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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  January 9, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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injured tonight including seven of those students.>> the crash happened around 8:00 a.m. this morning on san pablo dam road. we get new information from our reporter where the school bus was headed. >> reporter: the students were headed here to this elementary school when the accident happened, and the crash was captured on surveillance video. the vehicle collision happened just after 8:00 a.m. this morning. home security video shows a white truck hitting a volkswagen. first one collision, and then another involving a school bus and it was carried seven special needs students. >> i heard a loud bang, and i assumed it was an accident. the bus driver was panicked and
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really worried about the kids. she was about eight months pregnant possibly. she was really hysterical, and i tried to do what i could to calmer and make sure there was not a fire or anything like that.>> reporter: she said the students that were on their way to school seemed just fine. >> they just did not have a care in the world and had no idea. >> reporter: another neighbor says that many people pitched in to help before ems arrived. >> driver stopped and got out of their vehicles, and everybody was calm. >> reporter: the california highway patrol says that the seven children went to the hospital that were released. the bus driver and unborn baby appear to be uninjured, and the cause of the crash is under investigation. >> especially when you are traveling behind another vehicle, if you do not give yourself enough time to stop, then you just have to slow down
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a little bit more. >> reporter: the school bus is equipped with seatbelts, and that likely prevented serious injuries. a man who is accused of sexually assaulting a teacher in her classroom in san jose made his first court appearance today. 23-year-old andrew camilleri is charged with robbery and assault of a hopper school middle school teacher. the judge reduced just bailed from $500,000 to $195,000. if he is released, he will need to submit to electronic monitoring. the death toll of mudslides in santa barbara county has gone up to at least 13 people. from above, you can see the mud that poured through montecito before dawn. several homes were swept from the foundation, and at least 80 people have been rescued so far,
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and about 300 more are still stranded. this is one of many areas that were burned in the huge wildfires last month. >> we have a little bit of a sponge here, but once it reaches the saturation point, then things are going to start to move.>> the chp says that interstate 101 is now shut down indefinitely due to water, mud, and debris. at one point, the mud was three feet deep. they said it will take 48 hours or longer before that highway is reopened. >> montecito is an affluent community, and our reporter is there with the very latest and can you tell me what you are seeing out there tonight? >> reporter: tonight, there is no power in the affected area. the lights are from our tv equipment. this is a massive wooden gate, the type of thing that guards
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the estates, and it was just tossed around like a piece of driftwood from the incredible force. the mud flow down to this residential area towards the pacific ocean, and it destroyed everything in its path. at least 4 homes were completely ruined. the exact numbers are not yet finalized, but others were damaged. there has been confirmed 13 fatalities. people that were sleeping as it was 3 am -- 3:00 a.m. in the morning and the huge rainfall brought the mud flow out of the mountains. authorities feared this and that is why there was so many evacuations in advance of the rain. this area was under voluntary evacuation, not mandatory. this is not the birds on, but it is between the mountain and
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ocean. but as one responder said predicting where the damage will be is an inexact science. >> have you had a chance to talk to anybody that was caught up in the mudslides about what it was like and what kind of warning they had? >> reporter: it was terrifying. they had the warning from yesterday. the mandatory and voluntary evacuations went out in the afternoon. the storm had been forecasted for days, some people had plenty of warning. this was not what was expected to be the high danger zone. that was further up in the hills above santa barbara. so people felt, all things considered, relatively calm and chose to stay home because again this was a voluntary evacuation and they figured how bad can it be, we survived the fire, what is a little rain? it turned out to be torrential rain.>> we reported that 13
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people were killed and we have also heard that other people are still missing, do we have any idea about how many might be missing? >> reporter: i don't want to put a number on it and give you incorrect information because authorities will asked that, and that is a key question. there is not anybody in this immediate area. they have been here since 3:00 a.m. in the morning. the thinking is that these people are just people who have evacuated and have not checked in with their loved ones. that is not to say that they will not find people that could've been swept away, but the hope is that it is a communication issue. in los angeles county, authorities ordered evacuation in an exclusive area of burbank were water and mud is pouring down the streets.
