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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  January 9, 2018 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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good afternoon. i'm gasia mikaelian. >> i'm mike mibach. the raiders a welcoming back a familiar face, jon gruden. >> is being introduced as the new head coach. marquis bundy is live at headquarters before the introduction. >> reporter: right now jon gruden is right behind me hitting ready to be introduced to not only the bay area media but the bay area at large. he's waiting to be introduced probably by mark davis, i would imagine. what is otherwise a gloomy day in oakland, completely brightened by the presence of an amazing array of former raiders stars. how we long, charles woodson, rich gannon, jerry rice, you name it. they are here. if you can pan to the right a little bit. it's in that facility right there that they are all
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gathered. they moved it into the weightlifting room which is usually able to seat about 200 or 300 people. let's get back to jon gruden. he is being interviewed by probably the raiders' a channel. we overheard him say this is a great day in my life. very exciting. charles woodson pranced into the press conference a few minutes ago. basically saying, raiders! raiders! they are really like little kids. there is an extreme air of excitement. just so you know, i'm having a hard time hearing you guys. i'm going to go back. >> i think the owner of the raiders just sat down in front of the microphone. let's listen in to the owner right now. >> reports that jon gruden is
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out there looking to get into coaching. >> it looks like they are running a video first and then we will hear from jon gruden and mark davison a little bit. joe, i keep talking about his first priority. what do you think jon gruden wants to change with the organization? a year ago they were in the playoffs and this year was a dismissed appointment. >> i think we should also recap a little bit that it's almost 20 years ago to the day that jon gruden was initially introduced as the head coach. i think the number one thing the raiders need to address is no one knows exactly why derek carr went backward this year. and he is known as an offense guru, a quarterback whisperer. that will be topic number one. try to get derek carr straight. okay they were talking about in terms of potentially being an mvp candidate last year and the guy who undoubtedly went backward this last year. that's one of the major reasons
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why the raiders, who were initially talked about as a super bowl contender, struggle the way they did. that will be the number one priority. >> raiders fan base seems to be behind gruden? >> the one talking about it. just about every coaching vacancy for a decade or so that jon gruden has not been a coach, he's been mentioned as the one that everyone wishes for. is there a chance we can get him out of retirement? initially when you hear those things, you are wondering -- we've heard this before. i think it's fair to say that mark davis took a big swing and he got the big fish. talk about the fan base. they have loved him ever since he was here. in fact, one of the reasons he supposedly left here is because al davis, the old at the time, did not like the fact that jon gruden had become the face of the raiders. there is a famous story about al driving down the a katy freeway and seeing a billboard that had jon gruden's face on it. he saw he had become the face
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of the raiders and shortly after that he was traded to tampa bay. >> let's listen in. >> please welcome the head coach of the oakland raiders, mr. jon gruden.[ applause ][ cheers and applause ] >> thank you. thank you. i'd just like to thank mark davis and mrs. davis, for this opportunity. i used it to get phone calls from al davis at 3 am. now i get them from mark davis at 3 am. but i want to thank you for this opportunity from the bottom of my heart. i want to thank you, cindy, my wife and my three sons, for supporting me in going after this opportunity. and it takes a family effort, i
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think, to be all in on something like this. and i'd also really like to thank all of the rater players that are here today. i saw charles woodson. brady fumbled that ball. tim brown, howie long, eric allen, jerry rice, jim otto, ted hendricks -- it's about the people for me. and that's a big reason that i'm here today. obviously, this is very emotional for me. i never wanted to leave the raiders. i never thought i'd be back. but here i am and i'm ready to get to work. and i just want to say that there's really four major reasons that i'm here coaching today. number one, i love all. i love the players that play it. i love the preparation. i love the journey. i love football. and i love the city of oakland. i had a son here. some of my great memories in life are in oakland.
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and i want to give them two of the best years of football that i can possibly help deliver. and i love the raiders. the brand is global. everywhere i went as a monday night football analyst, the raider nation would come out of the ground. i love the raiders. most of all i love to win and i'm going to do everything i can , no guarantees, no promises, but i want to win. i look forward to working with reggie and his staff. we have a lot of work to do. we've hired three coordinators already. paul guenther from the cincinnati bangles is official. a great addition to our football team. which percent cheat will be our special teams coordinator from the cowboys and greg olsen will be our offense coordinator coming over from the los angeles rams. i can't wait to get started and it's an emotional time for me but i will answer any questions i can. thank you.
