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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  March 23, 2018 10:00pm-10:30pm PDT

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>> wall street intensifies. >> people don't know what the chinese will do. they expect significant volatility over the next 2 or 3 weeks. >> good evening, everyone. >> the markets are freaking out.
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red arrows maybe the new normal. the doubt fell 24 points they. it has lost 100 points in less than two days. they have seen big declines. >> we are here now with a deeper look at what it's -- at stake. >> that is because everyone is waiting to decide how far china will retaliate against u.s. tariffs. a trade war would be a devastating blow. >> l -- [ bell tolling ] >> as long as the u.s. is doing and engaging in these actions, it creates uncertainty. >> president trump announced thursday that he would impose tariffs.
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he already announced about the tariffs. this includes fruit and wine. china has drafted a list of want to 28 american products that might be targeted the future. >> the question is whether china would retaliate. >> this professor in political science says the biggest u.s. exports to china include jetliners and soybeans. that worries the illinois soybean farmers. the trade war with china could permanently cripple his business. >> brazil and argentina are willing to take our share. it's hard to get the customers back once you lose them. >> they are also battling the
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tech center. >> they are interested in artificial intelligence, data, they blocked facebook and pushed google. >> china has used unfair tactics . >> the chinese can be quite aggressive in taking intellectual property and cyber attacks enforcing u.s. multinationals to join ventures. >> he thinks the trump demonstration might have been more effective to create coalitions instead of doing these unilateral tariffs. >> there are a lot of wineries and people in the napa valley's
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are watching closely. >> facebook finished the worst week in six weeks. facebook has been under scrutiny here in u.s. and overseas for handling personal data. a delete facebook campaign after it was revealed that the personal data of 50 million users have been breached by the firm used by donald trump residential campaign. cambridge analytic. they want to answer cautions about why that information fell into the wrong hands. a deli crash in silicon valley today. how to safely deactivate electric car batteries when there's an accident. the crash happened just after 930 this morning on highway 101 in mountain view when it tesla suv built into crash cushion setting the vehicle air point when it landed two of the cars, they hit. the tesla burst into flames.
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it took hours for first responders to safely remove the battery pack. >> we know what is in them. we are learning as we go. it's not going to be the only crash. >> fire fighters and chp officers waited several hours for tesla engineers to arrive on the scene to make sure the car was safe. the driver the tesla died at the hospital. the drivers of the other two cars were not hurt. >> approaches continue in sacramento out over the police shooting of an unarmed lack man. >> [ chanting ] >> demonstrators chanted the name of a 20-year-old stefan clark. he was shot to death last sunday. a police was looking for man breaking car windows. they fear that clark had a gun but it turned out it was only a cell phone. tonight, people marched down the street in midtown sacramento calling for reform.
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>> the are white people, like people, hispanic people, asian people, etc. they were waiting at is. that felt good. >> it seems like people don't care. sometimes doing these things doesn't make it easier. >> there is no word of anyone being arrested. >> final preparations for nationwide rallied against gun violence. >> ktvu debora villalon is here with us. >> reporter: we got signs made in coordinating carpools. the march is focus on safety. many people may choose rallied close to home and others will head to san francisco for the bay area's biggest event. >> i am marching for my kids.
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>> pen and paper come together to express strong feelings about gun violence. >> i think i will change it to i am marching forth. >> mom demand action. >> that stoneman douglas students have really got me wrapped up. i feel way more hopeful and way more energized. >> student leaders from parking florida will lead the main washed -- march. they want to call for gun safety reforms. >> so as long as we have this unified front and we come together stronger as americans, we work together to solve this and we hold our politicians accountable, we must continue to do so. >> march for our lives comes straight from the teenagers mouse. they warn politicians not to ignore their movement.
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they will never forget what they look through. this will be with them for the rest of their lives more than people who are not there. >> mom demand action are growing. the organization has picked up a half-million new members since parkland. her chapter has helped three meet and greet this month alone. >> 50 to a people who show up every time that we put on one of these events. just -- >> these mom may doubt their artistic skill but not their convictions. the status quo must change. >> i am privileged to help them. moms demand action was started after the sandy hook massacre. it is billed as nonpartisan second amendment. it wants stronger background checks and a ban on assault style weapons.
