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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  October 18, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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suv. and investigators have tracked down the suspect who is now in custody. that officer underwent surgery late today and is now in intensive care at san francisco general hospital. good evening, i'm julie haener. >> and i'm ken wayne. frank is off tonight. we begin with the developing news out of the city. the suspect was arrested this afternoon in the tenderloin. it appears the driver of this beige lexus suv intentionally ran down the officer who was on a bike. there are several scenes across the city and the officer was struck around 12:30 this afternoon at turk and franklin not far from city hall. the vehicle was located a short time later near golden gate park. and the suspect was taken into custody about 3:30 this afternoon at an apartment building on ellis street. we have live team coverage now from ktuv's henry lee at san francisco general hospital where that injured officer is still in icu. henry. >> reporter: ken, we have seen
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a steady stream of san francisco police and firefighters, first responders, here keeping vigil here at zuckerberg san francisco general hospital where that officer, a four- year department veteran, is in critical condition afternoon surgery. he is in the intensive care unit. he was investigating a suspect believed to have a gun inside the beige lexus, that suspect then became aware of the officer's presence and according to police intentionally ran that buys rammed that bicycle officer before taking off. the vehicle was found in golden gate park and at 3:30 the suspect was arrested on the 500 block of ellis street. now, the officer again had surgery. we spoke to acting police chief tony chan lynn who is head of the police department today and bill scott is out of
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town. toney chaplin spoke to the media a while ago and here's what he had to say. >> the suspect vehicle fled the scene and the officer was transported to san francisco general. the officer has been with the department for four years and assigned to the tenderloin station. he is out of surgery and in the intensive care unit. >> reporter: the suspect and officer haven't been identified yet. the suspects faces charges including assault with a deadly weapon or attempted murder. that's the latest from san francisco. henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news. police say the suspects abandoned that lexus suv near the panhandle of golden gate park. the vehicle is recovered on fell street near central avenue just a few minutes drive from where that officer was struck but the suspect was nowhere to be found. police tracked him to ellis street in the tenderloin. that's where ktuv's cristina rendon joins us now live to continue our coverage.
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>> reporter: within the past hour the street reopened on ellis street. this is the building where we believe the suspect was taken into custody. we'll show you video that we shot earlier this afternoon when a man was escorted out of that building in handcuffs. again, this happened on the 500 block of ellis street in the tenderloin district. police are not releasing any details about how this man is his name, or anything else other than fact he was arrested this afternoon. take a look at the video we shot of the suv that police believe that man was driving. this is after the suspect ditched the suv at fell and central and then took off running. you will see damage to the front end, light, bumper and the driver's side mirror knocked down. throughout the afternoon, we watched detectives as they fingerprinted the vehicle and
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collected evidence surrounding this suv and one woman in the neighborhood told us that her husband actually saw the suspect get out of the suv take off a bright colored vest an throw it in the back seat and rip off the license plate on the front of the suv and take off running. so when that suspect took off running police initially thought went to buena vista park and that's why they put a lockdown on that neighborhood around 1:00 this afternoon. there was a heavy police presence there searching for him. they did a sweep of the park and surrounding streets. there was no sign of him. the search was called, the lockdown was lifted about 1:30. so it appears after this hit- and-run accident happened, the suspect took off in that suv, ditched it at fell and central and somehow came back here into the tenderloin, where he was arrested this afternoon. >> what started this whole
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thing? why were officers looking at him in the beginning? driving that lexus suv? >> reporter: it's hard to hear you. all i know is that the suspect was in the area initially where the accident happened. they were doing some sort of investigation over a gun violation and when he noticed that police officers were looking at him he took off. then he hit the officer on the bicycle. other than that i don't have any other details on who this person is or where he is being taken as of now. >> have officers recovered a gun? they were looking for a gun. has one been found? >> reporter: at this point, i have no details on whether or not any weapon has been recovered. >> all right. cristina rendon, we're obviously going to be working on getting more information throughout the evening. reporting live from the tenderloin. thank you, cristina. all right, now to the bear fire burning in the santa cruz mountains. that fire broke out late monday night when a house
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caught fire in boulder creek on bear creek road. the fires grew to more than 270 acres. four structures are destroyed and more are threatened. the fire is burning in steep, rugged terrain and 7 firefighters have been hurt. they also had problems today when a drone illegally flew over the area and helicopter water drops were suspended for a time. ktvu's south bay reporter jesse gary is live now on bear creek road after spending time today inside the fire zone. jesse. >> reporter: this afternoon has turned into early evening. the skies behind me at this point on bear creek road have started to clear a little bit. it's very picturesque as you see the sun starting to set but the slight smell of smoke in the air lets you know trouble is not far away. improving weather conditions have helped, but the biggest weapon in this firefight flies overhead. cal fire helicopters ferrying buckets of water to release over drop points was a welcome sight around midday.
