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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  March 27, 2018 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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ready to vote on the neutral of the controversial urban shield training. facebook ceo mark zuckerberg speaking out on whether or not he will testify on the data breach that compromised the information of over 50 million facebook users. california's attorney general announces a lawsuit against the trump administration over a question that will now appear on the 2020 census form. >> announcer: ktvu fox 2 news at noon starts now. >> good afternoon, everyone. i'm mike mibach. >> i'm gasia mikaelian. happening now, the alameda county board of supervisors is getting ready to vote on the future of the first responder training exercise known as urban shield. opponents of the training say it has negative effects on communities of color. >> alex savidge joining us outside with more on the story. alex? >> reporter: mike and garcia, good afternoon to you. members of the stop urban shield coalition protested here, and they are urging the county
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board of supervisors to stop supporting this controversial training program, which they say promotes the militarization of police forces. >> -- >> reporter: more than 100 people stage this demonstration out here of today's important vote. the l many county supervisors will be voting on whether to approve $5 million in homeland security funds. part of which is used by the sheriff's office to pay for the annual urban shield training event. dozens of law-enforcement agencies from around the bay area and beyond gather every year at the fairgrounds and that sheriff's office is the focus is on training first responders to deal with the emergencies and natural disasters. protesters say urban shield trains law-enforcement to use latorrie tactics and target
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communities of color. >> it's the largest s.w.a.t. training in the entire world. that actually trains officers and emergency responders to seek people of color. they compete in s.w.a.t. raids. that is not something that the bay area should be celebrating or hosting at all. it also includes a weapons expo. we want an assault weapon expo hosted here? i think not. >> he believes strongly in urban shield. i don't think you have to look any further with domestic terror incidents, shootings, and the sheriff wants this region to be the best prepared in the country to respond to incidents like that. >> reporter: and the sheriff also says he understands the concerns of protesters but he believes this training exercise is very important for law
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enforcement and first responders. now, the urban shield expo is happening this september. the 12 year the sheriff's office has hosted the event and we may giving you a live look right now inside the board of supervisors meeting because the supervisors are said to vote any minute now or sometime soon, i should say, on whether to continue funding the urban shield program. my colleague is inside that meeting right now. you will have the results of this vote coming up later today here on ktvu. a very important vote and obviously a lot of people out here voicing their concerns with this program. >> certainly will have an update at 4. we are learning the deputies allowed federal immigration off -- officers to enter the county jail and interviewed four inmates. according to the chronicle, the interviews took place march 7 and eighth, about the same time ice agents interviewed an inmate at the san francisco county jail, prompting a -- an apology. lori smith tells the chronicle her staff mistakenly allowed ice agents into the jail.
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smith said none of the inmates were detained by ice. there are also reports that ice agents are using facebook user data to track down undocumented immigrants. the report details a case from last year when ice agents are surgeons -- were searching for a man in new mexico. facebook says in this particular case, they responded to the ice request for information because it was part of an investigation involving a child predator. accounting in southern california is actively pushing against cal funda's century state laws. the orange county board of supervisors will vote today to opt out of the state law that limits cooperation between police and federal deportation agents. yesterday, the gordon county shift the province said it will provide public information on when inmates are scheduled to be released from custody. critics say that information helped immigration officials arrest undocumented immigrants when the release -- they are
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released from county custody. the attorney general filed a lawsuit against the trump administration over a question that will now appear in the 2020 census form. >> it is a question about citizenship that the state attorney general calls illegal. allie is live in our newsroom with more on the story. >> reporter: al -- california has a lot at stake. the concern is that by adding a question about citizenship status it may discourage immigrants both legal and undocumented as well as their families from responding altogether. now, it could lead to fewer federal resources in the event of natural disasters. it could impact class sizes. it could even reduce the number of could -- congressional representatives. this suit will argue that the u.s. constitution requires the federal government to count everyone regardless of their citizenship status and that the congress responders -- department's decision to add that question is arbitrary and illegal. but given the way that this in administration has attacked
