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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  January 2, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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driver was going more than 100 miles per hour. turned away from the terminal. >> they say turn around and exit. >> the false alarm the lead to the evacuation of the san jose airport. a mall walk down. >> there were several armed robberies that occurred. >> the brazen daytime hold up outside nordstrom in the evidence that may lead to the suspect. police swarmed the shopping center and the north bay after armed robbers target a delivery truck at nordstrom. police are not saying what the thieves got away with but they may not be on the run for long. i'm heather home. >> i am frank mallicoat. the village cameras were rolling and captured important information. tom is live at the mall. >> reporter: robbing ups trucks is not that unusual.
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robbing a ups truck here at one of the shopping malls is very rare. just before 10:00 this point the central moran police authority was notified of a strong-armed armed robbery at the village in corte madera. >> it occurred in the area of the nordstrom's loading dock involving a ups truck and an unidentified subject. >> reporter: chp and police units descended on the scene, many holding semiautomatic rifles at the ready as the search went on until well after 11:00. anytime someone pulls a gun there risking their life 20 police response. the customers have yet to be let into the store and although it happened at the loading dock , police evacuated employees from the store out of an abundance of caution. no shots weren't fired but one witness told police one of the
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robbers was masked and held a gun to his face. >> there were several robberies that occurred in this, one victim was injured. minor injuries. >> reporter: the witness said the robber kicked in pistol whipped a maintenance worker at the mall and was taken to the hospital. >> the subject was seen getting into a van and leaving the area after the armed robbery occurred. >> reporter: police are looking for a white van that headed north. >> there are cameras that did capture images of the suspect in the vehicle. >> reporter: in a statement ups wrote we are thankful the ups driver is safe and we appreciate the willingness of the area businesses and residents to share with a and their security cameras have seen. that is the situation here and we will try to have more for you at 5:00. >> where the robbers looking for something in particular out of the ups truck? >> reporter: generally speaking they know there is usually
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valuable merchandise in here but come into this particular mall these are pretty tiny stores and have two things here of particular interest. there is an apple store here and a microsoft store here see you can get a lot of stuff. one reason robbery that the robbers $370,000 worth of iphones. clearly they probably knew what they were looking for. >> tom, quickly, we heard the officer mentioned surveillance video. did they say if they were going to release any of those images?>> reporter: other than the news conference that you saw that we put on the air, the central moran police authority said they will release a press statement and at that point we will find out if they will release the video. if one person was masked that will make it hard but if you have a license plate and you have got something to go on.
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if the other person was not masks or if there was another person they have something else to go on. more than he week after the chp officer was killed and his partner injured in a dui crash on christmas eve, the driver has been charged with murder .22-year-old mohammed abraar ali of hayward faces the long list of charges including that he was drunk and high on marijuana. leigh martinez was in hayward earlier today where the police that the driver was speeding. >> reporter: the district attorney had to charge all the. he does not have any prior dui arrest but we have an shot from a 2013 burglary case that was dismissed. chp said 22-year-old mohammed -- mohammed abraar ali was that he party christmas eve and he admitted to consuming alcohol and smoking marijuana before getting behind the wheel. the complaint said ali told
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authorities on the night of the crash that he threatened his wife and then drove. he was speeding at over 100 miles per hour when he crashed into the chp patrol car parked on the shoulder of interstate 880. the crash killed officer andrew planner larry and injured his partner. today the alameda county district attorney said she made the decision to charge ali as second-degree murder. in 1981, for the supreme court case gave prosecutors the green light to charge second-degree murder when a dui crash kills someone. >> the prosecution must prove that the individual was aware of the extreme danger the drinking and driving poses to others that the person made the choice to disregard the danger. >> reporter: ali faces five felony counts with enhancements including the injuries to the officer who was sitting in the driver seat and survived the
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crash. ali has been in the hospital since the christmas eve crash. chp did not describe his injuries. the district attorney said hundreds of drivers were arrested in alameda county over the past year for driving under the influence. >> drinking and driving is socially unacceptable. smoking marijuana and driving is as unacceptable. >> reporter: the complaint said ali told investigators on december 2016 knowingly copy on the will of the car impaired and considered pulling over three times before the crash. in addition the black box analysis inside his cadillac showed the car was driving at 120 miles per hour at the time of the crash. suspects in the deadly ghost ship house for made an appearance this morning in oakland. they are facing involuntary manslaughter charges. there were said to enter a plea but that was postponed to next month to give attorneys more time to work on the case. there are still many holes in
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the prosecution's case and the attorney is confident they will win when the case goes to trial.>> they do not know how the fire started, how can they say i was criminally negligent when they cannot even say how it started so we will always be depending on the fact that there is superseding causes potential. >> prosecutors say they were negligent for number of reasons including all the chemicals that were stored at the warehouse in a faulty staircase that prevented many victims from getting out. today judge ruled in hillsboro real estate heiress who arranged the murder of her children's father will go on trial. the 31-year-old tiffany lee is charged with directing her boyfriend, another man to kill 27-year-old keith green in april 2016. the judge ruled all three suspects will be tied together.
