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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  March 29, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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caused the family's suv to plunge over a cliff. it's not known if it was intentional or accident. these are videos of the drone used in the search for three children missing along the mendocino county coast. they are presumed to have been in the suv that plunged 100 feet over a cliff killing their adoptive mothers and three siblings. investigators say while there were no skid marks, there's also no evidence that the crash was a deliberate act. but there's now scrutiny on the mothers who were accused of abusing or neglecting their children in two states. >> he was asking for a lot of food. >> reporter: in 2011 sarah hart was sentenced to a year probation for domestic assault after she admitted to spanking her then 6-year-old daughter causing bruises. the girl told a teacher she had ow-ies on her tummy and "mom hit me." that girl is dead. friends in minnesota are in disbelief. >> still doesn't feel real. >> reporter: by 2014, the family moved to west lynn in
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oregon. around this time, a picture of a tearful devonte heart hugging a police officer at a police reform rally in portland went viral. 15-year-old devonte is missing. in 2017, the family moved to woodland in washington state where last friday, state cps workers launched and investigation after a call from neighbors bruce and dina dekalb. they say a couple of weeks ago, devonte began sneaking over asking for food and saying husband mom didn't feed the kids as punishment. cps tried to visit the family that same day but no one answered the door. the family then apparently packed up and left. >> the next morning, when we saw that the vehicle was gone, and then sunday morning when it still wasn't there, we figured they -- something. >> they never go anywhere. >> reporter: the crash was reported on monday just three days after the cps visit. >> i was trying to help them, protect them.
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and this is the result. >> reporter: the chp will be holding a news conference tomorrow morning with an update on the investigation. we'll share those details with you as soon as we get them. live in the newsroom, henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news. >> but again, henry, the authorities say at this point even though it looks kind of odd, they don't know whether they went over the cliff accidentally or on purpose? >> right. they are waiting for data to come before the chp unit determines what happened. >> thank you. we are going to do coliseums for stephon, libraries, resource centers, stephon is going to live for generations to generations to generations to generations. >> emotions ran high in the bayside church of south sacramento this afternoon during the funeral of 22-year- old stephon clark who was shot to death by police on march 18th. clark's brother stevante was
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overcome with emotions at times. he was among the 500 mourners there today. al sharpton gave the eulogy and said he was there to support clark's family and to help bring justice. >> that's what we came for. for them to hold on to somebody until we can change this together. and all of these protests have not been violent. >> along with clark's family, sacramento mayor darrell steinberg and retired nba player matt barnes attended today's funeral. and we want to show you a live look now at the protests happening in downtown sacramento at this hour. right now, protestors are marching on "i" street and a few blocks away from the home of the sacramento kings and the golden1 center. protestors have gathered outside the kings home arena twice over the past week blocking the entrances there so fans could not get inside. the kings have a game scheduled at 7:00 tonight against the indiana pacers.
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the arena is surrounded by fencing and barricades in advance of tonight's game and extra security officers are there, as well. ktvu's rob malcolm is in sacramento for us tonight outside the arena watching the latest developments. >> reporter: the protestors are marching through downtown on "i" street and that is in fact the case, that means they would be at the federal courthouse here in sacramento and only a few blocks away from the golden one stadium where we are now. the sacramento kings have promised heightened security. i'm going to step out of the way and show you what's going on behind me here. the kings promised heightened security against the home again against the pacers and they have delivered are police some in riot gear stationed at both ends of the golden1 center. meanwhile today at the funeral for stephon clark people were calling for police transparency. reporter: while large crowds gathered at bayside church to remember stephon
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clark during an emotional funeral in sacramento, outside the church his brother who says he hasn't slept for days chastised the heavy media presence. >> we have to come together with our own crews -- once we get our house together, then we have to worry about chicago and detroit and everything. first, my brother, i can't deal with it. i got money. i didn't work for it. >> stephon clark. stephon clark. >> reporter: the funeral was held amid fears of civil unrest. downtown businesses weren't taking extra precautions and al sharpton who spoke at the funeral dissected the sacramento police body cam video and called for transparency in the shooting investigation. >> why was the immediate thing to draw lethal force, quick shoot, and then you had the mind to say, mute the sound.