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the fire last year destroyed vegetation that would normally stabilize the soil there. power is out in the area and at least three part cars were swept away, but fortunately no injuries there. >> dayspring in our chief neurologist and talk more about this. is it string that our reporter said that the area where this happened was a area that was not expecting it. >> they had rain down there, but they are not set up for rain. they knew the rain was coming, and even outside of the birds on, we had these problems. montecito was outside of the barn area. let's take a look at why that happened. if you coming closer, you will notice that a lot of folks haven't, but look at this investment look at the hillsides park --. there is no trees here, but it is just mud and clay. the water just drains off, so
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in these areas appear, i had reports of five inches an hour rainfall rate -- rates. all of this water has nowhere to go but right down to in this case montecito. the bard zones were obviously an -- a concern for northern california, but what happened here was just santa barbara. and it is still happening in san diego. we are definitely watching it, and the rain is ending and things are getting better, but this was not about the extraordinary fire, but it is just about typography and climate and the way these mountains shed water. i will lay out the numbers on the rain for you when we come back. >> as a reminder you can download our free weather application for the latest on the conditions, and we are
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posting updates on all of our social media sites. it is official as the raiders introduced jon gruden today .>> it seemed like jon gruden set all of the right things today. >> his passion will not be questioned for one second. the introduction of jon gruden as the new raider head coach comes under a different set of circumstances as he was traded away bow -- by al davis. today it all came full circle as jon gruden was introduced to the job that he took almost 20 years ago to the date. some 50 raider players from the past and the present attended the news conference, and the team had to move into the training facility to accommodate the crowd. it is hard for jon gruden to hide his passion.
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>> obviously, this is very emotional for me. i never wanted to leave the raiders. i never thought i would be back. but here i am, and i am ready to get to work. mark came to me a few weeks ago and asked me if i had any intentions to coach, and i said yes i do. i used to get phone calls from out a visit 3:00 him, and now i get them from mark davis at 3:00 a.m. >> everyone knows that i have been infatuated with getting in here, but nobody knew how deep our conversations were. some people aspi which was harder, and i said to get jon gruden was the toughest. >> the last year with the raiders for john green -- jon gruden was 2001. jon gruden says he takes no prisoners style was legendary, and he was asked today if that
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will still work.>> we have the extra oakland raider players here today, and they did not mind it. i don't know about reputation is, and there is some great video clips of me screaming and swearing at players. i also was the biggest cheerleader in the league. i get excited when we make a play and we make a first down. i really get excited when we win. i really do get upset when we don't, and i hope that still has a place in the nfl.>> that is probably a fair question. another generation of people who have gotten the trophy for participating are now in the nfl, and whether or not they will take to that style remains to be seen. but jon gruden says he has learned how to evolve as a coach. he also talked about the attempted to player safety. he is going to have to evolve as a
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head coach. >> we have posted more of today's news conference on, plus we have a one-to-one interview with jon gruden . new at 6:00 p.m., a boy is attacked by a family dog and after the break what a mother said happened and her warning to other dog owners. +2 information about a san francisco police officer accused of a sex crime, and now -- and how he is now free on bail. woman: so, greg, it's a lot to take in. woman 2: and i know that's hard to hear, but the doctors caught it early. hi, blake! my dad has cancer.
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woman: and i know how hard that is to hear. but you're in the right place. man: and dr. pascal and her team, they know what to do. they know what to do. the doctors know what to do. so here's the plan. first off, we're going to give you all... (voice fading away)
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a judge today decided to allow the use of public money to cover the cost of defending go ship defendant max harris. he is awaiting trial on 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter for the deaths of 36 people in the go ship warehouse 13 months ago. so far the lead attorney has been representing him on a pro bono basis because he does not have the money. the judge admits renting public money to a defense team is a rare move, but think this is best. a police officer is out of jail tonight on $200,000 bail. the 30-year-old officer justin mccall has been suspended now without pay after an internal
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affairs investigation.>> reporter: justin mccall is an officer that is fairly new to the department and is described by fellow officers as quiet. officer justin mccall's arrest comes from an incident september 6. he is being charged with sex crimes against an unconscious person. by all appearances, he is a caring competency spearheaded a valentine's day campaign for homeless women. he also passed out gift bags to women at shelters and on the street. he was quoted as saying these women are having a hard time, and we let them know that people care about them. but monday, justin mccall was arrested for sexual assault. the four year veteran of the apartment -- department was removed from the field, that he has now been suspended without pay. he posted bail which was
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set at $200,000, and his first court appearance at set for friday afternoon at 1:30 pm. san francisco police officer mourning the loss of a police k-9 that died after an illness. cavett was eight years old and died last thursday. he was born in the netherlands in 2009. during his career, he helped with searches and security sweeps including two world series games, a super bowl, and a u.s. open golf tournament. we are told that he was always eager to work, but enjoyed spending time with his handler and other officers. an east bay family assuring a frightening story of their or- year-old son who was severely attacked by the family rottweiler. he received more than 60 stitches to his scalp and face.