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lee had two daughters with green and prosecutors say she feared she would lose the custody battle. the case made national headlines when lee's family helped her to post $35 million in bail. to the south bay where the terminal at san jose airport was evacuated due to his suspicious package scare. it turned out to be a false alarm but it stalled air travel for several hours.>> reporter: it is back open after a two our shutdown today and while the airports of the suspicious backpack turned out to be nothing it had an impact on travelers with the ripple effect including affecting some still arriving right now. planes continue landing at the airport tuesday morning but if you look closely you can see outside the terminal and emergency response underway. >> he came on his it was a
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suspicious package in the terminal and a few minutes later wilbur told to pull away. >> reporter: around 10:00 ama strange site, terminal b shutdown. they suspicious backpack was found eric eight in a passenger waiting area. -- found near gate eight in a passenger waiting area. will going to security tsa agents told travelers to leave. >> they set turnaround and exit as fast as you can. >> reporter: the airport said passengers already through security were move to terminal a. the bomb squad was called in while hundreds of arriving passengers had to wait outside. >> we were concerned that we are not going to get to san diego on time. i have to go to work. >> reporter: just before noon, after police deemed the backpack and non-threat, passengers are allowed back in packing the southwest and alaska checking counters. >> we went to check inside and it is a zoo. there is no order. >> my uber driver diverted to oakland because i saw the chaos and then we heard it open back
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up so he turned around and brought me here.>> reporter: this passenger headed to la to visit her daughter and was told her flight canceled but then found out it was delayed and our half. >> i promise my daughter i would come today so i'm going to go. >> reporter: in the baggage area passengers finally arrived in the world allowed to deplane and spend between one in two hours on the taxiway. including this eight month old and her mother. >> we are coming back from chicago. it was a four our flight and we were on the runway for 75 minutes. everybody was pretty calm. everyone was really nice on the plane. >> they gave us food and water but we did not understand what was going on.>> reporter: the airport estimates the couple thousand passengers were affected by the delay. they said most are expected to
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be flown out by today. most ron southwest and alaska. in the last 20 minutes or so i got an email saying three of alaska's flights had to lays up to two hours and others had less significant delays. in oakland and alaska airlines flight to portland, oregon was canceled this morning due to reports of a rat in the cockpit. and officials said the flight was supposed to leave at 9:15 this morning. 110 passengers are put on other flights. no word on what happened to the rat. in the south bay, santa clara crews to they will spend the night monitoring hotspots of the cardboard manufacturing plant where he fire broke out. the crusade the fire could be days before it is contained. >> -- >> reporter: the fire has been contained the cruiser using
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water and heavy equipment trying to make sure the fire does not reignite. crews first responded to the fire on 1:00 this morning and found an outside storage area engulfed in flames. the plant manager said all the employees were evacuated and accounted for so firefighters decided to go defensive, not wanting to risk injury to personnel with 15 foot tall stacks of cardboard burning. fire crews dumped thousands of gallons of water to get it out. there using the heavy equipment to make sure it does not start again. >> we have a large bulldozer. we will separate this and take the product and put it into bin so they can haul it off site. it is the long tedious process but we are here and we will get through it. >> reporter: the fire department said fuel stored in the area in high voltage lines above complicated efforts. at around 4:15 they were able to get it under control and cruise are expected to remain unseen -- crews are expected to
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remain unseen. when they arrived at quarter of the yard was on fire so just have to say where the fire started. investigators say they will review video trying to determine exactly how the fire started. he has been his senator for more than 40 years. of prominent republican lawmaker now says he will not seek reelection point we will to about the early favorite to run for orrin hatch is seat. while we prepare for rain much of the united states is in a deep freeze. setting all kinds of records. in our weather lots of clouds. by this time tomorrow we could track pretty good downpours of the chance for thunderstorms. a big change in our weather pattern, that is coming up.
