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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  January 8, 2018 4:30am-5:00am PST

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the homeless. advocates for the homeless are calling for safe sanction camps in berkeley. there will be a meeting tonight at the north berkeley senior center. a federal prosecutor who once worked in the city's office has been named to the northern district of california. he has been serving as first assistant u.s. attorney since 2016, second in command. he also worked as a deputy attorney in san francisco for six years. his promotion comes after the recent resignation of his boss. an actor on the popular series 13 reasons why was arrested, accused of looting the homes of the elderly. he worked as a caregiver for the elderly and is accused of stealing jewelry from homes between september and november. in one case, he learned that one of his former clients was in the
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hospital. he called the man's wife saying that her husband died. police say when the woman rushed to the hospital, he burghized -- burglarized the home. police tracked his movement on the cameras. box had a minor role as a high school student in 13 reasons why. a sacramento woman accused of taking a joy ride in a patrol car is behind bars thanks to a citizen's arrest. it was caught on dash camafter this man noticed the police car driving erratically. he saw the car pull up behind him, then back up, turn around, speed the wrong way into oncoming traffic. he decided to follow the driver and call police. he went into a liquor store and
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came out with a bottle of beer. he made a citizen's arrest. he was booked for vehicle theft and driving under the influence. time now is 4:32, the legal fight over charles manson's remains will continue today. the court will try to sort out two conflicting wills and the claims by a reported son, grandson, and pen pal. all of them want control of his estate, including commercial rights to his name, image and mumeantoes. it is also possible to cash in on songs he wrote that were used by the beach boys and guns and roses. he died of natural causes after spending nearly 50 years in murder after being convicted of killing sharon tate and others in 1969.
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there was a space launch over the weekend. >> three, two, one, ignition, lift off. >> the tagcon 9 rocket blasted off from florida last night, carrying the satellite to an undisclosed orbit. space x ended commentary 5 minutes into the floit. it is code named zuma. they plan to launch the most powerful rocket in the world later this month. there is good news for planet earth. the massive man made hole in the ozone layer appears to be closing up. it protects the earth from rays that can cause cancer and crop damage. a new study based on satellite images show the hole is slowly shrinking. scientists say it could be completely gone as early as the
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year 2060. for the first time, chlorine levels are going down and ozone levels are responding to it. >> in the early 1980s, scientists discovered that chemicals were releasing an ozone depletion into the air, but those have been phased out. 3 million more recalls are out for tucata airbags. toyota, honda, tez luand bmw all could have the bags. tacata says it will work with the companies to help replace the airbags. they have recalled more than 43 million airbags. it has been linked to 1 deaths
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and hundreds of injuries. new concerns today that marijuana dispensaries may not have enough marijuana to keep up with demands. recreational sales became legal at the beginning of the year, including distributing cannabis from farms to dispensaries. a slow roll out of licenses has some people worried that the supply might run short. not a single distributor license has been awarded in los angeles. a monarch butterfly migration habitat is keeping a close eye on the weather after last year's weather caused problems. it is the largest wintering habitat in the united states. but last year's heavy rains created a large hole in the tree canopy. this year, only 14,000 butterflies came back, compared to 20,000 last year and 30,000
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the year before. right now, we have a committee from the state parks, arbrists and experts that are looking into the type of trees to put in to replace the trees we lost and to maintain the health over time of this habitat. >> with more storms on the way, the park is working to protect the future of the monarch. time now is 4:36, a movie theater in maur auga has now closed after almost 60 years. >> i came here when i was in high school, 60 years ago. >> the new ring theater opened in 1957 with a single screen, more screens were added in the 1990s but the movie theater struggled to fill seats. the owner says the theater needs a lot of repairs. he says there is a chance a nonprofit group may take over the theater and reopen it
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sometime in the future. police are investigating a shooting involving a car burglary, up next, the search for the people who shot two people. >> the up roar this morning about the plan to put a starbucks into yosemite national park. >> it is wet out there. this is westbound 24, looking okay on the way to the tunnel. >> we have a rainy monday forecast for you, some of that will be moderate to heavy, nothing too bad yet but it will pick up later.
