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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  November 10, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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of the issues that this great country faces, and i believe that it is important for all of us, regardless of party, and regardless of political preferences, to now come together, work together, to deal with the many challenges that we face. >> i very much look forward to dealing with the president in the future, including council, he explained some of the difficulties, some of the high-flying assets and some really great things that have been achieved. mr. president, it was a great honor being with you and i look forward to being with you many, many more times in the future. >> thank you, mr. trump. thank you, everybody. >> lauren blanchard is in washington with more on what the 2 leaders talked about. >> reporter: after years of
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trading insults, donald trump and obama meeting at the white house for the first time, put aside differences for the sake of the country. >> we now are going to want to do everything we can to help you succeed because if you succeed, the country succeeds. >> i very much look forward to dealing with the president in the future. >> reporter: mainly focused on the transition, the meeting went better than both expected. >> the meeting might have been at least a little less awkward than some might have expected. >> from the white house on to capitol hill as mr. trump and vice president elect, mike pence met with top republicans. house speaker paul ryan showing mr. trump exactly where he will be sworn into office in just 71 days. >> really beautiful. >> reporter: mr. trump meeting with senate majority leader, mitch mcconnell, but the trump administration will need to work
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with democrats also, senator elizabeth warren with strong words for the next president. >> we will stand up to bigotry. no compromises, ever. >> reporter: president elect trump is already receiving intelligence briefings and once he is sworn in, he will officially be responsible for one of the most complex governments in the world, with 4 million employees and a $4 trillion budget. in washington, lauren blanchard, fox news. >> you just heard a portion of what president elect trump and president obama had to say when they addressed the media, in 20 minutes they have the entire exchange. on wall street, the dow closed at a record high today, the dow up 218 points, banks and industrial companies got a boost from donald trump's promises to rebuild our infrastructure. however, the nasdaq was down 42, shares in tech companies fell with traders moving money into other sectors. s&p added 4 points. to the latest on the on going protests around the bay
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area following the election of donald trump as president. last night vandals hit 20 downtown businesses in oakland, breaking windows and spraying graffiti on store fronts. 30 people were arrested, but many have already been released. tonight, oakland is bracing for another night of protests. ktvu's lee martinez joins us live in oakland. >> reporter: 5:00 is the start time for the gathering of tonight's protest, we had a handful of people out here now, with some posters, a lot of young people out here. we also see pockets of large police presence set up all over the plaza tonight. last night they had 7,000 people out here. it is still unknown what kind of numbers we will be seeing tonight. police say the majority of the 7,000 people that marched last night were peaceful demonstrators, a few splinter groups have broken off and that
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they were causing trouble. they had 30 arrests last night and police are saying the majority of those people are not even from oakland, not even from the bay area, many, some of them are from out of state. business owners and non-profits had a mess on their hands thursday morning. from webster to broadway, 14th to 19th, 20 properties were targeted by angry splinter groups marching with thousands of peaceful protesters wednesday night. >> we are a law enforcement agency of 753 officers, when we are managing 7,000 people, it is challenging to protect our businesses. >> reporter: 2 neighboring non-profits downtown had very different nights. >> they smashed up the window on our door and as i came closer i saw there was a part of a great in front of-- grate in front of it, i am assuming that is what they used to smash it. >> reporter: they believe it was spared because of the sign in the window. >> with the signage we have here
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about, not my president, black lives matter, safe zone, everyone is welcome, really i think is just a visual queue to show people that we are a part of the community, we want to create an impact for everyone as well and we also want to just share this mome with everyone. >> reporter: tonight, the non-profits are trying to protect themselves. this one, which didn't want to be identified on tv fearing it will be a target, is boarding up its windows, the flight deck will again have members outside. >> we had a couple of our members who were kind enough to just be here and watch over the activity. >> reporter: police say they arrested 30 people for damaging businesses or attacking police. only 12 of those people actually live in oakland. >> when we look across the board at our protests we have had, where we haveeen violence-- have seen violence, often we see a majority of the groups are from outside the city of oakland. >> reporter: with a protest crowd of 7,000, oakland police say they cannot stand guard