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more deaths reported in more freeze warning is issued as the deep-freeze continues for much of the u.s. >> adam has more from the fox weather center in new york or forecasters say another arctic blast is expected this week. >> reporter: the bitter cold is lingering over much of the nation. from texas to canada wind chill advisories are in effect. with schools closed and many commuters opting to work from home, many of those who are forced to head out took care to bundle up. >> i have a hoodie on and my thermal underwear and jacket. it is working pretty well.
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>> reporter: the cold is being blamed on an arctic air mass that caused at least nine deaths so far. shattering low temperature records many areas. reaching as far as florida where vacationers have been hoping for a break from the chill. >> this is not vacation weather. >> it is cold. >> reporter: temperatures down south range from 25 in new orleans to balmy 82 in alabama. in bismarck north dakota got down to -27. topeka, kansas, -14 and it was -17 in indianapolis. the severe cold prompting health officials to issue frostbite warnings as well that can happen in a few minutes with temperatures this low. >> make sure if you get cold you better go inside. if you're getting tingling fingers or toes go inside.
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>> reporter: the frigid temperatures are expected to continue through the weekend with these guys pressing for major snowstorm later this week. mark joins us now and i will never complain again about our weather. >> taking a quick scan of the current temperatures across the country, not to bad in comparison to what they have been dealing with. they are above zero. fargo, north dakota at 11. new york, 23 and 62 in los angeles. phoenix, 74. we finally have change to talk about. lots of clouds working their way back into the bay area. most of the screen is falling in the upper levels but there is a chance you may encounter if you spangles tonight into tomorrow morning. the neck system is offshore in its circulation in the pacific that will gradually approach the coastline especially by wednesday afternoon or evening.
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current numbers, mild 58 in santa rosa, 60 san francisco, fremont 59, livermore in the upper 50s. our live camera looking toward the bay, lots of cloud cover and a little bit of break for the upper portion of the screen but that is about it. the clouds will continue to roll in and eventually some rainfall falling as well it will take time so here is the time line for tomorrow. the chance of a few scattered showers tomorrow morning. the committee does not look like it will be affected to much but we bump up the chances into the afternoon hours, especially by 6:00 watch out for that is the rainfall could increase and possibly the chance of thunderstorms. two systems, one here and in other out here will move into the area tomorrow. another by thursday evening. the rainfall with that could be about the quarter of an inch to
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over one inch of rain. the forecast model showing the clouds, possibly a few scattered showers tomorrow morning. quickly passing showers at 1:00 tomorrow afternoon and then look what happens. we could have more coverage and this is what i think we could be tracking. a few scattered thunderstorms across the bay area as we head into wednesday evening. we will talk more about the thursday system and update the five day forecast in a few minutes. state lawmaker heading back to sacramento tomorrow to start the 2018 legislative year. one of the first issues on the agenda will address the sexual misconduct scandal. the senate still has to decide how to handle allegations against senator tony mendoza. he is ignoring calls to step aside despite the misconduct investigation. republican senator andy five is planning to introduce the measure to expel mendoza. state lawmakers are also expected to consider legislation that would improve protections for victims who report sexual misconduct.
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minnesota senator al franken officially resigned today coming in month after announcing he would leave office over sexual harassment allegations. he is a democrat and accused of inappropriate touching by at least eight different women. many alleged incidences took place before he was elected to office in 2008. he has disputed some accusations. minnesota's lieutenant governor tina smith will take his seat in the senate and will be sworn in tomorrow. along serving republican senator in congress announced today that he will not run for reelection when his term expires. 83-year-old senator orrin hatch made the announcement and -- in a video posted to twitter saying he wants to spend more time with his family. senator hatch played role in crafting the gop tax plan which was signed into law just before christmas. he said in interviews earlier this year he was planning to run free ninth term but that he would quote, gladly step aside if his friend that romney wanted to run for his seat.
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romney a former governor of massachusetts and republican nominee responded saying thank you for your service but romney did not reveal his plans. president trump very busy today on twitter. his support for the thousands protesting against the iranian regime and also his criticism of his predecessor. details on those tweets coming up after the break.
