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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  March 30, 2018 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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>> this is ktvu mornings on #. >> good morning. -- 2. >> good morning. thanks for joining us it's friday more. march 30th. coming to the end of march. i am pam cook. >> good morning, i am dave clark. it's friday. steve is here in his friday morning. >> yesterday was one for the books. almost like it's all or nothing. >> yeah. >> seriously there's no normal anymore. >> no. it's. >> it's one extreme or the other. if you said man it's washing, my ac kicked on i said what the heck is that. and it was exactly that because it was warm. these were the records yesterday. santa rosa 86. san rafael 84. mountainview 81. and sfo81. and san francisco hit 81 and we just creaming records here. we had records at beginning of february record highs and record lows at end of february
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and the march rains and now record highs. it will be a little cooler today. higher clouds and the weekend the fog will come back. fog is it june? no it's the end of march. 40s, 50s and we should be cooler. we peaked out yesterday. there's not as much of an offshore breeze own though -- even though it's there. high pressure is wenting out but will slowly e-- winning out. but it will slowly erode. it will be mild and warm. but not as warm as yesterday. but still, temperatures well above average. sal did you make new friends covering the a's game. >> me making new games come on steve hold your horses there. i was -- it was fun. >> you know what the people out there were serious tailgaters. if you are getting on the road soon lea got -- let's go to tracy. 580 westbound as you drive through 205, 580 there's been
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no major issues driving out to the livemore valley and continuing to castro valley. looking at coliseum traffic is moving well in both directions as no doubt they are cleaning up both facilities after they were in use yesterday. this is the bay bridge toll plaza and you can see traffic is light so far. at 4:02 back to the desk. new this morning, we have an update on last night's loud noises at the chevron refinery in richmond. chevron says there's an explanation but not beforenervous ktvu viewers started to call us asking what happened. >> this video was sent to us last night from a viewer. chevron says the noise was called by a stain release and says it was not a signal of danger. in fact, just before midnight, chevron tweeted this statement chevron understands the concerns neighbors felt this evening due to a loud noise from the richmond refinery as a
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result of steam pressure relief. we apologize for how this may have impacted your evening. this is no need to shelter in place. last night sam ma-- san mateo firefighters responded to a 4-story apartment building on north delaware street. it started about 10:00. firefighters were able to get there and get it under control short ofly after arriving -- shortly after arriving on scene. no injuries are reported and no word yet on the cause of the fire. but the fire chief says up to 20 people could end up having to find somewhere else to live. at least temporarily because of that fire. >> time is 4:03. now where where peed peaceful protest were held following the funeral of stephon clark who was shot and killed by sacramento police. >> stephon clark. >> dozens of demonstrators chanted outside the district attorney's office and they blocked traffic along a street in downtown sacramento.
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but the sacramento kings nba game was not disrupted. now earlier in the day, about 500 people gathered for stephonclark's funeral in south sacramento. his brother was overcome with emotion at one point he held onto reverend al sharpton who comforted him and his family. >> that's what we came for. for them to hold onto somebody until we can change this together. and all of these protests have not been violent. >> along with stephon clark's family, sacramento mayor and retired nba player matt barnes were among those paying respects at the funeral. also the sacramento kings is partnering with black lives matter to establish an education fund for stephon clark's two children. a town hall meeting in san francisco last night, police showed body camera video of the moment shots were fired inside
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a barbershop where an officer was wounded. >> shots fired. >> people gathered in the auditorium of balboa high school to hear details of that police shooting. it killed 21-year-old jahed eid on march 21st. a relative had called police saying that he had a gun and was threatened the family. when officers arrived, eid ran into the amazon barbershop where police say they returned fire. he shot at them first. some of his family members were at the meeting raft night -- last night and they are divide whether the use of lethal force was justified. >> we understand the resulting cons generalss of jehad's actions and stand by the officers who made the decision to use lethal force. >> he was a very sweet kid e didn't have to die -- he didn't have to die and i am looking