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immigrants, you could understand why immigrant families would be afraid to fill out the census questionnaire. during world war ii, the federal government used census data to identify japanese american families to send them to internment. >> the last time the question of citizenship was included in the u.s. census was back in 1950. law professor david says a judge in this case will likely ask the u.s. commerce department to explain why it wants to at the question and will look for evidence. the departments research the potential cost and benefits. >> what would be the reason for this? are there justifications for adding these questions? >> reporter: a federal judge decides the motivation for adding the question was political in nature, helfrich
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could win the lawsuit and have that citizenship question removed from the 2020 census. the calmest department says they want to add the question because they need the data to identify a potential violation of the voting rights act. back to you guys. >> thank you. the state attorney general's office announced its journey an investigation into the fatal shooting of 22-year- old stephon clark i sacramento bullies. attorney general javier said his office will provide independent oversight. clark was killed march 18 and -- at his grandmother's backyard. no weapon was found. he only had a cell phone. the attorney general is promising transparency in the investigation. >> my team and i at the california department of justice will do everything in our power to ensure that this investigation is fair, thorough , and impartial. >> is the fun clark's grandmother is calling for changes in the way police confront suspects. the naacp want the officers to be criminally charged. >> justice, i want justice for
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my baby. i want justice for stephon clark. >> reporter: calls for justice after the fatal police shooting of an unarmed lachman last week in sacramento. stefon clark's grandmother says police didn't need to shoot at him 20 times, killing him in her backyard. >> they shot him in the arm shot him in the leg. set a dog and a taser. why? why would they do that? >> reporter: sunday night, march 18, officers responded to reports of a man breaking into several cars any home. police say the suspect fled and ignored commands to stop and show his hands. the officers say the opened fire because they believed stephon clark was pointing a gun at them. but afterwards, the only found a cell phone. russians are also being raised about why the officers muted their body cameras. >> no family should have to endure this pain and suffering as they try to seek answers.
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>> reporter: the 22-year-old's death has sparked days of protest in sacramento. the naacp is asking the justice department's civil rights decision to investigate the killing. they also want california to create an inspection -- inspector general to investigate police involved shooting. >> we need gun control in archimedes. we also need gun control in the police departments of the nation. >> the two officers involved are now on paid administrative leave as they conduct a use of force investigation. claudia cowan, fox news. the attorney general there has ruled out criminal charges against two white baton rouge police officers in the deadly shooting of a black men. it comes 11 months after the justice department ruled out federal criminal charges in alton sterling's july 2016 debts. the 37-year-old was shot and killed during a struggle with baton rouge officers outside a convenient stores. two cell phone videos of the
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shooting quickly spread on social media. leading to nightly protests during which nearly 200 people were arrested. former michigan state university dean who oversaw a clinic that employed larry nassar has been charged with sexually propositioning female students and compiling nude student selfies on his work computer. the charges against william are the first stemming from an investigation into the handling of complaints against nassar. the disgraced former sport doctor. also charged with failing to enforce or monitor to call set for nassar after female patients complain of inappropriate sexual contact. nassar is now serving decades in prison for sexually assaulting female students and athletes. the university of california has reached a tentative settlement in a sexual harassment case. a uc berkeley student claimed that she was sexually harassed during therapy sessions. she said she went there for help in dealing with the stress of being away from home and during exams. the lawsuit against the therapist was dismissed, but
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her claims over professional agents by the school continued. there are reports the settlement is for a quarter moon dollars. the port of recent -- board of regents much -- must approve it. the next step being taken by mark zuckerberg as the investigation into what happened continues. i'm mark. a beautiful, sunny day out there. coming up, we will talk more about your forecast. we will also talk about white this center has been extra busy over the past month.
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one man is behind bars this afternoon after leading chp officers on a high-speed chase from the bay bridge all the way up to pleasant hill. [ sirens ] the chp says about 1:00 this morning, a work man came barreling right through a construction zone on the bay bridge, nearly hitting workers in a chp control -- patrol car. the man -- police chased the man. the chase came to an end when the driver turned onto wendy drive, a dead-end street in pleasant hill. officers were finally able to arrest him. he was raised in the process. -- tased in the process. a driver in concord was taken to the hospital following another police chased.