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of the season' on the only bed that adjusts on both sides to your ideal comfort, your sleep number setting. does your bed do that? right now our queen c4 mattress is only $1199, save $400. ends soon. visit for a store near you. several more people were killed in iran overnight as countrywide protest enter a six
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today. amateur video shows protesters and police clashing in the center of the country. iran state televisions of the group try to still weapons from a police station. demonstrators are angry over iran's week economy and also rising food prices. at least 20 people have been killed and hundreds arrested after -- since the protest began. the was is calling on iran to allow the demonstrators to communicate freely after crackdown on social media sites. caroline shively says president trump has been showing support for the demonstrators on twitter as well as blaming his predecessors. >> reporter: president trump kicking off the new year tweeting support for the iranian people sing quote, the people of iran are finally acting against the brutal and corrupt iranian regime. the tweet coming after state television reports nine people have been killed in overnight clashes between protesters and security forces. >> with the high stakes in syria in the high-stakes with
4:26 pm
the rebalancing, this is one to watch. this could be a focal point for the history of this region. >> reporter: the demonstrations, the largest since 2009 have been publicly supported by the trump administration. the president has been increasingly critical of the obama administration's handling adding in today's tweets, all of the money that president obama so foolishly gave them went to terrorism and into their pockets. the people have little food, big inflation and no human rights. the u.s. is watching. >> we have an opportunity to correct one of the great failures of the previous administration. >> reporter: obama's former un ambassador tweeted the best thing the president can do about the demonstrations is be quiet. >> don't be quite when people are losing their lives because they are standing up for basic essential needs and for
4:27 pm
freedom. >> reporter: the wall street journal is reporting and fox has confirmed that the trump administration is preparing to impose new sanctions on the iranian regime at the attempt to use force to end the demonstrations. iran and leaders are accusing their enemies of creating more problems rather than helping solve them. any new to this morning president trump taking credit for the safety record of passenger airlines. he tweeted quote, since taking office i have been very strict on commercial aviation. it was just reported there were zero deaths in 2017 come the best and safest year on record. the president was referring to her report by the aviation safety network which tracks plane crashes and says there were 10 deadly incidents involving cargo and commercial airplanes resulting in 44 deaths but none where passenger jets. researchers say safety has improved as more people are flying. there are three times as many people who fly today compared to 25 years ago. more on president trump's tweets today point we will type but his message for pakistan and his threat if the country
4:28 pm
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north bay fire victims are being told to look out for fraudulent bills for fire debris removal. the fake bills have been reported by some property owners who are participating in the state-sponsored fire debris
4:31 pm
removal program. sonoma county and the city of santa rosa say they will not send out any notices into the u.s. army corps of engineers has completed the debris removal process. officials say homeowners who have received the bill should not pay it and should instead notify authorities. in wine country is people are recovering from the fires, many are looking to the new year with optimism ready for it fresh start.>> ktvo has talked about many about their wishes. >> reporter: on main street in napa people strolled in the sunshine with fresh hope. young people looking for love. >> looking for someone who is ready for commitment. >> reporter: others looking for in more positive world. >> i think i am hopeful for positive changes. >> reporter: in sonoma some people said they hope for country more united. >> better conversations, more
4:32 pm
clarity. >> i would like the country to calm down and realize the people are good people and we should not be hitting each other or shooting each other. >> reporter: many people say they hope for good health and happiness. >> for prosperity and love in 2018. >> -- >> reporter: love, family, friends and community was within the air. signs in sonoma's main square in reminder of communities coming together and trying to move forward after last year's devastating wildfires. >> we are fortunate we have our home still and we are back home and comfortable there. we think and pray about our friends that lost a lot. >> i had the birth of my new daughter and then i was displaced by the fires. in 2018 i am hoping to get back on track. >> reporter: many see 2018 as the chance to rebuild is
4:33 pm
stronger community. >> the fire was bad but definitely on our town together and brought everybody closer. i'm excited to see how sonoma grows as a group community. >> we have been through almost everything and yet we all stood strong with each other. >> reporter: fema officials were out on new year's day surveying the situation. >> the debris mission now is more than one third done. we want to give people choices so they can make an informed decision about how to rebuild their lives and homes.>> reporter: neighbors looked at empty lots hopeful they will be rebuilt. >> we will have our neighbors again. i miss the lady across the street. we will be able to live again. >> reporter: signs of strength the new life springing up for the start of 2018. >> it is a new year. tomorrow as a new day. delete san francisco mayor
