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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  December 17, 2018 12:00pm-12:59pm PST

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the bay area and him going over his plans with the fbi. the president travel ban is keeping this woman from seen her dying son at children's hospital in oakland. good afternoon. >> we begin with a high surf warning. it remains in effect until 9:00 tonight. >> this is a life picture near half moon bay with servers. they are soaking in and this big swell. the national weather service say the waves could be as big as 50 feet. there was talk that the maverick contest could be held today but the organizers would not like to see this. there servers are here. january
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12 in 2008, the contest window marough the front of march. we were her life at the ocean beach where people are warned to stay away because of the waves. >> earlier this morning, the water was up to the seawall. look right now. you can see how big the waves are in the distance. the warning to stay off the beaches in effect until 9:00 tonight. strong wind came off the coast with oppressive ways reaching up to 21 feet tall. i was running yesterday morning . the waves are bigger than yesterday. they are huge. i was telling my friend that the beach is much deeper and the waves way up and taking up the shore. some areas could see 40 foot
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waves hitting the beach. >> i mean, it hurricane season can get intense. authorities urge people to stay out of the water. >> we saltwater close by any wave coming towards us and we ran up the stairs. if we had not, we would've been completely so. it came all the way to the seawall. >> it seemed like the surf was going to a certain level. we were watching close to the seawall playing it safe. i did not think the water would come all the way to the seawall because that is never happened. . >> reporter: people came out to observe the breakers closed after waves the sudden high dangerous waves
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could reach the seawall and anyone walking along the beach could be in water with little warning. there are signs and the park rangers are out here warning people that the surf is very dangerous. the warning is in effect until 9:00 tonight. fox 2 news. the waves are impacting businesses at pacifica. biz damage at rockaway bay, you can see a broken window and damage to the building. there is no word if the it will impact the normal business hours today. we are in the weather center . >> good afternoon. it is amazing. it is a dangerous one for those going out to watch the rivers today, definitely stay we are looking at the largest
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swaps and breaking waves of the attires -- the season thus far. people live out there. this advisory is until 9:00 tonight. it will continue today. we expect the breaking waves to be today. the next low tide is at 1:45 with one more high tide tonight. until tonight, we have breaking waves and up to gate 40 feet with isolated spots that good he 50 or exceed that. the rip current, it is not a good day to be out there unless you are sure you know what you are doing. it expires tonight but it will be hazardous until tuesday. we are drying out and i will have a look at what you can expect coming up. a desperate plea for help, i mother stuck across the trav
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young son is on life support. >>'s her son turned two years old on saturday. he celebrated hooked up to eight then or later. the is a rain prayer disease. he won't live much longer. his dad is a u.s. citizen in passport for his son and took him from his home to children's hospital in oakland to be treated. his mom, a yemeni national is in egypt. family says she cannot come to america and be by his side because of the travel ban. the application was denied. the embassy cited the travel ban as a reason. her weight and is with a waiver approved by the state department. the family website says the repeated requests for the expedited waiver has been
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ignored. they are joined by other community leaders and they held a press conference to urge officials to approve the waiver. >> time is running out. please help us and bring our family together again. my wife was denied entrance into the u.s. to see her son. my son is only two years old. we celebrated his birthday two days ago. i am here today for your support to bring my family together for one last time. >> a petition was created online to demand the embassy to reunite the family. the family is asking for donations to help with medical costs and ate airplane tickets so if she gets a waiver approved, she can fly out immediately. the state department cannot comment on details with specific cases.