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this one started just after 3:30 in the morning. police received a call about a potential crime in progress. the pursuit ended after the suspect crashed along highway 4. the driver was injured and taken to the hospital. with non-life threatening injuries. facebook ceo mark zuckerberg will poorly testify before congress regarding the social media company datalink. >> this comes as a whistleblower for that data mining firm told british parliament that the firm definitely used personal data from some 50 million facebook users on behalf of the trump campaign. reporter benjamin hall has the story. >> reporter: facebook still in hot water with lawmakers, relators, and its own users. following the disclosure that data from some 50 million people made it into the hands of a political consulting group linked to the trump campaign. that firm, cambridge analytica, also accused of violating campaign laws in several
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countries. and it whistleblower testifying at a british parliament committee hearing describes the firm business model as, quote, modern-day colonialism. >> the company that goes around the world and undermines the institutions of countries that are struggling to develop those institutions. so there's a lot of reason why i find it problematic. >> reporter: the test money comes as facebook finds itself in more legal trouble back home. the company now a target of a consumer lawsuit filed late monday in cook county, illinois. >> we want to know how many people in illinois have had their information exposed. because of this breach. >> reporter: on capitol hill, there are growing calls for facebook ceo mark zuckerberg to testify before congress. the house and committee plan to hold a hearing and some lawmakers are discussing new revelations on social media to
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make sure this doesn't happen again. >> the social media search engine that component on the internet has not been transparent in how they protect privacy >> reporter: british lawmakers also inviting zuckerberg to justify -- testify before parliament, but that's unlikely to happen. in london, benjamin hall, ktvu fox 2 news. >> we saw a lot of confidence on the markets. but we see the dow finds itself in the red. it's down about three quarters of 1%. after we were up by hundreds earlier in the session. it's turning into a pretty nice day. >> it is. what better day for our meteorologist mark to be out and about? mark? >> hi there guys. rate day to be outside. the rain clouds have moved out of town. you can see of you visitors checking out some tours. also checking out the seal up publishing out there. 70 elephant seal pups.
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hopefully getting stronger and getting a lot of fresh food as well. as you mentioned, a beautiful day out here. no fog. a little bit of a breeze developing. we're getting into a warming trend. take a look at the forecast maps for you right now. and we do have mostly clear skies up and down the state as we took out the satellite. some rain, not here. it's up toward portland and seattle as well. but we have just a nice quiet weather pattern out there. hopefully the next today and into tomorrow. so here is the satellite showing you this. as we come in closer. we will show you -- in fact, as we take another inspection here of this system and their we are coming in closer with the current numbers. we have some areas in the 60s already. 70s, nevada checking in at 72. san francisco city five. san jose 67. concord, right around some degree -- 70 degrees at last check. semphis ago, 69.
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lots of 70s. it will be warmer today. the warming will continue in your five-day forecast. no rain clouds to speak of here. there's the five day. lots of 70s out there. it looks like there's they could be the warmest day of the week. we will bring in a few extra crowds this weekend. as we head towards eastern seneca basically partly cloudy skies and temperatures into the 60s. and the 70s. we are here at the memo center. if you look at the video from this morning, we showed up for breakfast at about 8:00 this morning. and they are actually feeding these animals to not only give them the nourishment they need but also to show them how to eat. so this was this morning. first thing, you could tell they are very loud. but you know, they are very hungry. they get a lot of care out here. and it has been extra busy here over the past month. they've had about 70 elephant seal pups visit this area. and that is linked to the weather, all the storms in march had an impact for us, for the marine mammal center.
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>> packed house out there. i look forward to the interview. we're learning new information about the death of mute -- music legend prince. what was in his system at the time of his death.
