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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  January 15, 2018 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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rise up. and live out the true meaning of its creed. we hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal. celebrating the legacy of dr. martin luther king jr. with events and memorials around the bay area. and the country. >> and police are looking for suspects in an early morning shooting that shut down a freeway in san francisco. what police are saying about the incident. >> panic in hawaii. after a false alarm tells residents a missile was headed to the island. how it happened and the investigation now under way. y. good afternoon, everyone. there are many events across the country, and right here in the bay area. to mark martin luther king jr. federal holiday today. >> ktvu tom baker is joining us live this afternoon from san francisco with more on the story. tom? >> reporter: we are here in yerba buena gardens. take a look at this. there are well over a thousand
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people. maybe 2,000 people. and more people are coming in. from the march that was from the cal train station, up to yerba buena gardens. now, this is the san francisco inter-faith council, a celebration of diverse faiths and spirit ule traditions, and the two major speakers here today, will be democratic congressional leader nancy pelosi, and acting mayor lunden breed of the city of san francisco. this is all to celebrate one of the greatest americans in american history. dr. martin luther king jr. he walked with us, and amongst us, for just a short time. but what he said will be heard forever. >> the dr. martin luther king celebration train from san jose, arrived at san francisco's cal train station about 11:00 this morning. bringing folks who would march a mile and a half to the yerba buena center for san francisco's main mlk celebration. now, while the riders rode, the
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sf labor council held its annual mlk breakfast at the marriott. attended by every mayoral candidate. we asked young and old alike if we have made progress, since king's life ended in the late '60s. >> i feel that we did make some progress. but now that we have a president like we have now, i think is on the back burner. >> martin luther king day means a lot to me, because it is a recognition of the long way we have to go in terms of creating a more equitable society. >> i would say first that president kennedy is friendly. >> dr. martin luther king jr., the legendary civil rights activist, humanitarian, and leader, was born 89 years old in atlanta, in the heart of the segregated south. king became a baptist minister who preached bold resistance to segregation through the use of
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nonviolence civil disobedience inspired by mahatma ghandi. in 1955, he led the black boycott of the montgomery alabama bus system, the montgomery to selma marches and the most significant nonviolent marches and protests and action, any or all of which could, and many times did, lead to arrests and other police harassment for 13 years. >> we will be able to transform the dangling discord of our nation, into a beautiful symphony of brotherhood. >> he was an organize ears of the 1963 -- organizer of the 1963 march on washington, where he delivered his famous "i have a dream" speech. >> i have a dream that one day, this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of this creed. >> he was assassinated in 1968 on a memphis tennessee motel balcony, by james earl ray. he also fought against hunger, poverty and the vietnam war in the turbulent 1960s.
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king was awarded the nobel peace prize in 1964 and after his murder, the presidential medal of freedom, and congressional gold medal. martin luther king day was declared a u.s. holiday in 1986, and in 2011, the martin luther king jr. memorial was dedicated in the national mall of washington, d.c. >> the grand dame of bay area journalists and the very first african-american television reporter, not only fought through her own bouts of discrimination but covered dr. king when he was here in the 60s. >> well, i think the miracle of martin luther king is that he was so inspirational. he seemed to always know the right tone, the right words, hitting the middle ground, pushing you on, but not pushing you over a ledge. and i think that is what makes a great leader. and it is something that america needs so much more of today. >> reporter: now, to make this
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pleasant at yerba buena center, there will be a number of readings, not only those of martin luther king but those who honored him in the past, for example, barack obama, when he zed kateed the memorial in washington -- dedicated the memorial in washington just a few years ago. this will go on for more than an hour. many, many readings. and it is a huge, huge crowd, which is getting bigger at all times. ktvu, fox 2 news. >> tom, thank you for the report. and millions are expected to volunteer in community service activities in honor of dr. king. since 1994, the mlk holiday has been called a national day of service, and many organizations expanded that to promote service activities for the entire three-day weekend. if you want to see a list of bay area events where you can volunteer, just go check out our home page at the highway patrol is investigating a shooting that happened early this morning at 280 at alamany boulevard and shut down all lanes of traffic on that stretch of highway for several hours.
