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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  January 1, 2018 5:00am-6:00am PST

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a look at what is happening outside of our doors this morning. 2017 in 2018, not a lot of change. there is a look at the visibility where we are waking up with a little bit of fog this morning. partly to mostly cloudy skies and temperatures are cool. we have the visibility about 3 miles over at livermore. nothing out there just yet. we have 43 degrees to start your morning in santa rosa. temperatures are up over areas like napa and santa rosa. today is a spare the air day. in extended forecast recovery coming back to the eric -- area for the first part of 2018.
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highway 24 in lafayette, things are just getting going, getting heated up in the 5 o'clock hour. not the case today. very light, if you're going through the tunnel there on 24 in the east bay. interstate 80 coming to berkeley there is traffic out there, but very little. no problem so we can see. >> the bainbridge toll plaza shows the story of the entire commute. your sailing right on through with barely anyone to look over your shoulder. san francisco's waterfront was packed with hundreds of thousands of people celebrating the start of 2018. >> this is when fireworks lit up the night sky. there were many police out last night, after last months of foiled terror plot that was aimed at pier 39. no major problems last night. the acting mayor was briefed.
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he thanked officers for keeping the city safe. many of the people we spoke with last night say they are looking forward to what is to come in the new year. >> this 2018, it might be one of my favorite years. >> this past year was pretty rough for a lot of people. i think a lot of new hope for 2018. >> after the fireworks ended, the process of cleaning up the waterfront again. restaurants in san francisco had a very busy night. the head chef at one restaurant told us it is the second busiest holiday, right behind valentine's day. happening now, historic day here in how funny. some bay area marijuana dispensaries are getting ready to open their doors. >> the opening up early to mark the first day of legal recreational pot sales. christian captain is at harborside. they have been gearing up for this since november 2016 when the voters approved prop 64. >> reporter: they sure have.
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there is a celebratory atmosphere in the aerator. the doors here do not open for another hour or so, you can see people already starting to line up here. the first 100 through the door get some swag to ring in the new year and the new law. people excited to ring in the new year. legally buy and use cannabis. california voters paved the way for the legal sale of marijuana with prop 64 back in 2016. today is the first day that law takes effect. while recreational use of cannabis is legal across the state there are still some restrictions. those 21 and up can have up to an ounce of cannabis on them and grow up to six plants. state law prohibits smoking in many public places including restaurants and movie theaters. there are explicit laws against driving while high. now since it is legal, as you might expect, it is now taxed. there is a 15% state sales tax. counties also have their own tax on cannabis as well.
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writing is now is don from harborside to talk a little bit, thank you for having us here. let's start off with the logistics of getting this ready. this has been a medicinal business before, now you're converting over to a retail sales business. how does that change affect what goes on here at harborside ? >> and changes in one big way, that is it opens the doors to a lot of people who have not been so easily able to access cannabis up until this point in time. what we have been preparing for is a lot of different circumstances. it is possible to look back at what happened in colorado when they went to recreational or adult use and they had a flood of people come in, some people as many as as a 50% increase. we do not know here, california is a different thing altogether. a lot of people have already had their medicinal cards and using cannabis. we are prepared for almost anything today. >> reporter: looking at states
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like colorado, washington state has over -- have allowed the adult use and sale of cannabis. what have you learned from seeing those other states that you can apply them here in how funny. >> i think it has been instructive. all of the states looking at what happened there. california is onto itself. the large estate in country, the largest cannabis use here. a lot of the production comes from california. it is a much more developed state, in most of the states around the country looking at what is going to happen here, and we have some ideas, but nobody is 100% certain. that is why we have been working on this for a year trying to get ready for all of the different possibilities. >> reporter: think you for joining us this morning. i know it is very busy in there. a very busy day for you. you can see to say the least
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some pent up demand. customers are already starting to line up. in the next hour we will take you inside, that is when that first sale at harborside is scheduled to take place. we are expecting to be inside and we hope to bring that to you coming up in just under an hour. >> outline is incredible. starting today, california's minimum wage goes up .50 cents per hour. the minimum wage is now $11 per hour. companies that have 26 employees is $10.50 at small businesses. the minimum wage goes up today, well above the state minimum. some of the biggest increases will be in silicon valley. the minimum wage in mount view jumps from $13 per hour to $15 per hour. in oakland it will increase to $13.23 due to a voter approved
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initiative that raises the minimum wage based on the consumer price index for urban wage earners and clerical workers. today at noon, a vigil in oakland will remember the life of oscar grant. the ninth anniversary of his shooting death at the fruitvale -- fruitvale bart station. hundreds of people including oscar grant mother gather remembering the life of oscar. he was shot and killed january, 2009 on the platform of the fruitvale station by former police officer who said he meant to grab his son done not his pistol. he was sentenced to 2 years in jail after being convicted of involuntary manslaughter. he was released after 11 months. new year's eve in new york times girl was a second coldest on record. hundreds of thousands of people celebrated 2018 in 10-degree
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weather. here is more on this your celebration. >> reporter: temperatures here in time square not keeping revelers away, the bitter cold and an unprecedented blanket of security marking this new year. keeping all of these people safe, a major concern, the more than million partygoers going through patdown, and bad checks. >> there is so much police around, and they checked us a pretty well. i think it is safe enough. >> reporter: following the terror attacks and concerns here in new york area and october shooting in las vegas, cement barricades on trucks filled with sand lock entrances to time square, and snipers have been stationed in high- rises overlooking the ground. plus, thousands of police are positioned all over. >> very heavy undercover presence, especially in hotels.