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outside store fronts and instead, on protecting those peacefully marching. >> always life over property and we do the best that we can to protect the property. >> reporter: the teenage students who left school to protest donald trump's election as the nation's next president say they won't be hurting the local community. >>arve everything, this is our city, we have to keep it clean. no point in vandalizing it. >> reporter: it is all hands on deck, every officer with the police department is working tonight. they are handling this themselves, as of right now it is a small gathering of people. last night they called in 12 different agencies but they say they don't have plans to do that unless some of the protesters get out of hand again. so as of right now it is just oakland police handling the protest tonight. >> lee, have police said if the protesters causing the damage are the same demonstrators arrested before at other protests? >> >> reporter: that is something
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investigators are using their intel to try to find out. they are looking at some of the arrests last night to find if they were the same people that showed up at previous oakland protests previously arrested for violent acts and trying to find who the people are, where they are coming from, and if they belong to criminal organizations, that is going on in the investigation behind the scenes. >> downtown oakland tonight, thanks. more anti-trump protests today at several bay area high schools, while some demonstrations stayed on campus, others spilled out into the community. one of the biggest demonstrations was in san francisco, at least 2,000 high school students took to the streets. tara moriarty is at city hall where it all began and all ended today. >> reporter: that is right, there was a pretty big crowd out here around 10:00 this morning and again around 1:00 and then once the school started to let out, classes were getting out, a lot of students started to trickle here as well. right now it is pretty quiet but
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the barricades are up because they are thinking more protests might happen tonight. all the protesters had one message in common, that was we do not want donald trump as our president. mexican and rainbow flags, yelling anti-trump chants, protesters paralyzed traffic on market street 10:00 this morning. students from public and private high schools all over the city. they walked out of class around 9:00 this morning, marching from city hall along the embarcadero to fisherman' warf and gear deli square. >> hillary should have won, i feel like donald trump is a horrible man. he has said a lot of racist, home phobic, and sexist things, that is not someone i want to represent america. >> knowing he is not the face of our country, that really angers me and i think because i wasn't able to vote, i feel it is my duty to be here and make sure
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our voiceerize heard. >> reporter: some felt the democratic party made a mistake picking clinton over sanders. >> the dnc betrayed people because of the wikileaks and e mails that showed up showed fraud against bernie sanders. >> others supported hillary clinton. >> we are here as a group of girls to fight for her story, this is not just a man's world, we want to show you that. >> reporter: for millen, it was personal. >> i am a woman of color, i am gay, i am youth, under 18, this affects all of me, everything he said goes against everything i am and what i believe in. >> reporter: some students looped back to city hall to be joined by new protesters. >> that is why we are here to protest, we want to show we have a voice, we might be young but that doesn't matter. >> reporter: all a common dislike for trump. >> he has no filter when it comes to putting people down, he is racist. you know, just everything he said. >> reporter: police were in full force but said demonstrations remained peaceful.
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>> our job is to make sure everyone is safe and we facilitate their right to protest. >> reporter: the barricadeerize still up here at city hall, just in case more protesters show up tonight. most public schools say they are simply marking students as absent today but students at some of those private schools could face suspension. no matter what the fall out will be, all of this saying today was worth it. i am tara moriarty, fox 2 news. >> are they worried about more protests? do they thing there will be more? >> reporter: they haven't received any intelligence as to whether or not that will happen, of course the protests here have been remarkably different than in oakland. oakland said there has been a lot of destruction. here everything remains peaceful, basically the police officers we were talking to today said we are just here to make sure everybody can exercise their first amendment right and we are not really worried about it. >> outside city haul in san francisco.
