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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  March 28, 2018 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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48, walnut creek. 53, but with. -- elk creek. 25, reno. it will be above average. near 80 for some. traffic is doing what ?>> nothing. right now, traffic is doing well. if you are up and getting ready to take advantage of the early commute, you should. continuing to the east shore freeway, it is good. it looks good to marin county. on 80 westbound to the macarthur maze, it is a nice looking drive. no incidents to report.
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chp report it is quiet at the maze and bay bridge toll plaza. let's go back to dave and pam. cameron county judge is reversing one of his own decisions that blocked executions in california. superior court judge roy chamness made the ruling yesterday. lifting his 2012 order that prevented lethal injections. his previous decision said the state failed to follow proper procedures and standards on how to use three drugs for legal injections. he now says a 2016 ballot measure, which voters approved did away with the requirement. making his ruling invalid. the case and marin county is one of four in the courts that is holding up executions. no executions can take place until all cases are resolved. we have new details of an arrest after two random shootings monday night. oscar alfredo armando is
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charged with attempted murder. they say he drove up next to a man as his car was sitting in traffic. just before 6 pm and started shooting. the man was not hit. but he started to chase him in his car. minutes later, he shot a 65- year-old woman in the arm as she was walking home with groceries. the first victim stopped to help the woman. police later took the suspect into custody a short time later. now to san francisco where they will increase patrols for the rest of the week. following a bomb threat. the building is located at 850 bryant street. and houses a superior court, the district attorneys office and a jail. a threatening call came in yesterday. deputies use bomb sniffing dogs to check the building. they did not find anything suspicious. officers say the extra patrols for the rest of the week is due to an abundance of caution.
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a woman from marysville so she is lucky to be alive. she survived in the snow for 10 days. cheryl donovan said she never lost hope. she was lost and ran out of gas. she survived on one bottle of water and crumbs. last friday after the weather cleared, the 54-year-old nurse walked through the snow to look for help. strangers got her to safety. she is now in virginia with her daughter, recovering from severe dehydration. students, teachers and cultures are trying to come to -- and coaches are trying to come to grips with a student that died. classmates were told their friend went to sleep and never woke up.>> reporter: a high school in morning -- mourning.
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germanic joyner, 16, died mysteriously. >> it is surprising and shocking.>> reporter: school officials say jeremiah went home from school last thursday saying he was not feeling well. he died sometime the same day. the school says they do not know the cause of death. other students do not have a health risk. the county corner is investigating -- coronor is of us getting. >> he was a quiet kid with a lot of friends. he was the kind of student who did his own thing and was independent.>> reporter: his friends say his death is hitting them hard.>> he is quiet, but not shy. he did not become a that was necessary. he was smart and humble.>>  reporter: he played linebacker
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on a football team. school officials say he was medically cleared to play by his doctors.>> he worked very hard. i wish more kids work that hard.>> a lot of people try to member him for football. honestly, you enter member him for his personality. he was a great person.>> reporter: academically, he was in the academy for students who wanted to pursue the medical field.>> they plan to dedicate next season to jeremiah. the president of the academy of motion picture arts and sciences has been cleared of allegations of sexual harassment and he will keep his job. john daly was accused of
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inappropriately touching a woman about a decade ago in a transport van on a movie set. he denied it. the academy investigated and that it was without merit. the academy denied earlier reports that it received three complaints. only one complaint was made. defense secretary john matus says he looks forward to working -- mattis says he looks forward to working with the new national security advisor, john bolton. john bolton is replacing h.r. mcmaster and three-star -- the three-star general that resigned. the u. s. olympic team is been invited to the white house next month. there are at least three athletes who have said they will not go. skier, lindsey vonn as well as skaters adam upon an invention
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-- adam rippon and nathan chen.. the number of athletes that say they will go is in line with past visits. supporters of a struggling group in cupertino are going head-to-head with sandhill properties. they would try to build for four years. they filed an application to build 2400 housing units. they do not need the approval of the cupertino city council. it is one of the first to take advantage of a state law that allows developers to go around city limitations, if half of the units will be affordable. in of longtime residents are worried about what will happen to the area due to the new project. it is one mile from apple's new
