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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  March 25, 2018 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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for the first time we will hear from stormy daniels about her affair with donald trump including how she says someone threatened her unless she kept quiet. the 11:00 news starts now. you, you are special, you remind me of my daughter, stormy danger taking on president trump, sunday, a primetime tell-all interview. but did you want to have sex
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with them? but no, i'm not a victim.>> reporter: months after nadia had given birth to their son, but a week before the election, his personal lawyer paid daniels $130,000 of his own money in exchange for her silence. she says she has heard that she would have legal repercussions if she didn't sign. but the exact sentence used, was that they can make your life suffer. >> reporter: she revealed details of the affair, if she did, they would cause a problem. >> it would be a shame if something happened to her mom. >> reporter: she is claiming that he never signed the agreement. >> i was fine saying nothing at all, but i'm not okay with being made out to be a liar.
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>> reporter: the white house continues to deny, he says she is up to $20 million in liability. a woman was stabbed to death in san francisco, officers were responding to a domestic violence incident on chester avenue, that is when they found the woman, she was taken to a nearby hospital but later died, police say the suspect is a man who is now in the hospital with what appears to be self-inflicted stab wounds. >> -- a vigil was held for a man who was disappearing for two weeks, the family reported him missing, the next day, when he didn't return home. a day letter, he was found by deputies, on a road off of highway 50, search and rescue have searched the area with no luck. those who know him, say he likes to climb tall structures, they're worried he may have fallen and hurt himself.
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the bay area is in the midst of a housing crisis, spreading to one college campus, live tonight at uc berkeley, a councilmember is proposing a plan to eliminate the problem for students in this district.>> reporter: the plan to surround a four block area right around telegraph area best telegraph avenue, near the main campus of berkeley, getting some traction here this idea, of creating more units for 6000 students.>> uc has increased published by about 7000 in the last seven or eight years.>> reporter: chris worthington, talking about the massive growth that uc berkeley, not just from around the country, but also the world. >> how long have you been going to school? but one year.
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>> what are you studying? but -- >> in the universal -- and the international studies program.>> reporter: she can't say the same for some of her friends, who had a difficult time for one reason or another.>> moving here, from different countries, they struggle to find apartments. >> reporter: one reason that some students struggle, there just isn't enough housing. >> a lot of students have to commute a far distance, or their crammed three or four them to a room, or some of them are homeless, living in cars.>> reporter: part of his plan requires two high-rises, but it would go against the cities height requirements. >> 20 more feet would be two more stories. >> reporter: studying urban planning, for law, energy and the environment, he looked
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closely at the proposal, pointing to another key part, targeting city rules requiring them to have retail on the ground floor. >> what that speaks to is how local governments have local -- over managed how development happens, it might sound good in theory, but it doesn't also that she doesn't always pan out. -- it doesn't always pan out. >> we should be providing homes for students, they have a heavy burden in terms of the tuition they are paying.>> reporter: part of the plan is to create a pilot program, including affordable housing in their developments, and housing for students has been an ongoing process, they are hoping to have ideas before the city council in the coming weeks and months. >> it affects so many of us out there. thank you. some retired san francisco
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state staff have been evicted, to make room for thousands of students on the waitlist. 3000 students on a campus housing waitlist each fall, san francisco state began telling tenant seven years ago, they have to have an active affiliation with the university in order to live in those buildings, at least for retired faculty and staff members are facing eviction from apartments near the san francisco state campus. security video of a man, robbing banks, he hit chase bank branches in richmond, berkeley, oakland, between march 10 and march 19, in at least one case, the suspect said he was armed, when he handed the teller a note demanding cash, they have not said how much cash he stole during those robberies. the man has been arrested accused of sex crimes against
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for children, he is facing charges, including lewd acts, they started investigating him, and arresting him at his home, he is being held on $12 million bail. investigators think there's a possibility there may be more victims haven't come forward. if you have information, call san ramon police. facebook's plan to pass the data controversy, mark zuckerberg ran an apology in many newspapers, he said that the platform does not deserve to hold personal information if he can't protect it. the privacy practices have come under fire and have come under fire -- they got the data of millions of users
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inappropriately. the technology would have safely identified a pedestrian crossing the street at night, a 49-year-old woman from arizona was hit and killed, by self driving uber car, walking her bike across a four-lane road, the ceo of waymo said that he is very confident that their car could've handled the situation, we know that for a lot of different reasons, it is what we have designed the system to do in situations just like that. the uber collision remains under investigation. new information for the funeral for stephon clark, al sharpton said he is going to attend the funeral because he believes it hasn't had enough media attention, the 22-year-old was shot to death by police, and
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his grandparents backyard, authorities chased him into the backyard, told him to show his hands, he said he didn't and that's when they fired. with had with the cell phone and not again. the sacramento kings and the boston celtics took a stand, before tonight's game, they called for accountability and unity in regards to the death of stephon clark. >> reporter: going beyond basketball. >> one and respectful. >> it is a responsibility on their part, to help bring the community together.>> reporter: players across jersey lines, warming up in solidarity, accountability, we are one, hashtag stephon clark. >> we are one.>> say his name.