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fire officials say the tools allow a two-pronged approach in this firefight. >> we use so many different tools to effectively and efficiently and quickly fight the fires that our aerial aircraft, firefighting resources, are one of the key tools towards those efforts. >> reporter: flames spanning 271 acres are burning to the north, west and east in steep terrain accessible along roads no wider than 10 feet. >> nice job, boys. >> reporter: much of the land is burned with flames still burning outside some homes in the 1600 block of dons road. four structures have been destroyed and another 150 are threatened. nearly 900 firefighters from around california and beyond are using heavy equipment and hand tools to carve out a fireline and increase containment now at only 10%. >> we are just trying to get established, like, where the perimeter is and where the lines are and we can get out there and get mopping up and
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get these lines secure. >> reporter: the crucial water drops have been suspended for about an hour during the morning. the problem? a drone operator launched the device and was flying above the fire zone which is a no- fly zone. >> it's a tight airspace and and if we were to strike that drone it could cause damage to one of our equipment or if that drone were to crash it could spark another wildfire which we don't want. >> reporter: all fire air drops were suspended until the drone was cleared from the area. officials say the loss of an hour of air support hurt their efforts. >> you can see the wind started picking up about the same time the air operations were canceled so anytime there's wind, fire has a potential to spread. we use the helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft to stop the spread of the fire. >> reporter: officials say the harm done by the drone's flight is not irreparable and it pales in comparison to what could happen if the winds start to pick up or the heat starts to rise but it hasn't happened. the drone operator faces citation. more trouble down here. the santa cruz sheriff's
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department says 54-year-old marlin coy of boulder creek was arrested on suspicion of looting. he is held in the county jail for burglary during a state emergency. his bail is set at $200,000. live in santa cruz county, jesse gary, ktvu fox 2 news. >> thank you. a lot of people upset about the arrests in the looting and all of that. but the drone operator, jesse, do we know anything more about what this person thinks he was doing flying a drone and what possible charges this operator could face? >> reporter: charges could be interfering with firefighting operations. what they could be thinking, i can't put myself in someone else's head but a lot of times people don't realize that when you're flying a drone over a firefighting event, that is a crime because it's a no-fly zone. they don't realize that these
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drones pose a safety hazard to all of these air tankers and helicopters you see ferrying water back and forth. well, if they were to hit a drone or swerve, bank too sharply to get out of the way of a drone, carrying all that weight, it could create a disaster. that's why you can't do it. i don't know if this person knew it, whether they figured they wouldn't get caught, i don't know. but that's why they don't want drones flying, you know, around these types of events because it does create a safety hazard both for the pilots in the sky and the people down on the ground. firefighters on the ground. what if one of the these water buckets were to break because a pilot banked and it fell on some firefighters? you know, i don't know what they were thinking but that's the charges. >> do not fly drones in the fire zones. thank you, jesse gary. want to go to chief meterologist bill martin now. we're all waiting and watching for that chance of rain. how's it look? >> it's looking good and on
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the satellite imagery we see that system getting closer now. it's coming in. we had good containment numbers on the north bay fires as they continue to grow. as this system gets closer, they are going to pop up further. so rain in the forecast -- i showed you this earlier. this is tomorrow. this is relative humidity, rh, shown in percent. in the 90s in the fire zone. that's either showers or just an extremely moist atmosphere that's going to help firefighters greatly. and that's the story in the weather center as we look at the model. you see where the fires are, the main fires. tomorrow night into friday morning, this is what happens. so great news there. up to a quarter inch. that will have a huge impact for firefighters as you know. it already has just the onshore wind. so that offshore wind, the winds going the right way, the rain turns on thursday night into friday morning most of the rain north of the bay area but that's where most of the
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rain at this point is needed but as jesse is down in the bear fire they are going to have a good opportunity to get a handle on that as well as some moisture moves into the santa cruz mountains. already is moving in. we have fog at the coast there and moist induction coming in from the coast. these are the highs from today. going to keep cooling off the next couple of days through time. there's the weather system. so very, very good news. the winter weather watch in effect for the lake tahoe area. they are going to see snow up above 6500, 6700 feet, maybe 3 inches. when we come back we'll talk about the winter weather headed our way. ♪[ music ] coming up at 6:30, attorney general jeff sessions under fire. we'll go live to washington where the attorney general was called to testify before the senate judiciary commit. >> up next the first lawsuit is filed in connection with the deadly north bay wildfires. why one couple says pg&e is to blame for their house being destroyed.