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you didn't have the mind to say, anything that could have preserved life. >> reporter: the sacramento kings organization which has dealt with numerous protests in front of the arena since the shooting happened promised heightened security in front of the golden1 center. the green security fences were bolstered with a heavy police presence allowing only ticketed fans onto the concourse. security here was met with mixed feelings. >> they are just keeping us safe. this is a good measure. i understand it. my family is in law enforcement. so whatever they do to protect the people. both sides have been handling things well so nothing is really big happening except for at the city council meeting. >> i wish they could find a protest other than the kings arena. you know? i think people pay for a ticket. they have the right to go see the game. and it would be nice if they would allow that access for everyone. >> reporter: former player matt barnes also announced he will be donating money to the family. >> i have been talking to the
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family since it happened and trying to get an understanding of what's going on, their grief and pain. and i close to step in to eliminate a financial burden because they're already going through enough. this is where i grew up and got my name at and this is something i want to come and try to make a difference. >> reporter: in making a difference, the kings organization announced on wednesday a partnership with the local "black lives matter" chapter and the build the black coalition to invest in sacramento youth. some here wonder if that will be enough to end what is perceived to be police violence against black youth. so frank and julie, back here live, while those protestors continue to mill around on "i" street, no such group has made its you what down here to the golden1 center. fans were just let into the arena moments ago so tip-off tonight at 7:00. and again, no real activity here except for the police presence. we are being told that this security will be in place well after tonight's game. and throughout the week in
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downtown sacramento as needed. in sacramento, rob malcolm, ktvu fox 2 news. >> the protestors have blocked the entrance to the golden1 center. do you know tonight what their indications are or what they plan to do with this protest march? >> reporter: we do not know. it's kind of a fluid operation. but as you see here, julie, police have been stationed on both sides of the arena here so it's no way any large group can make its way onto the concourse. so if any protests take place, it will be in the streets. but we have seen a heavy police presence of chp and also sacramento police. so again, traffic will be moving. pedestrians will be moving. and we don't expect really any problems as we have seen over the last couple of days here in downtown sacramento. >> i know you'll continue to watch us for it and let us know if anything changes. rob malcolm, thank you. a little more about the fund. the sacramento kings have announced that partnership with "black lives matter" and build black coalition in honor
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of stephon clark. the team has also started an education fund for clark's two children. in a letter, the kings wrote, this fund cannot fix the issues that led to the death of their father. but it will secure opportunities for their futures. he died doing what he loved. tonight a bay area family is mourning the death of a 57- year-old man who died -- 75- year-old man who died at a crash in sears point. he was taking part in a drag race last night when it happened. paul chambers reports. reporter: it's on this track here behind me that mr. rambo lost his life. we attempted to talk to his family. they declined because they are grieving. however, his son said off camera that his father had a passion for drag-racing and can't believe he is gone. reporter: drag-racing was a passion of james kenneth rambo. off camera, his son said the two of them built the car that rambo died in when he crashed
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into a k-rail at sonoma raceway. >> this was a race-prepared car. he was a drag racer. he had experience with drag- racing and had built this race car for that purpose. >> reporter: investigators say rambo was driving his blue 1976 ford pinto pictured here. just after 6:00 wednesday night when the accident happened, he was going more than 100 miles per hour when he hit the brakes moments before the collision. >> shortly after he crossed the finish line, his car veered left and he hit the guardrail on the left-hand side and died of his injuriesry shortly after. >> reporter: investigators say he was the only driver on the track of the quarter mile drag strip. this video provided by sonoma raceway shows previous wednesday night drag race events. the popular race has been going on for 30 years and wednesday night's accident is the first on-track death in the three decades of the drag races. a spokesman says the event was created to discourage street racing while giving people a chance to fulfill their need for speed in a controlled environment. all drag racers must have a
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valid driver's license and pass several requirements before being allowed on the track. >> it will go through a much more rigorous safety inspection so it needs to have all the correct seatbelts, safety net. the driver will need to have all the proper safety gear, helmet and jacket to make sure the driver is as protected as possible. >> reporter: the drag races will continue. a spokesman did say that they will review their safety guidelines and procedures. >> paul chambers at sears point, thank you. a memorial forms at the site of a deadly hit-and-run in san francisco. coming up, new information about the victims and the charges the driver now faces. >> in weather, lots of sunshine, temperatures really zooming up today. lots of 80s across part of the bay area but some cooling in
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the forecast in the short term and a few more changes on the weekend.