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new toxicology reports are shedding new light on the death
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of music legend prince. the autopsy show he had a, quote, exceedingly high level of fentanyl in his body. according to medical experts, the concentration found in prince's blood was 57.8 micrograms per liter, which is considered lethal. prince was found unresponsive at his estate in april 2016. authorities investigating his death say numerous pills and containers were found in his home. the source of the drugs has not yet been determined. the kansas woman was part of the landmark case that ended segregation in schools has died. her parents tried to enroll her in and all right -- all-white school. that helped spark the naacp's movement to fight for family's right to equal education. the decision found segregation violated african-american children's 14th amendment right to equal production under the
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law. -- protection under the law. more than 12 people gathered outside an elementary school to show their support for the school that -- and it students. a display of rainbow flags and umbrellas in response to protest by members of the westboro baptist church. they are known for picketing military funerals with anti-lgbt signs. they organized a counter demonstration. all the rainbow umbrellas. some members of the groups sang in celebration when the westboro picketers [ >> ♪ hey, hey, hey, good bite ♪ >> there's no anger or hate. there's none of that victory all or aggressiveness. it is just a really celebratory , joyful, loving group of
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people. >> a member of the westboro group told ktvu they came to the elementary because they were upset about a sign. it talked about the issues of gender fluidity and gender identity. the sun was up for about a month and it was taken down at the end of january. the school district decided to delay the start of school to accommodate the people. oakland teachers are protesting this week to call attention to their stalled contract talks. the teachers have been working without a contract now for nearly nine months. they see as part of their protest, dave decided not to do any work outside of their paid work day. that includes writing lesson plans, grading student work, or attending unpaid meetings before or after school. the teachers are calling for more paid planning time, higher salaries and smaller size --
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class sizes. is present discovery pulled from the waters of oakland's lake merritt. how this suv is linked to a homicide investigation from a -- from three weeks ago. federal investigators are now part of a fatal accident involving a tesla suv. ♪ seresto, seresto, seresto jake... ♪ seresto, seresto, seresto whatever your dog brings home to you, it shouldn't be fleas and ticks. seresto gives your dog 8 continuous months of flea and tick protection in an easy-to-use, non-greasy collar. ♪ seresto, seresto, seresto oh no, jake. seresto. 8-month... ♪ seresto, seresto, seresto
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new development in the lake merritt homicide investigation that happened nearly 2 weeks ago. crews pulled this chevy suburban out of lake merritt. it's linked to the death of the man and woman whose body were recovered from that same area. >> henry lee has more on this investigation and what led to the discovery of that suv. >> reporter: this 1994 chevy suburban was pulled out of lake merritt after a man and woman died after being pulled from the water. the chevy was found at about 8 feet of water and 70 feet from the shore. the oakland police marine dive team went into the water to make sure there were no other victims. there were none monday, but police say the suv is owned by a man they suspect of killing his girlfriend back on march 15. on that day, call came into 911 about a man and a woman fighting in the water. officers pulled 39-year-old michael grace from the lake. he died at the hospital. hours later, divers found the body of 24-year-old diana johnson about 50 feet from the
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shore. investigators say she showed signs of physical injuries and that's why her death is being investigated as a homicide. the man's death is being investigated as an accidental drowning. we spoke with oakland police about how technology was used to find the man's suv. >> a short time ago, we had a vehicle pulled from the lake. the vehicle was discovered by the alameda county sheriff's drone. we're looking to see if it's connected to the march 15 murder drowning that occurred. that's about 4:15 in the morning. >> reporter: a memorial sits near the spot where the parties and now the suv were pulled from the lake. relatives of the woman told me she leaves behind two young daughters. they wanted me to know that she was a good mother. the sheriff's office tells me first with the drones the day the bodies were discovered. they reviewed the video later and found an anomaly in the water and came back. that's when they found the silhouette of the suv in the lake. in oakland, henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news. >> a young couple visiting the bay area for the first time had
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their dreams deaths -- dashed when these smashed the window of their car and stole a backpack that had an engagement ring inside. they stopped for a bite at in-n- out burger. they say that's when thieves broke and -- into their rental car. they did take a backpack. inside, a diamond engagement ring. >> as i'm looking at the window, i see somebody grab a backpack out of my car because they had busted the window. and he ran over to the next car. and busted that one, too. and then they went away and hide my backpack, which is my most valuable thing in there, i had my diamond engagement ring. >> his girlfriend said she had no idea he was planning to propose on this trip. the two say they are glad they are okay. they decided to continue on with their california vacation. from the man accused of making a threat is now in custody.