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welcome back. it is 4:39, breaking news now! live pictures from new york city, there is a fire at trump tower in new york city, it appears to be on the roof. you are looking again at live
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pictures of smoke. firefighters are dollar, streets around the trump tower are closed as firefighters battle the flames. trump tower houses many businesses as well as residences. we have not heard of any injuries yet. a fire at trump tower in new york city again, you can see the fire fight is still going on. we will keep our eye on this and bring you more on this. two apple investors are telling the company to step it up when it comes to the problem of smart phone addiction. the california state teachers retirement system asked the company to add more parental controls to the devices. they say excessive phone use can lead to more depression and suicide in teenagers. hp is recalling 50,000
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laptops because the batteries may melt. there have been three reports of damage, including reports of a first degree burn to someone's hands. the batteries are in a variety of laptops. hp is asking users to download the validation utility software that will let you know if your badry has been recalled. baby boomers are retiring and there is a potential shortage of nurses but an inexpected surge of millennials into the profession will protect it. millennials are twice as likely to be nurses as their grand parents. in a few years, there will be more millennials than baby boomers in the profession. there is a potitian going on now to stop a starbucks located
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at the yosemite valley lodge. the petition calls for corporations to stay out of the national parks. as of this morning, more than 8,000 people signed the petition. >> you are a big fan of the park, what do you think? >> that is a tough one but i think i would like to keep any corporation like that out. >> okay. we will not keep sal out. we need you. there are wet roads and rain out there this morning. that's right. traffic is going to be affected by the wet weather. first of all, looking at levels that were not there last week. there are a lot of people on 205 and last week we didn't have those back ups so a lot of people are back to work today. in oakland, a crash at westbound 580 at lake shore that is clearing. since it is so early, not a big
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backup from that. also on the way to san bruno, southbound 280 at west borrow, they are clearing that. it is early enough that the crashes are not causing big backups. the traffic is not great because of the wet weather. you can sthee traffic on 880 is just okay, both directions at the bay bridge toll plaza, it is light but definitely a wet commute. let's bring steve in with wet weather. >> rain, and the wind will pick up as well. nothing too heavy yet but it will pick up in intensity for some. this looks like some of the heaviest will be a little to the south. that seems to be the trend. first thing to be concerned about is the flash flood watch for the recent burn areas. the wind advisory will kick in
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for later tonight. snow is not an issue until late tonight for the siarya -- sieras. the front will intensify off the coast. the rain has been hit and mess most of the season. santa cruz mountains had some pretty good rains last week but you can see for yourself, through tuesday, 2 to 3 inches for some of the isolated areas but everyone is in on the rainfall. rain will be light to moderate to heavy occasionally. we will see things pick up and the front will move through later today into tonight. and there is development taking place there and here comes for system that will give us the moderate to heavy rain. that doesn't come in until later on. we get the warm sector in advance of that and lows are in
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the 40s and 50s. it will be moderate and o educationally heavy rain, towards santa cruz mountains and that will be the focus today. 40s and 50s today and the southeast breeze will amp up later today. the system will swing in and heavier rainfall. 50s to low 60s and then the temperatures are kind of a moot point. maybe some drier weather for the weekend but the break will not last too long, we will be back in the rain in about a woke. >> thank you, steve. 4:45 is the time right now, the raiders have their next head coach, we will look at john gruden's previous stent with the raiders and what we can expect this time arpd.
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it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing. welcome back to mornings on 2. the new orleans sans beat the carolina panthers in the first round of the nfl playoffs. breeze passed for 260 yards and two touchdowns. and camnewton threw for 3489 yards and 2 fourth quadrangler touchdowns, his team got within 5 points but the saints defense stepped up in the final seconds. look at this.