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for more answers because i am not satisfied so far. >> dash cam video shows the gun battle at the barbershop. two officers fired 26 rounds that eid fired 9 rounds. four people were injured in the cross fire including the officer hit in the leg. our time is 4:06. investigators of mendocino county are searching for the cause of the deadly crash off highway 1 where a suv carrying a family of 8 plunged off a cliff and landed 100 feet down onto rocks along the pacific ocean. two women and three of their 6 adopted children are confirmed dead. but three other children are still missing. they are presumed dead. the family's suv was found on monday off highway 1 north of westport. investigators say there were no skid marks or signs the driver hit the brakes but there's also no evidence that the crash was deliberate. now just days before the crash, child protective services was
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investigating allegations of child abuse at that family's home. and wanted to question the parents jennifer and sarah hart. their neighbors called child protective services, told them one of the children started to sneak over their house to ask for food and said his parents punished the children by not feeding them. cps tried to visit the family at their home in washington state that same day, but no one answered the door. >> the next morning when we saw that the vehicle was gone, and then sunday morning when it still was not there, we figured they -- something. >> because they never go anywhere. >> back in 2011 sarah hart was sent entered to one year probation after admitting to spanking her then 6-year-old daughter and caused bruises. 3 years later the family moved to oregon that same year this famous photo of one of the children 15-year-old devonte hart went viral showing him
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tearfully hugging a police officer at a police reform protest. he is among the children still missing. the family moved to washington state last year. well police arrested a marin county middle school student accused of making school shooting threats. san rafael police say the 12- year-old boy a 6th grader at davidson middle school made the threats wednesday while on the school bus. police interviewed the boy and his parents and say he doesn't have any access to firearms. the student was arrested for making criminal threats. and a threat against palo alto high school yesterday has been deemed a hoax. the school was put on lock down for more than an hour after someone phone police and made aviolent threat. after investigates they determined it was not -- investigating they determined it was not credit but they remained on the campus to make sure students were safe. recent threats of violence
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on school campuses take their toll emotionally on students. some worry about safety and are afraid to go to class. ktvu talked to one local school district to fiend out what educators are doing to calm the fears of school kids. >> reporter: this video captures students running for their lives at cupertino high school. told to evacuate after the school received a threatening call on tuesday. it's a scare that keeps replaying in the minds of these students. >> it was just i was thinking should i hide if it's an active shooter or run off campus and then i was thinking i should tell my parents i love them. >> reporter: it turns out it was a robotic call similar calls made at campuses throughout the country. while it turned out to be a hoax, it didn't help it was the second threat in a month. there's lingering -- fears lingering especially after the shooting in parkland. >> i thought we lived in one of the safest areas in the nation. and i never thought that
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cupertino would be one of the schools that you see on the news. >> i am definitely scared for my life. i mean, this morning i woke up and i was like, do i want to go to school today? >> reporter: it's not just students who are shaken up but teachers. >> there's fear for us. there's fear for our students. and i think there's frustration at just the fact we haven't been able to come to a better solution as a society and as a government. >> reporter: the school district says there's increased law enforcement on campus this week to provide comfort to students and staff. additional school counselors are on hand. >> we look forward to well yoming could you. >> reporter: after -- welcoming you. >> reporter: after she got accepted to american university she is calling for safety precautionary measures including bag checks at graduation. >> all -- all of them say a solution is complex but believes education and awareness is key. >> if we have education in schools about not abusing drugs and we should probably have
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that same education structures with weapons a. >> reporter: azenith smith, ktvu news. frustrated parents sounding off to federal officials. coming up, the latest on the high school sexual assault scandal exposed by our 2 investigates team. >> russia retaliating after the u.s. closed the russian consulate in seattle by expelling 6 american diplomats. we are off to a nice start. northbound 101 approaching the 80 split looks good heading into downtown. >> after a record setting thursday, we will see higher clouds spill in today. it's warm. 40s and 50s. we will look at the weekend forecast coming up. ♪ seresto, seresto, seresto
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oh no, jake. seresto. 8-month... ♪ seresto, seresto, seresto welcome back to mornings on 2. the former mayor of houston is hosting a fund raising breakfast in san francisco today to support candidate mark leno for mayor. aniece parker was the first lgbtq mayor and is now the president of the victory fund dedicated to electing openly lgbtq candidates. he is the first openly gay man to serve in the senate. the breakfast starts at 9 at 2390 market street at castro suggested contributions start at 100 dollars. time is 4:14.
