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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 630pm  FOX  November 29, 2016 6:30pm-7:01pm PST

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now to our top stories. a man held police at bay for 7 hours. a woman called 911 around 8 this morning for a home a railroad avenue. a victim says her ex-boyfriend held her captive for two days. the suspect surrendered to officers after police brought in a battering ramp. >> officials held a briefing about 3 people dying and 14 others that got sick at a thanksgiving dinner. the number though is higher
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than first reported. the investigation is still in its early stages. the trump transition team at work today building the next administration. officials announced the effort to elect george price and elaine chow to transportation secretary. and steve manoochu will be treasure secretary and mr. trump sparked controversy when he tweeted there should be controversies for those that burned the flag saying loss of citizenship or time in jail. the latest on the push to keep the oakland raiders in oakland. >> a closed-door meeting wrapped up where city council discussed the framework to build a new stadium on the coliseum property. cristina rendon is like at city hall with the latest. >> well, councilmembers can't talk about what happened in the closed door session but two of
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them gave me the impression that things are positive and looking very good. >> before closed door meeting in oakland on tuesday griz jones founder of forever oakland gave a pep talk to city council. >> it is a reminder that we are family. and it is a family affair and all arrows are pointing towards oakland. >> at least three city council members are optimistic about getting approval for a deal to build a new stadium. the deal is being put together by oakland mayor libby shaft and ronnie lotts investment group. the idea was presented to the council. >> i wished i could go into details. this is a good thing if we can get it approved. >> it is about the land and about the voters and the citizens of oakland. we want to make sure that they don't incur debt. >> approval by the county and city would give the group to
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negotiate with the raiders at the coliseum property. >> i know that stakeholders are concerned about having an answer soon so they can make a decision on that basis. i agree that there does need to be timely action. >> the meeting is another step forward. a good sign for raider fans hoping to keep the team in oakland. >> we believe that this is my perspective. the nfl understands this is a decision to stay in oakland and we feel that they are sitting down and will do everything in their power to make them realize you will get your best deal here. >> and we are told that things are moving forward in terms of the investment group being able to negotiate with the raiders. another meeting will be held next wednesday. it will be enclosed door session and we expect a door to come from the council then we did reach out to ronnie lott today himself but he did not
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want to comment until the council votes so everybody is on hold. new information coming to light about the apparent abduction of a mother of two. sherry papini went missing for two weeks after a jog. her husband said his wife was tossed from a car and chained and with a being over her head 140 miles from her home and found on the side of the road and beaten with bruises and a broken nose and weighing only 87-pound. her hair had been cut. keith papini strongly rejected speculation that his wife was kidnapped by two latino women. i understand that people want proof that this was not some sort of hoax and plan for a race war. i do not see a person in addressing each lie.
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>> the comcast outage affected people across the country from last night to this morning. customers first started to report outages at 9:00 when the tvs froze. the xfinity by comcast shows more than one thousand reports of cable going out. hayward san francisco and sacramento and san jose were among the most affected. >> the public university systems are advising some students studying abroad that it is time to come home. the students getting that message are rescued with the docka program and come the u.s. as children without immigration papers. the cal state and uc system have warned that the students could be prevented from reentering if they are not before the indoctrination in january. >> they have stop what they are doing and plan to come back home. >> thousands of students at cal state and uc schools that are noncitizens and don't have
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immigration papers. devastating wildfires burn out of control in a southeast u.s. town. one of the worse fires that killed three people in a tennessee resort town. why dozens of workers worked out of one of the busiest airports today. guys, doobie brothers going now for the 555 california tree lighting. the tree is still dark. we will be back live to light it up. join the doobie brothers behind
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hundreds of people are gathered for an annual tree lighting ceremony. joe fonzi is there. how is it going in julie we had the doobie brothers wrap up long train running. if your a fan you know that is a classic. we are waiting for the lighting of the big 85-foot fur tree from shasta county and it looks like the doobie brothers will do another song. we may have to toss it back to you guys unless you want to stay here and listen to the doobie brothers. let me know in my ear what you want. they are starting up -- i will toss it back to you. >> let's listen. >> we will let you hear a little bit of the music. i can hear it and i will shut up. come to me in a little bit and we will get the tree lit. >> we will listen for a little
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bit. we will go back to that when we get the tree lit at 555. a great cause to help kids in need. >> union workers rallied in oakland calling for a $15 minimum wage. protestors marched along international boulevard. 27 people were arrested for blocking an intersection near 98th avenue. oakland's minimum wage will rise to $12.86. hour but the workers say it falls short of what the families need to live in the bay. demand for a higher minimum wage led to a strike at one of
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the nation's busiest airports. hundreds of workers walked off the job in o'hare in chicago. the janitors and baggage carriers are demanding a five dollars an hour pay hike to $15 an hour. we are tired of the way we are being treated at the airport. we have our wages stolen. we get injured on the job and it seems like companies do not care. >> officials at o'hare airport says the strike had little impact on flights going in and out of chicago. >> wildfires in tennessee turned deadly. the desperate effort for destroy the fires that have left three people dead. >> we are tracking that pretty cool start to your day tomorrow. a chance of sprinkles on wednesday and beyond. we will see you back here with
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the five-day forecast.