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>> media, please raise your hand and find the microphone on a side. when you ask a question, please stand up and state your name and affiliation. >> terry mcdonough, bay area news group. can you take us through the process of when this really got serious and to where you are now? >> i don't know. mark and i have been friends a long time. i think over the last six or seven years we have talked about the raiders, not necessarily becoming a coach but maybe ways that we could improve the raiders or my vision of how i thought i could help them. market came to me a few weeks ago and asked me or a couple weeks ago and asked me if i had any intentions of coaching and with the support of my family i said yes, i do.
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it's a mysterious way that it all came together but, here i am. i really don't have a solid explanation other than that. >> phil barber, santa rosa gazette. i'm sure that you have had offers pretty much every year to be back on the sidelines since you left them in tampa bay. why now? why was the timing right this year? why was a different? >> in my heart. i feel this is the thing to do. this is what i want to do. this is the organization i want to be part of and i'm all in. i only live one time. this is something i feel deeply, strongly about and i'm going to do everything i can to hire a great coaching staff and put the raiders back on track. >> vern glenn, kpix-tv. once you make that decision,
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from that point on, where you diagramming police in your head? were you thinking spider 2 wide banana? what were the emotions once you made that decision and said hey, this is a. >> the reality is i have not changed at all since 1998. i really haven't. i'm not a deep, philosophical person. i've always loved football. i wanted to come back. i'm prepared to come back. i ready to roll. i'm just ready to go. i'm at a point in my life where i need another challenge and i know i have a lot to prove and am eager to prove that i can do it. yes, i've been thinking of a lot of place. and when i met derek carr this morning, i thought of a few more. just so you know. [ laughter ] >> john, and killian with the san francisco chronicle. you say you haven't changed all that we are all a little bit
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older than we were the last i'm out here. do you still have the maniacal energy and passion and three 3:17 am wake-up call and all of that? >> subpar, i do. yes i do. my wife and kids i think can attest to that. work ethic is a big part, i think, of anyone's success. and any success i've had, i think, starts with the drive. the excitement of getting up and helping a team and helping a player improve. my schedule hasn't changed at all. it really hasn't. >> ed gray me from las vegas review-journal. what we've seen of you in the last week with derek carr is you and he at the camp many years ago. you've met him now. talk about what you've seen in his maturation and development and what you are looking forward to working with him? >> my feelings are similar. he has a great arm talent. he is athletic. he's got natural leadership skills. he's young and in his prime.
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he's healthy. he is i think been in a lot of different systems and he's played for a number of different quarterbacks. does not been a lot of continuity that way around him. i think he has a huge upside. i think with greg olsen and the system we are putting in place, it will demand a lot from him and i think that's what's going to unlock the greatness in him. but, very, very excited to have him as our quarterback. >> john charles stuart from various inews group. 10 years is a long time to be away from the sidelines. how is the green chick -- game change in her opinion? has a change that much and how much are you going to have to adjust from the coach you were 20 years ago? >> 20? i'm not that old, carl. what has changed is the collective bargaining agreement has changed. the way we practice. the way we conduct ourselves in the off-season. obviously, the rules have changed.
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player safety has now emerged as critical part of the game. i paid very close attention to it. i have a lot to prove. is no question. i have not coached since 2008. i have not one game since 2008. i haven't lost any, either. i want to keep that in perspective. i need to hire a great coaching staff. that's been the number one criteria i've tried to bring everyplace i've been as a head coach. it's about the people. it's about the staff. it's about the temple we establish as a coaching staff. with that said, i have a lot to prove. i know that. but the game is still decided by players between the lines and we all have to adapt every year. >> the new head coach of the oakland raiders, jon gruden, addressing the media and answering their questions thing he has a lot to prove but also saying he's all in and he talked about the fact that he is not won a game since 2008. he had a sub .500 record.
