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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  July 26, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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around a bay area hospital. ay area hospital. hundreds of people gathered in opposition to the republican led efforts to dismantle the affordable care act. these folks want to continue with obamacare just the way it is? >> reporter: improve it, maybe expand it, but certainly not take apart. especially since there's no viable replacement insight. >> organized by in -- indivisible san francisco gathered. this is a matter of life and death. >> reporter: arriving two years ago as a gay political refugee, and landing in the u.s. with breast cancer. >> my friend passed away. and i'm here.
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the quality of service i receive here is why i'm still living. >> reporter: her care covered by medi-cal. expanded under obamacare. the grad student in good health, but is worried millions will suffer. >> everybody has had an experience with healthcare, and i think coming out and being in solidarity with others feels good. >> i think it's critical for those that have it. >> reporter: the self-employed engineer buys insurance through covered california. he pays more because he makes more. >> at some point, maybe they just lost touch with what it's like to live in a community where some people don't have. it seems like they're locked up in their own bubble.
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>> this woman spoke of getting lyme zest. >> it cost me $3200 out of pocket. with obamacare, $9. the message for washington? this is a human issue. >> when we hold hands, we feel each other, we live together. maybe they should hold hands with us. >> reporter: premiums and deduct i believing were coming down -- deductibles were coming down. patients use to be uninsured. now it's as little as 3% percent. on capitol hill, 7 republican senators joined with democrats to defeat a plan to repeal obamacare, and come up with a replacement law within a two year window. the next pole has been
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nicknamed the skinny repeal. it would lift the obamacare taxes and get ready of the individual requirement to buy insurance. the critics say that would leave healthy people to o out of the insurance market, which would drive up premiums. to the continuing coverage of a protest in san francisco following a decision by president trump to ban trans- gender people from serving in the u.s. military. the surprise announcement reverses a decision by the obama administration just last summer. the president issued the policy change on twitter in a series of tweets, he said the united states government will not accept or allow trans-gender individuals to serve in any capacity in the u.s. military. he went on to say the military must be focused on overwhelming vicki and cannot be determined by the disruption of trans- gender service members. >> based on consultation that he's had with the national security team, came to the
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conclusion it erodes military readiness, and cohesion and made the decision on that. >> however, 2016 report found allowing trans-gender troops would have little impact on military cohesion, readiness or costs. amber lee picks up coverage from the castro in san francisco where hundreds marched earlier. >> reporter: the protest was organized by a woman who hosted the events on facebook, and gained support. >> i am no -- rally began with an open mic. to talk about opposition to the president's ban on trans- genders serving in the military. they say the struggle is about equal right, and the fire for safety and survival -- fight for safety and survival.
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>> trans-gender community women of color are most at risk for violence, more being murdered. >> reporter: gay right have made significant strides but the saying cannot be said for the rights of the trans-gender community. >> you know, from the beginning, trans-gender people were the people who stood up for gays and lesbians. it's important for us to remember that. >> i will support every soldier that comes home, and make sure they have healthcare. >> reporter: a trans-gender man is a chaplain for the san francisco police department. he and others say the president's ban leaves many questions unanswered. what will happen to trans- gender troops serving now? will trans-gender veterans lose health benefits. >> this is to save the country money. >> reporter: a republican is a supporter of the ban. he says the military and the federal government should not carry the burden of costs from sex change operations. >> the army is not a social
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experimentation camp. it is to defend the nation from attack. >> why don't we stop giving people and the federal government, and giving people viagra? that's more expensive. >> reporter: after the rally, protestors marched along market street to city hall. >> they need to wake up and realize this administration is targeting different minorities of people. >> reporter: the best way to fight bank is to hold protests and marches and urge lawmakers to pass legislation that will protect the trans-gender community. >> amber lee. thank you. the pentagon says it is working with the white house to address the new guidance from the president. rob went to a neighborhood near
