the water district and the city council must approve the move. it's unclear what will happen if the decision is not made. there are two community meetings next week where the
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city will hear an earful. the oakland coliseum authority is voting to keep the raiders in oakland for another year. the main part of the deal will have the raiders 7 1/2 million to play home games. if it is approved then the oakland city council and board of supervisors need to sign off. lynnette gibson shared memories of her son. he was shot and killed in an attempted robbery. >> hopefully i'll be a faithful keeper of his legacy. she spoke openly since her son was shot and killed.
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>> he believed that music could heal the world of violence and sickness. i'm crying but i'm crying for awful those who'll never meet him. he did not seven this. -- deserve this. >> early sunday morning victorand his friends were confronted by robbers, they attempted to remember them. one of the suspects shot victor. >> he was a talented myoseism. he was a stand out all his own. >> victor made a name in his own right. i was victor's mom. >> never imagining that her stop would be a victim im. have
10:37 pm
work to eradicating the violence in our communities of color. that work started long before victor was taken. >> one of his instruct years choked back tears. >> he was a drummer but he was an amazing human being and i thank you both for bringing him into the world. >> vicker's father asked anyone with information to come forward. >> say something to the police. don't be silent. silence is worse than the bullet that killed my son. so. >> he would in
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april, now he's in infinity. i'm still ahead, a teacher accused of rubbing a "fight club." the charges he's facing and how the students are reacting. in weather a bit of a breeze, but lots of sunshine and we could be talking about 70s. . up next the bay area dixie school district talking about changing their name.
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(music throughout)
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♪ new wok fired shrimp, another american chinese creation from panda express.
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. debate over the name of a school district reassumed. many people argue the name should be changed because of the suggestions of the civil warriora of -- war era of slavery. now to the east bay city of dublin of the the teachers took a authorization today. teachers want a pay increase,
10:42 pm
maller class sizes. after 11 months of talks with the school district negotiations have deadlocked. >> in san ramon they are voting on a tentative agreement of the 4% pay raise, smaller class sizes. the agreement covers 1700 teachers. president trump signed is a bill to expand several national parks. the legislation increases the size of the joshua tree be death valley and adds more acreto wilderness areas in the mohave desert and honors 400 people in the st. davis dam collapse. on wall street safety
10:43 pm
concerns over the boeing 737 max ate weighed on the dow. ighed on the dow. . a big upset for the st. mary's gayles. >> accusation that a bay area teacher organized a "fight club." mark will be back to share the bay area forecast. area forecast.
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. at cloverdale high school a special education teacher was cop deducting more than a class. >> it was a flight club. >> police have arrested the teacher on 13 counts of contributing to the delip quincy of a minor. the police received a tip about a fight.
10:47 pm
>> when this class they moved the chairs to the side and he would referee is altercation. the kids call it bodying, they would hit the bodies. >> they have a student cell phone video. one student called the charges a bunch of bs. the school district has removed vargas from the classroom with pay. >> the allegations have come forward that some of the kids may have been placed in harm's way. it hurts. >> investigators are trying to determine how long the fights have gone on. some kids have been injured. vargas posted $50,000 bail. efforts to reach him unsuccessful. >> i was shocked.
10:48 pm
here, cloverdale? no. that was the reaction of this resident who used to run the town's newspaper. >> that's not what we want. >> this has my full and undivided attention. we'll get to the bottom of this. vargas is due in court a week from today. right now he faces 18 felony counts but that could grow higher. it was cool and blousy -- blustery today. right now we have clear on the partly cloudy skies and it's a good time to check in on the rain totals. look at where we were in terms of average.
10:49 pm
we're above average. santa rosa 38 inches of rainfall. san francisco 21 inches. oakland 17. right now the satellite you can see the clouds, showers in the northeastern portions of the state. and we had a few clouds and isolated showers passing across the bay area earlier. right now clear on the partly cloudy skies, it's cool. san jose 50 degrees. santa rosa 59. checking on the wind speeds. it's windy out toward concord. and a stronger wind at half moon bay airport. outside right now we're looking above san francisco and no storm clouds. every week we're talking about one moderate to strong system.