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ali has the story. >> reporter: the chp opened up the freeway just before 7:00 this morning. i will step out of the way so you can see. traffic is moving pretty smoothly here mind -- behind us. from 3:00 a.m. to 7:00 a.m., all southbound lanes of 280 here were shut down to traffic because of an investigation into a shooting that happened. according to the chp, that shooting happened next to the 280 southbound alamany off- ramp, where investigators spent the early morning hours going through the area and looking for evidence and shell casings. the chp says there were three specific victims involved in this shooting. we don't know the ex tend of their injuries or their conditions, and what is all still unclear is whether the vicks were in the same -- victims were in the same vehicle. >> we unfortunately don't know. we are investigating and collecting evidence and making the property arrangements to get this investigated properly. >> according to the chp, it was the victims of the shooting who called police to report the incident. the victims were able to drive themselves to san francisco general hospital where
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investigators have been trying to speak to them about what happened. but again, the shooting on the freeway overnight shut down southbound lanes of 280, between alamany boulevard and mission street for about four hours, before the chp opened up the freeway again, just before 7:00 this morning. in san francisco, alli rasmuss, ktvu fox 2 news. police are investigating a shooting involving an officer. it happened at 10:40 last night. when police heard several gunshots near their police station. officers found a man holding a gun and asking to be shot by police. a crisis negotiator was called in and talked with the man for almost an hour. but the suspect eventually started walking toward the officers and refused to drop the gun and the officer opened fire. sunnyvale police say they are looking for more victims connected to a child molestation case. henry reed of san jose is charged with annoying and molesting a minor and arrested after sunnyvale school
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officials called police. a 17-year-old girl reported that reed inappropriately touched her and forced her to do the same. it was revealed during the investigation that reed has worked with children as a part- time musician assistant at locations throughout santa clara county. anyone with information about the case is asked to call sunnyvale police. the search is now considered over, for several people still missing after last week's mud slides in california. authorities are now labeling the efforts a recovery mission. this, as other cleanup crews begin trying to clear out all of that mud and debris. steve rap port has the latest. >> reporter: search and rescue operations come to an end in mud slide-ravaged california. officials calling off the hunt for any still missing persons nearly one week after heavy rains triggered powerful mud and rock slides. at least 20 people are confirmed dead and the shift to recovery mode is the next sobering step in what is expected to be a lengthy recovery. the area was already struggling to bounce back from december's wildfires.
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hundreds of homes were destroyed or severely damaged. satellite images show some of the affected areas before and after the storm, the difference is staggering. local businesses were also impacted like the montecito inn, adding to overall financial costs. >> now, every single day, the longer the recovery takes, the harder it will be for them to bounce back. >> reporter: crews are also working to clear the debris from highway 101, a major artery used by some 80,000 vehicles each day. several miles are closed. leaving commuters stranded, and prompting amtrak to add more trains along a nearby line. thick heavy mud has clogged drainage basins and homeowners are frustrated. >> it is marshal law. there are looters being caught and so many gawkers people who have no business being here. >> days after the stomp, new evacuations are ordered -- storm, new evacuations are ordered in new communities where the gas and power are turned off to help crews clear debris. in new york, steve rapport, fox
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news. people in sonoma county are being warned about a phone scam involving the pg&e bill. the department of public safety says callers are posing as pg&e workers and threating to disconnect utility service unless an immediate payment is made. investigators say the scammers can make caller i.d. numbers look like legitimate pg&e phone numbers. and when someone answers, they request prepaid cash cards which the utility says it never does. police say if you get a call like that, you should hang p up, then call the pg&e -- hang up, and then call the pg&e service number on your bill. that number here is on your screen right now. well, the president ask s- responding to -- is respond to some serious accusations. what he says about whether he is racist after disparaging remarks he allegedly made about other countries. a live look outside on this monday afternoon. the bay bridge. san francisco bay. up next, we will find out about some storms headed in our direction.
