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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  March 12, 2018 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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san francisco police releasing graphic video tonight giving new insight into a deadly police shooting last week. the dramatic footage was shown at a heated town hall meeting earlier this evening.>> police say the armed robbery suspect was fired at 99 times. by 10 different officers after he opened fire on them from inside the trunk of a nearby vehicle. tonight's meeting came six days after the fatal shooting of 19-year-old jesus
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delgado the 21st and street in the city's mission district. investigators say the video shows the armed robbery suspect opening fire moments before police unleashed a barrage of gunfire. at tonight's meeting protesters erupted in anger after that video was shown.>> police say the body camera video supports a witness who says delgado wired his weapon first. officers say they found the suspects gun in the trunk of the car. -- fired his weapon. three woman killed last friday at the veterans home of california. the husband and mother of doctor jennifer golic spoke for
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the first time to reporters. she had a phd in was the clinical director at pathway home. the treatment program for struggling veterans. she had an eight-year-old daughter and was a big fan of the san francisco giants. christine loeber the executive director. before that she taught yoga to veterans suffering from ptsd and amputees. those who knew her say she was dedicated to helping veterans. jennifer gonzales was about six months pregnant. tonight for the first time her husband and father are speaking out about the tragedy. debra joins us now from yountville. >> reporter: they describe her as someone with an incredibly giving heart. this is the memorial to the woman here at the veterans home in yountville. the true memorial the lives
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they change.>> jennifer would be the first person to tell us you guys need to be understanding and compassionate.>> reporter: two men who knew her best. her father who raised her southbay kid and her husband of one year. expecting their first child in three months. the loss is very tough. it is going to be very tough. at this point what we want to do is be her voice again. we want her to be heard.>> reporter: on what she cared so passionately about healing and reintegrating military veterans. doctor gonzalez was a teenager when 9/11 happened. the worst to follow shaped her life. she pursue this career. she was a helper. she looked at them as folks who have given so much to us.>> reporter: soldiers equipped to fight but not for the traumatic
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effects they will carry home. the 32-year-old psychologist did not wait for them to find her. she would go out looking for veterans to tell them you can come here. there are tools available.>> reporter: she work with the pathway home program. recognized for its success. until a rampage by a former patient thrusted her into a different spotlight. his suicide was one of two dozen veteran suicides the same day. in critical need. before it gets to the point it is too late.>> reporter: it is care they know jennifer would want more dedication to. because of what happened not in spite of it. she enjoyed the work. >> reporter: she told family it wasn't easy. but it was worth it. >> they wanted to get better. for a mental health professional working with people that wanted to get better. that is a big thing.>> reporter: shunning anger to
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show such grace. her example they say. she had the most amount of grace i have seen in anyone. employees understanding and compassion is what we keep coming back to. she was an amazing individual. we will miss her dearly.>> reporter: jennifer has three brothers. she enjoyed camping and travel and visited her grandparents every week. she loved books and was reading biographies of every u.s. president in order. a gofundme account has been set up to help offset expenses. we have a link to that the gunman had been kicked out of the program were jennifer gonzales work two weeks before the shooting. had she talked at all about whether she was concerned for her safety?>> reporter: we did not talk in specific terms about the gunman or the crime. they wanted to keep the focus
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on her. i asked if she felt safe at work. they said she wasn't naove. she wasn't afraid either. she was really end is for the long haul. she fully understood with all those who served in iraq and afghanistan there was going to be a steady flow of patients for her entire working life. so many people affected by those wars. we are learning more tonight about the gunman who killed the three women including jennifer gonzales. napa county sheriff department said they never got any reports before the attack that albert wong was violent. >>'s former legal guardian said she did not see any red flags either.>> reporter: when albert returned from afghanistan five years ago he shared more than war stories. what happened to him was the horror stories you hear about.