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the man accused of driving into five people on a sidewalk in san francisco is facing more than a dozen felony charges tonight including murder. also today, the medical examiner has identified the man who was killed. rob roth reports from san francisco. reporter: mark dennis the suspected driver is in county jail in san francisco, facing 15 felony counts including murder. reporter: a sidewalk memorial has formed at the corner of 24th and illinois
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streets where a deadly hit-and- run happened wednesday. at the memorial is this lone unidentified photograph. the san francisco medical examiner has determined that the man killed in the hit-and- run is 43-year-old eliseo lopez. four other men are hospitalized, one critical, another serious, two discharged. paul lynn works across the street. >> yesterday, a young man was very distraught, came inside our place of business and he said that he needed help. he needed something to stop the bleeding. >> he ran outside. >> i looked across. i saw four bodies on the floor. two of them were not moving. one person was crawling slowly. and it appears one person was huddled over someone asking him to hang on, not to leave,not to let go. >> reporter: another witness said wednesday a driver had gotten into an altercation with the five men and was holding an axe. he said the man got into his white gmc, flipped it around and ran over the men on the
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sidewalk. police arrested the suspected driver, 33-year-old mark dennis. he was charged with 15 counts including murder, four counts of attempted murder, and six counts of assault with deadly weapons. on his facebook page he lists himself as an uber driver from san francisco that his nickname is bear, aka ninja, and he writes, i'm a pretty odd guy but hell a chill and i'm willing to sacrifice myself to bring peace to this war zone. we asked dennis for a jailhouse interview. he said no. he is expected to make his first court appearance next week. >> rob, have any indication that dennis and these five people knew each other beforehand? and is there any information on what the argument was about? >> reporter: it's still under investigation. and no one has been able to confirm exactly where police are going with this. there's a report that perhaps
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the victims were somehow messing with his car. but police won't confirm that. it's part of the investigation. so we have to wait and see about where that goes. but no matter what the cause of that, it won't change the charges against him at this point. >> rob roth in san francisco tonight. rob, thank you. a lockdown has been lifted at palo alto high school after police determined a phone threat was a hoax. palo alto police first tweeted around 1:40 this afternoon that someone called in a violent threat directed at palo alto high school. the school was immediately put on lockdown as police investigated. less than an hour and a half later, authorities said the call was likely a hoax. police say there was never any violence at the school but officers stayed on campus for the rest of the day to ensure the students' safety. a gas line break prompted an evacuation and warnings in san jose this afternoon. it happened just after 10 a.m. on miller avenue near rainbow drive. the investigators say a construction crew working on the street hut a high pressure
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gas line with a backhoe breaking it in several spots. the pressure was so intense, firefighters say it caused the street to buckle. one home was evacuated and people living in a dozen other homes were told to stay inside until the air could clear. the nearby sunshine montessori preschool called parents to pick up their children early as a precaution. >> to be honest with you, i didn't have, like, the exact idea, like, what happened. like a gas leak. but, like, saw many firefighters so that's the time when i thought that it's something bigger than that. >> pg&e was able to cap the line a few hours after the rupture and fortunately, no one was hurt. a beautiful thursday afternoon out there. temperatures have been soaring quite a bit. lots of 80s, in fact take a look at the flies this afternoon. you can see santa rosa maxing out 84 degrees. in fact, lots of 80s to report
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for this afternoon. san francisco 81. concord 86. and san jose 82. so yeah, just amazing. but you can see a little drop- off of the numbers. still very nice on your friday forecast. we'll shave off a few degrees especially near the coast and right around the bay. that means san francisco, that 81 goes down to 74 degrees tomorrow afternoon. but still, temperatures above the average even with the warm forecast for the cooler forecast on friday. highs tomorrow 60s and 70s to the lower 80s. the main storm track is being pushed way up to our north so that big circulation offshore, it's a big area of high pressure keeping us dry. a few high clouds are drifting into portions of the bay area this afternoon towards fairfield, towards antioch and brentwood and also up in portions of the north bay. current numbers out there still very nice. you can see they are holding on to 82 in san jose. concord in the 80s. so just a few high clouds kind of moving into the bay area over the past few hours.
