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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  March 29, 2018 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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it is opening day for the oakland a's and we are bringing you all of the action live from the coliseum. >> and that baby is gone and we are headed home. >> from tailgating with the fans. >> [ chanting ] >> to a look at the 2018 team. the new merchandise and everything else the a's have to offer as we get ready to play ball. >> ♪ >> blue skies and baseball. why not turn on a little john fogarty because it is time to get ready for some baseball, the oakland a's home opener
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four hours away. the grass is cut and ready to go and the angels are in town, alongside gasia mikaelian i'm mike mibach welcome from ricky henderson field at the oakland coliseum. i could not sleep last night i was soaking in the baseball highlights on mlb network. i get so excited, for me this is a holiday it is professional baseball up and running especially in oakland. this season is 50 years of this home opener very special. >> you talked about good old fashion ricky henderson field and now we are looking ahead to the future of the oakland a's in oakland. for wedding anniversaries what is the appropriate gift for the 50th wedding anniversary? it is gold. >> i like that. there is gold in this ballpark. >> green and gold celebrating the oakland a's. 50 years and 50 more.
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i think i smell hotdogs already. not your traditional thursday morning breakfast but let's get to sal castaneda outside with a bunch of fans already tailgating.>> reporter: you might not be able to see me but i am under the tent with some hard-core fans who are here right where the gates open. look at some of these guys. they are already here and i'm hoping they will make it to the first pitch. the first guy that i run into is johnny. how long have you been here? >> since 7:00 this morning. i should have been here at 6:30 or 5:30.>> reporter: so this is a tradition?>> it is a tradition. every home opener this is what we do. it is a great time tailgating with the family. >> reporter: one serious baseball question, if the a's were to build a new baseball stadium here would you be all in? >> if they let me tailgate. no i would be all in sal.
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>> reporter: pablo come in. so pablo stands here and for all of the friends he makes something special. if you don't know what this is, what is it?>> is a mix of beer, spices and ice. is fire. >> this is a serious question, do you pace yourself before you go in? are you going to watch baseball today? >> i'm going to get in, but i am the bartender so you know. >> reporter: i'm going to sip on this when i am done with the report but i do want to remind you, not only is there the a's game today for the home opener but tonight the warriors take on the milwaukee bucks at 7:30. trying to park, it is obvious they are taking all of that into consideration as they're trying to squeeze everybody in and maximize space.
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so when the game is getting out and fans are going home there will be new fans coming in. it should be a rocking day at the coliseum and oracle arena.>> maybe you could just walk from the coliseum into oracle arena and catch the warriors. a busy day indeed. i can already feel the heat. if you are at home getting ready to come here bring your sunscreen because it is hot. >> i was going to say you will want to lose the jacket soon. we do have temperatures in the 60s for some already. if you're going to the game take the sunblock because it will be warm in the mid-70s possibly breaking records. 63 at the coliseum today already 60s for many and it won't take long to warm up but 74 with the northeast breeze today. we could get up to 76 or 77. some of these records including
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oakland at 77 at the airport, sfo 76, san francisco 79, santa rosa 81 and san jose 81. all systems are ago. southern california as well for the giants and the dodgers but the coliseum will be warm for the a's home opener. >> from philadelphia to kansas city eventually the athletics made their way to oakland 50 years ago and as we mentioned this is an important season as they commemorate 50 years in the bay area. this is what the organization will be doing to celebrate.>> the a's are celebrating 50 years in oakland with some new features and special events. during the 2017 regular-season fans were invited to vote who -- for who they think should make up the 50th anniversary team including players like josi canseco who was drafted in the 1982 draft.