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stephon clark. but we often it just shut up and dribble. >> reporter: one week after police shot and killed trent 25, killing him, only holding a cell phone. >> we have -- stephon clark . >> people are angry and upset right now. >> reporter: it is the first they flooded the commons thursday, blocking fans from entering golden one center. >> i am happy that we came.>> intensifying with each day. >> that is america.>> sacramento police complete their investigation. >> with everyone that is in the community, everyone together, it is not us against them.
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>> activists prepare for more demonstrations. >> we can peacefully protest, we can wait and see what the outcome is and get the facts before we jump to conclusions. >> and stephon clark's family members plan his funeral. sending a message to lawmakers, titan gun laws, -- ty 10 -- tighten gun laws.>> seven children, under the age of three years old. can you imagine? we will have an update. on the quintuplets, coming up. tracking rain for the past week or so, moving out of the bay area, we will let you know if a few neighborhoods will be approaching the 80 degree mark.
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some found dead in those starving, and cloverdale, authorities arrested 65-year- old joseph raffaella, on animal abuse charges, the horse was so thin, the bones were showing through skin. they were standing in knee-deep mud, since been moved to a shelter. more than 150 members of a walnut creek church held up signs and sing songs
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against a small protest by the kansas-based westboro baptist church. members of the mount diablo universalist unitarian church, received word that westboro baptist church plan to protest, the southern poverty law center calls westboro baptist church a hate group that targets the tran44 -- lgbtq community. >> we are going to counter hate with love, and does a few things, we are out here to witness, for a fate that includes all, everyone has dignity. >> it wasn't clear why westboro baptist church members were protesting in front of this particular church in walnut creek, sheriff's were on
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hand, they plan to continue the demonstrations on tuesday morning in front of an elementary school in alamo. massive crowds gathered in washington and cities across the country yesterday, hundreds of thousands of people showing up in solidarity demanding tougher gun laws in response to the shooting in florida. their message appears to be having an impact. >> reporter: many of the hundreds of thousands of people were students directly affected by gun violence. some in elementary school. they are demanding stricter gun control measures from washington policymakers. >> i want to see an assault weapons ban, high capacity magazines band, i don't want to see these, this is a buddy, the age -- this is everybody, the age needs to be raised to 21.>> reporter: senior lawmakers are
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weighing in with encouragement. >> the activism is changing the equation, giving us a moment to finally do what the american public wants us to do. they are taking care to commend their activism and engagement with the political process. >> there is a sense of understanding that the students can go out and speak their minds, that is important, at the same time, it is also understanding that the president and his administration, they are supporters of the second amendment. >> reporter: it is unclear whether washington will undertake reform, president trump signed a $1.3 trillion spending bill, last opportunity to enact major gun legislation before the terms in november, and yet, legislators declined to include significant reforms. and include some additional safety measures and modestly strengthens background checks,
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it doesn't imposed limits on assault weapons or the legal age for purchasing rifles and semiotic weapons from 18 to 21, something the president expressed support for just earlier this month. jillian turner, fox news. as you saw on that piece, hundreds of thousands of people marched in washington dc, organizers estimate about 800,000 people attended the rally, and that they are right, the march for our lives event would be the largest single day protest at the nation's capital in history, according to usa today. so far there have been no official police estimates on the crowd size. storm system moving out of the bay area, some areas picking up over 5 inches of rainfall, santa rosa, over 2 inches, san francisco, oakland, all over 1 inch, and san jose 0.61. the storm , is being pushed up to the
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north, for the most part, -- the storm track is being pushed up to the north, for the most part, across the bay area, numbers are cool, 38 in napa, san francisco 49, and san jose is 49. the live camera moving out towards oakland, a bit of a breeze out there, the winds picked up today, around 10-20 miles per hour, still breezy in the monday morning forecast. cool spots down to near freezing. some patchy frost towards santa rosa in napa, san francisco mid 40s, and morgan hill in the upper 30s. starting out today with the possibility of patchy fog, and then a fairly nice afternoon, partly to mostly sunny skies, amateurs approaching lower 60s. we began to warm up a little bit tomorrow.
