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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 630pm  FOX  December 13, 2016 6:30pm-7:01pm PST

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we are expecting a vote to keep the raiders here at oakland. the meeting got started at the city council chambers. so far they have not been able to discuss the oakland raiders proposal. a bit of a violence and eruption of violence that occurred during the hearing and some people were upset and that took up time. they are expecting to vote on the oakland raiders proposal. what this vote will do is basically give the city and county an exclusive period to negotiate with the nfl hall-of- famer ronnie lott and the va group. the board voted to move forward. city leaders say that vote let them know that their partner is onboard and to continue working for a deal that work for the city of oakland and alameda county. the work to rebuild the site would use 200 millions in bond money that would not impact the general fund.
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some people have voiced concerns over that being a problem. but the city maintains that is not part of the plan and when i spoke with the city's assistant administrator about those concerns, she reiterated that statement and she kind of gave us a breakdown of exactly where the 200 million-dollars will come from. the city has pledged 200 million. one hundred million would be coming from new stadium revenues that would be structured as part of the deal and the other one hundred million would be coming from an enhanced infrastructure financing district that the city is allowed to do via state law that would again focus revenues that are from the site and from the redevelopment of the site to pay for infrastructure improvement. the details of the plan will come out soon depending on the vote. will provide more information from the funding and says that many people have asked good questions when it comes to
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guarantees and the city's responsibility for any future debt. she says all of that will have to be looked at further once that vote comes down. we are expecting that city council leaders to discuss that plan at 6:30. they should be discussing it right now. again because of that delay, it should be around 7:00 but we will keep you posted on that of course and much more on that. city leaders' concern is getting the raiders to the table to discuss it and, of course, a deal can't be discussed without the raiders and with the vote if they do vote yes that will give the raiders an invitation to come to the table to discuss a deal. live in city hall. alley anna gomez. fox 2 news. donald trump picking another unconventional person for his cabinet. it is exxon ceo rex tillerson and has democrats and republicans concerned. however vice president-elect mike pence spoke highly of him
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saying he is leader with many accomplishments. >> he along with general john kelly at the department of homeland security represent the caliber of experience the american people are coming to expect. tillerson's close ties to russian president vladimir putin has many on capitol hill worried. trump is expected to name another texan to his cabinet. former governor rick perry. his choice for secretary of energy. now that trump has selected two more cabinet members it appears that one of the first daughters may have an up official position. ivanna trump may be a bridge to the left. in the past, ivanka trump has pushed for lower child care expenses and approved maternity leave and elder care and helped insert language into the republican platform that would appeal to many democrats. it may turn out that ivanka trump is one of her father's
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most important ambassadors. >> a surprise visitor at trump tower this morning. rapper kanye west met with the president elect for 15 minutes. the wrapper's first public appearance since the hospital visit. neither wanted to reveal what they discussed. >> just friend. just friend and a good man. doing well. >> i just want to take a picture right now. e news is report that mr. trump is interested in getting west involved in an entrepreneurial leadership role and west tweeted out i feel it is important to have a direct line of communication with our future president if we truly want change. on capitol hill in washington. lawmakers want an investation into who hacked republican computers.
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fox is reporting that james clapper, the director of national intelligence that says there was a series of hacks but the russians may not have been responsible for all of them. those that support the cia's analysis that the russians were behind them claim that trump has been a pro russia candidate from the beginning. >> he had wonderful positive things to say about vladimir putin that is a murderous dictator so i think it is obvious why the russians would be thrilled about this man being president. >> the chairman of the house intelligence committee wants a classified briefing from the c.i.a. and the f.b.i. on the matter. by no later than friday of this week. back now to the aftermath of the oakland warehouse fire and signs that lawsuits by those affected by the fire could be coming soon. ktvu's tom vacar talked to a san francisco attorney about what could come next. we saw a number of law firms offering services to the survivors.