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>> the dog was euthanized, and our reporter is -- has more on what happened. and we understand that the dog was brought here where it was euthanized. that was at the request of the family immediately after this horrifying incident that happened. we understand that this 4-year- old boy was rushed to the hospital, and he had long hair down to his back that had to be shaved off. but despite all of that, he said he was in good spirits, and he was wondering whether or not the doctor to put his hair back, and his mother described his hair will have to grow back. >> despite the bandage that was wrapped around his head, the boy was in good spirits. >> he is very strong and never complained about the pain.>>
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reporter: he was attacked by the family rottweiler from their home in richmond. the 4-year-old son was playing with his brother under a blanket on the couch when the dog went under and bid his head and scalp multiple times. >> my daughter got scissors and stabbed the dog in the face so that he would let go.>> reporter: the mom said it was a long ambulance ride were the boy received more than 60 stitches. >> the whole time i was holding his hand and talking to him and telling him he had to be strong and not to go to sleep because you may not wake up. stay awake. he never complained. he never complained about being hurt. he has stitches here and here. the
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dog did not damage his eyesight. >> reporter: the animal services euthanized the dog after the random and unprovoked attack. >> what we want to do is educate people that with a family of children that they need to be careful. >> reporter: the rottweiler was astray and was adopted. the mom warns people now to be careful about the pets they adopt.>> he was a good dog. i am still in shock. just be careful because you never know. you never know. the next family may not be as lucky as we were. >> reporter: the boy is all smiles tonight, and he is going to visit the doctor tomorrow to see if he can take the bandages
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off. meanwhile, the dog -- the animal service is making sure if you're going to adopt, the make sure that the dog is licensed and try to know everything about the dog.>> that is just incredible thinking for the sister to grab them scissors. what quick thinking on her part.>> reporter: and mom says her 17-year-old initially tried to cut the little boys here first, but when that did not work, that is when she stabbed the dog in the mouth to make the dog let go. the 70-year-old -- the 17-year- old is shaken up and does not like to talk about it. >> it is so glad to see him smiling after something like that. coming up, the city of oakland is reporting a decrease in violent crime.
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>> this is by no means mission accomplished. >> details from police and what they are crediting for that decline. later in sports, we will hear from some of the former raider greats who showed up today to welcome jon gruden back . lawmakers are working to protect recreational pot smokers from the feds. we offer free expert help choosing the best plan for you. and all of our plans include free preventive care. financial help is available, so check for yourself to see what savings you qualify for. open enrollment ends january 31st, so don't miss out. because you never know when life... ...will change. get covered today.
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we have wrecking news from the south bay work san jose
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police confirmed they are investigating a police shooting that happened about when our goal -- ago at the metcalf energy center. the condition of the suspect is also not know, but we do have a crew on the way to the scene. the city of oakland says that there violent crime rate has dropped steadily in the last five years. our reporter tells us what city officials say led to this dramatic turnaround. and violent crime is down in oakland, and that is a store you do not hear you often. >> i am very pleased to give and share the story. it is a good story. the fruit is on the tree, and you can see it in our number. >> reporter: those numbers show a 23% drop in overall violent crime. oakland ended 2017 with 72 people killed, and that is the second lowest homicide total since 1985. the oakland mayor credits the
6:26 pm
crime to a different approach to crime-fighting. >> we have over the last five years reduce shootings by 50%, homicides by 42%, robberies by 38%. this is by no means mission accomplished. and anchor patrick in her -- >> and patrick said she wants to transform the department. she was to reduce crime and cut down on officers use of force which has dropped 75% since 2012. >> this is a reflection of de- escalation, training, and emphasis on how to dsus late such as the use of force -- de- escalate such as the use of force would become less.