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he played for six years before returning for another season in 1997. a total of 254 home runs in the a's uniform fourth in franchise history. fan favorite coco crisp signed with the a's after the 2009 season becoming a free agent after playing with the indians during the 2016 season and is now the head coach of the shadow hills high school baseball team.>> it is a time to celebrate traditions and everything that has been happening. the fence chose 50 great players and we will be honoring them tomorrow night. >> the season has taken over the management of guest services and hired 500 part-time day staff. they will be enforcing the green and gold promise which includes outstanding customer service, treating every fan with respect, listening to fans responding right away and making everyone feel welcomed at the ballpark. >> to be successful we need to grow the fan base and better
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engage the community and invite them to enjoy the games. in order to do that we have to do it now.>> reporter: joining us on this opening day we are so thrilled to have the oakland a's president dave kaval. >> the day game is the best , we have only done it one time in 40 years. a great way to sit outside and have an amazing day. opening day should be a national holiday and it is just amazing. >> we were talking about 50 years, i have this book 50 years of oakland a's baseball. come out to the ballpark and get this. >> it is amazing. coming together with all the history of 50 years, all of the great players, whether it is billy martin or the bash brothers or the early 70s teams it is amazing. >> how are you honoring 50 years of excellence today?>> we have a whole weekend of celebrations, tomorrow night we
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have the 50 greatest players of all time. ricky henderson, dave stewart, all of these amazing players here at the game. so to have them here to celebrate is a special. >> a big day at city hall yesterday. you raised the flag with the mayor so talk about these negotiating rights you are involved in. >> it is a big day. we are moving forward on the howard terminal site and here at the coliseum. to have the option, the ability to own our own home will ensure we are in oakland for many years to come. >> there is a lot of buzz about a downtown ballpark. talk to me about the struggle you and others might be having about going for the new innovative proven formula versus staying rooted.>> the key is to have options especially after the peralta decision. it is important to explore the port sites and hear the coliseum to make sure we have a plan for
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success. >> major-league baseball is very close to playing a regular- season game in europe with the red sox and yankees. do you promote with the commissioner is trying to do? >> i think it is critical. there are fans and we need to build those fans. a great way to do that is have games in the countries to get people excited. it is a great step for the future baseball.>> we are in front of the treehouse and is the season really about bringing those people who are not regular fans into the ballpark?>> it is about creating new fans getting them excited and coming out to the coliseum at the treehouse or the championship plaza we have great amenities. it is a fun place to come. >> do you have a favorite opening-day memory?>> when i was a kid in cleveland it was kind of a holiday so we got out of school and they had 80,000 people at the games.
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it was a day game. >> i remember i had a high school teacher in san francisco and he would get rid of homework. i always remember that. i don't remember much about calculus. >> i think you've done okay. >> i am a field of dreams guy. i actually slept on the field of dreams. we did go at 4:00 in the morning and then the sprinklers came on. it was a little bit of sneaking in but it worked out. >> the statute of limitations has passed so you are good. >> there putting butter on the field, we have to let you go, dave kaval thank you for joining us. >> we are here in oakland talking more about the opening- day and we will be exploring an innovative new way to have a great time at the ballpark and give to a very good cause. also name your price while you
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do it. that is all coming up on ktvu de 9. tasty offerings at the oakland coliseum. we are slicing meat on a stick. we are cooking it all up inside of the coliseum so coming up we will talk with the chef about some of the brand-new food offerings available this season. g ro ing vent. ross has the must-have styles and brands for a fraction of what you'd pay elsewhere. step one: get to ross. step two: walk out with top brands at big savings... the ross spring shoe event.
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baseball fan, not everybody grew up with a glove on the hand but this year the oakland a's are making a push to get everybody to the coliseum to observe a new game for them and they are doing it in a couple of ways.>> for the 50th season the a's will be the first team to create a ticket section to completely benefit charity. fans can pick the price in section 322 during every regular-season home game played on a wednesday just name your price. the minimum one dollar donation is required. all proceeds benefit the oakland a's community fund. another exciting addition is the treehouse. a new destination above the left field bleachers set to debut, featuring two full- service bars standing room and lounge shadings with numerous televisions and entertainment. the area will have a dj during friday night games and a 30 minute radio show for all home games. the space can accommodate 1000 fans and you don't need a special ticket.