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and see in the movies. he had this solid plan. you have the g.i. bill you get to go to school. he started right away within six weeks. he was in school. as the months and years went on like at two-year -- he would say i cannot believe it. the program is not accredited anymore.>> reporter: that might have contributed to the deadly situation at a veterans facility in yountville. he had been discharged weeks prior before returning and killing three employees. something she said she watched play out on tv on friday. the buildup of hours of watching it and then to find out when they released his name at the end. i fell apart.>> reporter: he spent some of his childhood with them in san bruno going to a catholic school. he went to a high school in daly city. after joining the army he served in afghanistan and it
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army installation in hawaii. while retired with severe ptsd seeking help from veterans services in san francisco santa rosa and napa county. the last i heard he was excited about this program in napa.>> reporter: did you think it was going to turn badly?>> he was not that person. he was calm. he was soft-spoken.>> reporter: she shared photos showing him as a child and as an adult on vacation with them. a different picture compared to the description of the gunman with bullets around his neck according to dispatch and someone employees discharged because he brought knives to the facility. one of the victims family members told us how he was described to him.>> he was a real bad person. that is why they had to reject him. he was a crazy person. i
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think everyone has their opinion.>> reporter: she said the entire situation is a tragedy. and what will be likely controversy -- she believe he was a victim too. how could they release him from a program and probably give him no alternatives? not enough is being done.>> reporter: was licensed as a security guard. he had a permit to carry a nine millimeter firearm. both were canceled last year because they were not renewed. we are continuing to follow news on the golden gate bridge where a man is dead after being struck by a vehicle. it happened just before 9 pm. a spokeswoman for the bridge district says he was hit in the northbound lanes of reportedly darting across the roadway. he was trespassing. the staff want to talk to him. he ran across the roadway.
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he crossed all the southbound lanes. made it over the barrier and was hit by northbound traffic.. the collision stopped traffic in all northbound lanes. currently traffic is getting through in both directions. the a ministration slot with a lawsuit filed today in san francisco on behalf of immigrants and us-born children. it accuses the trump administration of violating their constitutional rights. janet is in the newsroom with more on the lawsuit and is timing one day before president trump's first visit to california since becoming president.>> reporter: the lead attorney for the lawsuit suing the administration said the timing was pure coincidence. plan for the president announces trip to california his first visit since winning the election. the lawsuit is on behalf of immigrants who are here lawfully but being told to leave the u.s. and leave their us-born children behind. the
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lawsuit filed monday in the u.s. district court in san francisco by the aclu national day labor organizing network and sydney austin law firm. on behalf of nine immigrants and their children. one is 14-year-old krista rommel's of san pablo facing a dilemma. her mother christina might have to return to el salvador after 20 years here in the u.s. that is because the trumpet ministration has declared an end to temporary protective status for her and more than 400,000 other immigrants from el salvador and nicaragua haiti and sedan were allowed to stay in the u.s. due to natural disasters or armed conflicts in their countries. the central problem we have identified is nobody thought about the fact there is 100,000 american children many of whom are school age were now facing this horrible choice as a result of their decision.>> reporter:
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that violates the rights to due process and equal protection. the 14 plaintiffs include five people in california plus others in maine massachusetts washington dc and florida. and seeks class action status. the lawsuit also argued the trump administration violated the administrative procedure act. it directs how agencies like homeland security can change rules. change regulations. the core of it here would be the argument the administration has not given sufficient reasons for changing the interpretation of the statute.>> reporter: it comes one day before trump is due to arrive in san diego. he is expected to view eight prototypes of the border wall he promised during his campaign. protesters gathered in opposition on monday and are expecting other rallies when he arrives.>> we are going for an incredibly positive trip. the president is going to look at prototypes along the border.
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and also meet with and speak to the members of our armed services.>> reporter: he is scheduled to meet with all five branches of the military during his time in san diego. he will attend a republican fundraiser in beverly hills. aclu had planned to file the lawsuit long before his visit. they are hoping the timing will bring the issue to his attention. the capital of texas rock by three separate explosions over the past 10 days. two of them happening today. two people have been killed and now the governor is offering a reward. steve kerr weighing in on something bigger than basketball. what he had to say during a meeting on ending gun violence. that wet morning commute. and the rest of the week. umbrella weather. we'll see you back here.