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chelsea manning, the former army intelligence analyst, who was responsible for leaking classified documents to wikileaks is now running for the u.s. senate in maryland. making the announcement for her senate run yesterday, facing off against democrat ben cardin and made the announcement on twitter and had a campaign video on youtube. she is a transgender woman today. but in 2010 she was army intelligence analyst private
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bradley manning charged with giving wikileaks documents about the wars in iraq and afghanistan, sentenced to 35 years in prison. and president obama commuted her prison sentence and she was released. president trump talking about remarks he was a racist. after disparenting remarks allegedly made about haiti and el salvador and africa. >> i am not a racist. i am the least racist president that have you interviewed. that i can tell you he did admit to using tough language in his negotiations though with the democrats over immigration issues. young people who are part of the daca program could once again begin to apply for renewal of their protected status. u.s. citizenship and immigration services posted on its web site that it started accepting renewals until further notice. the program will operate under the same terms as it did before the trump administration rescinded it back in september. the announcement comes days after a san francisco-based federal judge ordered the trump
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administration to restart the program, until a lawsuit challenging the administration's decision to end the program is decided in court. let's check in with steve, and steve, it should be a pretty busy week weather-wise. >> that is correct, mike. it is all still about the fog right now. we got an a break for an hour and a half. the clouds are rolling in and in mend see know county, starting to get in -- mendocino county, starting to get in there. and the main front is well offshore and eventually making it for rain, and not tonight into early tuesday morning. watch the fog there. you get that tule fog. that footprint out to the valley. this is what we used to have back in the day. and then you get that little easterly breeze, and it can drift right back in, and if you're stuck in that, you're hard pressed to get out of the 50s. even some upper 40s for some. and 52 in antioch. and pittsburgh, 51. and concord, 54. and you have some locations that are running warmer. and i mean pleasanton, 58 degrees. look at el cerrito.
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61. and the offshore breeze helps some. but boy does it keep others really socked in. there have been some, i know there are reports out in eastern contra costa county, haven't seen the sun or blue skies since last thursday. the pattern is changing. rain is returning tonight. not much but a little bit. but a better system thursday and friday and a colder stronger one looks to be coming across the old weather highway on sunday and monday. finally some things are changing, maybe with favoritism for lower snow levels. this is the snow level tonight. and the next system coming in thursday and friday. and each system looks like the snow levels will come down. just a lot of cloud cover ahead of the system. and the front is still back here. so we have until late tonight, into early tomorrow, before the rain is a factor. and 48 fairfield. and brentwood, 50. and 60 at half moon bay. and 61 palo alto. and 60 in the city. and 40s for some. 50s for others. to the north, 49 san rafael. 61 mill valley. it depends. vallejo, 49 degrees. 63, 62, in port reyes.
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and santa cruz, 66 degrees. 61, 63, gilroy and also morgan hill. and so the temperatures are much warmer if you don't have that fog and if you only have the higher clouds or even some sun breaks. 37 in truckee. this is not the system really to get the snow going. it will be later in the week. but we will have a lot of cloud cover today. and eventually this system arrives tonight. giving us some rain. it won't be a lot out of the system. but the pacific is very active. in fact, it might be active for about 7 to 10 days out. maybe through the rest of the month if everything keeps coming in as advertised. i think it will. not a lot with the first system. thursday, friday, looks better. and as we head into monday, this one looks much cold wer a 4,000 feet snow level. -- cold wer a 4,000 feet snow level. >> and we may be hard pressed to get to 58 in concord if the fog doesn't lift. for other, warm and mild on the coast. 56 in santa cruz and gilroy. but the pattern is slowly changing. that will begin tonight. a break wednesday. and more rain, thursday, friday. >> it seems like it is good in the sierra this weekend. >> it should be finally. maybe get the snow level down
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below 7500 feet. but things are looking promising. air quality official have issued another spare the air alert for today. it is the 19th alert this season. the bay area air quality management district is encouraging people to car pool and to not burn wood indoors or outdoors, on spare the air days. the high surf advisory remains in effect right now along the bay area coastline. the conditions are dangerous out there. but even so, a couple dozen surfers are enjoying the waves out there along the peninsula. and sky fox over maverick this morning, looking at the action near half moon bay. the official maverick surf competition could get under way possibly on thursday. and i'm being told sky fox up over top over the pacific ocean. you can see the surfers out there, paddling, looking for the waves, this is out near pillar point. the national weather service, there could be surf, as high as 18 feet, and the advisory expected to continue tomorrow. and anyone catch the wave or did they pass on that one? >> they passed on that one.