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russia expelled 600 american diplomats retaliating after the u.s. shut down the russian consulate in seattle. staffers at the american cans late have been told to leave by saturday. this comes after the trump administration closed russia's consulate in seattle. russia has been accused of using a nerve agent a gas, on a former spy in britain but the kremlin denied that. the backlash by russia is not limited to the united states. 150 diplomats from two dozen countries have been told to leave russia. after 10 days in custody, the brother of the parkland school shooter was released from jail. 18-year-old zachary cruz pled no contest yesterday to trespassing on school grounds meaning that he is not disputing the charge. he was arrest on march 19th after he was seen skateboarding through the campus after by- passing locked doors and gates. he was sentenced to time served
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ordered to complete 6 months of probation to attend therapy and wear a gps ankle monitor of the during probation he is prohibited from possessing any firearms. he's the younger brother of knick las cruz who is charmed with killing 17 people at majory stoneman douglas high school raft month -- last month. laura ingraham is apologizing for criticizing a survivor of the florida school shooting online. the apology comes after parkland senior david hogg encouraged a boycott of the host. 8 major sponsors withdrew their support including trip advisor nestle hulu and wayfair on wednesday ingraham mocked hogg for whining about his rejection from several college where he applied. he is not accepting ingraham's apology saying she spoke up once sponsors started to drop her. our time is 4:16. the judge on the 9th circuit court who wrote the opinion that struck down the california ban on same sex marriage died.
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stephen reinhardt was appointed by jimmy carter to the federal appeals court in 19 # 0. jefe judge thomas called him one of the giants of the federal bench. judge reinhardt was considered one of the most liberal judges on 9th circuit. a spokesperson said he had a heart attack in los angeles yesterday. he was 87 years old. right now it's 4:17 and it's friday morning. it's good friday sal so a lot of people are off, spring break starts. maybe a little lighter commute. >> yeah. pardon me, yeah. i don't see a lot going on, pam and dave. which is good. we want it to be nice and quiet for your morning commute. and if you are driving from gilroy up to san jose, it should be a nice drive for you. and, again, as pam mentioned, it's good friday and we are going to see lighter commute today. the markets are closed and a lot of other people are not going to work today.
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that is look at the commute getting up into the san jose area. also, 280 and san jose looks good getting up to highway 17. no major issues. now on the east shore freeway, it's nice looking drive from the carquinez bridge to the macarthur maze and light at the toll bridge toll plaza. the weather forecast. here's steve. we have a little bit quieter pattern today. some higher clouds coming in. it will be warm but not as warm as yesterday which was a record setting day. just amazing warmth to come in after, remember, monday we were in the 60s. yesterday it was the 80s. you remember the 80s. 81 to 86. santa rosa 86. san francisco 81 and sfo81. mountainview 81. san jose everyone said what records and you blew by them. high clouds today, minor cooling. over the weekend, the fog returns, the low clouds the system will dig into the north allowing a westerly breeze and
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not the north northeast and allow the high pressure back off a little bit. 40s and 50s on the temps. still pretty mild. we are slow to recover. but we will. 50s in a lot of the temps. 47 lima valley. 46 occidental. so pretty much you can see the breezes are turning northerly there. still offshore hayward. not as bad as yesterday. it was stronger coming out of the oakland berkeley hills, most of the west coast will be sunny. but you can see the increase in higher clouds that will filter in. not a big deal but they will take a couple degrees off the high temps today. 27 up in truckee. 49 eu kidda. and the -- ukiah. 70s to 80 degree temps but a little cooler. maybe down about 2 to 5 from yesterday. still nice on saturday. then the fog comes back and that will take us into a cooler pattern. still locks like some rain around the 6th or 7th of april.