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nypd, not only on top of the game, but ahead of the game. >> reporter: the white house saying president trump had been briefed on security measures across the country. despite all of the reminders of potential danger, those gathered in time square getting into the spirit of the night. >> it is our bucket list. it had to be done. >> i did not expect it to be this cold. >> reporter: despite the cold temperatures and wind chills well below freezing, this is still one of the hottest places to welcome in 2018. lauren blatter, fox news. a modesto man who knows all too well the consequences of drunk driving spent new year's eve making sure others do not make the same mistakes he made. he has had multiple dui convictions, is that his most recent 18 years ago was the one that changed his life. it ended with a crash that could have killed someone. to help keep others from making us a mistake, johnson spent last night offering free rides to his friends who had too much to drink. >> the self guilt of when you have done it is so much worse
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than any jail cell they can put you in. there is no confinement that can be as bad, on yourself, and your brain. you're always going to be your biggest critic. to get over the guilt of knowing that i could hurt and killed multiple people, multiple times. i don't want anyone to live with that. especially if they can do it by a simple phone call. >> johnson says he does not drink anymore, he has been the designated driver among his friends for a couple of years now. thousands of people gathering right now on the streets of pasadena for the 129th annual growth rate. it starts in three hours from now at 8 a.m. a lot of people camped out all night along pasadena's colorado boulevard getting the best view of these floats, despite the very chilly temperatures in southern california. >> watching at home is great. because you get the information. when you come down here, you see the band live, you hear the
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music, it is a whole different experience. >> all of the people you see, and then the parade itself, the floats look better in person, too. >> the police close down the streets earlier this year because of toughness academy measures. there are also hundreds of local, state and federal law enforcement officers out there to keep the big crowd safe. a major shakeup at the top of the oakland raiders looking for a new head coach this morning after they fired jack del rio. the conversation between del rio and the raiders owner. the former raiders coach that could return. starting out 2018 on a dry no. that will change as we get into the business week. i'll have a look at what you can expect for today and the extended forecast. coming up.
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a major shakeup for the oakland raiders. the raiders fired head coach doctor real, they are looking right ahead caps on. right after they lost yesterday to the la chargers 30-10. they fired the head coach. reportedly the raiders are going after john gruden, the former head coach and espn analyst, now. his record was 2523 in his
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three seasons with the raiders. he was fired after a disappointing 610 season when the team expected to shoot for the super bowl. the owner told del rio he would not be coming back as coach next season. >> i told him how much i appreciated the opportunity he gave me. i mean, that very grateful. my childhood team. but, it is a results business. i understand that. >> the raiders did issue a statement that said "we appreciate jack's efforts in building the foundation of this team for the future. thank you to jack, his wife, linda, and his daughter for their important contributions to the raiders and our local community in oakland. we wish them all the best ". espn is reporting a number of people believe the raiders will bring back john gruden, currently an analyst for espn. he coached the raiders from 1998-2001. later won the super bowl with the tampa bay buccaneers.