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the fbi is offering a $20,000 reward to try to solve several east bay homicides. the killings happened in west oakland and richmond and date back to 2005. investigators today release these pictures of the victims. they include sean mcclelland and la cory brooks both shot and killed in 2005 on ripley avenue in richmond. the other victims were shot and killed in oakland in 2009, 2010 and 2011. no suspects were ever found. if you have information about any of these homicides,
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contact the oakland police department. san jose police are investigating a homicide. police say a man was stabbed on branham lane east at about 12:20 this morning. the victim was taken to a hospital where he died a short time later. police still haven't released the victim's name and say no arrests have been made. containment levels continue to rise in the north bay fires. the pocket fire near geyserville is now 63% contained. the tubbs fire is 91% contained. the nuns fire is 80% contained and the atlas fire is 83% contained. cal fire said today more than 5,000 firefighters are still on the fire lines. that's down from 11,000 in recent days. at least 42 people have died in the fires that started 10 days ago. >> we are going to continue to search around and move to the next place. >> the sonoma county sheriff says crews are still trying to locate 50 people who are still missing after the fires. we were in the fountain grove neighborhood of santa rosa this morning. teams were combing through
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that area for possible remains as well as for family mementos or any valuables to return to people who lived in the homes. five people are reported still missing in napa. a santa rosa family is now suing pg&e claiming the company's negligence caused the north bay fires. their attorney says the lawsuit is likely the first of many. "2 investigates" candice nguyen is win with what the family wants and pg&e's response.>> reporter: ken and julie, here's the lawsuit. it is 20 pages accusing pg&e of causing the fires. it alleges negligence, violation of public utilities and health and safety code. a cause of the flames hasn't been determined. >> i cannot explain to you how devastating it is to all of a sudden come back to your house of 30 years into a pile of ash. reporter: wayne and jennifer harvell say when they bought their santa rosa home 30 years ago, it was just a loft. >> now we're back to a lot on
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the map. and everything of any value to us was in that home. >> if there's some responsibility to be borne by pg&e or whoever, we need to find out. >> reporter: on tuesday, the harvells filed a lawsuit against pg&e. attorney bill robbins says it's probably the first of multiple from other fire victims. the lawsuit says the fire was caused by the utility company's negligence in maintaining its electric lines and surrounding vegetation. although cal fire has yet to determine a cause of the fire, robbins says they were concerned about waiting too long to file. >> we are concerned about the typical things we're always concerned about in major litigation like this, preservation of evidence. we're also concerned about the time it takes to go through the procedural process to be able to start discovery. >> we have been advised there are power lines down with a transformer blown. >> reporter: "2 investigates" went through hours of dispatch audio recorded the first few
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hours the north bay fires started. they revealed dozens of reports of downtown pg&e lines, blown transformers and flames. pg&e says its equipment was impacted but point to the extreme winds and weakened trees. the harvells say they didn't see any lines down as they escaped their home. >> i have no idea exactly where the fire was because you could barely breathe or see. >> reporter: when asked about the lawsuit, pg&e responded in part: >> it's happened to a lot of our neighbors. i'm sure there will be more of them stepping forward. >> reporter: in regards to the concern of preservation of evidence, last friday state regulators told pg&e to preserve any evidence of failed poles, conductors or any equipment possibly connected to the fires.