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but march is going out quietly and warm. >> aspected. you said in -- as expected. you said in line a -- like a lion out like a lamb. >> you going to take care of her allergies. >> no. >> everything is blooming. >> trees. >> thanks, steve. 4:20 is the time. today is national take a walk in the park day. so beautiful weather for that. and that event is observed every year to stress he the importance of a -- stress the importance of a calm relaxing walk as a way to relief stress, reenergize andtake your little guy out with you. >> happy the wonder dog. >> pick a park, walk around your neighborhood, perfect way to celebrate. be healthy and get outside i love that. i what little bit of a stressful afternoon and i went out for a walk yesterday, and i felt much better. >> okay. i am in. time is 4:20. boy the oakland a's what huge day -- had a huge day yesterday. we will tell you more about the season opener and how the fans
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welcome back to mornings on 2. the trump administration seeking to change visa applications to require all applicants to turn over 5 years of social media history. now in documents set to be released today, the proposed new rule will require
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foreigners to include the social media user names on various platforms including facebook, twitter, instagram and previous e-mail addresss, phone numbers, international travel, all from the last five years. this comes as president trump ramps up efforts to implement  an extreme vetting process for visa applicants. if the requirements are approved, it would affect nearly 15 million people who apply for visas. it's 4:24. tesla voluntarily recalling more than 120,000 model s sedans. there's a problem with the power steering. corrosion in the power steering bolts may cause problems in cold weather. now this recall only affects tesla model s sedans made before april 2016. the owners can keep driving the cars according to tesla. the company will let them know when the repairs are available. the federal communications commission gave the green light to elon musk and the spacex program to launch a broadband
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network using satellites. the fcc says the approval will let space x provide ultra fast wireless internet sez to people not -- service to people not already connected. it will use who are than 4400 satellites and will be built within 6 years. the approval of the first of its kind. under armour announced 150 million user accounts tied to the popular fitness app were compromised. the company says it learned of the data breach but the myfitness pal account was accessed by a third party last month. under armour says user nays e- mail addresss and passwords were accessed and not credit card data. shares fell 4% after hours of that news. more legal problem for former oakland raider aldon smith who failed to appear for a court arraignment. he was -- he was going to be
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arraigned for three misdemeanor accounts of violating a court order. he was arrest for a alleged domestic assault and rearrested after he allegedly contacted the victim. he has snore court day -- has another court date set for next week. walmart reportedly in talks to buy humanna. the according to the wall -- humana if it deal goes through it would make it one of the largest health insurers. they have primary care clinics and said it would offer lab testing service in the stores. the company has said it wants to make walmart stores a one- stop shop for customers every day health needs. our time is 4:26. irs warning that targets may be hacking -- targeting the person that is preparing your taxes. the scam that could put your refund at risk.
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a man accused of driving a van into a group of people is facing serious charges including murder. >> good morning. right now, we do have a very nice looking drive on the san mateo bridge heading off to the high rise. continuing to the peninsula. >> record setting day yesterday. it will be warm today. but not as warm. there's higher clouds coming in and we will talk more about what's going on with the forecast come up right after -- that is tease. see i will show you what it says afterwards.
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this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> good morning. thanks for joining us here on mornings on 2. it's friday, it's march 30th. i am dave clark. >> good morning. i am pam cook. thanks for waking up with us on this good friday morning. 4:29 and let's check he this with steve. sounds like a very nice day. not as hot as yesterday.
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>> we will look at 90s if it gets hotter. >> i heard from people at the ball park they were a little toasty. >> at&t if you are in the lower bowl. >> yeah. >> it's hot sometimes in that kind of a pattern. >> that will be tuesday. >> that will be tuesday. >> yes. >> yesterday, though, if you are out -- it was warm yesterday. and it will be warm today but not as warm as yesterday. if you are suffering from allergies, pamela, again, those trees are way up there. oak, pine juniper and sycamore, very prestigeous law firm. grass is not doing much. weeds a little bit but it's the trees. 68 to 82 today. slightly cooler. a little bit of high cloud deck coming but formal -- normal temps 62 to 67. san jose from 82 to 80. concord i went with concord water treatment not by cana. 83 to -- by cana. 83 to --


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