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reportedly mark davis will aggressively go after him, the offer could include a steak in latina back loading the contract so he could earn more money when the team is to las vegas since nevada does not have a state income tax. yesterday's game reflected the teams problems the season. the offense and defense struggle. the raiders turned the ball over twice and committed six penalties for 85 yards. the quarterback passed for 307 yards, and three touchdowns in the chargers 30-10 victory over the oakland raiders. while the raiders and 49ers finished with records 610. -- 6-10. yesterday they crushed the la rams 3413 winning their fifth straight game and again quarterback was a star. he was 20 of 33 for 292 yards and two touchdowns.
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the game was never in doubt even before the opening kickoff. the rams have little to play for so the rest of their stars including quarterback and former cal star, jared goff, and they're running back todd gurley. still, 49ers are happy about winning and what the future holds. >> of an essay i was arise. we hold ourselves to a high standard here. we went out in the field and kind of expected that. throughout this whole and of the season that has been hiccups here and there. overall it was a pretty great experience. >> because the 49ers and the raiders have the same records, the nfl will flip a coin. they will decide in the draft who picks ninth and who picks 10 in the first round of the april drug. trying to make a calculator in the first half. the rams were flagged for an illegal hit.
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goodwin suffered a concussion, he was carried off the field, that is not pretty to watch. he did motion to fans that when he was taken off, he was taken to a hospital, checked out. coach kyle shanahan says the test turned out okay, goodwin was able to fly back to the bay area last night with the team. fares are increasing by 2.7%. how much affairs increased by dollar and signs will depend on where you board the train to get off. going from downtown san francisco to the ashby avenue station in berkeley that will go up by.10 cents. fares for seniors on young
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people though are dropping. you can get a clipper car in the vending machine at each bart station. there is a one-time three-dollar charge. the card is reusable and you can keep loading money onto it as you use it. a new ordinance that cracks down on bart fair invaders. randomly stop riders on trains inside paid areas of the station to make sure everyone has a valid ticket. for this month violators will only get a warning starting next month, they could face a $75 fine. according to bartz, fear invasion costs the transit agency an estimated $25 million.
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also raising fair starting today, the santa clara valley transportation authority. many riders could save money in the long run because of the new transfer policy. adult fares go up .25 cents. express bus fares are up 50 cents to $4.50. riders who use a clipper card with the new easy fair mobile app will have two hours of free transfers from all buses and rail lines. >> make sure to use up all of those on bart paper tickets. bartz, by the way, most transit groups are operating on a sunday schedule. keep that in mind if you're getting around town. let's welcome back in meteorologist, rosemary orozco. a lot of people sleeping in this morning, i am guessing >> hopefully they have one more day of vacation holiday. for your weather we will have another dry and cool afternoon. a couple of changes to talk about, bigger changes coming in
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the extent of forecast. here's a look at storm tracker 2 where we have a couple of systems in site. this will be what we see in the coming days, by wednesday. thursday and friday a possibility as well. here's a look at what is happening into wednesday we will stop it, by the afternoon it was like we have some rain, not only for the bay area, but southern california which is great news as they continue to try to get those fires out. there is a look at thursday where we are in the possibility of scattershot activity. on friday he may also have some as well. the models change with each passing day. anywhere from .50-1-inch of rainfall with the next few days . we will fine-tune it as we get closer. for today partly cloudy, cool, and other spare the air day. air quality -- air quality moderate to slightly unhealthy. please do not burn what in the fireplace.
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the low-lying areas, during high tide to get out some flooding going on, parking lot trails, roadways and coves, not just near our beaches. parking lots closer to the coast and inside the bay impacted by this. a look at the temperatures with all of that cloud cover o verhead. starting out a little bit warmer, we are looking at 43 degrees santa rosa. yesterday santa rosa started out right above freezing. 50 san francisco, and 38 to start your morning for the inner east bay of livermore. afternoon highs today and let him remedy. 60-degree san francisco, low 60s oakland and into the self-pay, 63 degrees expected. here's a look at your extent of forecast as we get into the first week of 2018. partly to mostly cloudy for tuesday. temperatures do not change a l ot, but by wednesday of a cooler. we introduce the possibility of rain for wednesday, thursday, friday and then as we get into
5:23 am
the first weekend of january of that likely will be drying out once again. looking at high elevations know, a lot of it will be rain, and it shouldn't impact the passes too much. new year's fireworks lit up the skies overnight, but there is another sky show today. when we come back the best time tonight to see the superman. -- super moon. oh, sorry i'm late, sir.