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travis air force base. >> i was in the air force. >> reporter: served in the force overseas during 9/11 in the military police. she supports president trump's plan that would ban trans- gender people from serving in the military. >> i totally agree. i don't understand how they went from don't ask don't tell to now you can change your gender. that's not what our country is about. >> reporter: this man next door disagrees with the ban. >> it is a form of racism, a form of discrimination. bottlepoliticians talk how they want to, you know, level of the playing field. but i don't see it. >> reporter: so 10,000 feel work at traffic air force base. the largest employer in so
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solano county. this officer called the announcement disrespectful to the trans-genders serving. >> disappoint the president would make statements that are so not rooted reality, and also reflects disrespect for the trans-gender individuals serving. because trans-gender people have been able to serve openly in the military for the last year. >> reporter: travis says there are probably a dozen trans- gender in the base, probably 2500 in the entire military. a spokeswoman said we will continue to work with the department of defense so see what it -- to see what it will look like. >> you know, we have a mission, and that's far from it. >> any gender, trans-gender, female, male, should be able to serve and have just as many rights and power as we do. >> reporter: there remains the
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question how the policy would be implemented and also what happens to those trans-genders already serving. veteran san francisco police officer is facing serious allegations of possessing child pornography. officer joshua enea was taken into custody following a five month investigation. this is file video of the officer from his past super views with ktvu. ives from the san francisco police department internet crimes against children unit played a major role in the investigation. they say it was back in february when they first discovered that officer enea had allegedly been in possession of child pornography. >> any time there's a department member involved in any criminal activity, the department will work to prosecute that individual and there's no place in the san francisco police department or anywhere for an officer to be working who is capable of this. >> officer enea's 37 years old,
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married and has two kid. sources say his arrest happened at the horse stables. to the latest on a deadly accident at the ohio state fir in columbus. you can see how a row of seats flew off the fireball. the riders were thrown total ground. one man was killed, and 7 were hurt. three are in critical. john kasich said all ride have been shut down for a full safety inspection. there was a similar fireball ride at the boardwalk. a spokesperson said they shut the ride down out of an abundance of caution, and plan to inspect it tomorrow. public is being told to stay away from a section of wall net creek because of a
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training drill. they have marked the area that is closed to the public in the area of broadway and newell. the public is being warned they could see smoke and hear loud noises and don't want them to be alarmed. the training began about an hour ago. the area will be closed until the drill is completed, which is to be about 2:00 a.m. the united states has captured the first gold cup title since 2013. jordan morris scored a tie breaking goal. the championship gain attracted soccer fans from around the world. >> this is my first pro soccer game, and i'm excited. >> jamaica, jamaica! usa, too, right? >> mark will have the highlight
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of the show-down at levi stadium later in sport. how some bay area kids are getting an education in science and technology, and head start on the jobs of tomorrow. hear from the man accused of killing a beloved grandmother called miss flo. we head toward the end of the week. we'll have the details on the high temperatures for tomorrow, and beyond.
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investigators announced a fifth suspect was arrested in the case as an accessory. and one of the two men charged with her killing, johnny brown, was rained on murder, burglary, robbery and elder abuse. his mother was also arrested for harboring a fugitive. brown told reporters he's innocent in the beating death of flo douglas. >> like i did not do nothing. you know what i mean? >> yeah, yeah. >> the detectives say five people in all conspired to rob miss flo. johnny brown is being held without bail as the other defendant. uc berkeley police are asking for the public health to find two men accused of
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stealing electronics. they enter ad unlocked kin doe in north gate -- window in north gate hall. they took electronic equipment valued at $25,000. the pictures show the men both are said to be in their 20s. one has a goatee, other wearing black shiny pants. anyone with information is encouraged to contact uc police. opponents of a marijuana dispensary in the outer sunset district are planning appeal. the city planning planning commission approved the site. it will be run by gene kwon and her husband, they already own a cannabis club. a conservative group causing the pacific justice institute arguing it's too close to a church and preschool. this he say they will take their appeal to the board of supervisors. shares of facebook rose after-hours after they posted a big jump in profits.