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that is big. >> and the weather service is warning the waves could be unpredictable and erratic with strong rip currents. scary moments for riders on one of oakland's sky ride cars over the weekend. riders had to be rescued after an electrical fire. it happened yesterday around 4:00 when firefighters arrived. the passengers had already been escorted to safety, and zoo officials clarified the initial reports saying he was and a dozen people were aboard the car and the newer gondola system was not involved in the incident. some bay area pharmacies are running out of the flu vaccine in the middle of this year's deadly flu season. the increased number of people who have died from the flu this year has led to more people trying to get the flu shot. health officials have not said there is an actual vaccine shortage, but some pharmacies say they either ran out or are in very short supply and it could take days to restock the vaccine. >> worst case, we have to be extremely vigilant about being clean around people and keeping away from sick cacks.
12:20 pm
that's what you can do. >> at least 42 people have died from the flu in the state of california since october, including 19 in the bay area. health officials many of those who died were not vaccinated. if the flu vaccine is in short supply at your pharmacy, you can of course check in with the health department in your county to find other locations. the san francisco fire department is under investigation. accused of allowing some paramedics to work without the proper credentials. coming up, a 2 investigation reports on those allegations.
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the san francisco fire department is being investigated by the state over claims that a group of paramedics worked without the proper credentials. >> as we found out, the employees now worry about saving their jobs and they say it is not their fault. >> reporter: the paramedics say this came as a huge surprise. even though some were told this was a paperwork mistake, they say they fear their jobs, their reputation, has been jeopardized. when every second counts, paramedics are some of the first on the scene. highly skilled individuals whose careers depends on the public's trust. on january 8, 13 paramedics received this letter of an opened investigation against their employer, the san francisco fire department. a state medical emergency services investigators is looking into whether the
12:24 pm
department allowed them to work in the field without proper county accreditation. >> keep in mind, none of theme ever had a lapse in either their state license or their city and county accreditation. >> steven jackaloni with local 798 is representing the 13 paramedics. he says the paramedics are individually licensed. but the fire department made a clerical error, allowing them to work in the field for months without the correct paperwork. that was reported back to the state. now, if investigators decide to pull their licenses, these paramedics are worried they may lose their jobs. >> do you think the fire department dropped the ball? >> i think so, yes. yes. yes. i mean this was something that they are in charge of. all of our members, all of the men and women of the fire department, work so hard every day, you know, for the city, and for it to have this happen, you know, you make them upset
12:25 pm
and angry, and you obviously put, you know, some sort of fear that something else could happen to their livelihood, to their career. >> since 2014, ktvu has been reporting on delays with ambulance response times in san francisco. he says the city can't afford to lose even one paramedic. >> now, it could potentially cause a problem to the system here in the city. which is already pushed to the limit. >> why do you think this happened? >> i don't know. that is a great question. i would love to know why that happened as well. >> how confident are you that this won't happen again? >> from my understanding, that they are working to, both with the local agency, and with the state ems authorities, that this doesn't happen again. what the fire department specifically is doing about it, i don't know. >> ktvu, fox 2 news. >> ktvu received a response from san francisco fire lieutenant jonathan baxter who said, there was a procedural
12:26 pm
error which was identified and immediately corrected. safeguards have been put in place to prevent this type of error from occurring in the future. at no time was the public safety compromised. a day of service, coming up next, how people right here in the bay area are morning the legacy of martin luther king jr. and helping their community. >> a false alarm warning hawaii of an incoming missile, and there there is an investigation how it happened and to prevent it from happening again.