6:27 pm
>> we try and identify data and individuals that are most at risk of being involved in gun violence. >> reporter: as far as property crimes, car burglaries in oakland are up 50% over the past five years. the chief says that the department will try and tackle those numbers. new at 6:00 p.m., an olympic ice skater is the victim of a san francisco car break-in. you can add custom-made skating costumes to the list of stolen items. the costumes were stolen when the skater was having dinner. she was taking part of the figure skating championships in san jose. that break-in is one of just thousands creating a soaring car burglary rate in san francisco. more than 30,000 break-ins were
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reported in san francisco in 2017. that is one break-in every 17 minutes in the city, and that is a 24% increase compared to the year before. our news at 6:30 pm is up next with president donald trump taking on immigration.>> reporter: a meeting at the white house to get a bipartisan deal on immigration. we will have details coming up. how this woman is making history in the senate. this flu season is shaping up to be the worst in a decade. stay with us.
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at least 13 people are confirmed dead in mudslides and flash floods in santa barbara county. early this morning, the effluent community of necedah was hit with torrential rains, and fire crews rescued at least 50 people. highway 101 is closed between santa barbara and ventura. authority say a truck that hit a car and a school bruss -- bus may have been speeding. it was all captured on surveillance video. the chp said that 12 people
6:32 pm
went to the hospital including the seven special needs students on the bus. the bus driver and the children were not hurt, but two people from the other vehicles are in critical condition. it is official as the raiders introduced jon gruden today . this will be his second time around with the raiders. he led the raiders to a couple of ocd appearances before being traded to tampa bay in 2002. mark davis said that he has spent the past six years trying to get him to come back. you are watching our news at 6:30 pm. president donald trump hosted a bipartisan meeting at the white house today to talk about a deal on immigration.>> he insisted that a water wall must be part of any agreement to protect the daca recipients. >> reporter: this morning this meeting was listed as a close
6:33 pm
to the press, but the white house ended up letting cameras inside the room for nearly 55 minutes as president donald trump met with republicans and democrats. he said he wanted to see a bipartisan plan on immigration, but he said any plan must include a border wall. the president suggested a two- phase immigration deal with first dealing with border security and the daca program . then broader issues after that. >> i think what we all are saying is that we will do daca, and then we can start comprehensive immigration reform the following afternoon.>> reporter: another topic was earmarks. >> we are going to bring you together and we are going to do it honestly and get rid of the problems that the other system had. >> reporter: president donald trump said they may serve as a negotiation tool for a
6:34 pm
gridlocked congress but not all lawmakers are sold on the idea. >> i guess put me down as doubtful as i have watched the system for a long time, and it was abused.>> reporter: democrats say the president is nonnegotiable water wall is not the best policy and does not help the dreamers. >> president donald trump is fighting for an empty symbol rather than smart policy that will actually produce better security at our borders.>> reporter: the president reiterated his desire for a wall in a tweet this evening by saying that a wall must be part of any daca approval . senator dianne feinstein released a transcript of a closed-door senate interview on a controversial russian dossier. it contained the august testimony of the fusion cofounder, and he said the author of the dossier took his
6:35 pm
findings to the fbi over concerns a political candidate was being blackmailed. last week, top republicans asked the justice department to investigate him claiming he may have made false statements. senator feinstein said that he release the document because of any innuendo is part of a deeply troubling effort to undermine the investigation. the senate judiciary committee will first welcome -- welcome the first african-american senator in history. cory booker and kamala harris were added. a state lawmaker from the east bay wants to make it easier for people with marijuana convictions to erase or reduce their conviction now that marijuana is legal in california. it would require getting courts
6:36 pm
to automatically get rid of other records and convictions from a felony to misdemeanors. currently californians have to initiate the process themselves. >> individuals do not know if they qualify, and if they do, they do not know how, and if they do how, then they may not even have the resources to do it . there is so many pitfalls along the way, we streamlined it and made it easier.>> this law was approved by voters as part of proposition 64 which legalize marijuana last year. the san francisco mayor's race is now set, and new details as the deadline passes. plus how hundreds of people honored a chp officer killed in the line of duty recently. sorry. i can't make it.