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the time has come from counting to the family of wrongful death lawsuits. >> the issue is whether the person that died or the people that died, died at the hands of negligence of somebody else. into brian is an experienced wrongful death attorney at a san francisco law firm. the question is who can sue? >> children or a spouse. now if neither a child or spouse is living, the parents or siblings may bring an action and additionally if a surviving person is dependent on the dependent there can are others that can sue. >> there could be dozens of lawsuits. >> what is a life worth? >> it is a case-by-case basis? the value of the case is based on the emotional loss so it depends on how closely
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connected the surviving relatives were to the decedent and how long was the life span left to live of the decedent and how much financial support was the decedent providing to the relatives. there is factors to take into consideration. >> next, who can be sued. >> the promoters of the party that was happening unpermitted party that needed to be permitted, the master tenant of the property, the owner of the property. unless the defendants have valuable assets or huge insurance policies they may not be able to pay settlements but the city of oakland for missed or never performed inspections or enforcements and unlike the survivors that have two years to sue most defendants claims against the city must be filed quickly. >> the clock is ticking. and so six months from the time of the fire is generally your deadline to make a claim
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against a governmental entity. city to come. being number one is usually a good thing but not this time. >> where california landed on
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costs facing drivers.
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california is ranked dead last in a new study of the costs of driving. according to bank california has the highest rate of car theft, repair and fuel costs are high. and don't forget the punishing
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commute times. the study factored in the number of highway fatalities and insurance costs to come up with the rankings. the site says taking steps to improve the public transit to help the california drivers. >> i think giving people alternatives could be beneficial to drivers because they will be competing for the crowded roads if there are people taking options. >> number one. on the bank rate list is iowa. commutes there average the 19 minutes and the price of fuel is low. in oakland patients helped or cured by stem cell research gathered to tell their stories. many involved in stem cell research are concerned that federal funding could be under threat by the incoming trump administration. >> i am a quadriplegic and complete spinal cord injury. >> jay was captain of his san ramon team and headed towards
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cal poly. a day before graduation in june he dove into a friend's swimming pool and broke his neck and his lower body paralyzed and he doesn't have the use of his hands. >> i am looking more for the future, not what i lost but what i can gain back. >> the 19-year-old can do attitude is nothing short of inspirational. jake is part of research and undergoing embryonic stem cell treatment to bring his body back. >> if it does do what we hope it will give me the use of my triceps and hands back. >> many in cutting research is concerned about the cuts in stem cell research and say the patients are why funding should continue and not be cut. >> federal funding cuts for stem cell research would have a chilling effect on the kinds of outcomes we saw today. >> the concern centers around
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the anti abortion debates. mike pence has written it is wrong to create human life to destroy it for research and wrong to take the tax dollars of millions of pro-life americans. >> i have never met a parent that cared what type of cell cured their child. >> it is crazy the amount of progress and i hope we fund it. >> in oakland, rob roth. fox 2 news. coming up tonight. a new report suggests california hospital patients could be at risk. >> complaints about nurses are causing concerns and the push for better policies. and big rain coming on thursday. we talked about it and i will show you what the computer model has to say about it.
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new at six. a report claims that california hospital patients could be at risk because complaints about nurses are not being processed fast enough. state rules call for compliance about nurses to be in 18 months and the auditor's report says 22% of complaints met that deadline in the cases that they looked at. the nurses board is blaming insufficient resources and the auditor's report suggests the board needs better policies. sometimes they take too long and just assigning the complaint to an investigative unit and once they have assigned it, it takes a long time to assign it to investigators. it is delay at different stages
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of the process. the state board of registered nurses oversees more than 400,000 nurses and gets an average of 7500 complaints every year. the midwest and northeast are bracing for the arrival of extremely cold weather. up to a foot of snow is fallen around chicago and starting tomorrow. forecasters say a blast of artic air is forecasted to push temperatures below zero in the windy city. new york should say 10 degrees and temperatures below freezing are expected as far south as memphis, tennessee. and we will get rain. let's bring in bill martin. you were saying an inch an hour in some cases. >> the rainfall rates are coming an inch an hour that will cause problems. some small stream flooding and big high tides and thursday, is going to be a day that i'm sure we will see some urban flooding advice rears, no river flooding because it is a short one and done deal. i wanted to show you something. here is the hawaiian islands.