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but you probably noticed that sharp warmup in temperatures over the past couple of days and we are still locked in this dry weather pattern. first thing tomorrow morning, we are thinking 40s and 50s and then into the afternoon hours we are showing you basically a yellow map here indicating the 70s and the oranges still a few low 80s across parts of the area tomorrow afternoon by about 4:00. this area of high pressure in fact rotating around this high so this is the main feature. it's like a bike pump. it's warm. that's what's happening in the atmosphere. high pressure is pumping things up for us. so a little bit of some cooling for tomorrow. and then the weekend partly cloudy skies and then a bit of a drop-off in the numbers by saturday as this system moves in. also a few extra clouds as we start the weekend. here's the forecast model showing you this for your friday. still mostly clear skies. and then into saturday, some more cloud cover drifting in, partly cloudy, maybe a few mostly cloudy periods throughout saturday. then easter sunday looks okay, clouds in the morning and
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scaling back on some of the overcast by the afternoon. forecast highs for tomorrow, still warm in the 70s and 80s. here's your weekend forecast. we'll cool things off a little bit into saturday and sunday. but still some 70s out there. and still a dry weather pattern for easter sunday. but then beyond tuesday we could be tracking rain chances especially a week from tomorrow. so we'll talk more about that coming up. the president is on the road again today. this time, to tout his billion- dollar infrastructure plan. coming up next, why the president says that plan may have to wait. >> and later coming up new at 6:00, after a string of school sex assault scandals in palo alto, district leaders are under the microscope again. "2 investigates" tells us why federal officials are back on campus. >> they have it all backwards.
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they are causing themselves liability by not taking these incident reports seriously. and they still haven't.
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president trump was in ohio today to discuss his $1.5 trillion infrastructure plan. but he said it will likely have to wait until after the midterm elections. his visit comes as the president's cabinet continues to change. ktvu's lauren blanchard has more now from washington. reporter: president trump is on the road again but the
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focus is in washington and on the latest changes to his cabinet. the president visiting ohio today to tout his infrastructure plan. $200billion in federal money in an effort to spark 1.5 trillion in spending. >> you will breathe new life into your very rundown highways, railways and waterways. >> reporter: but first, the president took a moment to say good-bye to hope hicks as he left washington. a long serving aide, hicks announced her resignation as white house communications director last month. hicks not the only one to leave president trump's side in recent days. the president fired veterans affairs secretary david shulkin nominating white house doctor rear admiral ronny jackson to take his place. shulkin not taking his departure lightly and speaking with npr news. >> it's been a very difficult environment. it's been, um, one where we have been distracted from our mission and hopefully, we have a chance now to get back on
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target. >> reporter: last week, president trump dismissed national security adviser h.r. mcmaster, replacing him with former u.n. ambassador john bolton. his nomination met with scrutiny by many who have concerns over bolton's views on iran and north korea. bolton met with defense secretary jim mattis at the pentagon. >> the secretary looks forward to a productive partnership. >> reporter: there have been several high-profile departures this month alone. don't forget, secretary of state rex tillerson's last day on the job is saturday. in washington, lauren blanchard, fox news. the president took to twitter today to argue that amazon doesn't pay enough in taxes. amazon has been a frequent target of the president. he has tweeted about amazon more than a dozen times since late 2015. today's tweet said that amazon pays little or no taxes to state and local governments and is putting thousands of retailers out of business. president trump has also said
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that he wants the u.s. postal service to charge amazon more for deliveries. amazon's stock initially fell 3% today but rallied to close up more than 1%. one state says it's now coming up with a new law to require sites like facebook to take steps to protect its users' data. it comes after data from 50 million users made it into the hands of a political consulting group. facebook says it's rolling out changes to protect users and will allow them to more easily control privacy settings but new york's attorney general wants to ensure social media sites are held accountable for data leaks. >> when the data breach happens, personal information, social security numbers, credit card numbers and other sensitive data are available to be put on the black market. >> that was obviously new york who said it wanted to make that new law. facebook executives also say the number of employees working on security issues will double this year to