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the team is offering a treehouse pass for $30 a month which will get you into the treehouse for all oakland a's home games. >> you know i like a good value so $30 a month.>> you always work that in. >> it is something more ball clubs are going to. sit in the treehouse watch the game have a snack and hopefully it will breed a new generation. >> it is a great idea and it will be a success. when you go to the ballpark hot dogs and beer for some and for others a little bit more of an expensive menu which is good and they are expanding the menu at the coliseum. for more let's get over to alex savidge. >> reporter: good morning to you guys. the oakland a's are pushing the envelope from a culinary standpoint. we are inside of the simply swarm a stand next to section 132 on the left field and i am
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here with the chef. this is a hard corner. there is a hard corner here where you have all the meat cooking.>> vertical meat changing from a chicken product over to lamb and beef it is seasoned and layered to perfection. >> this is the final product. >> we have the final product here with the beef and lamb and the roasted garlic as well as this chicken version which i can make really simply. come and grab some chicken shawarma. a little roasted garlic a oley and top it off with tomatoes, onions and lettuce. another little bit of special sauce. a little bit more shawarma. >> you guys are really trying to expand people's culinary horizons when they come down to the ballpark.
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you can obviously get your burgers and your dogs. >> we are trying to change the future of food, we are here in the bay and people travel all over the world so this is food from all over the world and you can come to the coliseum and watch good baseball and eat good food. >> reporter: so tell me about some of the other stuff we have.>> we have a couple of items from the tavern. we launched the impossible burger, the first sports company to launch it, coming breakfast i'll with bacon and eggs and cured tomatoes. another really cool item is the monte crossed davis christo. it is a twist on the old classic using the belgian waffle with preserves special cheese ham and turkey. >> here i am making sandwiches with bread. >> that's right we are elevating that sandwich and
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then the cop chicken salad with nice fresh greens cilantro avocado and peanut dressing.>> reporter: here these look like sliders traditional meat sliders but this is a vegan option. it is brand-new. >> the impossible burger and slider are plant-based meat. one way we have is this french onion slider with caramelized balsamic onions, cheese and tomato and for the vegans it will come on top of lettuce tomato and onion. >> i was sampling a little bit of actual meat from the shawarma and that is good stuff. speaking of expanding horizons and thinking outside of the box, look what you can get as a topping for your salad. this year do you see that? fried crickets sweet and spicy. will you get a lot of takers?>> i think so.
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this is protein of the future. we are selling them in the bags in the treehouse. do you like these? >> reporter: i have to give them a shot. >> it is peer protein can you help me out?>> reporter: sure, hold on let's do this. there we go. have you guys ever had these? >> they are amazing. locally sourced in oakland. they are sealed tight so they are nice and fresh>> what do you wash it down with? >> they are high in b12 and omega 3's. >> reporter: i need a beer to wash these down. >> happy opening day. >> same to you. wow i thought the shawarma sounded good. we are going way beyond hot dogs.
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i have to tell you my first baseball game ever was the oakland a's game. i had my tickets through the summer reading program at the livermore public library. the only thing i remember is that it was a huge day for ricky henderson. that is where it all started for me and for many people. here we are so many years later looking ahead with ricky henderson field. >> he had a lot of big days. i'm glad you saw him in the first day. ricky henderson is a legend. now are the a's developing a new legend? still to come, sports anchor joe fonzi grabs the chair and the microphone and we will talk about the 25 man roster on this opening day.
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i love a good spring
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cleaning. the house is clean and ready for guests and the house we are in today is getting there minute by minute. we watched crews clean the stands at the oakland coliseum just ahead of the opening day. also their busy painting the ricky henderson field the logo on the grass which we have been told to stay off of.>> skyfox joining us on the opening day and they have been working on the infield for a couple of hours and on the field for a few days but they have been raking the field watering the grass and painting. it looks pristine as it should be on your home opener. joining us now is our sports anchor joe fonzi. they finished last in the division last year but they had a solid september so you want to use the momentum for the new season.>> the a's have to be optimistic because they called up young players midseason like matt olson, matt chapman and
9:24 am
other players that should be part of the future. they performed very well so the a's are very sound with their young position players, the area where they knew they would be tested is the pitching staff and unfortunately a couple of things happen in spring training. cotton had to have tommy john surgery so the pitching staff will be if he. they will be able to score runs but they just need to be on the good side of those high-scoring games. baseball season, there is something different about opening day for baseball season. we have 162 games so we should not be too excited but we are. it is not the same for football or basketball and obviously as you would expect the a's are optimistic at this point. >> when you were little you would bring your scorecard and your glove and you would sit there and score the game and that is not the baseball fan today so can you talk about the difference?