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a special service was held for dr. martin luther king jr. at his memorial in washington, d.c. this morning. >> members of dr. king's family took part in the wreath laying at the memorial to mark what would have been king's 89th birthday. the interior secretary and fbi director christopher wray attended the soirl. the ceremony. the memorial is along the lincoln memorial and washington monument area. >> one more? >> yes. >> all right. >> volunteers have always taken part in the presidio trust service day honoring dr. king's legacy. about 80 volunteers raked leaves and cleared brush over
12:30 pm
the presidio officers club. the presidio trust relies on the help of 6,000 volunteers year round to maintain the grounds. >> dr. king was all about bringing community together. for a common purpose. and here in our national park, we want the public to help us take care of this place. it is a great way to celebrate each other, and for a common good. >> this is one of seven different beautification projects around the presidio for the day of service. there were close to 1,000 people who helped with similar projects throughout the entire golden gate recreational area to commemorate dr. martin luther king jr. day. over the weekend dr. king's children talked about racial equality in america today. >> if my dad had lived, if robert kennedy had lived, we as a nation would be on a totally different trajectory. we would be so much further ahead than we are. >> here is what i would like president trump to do on the king holiday. use your twitter account to
12:31 pm
speak positive and uplifting things in the spirit of dr. king. don't let the king holiday find you using your twitter account in an inappropriate way. >> dr. king's children also said the call for nonviolent civil disobedience is even more important in today's political climate. an investigation is under way into a freeway shooting on interstate 280 in san francisco. all lanes of the freeway were shut down for hours. but reopened just before 7:00 this morning. the shooting happened around 3:00 a.m. in the southbound lanes of 280 at alamany boulevard. three people were injured but expected to survive. the victims did not see the shooter and no arrests have been made. the investigators don't know if the victims were targeted or the shooting is random. the fcc is investigating the accidental alert in hawaii over the weekend, warn people that the ballistic missile was inbound. lauren blanchard has the story
12:32 pm
from washington. >> the federal communications commission announcing it is now investigating how a false emergency alarm was mistakenly set off across hawaii. alerting cell phones, televisions, and radio stations, of an imminent ballistic missile strike. >> most people are familiar with the story of the boy who cried wolf. the worst thing going forward would be the false alerts to undermine public confidence in the wireless emergency alerting system. when a real emergency hit, you want people to take the information seriously. >> the hawaii emergency management agency apologize for the error saying a worker accidentally hit the wrong button while working on the drill. >> we are going to now get involved with them. i love that they took responsibility. >> the fcc has regulated the nation's wireless emergency alert system since 2012. yet critics say the system is flawed. either blasting messages too broadly or not at all. it was criticized during the
12:33 pm
wildfires across northern california. the false alert in hawaii lasted for 38 minutes. before a correction was sent out. >> the false alarm is something that has to be fixed, corrected with people held accountable. >> the fcc is planning a full investigation to improve the emergency alert system, so it better targets people directly affected. state lawmakers announce they would hold a hearing on the matter on friday. in washington, lauren blanchard, ktvu, fox 2 news. >> police in stockton are asking the public for help to find 20-month-old twins who are missing. their parents were found living in a dirty suv with three other young children in conditions social workers are calling deplorable. they also found knives and a machete and ax and drugs in that suv. the other children have been placed into protective custody. but the parents have refused to tell police where the twins are. and police say something the father says has them worried. >> you are the ones getting paid. do your job. so this is a type of investigation that we are dealing with. >> as this investigation moves
12:34 pm
on, into the next week or so. we want to remain optimistic. but we have to suspect foul play is involved. >> stockton police say relatives of the parents have repeatedly said they have no idea where the twins may be. the parents don't have any photos of the children, so the police can't ask the public if they have seen the twins. a 29-year-old man was shot and killedded a man over the weekend, corey lacey jr., he was shot on westwood street around 2:30, and he was found with several gunshot wounds and later died at the hospital. investigators have not made any arrests. the motive is still not known. the san francisco police hope footage from a security camera will lead them to a gunman in a shooting yesterday morning. this is after 4:30 yesterday morning. a man was shot on mason street near union square. and nearby security guard, heard four or five shots, and a hotel guest said he arrived at the hotel just as the shooting happened. >> it was pretty hectic. there were police cars just all
12:35 pm