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we are learning more about yesterday shooting of five shares deputies near denver, colorado. one deputy was killed, 4 others were injured. two civilians were her. investigators say more than 100 shots were fired at the deputies as they responded to a disturbance call. >> kelly wright has more on that gun man. >> reporter: colorado police mourned the loss of one of their own. deputies were responding to a domestic disturbance at an apartment complex near denver on sunday. when they came under fire. police say they were shot at more than 100 times. at least 4 personnel were injured, all in their late 20s and early 30s. one douglas county deputy was killed, zachary parrish. he was among the first people struck by the bullets. >> the suspect continued shooting at the officers >> reporter: other deputies say they try to pull him from the line of gunfire, but the
5:27 am
barrage of bullets and of their own injuries forced them to retreat >> i was sitting here, hearing 15 different gunshots, >> reporter: two civilians were tested in the crossfire. the deceased gun man is said to be iraq war veteran, matthew riehl. he does not have a criminal history but is known to police. officials say he has posted several online rants against local on foursome. one youtube video from just a few weeks ago calls for the firing of the douglas county sheriff. president trump treated his condolences to the victims and their families adding "we love our police and law enforcement. in new york, kelly wright, fox news. >> reporter: there are about 900 new laws taken affect today in california. we have details of some of the new laws you need to know about. plus, 10 american citizens
5:28 am
killed in a fiery plane crash in central america. when we come back we will tell you about the search for answers as to why the plane crashed. starting out 2018 with another spare the air. it's time for sleep number's 'lowest
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the black-eyed peas? l ooking out around the bay area. we have music starting off this brand-new day, brand-new week, a brand-new year. that is a beauty shop for us. back to mornings on 2. it is new year's, happy new year. we are thankful to have meteorologist, rosemary orozco by our side. >> we will see changes come our way later in the week. we've got dry air in place, another spare the air day. moderate to slightly unhealthy. that will be what we see until we get a little bit of rain in here, a little bit of wind to help clean out the air.
5:32 am
not expected to happen today or tomorrow. by wednesday we do have bigger changes coming. we talked about the superman overhead, we are also talking about the king tied back with u s. monday into tuesday, during the morning hours we could have a little bit of flooding along the coast, inside the bay. not just at our beaches. please be aware of that. outside of that, cool temperatures to start the morning, not as cold as we have been. 43 napa, 43 santa rosa. 38 livermore, and 40s around the bay. 46 hayward, 50 degrees to start your morning in san francisco. afternoon highs, 61 oakland, 62 redwood city. changes coming by wednesday. you may need that umbrella. i'll have a a look at your extended forecast coming up. we would like you to know we are still monitoring the roads for any traffic troubles. >> looking at highway 24 in lafayette. there is barely a car out there. no problems to tell you about
5:33 am
on highway 24. nothing happening on the san mateo bridge, as well. >> look at the bainbridge toll plaza. i can count -- you get the idea, no problems on the bainbridge toll plaza. >> paul chambers takes a look of these new laws and what they could mean for you. starting january 1, anyone convicted of a hate crime will not be allowed to own a firearm for 10 years. anyone who purchased ammunition online, or elsewhere, must do so through a licensed vendor and pick it up in person. you have to pay more to the dmv when registering, and renewing your vehicle. that is because of the transportation improvement fee which is based on the value of your car and will cost you anywhere from 25-$175. the fees are to pay for maintenance, roadwork, it is another part of the state gas tax.