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>> is well documented people have a short attention span these days and i guess the newer generation does not like to just sit in the seats and concentrate on are we on the infield fly rule situation or not? are we bunting or what are we going to do? a lot of people like to move around, get on their phone and you know the a's have addressed that, they have the treehouse where you can just roam around and see the game. all you need is a game ticket to get in. if you're one of those people who like to roam around and enjoy the experience you can do that.>> let's hear from some of the players. they were talking about how excited they are about the makeup of this team. >> the team is trending upward so we are excited. we think we can do something special. the arrow is pointed in the right direction. >> toward the end of the year we were clicking especially
9:26 am
offensively scoring eight runs a game. >> this is a lot younger club and it is younger players. they bring a lot of energy to the clubhouse and to the came -- game. it is exciting. >> we have the same common goal to win back a championship. that is what we are working toward. >> when you are in the clubhouse if you say hey matt there will be a couple of guys turning around. >> we talked about matt chapman and matt olson but don't forget matt joyce and the a's brought over a coach by the name of matt williams. so yes, as you said somebody in the stands or somebody in the dugout yells hey matt whole bunch of people will turn around. >> i get that a lot from the stands walking with chapman or joyce or whoever. now we have matt williams. >> definitely a little confusing.
9:27 am
i thought about changing my name. >> now we have matt williams so there are quite a bit.>> everybody will be looking. there will be three of us on the diamond so you know it is fun. >> the way to get around that baseball is a game of nicknames, remember the weekend last year where the players at their nicknames on the back of their jerseys so you have chappy, oley and joyce see. that is how they keep it straight. >> that is a good way around it. thank you. >> what a gorgeous opening day. i think i am starting to melt. we talked about the fact that it is quite warm, probably warm wherever you are. coming up we will have your full forecast and a look at today's headlines. stay with us on this gorgeous opening day. if you have never seen how oakland does it on opening day, this is how it is done.
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we are walking and looking and eating food. we will have more on what the fans are doing and thinking outside of the stadium coming up.
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welcome back, live from the oakland coliseum for the oakland a's home opener, the gates opened at 8:00, the tables and chairs came out. tailgating is underway. >> you can smell it in the air. i don't even know my wedding reception was this well organized. coolers, tables and barbecues. let's send it over to sal castaneda outside enjoying this opening-day morning. >> reporter: in case you have not been out here, this is the only baseball stadium in the bay area because over at at&t park they don't have this. this is where you can come
9:31 am
tailgate before a game and on opening day this is what it looks like. people are here, they have miniature tent cities with barbecue and all kinds of stuff like music, donuts, barbecue. i think i already said barbecue but if we come this way i want to talk to one of these fans because we have been talking about not only having a good time, but we have been talking about the coliseum site. i want to bring in edwin from san jose. thank you for joining us. you and i were talking before we went on the air about how you think this coliseum site is special for a longtime fan like you. >> it is home. like i was telling you earlier, dave henderson, javier, you know they moved somewhere else and there are no real fans. >> so would you be against the
9:32 am
moving to a downtown stadium?>> yes. because ticket prices with more traffic. it would not feel the same. i am pretty sure people across the bay don't feel good going from at&t from candlestick to at&t park. >> you heard at the very least they will be staying in oakland so that should make you happy. >> i am praying and hoping that they do. it is my childhood memory. >> have a great opening day. >> reporter: listen, the people i have been talking to, obviously they want to have a good time but it is in their mind what will happen to the franchise. in 10 years where will opening- day be located? here at the coliseum? at howard terminal? or will he be somewhere else? the oakland a's have told us they are rooted in oakland and
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they want to stay in oakland. obviously all of these fans want to stay in oakland. >> hopefully they will and i have no doubt they will. hopefully a new ballpark by 2023 with a big parking lot. thank you, sal. let's get you caught up on your news of the day, let's send it back inside to frank mallicoat.>> good morning as well, here are some of your top stories on this thursday morning, palo alto police are searching for an armed man accused of sexually assaulting a teenage girl who was jogging on a popular path. the girl told police she was attacked yesterday around 1:45 in the area of deer creek road near the tesla headquarters. the man pulled a girl off the jogging path put a gun to her head and sexually assaulted her. the girl told police she was able to flag down someone passing by and that person called 911. police searched the area but did not find the man.