converging right here. i saw two or three of them coming up the one way street here on mason. pulling into, in front of the king george, all different angles. and then after that, there was just, you know, all of the police fanned out, in groups of three and four, just sweeping the area. >> police have not released the victim's name, but they say he was hit by at least one bullet. and was taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. doctors though, are not providing any further information about his condition. newark police are investigating a fight that broke out inside a family restaurant saturday night. a customer shot this cell phone video of a fight that involved dozens of customers at john's incredible pizza. some customers and workers reported minor injuries. police say there were more than 200 customers inside at the time of the incident. and they were not able to kind of sort out who was at fault. they do know that it started over a missing iphone, later found by restaurant workers. customers say they were taken back, and that this could happen with so many children
12:36 pm
around. >> that is not okay for that to even be happening. why? this is for kids. all of the kids saw that. that is not safe for no kids to see that. >> the bottom line, it is a kid's environment period. you have toddlers, you have babies. you know. unacceptable. >> police say they increased their patrols around the restaurant yesterday and inside, no problems were reported. there has been a possible break through in the negotiations between north korea and south korea over next month's olympic games. as greg palcot reports, the two countries are talking about doing something that would make history. >> winter olympics kicking off next month in south korea, high level negotiations now taking place to determine if north korea will participate. and on monday, officials announced the north and south want to put together a women's hockey team, with players from both sides. which, if approved by the ioc, would be the first-ever unified korean olympic team. the two sides also agreeing on a cultural exchange, with renowned north korean orchestra playing in the south, for the
12:37 pm
first time. >> the timing of when our art troupe comes down to the south is just right, spring has sprung. >> like the warmth of the weather, i predict good results will come out of today's talks. >> the progress is being threatened by new warnings from the north calling a recent u.s. military buildup in the area a provocation. korean officials doing their best to get the focus on the olympics, saying the politics can come later. >> the signs of the north korea team, and other matters, it should be finalized first. this will be finalized by the international olympic committee. >> president trump touting the talks that proof the strategy is working and denying that he spoke personally to kim jong un as was reported over the weekend "the wall street journal" quoted it totally wrong as you know. we will see what happens with north korea. we have great talks going on. >> plans for the joint hockey team are expected to be finalized on saturday at a meeting between the two cores
12:38 pm
and the international olympic committee. well, an unusual site in southern california, this past weekend. up next, how this vehicle got lodged into the second floor of a building, down in santa ana. blan
12:39 pm
12:40 pm
investigators are trying to figure out why a commercial plane skidded off a runway in turkey and went off a cliff. take a look at this video. authorities say the pegasus airlines flight overstrip an
12:41 pm
airstrip during the landing on saturday and skidded off the edge of the cliff. one report says the only thing that kept the plane from plunging into the sea is the wheels were stuck in the mud. you can imagine the chaos erupting in the plane. one passenger says they had to wait 20 minutes before rescue crews arrived but all of the passengers and crew were able to get out safely. investigators are interviewing the pilots and focusing on the black boxes of the plane to figure out what went wrong. yesterday morning in santa ana, a car went airborne, plowing into the second floor of this building. the car with two people inside hit a center divider and flew into the air, right into the top floor of that building. the car's front half was wedged into the building. while the back half was hanging out. and the two people inside the car miraculously were not seriously hurt. in florida, a woman was killed after the casino shuttle boat she was on yesterday caught fire. there were 50 passengers and crew members on the boat when that fire broke out. the shuttle carries passengers to and from a casino ship off of florida's gulf coast. the shuttle captain maneuvered
12:42 pm
the boat close to shore and everyone was able to walk or swim to shore. 1400 people had what were described as minor injuries. it is not clear yet what caused the fire. now, people gathered gathered in santa barbara last night for a vigil to remember the 20 people killed in last month's mud slides. the community says they have all been affected. >> ♪ >> lots of emotions spilled over into intab, when mud -- into santa barbara, when mud slides came through the neighboring city montecito. >> everyone in our community is hurting. and every family in our community was personally affected. >> affected by the loss of 20 lives sunday night. including a father added to the deceased list. cal fire says 2-year-old daughter and three other people are still missing. >> it is pretty sad, you know, hearing about it. it is a tragedy. my backyard right here. so i just wanted to come and
12:43 pm
show my support. >> a candlelight vigil attracted thousands of people in mourning. including city officials, and local churches. >> i feel strengthened by it. >> they pray and sing songs together. and reassure each other, they will help the thomas fire and winter storm victim families rebuild. >> a lot of places it is six degrees of separation. here it is two. everyone knows somebody who was affected directly by this. >> rescue and cleanup crews dig through mud and debris, in search of trapped victims. more than 80 structures ruined. dozens of cars buried. areas north and adjacent to the 101 freeway still closed. >> yes, to be honest, if they could stay out of the area, if there is no need to be in the area, stay out of the area so they can work on their homes. >> it will take years for the community to recover. it followed the massive thomas