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hundreds of people gathered together in hayward for a fundraiser to raise money for the family of fallen chp officer andrew camilleri. the father of three young children was killed on christmas eve in a suspected drunk driving crash on i-880 in haywood . it was organized by the highway patrol and local police and firefighters. all of the proceeds will go to the family trust fund.
6:40 pm
the san francisco's mayors race is set. the crowded field includes supervisor jane kim. as of tonight, eight candidates are listed as qualified out of the 26 names. the supervisor and acting mayor will be on the ballot, and some people say she should be replaced to avoid a conflict of interest. >> we believe that if the mayor serves for six months before the election, they will have the advantage of the incumbency, and that will affect the final results of the election.>> the board will hold a vote next week to find a caretaker mayor. six members of the board would have to sign off, and so far there is no indication of who the caretaker mayor may be. if you use eharmony, you
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may be owed some money. eharmony will pay $1 million to customers who wore unknowingly enrolled in a auto renewal program. affective customers could receive about $30 each. separately, the company has agreed to pay about $1.2 million to settle a consumer protection lawsuit that said eharmony automatically charge users for fees without providing contracts. eharmony says they will rework the practice. the flu season this year could be the worst that we have seen in years. >> we are encouraging anyone that has a cough or a sneeze to wear a mask until they are seen. coming up, more advice on how to stay healthy. it is raining in lake tahoe , and that is not good news for the skiers. i will let you know how much rain we got and how much room
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♪nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea!♪ here's pepto bismol! ah. ♪nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea!♪ we can now simulate the exact anatomyh care, of a patient's brain before surgery.
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if we can do that, imagine what we can do for seizures. and if we can fix damaged heart valves without open heart surgery, imagine what we can do for an irregular heartbeat, even high blood pressure. if we can use analyze each patient's breast cancer to personalize their treatment, imagine what we can do for the conditions that affect us all. imagine what we can do for you. new information about the flu season this year. health officials say it could be the most severe in a decade.'s>> they say there is still time to get vaccinated. our report has the latest update from health officials and how the season is affecting the bay area so far.>> reporter: at this clinic in east
6:45 pm
san jose medical staff are having a hard time keeping these newly installed stands with mask at hand sanitizer stocked. after precaution is in place. >> we are encouraging anybody with a call for a sneeze to wear a mask until they are seen. >> reporter: according to the latest update, so far this flu season 27 people under the age of 65 years old have been confirmed to have died from flu -related illnesses, and 70% of them did not get the flu vaccine. >> many people choose not to get vaccinated because there are many myths involving the vaccine. one of them is that many people say they get the flu from the flu vaccine. >> reporter: this man says his daughter got the flu vaccine, but not him. officials say there is plenty of vaccine and antiviral
6:46 pm
medicine available. santa clara confirms five deaths under the age of 65 years old this flu season. >> we have a big population group with chronic illnesses, and i would be worried for those patients, but right now, we have not really seen that.>> reporter: health officials are hopeful that because the flu season started early, that it could end early, but it could also run through may, and that is why they say there is still plenty of time to get a flu vaccination. the shop will still offer some protection.'s and a lot of rain overnight. for the latest on the forecast, this go back to bill in the weather center. >> significant rainfall totals. check this out. we had san francisco with about three and half inches of rain.
6:47 pm
kentfield had over five inches. san jose had almost 2 inches of rain. this system last night essentially was three or four systems all wrapped into one. not for the mountains bow. i have reports of rain at lake tahoe. -- though. i have reports of rain at lake tahoe. in the mountains, well let me click on one here. there was five inches of new snowfall here in the last 24 hours. not bad. on a storm like this i would expect about three feet off of -- four feet of snow.
6:48 pm
the forecast model for tomorrow morning shows a few sprinkles and clouds. it is not what i would call rain, and we will have plenty of valley fought. in on thursday morning, look at i-99. the fog will be there all the way south to bakersfield. be ready for that. tomorrow morning and again on thursday morning there will be plenty of fog. this is our forecast for thursday afternoon, we would just have some clouds. southern california is starting to dry out a little bit as well after a significant rainfall in santa barbara. i heard reports last night that there was four inch and five inch rainfall rates per hour. if you get five inches of rain at that rate, for 10 minutes, it will cause big problems, and
6:49 pm
that is exactly what happened. here and your five-day forecast with a slight chance of rain tomorrow. like i said, we had three or four storms all at once. >> it seems like we got a months worth of rain. >> in some areas, that was like 70% of their total rainfall. back down to that breaking news in the south they were san jose police confirmed they are investigating a officer involved shooting. we have life pictures as the camera will spin around here. it happened about one hour ago inside the med energy center in south san jose. we have no other detail so far, and the condition of the suspect is unknown.