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the governor of texas offering a $15,000 reward for information about a series of package bombs and austin. the past 10 days two people were killed and two others hurt by what appears to be ordinary packages left on their doorsteps. they believe the packages were placed there on the doorsteps overnight sometime. the post office had no records of package deliveries to the homeless. investigators say they are looking into whether the
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explosions are possible hate crimes. all of the victims are black or hispanic. the spokesperson for the ice office in san francisco has resigned. he has reportedly said his decision is tied to what he described as false and misleading statements made by top ranking officials of the child administration. he said u.s. attorney general jeff sessions and others falsely claimed roughly 800 undocumented immigrants escaped arrested because of oakland mayor libby shafts warning to the public about the four-day operation in advance. he said he understood that number was far lower. trump set aside a port. support for a-t gun control measure. the president says raising the age to buy assault style weapons 221 should be left to the states. he was support improved background checks and a plan to allow some teachers to carry concealed weapons. the white house said the
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commission had by education secretary will study how to protect schools. steve kerr joined congressman for a town hall meeting on gun violence. it was held at newark high school. the students directed most questions to coach kerr whose life was changed forever by gun violence in 1984. now he thinks the deadly school shooting in florida last month and the outrage that followed has dramatically changed the gun control debate. for the first time i feel like there is a movement happening. i truly believe that. i've never felt this way before. i feel it. it only happens if the momentum continues. his father was president of the american university of beirut. he was shot and killed by terrorists in 1984. congressman -- and mike thompson spoke to the students. telling them they have more power than they think to influence the work of
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lawmakers. a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. the roads are wet. another storm rolled into the area this afternoon. bill martin joins us with more on all the wet weather in the forecast this week. snow in the mountains. winter storm warning will last through the week. 5 to 6 feet of snow. this week it will be better. the storm door was open last week. there was just no storms. here we are with everything we need to get significant rain. we have moisture coming out of the tropics. this tale and is getting pulled in. that is what you want. you have the cold air coming from here. the warm moist air in the low centered right here. this low will sit out here pretty much all week and wobble around. it will send impulses are away. the timing on this is going to be sketchy. the timing we know it is going
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to be wet all week. tomorrow will be wet. the long-range stuff will move around. three hours or two hours into thursday and friday. scattered showers now. 2/10 of an inch of rain in parts of the bay area. marin county i saw a half inch. 8/10 of an inch in the santa cruz mountains. this is how the sky looks. for san francisco. and san jose. and oakland. we have plenty of cloud cover. scattered showers tomorrow. scattered showers in the afternoon. the model swings it through. that is what we are up against. tomorrow morning's commute is left -- is wet. this will last into friday and saturday. forecast highs on the mild side. there is the five-day forecast. you will see sunshine tomorrow. then some rain. it will goal like that through
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the weekend. mainly for the mountains amazing amounts of snow. coming up the williams sisters reunite. it is for a friendly game on the court. the matchup in the outcome coming up next in sports. a story trending online. this is georgia firefighter adam bostwick when he and his team found out one of his fellow firefighters had a baby on the way. they knew they could not just let him have an ordinary gender revealed. they made one that featured the full force of one of their fire hoses. the couple holding onto the holes they got to see the color of the water change into the revealed gender. more of a happy moment when we come back. k. ♪ seresto, seresto, seresto
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this is a time for the sharks to get things rolling. they did just that tonight. right now things are looking pretty good. 4 out of six. a big cluster of teams hoping
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to get in. they are on the inside right now. the sharks even things up in the first period against detroit. 145 later. brenden dillon -- the beautiful redirect. his first goal as a shark. his first anywhere. kevin -- refuses to be denied. he will score it. sharks -- 5-3 final. dick sister beads little sister. -- big sister. beads little sister. third round of the women's tennis event. indian wells california. first time since 2014. venus in the near court hitting the better of serena.
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first time that venus has been ranked higher than serena since 2008. venus 12th career victory over her big sister. the most anyone has beaten her. in all fairness this was her first match in 14 months after giving birth to her first child. spring training baseball. you get what you get. the giants when the game over the a's. they send us only -- photographer obviously an a's fan. that is stephen with another shot way back. given the a's a 1-zero lead. training 5-1. a's come storming back. two run homer. they eventually tied it. rbi double in the eighth wedding. giants 6-5. late-night tv.
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we catch up with tom brady who is in a better mood than last time we saw him after the super bowl. on with stephen colbert. he is always competitive. i don't know if you are a competitive guy. , looks like he knows what he is doing. down in arizona marquette king shows up at the training facility. always a good athlete. what we were saying tom brady. he totally chug that.
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nice to see him in a better mood. thank you for joining us. good night. . does this map show the
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peninsula trail? you won't find that on a map. i'll take you there. take this left. if you listen real hard you can hear the whales. oop.
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