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20,000. still to come here, hacking tax preparers. up next, how hackers are targeting people to prepare your taxes so they can steal your refund. >> plus, it's a routine part of every morning for millions of people. some even call it necessary. we are talking about coffee! coming up, the cancer warning that coffee sellers will now have to put on their products. ♪ seresto, seresto, seresto
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sers with the tax filing deadline looming on april 18th, hackers are finding a way to steal refunds. it's happening no matter how well the taxpayer protects his or her personal information. tom vacar says the hackers are getting their information through your tax preparer. >> reporter: the irs told ktvu today that they have detected an ominous rise in how computer hackers are trying to steal your identity and your tax refund. >> what we're seeing is tax professionals, tax practitioners, they are getting their data breached from the bad guys, from the criminals. >> reporter: a successful hack can unearth a lot of information on many people. >> all at once and in fine detail. >> they have everything they could use not just pieces which they can get that we need to be vigilant anyway. but the whole deal. >> reporter: from that, hackers can create and submit lightning quick false tax
5:32 pm
returns, often well before the taxpayer has even seen the tax preparer. that hack also includes the taxpayer's bank routing number, for electronic deposit. >> what we are seeing is an erroneous refund showing up in the real bank account of the taxpayer the victim and the criminal calling and threatening arrest, irs, criminal, this, that and the other. we want that refund back. >> reporter: the taxpayer is directed where to return the funds and some comply. we informed folks of this in walnut creek this afternoon. we first met darren michaels in the clip joint barbershop. >> it's now in the society and it's path of least resistance. so going through the tax guys, it's simple to get all the information all at once. >> it's symptomatic of this honey pot effect where there's consolidation of data. people just need to get access to one honey pot and they have access to tons of data. >> it's concerning because
5:33 pm
here we are trusting our tax guys, our cpas, to keep our information safe and now who knows? >> reporter: one tax preparer we met says that the industry knows about all of this hacking and is constantly playing the cat and mouse game with the hackers. and she says the software they use these days is far better than when she started 16 years ago. >> aggravating because we have to go through all the electronic security checks that we didn't have years ago. >> reporter: with the best tax software, even if hacked, the hackers get gobbledy-gook not data to use against you. tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news. uber has reached a settlement with the family of an arizona woman who was struck and killed by one of its self-driving vehicles last week. 49-year-old elaine herzberg was killed as she walked her bike across a dark street in tempe, arizona. police released dashcam video that shows the backup driver
5:34 pm
in the vehicle looking down before impact. ktvu legal analyst michael cardoza said it's surprising how quickly this settlement came. >> i think it's smart on uber's part because it takes it right out of the news. it will be on the news tonight, maybe tomorrow we'll be talking about it, and then it's gone. it saves going through litigation. >> out of the gate. >> and the family doesn't have to go through the emotion of a trial. >> new details have been disclosed about the settlement. cardoza says personal injury lawyers he says the settlement may have cost uber $5 million. a santa cruz county corrections officer is charged with sexually assaulting a female inmate. authorities say 29-year-old marco dell real was arrested yesterday following a criminal and internal affairs investigation by the santa cruz county sheriff's department. real is accused of coercing a female inmate to have sex with him in july of last year.
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>> under california law, an inmate cannot give consent. and a jail facility is considered an environment where it's -- it's -- there's -- the coercion can be used in order for somebody to commit an act like this. >> the sheriff says the investigation only uncovered one incident and that it doesn't appear there are any other victims. real has since been fired from his job. he posted $50,000 bail last night. he is due back in court on monday. he didn't respond to messages for comment today. a town hall meeting is about to start in san francisco to discuss the deadly police shooting inside a barbershop. it happened last wednesday at the amazon barbershop in the crocker amazon neighborhood. police have said officers shot 21-year-old jahed eid of suisun city after he started shooting them. eid was killed. the town hall meeting starts at 6 p.m. at balboa high school.