6:50 pm
again a officer involved shooting in san jose and we are working to get more information from the scene. when we do learn more, we will let you know. in the meantime, still to come, jon gruden returns to the silver and black as the new head coach, and mark talk to him one on one, and you are going to hear what he had to say next in sports.
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mark is here now with sports, and the new head coach, jon gruden, you got a chance to talk to him today. >> for me, the most impressive thing about jon gruden besides the fact that he speaks very well and is an accomplished coach, he seems really down to earth. i don't really like that expression, but i expected him to be a little full of himself, and he is getting $100 million, but i found him really engaging and looks you in the eye. he was a easy guy to talk to and i was totally impressed by that. he comes in here with a lot of things at stake. raider fans are hoping he will be able at the very least to send the team off to las vegas as a winter. he has all kinds of pressure on him in regards to how long he has been out.
6:54 pm
can you get derek carr back in business? i ask a few subjects with him in this interview earlier this afternoon. >> when did this thing again to resonate with you to where there was some fact in this and i thought this might be the year and why? >> i have a lot of respect for mark davis, and we have been friends over the years and have had numerous discussions over the years about coaching and his vision of the franchise. the reality is that when we had a ring of honor game in tampa and i got around a lot a by old players, i realize that this is what i loved most in life was being on a football team and being with the players. i never really felt good about leaving the raiders under the terms that i left under, and i
6:55 pm
wanted to come back and work for mark and do something special here for the city of oakland. i cannot wait to get outside and meet the raider fans.>> is it a little bit of bittersweet in knowing that the team in a couple of years will probably leave? your thoughts on that. >> i am really sensitive about that. i have a lot of friends here in oakland. i want to try every way possible to give them something to remember. i want to show my gratitude to them by coming back and laying it on the line for them.>> you are known for somewhat of a quarterback whisperer. you talk a little bit about derek carr this morning, but what are the things you like about in and maybe -- about him, and maybe what went wrong with derek carr? and one number 1, he got hurt, and that can hurt any quarterback's performance. i have always liked him, and he is a great person and he has
6:56 pm
great talent. he is athletic, and i think he has a passion to play football and be great. i think he has some dynamic leadership traits, and he is in his prime. there is a lot to light, and it is our responsibility to get them to play at a better level. on tv, i can tell you when you are doing a great job and when you are not doing a great job. that is all i know. >> jon gruden. he was a easy guy to talk to. one of the questions i ask him was he has been out of the game so long is can he relate to the changes in the players as this is a new generation and a lot more money is at stake. those a lot of former raider players, and here is their reaction. >> there is nothing wrong with him getting upset. there is nothing wrong with
6:57 pm
that. you want a coach that is not going to fake anything that is going to be honest with you, and i think you get that with jon gruden because he is that type of coach.>> he really does love the oakland fans. i am sure he is going to be -- doing that, so i think the focus with them is to be on that. >> jon gruden is like that everyday . how can you think someone can possibly function like that on a daily basis? but that is too easy -- that is who he is, and i am excited for the organization. >> he is definitely all in in everything that he does. >> you can see the former players coming out to support them and that was great. >> see you later everyone and have a good night.
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hey, leonard, if you're not busy tomorrow, i have to do a little reception after work. oh, i would, but we need to make a push on the air force project. oh, are you sure? we're celebrating our new a.d.d. drug, and it'll probably be over in, like, six minutes. did you say you guys are working on the guidance system tomorrow? yeah, why? well, sheldon said that he was gonna work with me on our quantum perception project. we've had this planned for a week. well, he reconfirmed with me this morning. guys, before this gets ugly, remember, the winner gets sheldon. hey, raj, do you want to go with me tomorrow? are you asking because you want me there or out of pity? actually, never mind, don't answer. i'd love to.


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