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new research suggests that genes may play a whole in one how tolerates alcohol. researchers reviewed light and heavy social drinkers of european and ancestry. they answered questionnaires on their weekly drinking habits. there was a variant of a gene that acts as a break on overdrinking. they hope this may open the door to a new drug that would help people reduce their cravings for alcohol. >> thousands have been forced to evacuate in the large wildfires in the drought stricken u.s. at least 15
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wildfires are burning out of control tonight and at least 3 people have been killed. in tennessee, flags forced the evacuation of the resort town an gatlinburg. jonathan shows us the destruction left behind. >> firefighters had been hoping for rain but the storms were preceded by heavy winds that spread wildfires burning through the drought stricken region. >> this is a fire for the history books. because it is unlike anything most have ever seen. >> fires which had been largely contained to the wilderness are now threatening populated areas in eastern tennessee including the popular tourist town of gatlinburg where flames damaged resorts and forced 14,000 residence and visitors. >> we were in the cabin and preparing supper and we had a knock at the door and it was a policeman and said he would recommend we leave because the
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fire was getting close to where the cabin was so we got all of our stuff that we could gather and came down here. >> the fires are affecting the neighboring down of pigeon forge home to dollywood. the twitter account is suspending park operations on wednesday due to the fires. and an entire community is pulling together to look out for residents and visitors while firefighters work around the clock to push back the flames. >> as we speak, there are teams going into areas and particularly in gatlinburg and the county that we were not able to get into last night because of the speed of the fire and how quickly it spread. >> in atlanta, jonathan seare fox news. bill has the latest on the weather. >> some rain coming in that area. we talked about that system out
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there and today severe weather south of that area, even tornado warnings and that rain is moving into that area that is dry as you know. the fires and smoke in atlanta. south carolina care. they are getting a break. finally getting a break after devastating noon. these are the temperatures from today. they were on the mild side and cooler tomorrow and so instead of low 60s like in antioch and fairfield temperatures will be upper 50s and maybe a 60-degree reading in a couple of spots. maybe 61. no more 64s. the tail end of the system drags through and green by eureka and a little bit of something and will get something dropping him as well and we will show it in the computer model and it is 43 right now in fairfield. you know it will be a cold night, right? it is running 5 degrees cooler tonight than it was last night. this time it is 9 degrees
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cooler in nevada. the winds are pretty much dead. you got calm winds in hayward and light winds at sfo. and it is cool in the city. temperatures in the city, light noe valley, you are looking in the upper 30s in san francisco. >> twin peak on the east side. a beautiful night in the city. and jackets required and these are the overnight low forecasts and just because we got 38 you won't find a 34 or 35 in yawnville. forecasts tomorrow morning. there's the cloud cover and you see that chance of a stray sprinkle and goes through and is it rain tomorrow? maybe a little bit of a drizzle. big story for most of us. it is cooler and not as much sun and kind of one of those days where you will be wearing jackets all day. it will be hard to warm up. the sun doesn't come up much. thursday morning and thursday afternoon and we go to friday
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and it looks nice. it will be warmer but not warm. not in the mid-70s and low 80s. 57 in concord tomorrow and 59 in hayward. valley fog a real possibility and frost, definitely a possibility. and wanting to sleep in and not get out of bed. a real possibility because in many areas it will be cool and there is this chance of a cool shower. a nonevent but the clouds will be noticeable. and there is the five-day forecast. so had a good dose of rain. a buck 50 and 150% of average in rainfall for many bay area cities. some areas up to 180% and sacramento like 200%. for late november. we are doing well for rainfall and a nice week. this week will be dry. 49ers are in sunny orlando on a road trip preparing to take on the chicago bears. mark is up next with the sports.