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we have been shivering over the past 3 to 4 days, because this area of low pressure moved in from the north, this will scoot out of the picture, the trigger for a bit of a warm-up on monday, partly sunny, more pronounced warming, area of high pressure moves in, 70s, and maybe a few spots by thursday, right around 80 degrees. as we wrap up march. the forecast model, clear skies, partly sunny, take this into tuesday, the next few mornings, areas of fog, a stable weather pattern working with the moisture, fog for the morning hours, especially up to the morning in the bay, afternoon hours, more 60s, warmer temperatures for monday. santa rosa is 66, oakland is 63, more neighborhoods coming up,
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half moon bay, 61. five day forecast, patchy fog, a nice warm-up, mid to upper 70s, as we head towards the easter egg hunts, typically we are tracking some rainfall for sunday, this year, maybe just a few clouds. we will watch that closely. >> it is great to see everything blossom. >> that vibrant green in the hills as well. a couple who welcomed quintuplets into its family, brought the last two babies home from the hospital this weekend, three boys and two girls, born 13 weeks premature in january, so cute, after 2.5 months in the neonatal intensive care unit, they have all doubled in size. chad kempel and amy temple -- kempel are very thankful for
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all the nurses and doctors. >> you are the reason why we have five healthy babies. in our car right now, that is preston right there crying. and it is beautiful. it is annoying, for sure, but it is a cry of life and health. >> [ laughter ] >> i'm sure it is quite the household right now, they will do the feeding and changing work with help of parents and friends, changing about 80 diapers a day, and preparing 40 bottles of baby formula each morning, they are desperately searching for an inexpensive 15 c passenger van for the family. >> i can't even imagine that. of that for me, so adorable. sports wrap, let's see what they are working on.
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baseball is back in the bay area, we will hear from the giants and a's, and the warriors battle the jazz. stephan curry talks about his sprained knee, and his mindset as the warriors had to the playoffs without him. coming up on sports wrap. coming up here at 11:00, sad news from russia, more victims in the mall fire there, what we are learning about the blaze that has killed nearly 50 people. trending tonight on, a life-size model of a t rex going up in flames, a theme park in colorado, no guests or employees were hurt, a malfunction is the cause of the fire.
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a shopping mall went up in flames and siberia today, the update says that 40 people were killed, and dozens are missing, sadly many are children, the theaters, restaurants and stores, it started on the top floor of the mall, but there have been no immediate word yet on how it began, and it is unclear if they died from berms or's -- burns or smoke inhalation. a car bomb in somalia,
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several people suffered injuries, the explosion set off a huge cloud of smoke that hovered over the area, the main gate of the presidential palace is just 200 yards from the set of the explosion, the extremist group al shabaab is claiming responsibility. one more quick check of the forecast. >> miracle march, delivering, a break outside, a warming trend, wednesday, thursday, 78, but a few neighborhoods could be close to 80 degrees on thursday, and then we will cool things off by friday, still a springlike night of spring, a warm forecast, just in time for spring. >> how much of a difference did march may, a lot of rain and snow? but it will be interesting to see -- >> it will be interesting to see the snowpack, 12 feet of snow in the sierras,
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that will be huge, we are about 55% or 65%, if we didn't have that, maybe 35%, it did help, but we are playing catch-up. >> we will see how much we got when ski resorts start announcing closing dates. if they extended. thank you. thanks for joining us, sports wrap is up next.
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the warriors could be without stephan curry into the playoffs, but he is staying optimistic. >> staying positive in upbeat. -- and upbeat. the ncaa final four, two number ones, and a number 3 and number 11, in san antonio. baseball returns to the bay area, opening days just four days out. >> wrapping it up to be ready to go thursday. >> bumps in the road, but we will help you navigate them. sports wrap starts now. fox 2 sports wrap starts now. >> welcome to sports wrap, with you on a night that head coach


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