9:34 am
>> stranger sexual assaults with the unknown suspect and victim are very rare in any city, particularly in palo alto. >> it is not something you would hear about often in palo alto and stanford generally because people seem to be safe. >> the suspect described as a man in his 30s possibly of filipino descent. he was last wearing a black sweatshirt with a bear logo. please call police if you have any information. the search for two sisters and the brother is underway this morning after their family suv drove off the pacific coast highway. the van was found below the road in the rocks. the bodies of their mothers, brothers and sisters have been recovered. investigators are trying to figure out what led to the crash. the suv drove 75 feet across the road before plunging over
9:35 am
the cliff. >> i was at the scene and it was very confusing because there were no skid marks.>> i don't know if it rolled over the edge. we won't have that information until we get the data back and analyze it. >> this crash does not appear to be anything but a tragic accident but child protective services have been investigating reports that the children were not being fed. the family drew attention years ago when there were demonstrations for police reform in portland and one of the young boys offered hugs to police. he is one of the teenagers that is still missing. the funeral for stefon clark will be held in two hours. he is the 22-year-old african- american man who was shot to death by sacramento police who thought he had a gun but he was holding a cell phone. the state attorney general has joined the investigation in the
9:36 am
killing, the reverend al sharpton will give the eulogy at the funeral starting at 11:00. those are some of your stories making headlines on this thursday, for more oakland a's baseball and the big home opener let's toss it back to mike with a special guest. >> the general manager of the oakland a's, happy opening-day. i heard you were a good ballplayer in harvard. what is it about baseball? you said you have a son playing now.>> it is all that i have ever known. i grew up playing and i love going to games with my dad. there is so much history and family experience in this ballpark. you look forward to this every year and you know there are six more months to watch. >> you are able to be around the game in your position but on a day like today when you come down and you are a couple of feet from the field do you wish you had a couple of games
9:37 am
in the majors? >> i was a long ways from that so i am happy where i am at. it is a little nauseating watching these guys on the field do what you wanted to do but this is always great. >> one question on aj puck the 22-year-old stud who injured his elbow what is the status? will he have the tommy john surgery? what can you share? >> we will probably know within the next few days. we got a second opinion and aj is going over options. the problem with rehabbing if it does not work you can use -- lose two years. >> bob melvin was quoted as saying this is a big year for the organization. you had a couple of losing seasons in a tough division. would you agree? >> absolutely. on and off the field. obviously in the last six months we have gotten publicity
9:38 am
looking for a stadium. but on the field we have a great young nucleus that we can build around for the next five or six years. matt olson, matt chapman, bruce maxwell. we want to get off to a good start in the new era. >> how critical is the new ballpark when it comes to keeping players here? a lot of the players are asking for those long-term contracts. does the ballpark get that? >> absolutely. this is my 19th year and we have been saying a new ballpark changes the financial model and prospects with the ability to keep guys for the length of their career. >> this is a special opening-day for stephen biscotti. is it special to see him here as a general manager? knowing what he is going through? >> without a doubt. when i talked to stephen i said this is a baseball trade.