4:34 pm
june about helping those who are -- giving center people are second chance. the hummingbird psychiatric respite center at san francisco general hospital has been open for six months and today the active mayor received a tour of the 24 hour care facility. the goalie program is to get patients a place to get healthy and sober instead of turning them back onto the streets. >> is crucial for the system of care for us because what we found as many people leave the hospital after a psychotic visit and do not have the place to go back to. this is a way for us to provide some more time for them and ultimately tied to get people healthy. >> there are 15 beds at the hummingbird where patients typically stay for about two weeks. the department of public health manages referrals to the facility. two rest of been made in oakland's first two homicides of the year. oakland police say man was
4:35 pm
arrested for homicide that happened around 7:30 am yesterday morning near 54th avenue. 838-year-old woman was found shot to death inside her home. so far no other details have been released. the death was oakland's first homicide of the new year. oakland police have arrested another person following the shooting to killed the man yesterday evening. that happened around 5:30. so far the names of both the suspect and victims have not been released in that case. last year there were 76 homicides in oakland, down from 87 in 2016. california now the first so- called sanctuary state in the u.s. and not everyone is happy. signed up and put up along the california state line welcoming violent immigrant criminals to the state. the law limits cooperation between local officials and federal immigration authorities but it does not apply to violent criminals. governor brown sunday sanctuary state bill into law back in
4:36 pm
october. it went into effect on the first of the year. it is not clear what group is behind the signs and if they have -- and they have since been removed. president trump launching his second office with a series of tweets on foreign-policy. he suggested the u.s. should withdraw funding from the palestinian authority's after some similar tweets on pakistan yesterday. protesters here setting an american flag on fire just over 24 hours after the president accused pakistan of providing a safe haven to terrorist. the president said the u.s. has foolishly given pakistan $33 billion in aid over the years while pakistan has given nothing but lies and deceit. >> we know pakistan can do more to fight terrorism and we want them to step up. >> pakistan has denied harboring militants. today pakistani leaders say the u.s. is scapegoating it for the
4:37 pm
u.s. failure to bring stability and peace to afghanistan after 16 years of war. a small rural town in texas has built a fortress force local police department. what is inside to make it nearly indestructible. in whether every disappointing december weatherwise we have a system to talk about, two that will boost our rain chances we will talk about the timing coming up.
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police departments are taking extreme measures to protect their officers. >> last year 17 officers were killed in such attacks and as noelle new and reports a police station in texas is now taking extraordinary measures to keep its employees safe. >> reporter: just south of waco lights the town of hewitt, population 14,000. leading the police department is a man whose career took him to dangerous places. >> i've gone into police departments and have seen where they have been shot not. my personal experience where we had is subject imminent damage and break windows. i always carried that with me that if i ever had the opportunity to build the facility we were going to make sure our employees receive. it was difficult for anybody to come in and attack out of the blue. >> reporter: in 2014, the chief got the chance helping to construct the facility built to
4:41 pm
be a buffer. >> if there were an attack or something happen door took place within our facility, there is enough time that the employees can get out and be safe. >> reporter: the walls are made of kevlar material, the same thing lining vests. >> inside it looks dinner like a sheet rock wall but behind it is compressed kevlar, a building materials that our contractor found. we shaped it and put it into the walls. >> reporter: on the outside is a thick concrete shield, should the vehicle make it past the large boulders, the walls will stop it before harming those inside. a lot of thought went into the windows as well the glasses bullet resistant. you can see the thickness of the glass where the receptionist sits. the reception area is the only place you will find a clear
4:42 pm
view of an employee. all of the windows are placed high above officers desks.>> we like that idea because if there were somebody out there, they cannot see you through the glass and take out the glass and attacks that way. >> reporter: the safety enhancements go on and on from extent -- expanded steel around the walls to controlled access at every entry point.>> 20 years ago this was a wish that agencies had, that they could do something like this to have that protection. it has now become your reality. >> reporter: the ambush is ambush attacks. in 2016 it was dallas. prior to that, austin this past black friday, he's county deputies were attacked. should trouble striking his small town, he has ensured his officers will have a fighting chance.>> there is no true 100% measure that will keep somebody from getting into the facility. the reality of it is if they really want to get in they will.