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>> as it stands now, we do not know the official cause of these fires and this family is saying it's pg&e's fault. are they jumping the gun? >> reporter: right now, fire officials say they are looking into whether these poles pg&e equipment could have caused these fire. but they are looking into all other things, cigarette, arson, accidental campfire gone too far. but they say they are not ruling anything out. that's one of the things they are considering. >> why did this family file the lawsuit if we don't know the cause yet? >> the attorney said that basically they fear that pg&e may get rid of evidence. there's that concern by that side. and when they filed that lawsuit, they have to freeze evidence and state regulators already told pg&e to save evidence in terms of any failing equipment but because of that fear, they said that's why they filed the lawsuit. >> does the family say how much they are seeking? >> an unspecified amount right now. they say it will cover, though, property and emotional
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harm and punitive damages. >> thank you. pg&e says 97% of its customers who lost power in the north bay because of the fires now have their power back. utility trucks were visible all over napa county this morning. pg&e says 359,000 customers lost power because of the fire. >> organizers of the annual safeway open pga golf tournament at the silverado country club will make a sizable donation to a fire relief fund. the executive director of the tournament says a $200,000 donation will be remade. the safeway open was held at silverado country club in napa and ended just hours before the firestorm started on act 8th. safeway's parent company, albertsons, also pledged to match another donation drive up to $500,000. still to come tonight, new allegations of harassment out of hollywood this evening. this time they are against movie mogul harvey weinstein's brother. >> plus the raiders getting ready to take on the kansas city chiefs tomorrow night.
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mark ibanez will have details in sports later. >> also ahead, ford under fire over an issue some say could cause carbon monoxide poisoning. the push for the company now to issue a recall and why the company says there's no need.
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federal agents arrested a suspected gunman wanted in connection with shootings today in maryland and delaware. three people were killed, three others wounded.
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investigators say 37-year-old radee labeeb prince was taken in a custody in delaware ending a manhunt police say the deadly rampage began when prince killed three workers add critically wounded two others at a business in maryland where he works. police say the suspect then drove to a car dealership in wilmington, delaware, where he critically wounded another man he knew. investigators stress these were targeted, not random, shootings. the brother of embattled movie producer harvey weinstein is now himself being accused of sexual harassment. variety magazine reports bob weinstein is accused of sexually harassing an executive producer at the weinstein cup. she said he made overtures and asked her to join him for private dinners. a representative for bob weinstein denies that he engaged in any inappropriate behavior. this is after dozens of women came forward to accuse harvey weinstein of sexual
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harassment, assault and rape. the ford company is being accused of carbon monoxide poisoning. there is a push for center for auto safety for the company to recall 1.3 million explorers to due to possible links to injuries and accidents from the carbon monoxide. ford says it is offering free inspections and repairs to reduce the potential for exhaust fumes to enter vehicles. the explorers in question were made between 2011 and 2017. ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30 is next with new developments in president trump's travel ban. up next, the legal showdown now taking place over his third try at the controversial plan. >> plus -- >> the nation's top law enforcement officer under fire on capitol hill as attorney general jeff sessions faces tough questions from lawmakers on the senate oversight committee. i'm lauren blanchard in washington the details coming up.
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now to tonight's top stories. with this exclusive ktvu video of the suspect accused of critically injuring a san francisco police officer, investigators say the unidentified man was taken into custody about 3:30 this afternoon at an apartment building on ellis street in the tenderloin neighborhood. he is accused of intentionally running down a police officer with his suv near turk and van ness. the officer was on patrol riding a bicycle at the time
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of the crash. that officer is now listed in critical condition at sf general. the suspect was being investigated for a firearms violation. containment is growing in the mountains. it's 10% contained the bear fire with 270 acres burned. 7 firefighters are hurt. four structures are destroyed and more are still threatened at this hour. the fire is burning in steep, rugged terrain making it a challenge for fire crews to get to. some of the largest north bay wildfires are almost at full containment 10 days after the firestorms began. the tubbs fire in sonoma county is now 91% contained. the nuns fire is 80% contained. and the atlas fire in napa county is 83% contained. cal fire said today more than 5,000 firefighters are still on the fire lines. at least 42 people have died in the fire. you're watching ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30. in washington, dc today,


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