9:39 am
you fit what we need perfectly. at the same time i couldn't be happier for him and his family. to be at home and his mom gets to see him play. he is around friends and family. we think that will create a great year. >> the gm job is all about numbers. there is talk of expanding rosters, would you be in favor of that?>> i will take as many as you want to give me. we struggle with so many guys getting injured and it is a long season. it would be great for the game. guys would be healthier keeping and i thought we were going to get a 26 man roster but we didn't but it would be great. >> keeping the game healthy and going quicker there is a new rule about mound visits. just six per game which is not include pitching changes. what you think? >> i am all for speeding up the
9:40 am
pace. the commissioner has emphasized this and the people who come to the park want to see the action. they don't want to see the pitchers and catchers on the mound or the coaches, so anything to speed up the pace while keeping integrity is great.>> i asked dave kaval. if you had to watch one of those movies?>> boulder room for me. i was not allowed until i was older but it is the most realistic depiction of the minor leagues.>> he went with field of dreams but he said he spent the night at the field of dreams one night. gm david forrest i appreciate your time. happy opening-day. it is already toasty now let's check in with steve paulson. we are expecting mid-70s, very warm so you will be losing the jacket because we are warming up quickly. if you're headed to the game
9:41 am
look at the view from skyfox. so these temperatures will be well above average, this will likely be the warmest day with a lot of 70s and 80s with the home opener expecting 74 degrees and 77 could be possible. these are the records to beat and all or most could be close or certainly above. mountain view santa rosa and san jose will have the opportunity to break records. 66 in oakland, 65 in san francisco and we are very warm with 60s for many showing up. high pressure is here and it will stick around until tomorrow and then a little cooler for the weekend. on sunday we will see the fog returning. 70s and 80s for the temperatures but today and tomorrow it is well above average temperatures but it will be nice for the weekend just not quite as warm. a lot of sunshine with warm temperatures. this is something you probably
9:42 am
already know.>> yes we can feel it. it is not just people out being celebrated for the opening-day. it is actually, these days we call him harvey 2.0. >> goodbye are the days of the ball boys coming out and bringing balls to the umpires. when we come back we will introduce you to harvey the rabbit. we are live from ricky henderson field.
9:43 am
9:44 am
welcome back, i was looking over my shoulder and we are getting close. you can hear it with the windmills and the stretches.
9:45 am
spiked the ball hitting the catchers glove, very exciting. >> it is important to feel good and look good. you have to support your team, so let's turn to alex savidge showing us how to support the oakland a's.>> reporter: i approve of the segway, thank you very much. i appreciate that. we are inside the team store this morning with my buddy dallas braden former pitcher. he does not need an introduction. we are checking out the new gear being offered to friends and one of them is these jerseys. these are the friday night jerseys. the oakland a's will be wearing these every friday night. >> obviously we are celebrating all season long let's get a good shot of this oakland a's 50th anniversary patch. you can see the towers and the tree rooted in oakland.
9:46 am
absolutely amazing. the old school oakland script. it is very high in demand so much appreciated from the folks who made these. >> obviously you can get any other jerseys and they all have the 50th anniversary patch. >> each authenticated jerseys that the a's will be wearing is available. each one with a commemorative patch celebrating 50 years. it is a big deal to the organization and to the fan base. the fans are all about it and don't forget the matching hats, kelly green to go with your matching kelly green jersey. >> i'm guessing there will be a few of these selling today. >> they will go hot. i have been talking to folks at the gate and we will be tailgating shortly so we will get in. >> reporter: something tells me i want to tailgate with you. >> we have fun and we celebrate the right way.
9:47 am
a couple of lemonades. >> reporter: if you need a new hat obviously who doesn't want a new hat? this is a throwback. >> these are the throwbacks that they had during the bay bridge series. they featured them throughout the spring as well. realistically what we have is a lot of stuff.>> reporter: keep it true east bay, get the tie. i think this has gasia mikaelian written all over it. i am bringing this to you. >> very understated but it speaks volumes. >> reporter: dallas, thank you for showing us around the team store with all the new offerings for the oakland a's. kicking off opening day and absolutely you want to be dressed for baseball. >> load up on the gear but you don't need the sweatshirts.>>
9:48 am
okay, very good and very exciting. we are inching closer to the first pitch. behind us is activity in the parking lot. a different sort of activity. we will be checking in with the fans one more time. a lot still to come here on opening day.