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this surveillance video was released by police. it shows the man walking up to the counter at the big 5 last friday. employees that he hast to buy a gun so he could, quote, shoot up a school. they added extra patrols at schools in the area. the man is an -- in protective custody. investigators also add that he apologized, claiming it was all a joke. new details now in the deadly crash from last friday. that killed the driver eight -- of a tesla suv. the national transportation safety board has sent to the investigators to look into the crash. it's not clear whether the tesla model x was operating in autopilot mode at the time. investigators are also studying the fire that started after the crash. 38-year-old way wong has been identified as the driver of the tesla. oakland police are looking for the driver of a pickup truck who ran off after crashing into some parked
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vehicles. there were. -- received reports of gunfire. when they arrived, they found the pickup truck had driven onto the sidewalk and crashed into a couple of parked cars. witnesses say that they heard gunfire and then saw the driver take off running. police are not trying to locate that individual. there are no reports of any injuries. >> patrol bus driver under arrest for allegedly driving drunk with a bus full of passengers. the driver was heading north to graton casino when she allegedly hit the ridge ramp. she continued driving with 40 passengers on board. one of them called 911 to say she was driving erratically at unsafe speeds and passing on the shoulder. officers tried to stop the bus but say they weren't able to get out in front of it. the driver was detained in the parking lot of the graton casino. 34-year-old angela has been arrested and booked on dui charges. authorities say her blood alcohol level was almost 40 times the -- four times the
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legal limit. charges of animal abuse after authorities say they found a dead horse and 12 other horses very malnourished. >> and animal organization is helping to care for the horses. >> reporter: this is ethel. she is should -- so malnourished. >> she is very, very thin. you can see her thighs very predominantly. you can see she's really lost most of her muscle here. >> reporter: now in foster care. she is one of 12 horses authorities removed from a ranch outside cloverdale last week. the all showed signs of being underfed and poorly cared for. this is a picture of one of them looking thin. its lower legs engulfed in standing water. >> our deputy went out there and he found it's kind of a
12:35 pm
small pasture that's to the -- saturated in mud and idols of water. these horses were being forced to stand in sometimes knee-high water and mud. it looked unhealthy. you could see some bones coming through the skin. and he looked emaciated. >> reporter: authorities have arrested the owner of the's horses, joseph rafael, with multiple felony animal abuse charges. we couldn't reach him for comment. >> the horse has been in his possession for years. we have some evidence that he's kept the horse longer than that. we have a statement that it was in fine condition when he got the horse. >> the two stallions that we
12:36 pm
helped out were shut in stalls and didn't have access to move around that much. >> reporter: heather bailey took in two horses. this one is about 300 pounds below its normal weight. she says it's hard to know exactly what went wrong. >> if you get in over your head with horses, which is easy to do, admittedly, you need to take some responsibility and reach out for some help and assistance and don't wait until you have animals starving to death in your front yard. >> reporter: the good news is that ethel here and all the 12 horses are expected to survive. in sonoma county, rob roth, ktvu fox 2 news. california school districts affected by the october wildfires will get $2 million from the federal government. this funding is to remorse reimburse the schools for staff overtime, mental health services, and other costs related to the fire. both sonoma and napa school districts qualify for this funding. the districts are extremely grateful for the support.
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the new owner of an apartment building is being accused of defying a court order by hauling out debris considered evidence in a lawsuit. the previous owner of the apartment building sold it for $700,000 in january. 40 people died inside that building in march of last year when it was being used as a halfway house. the fire was started by an unintended -- unattended candle. the new owner of the building has been removing debris from inside. a judge in the south bay has cleared the way for santa clara about -- county voters to decide the fate of embattled judge aaron persky. persky is the judge who sentenced stanford's winter bock turner to six months in jail for sexual assault. critics who thought that sentence was too lenient gathered more than 94,000 signatures to put a measure on the june ballot to recall judge persky. persky filed an appeal on the
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grounds that the recall campaign should have been filed of the state level because he considers himself a, quote, state officer. time for an update from 2 investigates. some students are stepping up to try to face the problem themselves. a group called students for library improvement cleaned their library. oakland tech hasn't had a librarian. the students have not been able to check out books. you'll remember 2 investigates revealed it's pretty common case, finding almost a third of oakland's campus libraries are closed. here at oakland tech, the principal is budgeting for a full-time library technician for next year. the computer system has been fixed and that means students can once again check out books. >> we got a good amount of stuff done. we've wiped them down, disinfected them. we got a lot of progress done, but there's
12:39 pm
still a lot more that we need to do. >> reporter: the school district blames the problem massive budget cuts. -- on massive budget cuts. they are hopeful after seeing all the hard work being done by the students themselves. san jose cisco systems has pledged millions of dollars to tackle the homelessness problem. >> the challenge of her other check -- tech companies to step up. >> reporter: san jose contractor working jobs, building homes for people. at the end of the day, he returns to his tarp and his dog, beau, at the site of a railroad track. >> you have to have an apartment. if you don't have a $2000 a month, how can you afford it works >> reporter: that's what destination home is trying to solve. the ceo of cisco got a standing ovation when he announced the company would put $50 million
12:40 pm
over five years to help destination home reach its goal of providing supportive housing to the homeless. they were thrilled to get the news and the vote of confidence from cisco. >> since 2015, we've housed over 5000 people. 92% of those people have stayed in their housing. >> reporter: grandson says the goal will be to use the cysto -- cisco donation to build more housing. >> we will fund programs that can prevent homelessness. >> reporter: the pledge will go a long way to help and hope other silicon valley tech leaders will join in. it will need another billion dollars to build the housing needed. >> we had more than 4350 homeless residents in the city of san jose on any given night. more than 7400 throughout the entire county. we've got a long way to go. >> reporter: working for decades helping the homeless. he says these men and women
12:41 pm
need immediate help while the week -- wait years for the housing to be. >> how does what we do in the meantime? people are dying out here in record numbers. >> reporter: i asked about the credibility and transparency with the $50 million cisco donation. they plan to issue annual reports to the public about their progress. in san jose, ktvu fox 2 news. major-league baseball's opening day just a couple days away. the new attraction oakland fans can expect. i'm mark. a beautiful warm day here. we are seeing all the elephant pups being cared for. also, a nice, warm weather forecast.