12:44 pm
fire and it reached 30 square miles. >> everyone tonight says they will be here to help light flow the way it used to. >> it will be a long road ahead. we will be here for the duration. >> we are reporting from santa barbara, fox news. >> they received so much rain in such a short amount of time last week. hoping this very a dry week this week. here in the bay area, it is going to be wet. it starts tonight, right? a little bit tonight. but more so thursday and friday. they may be in the mix, about a week -- >> as part of it. >> but not this system tonight. there is a lot of fog out there, and it will make for another cold day. i tried to catch the fog, but i missed, if you will. joan from payroll, thank you, do you think tonight's rain burst makes it to the peninsula? yes, but it will be very light. and most it will be overnight. and joan from payroll, the three of us get a raise, if you
12:45 pm
haven't heard. 60s on the peninsula. menlo park, 62. woodside is in there. palo alto. fremont is 63. and a lot of 60s. areas to the north and east, that fog is keeping you socked in with low 50s for many. so that is the key here, and when that sets up, look at that, brentwood, 50. and antioch 52. and pittsburgh 51. that's what i was dealing with today. and 60 at walnut creek. and 55 lafayette. and martinez, 53. a fine line here. if you have the higher clouds, are you probably about 5 to 10 degrees warmer. rain is on the way. it is mainly north of the golden gate. not a lot here with this system. and you can see the lane there, the front still has a ways to go. and most of it is later tonight, into early tomorrow morning. that easterly component, coming back in, although the napa airport is finally switched to more west/southwest and generally an easterly breeze that takes that fog and brings it back to san pablo bay. by tonight, cloud cover in here and we will get rain into early tuesday morning. by 6:00 in the morning, it will
12:46 pm
be gone. and a break wednesday. and then thursday night, into friday, a cooler to colder system. on the way. so fog, clouds, and maybe a few sun breaks, but an hour and a half break there. and light rain late tonight, into early. and through about 4:00, it is really just fog, for some, and clouds for others. and late tonight, we will start to bring that. in overnight, midnight to 6:00 a.m. i think that's the prime time when that system comes in. it is still back here. you can see it right there. it has a ways to go. to the north, a little bit more. and 48 fairfield. and 50 in brentwood. and 62 in the city. 62 in palo alto. and again, a huge difference in some of the temperatures. and around the bay, el cerrito, berkeley. and there is 60s in the city. and around 57, richmond, 57. and some are still cool. others maybe on the mild side. and this system again, a lot of cloud cover, not much else, but eventually it will make it tonight. but however, it is the first of what looks to be maybe four, coming across the pipeline here and by the time we get into thursday and friday. there is going to be colder air coming in. the system sunday into monday,
12:47 pm
and snow levels down to 4,000 feet. that's what they do really need. up into the sierra. get that snow level down. and 50s on some of these temperatures. 60s for others. and starting late tonight, tomorrow, the first, and again, i think another one thursday, friday, with another one sunday into monday. that's the one that looks tough as of right now. sunday/monday. >> and get the umbrellas ready. >> absolutely. >> can i toss you a question? >> sure. >> let's do it. new at noon, there are reporting that the san francisco giants have made a trade for pittsburgh pirate outfielder andrew mccutcheon. ken rosenthal tweeted that the giants have agreed to acquire mccutcheon spending a review of medical records. other pieces of the deal are still not known. more on the pending trade coming up in later newscasts. >> and now to the nfl. the jacksonville jaguars advance to the afc championship game after beating the pittsburgh steelers 45-42. >> it would be new england and pittsburgh. again. not jacksonville. ben roethlisberger. rolling around. and it is scooped up.
12:48 pm
smith. goodbye. touchdown jaguars! >> it looked like they were going to blow out the steelers, but ben roethlisberger got the steelers back in the game. but overall, ben roethlisberger threw for 459 yards359 touchdowns but not enough. and the minnesota vikings beat the saints 29-24. thanks to that incredible walkoff touchdown. the vikings up 17-0. late in the third. but the saints rallied back. drew brees throwing three touchdowns and the saints took the lead with less than 30 seconds in the game. thanks to this 43-yard field goal. on the next drive, the minnesota fans were praying for a miracle. >> the pass is caught.
12:49 pm
sideline. touchdown. unbelievable! vikings win it! >> it is a miracle. marcus williams misses the tackle. somehow. some way. and stephan diggs takes it 61 yards for the game winner. here is what he had to say. >> offense had to do something. i felt like an opportunity. and give somebody a shot. look at him right there. look at him right there. that man right there, said i'm going to give somebody a shot, and that somebody was me today, and i wanted to make him look as good as possible. >> what was in stephan diggs' brain as you were crossing over the line for the companied? >> i can't believe it just -- for that touchdown? >> i can't believe it just happened, but i can believe because of god. >> and vikings now one win away from playing in the super bowl. that super bowl is being played at their home stadium in minneapolis. nor, here is the schedule for sunday. the afc championship game between the jags and patriots begins at 12-05 our time.