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a los angeles judge ruled today that coffee companies have to put a cancer warning label on coffee products sold here in california. ktvu's maureen naylor is in the san jose studios with reaction. >> reporter: the decision is a proposed ruling by this judge in an ongoing legal battle and the los angeles judge said basically that coffee companies must have a cancer warning because of california's state law. now, the superior court judge yesterday said that starbucks and other coffee companies do not show the threat from a chemical compound produced in the coffee roasting process was insignificant. a nonprofit group had sued coffee roasters and retailers under prop 65. that state law requires warnings on a wide range of chemicals that cause cancer. acrylamide is a carcinogen in coffee. the industry claims the chemical is at harmless levels and should be exempt because it results naturally from the cooking process to add flavor. consumers we spoke with today
5:37 pm
were varied on if a warning label would affect their coffee habit. >> i don't think it would deter me because i feel like there are so many things that have cancer warnings today and, like, it could be really insignificant. >> so i usually roast coffee once a week. what would be helpful is if the warning said what kind of roast this was in. i'm not sure a lighter roast has this problem as much as a darker roast. >> reporter: we reached out to starbucks, who referred us to the national coffee association. their ceo said: >> reporter: the association went on to say, the warning labels could be misleading, saying the u.s. government's own dietary guidelines state coffee can be part of a healthy lifestyle and that the world health organization says coffee doesn't cause cancer. the coffee industry did say that they are considering all their options including
5:38 pm
appeals and further legal action. in the meantime, a proposed california judicial decision can be reversed but they rarely are done so. >> maureen, i'm wondering how long until we might see these labels and what about restaurants that serve coffee? would they have to have warning labels on the menus? >> reporter: at this point, it's still a proposed ruling so they are waiting to see when it's official. no word on the impact. at this point it would impact coffee roasters and retailers. >> maureen naylor in our san jose bureau tonight. thank you. fire investigators are now trying to determine the cause of an early-morning hotel fire in hayward. take a look at this video. when firefighters arrived, flames were already coming out of the window at the america's best value inn on whipple road. it started around 4 a.m. 32 people were inside at the time. the hotel guests in the room where the fire started say they heard an explosion and then their window blew out. it took firefighters about 30
5:39 pm
minutes to put out the fire. flames and smoke damaged several units but no one was hurt. he earned it in battle during world war i. but one veteran's purple heart was just found in a pawn shop. coming up next, the quick thinking that got that purple heart back to its rightful owners. >> and nasa is going to the sun! or at least as close as they can get. what they are planning on studying with their latest mission.
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today veterans of the vietnam war are being celebrated across the country. it's a day to honor those who served and sacrificed during the longest conflict in american history. today also marks exactly 45 years since combat and combat support units withdrew from south vietnam. the holiday was introduced into legislation just last year. nearly 58,000 american troops were killed during the war. thousands more were considered pows or listed as missing in action. those who did return often faced scorn and ridicule for their participation. the war involved five presidents and covered nearly 20 years. a purple heart awarded to a world war i veteran is now back in the hands of his family after it was found at a pawn shop in arizona. a few months ago, a tucson police officer spotted the medal belonging to the late colonel leon lyon and
5:43 pm
contacted the group purple hearts reunited. they returned 450 medals to families over the years. the late colonel's grandson glen lyon is grateful and very surprised to have the medal back. >> somebody takes something from you, you never expect it to come back. my guess is one in a million. >> the colonel's name is etched on the back of the medal and it's now framed alongside his picture. the heirloom was given to the late colonel after he was wounded in france. he died in 1943 and it buried in arlington national cemetery. nasa is putting the finishing touches on a spacecraft that will get closer to the sun than any previous solar probe. the parker probe will launch in july and fly around venus 7 times before it gains enough momentum to blast towards the sun. it will go into orbit around the sun six years from now and once it gets there, it will
5:44 pm
face brutal conditions! an average temperature of 2500 degrees coupled with intense radiation. so engineers are creating special protection for parker's instruments. >> they have this composite heat shield that protects all the stress on the back side. there's one instrument that peeks out and does measure directly the solar corona, the atmosphere of the sun. >> the probe will be collecting information that could tell researchers why the sun's atmosphere called the corona is hotter than the surface of the sun. the first daytime opener for the a's in 24 years in oakland. got a feeling they are going to do it all again soon because the way things turned out, it couldn't have gone better but it sure didn't start out that way. we'll have highlights and an interview from the a's manager when we come back right after this. >> and a nice warmup for that game, as well. in fact, warm temperatures for the entire bay area. lots of 80s and a few records
5:45 pm
to report. we'll let you know if the warm weather continues in your friday forecast.