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the protests spread from school to school all around the bay area, lets go to the newsroom where ktvu's ted has more information. >> reporter: all involved high school students who decided to walk out of class. here is a map of where we received reports of walk out's. we went to a few of them but received reports from around the bay area, you can see some of them had specific destinations where students would leave schools and go to a destination like city hall like in san francisco. others joined together on school grounds and never really left the school campuses. there were some groups that random ly moved around like we saw in san francisco. here is what it looked like in walnut creek. [chanting] >> reporter: dozens of students left class and walked through the downtown area, to city hall, they were very upset with donald trump as terra was talking about
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in san francisco. many of them believe that trum is a racist and sexist and wanted to express their feelings. you can see clearly that many were enjoying the opportunity to take part in this, ditch school, and get in front of the cameras in some cases. nearby concord, a similar scene, students there were walking in the street being followed by police cars according to concord police, 200 students took part in that march. over in alameda, students tried to cross the park street bridge into oakland. this happened 11:00 this morning. they eventually brought the crossing guard arms down on the bridge so students could not cross and they turned around. julie. >> ted rowlands, thank you. a student attacked on a south bay university campus, we talked with the muslim victim who said a male attacker tried to pull off her head scarf. what the school is saying about these type of attacks. the president elect
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promised to help veterans during his campaign. the day before veteran's day, we talked with veteran's about what kind of help they need. trump has also pledged to cut billions in federal funding to sanctuary cities across the country, how local authorities are responding to that. tracking the chance of some showers, we are moving into the bay area friday and there are some rain drops in that forecast. i will see you back here.
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and san jose millions of dollars. cristina rendon here with more on what the mayors of the cities are saying tonight. >> reporter: both mayor say they will have to wait and see what will happen when it comes to funding but both will remain sanctuary cities. if you ask mayor edly, san francisco is and always will pee a welcoming and diverse city, reassuring the public it will stay that way. >> our dna is sanctuary city, i have always known the city to have welcomed, protected and made sure immigrant families succeed along with everybody else. >> reporter: san francisco and san jose are long-standing sanctuary cities, it means the local authorities do not help federal immigration enforcement officers detain undocumented immigrants if picked up for a low-level crime. san jose mayor lacardo is sticking to hot works. >> police chiefs say it undermines safety in communities to have local law enforcement out there enforcing federal immigration laws.
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>> reporter: donald trump wants stricter immigration laws and used the death of kate steinly in san francisco as an example, shot by undocumented immigrant on pier 14 last year, part of the reason trump is pledgeing to cut federal funding to sanctuary cities. >> the most part, cities like san jose, are not terribly dependent on federal money. >> reporter: san jose receives a few million every year, san francisco, half a billion. >> any change in administration, we have to be very focused on what we are doing but we also enjoyed funding from different administrations that didn't agree with us on things like sanctuary city. >> we have to see what happens, but we are not going to change our dna because of politics. >> reporter: a spokeswoman for the oakland mayor's office said they remain committed to the status as a sanctuary city and it is possible that the 3 major bay area cities could receive federal funding in other ways in money to help veterans or health
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care or transportation. frank. >> all right, treasure island tonight, thank you. republican leaders in north carolina are asking a federal appeals court to delay its decision over its law that restricts transgender access to public restrooms, the law requires transgender people to use government-owned bathrooms that cor pond to the gender on their birth certificates. lawyers for legislative leaders and the state's republican governor filed a motion asking a federal court to wait on weighing in until the u.s. supreme court decides on a virginia case concerning transgender bathroom access. lawyers for lgbt residents in north carolina say the case should move forward despite the pending supreme court case. nice, warm day out there. there were a few clouds. we had temperatures today, again, in the upper 70s and low 80s. 80 in napa, one of the warm spots. 79 in morgan hill, 75 in free mont and 75 hayward. partly sunny to partly cloudy
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throughout the bay area. as we look at cloud cover, you can see it here, that front pushes forward and it sets us up with clouds, the next couple days through friday. clouds increase all day. with those increasing clouds comes a chance, or a slight chance for a sprinkle, or a shower. late friday night into early saturday morning. these are the current temperatures, 72 santa rosa, 71 in concord, and 72 in hayward. temperatures on the mild side, beautiful sunset out there tonight. high clouds coming in over head. this is advance of that weather system i pointed out that could bring a few light sprinkles. overnight lows in the 40s and low 50s. 53 in san jose, 53 in free mont and you are going to see fog come in at the coast tonight. little coastal fog back, it will stay a couple of daysism that is sort of the begin-- days. that is sort of the beginning of the temperature cool down and the chance of a sprinkle late