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ktvu fox 2 news. > the family guatemalan girl that died with controversy of what caused her death pick the girl and her father were arrested near new mexico. she began to feel sick and stopped breathing. she died at the hospital. border patrol claims she was malnourished or had not had water before she died. the family says that is not true. a suspected terrorist said he had plans for operations in the bay area it would redefine terror. >> we just learned the government wants to present new evidence with the bomb plot he was planning. brooke has a video telling the source details of the plans that he claims would leave hundreds of bodies.reporter: fi
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line, amer alhaggagi wanted to it tacks in the name of the united states. the whole bay area would be in flames beginning in the berkeley hills. >> there are a lot of trees and homes in that area. we could start a fire. >> reporter: how would you start the fire? >> this video obtained is alhaggagi detailing his plans. this was a federal agent. alhaggagi explains his conversations with members of isil and chat rooms. >> i had to create this. they wanted me to take pictures of targeting. they wanted a video. they said after that we can
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before.>> reporter: alhaggagi was born in california.'s father lives here and his mother in yemen. he was seen as an outsider. he fell behind in school and was forbidden to a friends of his own so we chatted online. records show he accessed a bomb making manual and told a fbi source i will place a bomb in a gay club and tear up the city. i aim is to get 10,000 people. i am hitting up chinatown and downtown and missions boulevard. every underground club in the city. i see we can get away so easily. if you want to plant a bomb, you don't even have to do it yourself. so many homeless people would do it for you. we could walk into the ymca. >> another target was the dorms
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at uc berkeley. there a mass casualties. >> they are young little americans. >> [ laughter ]>> alhaggagi applied for a job at the oakland police department. he said he was steel weapons and he was often armed including this meeting with the undercovered agents. >> the plot thickens. alhaggagi explains he bought rat poison and wanted to make a deadly mix. >> we could mix it. with cocaine. >> it's like a white powder. after you make it, you inserted. >> he was distributing isild re opened twitter and facebook and gmail accounts on behalf of terrorist brothers.
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>> i want to make every american thing twice or three times. that is how i want to see it. >> reporter: when his arrest for identity theft, agents found this suicide note explaining alhaggagi terrorist operations and calling them the deeds and prosecutors are asking he spent 33 years in prison followed by life of supervised release. a cleanup worker at the site of the fire who posted fires online could face criminal charges. the photos and captions taken by the zone are reprehensiblone ph a flower pot on his head in front of a burnettown and another with a dead cat with a beer bottle next to its mouth. others were working out of san leandro.
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all men were >> eight victory during the height of the morning commute. the rain has moved out of thearea. we will look at what you can expect and the conditions in the sierra.
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a panoramic highway is closed because of a large tree blocking both lanes. chp says a bus is stuck under the tree trying to get around the tree. a woman was on the bus taken upon her. chp says there is no word how long the closure will last. crew spent the evening clearing a tree. it came down this morning near camino colorado >> this is a popular road. we spoke with the driver who hit that tree as it came crashing down. >> it so quicklylock up. it is a scary feeling when you don't are going to hit and having faith and being able to walk away is important to me. >> no one was hurt.
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the police are in vesta getting a deadlyrun at 12:45 this morning. the victim is an adult woman who was taken to the hospital where she died. the police do not have information on the driver or what car they were in. call the police if you have information. a lot of smiles and the sierra. i want to give you a live look. people are enjoying this monday afternoon. brian hickey has a look at the conditions. >> reporter: it was an active with snow coming down about 4 inches fal at terstate 80. drivers heading into the sierra need chains or four-wheel-drive with snow tiles. some places, 4 inches at the
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summit. there is more at higher elevations. visibility has not been too much of a problem for drivers. the accumulating snow is a problem for those not if you han a little while. you can count on needing snow tiles or change required. don't forget 30 miles per hour in that chain control area. there were spin outs this morning but no major problem. more on the conditions in the sierra. rosemary? >> this storm is winding down. we are looking at it to betty over that eastern edge of southern california. we are partly cloudy today and we are looking at dry weather moving ahead with more coming up in a moment.
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let's look at the last 24 hours where most areas picked up from half an inch to an inch and a half. some areas picked up more than that. santa rosa has an inch reported. fremont, alameda picked up more than an inch in the last 24 hours. it is more than an inch and a half reported. there is a look at the storm with southern california and moving off to the tri-city area. arizona is starting to see this. this is moving through the pacific northwest. we will need the possibility of sprinkles for the next few days it looks like we will remain dry. this is closer to home with partly cloudy skies. notice to the north, cloud cover is coming our way.
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we will call for partly sunny skies today. the future cast, picking it over come it you can see the green and blue to as we get into tuesday with the increase in cloud cover and a little bit of drizzle in northern doesn't want to c we are active through washington and oregon and further into the bay area, it looks iffy. thursday and friday has a slight chance of scattered showers and a weekend get another chance. a mix of sun and clouds with 56 and san francisco and the south bay at 60 degrees. temperatures remain in the upper 50s and low 60s today. here is a look at your pics attended forecast withdry day
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on friday with the possibility of a few sprinkles wednesday say with showers moving in on sunday. aring services are getting more popular. b.a.r.t. seen a rise to and from the past year and that is $4 million lost in fares. it is same for the open airport with a drop in two years. ridesharing services are increasing with 8 million rides last year and oakland international, 1.6 million rides through the month of october. traveling news about with e- cigarettes.