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5:47 pm
>> oakland a's fans were fired up this afternoon for opening day of the new major league season. perfect baseball weather as the a's faced the los angeles angels of anaheim at the
5:48 pm
coliseum. the team also unveiled a new viewing area for fans. they call it the treehouse. located right above the left field bleachers, it was a big hit today with fans. >> i been coming to a's games all my life and this is actually beautiful. the fans put this in here and it's here to stay. it's beautiful. >> treehouse is a new feature out here. what do you think? >> awesome. >> today's game was a rare daytime home opener. no word yet on attendance numbers. but the game was not sold out. sports director mark ibanez is at the treehouse now to show us the highlights from today's home opener. so mark, looks like things went well out there today. >> reporter: i can't imagine it going any better. and i heard the early reviews on the treehouse. and i have to concur. i mean, absolutely great place to see a ballgame. kind of relaxed, there's couches, there's the usual baseball seats and plenty to eat and drink and i'd say they
5:49 pm
hit a smash, you know, right off the bat. we just got our first shade of the afternoon. i mean, you could not have ordered it up any better all the way around. of course, the most important aspect was the game itself. and early on, it didn't look like it was going to be happening even though it was a daytime opener. you always need fine,p fireworks no matter what. the a's had it to get things going and a little nod to the pass, raleigh fingers one of the all time greats from the teams that won three consecutive world series in the '70s throws out the first pitch to marcus semien and it wasn't rolling along too good for kendall graveman although check out the guy they figure as a future gold glover at third base, matt chapman making a sensational catch in the second inning over near the tarp. and he is not only making the play, but also saving a fan. now, the a's were trailing 4-0 until the 5th inning when the
5:50 pm
guy who seems to only hit home runs or nothing, khris davis, they call him crush davis with two on, the a's were being shut down 4-0. all of a sudden it's 4-3 and right after that, the next pitch, matt olson, the young third baseman everybody has been talking about all spring long, delivers the shot that ties things up. and eventually it went to extra innings. the 12th in fact tied 5-5. and powell had a triple with one out and marcus semien, the east bay product, hometown hero, does it up right with the game winning single into the wide open spaces in right center field. and the a's have themselves a come-from-behind opening day victory to get this season started on the right foot. afterwards, bob melvin talked about how nerve-wracking extra innings can be, especially on opening day. >> you know, we have seen some walkoffs here in the past but
5:51 pm
this was a little bit excruciating. it was nice to come back from being down like we were, too. down 4 and their guys rolling pretty good, next thing now it's tied at 4. the guys fought for 27 for sure. >> reporter: what a job by the a's bullpen. bullpen just shut out throughout and the a's do pull it out. nice way to start the season and this treehouse, frank and julie, definitely worth checking out. kind of a different way to see a ballgame. couldn't recommend it any higher. >> can anybody go to the treehouse or do you have to have a certain ticket? >> reporter: i believe you have to have a certain ticket. and there's all kinds of option plans to get -- it's a great bargain. you can mill around. it's a very social atmosphere. and one of those new ideas to keep the a's in the forefront of the news around here. and they have done a great job, bang-up job. but obviously, you can have all the gimmicks and stuff you want, but if you don't win, that's the key and the a's did
5:52 pm
that in comeback style on opening day. good stuff against the angels. >> the 50th anniversary, great way to kick it off. mark, thank you. temperatures warmed up nicely for that game, close to 80 degrees. looks like we'll cool off on friday but today quite a few records to report. take a look at all these temperatures. santa rosa, that was a record. 86 degrees. san rafael 84. keep in mind, you see these 80s. it was just a week ago we were tracking those cold showers and temperatures in the 50s. so it has been a dramatic change. san francisco 81 degrees. that was a record, as well. so warm across the entire bay area. not only for the inland areas around the bay but also the coastline out towards pacifica. they maxed out 81. so 80 to 81 a common temperature out there. today, the warmest day of the week on track. showing you this, the satellite, here's the main storm track heading up to the north of the bay area, upper- level winds here, a few high clouds seeping into northern