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headquarters. a controversial proposal that could lower housing prices in california. state senator, scott weiner wants to give more power by stripping cities of their zoning authority to make more room for new construction. the proposal with impact areas within half a mile a major transit stops. not everyone is supporting the plan. those who oppose it say it will create a war against neighborhoods. report last year found that california needs 3.5 million new homes in the next seven years to meet the growing demand. tenets of a big apartment complex say they are living in filthy conditions. they want city hall to do something. last night, tenants at the park apartments on clayton road took their issues to city hall. they say their homes are infected with roaches, bedbugs and mold. they also say the landlord ignores their complaints. the housing problems do not
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stop there.>> we are all getting evicted. we have nowhere else to go. we have kids in school that would have to change schools. they would have to have new everything. we are getting eviction notices for no reason. we do not know why.>> so far, there is no public comment from the owner. the city of concorde promises to look into the allegations. and to look into the living conditions. if you got the flu season was over, think again. a second wave of flu virus b. it is being reported more often than the a string. it is set for potential second round. they say it is possible to get sick with this new strain of the flu, even if you already have the flu. bart arrest
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numbers are on the rise . they are offering evidence of cracking down on crime.>> also, did you watch the warriors ? they lost again. the team is struggling without the all-stars. if heading out on your commute, you are winning. westbound traffic looks good on the bridge. getting into sentences go. -- into san francisco .>> a big difference compared to the north and south.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. san francisco landmark
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turned 50. japan's peace landmark. >> we have more on the famous peace pagoda.>> reporter: rising up to the san francisco's skyline, the japan center peace pagoda has become an icon. >> is a symbol for peace.>> reporter: and for friendship. it is from the sister city of san francisco. >> the original designer was a professor . he envisioned a new, modern approach to bring the two cities together. osaka and san francisco. >> reporter: on march 28, 1968, the peace plaza was officially opened. with a japan culture and trade center.>> it was a state of the
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art, one-of-a-kind entry to the united states. it was to introduce the united states to japanese culture. >> reporter: the center small introduce the japanese consulate in many restaurants and businesses. george was an attorney for the family that helped develop the japan center.>> there were shops and a hotel. there were residences.>> reporter: the redevelopment project created a japanese culture center. also, it came at a cost for families and 2000 residences and businesses that were raised. the president of the japan merchants center, says preserving that is important now.>> japan town was 36 blocks large. and after urban renewal, it shrink to -- shrink to 12 brox. >> reporter: the 50th anniversary will be honored. >> it is important to celebrate our cultural history.
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it connects the past to the present and future.>> reporter: the plaza has served as a site for festivals and a gathering place.>> i, loan or a, family.>> reporter: including young people drawn to japanese culture.>> it connects me to the culture. it is a fun place to be. it is peaceful. you get a cool vibe. >> reporter: a place that continues, 50 years later, to promote peace.>> in a sense of world peace, inner peace, and peace of all kinds.>> reporter: jana katsuyama , fox2 news.>> i love that place. sal, i am sure you have strolled around downtown.>>
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whenever i see the tower -- >> the pagoda.>> people are laughing. >> the whole story was about the pagoda.>> i was paying attention to my traffic. i looked up and saw it. as i get back to the subject, i have noticed there is slow traffic on the tracy triangle. i want to show it to you. look at this. already slow traffic. it took 45 minutes or so for this to develop. it is there at 205 and 580. traffic is going to be slow. livermore to dublin. over to castro valley, the roadwork we have on the roads -- i was checking that. it is beginning to be picked up. it is not a factor for
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slowdowns. on interstate 880, where they have been doing work, traffic is moving along nicely. the work is done. it will not affect you to the airport or downtown oakland. after bainbridge toll plaza, it is getting filled in. they do not turn the meter lights on for 30 minutes. do yourself a favor by using fast track. the cash lanes on the outside of toll plaza are a little slow. i do not see the flags moving. they are straight down.>> very quiet sal. a good observation. it is quiet. yesterday, it was wind driven. a big difference in temperatures. santa rosa was low 80s. they are 47 right now. 50, oakland.
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52, san jose. it will be a warm day. temperatures above average. up to 80 degrees. they will state in this range for a while. high pressure is dominating the west coast. we do have temperatures starting in the 40s. 45, napa airport. nothing compared to monday. 43, would side. -- woodside. a northerly breeze for most. high pressure is all over the place. the west coast has deflected to the seattle area. it was a wind producer toward arizona yesterday. except for a few high clouds, we are large and in charge.