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california is giving people more time to sign up for healthcare coverage. the deadline has been extended six more days after a federal judge in texas ruled the affordable care act is unconstitutional and causing confusion. the healthcare law known as obamacare could be appealed alln supreme court upheld the
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affordable care act twice. stocks are falling as we look at the market. stocks are down out of the gate today. the dow jones is down more than 420 points. the s&p down to the lowest point in more than a year. the future of brexit is hanging in the balance. theresa may announced she is delaying the vote for a deal to leave that european union. you will be held the week of january 14th. a government shutdown lives. ray has the latest details from washington. >> reporter: funding for the federal government runs out at the end of the day friday. both sides are showing no signs of compromise. republicans are pushing for a border wall and democrats are refusing to find it.
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>> are you for your own constituents are you for illegal immigrants? >> shutting down the government makes no sense. i hope the president comes to his sense of.>> reporter: thousands of migrants wait and camps hoping for a chance to have a silent. patrol agents are getting overwhelmed by the sheer volume of people and a political uncertainty is making the job more difficult.>> we need a wall. if someone can disappear in a neighborhood, it makes it harder for the agents to do their jobs.>> the president tweeting apart while anytime you hear a democrat saying you can have good border security with eye wall, write them off as another politician following the party line. advocates say the crackdown is partly to blame for the situation at the border and pointed to the death of a migrant girl in u.s. custody as proof that policies need to change.>> this will lead to
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more situations such as this which are preventable. >> reporter: they come back on wednesday giving them two days to cut a deal. fox 2 news. a survey state twice as many high school students are using e-cigarettes. is the largest increase in the history of the survey is based on responses of students across the country. 1 and 5 high school students has used nicotine in last month. the use of other substances has gone down. the fda is pushing companies to limit advertising aimed at teenager. a big expansion for google and homuch money theyto spend in new york city and how many jobs that will bring. two mothers are asking for
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help after their sons were shot and killed and their search for justice.
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up to an extra 30% off across the store is really going to make for some great gifting. oh yeah... you're going to look sweet in those threads. plus, you get an extra 30% off all of it. ho, ho, ho - yeah!
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here is a look about from y abdullah suffers from a rare
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brain conditions. he was brought by his father, aus citizen for medical treatment. his condition has worsened and is not expected to live much longer. his wife is not allowed to come and say goodbye to their son because of van from certain muslim countries. the man who plan the operation that would redefine terror is expected in court. this shows that fbi source details the plan that he claims would leave hundreds of bodies. they asked for 30 years in prison and life of supervised release. there were new bombing plots and we have more coming up at 4:00. a high surf tonight.
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warning signs have gone up at bay area beaches. the tide is 50 feet. these photos were taken by chris with damage to the restaurant at rockaway beach with a broken. the surf contest is on hold indefinitely. servers had been invited near half moon bay and the competition was supposed to start today. they do not expect to be big enough to hold the competition this weekend and they hope to hold the event next month which is when conditions are best but it could be held anytime before march 15. cloudy skies with a look at the forecast. >> the target is washington state. we are talkinabout this advisory.
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the waves are peaking.gate 40 f exceeding that in some areas and they could reach 50 feet. the next low tide is 1:45. this advisory is until 9:00 tonight. the breaking waves are really dangerous.  it is a great idea to stay out of the water. this is going to expire tonight at 9:00 but the dangerous surf will pass early tomorrow morning. take heed and stay back. i am tracking dry weather and when the next possibility of rain is moving in is in a little bit. google plans to spend more than $1 billion on a new campus in new york city. it will be the primary location
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for the new york operations. google has 50,000 employees in that city. they said they hope to start moving into the new campus by 2020. this is on the heels of amazon to locate a new headquarters in new york. apple is building a new campus in austin, texas as part of the five year investment plan aimed at creating 20,000 jobs. arson investigators believe they know who is responsible for suspicious fires in golden gate park last month. a spokesperson said anthony is connected to all six fires. the buyers range in size from 200 square feet to an acre. he was arrested on other charges including elder abuse and assault. the police did not have enough evidence to arrest him for tyrants
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arson. five people are recovering after a truck crashed into a restaurant in the east bay yesterday at the sizzler in haworth. a truck crashed the window and pinned a woman against the table. some saw it coming and ran as fast as they could. >> it kept going in the building shook. i thought we were having an earthquake. i went to my family and the truck was there. >> the injuries are not considered serious and the police do not believe the driver was under the influence. a shooting at a mall in concord. no one was hurt but witnesses say the man accidentally dropped a gun near the cinnabon truck he contacted the police and they determined the gun was accidentally discharged ricky as an employee of the department of
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corrections and rehabilitation and the gun was legally the last. in east oakland, the killings are believed to be connected. five years and the cases remain unsolved. the mothers are plating for justice and hope to get others that need help. we speak with the grieving mother's and the lead police investigator. >> reporter: danielle had every reason to be proud of her sons. bleiweis 13. lamarr was had dreams of opening his business. danielle was raising her sons while helping the homeless pick the family made the home in east oakland where violence was a reality. they saw it play out on the news and prayed it would never happen to them. in 2013, it should've been a night of celebration turned into a horrific nightmare.