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he did not win a lot when he was with tampa. since he's been in the broadcast booth, will that help him be a winning coach from here on out? >> i thought he address a couple of those outstanding points. number one, when you're in the media, you don't lose any games but you don't win any games. you are like switzerland. you can say that was a great game and you don't care that you were on the losing side of an incredible finish. gruden goes from that into that cauldron, and i thought a very telling question -- he was known for his crazy work ethic. a guy who originally, as what they call quality control, the guy who breaks down the tapes for the other assistant coaches -- that started in the 49ers offices under mike holmgren. gruden was this kid who was not high enough up the food chain to be allowed into the actual meetings. he would get there at 4 am and
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have his back to the wall so he could hear what was going on in the offense meetings but finally they said, come in and you can listen to the stuff. that's how driven he was. he had an incredible work ethic and that's what you need to have as a head coach in the nfl. you don't work that hard in the media. you study all week for a game that you will do. the question was, as a 50-year- old, as opposed to a 30-year- old or 20-year-old, are you willing to put in those hours. he said he is. his family has grown and his kids are in school so now he has the ability to do that. the other pertinent question was today's player. he's had a generation of being out of the guys who are snapchating and tweeting what's going on in the locker room. he is a very hands on style coach. he is in-your-face. can today's player deal with that? or does he have to adjust and ease off on that? i thought it was interesting. he said you're always evolving with the game. the other thing that's changed dramatically was all the attention to the head injuries and things like that. the rules have changed to protect the players.
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there are a lot of things he will have to adjust to but i think the most important thing is is he ready to bring the fire in the passion and the chucky expressions and all that. we saw some of them already today. it will be fun to watch. the other interesting thing is two years in oakland where he loves her. guess where the raiders are going after two years. that one year that has yet to be decided where they are playing because there's no lease on the colosseum at that point. that's another element that he will be, by all accounts, aerator head coach for 10 years but two of those will be in oakland. the rest will be in las vegas. >> he said it was football, oakland, the raiders and winning. we will see. a great reintroduction to jon gruden. let's look at the weather. that's another major concern of the day. we saw a lot of rain yesterday. upwards of 2-3 inches in urban areas and up to 5 in the hills. this is winding down.
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we are looking at mostly cloudy skies and if you scattered showers into the afternoon. here's a look at the satellite and radar. let's take a look at portions of the sale today. portions of the santa cruz mountains are still picking up some rain along highway 101. also in portions of saratoga, cupertino and los gatos. as we shift into the central by and east bay, some light rain is falling. sprinkles here and there from san francisco stretching across the bay bridge and into the east bay of oakland. if we go further north we have the richmond-san rafael bridge. maybe a few sprinkles there and around american canyon. along highway 4, you also find some in antioch, bay point and along 680 and concord. the second half of the afternoon, this will continue to wind down. snow levels her back up in the sierra. here is the system over southern california.
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southern california is dealing with a lot as far as flooding and debris flow and mudslides. for us, we are in good shape. here's a look when you can expect into the afternoon. this continues to push out of the area as the storm moves to the east. here is a look at what we would consider the start of the evening drive. into the evening hours, continuing to dry out. we will have a slight chance for showers on wednesday. i will detail that and look at the rest of the week and what you can expect for the afternoon highs today. the storm is not caused any major problems in sonoma and napa counties in the areas burned by the fires. the flash flood watch was canceled around 2 am. people have done what they can to reduce the risk of debris flow and mudslides. the area got several inches of rain which caused some floating. the assistant buyer marchal said this is the first significant test to see if all the precautions put in place over the past few months will pay off during the winter storms. >> hopefully the rainfall rates
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don't produce any significant incidents. we are encouraging people that if they do see mudslides or debris flows or major flooding or call 911. >> the city of santa rosa and the highway patrol will monitor burned in new construction areas for signs of flooding or mudslides. five people died in southern california from mudslides. a santa barbara county fire department captain said the bodies were located in muddy debris during rescue operations and montecito. the mudslides web homes from their foundations. dozens of roads and freeways were shut down due to the flooding, mudslides and downed wires. last night thousands and some of the areas destroyed by last month's thomas fire were told to pack up and leave because of the dangers. the evacuation order covers parts of ventura, los angeles and santa barbara county. the chp continues to investigate a morning accident involving a school bus in el
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sobrante. this happened at san pablo dam road and lois lane along san pablo creek. four carson the bus were involved. two people suffered critical injuries. the bus driver who is 34 weeks pregnant was taken to the hospital along with seven students on the bus. their injuries are believed to be minor. no word yet on an accident calls. how a spike and flew in the bay area is sending people to the hospitals and draining supplies of flu medication. a wrong-way crash turn steckly on a south bay freeway. the investigation into why the driver was going against traffic. sfx: tinny headphone music
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a spike in flu is said -- sending patients to hospital and draining medicines. the cdc is tracking the disease and set the death toll in california is standing at 27, higher than previous seasons. the season started in november, earlier than usual. the cdc says the strain that seems to be most active is influenza a. this is generally associated with more severe symptoms. >> several measures we track and measure the severity of the flu season such as doctor's office visits, and hospitalizations due to influenza and pneumonia. these are already at levels we usually see at the peak of more severe influenza seasons.