4:43 pm
we try to slow them down as much as we can. bringing you back, talking about the rain that is on the way. >> it feels strange talking about the rain but we should be talking about rain. it is that time of year and today you notice clouds working. away back into the area. the system is still out to are southwest will bring in some rainfall with a few scattered showers tomorrow afternoon but better tomorrow evening. we could -- we're tracking some instability that could trigger thunderstorms out there. you can see the cloud cover out there right now and seek the satellite perspective. two systems in the pacific. here is the one that will approach tomorrow and another one approaches the bay area as we head toward thursday evening we will watch out for that as we head toward the evening hours. coming closer and we will see the cloud cover across the bay
4:44 pm
area. some green on the radar but most is falling in the upper level of the sky so not reaching the ground point there is the chance you might encounter he sprinkled tonight and tomorrow morning. is first the current numbers come in the 50s to around 60. santa fe 60, santa rosa 58, half moon bay in the upper 50s. no umbrellas needed for tonight. tomorrow morning actually pretty quiet as well. the rainfall expectation, two systems, totals through friday 10:00 a.m. we are not talking about a few sprinkles are 10th of an inch. most areas will pick up between about one quarter of an inch to one half inch. portions of the north bay could pick up over one inch of rain. here is the timeline. multiple systems, the next one for tomorrow especially by wednesday evening, rain possible thursday evening. the rainfall could pick up and then friday there may be an chance of some rain showers
4:45 pm
early friday morning. that is about it. i'm thinking friday will not be abat day but the best chance of shower activity will be for the morning hours. our forecast model, tomorrow morning, 9:00, lots of clouds. the chance of scattered showers but the commute to be more concerned about is the afternoon and evening hours. 2:00, scattered rain showers. things blossom over the bay area wednesday evening. this will be the best chance for scattered thunderstorm. thursday morning there is not much happening as you get the idea it will not be persistent rainfall all day long wednesday or thursday. the challenges trying to find the brakes in here is the next system coming on board. this could be thursday evening which could pump up the rainfall intensity. it chance of shower activity into friday primarily for the morning hours. forecast ties
4:46 pm
for your wednesday, upper 50s to 60s. san jose will go the forecast i have 63. half moon bay 59. or five day forecast, multiple late -- rain clouds. thursday the chance of showers especially thursday evening. hold onto chance of a shower into friday and into the weekend, the latest forecast models keeping us drive. if you're thinking this is great news, the wanted up to the mountains, think again because snow levels are around 8000 feet. >> the sugar bowl had to say down? >> there having to change the mountains from because the -- have not been growing. a lot more coming up at 5:00. julie is here now but they look. >> we have our first look at the van church in the christmas eve crash the guilty chp officers. investigators say the man admitted to driving drunk and high. every unsettling incident at a bay area mall. armed robbers targeted a delivery truck at the nordstrom
4:47 pm
. coming up tonight at 5:00 we are told surveillance cameras could play key role in finding the suspects. next year, the huge team in israel working on the 1500-year- old monastery and church. details on the excavation efforts coming up after the break.
4:48 pm
4:49 pm
some breaking news. in fremont, s.w.a.t. teams arrested a domestic violence suspect who reportedly assaulted his father. skyfox flew over the sine short time ago police had to use water hoses to take the suspect into custody following a to our
4:50 pm
search. the search was centered in a wooded area near mission boulevard and millstream road in the city's mission san jose area. the suspect was taken away from the scene by an ambulance. the extent of his injuries not known at this time. no one else was injured. switching gears, are you feeling lucky? two of the biggest lottery checkbox will be up for grabs tonight and tomorrow. the jackpot for tonight's mega millions is $343 million. this is the eighth largest mega millions jackpot in the 15 year history. if powerball is more your thing the powerball drawing is tomorrow night that jackpot currently stands at $440 million. making it the seventh largest jackpot of any lottery in u.s. history. we know the odds are slim but the chances of winning both the powerball in the mega millions, 1 in 88 quadrillion.