12:50 pm
nfc game, that game between the vikings and eagles, set for 3:40 and watch that right here on ktvu fox 2. and the super bowl is less than three weeks away. people in minneapolis are working around the clock to make sure the city and stadium are ready. this city has been preparing for the super bowl for 52 years. well, for three years now. sorry. super bowl lii for three years. >> got it. >> and roads are shut down and a new pedestrian bridge is being constructioned to accommodate fans. more features of the super bowl will arrive today as crews install a concrete stage later this week. and hapleton star leslie odum jr. will kick off the super bowl by singing america the beautiful before the game. odum, who won a best actor tony award in 2016 will be joined in the super bowl lineup by pink, who will sing the national anthem and justin timberlake who will perform the half time show. again that super bowl takes place on february 4, in minneapolis. all right, you can now add nutritious beer to that good old emergency kit you have. up next, why the brewery says it is the perfect addition to
12:51 pm
your doomsday supply, and the other survival tools that come along with it. my healthy routine helps me feel my best. so i add activia yogurt to my day. with its billions of live and active probiotics, activia may help support my digestive health, so i can take on my day.
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activia. now in probiotic dailies.
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actor mark wahlberg is showing his financial support for the time's up movement, donating the million dollars for reshooting "all the money
12:54 pm
in the world." because of the difference in the contracts, michelle williams referred about a thousand dollars after actor kevin spacey was replaced. and the decision she says is not about her but speaking up. and wahlberg says he supports the fight for fair pay and the talent agency that doe represents both is donating -- that represents both is donating another half of a million dollars to the fund. the season started late in the far northern california coast for crab fishing. it was delayed three times because the shellfish were not mature enough to harvest. the last time poor crab quality dedelayed the season for fishermen in mendocino and humbolt county was five years ago. a bike lane on the richmond san rafael bridge is hit with opposition. it was a 10-foot lane that would be separated by car traffic with a removable median barrier. and david conley, who sits on the transportation commission and the bay authority says
12:55 pm
using the space for another lane for cars and trucks would make more sense. the project would cost $13 million. another lane for the eastbound lake on the bottom is set to open in april. thousands of posts on air bnb face a deadline to register the vacation rentals with the city. part of the settlement with san francisco, air bnb and another rental site home away agree to require all hosts to register with the city tomorrow. if the hosts do not register, they are supposed to be be kicked off the web site. reportedly, more than 2,000 hosts have registered as of late thursday. but that is gluft just just a fraction of the 8,000 hosts listed on air bnb for san francisco. celebrations are taking place across san francisco honoring the life and legacy of dr. martin luther king jr. this year seems to be taking on a different tone with the racial tensions at the forefront of society. today at 4:00, how the social climate is impacting events taking place across the bay
12:56 pm
area. today on -- at 4:00 on 2. and fascial parks have entrance fees to get in for free food. and this is the first of free days. at these locations. you can save up to $30 per car. at more than 100 parks throughout the country. and that includes near woods, yosemite, and redwood national park. >> a delaware brewery says it has people putting together emergency kits that are nutrient rich beer. >> the brewery company calls the ale, the end of the worst as we know. it the title of it. it is liquid extracted from the mashing process during the brewing of beer and the brewer says the beer recipe includes several essential items and extra amino acids and it will be packed with a swiss army knife and a blanket. >> and i don't know if i need the whole case. >> just the beer. >> don't need the solar
12:57 pm
blanket. the warriors and cavs tonight. on the road in cleveland. >> and your pick? quickly? >> warriors. >> warriors all the way. >> thanks for watching, everybody. the next newscast is the 4 on 2.
12:58 pm
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>> today, the whole idea, eat less bread and lose weight. you can eat bread again. w place to find bread than your grossy market. >> personalized smoothies that help you. these aren't the same recipes you have seen before. coming up next. >> are you ready to save some lives today? >> iowa! y! iowa -- ya >> i love you, dr. oz!


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