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>> at this point the cdc can predict whether the season will continue to increase in severity or level of. experts are recommending people get the vaccine if they have not done so. interstate 880 in milpitas is open after it was shut down for several hours this morning due to a deadly wrong-way crash. >> alex savidge is in milpitas where investigators are trying to figure out why the driver got on the highway going the wrong way. >> reporter: that's the big question. good afternoon. the wrong-way driver who triggered this crash this morning in milpitas ultimately died from his injuries at the hospital but everyone else involved in this accident somehow survived. the other drivers had just seconds to react as a minivan came barreling toward them. a huge pileup on 880 in milpitas early this morning. the chp says this dark green minivan was heading north in the southbound lanes of the freeway when it slammed head-on
12:24 pm
into four other cars. >> speaking to us in spanish, claudia maldonado said she saw headlights coming out her and swerved her car trying to get out of the way. the minivan crashed into the back of her buick before striking three other cars. the driver of the minivan suffered major injuries and died later at the hospital. >> reporter: authorities say he was a 52-year-old man from oakland. no one else involved in this wrong-way crash was seriously hurt. >> obviously any loss of life and injury is tragic but given the terrible road conditions we had last night and poor visibility, this could be a lot worse. any loss of life is horrible. >> reporter: this crash happened just before 5 am on southbound 880, just north of highway 237. the chp got a pair of 911 calls
12:25 pm
reporting this van driving in the wrong direction. initially officers had to shut down the three left lanes of the freeway for the investigation and that caused miles worth of backup approaching the scene all lanes were eventually reopened just after 7 am. right now chp is trying to figure out why the man behind the wheel of that minivan got onto the freeway going in the wrong direction and of course investigators will be trying to figure out if he may have been under the influence of drugs or alcohol. back to you. and pleasanton officers are searching for a man who fled when police tried to pull him over for a traffic violation. they say marquice mcclinton got out of his car and started walking toward the officer with his hands in his jacket. after the officer drew his weapon, police say this suspect got back in his car and drove away. eventually crashed into a tree.
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police say the suspect ran away. if you have information about his whereabouts, please call pleasanton police. outrage over an ad by retailer h&m. where many including a singer are calling it racist.
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tracking a bump on stocks. the dow jones is up gaining almost 100 points.
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the s&p is also up. fashion retailer h&m is apologizing for one of its adds. the company showed an african- american child modeling a sweatshirt with the phrase -- coolest monkey in the jungle. the company took the ad off its website after hundreds on social media accused of being racist. the image of the child and the hoodie appeared on the british version of the online store. social media users pointed out that two other tops from the same line, one that said survival expert, were modeled by white children. singer, the weekend, is calling out h&m. he tweeted that he was shocked and offended and will not be working with the store. the week and has collaborated with the chain her previous collections. british airways is getting rid of reclining seats on some of its flights. the new seats will only be installed on short-haul flights
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lasting less than four hours. airline said the seats will be set at a gentle recline. they said the change will allow it to reduce ticket prices. the list is growing for those wanting to be the next mayor of san francisco. the latest person to officially file paperwork for the job when we come back.
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a rally is underway on the san francisco city hall, organized with a san francisco progressive alliance. they are gathered and calling on the board of supervisors to appoint a caretaker mayor. a temporary mayor to replace acting mayor london breed until the june. the special election. the acting mayor is wanting in that election and members of the group say allowing her to stay on as act thing mayor gives her an unfair advantage as an incumbent. at 5:00 today, that is the deadline to file paperwork to run for mayor in the special election. >> and the candidate file the paperwork to run allie rasmus explains, the board of supervisors is prepared to discuss whether to appoint an interim mayor for the next 5.5 months. >> reporter: with the stroke of a pen and swearing of an oath, jane kim officially threw her hat into the ring.