10:50 pm
starting out tomorrow morning in the 30s and 40s. lots of sunshine, and that warming trend will continue. tomorrow we'll warm up. that warming will continue into the weekend. by sunday it could be close to the 70-degree mark. this system produced the wind today. we'll have more sunshine for tomorrow and a dry weather pattern. here's the forecast model. a few clouds tomorrow morning and tomorrow afternoon mostly sunny skies, most areas warmer than today. no rain drops expected. forecast highs, mainly in 60s, san 64. take a look at the five-day forecast. a few high clouds on thursday. every week we're talking about
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a chance of rain in the five day. i think we're happy. coming up on the 11:00 news a moratorium on the death penalty in california. >> st. mary's knocks out the countries number 1 ranked team. how they beat gonzaga. what's better than having fast,
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pitch i don't think anybody saw this coming. st.mary's beating the number 1 team in the country. >> i remember the announcer in the game. no chance. but they pull it off. first time in st. mary's school history they beat the top team in the country. automatic birth in the ncaa tournament. st.mary's came out determined. jordan hunter is fouled and counts. he had four-points and 15
10:55 pm
rebounds. watch him go after the loose ball. does his imitation of curry of the up self. you know it your night when this shot goes down. an incredible shot to fall for st. mary's. they go up nine. and they hold off the 'zags. you kept waiting for the run from gonzaga that never came. the 'zags won 21 in a row. scott reese was down there he said he had a feeling this would happen. he insisted on going to las vegas and files this report following the 60-47 victory by the gaels. . >> it took a tremendous leap of faith to see this coming. the were number 1 in the
10:56 pm
country but beaten st. mary's. the gaels. >> continue 'zaga has been dominant. our guys just stayed together. stayed the course. >> it's a thrill. we held them tonight. credit to these guys. it's crazy. >> it's an amazing feeling. the number 1 team in the country. our guys took them down. i dream for moments like this. >> are you going to put this down. >> probably not. >> this will be a more relaxing selection on sunday. they can ponder where and not if they will play in the ncaa tournament. >> in basketball it happens but this is as close to a buzzer-
10:57 pm
beater in hockey the jets get joe buzz vell skied. thought come the sharks. 6straight wins. down 2-1. the great effort to nyquist. two goals. three in 6 games. you see his move. now 3-3 in the thirl. thornton will find sorenson. they have a 4-3 lead. the jets tie it. only to have the sharks win. pawelski with the best season of his career. 37 goals and the another victory. perfect time to play their best hockey. >> you know what's going on in
10:58 pm
the nfl. the free aggie signing. bell formerly the running back with the steelers is joining the jets and probably, certainly the most flamboyant receiver the showman odell beckham, jr. traded to the browns. giants receive number 17 pick in the draft, third round as well and safety peppers. the 49ers were interested in obj but they come up short. the 49ers do land a solid piece for the defense acquirin from the chiefs exchange for a second round pick next year. ford is the pass rusher they need. 28years old. made the pro bowl this year and
10:59 pm
career high 13 aches and -- sacks. down in arizona in the desert the cactus league. it's turned into a california winter. giants and brewers get 4 1/2 in. pitching out of a bases loaded, nobody out situation. he went five, gave up 2 runs and serve hits. mad bum with the bat. part of a 4 run fourth for the giants and they win 4-2 but the game was canceled in the bottom of the fifth inning. more rain in the desert. that's the sporting life for
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now. the governor will put a moratorium on the death penalty in california. the executive order won't alter convictions or allow for early release. the governor said: . >> the governor will shut down the chamber at san quinten, only california voters can repeal penalty and the voters support capital punishment, most recently in


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