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and we are down -- we used to call it the international tropic conversion zone and down at the equator. almost to the equator and look where the moisture is emanating from. this is quite a plug of moisture. quite an airmass that is going to move in. not right now. it is system number one, a little cooler but cooler and has just the effect of priming the pump. we are getting light sprinkles right now. this is not a big deal but we are seeing it on the afternoon commute. this is wednesday. what will happen on thursday is tuesday and thursday's storms will combine and that is when we get into real rain. so the impacts as we go to thursday night and friday morning will be upwards of four inches of rain in the santa cruz mountains and places like san francisco and oakland. gusts up to 55 miles per hour in the hills and the mountains there will be high winds and
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snow by the time we get to friday afternoon. here we are at 6:00 a.m. all north. here we are at five p.m. tomorrow afternoon. and tomorrow will be cloudy and tomorrow will have a few scattered showers and again like today. but then as you get into early thursday morning it starts to come together. you are looking system number one dropping down and system number two will come in and fill underneath and that's explosive combination. 6:00 a.m. and boom. this is what the model is saying and the model bears out and we will get to extreme rainfall rates and noon to two clock on thursday. things will change tomorrow and we will keep track of it. these two things will merge and when they do we will get a pop and your thursday afternoon commute. thursday morning commute wet. kind of wet. thursday afternoon's commute really wet. really wet. might be a good day not to commute if you can help it and
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it is one and done which is great. you don't want two of those. one will do it and again rainfall rates pretty high. you hit on a good point. we will get two or three or four inches of rain in some places and it is about rainfall rates. you get an inch an hour. the infrastructure and the pipes and the storm drains, they can't handle that especially in an urban area. >> and the roads, too. >> yes. right. >> and you add in the high tides, there will be flooding and lucky drive and the usual suspects. we will keep you posted. thanks, phil. the warriors in new orleans. battling the pelicans. we will tell you more in sports.
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>> mark is here now. the warriors are playing in new orleans and a nail biter. >> i'm just laughing because i barely made it out here. we talked about other teams. this is like their season when they play the warriors and the pelicans, the worse team, the fearsome pelicans but looking good tonight. going at it with the warriors
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bringing their agame but the warriors staying right with them and the pelicans could not miss a shot. clay will get it out to curry in the corner. a fly by the defender and seth has a hot night rolling as he hits that shot. seth will give it the no look but i know you are there and draymond will hit the green and anthony davis one of the best players gets it to drop and he is fouled and new orleans basically controlled the early stage of this game and in the 3rd the warriors go on a 15-1 run and you better believe seth curry had something to do and not the three point shot and kd in the mix and seth will find him in the bucket and that's what you call your basic high
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percentage shot. the pelicans are leading the warriors, 91-90. anybody's game going to the 4th quarter. you can say it is anybody's game in toronto but the sharks better get it together. you get an example of austin matthews shot on goal and that in front with the redirect and watch closely by martin jones and they lead it 1-0 and the same score working in the second and toronto working the power play and again it is austin matthews with a quick stick and top shelf, his 13th goal of the season. and it is a 2-0 game. finally we will have a team at home. soon but not with the raiders this week as they are going on the road to play san diego and that's a team that they beat at the oakland coliseum and the raiders took care of their business in a scary early season wins.
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they did pull it out against the chargers and not in that game was la taffous murray. injured and missed it and healthy for the 10-3 raiders and the big thing about this game, if the raiders win they got it in their hands and they will clench the first playoff spot since 2002. here is la taffous talking about that. >> what he want to give ourselves a chance to play for the big one. start sunday. so we are excited for that opportunity. >> that's the goal. we want to be in the playoffs. and it notes easy to do. and like you said the challenge is to go out and try to clench that by any means. >> this is a story where you could say man times have changed and these are the times. remember the fun and games when baseball players would kind of dance it up and dress it up. this is a ritual in baseball as
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the players address up but major league baseball announcing that they have implemented anti hazing and bullying policy to start immediately and includes the practice of dressing up like windows. steve vote, an a, a former tampa bay ray when this video was taken place and these practices can be deemed according to major league baseball as offensive based on the nationality and race and sexual orientation. no longer will you see that kind of activity. they did make rookies dress up and go through the airport and times have changed and a touchy subject and that is where we are today. mark, thank you. and thank you for joining us, the coverage continues on ktvu. have a great night. have a great night. good night.
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