5:34 am
drivers of rights are companies like lyft and uber will be required to have a blood alcohol level below .04. if the driver violates this law, they could face suspension, and other penalties. that law goes into effect july 1. on that same day, people who ride the buses with the votes will be required to wear them. the reform bill passed in 2060 will go into effect. giving people more options when casting their ballot. with the new law, register voters will automatically be sent a ballot 28 days before an election. voters then can return it by mail. take it to a job application, which will be open 4 weeks before election day, or casted at a vote center which will replace pulling paces and be open 10 days ahead of time to take in the ballots. california will become a century state. with the california values act, officers cannot inquire about someone's immigration status or detain them unless they have been convicted of a major crime. the law will not stand in the
5:35 am
way from doing their homework. california's work of businesses with 20 or more employees will not be guaranteed up to 12 weeks of unpaid parental leave. within the first year of the child's birth, adoption or foster care placement. high school students will no longer have to take an exit exam to graduate and receive their diploma. first-time students enrolling in state community college will have their first year fees waived, as long as the state set aside enough money in the budget to do so. paul chambers, fox 2 news. >> as of this morning it is also legal to buy recreational marijuana here in california. some dispensaries are putting up at 6 o'clock to mark the beginning of recreational sales. the use of recreational marijuana has been legal since proposition 64 was approved in november 2016. the sale of recreational marijuana, the sale was delayed until today to give cities and counties time to come up with
5:36 am
regulations. oakland, berkeley and san jose will begin recreational sales today. in san francisco, sales will not begin until saturday. we are live at harborside, one of the many dispensaries opening early this morning. we will bring him in for another live report coming up about 30 times. bay area police are worried about people driving while high. even before recreational marijuana became legal, san francisco police said 1-4 drivers is stone. marijuana breathalyzers are coming to the market to help police test impaired drivers. one of those devices was developed by a company founded by an oakland doctor. he says the device has breath testing technology to check people for recent consumption of thc. >> everybody is getting behind this notion of a marijuana breathalyzers that can truly differentiate that person who is stone right now person -- versus the person who may just have it in their system. >> thc can stay in the bloodstream for weeks.
5:37 am
cleaning up at a san leandro 711 store, an suv crashed into that store last night. it happened on manor boulevard near farnsworth street, just after 10:30 p.m. last. the fire department post the photos on facebook, you can see the white suv smashed a storefront window causing a lot of damage. luckily no one was hurt. still no word on what may have caused the crash. a family of 5 from new york is among the 10 americans killed in a plane crash in coaster rica. they were finishing up a vacation when the plane went down. >> reporter: a fiery playing crash in coaster rica kills 10 americans and two locals. everyone on board. officials releasing these photos and videos of the crash site, showing the burning wreckage. five of the 10 americans were from the same new york family, the steinberg's hailed from the
5:38 am
scarsdale area, our vacationing in coaster rica. the family was reportedly very involved in philanthropy, and the local jewish community. the single engine charter plane went down in a wooded area, sunday, not long after takeoff. it was a cessna grand caravan, headed to san jose. the pilot is said to be an experienced professional. according to coaster rica and aviation officials the aircraft past the safety inspection only a month ago. >> goes through an inspection for airworthiness functionality that permits operations such as those it was carrying out. >> reporter: the cross is still under investigation, there were strong winds in the morning that forced a change in the itinerary. costa rica's former president who served in 2010-2014 says the pilot was her cousin. the leader of north korea has a chilling message for the u.s., on this first day of 2018.
5:39 am
kim jong-un posted in his annual new year's day speech, he has a nuclear button on his desk. he says the entire u.s. is now within range of his missiles, but at the same time the north korean leader vowed he would not attack the u.s. must -- unless threatened. president trump celebrated the new year with a lavish party at his private club. the president, the first lady, their son joined the celebration . other trump family members were there as well. the president did stop to talk to reporters about the year ahead. >> we would have a great year. it will be a fantastic 2018. we are off to a very good start, as you know with the great tax cut, getting rid of the individual mandate which was very unpopular, as you know. we are going to have a tremendous year. >> later today president trump will fly back to the white h
5:40 am
ouse. las vegas celebrated the beginning of a new year with a big firework show. fireworks were shot from the tops of 7 casino and hotels on the strip. security was very tight after that mass shooting in october in vegas that killed 58 people outside the mandalay bay hotel. the nevada national guard, federal authorities of hundreds of police officers work together to make sure everyone was safe. more than 300,000 people celebrated the new year in las vegas. downtown los angeles, thousands of people danced their way into 2018. video images and lights were projected onto city hall, as people celebrated, look at that. police say more than 22,000 people were at this event. speculation is growing that the oakland raiders will bring back one of the teams most other coaches after they fired head coach yesterday. right after losing to the los angeles charges 30-10. many within the nfl believe the
5:41 am
raiders will rehire jon gruden to coach the raiders next season. he currently works for espn, broadcasting a playoff game next weekend. the raiders will offer him a deal that is difficult to turn down. del rio led the raiders for three seasons, they signed a four-year contract extension last off-season. today's the final 4 of college football. the winner of the game faces the winner of tonight show double, that is clemson against alabama. the national championship game will be played next monday in atlanta. today is a spare the air d ay. you are not allowed to enjoy the crackling fire in your fireplace on this first day of 2018. air quality officials say it is another spare the air day because of unhealthy air. that alert bans the use of fireplaces, wood stoves, fire pits or other woodburning devices. this is the second holiday to be hit with a fire burning this
5:42 am
holiday season. the hospital released this photo early this morning, you see samantha powell, martin dominguez, the proud parents of what is believed to be the first baby born in the bay area in 2018. it was born two minutes after midnight what a new year's eve this family had. parents are expected to release more information about the baby later this morning, we can see from these photos she is beautiful. he or she, because they put them in those blue and pink blankets. we will try to get more information for you. a lot of big event scheduled this year in 2018. from the elements to a royal wedding. the events to look forward to in 2018.