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friday night into early saturday morning, it is just a slight chance of a light sprinkle. mainly south of-- or north of santa rosa. we could see some as far south as san jose. area of fog tomorrow morning in san francisco, 7:00 a.m. there is the cloud cover. there is tomorrow afternoon, partly cloudy to partly sunny, 65 degrees. late in the day, there you go, partly cloudy, partly cloudy, mostly cloudy, partly sunny. one of those days. lots of clouds tomorrow and by overnight friday into saturday morning is your chance for the shower. lets look at the computer model, fog comes back to the coast, you see it there. temperatures try to warm tomorrow. there you go. there is your yellow, 70s. you are going to see 70s again but see more green coming in. it will be slightly cooler for your bay area tomorrow than today. mostly because of all the cloud cover. 75 vacaville, 73 st. helena,
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slight chance of early morning saturday, sprinkle or shower and temperatures stay on the mild side. as we get down towards next week we get into a progressive wet pattern which could be very productive and take us into thanksgiving with real wet weather. enjoy this weekend, looks mostly dry with the chance saturday morning. but then we do get 92 a wet weather pattern-- into a wet weather pattern middle next week into the 20th of november. >> when you are saying very productive, what dut has the mean? >> couple-- what does that mean? >> couple inches of rain, seeing more than one storm, not one and done, they are lining up. that is what the models are suggesting. >> thank you. >> sure. still to come, the president elect and sitting president met today and spoke to the media, hear their full remarks following their 90-minute closed door meeting. later, caught on camera, peaceful post election protest violent at a high school campus in the east bay, the
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confrontation involving a teacher at the school. >> i do not condone at any time when you impede educational progress on any campus. afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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i haven't seen a movie based on a comic book in so long. i know. we're over here internet people! get at&t internet with over 99% reliability. and an everyday price with no extra monthly fees. keep calm. your internet's on. president elect trump is back in new york city tonight after a quick trip to the white house, he met with president obama for the very first time today in the oval office. the meeting was cordial and much longer than anticipated. here is what they had to say afterward in a joint press briefing. >> well i just had the
5:25 pm
opportunity to have an excellent conversation with president elect trump, it was wide ranging. we talked about some of the organizational issues in setting up a white house, we talked about foreign policy, we talked about domestic policy, and as i said last night, my number-one priority in the coming two months is to try to facilitate a transition that insures our president elect is successful. and i have been very encouraged by the, i think interest in president elect trump's wanting to work with my team around many of the issues that this great country faces. and i believe that it is important for all of us,
5:26 pm
regardless of party, and regardless of political preferences, to now come together, work together, to deal with the many challenges that we face. and in the meantime, michelle has had a chance to greet the incoming first lady, and we had an excellent conversation with her as well and we want to make sure that they feel welcomed as they prepare to make this transition. most of all, i want to emphasize to you mr. president elect, that we now are going to want to do everything we can to help you succeed because if you succeed, then the country succeeds. >> well thank you very much, president obama. this was a meeting that was going to last for maybe 10 or 15 minutes and we were just going
5:27 pm
to get to know each other. we had never met each other. i have great respect, the meeting lasted for almost an hour and a half, and it could have, as far as i am concerned, could have gone on for a lot longer. we really discussed a lot of different situations, some wonderful, and some difficulties. i very much look forward to dealing with the president in the future, including council. he explained several of the difficulties, some of the high-flying assets, some of the really great things that have been achieved. so, mr. president, it was a great honor being with you and i look forward to being with you many, many more times in the future. >> thank you, mr. trump. >> if you would like to watch this again, we have posted it on our website,, it is on the home page. california wasn't the only state this week to legalize the
5:28 pm
recreational use of marijuana. voters in massachusetts also passed a measure to allow anyone 21 years or older to possess 10 ounces of marijuana in their house or less than an ounce of marijuana in public. marijuana sales will be taxed at 3.75%. each city and town in mas chutsz can pass-- massachusetts can passb its own laws to regulate shops and state lawmakers are getting ready to settle several regulatory measures. >> we have been preparing for this for a very long time, ever since the ballot question was approved to be on the ballot. so we are ready to work collaboratively with folks to get this up and running. >> massachusetts new marijuana law is set to take effect next month. emotions ran high on both sides throughout the long presidential campaign, but that passion didn't carry over to the ballot box. coming up, we look at the voter turnout and some possible reasons why a hundred million
5:29 pm
people chose not to vote. also ahead, a south bay university student says a man grabbed her religious head scarf and pulled off her-- pulled it off her head. we talk to the victim about the attack and what she thinks was behind it. we are following another night of anti-trump protests in oakland. live pictures here right in front of city hall. a crowd is starting to gather. more live coverage coming up momentarily.