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we will warm up quickly. 48, sacramento. 70s and 80s all around. yesterday, gilmore was 73. they started off with 30s for the low. they could not recover without the north wind. warmest date will be thursday. the warriors lost to the indiana pacers last night. 92-81. they are struggling without most of the team stars. the warriors started past. nick young had 10 points. a few minutes into the game. young and the rest of the warriors could not find the mark. especially in the second half. only three warriors scored double digits. a big fourth-quarter by the pacers. warriors have clenched their division. they are locked into the
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conference playoffs. there is good news if you are a warrior fan. kevin durant will suit up thursday night when they played milwaukee. -- play milwaukee.>> the sharks winning streak ended. 3-2 in overtime. they had a goal in the first period. san jose had a 2 haven't 1 lead. the blues scored twice, tying up the game. in overtime, vladimir scored. st. louis had the win. the sharks had won eight days in a row. more injury to the giants and 80s. -- a's.
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there closer may not be ready for the game in los angeles due to arm discomfort. the giants showed out the team with a 3-1 set out. free-agent outfielder jackson had eight 2 run single to the right. after the game, the giants announced their roster. stephen dugger made a good impression. we are taking 9 on the road. join us tomorrow morning. we will be live at the coliseum for opening day. we will be at at&t park next wednesday. it is spring and baseball. a big legal victory for a technology giant. oracle went a court ruling against google in a copyright case. details are coming up. ♪ seresto, seresto, seresto
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welcome back to mornings on 2. oracle won the latest round on the legal battle with google over copyright infringement. oracle has been arguing that google infringed on its copyright for java programming technology. the federal appeals court has ruled google's use of java in the android smart phone exceeds the fair use exemption.
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google says the decision will add time, money and complexity to software development. the judge ordered the case back to trial to decide how much google should pay in damages. oracle originally wanted $9 billion. they say since time has gone on, the number has gone up. walmart is removing the magazine cosmopolitan from the checkout line. from 5000 stores across the country. the victims rights group, national center on social exultation says it spearheaded that change. cosmo is known for candid articles about relationships in marital advice etc. walmart will sell cosmopolitan, but it will be located in the magazine i'll. will not cause it a business decision. concerns were raised about the nature of the magazine. get ready, the second bluemoon of the year will happened this weekend. it will be the last one for a while. the bluemoon is set to reach its peak saturday morning.
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the term describes the second full moon to appear within a single calendar month. the first full moon of this month occurred on march 2. the second bluemoon will not come out again until the year 2020. the director of the cannes film festival in france is doing away with selfies on the red carpet. calling them ridiculous and grotesque. and a french magazine, the director laid out a series of changes for this year's festival. he says self-portraits and fan photographs are banned. they tarnished the quality of the red carpet experience and the festival. no word yet on how it will be enforced. the festival runs from may 8 through may 19. tonight on ktvu, empire is back. new episodes from your at 8 pm. followed by the season premiere of star and 9 pm. join us for the 10 and 11 news right here on ktvu.
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our time is 457 40 7 am. there was an upper at the sacramento city council meeting. intense moments and emotions of a plea shooting death of stephon clark . a proposal to change the u.s. constitution. a retired supreme court justice says the time is right to overturn the second amendment. you can see traffic is going to be okay. if driving on the freeway westbound 3 to 4. getting to the tunnel. clear skies and temperatures not too bad. 40s and 50s. it looks like a mild to warm day. we will show you those.
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the morning. it was very loud at the sacramento city council is -- meeting last night. they were talking about stephon clark. you will see that video and get the details coming up. things are back to normal at oakland international airport. there was a crash outside of
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one of the terminals last night. it shut down the main road to the airport. a driver and suv jumped the curb and slammed into several people. this is ktvu .>> good morning, thank you for joining us. it is wednesday morning.>> i am dave clark. steve paulson has all of the details. >> it is another nice day. a big difference in the temperatures. we had three weeks of rain and snow. it did not take long to warm up. did it? it feels too warm. the warms -- the dogs are not used to this. we had three weeks of this. that is the way it works in weather. nothing will last forever. sometimes high-pressure in california. it is sunny and


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