5:53 pm
california and the bay area. in fact we'll come in closer right now and show you some of those high clouds but still, we have partly cloudy skies for this evening. tomorrow will be very nice but just a touch cooler. still showing you some 80s out towards concord, walnut creek, san jose 82 and san francisco nice evening to walk around. still in the lower 70s right around 72 degrees. here's our live camera framed up looking out towards the bay. and as i mentioned, just a few high clouds paying us a visit over the past few hours and also haze developing, as well. this big h has been in charge of our weather pattern. it weakens a little bit for tomorrow. but still very nice. we'll cool things off maybe about 2 to 5 degrees from today's highs. then into the weekend, the bigger change here is for saturday. we'll have clouds and dropping off temperatures. it looks like more sunshine by easter sunday so no rain clouds to talk about just yet. by next week, though, especially a week from tomorrow there could be a big change in the weather pattern that could bring in more
5:54 pm
significant rainfall, maybe more than a lot -- a lot more than a few sprinkles. we'll be watching out with that although it's still a ways out. saturday clouds in the bay area. then sunday we should have clearing skies. lake tahoe this weekend, we are expecting more sunshine tomorrow. part cloudy cloudy skies into saturday. but look at the -- partly cloudy skies into saturday. but look at the temperatures at lake level, 50s and 60s. he tomorrow's highs: 60s to 80s. we are cooling things off but only into the 70s. it will be nice on easter sunday. it's fairly quiet starting next week but main rain chances a week from friday but it's stepping outside today, it was glorious to go for a walk or a hike. pretty much the same deal
5:55 pm
tomorrow. >> a good weekend in store, too. thank you. a meeting planned for only third time in 60 years. new details about when the leaders of north korea and south korea will meet and what they plan to focus on.
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
strong reaction now pouring in from washington and beyond following a surprise announcement about north
5:58 pm
korea. kitty logan reports from london. reporter: >> reporter: it's official a major diplomatic breakthrough. the leaders of north and south korea will meet for a cross- border summit at the end of april. only the third such meeting since the end of the korean war. both sides say the main focus will be denuclearization but experts warn not to expect any major developments at the first meeting. >> big issues don't get solved in three or four months. i would be amazed if we were sprinting towards this goal. >> reporter: president trump has been pushing a hard-line beefing up military power in the region vowing to maintain maximum prejudice until the north is denuclearized. presence will be maintained but they are willing to give the diplomatic process a chance to play out. >> we stay very vigilantes. as we talks go on, we want the people involved in the talks
5:59 pm
to lead them but we remain cautiously optimistic about developments. >> reporter: the state department is keeping a close eye on the flurry of diplomatic activity. this included a meeting between xi jinping and kim jong-un. >> we'll see how it turns out. maybe it will be good. maybe it won't. and if it's no good, we're walking. if it's good, we'll embrace it. >> reporter: the summit will be followed by a meeting between kim jong-un and president trump. that's expected to take place in may. in london, kitty logan, fox news. grief and anger in sacramento. tonight calls for justice getting louder as loved ones, strangers and high-profile activists pay tribute to a young man shot and killed by police. >> this is not a sacramento fight anymore. this is a national fight.
6:00 pm
stephon has woke up the nation! >> emotions running high tonight in our state's capital. good evening. i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. tonight, there are protests in the streets. earlier there was anguish inside a church in sacramento where a funeral was held for 22-year-old stephon clark. >> i am, i am! you can get louder than that. i am! louder! [ screaming ] >> louder! louder!! [ screaming ] >> about 500 people including sacramento mayor darrell steinberg gathered at bayside church in south sacramento for the service chanting the name of stephon clark. clark's brother stevante was overcome with emotion. at one point you see here he held on to al sharpton who tried to comfort him. sharpton gave the eulogy. he referred to a white house statement that called the shooting a local matter. >> no, this is not a


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