12:34 pm
she is running for mayor in the june 5 special election. >> evictions have gone up. we've seen a less affordable housing get built. we see homelessness increasing on the streets and, frankly, we have a lot to do. >> reporter: the board of supervisors president london breed is the current acting mayor. she assumed that role in the late mayor died in office last month. but breed is also a candidate running in the june 5 special election. >> we believe that if a mayor serves for six months before the election, they will have the advantage of the incumbency and that will affect the final results of the election and we feel it is unfair for 11 people in city hall to put their thumbs on the scale. >> reporter: the san francisco progressive alliance wants the board of supervisors to appoint an interim mayor to serve just for the next 5.5 months. someone who would then step aside after the special election. supervisors will start the process of discussing the possibility at their meeting today.
12:35 pm
the first meeting since the day ed lee died. >> there will be discussion about wind we have the next meeting. what are the procedures? what does that look like? >> we are debating this at the board of supervisors today and next week. my hope is to find someone who will serve full-time, taking care of the needs of the city. >> it should be someone other than supervisor breed? >> i have not made a commitment and either way either for or against any individual. like i said, it has to be someone who can get the 6 votes. >> san francisco has been in the situation before. 2011 ed lee was appointed to be a temporary caretaker mayor and at the time he pledged not to run in the special election. he went back on that promise and went on to become the mayor for the next several years. >> there is no chance of that happening this time around. the deadline to file paperwork is 5:00 today. the board of supervisors, if they decide to appoint a caretaker mayor, it will be too late for that person to enter the race.
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former vice president joe biden will be in san francisco tonight. he will be interviewed by janet napolitano at the jewish community center of san francisco. he is currently on a book tour for his newly published memoir called, "promise me, dad". his appearance at the jewish community center -- center is scheduled for 7:00. the oakland mayor and police chief announced a steady decline in violent crime over the past five years. oakland has seen a 23% drop in overall violent crime which includes homicide, rape, robbery and assault. 2017 the city reported 72 killings. the second lowest homicide total since 1985. police are looking for someone who shined a green laser at a chp helicopter in richmond over the weekend. this happened sunday night near richmond parkway and giant word. the laser came from a san pablo neighborhood the police have not made an arrest. >> i don't know why they are
12:37 pm
doing it other than that they are curious as to how far the laser beam can go. >> the curiosity can be deadly at times but the laser can cause blind spots for the pilots and declare and can also cause them to be disoriented and lose control of the aircraft. people shining lasers may think the light is a sign of a dot but the beam is 6-8 feet wide. an event is being held in hayward for fallen chp officer andrew cammalleri. he was called christmas eve by a man of allegedly driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol. the event is being held at famous dave's barbecue on west winton avenue. the fundraiser runs all day until 10 pm. the fallen heroes campaign will donate the funds raised to the cammalleri family trust fund. several agencies are accepting 911 text messages to report emergencies. the california highway patrol's golden gate division of the
12:38 pm
cities of sunnyvale and santa clara are offering that option for people who are not able to call in a dangerous situation. the chp said dialing 911 is still the preferred way to request help in the text feature is meant for those who may be put in further danger by calling or for the deaf or hard of hearing. a proposal to raise tolls on bridges could be on a ballot in all nine counties. the metropolitan transportation committee's vote to -- is set to vote tomorrow. a final vote would come on january 24. the whole ex--- the hikes would be added over six years. the final increase would come in 2025. tolls on the golden gate bridge would be the only ones that do not go up because that is not owned by the state. a jury decided that desley brooks has to pay more than half $1 million in punitive damages after an assault in 2015. brooks pushed on former black panthers leader elaine brown at a restaurant near jack london square after an argument a body
12:39 pm
west oakland public housing project. the same jury awarded elaine brown $3.75 million in compensatory damages in december in a civil lawsuit against the city of oakland. brown's lawyer said brooks punched brown in this chest with both fists that set her flying over a stack of folding chairs. she hit her head and had to have shoulder surgery. president trump met with senators at the white house to talk about immigration policy. >> reporter: a bipartisan group meeting today to talk immigration reform with the president despite deep divides of the issue. >> the president has made it very clear he wants to have us secure the border, interior enforcement. >> reporter: among topics of discussion, what to do with dreamers. the 800,000 daca recipients brought to the u.s. as children egli. the president said any concession on the program would require something in return including a wall along the southern border.