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they worthed a 71% increase in quarterly earns over last year analysts say more video ads helped increase mobile ad sales. if the company stock continues to climb this week, facebook could join the ranks of other tech companies with market values of $500 billion or more. nor silicon valley giant has announced an initiative for people to prepare for the jobs of the future. google is investing 50 million- dollar in two years t will go to nonprofits who are helping people find work, and help provide job training and improve quality of liar for low wage -- life for low wage earners. the program uses skies, technology, engineering and math to prepare kids for the future. >> a polymer is a chain -- that are bonded together like with
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using molecules. >> reporter: this isn't your average science camp. sure, there's live experiments and lab coats, but the classes are more engaging and exciting, according to the kids, of course. this is a 6th year leaders -- have created a week long program where fifth and 6th graders can experience something they never knew was possible. >> we get to hook up wires and circuits and we were able to like play pianos with marshmallow. >> reporter: until now, marshmallows were only for eating, and red cups were used for drinking and stacking. today, they were used a vortex experiment. >> the goal is to push the smoke out of the bucket so it hits the cups and knocks them down. >> reporter: preparing the
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inquisitive mind for a career in s.t.e.m. is the purpose of the program. >> most kid, if they're lucky will get a -- in the week we have them, we're engaged in 16, 17 science lessons. >> reporter: continuing that education throughout the year given the dynamic background is the ultimate goal. >> we're thinking about incorporating family science night to develop more science programs. as we head towards the end of the week, coming up on the weekend, temperatures warming up. we had a couple cool days, monday, tuesday, today. not cool, but mild. firefighters had a good opportunities to get working on the detwiler fire. now a dryer pattern, a pattern
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that will increase the fire danger. so little fog out there now that is compressing, and the high pressure is compressing the fog. there will be a lot of inland push, typical, and that's why it's going to be significantly warmer over the next couple of days. won't have the marine cooling influence. also, not just for us, but the central valley everything inland will bake. that's where you get the triple digits. temperatures are running a couple degrees warmer than last night. we have 4 degrees warmer in concord, 5 in livermore, chances are. , cities will wake up warmer tomorrow, and without fog. when you wake up without fog, it heats up quick. so heats's building from the east, and as it building to the west, hottest spots will be in the interior valley.
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livermore, stockton, parts of morgan hill, gilroy. you see big heat down santa barbara. so the forecast model, the fog in the morning. it's just stuck there. that's how you know it's pinched. so that's the temperature footprint for tomorrow. friday will look like that, accept you'll see more purple and more red coming this way. not an extended heat wave. just going to be summertime, 98 in vacaville, 98 in antioch respect 90 in brentwood, 5-6 degrees warmer tomorrow than tomorrow in parts of the bay area. and around the bay, so keep your hot hats on, i don't know what that is. >> a hot hat? >> get something on! drink plenty of fluids, and it's going to be a warm
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weekend,. >> thank you. mark's up next with sports. the fines had just enough offense to -- giants had enough offense to take care of the pirates. first,. first,.
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mark's back, probably a full house at levi stadium? >> great crowd, and there are soccer fans aplenty in the bay area. it didn't have anything to do, of course, with the world cup qualifier, but the gold cup should give team usa confidence now. they're up defeated since they made the big coaching change last november. bruce has them playing great song kerr, 45th minute. off the free kick. he's looking for a replay. looks like an optical illusion. beautiful. beat miller, the goalie for jamaica.
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85th minute, tied, jordan morris in front of the net off the rebound, 2-1 team usa. they are unbeaten in 14 matches since bruce took over. team usa 2-1 triumph. i didn't get to hear the a's post game show, i was watching the soccer game, but they probably lit it up talking about santiago. a's in last place, but this still hurts a lot. up in drop toe, even the jays fans are on their game. i'm going to say that's his grandma. simeon, man honor. estrada, off the dl. blackmon 7 score less, here comes kastilla. he department have it, and
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that's been kind -- didn't have it, and that's being kind. the bomb to smoak. two run homer tied it. on the next pitch, he grooves it for morales, and there you go. the most heart breaking loss of the season for the a's, and there have been a few. 3-2 the final on the walk-off in canada. pitcher was great this away. great athleticism on display against the pirate. bases were loaded when he handled the chopper. this was only run the pirate get in that inning. belt, 1-1 tie. marte lost it in the sun. in comes gomez with the dee
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siding running. -- deciding run. right on to check this out. nope. no check this out. >> check it out tomorrow! check you out! >> thanks for joining us tonight. have a great evening, everyone. see you tomorrow. see you tomorrow. [ loudly ] i sure hope mom
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