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the 49ers could win.
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i am predicting that the 49ers losing streak ends in chicago. if they can beat chicago. >> the bears have won two games. >> if there ever was a game on
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that schedule. >> go out on a limb. >> weird time. 49ers object is to win but you don't really want them to win if your a true fan because you want them to get a high draft choice and fred macke is making the draft picks and that hasn't worked out too well. i don't know where to go with the 49ers they are in florida e orlando and staying back east playing in miami on friday and then to chicago and at central university on the campus and same of the message for the 49ers, they seem to be playing better. kaepernick is looking better as a matter of fact and what will it take to get that win number two. >> ultimately it will be our play that determines that and getting closer and closer to wins. we have to get over that hump and we have to be able to cut out the turnovers and the
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penalties that are killing us. and those situations instead of shooting ourselves in the foot. >> you can correct me if i'm wrong. i am pretty sure he didn't say much there. obviously got to play better. in the meantime couldn't play better than the golden gate warriors. they have won 12 in a row. the 4th longest streak in history. and before long the win streaks have come under the watch of steve kirk and that tells you something. it was about the defense as in daytona as his mom calls him. he was spectacular and in the closing moments and watch add couple of shots and the warriors pull it out against atlanta. won by five. and this guy is the defensive player of the year. he takes offense of any disparaging remarks. aimed at the warriors and maybe the defense didn't play as good as last year. >> people have counted our
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defense out. and that's pissing me off. it is not about that award. they are what they are. my goal is to win a championship. in order to do that we have to defend or the world says we traded our defense away when we got kd. like their defense will subbing -- suck now. i take that personal. just remove the doubt from everyone. i heard his mom on a radio show said he did not get his dance steps from her. a lot better dancer than dray mon is. giants fans have had this fantasy badly in need of left field and they were going to sign this guy yoenis cespedes. not going to happen. he reups with the new york
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mets, four year deal worth $150 million in 2017 and le make 22.5 million. cespedes 31 years old and hit 31 homers last year. the giants ain't going to get him. how about tiger woods on the com-back trail. phase two. he has an official name and down in the bahamas and will be on the pg atour for the first time in 15 months. he says he is healthy after he stiffed everybody in napa and he has decided to play in this one. and you listen to his words. he sound like he is ready for a come-back. it doesn't sound that convincing to me. >> i will do my best. i will try to do what i can do and put the ball in the correct spots and give myself looks and work on my putts and i know that's a tall order. since i have been away from the game so long. i have made a lot of the
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different changes in my game. and the mine-set is still the same. >> we will see how he fears. the tournament starts on thursday for tiger woods and phase two. can't get enough warriors to a sports cast. one of the warriors, jarell mcgee at target in alameda. a new store and traveling around the store with representatives from five different bay area organizations that helped families in need. >> i am sure they were getting a kick out of that walking around with a 7 footer. >> makes shopping. >> want to leave you now with a pick of a tree. the former bank of america tower and people gather for thissal bay area tradition. a lot of star power. >> they had the dubebie brothers playing beautiful tree and beautiful night and have a great evening. we will see you later.
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good night.
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whatcha doin' there? working on a new plan to catch the roadrunner? the humorous implication being that i am wile e. coyote? yes. and this is a schematic for a bird-trapping device that will ultimately backfire and cause me physical injury? yes. (quick chuckle) what i'm doing here is trying to determine when i'm going to die. a lot of people are working on that research. so what is all this? my family history factoring in longevity, propensity for disease, et cetera. interesting. cause of death for uncle carl was kbb. what's kbb? killed by badger. how's that? it was thanksgiving. uncle carl said, "i think "there's a badger living in our chimney. hand me that flashlight."


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