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a student at san jose state university said she was attacked by a man who grabbed her head scarf and tried to pull it off. our south bay reporter, jesse is live on the campus. any idea why she was attacked? >> reporter: they don't know right now, no evidence linking it to politics but the victim believes in her heart it was a result of donald trump winning the white house, 12 hours after mr. trump made his remarks, the attack took place inside the parking lot here on campus. >> right now i am feeling heart break, that this had to happen. >> reporter: psychologist student ezra said she just left a group of friends on the ground floor of the west garage and made her way to the car on the third floor, as she reached into her trunk, a male attacker tried to pull off her head scarf.
5:33 pm
>> my attacker pulled, held on tight at the back of my head, pulled the scarf and doing so he choked me. >> reporter: she resisted by struggling forward, he ultimately let go and ran off. a whip lash effect knocked her to her knees, causing her to suffer bumps and bruises. >> we have incidents of various kinds that happen from time to time. so we haven't identified any trend or spike in incidents, for example, against students of muslim descent. we haven't seen that. >> reporter: university president, mary, saying there are on going efforts to increase safety and decrease incidents involving students on the urban campus. school police have not classified the attack as a hate crime. proximity to tuesday's election could be coincidence coupleed with a recurring problem. >> i think there is a lot of uneducated people, unwilling to be educated in regards to religion. i do believe that is a part of fear that is taking over their
5:34 pm
life. >> reporter: doa of the muslim student association says wearing the head scarf is part of a hearing to holy scripture, grabbing it offends on multiple levels. >> it means protection, it means purity. it is who i identify as. it is who i am. >> reporter: ezra said she would like the opportunity to explain this as well as her culture to her attacker, if or when he is caught. the suspect is described as a fair skinned man wearing a dark hoodie and khaki pants, not much to go on. police can use your help if you have any information you are asked to call the campus police or san jose city police. live on the campus this evening, jesse gary, ktvu, fox news. san diego, police are calling an attack on a muslim student there a hate crime. authorities say 2 suspects assaulted and robbed a muslim student on the campus of san diego state and they say they targeted her because of her faith and made comments about
5:35 pm
the election of donald trump. university police said the woman was wearing traditional clothing, including a head scarf. she was not hurt. tonight oakland is bracing for a third night of protests over the election of donald trump as president. live in oakland protesters are gathering. >> reporter: it is a much bigger crowd out here now, still pretty quiet. a lot of members are doing media interviews and haven't given a time as to when the march will start but they did have cat brooks, the founder of the anti-police terror league, shed to up on the flag pole over there and she didn't have a mega phone, instead, what she did was said 3 words at a time and then had the crowd repeat what she was saying, an effective way to get the message across to everyone out here without having a mega phone to address everybody. but what she was saying is that this march is anti-fascism, it
5:36 pm
is not only anti-fascist government of what they believe would be donald trump's presidency but also against mayor libby and censorship. that is what they are marching for tonight. that is what cat brooks from anti-police terror league said when she addressed this crowd. much larger crowd from when we first addressed you at the beginning of the hour. we do not know when the march will get started but as we saw last night, thousands were out here. more people can join, eve fr after the march get-- even after the march gets started. for the most part everyone was peaceful except a few splinter groups within the large mass of demonstratorsism that is something they are going to be looking out for. 3 police officers were hurt last night from projectiles being thrown at hem. we were told one officer was treated and released at the hospital last night and then 2 more officers treated and released a little earlier and that morning. we don't know when that march will get started but everyone out here has started to gather at this point. everyone is pretty quiet, they
5:37 pm
are doing media interviews and just waiting for more people to show up and then they will get started on the march. >> always sad to see when there is violence at some of the marches. it hurts the mom and pop businesses trying to make a living there in downtown oakland. i am curious when cat brooks was talking, did she talk about the violence and ask people not to par pis pate? not to-- participate? not to break windows? just to protest peacefully? >> reporter: she did not address the violence that happened last night. again, police were saying the bulk of the marching protests were peaceful demonstrators and that the splinter groups have infiltrated the large masses of people marching that don't belong to the original message that are coming from either out of the area, only 12 people arrested last night of 30 were from oakland. they said a lot of the people arrested rur from out of-- were from out of the bay area or the state. that is something they will look
5:38 pm
out for tonight. they said the focus is on public safety, and making sure that the individuals here and also observers, are going to be safe tonight. >> lets hope they follow through with that and stay peaceful tonight. thank you. tomorrow is a day to honor americans' veterans, we find out what local veterans are hoping for prom president elect donald trump. a bitter election cycle with the presidential candidates going back and forth. that didn't motivate all eligible voters to cast ballots. coming up, we take a look at voter turnout.