5:43 am
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we have a fresh new year ahead of us on many things to look forward to. here is a look ahead. >> reporter: the ball has dropped, the confetti has fallen, here is a quick look at some of the things you can look forward to in 2018. the big easy celebrated a birthday. in february new orleans will market 300 birthday with special events, fireworks on concerts. the same month the world will unite to watch athletes from all over the globe compete at the winter olympics in south korea. the game taking place amid heightened tensions from north korea, and with russians olympic team banned from competition. >> this decision should draw a line on this damaging episode, and serve as the catalyst for
5:46 am
more effective, and more robust system. >> reporter: in may we will get to an american princess. megan is set to wed prince harry in st. george's castle. don't forget that will be shortly after prince william, and kate middleton welcome royal baby number three. >> william and i are absolutely thrilled. it is a really happy time for any couple, we wish him all the best. >> reporter: in case the last elections i was not enough. all eyes on president trump in has at your in office. his agenda is expected to play a large role leading up to the midterm elections in mid- november. >> we have more legislative victories than any other president. >> reporter: we will be here to cover it all as the urine. in washington, lauren blanchard, fox news.
5:47 am
king tides are expected to bring minor coastal flooding today and tomorrow to low-lying areas in here in the bay area. high tides are expected mid to late morning both days. it could cause the flooding of parking lots, trails, and sidewalks. low tides will occur late evening hours. people plan to be the water are told to use extra caution. the first superman of the year is happening today. superman's are not any bigger than other means, but they do appear larger and brighter. because the moon is closer to the earth and it's over -- orbit. the best time to see the super moon is around 9:24 p.m. it will be the second in a trilogy of superman's in december and january. the first occurred december 3, another will appear january 31. on my drive-in -- did you look up class i stopped and took a picture. i told rosemary when i came in, it was spectacular. the clouds around it. >> i know, it adds to the dramatic view of it all.
5:48 am
>> still another chance coming this evening. with the super moon we have the king tides that go hand-in-hand. be aware of that. the anchors talked about that as well. giving you a view at changes coming our way. over the pacific a couple of systems that will roll over the bay area in california and bring a chance for rain later in the week. let's talk about the first. then we will backtrack to your holiday for today. wednesday afternoon it looks like that rain will finally begin to move in. thursday looks a bit iffy, friday looks like it could also be wet. models have changed day after day. we will continue to track it there. again we are looking at the possibility of rain coming back our way, getting excited about that. we do have partly to most occultist guys, a little bit of fog developing. i noticed right along highway 101
5:49 am
a little bit of a darker shade of grade, it had worked its way, and has now cleared out some. he will continue to track the possibility of patchy fog, to be dense at times. temperature -wise, the cloud cover is a in place, we are looking at temperatures not quite as cold as we had been over the weekend. 43 santa rosa, for the inner east bay upper 30s to low 40s. around the bay we have 50 degrees in san francisco. low 40s oakland, 45 the south bay. afternoon highs for today, a lot like where we have been. 61 oakland, 63 concord. the north bay we will go low 60s. closer to the water, pacifica 60 degrees. just reminder, possibility of coastal flooding there, especially during the morning hours with high tide. be prepared if you're heading out there for your holiday. here is a look at the extended forecast. we are dry today, and tomorrow, rain develops on wednesday. showers the possibility of
5:50 am
thursday. as we get into the first weekend of january we are dry once again with temperatures in the low 60s for the afternoon, overnight lows 30s and 40s. thinking about heading to the sierra, the storm not expected to bring snow. >> it is hard to get up on a morning like this. this was a treat to get to see on my way into the office. you know it has been cold, but festive bay area traditions happen every new year's day, and this afternoon, dozens of people will brave the cold, they will not where a lot of clothing either. take part in the annual polar bear skate at 2 p.m. this afternoon. some of the skaters were swimsuits, others, in some wild
5:51 am