9:49 am
9:50 am
♪ >> skyfox giving us a live picture of the coliseum. the players are making their way from the clubhouse onto the
9:51 am
field and the skipper bob melvin is out getting ready for the home opener. a special home opener as the organization celebrates 50 years in oakland. they moved here in 1968. in that year the team had a perfect game thrown. it was on may 8, 1968. catfish hunter. so maybe this year the a's can toss another perfect game.>> everything old is new again right? that is also the case at the ballpark as we honor stars of the past they look ahead to the team today and a special feature, an important member. >> it is something different, usually we will see individuals come give the umpires baseballs throughout the game but something new. take a peek. >> harvey the rabbit made his first appearance in the 60s in kansas city. he was near home plate and would pop up to deliver baseballs to the home plate
9:52 am
umpire. 's last appearance in 1971. this season the a's will debut a new remote control harvey that rabbit which will make his way to the field to make -- deliver the first pitch. the first 15,000 fans will take home a harvey the rabbit backpack on may 26. >> a little something for everyone. >> absolutely. there is a lot of enjoyment of beverages and special food happening just outside of the coliseum. sal castaneda has probably had his lunch. i imagine you're pretty good and full. >> reporter: i am feeling pretty good and i am surprised that i have not been trolled harder because i try to hide it, everyone knows i grew up in san francisco and i am a giants fan but gil sanchez is talking to me anyway.>> we are here
9:53 am
live with sal castaneda the giants fan and today we are converting him hopefully we will get the win.>> reporter: okay, we are joking around but something about the a's the criticism, i know you are a longtime fan, what about the players? do you wish you could get a jersey for a particular player? what was the last jersey that you bought that you still have? >> the last one was eric chavez a long time ago but nowadays they get rid of players but the new ownership seems to be keeping the more. they are doing a good job bringing in young players and they should be sending them to long-term deals so i can finally get another jersey. >> reporter: they get traded, right so what do you think and then we will talk about the fun stuff? what do you think about all that has been in the news about the a's possibly building a stadium here or building it near jack london square? do you have a preference? >> i wish they would stay here.
9:54 am
it is close to bart to the airport and to the freeway. maybe i am a little biased because i have been coming here since i was a few months old and this holds a place in my heart but hopefully they will stay.>> reporter: gil sanchez thank you. he is from discovery bay. so we have a little bit of the last bit of fans to show you before we go. look at the food. if you came here hungry, you will not leave hungry. a lot of people are coming out before the game and i hope you guys get some food because i am covered out here. >> perfect, great thank you. >> a lot of people want to know for the home opener who is singing the anthem and throwing out the first pitch? singing the national anthem is staff sergeant michelle doolittle from the u.s. air force and throwing out the first pitch will be a classic, a legend rollie fingers.
9:55 am
joe fonzi what you think?>> rollie will have to try to not put something on it for his catcher. tomorrow night steve will be throwing it out the longtime equipment manager. we visited with him earlier. is the most tenured employee in athletics history, more than connie back who managed and owned the team for 50 years. he has surpassed connie back. >> he is the equipment manager, we visited with him earlier. something to watch today is kendall graveman, he has never been the ace before so he will come out and they will need him. they need pitching. they will be solid in the positions but the pitching was iffy going into spring training with cotton undergoing surgery so they need kendall graveman to be an ace. >> it would be great to get out to a good start. the al west is a very tough
9:56 am
division. >> for those of you interested in the angels don't forget their two-way player made the roster and he will be, the angels have talked about a six man rotation for him. this will be the first look at him in a major-league uniform during the regular season. that is something else to watch today. >> how much does the outcome matter today? other than spirits? >> it is one out of 162 and baseball history is full of world series winners who lost their first game of the season, but there is something symbolic about it. it kind of signifies the beginning of the year and the good weather and springtime and it is a feel-good thing that has become a tradition. presidents throwing out the first pitch and those kinds of things. there is something american and traditional about it. >> this year what is nice they are not opening with the nighttime game.>> two times in their history they decided to
9:57 am
do it in the afternoon. >> the fans love it because they are packing the parking lot.>> joe fonzi, opening-day never gets old. it is a pleasure to see you. >> usually we are on opposite shifts but this is good. it was worth getting up early for. >> thank you so much. what a great day to be on the road. i think it is about time to go. >> unfortunately i am getting a call from the bullpen saying come back to the studio. thank you for watching everybody. have a great opening-day. withch. that anything that matches your taste can match your budget. that green living doesn't have to cost much green. we believe that you should always have room for the little things. and that your dream kitchen should work as hard as you do. ikea family members get 15% back when you spend $2000 or more at the ikea kitchen event. and financing is now available with the ikea projekt credit card.
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and financing is now available >> leiva from new york city, it "the wendy william's show" ." now, here's wendy! >> wendy: okay, here we go! yeah. ♪ [applause] [cheers and applause]


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