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clear and sunny across the bay area today. >> meteorologist mark tamayo joins us live. one of my favorite spots -- spots, mark. >> a beautiful place. it has been a nice day. lots of sunshine, some warming temperatures. we will talk exactly why we are here coming up in just a few minutes. we will talk about the forecast. we have mostly clear skies.
12:45 pm
fog free weather. a few days ago we had the storm clouds and the strong winds. not the case for today. we have a mostly sunny sky. i'm showing you this from the satellite. you can see just some rain showers approaching the pacific northwest. we are clear and temperatures actually very nice this early tuesday afternoon. bottom right now, 72 degrees. we start to get more 70s out there concord, walnut creek. later on today, we are in the middle of a warming trend for 60s and 70s out there. lots of sunshine. a little bit of a warm up. here's what happens as we take a look ahead with your wednesday forecast. thursday, warmest. inching closer to the upper 70s. maybe flirting with 80 degrees and heading toward the weekend, there's a weak system that could move in that could generate a few extra clouds and dropper temperatures. but it looks like it should be dry as we head towards easter sunday. we showed up this morning. if we could roll to a tape. those elephants -- elephant seal pups letting us know they are very hungry.
12:46 pm
they had about 70 rescues since the beginning of march. there's a link to our stormy weather. also creating some hazardous conditions and choppy conditions offshore. as a result, these elephant seal pups have been separated from their moms. they need more care. that's why they are here. today is the actual day they start the campaign. so if you are heading to the beach, in fact, the warming temperatures, you might be visiting the beach, you might run into one of these seal pups. this is what you should do. in fact, if you run into a stranded or sick animal on the each. >> the most boring thing, if you're out on the each walking and you see an animal, give it some distance. the most boring thing is they are wild animals and it's important that we leave them alone. but if you think that animal might be sick or in distress or skinny or some like that, it's best to give us a call rather than trying to intervene your own self because we have
12:47 pm
professional training and a lot of ways that we can work safely with these animals. >> reporter: back out here live, as you can see, all the volunteers are trying to help these animals. that number, very important number. keep that in mind. it's 415289 seal. just remember that number. if you run into an animal at the beach, don't try to help it even though you might be tempted to. just call that number and leave that to the confessional to make it a better situation for everyone around. mike and gasia have been -- i've been out here all afternoon. i see a lot of education happening. and just a good reminder, we have a valuable resource here. >> it's ugly. and market just got to ask you, because you talked about the warmer temperatures. i know you surf. you know that beach very well behind you there. can you bring board out there today? >> reporter: mike, you know me too well. it's in the car in the parking lot. about a half-mile away. i might be checking that out
12:48 pm
after this. >> why not? enjoy it. all right, mark, thank you for your time. now to major-league baseball. the open ace will be opening up against the angels.. there are some new attractions this season. joe fonzi joining us live with more on that. hey, joe. >> yeah good to hear mark talking about that warming weather just in time for baseball season. and this is a special year for the open ace. anyway. it's the 50th anniversary of their move from kansas city to oakland. so the a's have had a number of special events planned. it's no secret that for quite some time, they've been saying they would like to find a new stadium, find a new stadium location. they said as long as we are here in the coliseum, we are going to make things as enjoyable as possible. after they opened up a championship positive this year is something called the treehouse. they unveiled it here today. in addition to showing some of their special event shirts and
12:49 pm
hats and jerseys and other things that they are going to have further giveaways this year, the a's, as i said, a commitment to a different in ration. i got to admit, i'm of the generation where you went to the ballgame. you bought a scorecard and you kind of set in your seat and watched the game. maybe you got up to get a hot dog -- hot dog or go to the bathroom. we are seeing kind of that transform to a different demographic in this country. baseball is no exception. >> we did a bunch of research leading up to the season that the younger demographic of fans want a more flexible experience. they don't want to come and sit in a single seat for the entire game. they can come in here. they can come to the bar area. >> can go -- area. they can go to the patio area and watched a few games from there. so it's really a product that allows folks to move around and have a bunch of different experiences within the ballpark.