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the u.s. marine corps is celebrating 241 years of existence. on this day in 1775, the corps was formed as part of the armed forces of the american revolution. today it is tasked with protecting the country and its interests around the globe by land, air, and sea. the marine corps motto is the latin phrase meaning always faithful. on twitter today the corps wrote "for 241 years we have won our nation's battles, here is to the next 241." during his campaign, president elect trump often repeated a promise to help veterans if he was alected but he was never specific on what he would do. >> rob roth spoke with veterans and asked them what kind of help they need. >> reporter: on election night during his acceptance speech,
5:42 pm
one of the first promises president elect donald trump made was this: >> we will also finally take care of our great veterans. >> reporter: today aboard the uss hornet museum in alameda, more than a hundred veterans came to the job fair for vets hoping that the president elect will do just that. >> sounds like a good thing on the surface, we will have to see. >> reporter: former air force senior airman, paul served during desert shield but said finding steady work has been difficult since out of the service. >> been very hard to adjust. >> reporter: he lives in hayward says if president elect trump is serious about helping them, there is a lot he can do, from improvement at va hospitals where vets have died waiting for treatment, to increasing mental health services but he says there is a lot he can do surrounding jobs. >> focus on more plans for training, continue down that
5:43 pm
path, open a job opportunity, veteran priority hiring. >> reporter: at the job fair, potential employers say veterans often make great hires. >> they can get the job done, you are not baby sitting them. they are self starters and follow through. >> reporter: exit polls show veterans supported by trump by 2-1 margin, one coast guard commander said the president elect can do more to help families of veterans. >> when our military folks go away to fight the good night, they are left at home taking care of the kids and the families. so, government, i would hope, be able to help supplement the assistance for the families as well. >> reporter: veteran nusem is president sieve com, which helps them think about civilian careers before they leave for the military. >> once you get out of had military you are pretty much on your own, it has to stop, people generate problems on their own. >> reporter: they hope president elect trump means what he says about helping them because they
5:44 pm
say the biggest battle they face should not be with their own government when looking for help. rob roth, fox 2 news. still to come, more than 100 million americans didn't vote in the election earlier this week, we will look at why so many decided not to go to the polls. today will be one of the warmer days of the week, temperatures starting to trend down now. we have a few sprinkles to talk about in the 5-day forecast. i will see you back here after the break.