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danielle and her son was walking home and he young men. they said something and shot him numerous times ricky died on new year's day. the police called it a case of steak and identity >> this was a 13-year-old child that perished for gun violence that was not meant for him. >> reporter: there were vigils and mark, condolences for a boy who had light ahead of them. the family could not have known that the new year will bring more tragedy. three days after danielle buried her son at, the amount unimaginable happened, her other son was shot and killed along with his childhood friend derek. >> now my other son is gone. >> five years later, gin the so every day she passes by warilyt
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street. lee had blks from home when men jumped out of a car and shot him 28 times. >> every time i come back, automatically, i know my baby died. >> lee was her younger son and he loved to play drums and basketball. he was big for his age. his mother thinks the killer mistook him for someone else because of what he was wearing. >> he had a jacket that night.>> reporter: his half- brother lamarr, and on january 19, lamarr and his friend derek were riding together in the green outing and fire both 19. >> they left together. that is deep. they died together. that is deep.
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that is real deep.>> reporter: derek was the other victim killed the car expect they were scared. they got surprised. they did not expect it. >> reporter: the police of the killers took off and ate dodge durango. >> she came and said they just killed her kid. when she said that, i just asked a lot and somebody picked me up. it was right here. >> reporter: to move -- lose her sons is quite a hit. >> the police believe it was the same man who killed all three sons 19 days apart. the sergeant is the lead investigator with the man in the sketch but says he did not act alone. >> they were not individuals. they are hiding. >> reporter: the police have a good idea who did it but there is a problem.
12:39 pm
knowing who did it improving it are completely separate things. what investigators need is more evidence.>> we are missing pieces. i know the public knows. they have this information. >> she has to be there for her family. >> i have to be strong for my other kids. what do you say? there are no answers. >> reporter: danielle has no more kids. within weeks, the mother became a mother of none. >> we know. these are pieces of the puzzle with one phone call that could be placed.>> reporter: henry lee with ktvu fox 2 news. >> the board of supervisors is scheduled to discuss enclosed session, the teenager was shot and killed by sheriff deputies in 2013 according to democrats.
12:40 pm
they claim the death was excessive police force. the deputy shot and killed lopez who was caring an assault rifle. the lawsuit is likely to be in the millions. it could be settled out of court . the right teaching moment on sunday. a change in the forecast and what you can expect for the rest of the week.
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stanford university is apology for the offensive drawing in the locker room of the women's locker room. cardinals beat the cornhuskers but a photo posted on twitter of the players unlock from following the y shoulddrawing
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of a tree poin mask a.the director released a statement saying part, the image in the background is unacceptable and does not reflect the values of stamper university. we are learning about the arrest of ruben and florida for domestic violence. jesse spoke with the district attorney who says it is unfortunate the domestic violence charges were dismissed . >> had he been held responsible here, he would've started rehabilitation and started to figure out anger management issues. what is an fortunate is he did it. he was not held accountable and he did it again. >> the same woman reported him and for any said she wants to prosecute. the 49ers are writing strea seahawks for the first time in five years.