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new orleans moves on to the next round. they will play the vikings on sunday. and the jaguars beat the buffalo bills 10-3. the bills quarter back, taylor, was knocked out of the game. final minutes, the back up, nathan peterman came into the game and with less than 30 seconds left, he was intercepted by ramsey and the jags now go to pittsburgh to play the steelers sunday morning. the win peg jets beat the sharks 4-1. >> to george, score, there it is. >> the sharks trailed by 1 after logan torres's power play goal in the second period but that is as close as they got. they adone more and the sharks
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are off until saturday when they host the coyotes. and tonight the college football championship game with alabama and georgia. georgia likes to run the ball but they will be tested with alabama's tough defense. it is a chance to put the coach in the company of bear bryant with six titles. georgia is searching for their first national title in almost 40 years. moving day for the oakland a's front office. they will move into a new office in jackland square. their previous offices were split up at oracle arena . they will give a grand tour of the space later today on the team's facebook page. >> the raiders officially name john gruden as their new head coach over the weekend. the raiders are expected to
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introduce gruden tomorrow during a news conference at the raiders facility. joe fonzi is taking a look back as his career and what to expect in 2018. >> are you nervous? >> i am [ bleep ]. the effort was outstanding. >> we are not posing for football cards, play with speed. >> you are breaking huddle with me. how stupid are we. >> reporter: if not the most, certainly in the top five of most animated coaches in nfl history. john gruden came into the ranks as a special assistance with the 49ers, got his first head coaching gig at the age of 34, the nfl's youngest coach. two things happened to the
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raiders under his leadership. they went from loser to contender and gruden went from football coach to american pop culture icon. there was the scowl, the intensity, and then raiders defensive lineman jackson saw a resemiblance between gruden and the fictional character chucky in the 1980's movie child play. and gruden was named one of the 50 most beautiful people. >> i have a reputation to live up to also. >> reporter: he was the face of the oakland raiders, which did not sit well with the owner. his last game as the head coach was the tough loss in new england. gruden was traded to tampa bay
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for draft picks. >> there are a lot of emotions. people like john, we like john, i like john. >> reporter: that deal was an immediate boom for the bucs who destroyed the raiders in super bowl 37, a game in which tampa players seem to be the raiders' plays as well as they did. gruden has not coached since, mainly being in the media. >> i want you, what do you say about that? >> let's win some championships. >> reporter: now things come full circle. after almost a decade out of coaching with the son of daving making the calls, one of the most popular head coaches in raiders history will be back before a new generation of players and fans. >> i am excited. i was a little bit younger when
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he was coaching but all i remember him is as chucky. >> it is john gruden, raider all over his face. >> i think they were too busy being solemn with the head coach, he brings in fire and passion. >> i love it that he is coming back. >> reporter: bringing gruden back as a second-round as a head coach is not unpres dented. they are hoping this encore has a much different ending than the last one. >> it is going to be fiery. that is for sure. the one young man said passion. >> a lot of passion. and a lot of people talking. >> a lot of people excited. >> all right. time is 4:54, major preparations are underway to protect the burn zones in napa county, we have new information
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on what is being down to prevent land slides and flooding. >> and the fight for tax reform is over, president trump continues push for changes to immigration policies, the new fight he plans to take up. >> looking normal at the bay bridge which is to say we are back to the old pattern of people showing up early. already a little bit of a back up here before 5:00 on a rainy monday. >> it is a rainy monday, not too heavy yet but it will pick up here and this will be one of those all day events for many.
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good morning. last year's wibt storms caused major problems and we are telling you what is being done to make things better around coyote creek. >> get yor umbrellas and jackets ready, we will tell you the areas being hit the hardest coming up. mornings on 2 continues. >> welcome back to mornings on 2, monday morning, january 8. i'm pam cook. >> and i'm dave clark. we get to talk about weather
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right now. i have problems saying wed roads but -- wet roads but i will be saying it many times this morning. >> it will be one of those days where it is light for some and moderate to heavy for others. the heavier rain comes in later tonight. the most rain i have found is in san francisco and san molina is close as well. wind advisory will kick in with gusts at 45 to maybe up to 50 miles per hour. the cold air will not arrive until tomorrow and the snow will remain very high. the flash flood watch is out for the burn areas and wind advisories as well. this is a decent system here. rain light to moderate today and then picking up in intensity. then the front will come in tonight and heavier rainfall
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showing up. everyone is in on decent amounts between now and tuesday morning and afternoon. by tuesday night, it should be gone and wednesday should be drier. you are seeing 2 almost across the board so that means about 3 to 4 for russian river and santa cruz mountains. that is the warm sector system over us now. there is some development in the west. and it will develop here and then you will have the system approach. closer to the radar site, look at this, a little more intense there. 40s and 50s on the temperatures here. the breeze will pick up and it will be a southeasterly breeze. look for a cloudy breezy day. if you are fighting a flu bug, it is a good dito just hunker down. rainy and windy, 50s and low 60s. it is 449. . it is a tough commute already . a lot of slow traffic and a lot
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of people are back on this monday. traffic on 580 and 285 is slow as you expect and the rain will slow everything down. traffic will be slow. it was not slow like that last week, that's for sure. traffic on 580 is recovering from an accident at the lake shore curve. there was an accident northbound 880 near the 980 interchange in downtown oakland coming up and traffic is not going to be that slow but we had an accident southbound 280 at the west bor exit. you can so the traffic is moving along but it is raining hard. it will stay that way. this morning, you need a little extra time. traffic is going to be okay at the bay bridge toll plaza. that is backed up just a little bit in the outside lanes. at 5:00, let's go back to


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