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>> i was going to go on a lot of run after the show. thursday morning in southern california after record 73 people were injured by stingrays at huntington beach. the spike and stingrays through the area all part two extreme low tides, small surf and warmer water over the holiday weekend. lifeguard say more than 150 people reported injuries in the last couple of days including young man visiting from south korea. >> it is his first time to american wants to try surfing. we get in the water in five minutes later. >> i feel pain in my foot. >> people are usually stung after stepping on top of a stingray which then sends its of barb with the painful poison
4:52 pm
into the unknown swimmer. lifeguard suggests what -- shuffling her feet and kicking up the sandwich will scare away the stingrays. a team of archaeologist and hundreds of volunteers have unearthed the remains of a 1500- year-old monastery and church in israel. >> connor has more out of jerusalem and look at some ancient history. >> reporter: in the years outside of jerusalem archaeologist have discovered unique church dating back to the earliest days of christianity. it was likely built during the fifth century just after christianity begin the legal religion of the roman empire and the church was likely used by christian pilgrims traveling to the holy land. archaeologist believe the site was roughly 25 by 40 meters in size, not only large for the time period but the region. many original walls are intact, some as tall as six feet. unlike many smaller churches in the area, this one was incredibly well decorated. inside of its importance.>> this is a window screen. not
4:53 pm
only was the inside decorated but also the outside as well >> reporter: the builders used marble which was not found locally.>> they were premade elements that worshiped all the way from turkey by boat. there was the massive amount of planning that had to go in a lot of donations that went on to decorate the church. >> reporter: at the stunning find of the church is its mosaic floors which are extremely well preserved and decorated with images of birds and pomegranates.>> the preservation of this floor is remarkable. we have it from wall to wall. the only damage, he stone collapse. these are the remains of stones that would have smashed into the floor. >> reporter: with only 20% of the site having been activated it is not clear yet who built and paid for this church but underneath the piles of dirt the diggers will find out.
4:54 pm
coming up next day where diplomatic opening could see north korean athletes at next month's winter olympics. details when we come back. ♪ it's time for sleep number's 'lowest prices of the season' on the only bed that adjusts on both sides to your ideal comfort, your sleep number setting. and snoring?
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first off, we're going to give you all... and when youod sugar is a replace one meal... choices. ...or snack a day with glucerna... ...made with carbsteady... help minimize blood sugar spikes... can really feel it. now with 30% less carbs and sugars. glucerna. a new jersey teenager accused of gunning down members of his own family on new year's eve is set to make his first
4:57 pm
court appearance tomorrow morning. prosecutor stated that ,60 shot and killed his mother, father, and 18-year-old sister, and a family friend. the suspect older brother and grandfather escaped unharmed. the weapon used was legally owned and registered to a family member. the suspect's name was not released and is currently being held in a youth detention center. in a rare diplomatic move, north korea has offered talks with south korea. >> this comes as the north korean leaders that he is willing to offer dialogue, but as our reporter tells us there is some skepticism about this offer. >> reporter: the 2018 winter olympics is set to kick off in just over a month. both north and south korea are now floating the idea of high-level
4:58 pm
talks aimed at getting north korean athletes to dissipate. >> we expect that north and south korea will see one another and discuss north korea's participation in the games. and if the korea regime exams, it will be the first round of talks since december 2015. the offer comes the day after the north korean leader proposed talks to ease the ongoing military standoffs. >> the entire united states mainland is in the range of our nuclear strikes, and the button is always on my table in the office. >> reporter: some analyst say is that spec says that the north is trying to drive a wedge between south korea and the united states. but the south korean president has made it clear that any talks with the north must include negotiations at stopping the norse nuclear program. >> improving relations is not
4:59 pm
something that can be done separately from the resolution of the north korean nuclear issue.>> reporter: president donald trump weighed in on the issue and tweeted that rocket man wants to talk to south korea for the first time. perhaps it is good news, perhaps it is not. we will see. our first look at the man charged in a christmas eve crash that killed a bay area highway patrol officer. investigators say that the man admitted to driving drunk and high. >> that crash killed a chp officer and seriously injured his partner. the driver is now accused of speeding and driving under the influence along with murder.'s and our reporter joins us now with new details.>> reporter: his name is mohammed abraar ali , and he is from hayward and facing a 2nd degree murder charge among
5:00 pm
others. police say that he admitted to drinking and smoking marijuana and arguing with his wife before driving and crashing. he told officers he had no idea what he hit. >> reporter: crust like a tin can with two troopers inside. investigate -- investigators say that mohammed abraar ali was drunk, high, and speeding when he slammed his red cadillac into the park cruiser along i-880. >> drinking and driving is socially unacceptable. smoking marijuana is as unacceptable. and it cost andrew camilleri his life. he leaves behind a wife and three children. his partner, jonathan velasquez, was also hurt but survived. >> we send our deepest sympathies to the family of andrew camilleri. and nancy o'malley announced -- >> nancy o'malley announced criminal and felony charges against mohammed


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