costumes. prizes are given for originality, the best theme and overall appearance. today's prizes include airline tickets, hotel stays, restaurant gift certificates and $100 macy's gift. >> meanwhile i am bundled up here at the studio. we will let them do that. the last jedi continues to put a blockbuster numbers. the biggest grossing film in 2017. these women have
5:52 am
trusted their soaps for years... this is the soap i grew up with i use this every day i feel clean, there is no film like there's nothing left on my skin but are their soaps as clean rinsing as dove? i'm not sure what this is for. this is my soap something is left behind and i don't like that. dove is clean,... ...very clean. my soap,... ...dove. clearly dove is cleaner rinsing i'm convinced. i'm absolutely gonna be switching to dove. dove cleans beautifully
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welcome back to "mornings on 2". there may be a new candidate for governor here in california. jackie spear reportedly is thinking about running according to former san francisco mayor, willie brown. he says she is spending this holiday weekend with her advisor's in palm springs, about a possible run for governor of california. there is already a pretty sizable field of candidates who want to succeed governor brown next year. before leaving, democratic candidates are governor newsom, former la mayor, state treasurer, john chung, a former state superintendent of public education. two major republican candidates are san diego businessmen john cox, and orange county assemblymen, travis allen. something went missing from the airways during much of the holiday shopping season. sears holdings, a parent company of sears and kmart made
5:55 am
the unexpected decision not to run tv commercials for the two retailers. this is especially surprising, because the stores generate the vast majority of their dwindling sales from in-store foot traffic. sears reportedly decided to shift to digital marketing instead. many people have a new year's resolution to get more sleep in 2018. not getting enough sleep is toxic to your health. over time, sleep deprivation can actually be deadly. doctors recommend getting at least seven hours of sleep every night. the latest star wars movie, it is now the highest grossing domestic movie of 2017. disney says the last jedi took in $517 million. in its first 17 days. that put it ahead of another disney movie, beauty and the beast as the top domestic release of the year.
5:56 am
the last jedi has earned more than $1 billion worldwide. people already lining up at dispensaries this morning to buy recreational marijuana. why the change in law means a lot of things for cities here in the bay area. outside this morning, partly cloudy skies, able to follow. we will check in on that. your full forecast coming up. it's time for sleep number's 'lowest
5:57 am
prices of the season' on the only bed that adjusts on both sides to your ideal comfort,
5:58 am
your sleep number setting. does your bed do that? right now our queen c4 mattress is only $1199. plus 24 month financing. ends monday. visit for a store near you. the sale of recreational marijuana is legal here in california. at some of the big winds us out of forming early this morning at dispensaries right here in the bay area. from extra fees at the dmv to change is how you vote in the next election. new laws taking effect with the new year. "mornings on 2" continues. did morning, thank you for joining us, january 1, 2018. good morning. >> pam cook is enjoying the day
5:59 am
off as is steve paulson, meteorologist, rosemary orozco is here holding down the fort, wishing for big changes that really are not coming. >> we will see a little bit of rain around wednesday, thursday. we are hoping that 2018 starts out on a wet note. for today, your holiday, we are going to remain cool and dry. we also have other things to talk about like this. the superman, get a load of that, a gorgeous view of it there. you have another chance as we get into tonight. for today, spare the air day. moderate to slightly unhealthy air quality. we have in stock this pattern for several days. we are looking at changes coming, it will take a couple more days. another spare the air for today without superman we have the king tied back as well. low-lying areas can expect flooding, not just the coastline that inside the bay, our parking lots, low-lying trails, even the roadways. this going on today and tomorrow with high tide coming
6:00 am
in a little bit later this morning. be prepared for that. we have some cloud cover in place. watching a little bit of fog though the visibility does not look too bad. i will continue to track that for you throughout the morning hours. afternoon highs will be mild and dry, 60 oakland. 62 for mountain view. getting into the extent forecast, rain coming our way, high elevation so for the sierra. i will have a look at church center forecast coming up. highway 24 in lafayette. typically this is getting very busy. today you can see it is not a typical day. a lot of people sleeping in, very easy sailing on 24 there in the east bay. very little traffic out


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