12:40 pm
>> donald trump needs something he can plausibly call awol. and the democrats have portrayed the wall as a symbol of heat, something that is a complete waste of resources. >> reporter: this comes as the administration announced nearly 300,000 people from el salvador must leave the country despite being allowed to live in the u.s. for more than a decade on a temporary visa. >> in this day and age, a lot of them have deep roots in the united states. >> reporter: adding to the pressure for compromise, the latest deadline for congress to pass a federal budget. there are only 10 days left to avoid a government shutdown. >> i think of democrats and republicans can come to a deal on daca, then maybe we will see it. >> not only is january 19 a critical deadline for lawmakers, march 5 is also approaching. that's when the daca program officially ends as it -- if it immigration deal is not made.
12:41 pm
the trump administration announced its ending special protections for immigrants from el salvador. that could force 200,000 people to leave the country. >> amber lee tells us those people have been living here legally after being granted temporary protected status or tps. >> reporter: carmen, of oakland, keeps a photo album that chronicles her life. she tells me she left el salvador to escape an abusive husband in 1994 and came to the united states to be with family. she said she gained legal status when the u.s. government granted her temporary protected status in 2001 along with many el salvadorans who came to the u.s. following a civil war and after a severe earthquake. she raised her children here and works as a clothes washer. she describes el salvador as a dangerous place, violent crimes such as extortion by gangs are commonplace and the murder rate is high. >> killings every day.
12:42 pm
killing people. every day. >> reporter: an estimated 195,000 el salvador and have 20 months to try to find a legal way to state or face being deported. senator dianne feinstein said she and two other lawmakers have introduced legislation to provide permanent protection from deportation to individuals with tps. she says -- as a country we should not force people to return to a violent and deadly environment. >> i don't want to go back. no. because i don't know my country. >> reporter: advocates for immigrants from el salvador said they formed a coalition called save tps now, last june because they sought anti- immigrant sentiment grow under the trump administration. >> with this administration, everything is going to be harder. because this administration, before he started, he said i'm going to kick everybody out.
12:43 pm
>> reporter: under the tps program, at a gets a recipients were given social security numbers, work permits and driver's licenses. they are also vetted every 18 months to make sure they don't have a criminal record or use drugs. >> i'm not feeling illegal here. i am here. i'm an american. >> reporter: advocates plan to hold a forum on saturday at the el salvador he and consulate in san francisco. next month advocates plan to head to washington dc to lobby lawmakers to pass legislation to protect tps recipients. amber lee, ktvu fox 2 news. it has become an instant classic. when we return, a look at the college foot tall national championship. also i love look outside. could more rain be on the horizon? the forecast is coming up next.
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college football has a new national champion. it was a battle at mercedes benz stadium. the georgia bulldogs up 13 at the half. alabama was looking for a spark. the head coach of the crimson tide decided to shake things up in the second half. a true freshman quarterback, tua tagovailoa, replaced quarterback jalen hurts, enter if you touchdowns. georgia had a chance to win this
12:47 pm
but a last-second kick in regulation would go wide left. georgia kicked a field goal in overtime on the first possession. that meant alabama needed a field goal to send the game into a second overtime or a touchdown to win. after a devastating sac, the crimson tide got there 6. >> trying to make up for. files to the end zone -- touchdown! alabama wins! >> the crimson tide when their fifth foot national title in nine years. it is coach, nick sabin, sixth title. the winter olympics start next month. >> north and south korea held a meeting. greg powell, said the talks indicate the longtime enemies appear to be open to cooperation.
12:48 pm
>> reporter: signs of cautious optimism out of the korean peninsula. tuesday morning north korea agreed to hold military talks with south korea and to reduce tensions between the countries. >> we also clarified our position that the north and south cooperate based on mutual respect and stop actions heightening tensions on both sides. >> reporter: also coming out of the many, news that north korea will send a team to the winter olympics and south korea. south korea also proposing the countries march together at the opening ceremonies in pyeongchang. >> i think the winter olympics are a good chance to show the world a good image of our nation's pics and some korean, it's natural for me to congratulate my fellow koreans for this happy event and i hope that athletes from north and south can do well and be successful. >> reporter: this meeting was the first formal dialogue between the countries in two years. north korea accepted seoul dialogue offer on friday after the south and the u.s. agreed to postpone their military drills until after the olympics. >> every korean wants relations
12:49 pm
between the north and the south to improve. it's urgent. it's an important thing the whole nation should solve by coming together. anything that provokes either side or creates obstacles to reunification should completely stop. >> reporter: absent from the language in the statement after the meanings, any mention about korea's nuclear or missile programs. still, we may be singing the first movement in years. >> the rain kept me up a little bit last night. 4.5 inches at my house. it seems like a lot of people had similar totals across the bay area. >> the national weather service tweeted out a seven-day total. if you think back to the weaker storm last week. up to 8 inches of rain falling in higher elevations. we definitely needed it and that's all good news. let's take a look at some of those rainfall amounts from the last 24 hours. cazadero coming in just shy of
12:50 pm
six inches. boulder creek, five inches. a little more than 7/10 reported there. santa cruz, more than three inches. alameda, almost 3 1/2 inches. san francisco almost 3 1/2. san jose got in on this pick it looks like 1.70 inches. mill valley, more than 4 inches. the north bay benefited from this. we did not see much going on in the way of flash flooding and the debris flow. that is also great news. here's a look at storm tracker. we will remain with isolated showers in the forecast for tuesday. if we move in closer, we may have light rain moving along highway one down through morgan hill and gilroy and tour the santa cruz mountains. in the central bay we've been watching moisture dancing around areas of san francisco and into the east bay, crossing over the bay bridge.