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>> from the 4-yard light. and ricky is at the 20, that 10. he will score. >> the 49ers had a special team for that kick off return for that touchdowns. nick mullen was 275 with one touchdown. the game went into overtime. the 49th kick the game-winning field goal. the 49ers host the chicago bears next weekend and the struggle of the oakland raiders against the bengals -- >> he completes it. he does it on the sideline. he's at the 5. >> highlights for the raiders. they did trail 17 and the 1st
12:46 pm
have. the final against the bengals 32 -16. the next game is a week from tonight. this could be the last game the radars ackley chilly plate and oakland. >> look. charles leno set down on one knee and proposed to his girlfriend. he had been planning this for a while but he popped the question when he realized the bears could win division. he flew out to parents to the game. >> it was everyone. >> she was surprised and shaking and crying. i guarantee you is bawling. >> the bears did when sunday and clenching the division. >> reporter: they have not found anyone to perform for the
12:47 pm
halftime report. some do not want to be a part of the leg with the feud with kellan -- kaepernick. he brought attention to the racial issues. some are considering the appearance include cardi b, and lawrence hill pick the game will be held in atlanta. back to rosemary we go. >> maybe a chance for a few scattered showers here and there through the next week or so. we will look at that extended forecast. a mix of sun and clouds as we look over that east bay in lafayette. it is a mild afternoon with dry conditions returning earlier this morning and we will be with dry conditions over the next few storms are rolling acro north of us and could bring hit or miss showers. let's look at the ll
12:48 pm
amounts tober 1st. san jose is 68 percent of average. santa rosa is reporting 87%. these numbers are updated with the system with rain yesterday and this morning. we continue to state clouds moving into the north bay. we continue to filter across the bay area with another storm bringing rain and snow to washington and oregon. we will remain dry today with the possibility of clouds sweeping across. last can see pushing off to the east with areas of arizona and nevada. here is the teacher cast the dry conditions at this point and this is tomorrow morning cloudy skies. the system drops closer to
12:49 pm
sonoma county and maybe drizzle tomorrow. that is about it. it moves out of the area by tuesday night. wednesday looks dry. thursday and friday has a better chance of scattered showers. it is 57 in san francisco. fairfield under partly cloudy skies and 66 degrees. 15 degrees warmer than yesterday. cooler in san carlos with a mix of sun and clouds. the afternoon, the upper 50s to low 60s. 60 degrees for the inner east bay. to the north bay, your extended forecast mainly dry as we roll through tuesday and wednesday. we get cloud cover and shower at tivoli on thursday for ay, w
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slight chance of scattered showers. we are dry on saturday with a chance on sunday. parents are having trouble cutting the financial cord.
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not a great stars for stocks this week. the market is at the lowest level in more than a year. retailers and the price of oil closed below $50 per barrel for the first time since october of last year. christmas is eight days away and the holiday shopping rush is on and this is known as super day and big game stores are open hoping to draw last-
12:53 pm
minute shoppers and kohl's will stay open around the clock until 6 pm christmas eve. >> there will be great deals and of course, there are procrastinators that put it off. this is the last weekend before the holidays and it is huge. if you want to avoid the super saturday crowd, retailers are offering in-store pickup on christmas eve if you order online. bay area offices will be open to handle the work. this is expected to be the busiest week of the year. the postal service expects to process an estimated 200 billion packages this week. there giving back during the holidays, players surprised
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kids at the covenant house handing out shoes and serving meals. they started with the covenant house as port of the season giving campaign. they help serve more than 3000 aldonated 2000 toys. you can help families bundle up by participating in the one warm coat dry. you can donate for people in need. we are a proud media sponsor. the national nonprofit is in the 16th year. the kurt drive is until december 31st. you can go to for a list of locations. studies show businesses cutting the work week. workers are more motivated and it leads to higher productivity with less burnout.
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they get as much done in 32 hours when they worked 40 hours per week because spent more tim at work. parents are eating into retirement savings to support adult children. parents spent $500 billion per year on adult children. 63% of parents surveyed say they sacrifice financial children for the sake of the children with college and weddings and mortgages. miss universe has been crowned. >> them new miss universe is -->> gray beat 93 other contestants picture representing the philippines but was born in australia. she said she wore the red dress because it had a
12:56 pm
special meeting. it symbolizes the volcano that erupted. >> when i was 13 years old, my mother told me i had a dream that you were in miss universe and you want in a red dress. >> she made history as the first transgender can just -- contestant. miss usa was eliminated when the field was cut to 10. paul mccartney is getting make a stop in the bay area. >> [ music ] is it mac it's been a hard days night and i'm working like a dog[ music ] >> sir paul mccartney knows how to bring it on the stage. this is video from a concert in liverpool. tickets went on sale to appear san jose on july 10th.
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>> we are here on twitter and facebook.
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