12:50 pm
>> reporter: what would a treehouse be without a tree? a very big one, as a matter of fact. there's a pool table over there that foosball. here's the good news if you're a fan for the a's. they do have packages where you can buy monthly or season passage -- passes to get you -- here. all you need is a ticket. if you have a ticket for the game, you can come into the treehouse. so that's the a's saying, for those of you who it's not just about baseball, it's the whole overall enjoyment of the experience. well, you can come take in the game from the treehouse. also, there's an outdoor part as well. real nice view from the left- field area looking down toward the field from here. that's what the a's have planned . just a little bit of what they have planned this year. opening day, thursday. afternoon game, right here against the angels. reporting live, i'm joe fonzi. thanks -- back to you in the studio. >> we will be back there thursday morning.
12:51 pm
joe, thank you. coming up, they probably wish they had a bigger boat. still to come, the ones a lifetime encounter for some fishermen off the florida coast.
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a very close encounter with a great white shark caught on
12:54 pm
camera. >> that's the king of the ocean right there. >> reporter: a great white shark swimming right up to a man's boat. kyle morningstar says he and a buddy were fishing 26 miles out from ponce inlet when he noticed a great blob in the water. >> i told my friend, come out here and look at this. i don't know what it is. right as he kind of got to the front of the boat, it got into plainview where we could see it and he started, oh, man, that's a great white. >> reporter: the sharks circled the boat, giving him enough time to grab a phone and start recording. >> it just circled us three times after that or so and just wasn't bothered by us at all. it was pretty wild to see. he just kind of checked us out. and he just kind of disappeared into the deep. >> reporter: the video proof is going viral. pull up the video for people,
12:55 pm
and it's easy to see why. >> wow. >> it's surreal. i can't believe that here in our waters. it's like jaws size. >> reporter: a once-in-a- lifetime encounter now spreading worldwide. >> it was just something crazy to see. we want people to see it. >> man. that was danielle reporting. experts say spotting great white sharks is becoming more and more common because their population has been growing in recent years. amid protests, the alameda county board of supervisors is meeting to decide the fate of urban shield. >> it's been growing criticism from certain civil right groups. law-enforcement says the training is necessary and vital. we will have an update on the 4 on 2. we are way down. dow jones losing 1 3/4 of a percent, down more than 400 point. market -- markets close in about four minutes. you may soon be able to buy a car at walmart.
12:56 pm
the program connects car fires with dealerships, financing, and insurance. the service is being rolled out nationally on and will expand to 250 walmart locations starting with stores in georgia, illinois, indiana, and virginia. here in the bay area, bart train cars are crating a spectacle as they make their way across the country on semi trucks. two cars are currently making a 3600 mile journey from new york right here to the bay area. 22 of those new cars have already been delivered. when they arrive in the bay area, they are taken to hayward, where they will undergo inspection and testing. bart has ordered some hundred and 75 of the new railcars for its fleet of the future. unveiling new products for the classroom. at the event, apple cl tim cook -- ceo tim cook unveiled the ipad pro and a platform called
12:57 pm
class kit. it's aimed at education as well as free icloud storage and apple pencil discounts. mega millions. i'm not going to push you. >> i hope you win. i don't know. >> up for grabs. have a great afternoon, everyone. ne.
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>> truth getting trampled on a daily basis. dr. oz: new revelations in the anthony case from former prosecutor, marcia clark. that.: i didn't know dr. oz: there's something fishy about your shrimp. it could come from a contaminated shrimp farm like this. how do you know if the shrimp safe? eating is a food spy spills the beans. up next. ♪ [music] dr. oz: she's one of the most of all time.utors marcia clark has been the subject of endless controversy.


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