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the san francisco rally started 1:00 with a march to the -- at about 230. debora villalon, ktvu, foxnews. we posted a long list of tomorrow's marches. you can look for them in the web links section. a student at a high school was arrested this avenue for bringing a gun under campus. the school is located off washington and it was put on lockdown after someone reported the students. the deputies went to the school and arrested the team while he was in class. two other students were detained for questioning. the school was searched. no other weapons were found and the lockdown was lifted. president trump is moving ahead with this plan to ban most transgender troops from the military. the problem issued an order late tonight that transgender people who will not be allowed to serve exit under limited circumstances.
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the white house said transgender people who require substantial medical treatment limit the military's effectiveness. president trump first called to band transgender troops from the military last year. several court rulings prevented the pentagon from implementing that band. california's attorney general condemned the president's order saying california will take every measure available to prevent president's discriminatory action, harm, or marginalizes transgender servicemembers or any other transgender americans who wish to courageously defend our nation. >> a final goodbye today for eight sheriff county deputy who was killed last week. his friends and family was always smiling. he loved to help his community. >> they came by hundreds. law enforcement as far as away from irvine came to the memorial to say goodbye to the marine county sheriff deputies rind circles who died in the line of duty. >> he was supposed to be the
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future of the organization and not the past. >> he was answering a 911 call on march 15 when his car skidded off the highway and hit a tree. those who knew him, said he served his community and was always smiling. >> he never dwelled on a bad day. i think that most, he had a bad hour. >> law enforcement officers are part of the tightknit community. >> this goes the heart of how you're responding to a call service. it's important. this could be one of us at any given time. >> weeks before he died, he bought a house with his fiancie in high school sweetheart stephanie. >> after his passing, we were so happy that we had the perfect life. >> he was a star of a football and football player in high
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school. >> he was the life of the party. >> you were a very good person and a great brother. we can call you a great friend. >> a moment of silence would not be a great style. holler, root, whatever you want to do. be as loud as possible. [ cheers and applause ] >> [ gunfire ] >> [ trumpeting ] >> ktvu, foxnews. s. a large tree comes crashing down in a public park. there was a rush to save the man trapped beneath the branches. es. things are changing as more rain moves in from the north. i will show you how it will impact your weekend plans.
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friday moments in alameda this morning when a large pine tree fell on a park drop a man underneath. first responders responded. the tree came down and struck one person and trapped another beneath its weight. a youth softball game was being played. one witness explained what he saw. >> we were just coming out.
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we heard this really big noise. we were wondering, what is that? we saw this tree falling. there was a girl screaming because her dad was trapped under they are. >> fire fighters used eight chainsaw to free the man. both victims were taken to the hospital to be checked out. the fbi released new admission by the man who died wednesday night at a fiery crash just inside the gate at the travis air force base. the driver has been identified. he was a legal permanent resident in the united states. he came here from india in 1983. he lived in the berrier area -- bay area. authorities found five propane tanks, three cell phones, agent that, lighters, and three gas cans. so far, they have found no connection to terrorism. reckless as close a popular feature of its website. the personal section. it comes after congress passed
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new which later this week. the combat online sex trafficking. they can sue online sites such as craigslist the sites are misused. ktvu amberley has more. amber? >> there is a potential penalty. >> finding a relationship through personal ads on craigslist was possible until congress passed a bill designed to fight sex trafficking. it goes to a statement from craigslist. it says, any toll or service can be misused. we can't take such a risk without jeopardizing all of our other services. >> it's completely reasonable for craigslist to remove its personal ads to legally protect
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themselves. they provide semi services to the community. people looking for apartments and selling couches. >> he is in online techniques public issue. he says the personals are only a small part of craigslist. >> if they were to keep these personals running and potentially be sued for it through this new regulation, endanger the rest of the research is being shut down. >> is a fight against online sex trafficking which has been brewing for years. with the website backpage lately facilitated sex services , it is no longer in business. chris say he -- it is a bad bill. >> i think it's overreaching. >> thomas says he has used craigslist to buy and sell items. he has never used a personal section. the personal ad can be useful in solving crimes and providing a record of any legal transaction. he says personals have long been a part of american society. >> there have been people who have found lifelong partners through personal ads, both paper, and craigslist. >> the are so many ways to meet
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people that don't allow the same kind of anonymous hosting in the same kind of commerce in this shady way. >> reporter: the bill project and shields the company from legal liability for the contents of their site. president trump is expected to sign the bill into law. live in san francisco, amberley, ktvu, foxnews. trump signed a spending bill hours after threatening to veto it. the budget which will fund the government through september. he decided to sign the bill. there's much needed funding. he says he was unhappy that the bill did not include $25 billion for his border wall. the bill does not include a deal on deferred action for child arrivals or daca. the clouds move into that very area. it is spreading south.