12:51 pm
also around american canyon engineer san rafael. in the east, that could be more widespread rain. highway 24 through lafayette and 680 toward concord, a study, light rain. the transitions over toward highway 4 and bay point and antioch. in the sierra, not much going on. snow levels are high with a mix of rain and snow. we can do to watch the storm. the center is over southern california. this will continue to push east as it moves out, isolated showers will move out along with it. here is the afternoon. the evening drive looks fairly good. mostly cloudy skies and try. tomorrow morning will the a disturbance drop from the north. at noon tomorrow we may have some scattered showers and the forecast. it doesn't look like a lot. maybe some nuisance showers.
12:52 pm
temperatures right now, widespread mid-50s and low 60s. we will not see much warming from here. temperatures remain in the upper 50s and low 60s today. here is the extended forecast. calling for partly to mostly cloudy skies for saturday -- wednesday with a slight chance for scattered showers. on thursday friday and the weekend, warming up slightly with dry conditions expected on saturday and sunday. the harlem globetrotters are in the bay area. where you can see them and the positive message they are giving to local students. sfx: tinny headphone music
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sfx: feet shuffling life can change in an instant. be covered when it does... ...with a health plan through covered california. we offer free expert help choosing the best plan for you. and all of our plans include free preventive care. financial help is available, so check for yourself to see what savings you qualify for. open enrollment ends january 31st, so don't miss out. because you never know when life... ...will change. get covered today.
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on saturday the harlem globetrotters will play seven games over two weekends in san jose and oakland. members of the team at ocean view elementary school this morning holding an assembly about their cheer for character program. the globetrotters designed the program with help from the u.s. department of education to build character development and elementary school students. we spoke with two stars just before they went in front of the students. >> are you excited or do you get nervous when you're about to go on? >> a little bit but it's a good nervous. and let you know that we are ready. the kids will have the energy and that gives us energy. we have a good message for the kids today. given that message and have some globetrotter fun at the same time. >> for tickets, head over to
12:56 pm and click on web links. justin timberlake will be the halftime performer at the super bowl. after that he is taking his show on the road. >> the outdoors is the inspiration for a lot of the songs. that's the main idea. [ music playing ] >> this will be able to bring the outside in. >> he is going on tour starting in march. his only bay area parents will be at the sap center at san jose on april 24. tickets go on sale next tuesday attending a. he released a new single last week and has an album on the way. today, we continue to monitor the latest on the deadly mud slides and santa barbara county. >> at least five people are dead. rescue and recovery efforts are still underway and neighborhoods left scarred by the wildfires. now inundated with heavy rain causing those large mudslides. for the most part the bay
12:57 pm
area is not seen as much rain but these past two days have been good. >> hopefully we have more on the way as we make our way into 2018. thank you for watching. the oakland raiders officially have their new coach. it was great to see jon gruden. and will be an interesting season next year. thank you for watching. the next newscast is the 4 on 2. ,,
12:58 pm
12:59 pm
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>> evil doctors. >> he reached his hand into my pelvic area and pulled the baby out. >> delivering babies. how could this happen? >> i was being ripped from the inside. >> plus. >> she was kept in a cage. >> he abused me in every possible way. >> dur mom have any idea that this was happening? >> she married him. >> the twist no one expected. coming up next. [captioning made possible by espn, inc.] ♪ dr. oz: today, another "dr. oz"


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