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right now, on the satellite, we had some green showing up up in the portions of north bay. santa rosa is reporting some rainfall. there is a coverage right now. we have some snow possibly up toward these portions of the north bay hill with elevations of about 3000 feet. that rami will gradually move to the south as we head into early saturday morning. hour live camera looking out. is just mostly cloudy skies. clouds will continue to thicken over the next few hours. we will wake up to mostly cloudy skies tomorrow morning. it will be 30s to 40s with a chance of a shower. that will be the forecast for tomorrow in san francisco at 7:00. like disguised by 12:00. it will thicken up throughout the day. there will be rain developing. another impulse could generate some showers later in the day on saturday. he was the main front that will move in for this evening. it would generate some shower
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activity. that could last into sunday especially into sunday morning. this will be is no producer out toward the sierra. that begins in a few minutes at 11 pm through 9 am sunday. look at these snowfall amounts. 18 to 24 inches up above 8000 feet. this would be a production productive system in the mountains. >> this is to a.m., saturday morning, flying to the south with the rain showers. probably a bit of a break by early saturday afternoon. i like -- mid to -- >> we will have to hold on to the possibility of some scattered showers in your sunday. there are still lots of funny breaks. >> forecast ties for tomorrow will be in the 50s for the afternoon highs. there is a best chance for saturday evening showers. >> good stuff.
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thank you. k you. a huge setback for the giants season. he injured his knee against the atlanta hawks. we will talk more about that in a moment.
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there since be more bodies when it comes to local sports teams. were talk about the giants. now it is the warriors. >> i can't remora time all these years talk about health so often. that is a narrative tonight at the san francisco giants got the bad news this afternoon. it's all about -- nobody will talk about the fact that
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warriors came 15 down earlier. it was very healthy stuff. clay had a very good move. he was moving the ball like old times. he left it for jordan bell. he put it down. they were down at 8 during halftime. it was down under. [ laughter ]. he is feeling strong. he finds his rhythm. he fouled. it was 3-1. is this possible? >> he goes up it comes down on the backside. he wants a replay. his left knee -- it is a strain. he will have an mri tomorrow. not go right now. he did not return. usually we are talking about four weeks. then he takes over.
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he had 24 point for the night. he smiles. everybody is concerned for him. they are holding their breath for the mri results for tomorrow. a california team had a shot of willing -- winning the state title. they i-73-68. this player had to deal with the son of shakeel o'neil. >> they actually had to leave. at this point southern california is all about sharif. he will hustle back on the other end. they will get to 29 points.
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five block shot. it was a boy amongst men. 59-53. we told you about madison bumgarner. it couldn't have been worse timing. he was a play in which it happened. he played against the sky in high school. it is what they are calling of the left hand. fifth metacarpal. pins and surgery. here is the assessment after the game. >> it was tough. i can handle it. these guys can handle it. i think it would be fine. >> that's what happens. now we have to deal with it. >> he could miss 4 to 6 weeks. we should mention prerecorded
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