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there was so much at stake during the presidential election this week, but even so more than 100 million people decided not to vote. tom vacar looks at why. >> one person, one vote. the sacred rights soldiers have died for produced an abysmal turn out. professor brady is dean of the goldman school of public policy and renowned international expert on elections. >> somehow politicicize not engage-- politics is not engaging people as much as you wish given the stakes. >> according to the nonpartisan u.s. election project, 231 million americans were eligible to vote. 126 million chose to vote for president. but more than 105 million chose not to. that is why president elect trump only got 59.8 million votes and secretary clinton sightly more with 60.1 million. each with only roughly 25% of
5:48 pm
the total potential number of voters. >> people don't-- they are not really convinced politics makes a difference in their lives. >> brady says nationally it is particularly true for young people, poor people, and latinos, who the political process, the so-called person-to-person ground game by-passes. >> campaigns know they are hard to get out so they don't focus on them. they don't get the phone calls or the people knocking at their doors to turn them out. >> reporter: california was worse. the golden state has 25.3 million eligible voters, but only about 9 million voted for president, just 35%. that means 16.3 million, 65%, did not. >> probably the biggest reason is that everybody knows that california doesn't really matter in the election because we are not a swing state. >> reporter: with the turn out low, historians will write, as in the past, that the winners really have no call to gloat. nor the losers, any real reason
5:49 pm
to complain. except, perhaps, to repeat the words of play write ts elliott who wrote "this is not it at all, this is not what i meant at all." tom vacar, ktvu, fox 2 news. a federal judge in a class action lawsuit against trump denied a request to band statement made by him during the campaign. mr. trump is being sued by the former students from trump university who claim the school was a fraud, u.s. district judge kurial issued the hearing before hearing more on what evidence they would like to present. the trial is set november 28. the judge said today he wouldn't issue a blanket band on comments made by mr. trump about women, and public criticism of the judge who mr. trump said is biased because of his mexican heritage. temperatures today about as warm as they are going to be all week. temperatures yesterday as well. so, we had 80 degrees in napa today, again, we had a couple of
5:50 pm
80s yesterday. 74 in an yauk, 74 fairfield. the highs trend down from today into tomorrow, into saturday and sunday with temperatures still warm, still upper 60s and low 70s but not upper 70s and low 80s. so here is the system i am tracking. it is very impressive there. that is why we are getting all the surf. mainly the system we are watching, the tail end of it will drag through. wrong button there. it will drag through the bay area as we head into late friday night, early saturday morning. i think i mentioned it to you. there is a slight chance of sprinkle. i will show you the computer model. it is not a game changer, or deal-breaker, don't change your plans on saturday because at best it will be a few light sprinklesism fog coming back-- sprinklesism fog coming back-- sprinkles. fog coming back to the coast, patchy fog tonight in advance of that system that rolls in late friday night into saturday morning, beautiful night and again, we point out that the skyline of san francisco, ever
5:51 pm
changing. look how big that-- yeah, look at the size of that. eve wn the cranes, the-- even with the cranes, there are huge cranes. the next system is getting ready to come in. you notice tomorrow the increasing clouds as the system comes in. that is what tomorrow is about. partly to mostly cloudy, slightly cooler. tomorrow night into saturday morning, here is that slight chance of a sprinkle. mainly north. here is the fog, this is tomorrow morning. fog at the coast. here comes the clouds tomorrow but tomorrow afternoon it is mostly cloudy, clearly, and here comes this deal. it is boom, right there. about 6:00-7:00 a.m. drapes across the bay area and that is really light rain. at best. it should be pretty light stuff. this period, 7:00 a.m. to, say, 10:00 or 11:00 a.m. there might be a few sprinkles and then by saturday afternoon you are in the clear. that is the plan for the weekend. sunday looks pretty nice, fog stays that coast with a few clouds. not a bad looking weekend coming
5:52 pm
up. just not as warm as it has been but still above-average temperatures. cooler tomorrow, all bet, still mid 70s-- be it, still mid 70s, santa clara valley, 76 in gillroy. a nice looking 5-day forecast, clouds in, really does feel like fall out there. i mean, definitely a fall pattern. what i was mentioning earlier is we have a progressive wet pattern next week that could carry to thanksgiving. >> every time i see the sales force building. >> crazy? >> getting taller and taller. >> it is huge. >> skyline. >> the new tallest building. >> the cranes hanging off the edges, huge cranes, full-sized cranes. amazing. >> there is so much construction. >> my gosh. >> in the city right now. >> thanks, bill. a crime that has veterans frustrated and upset. what was stolen the day before veteran's day that has them feeling disrespected. 6:30, caught on camera, peaceful post-election protest turning violent on a high school
5:53 pm
campus in the east bay. what we are learning led to this confrontation involving a teacher at that school. i do not condone any time when you impede educational process of any campus. ♪
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
remember when christmas was magical? let's get back there. celebrate the arrival of santa at bass pro shops this saturday and the unveiling of santa's wonderland. time passes. hold on to christmas. the obama administration announced a new rule to encourage development of solar and wind energy on public land. the interior depoorment said the
5:56 pm
rule-- department said the rule applies to 700,000 acres of public land in arizona, colorado, california, new mexico, and utah, and nevada. they call it a common sense rule that makes use of the best solar resources, part of president obama's strategy to develop cleaner energy and reduce emission s. the rule comes just 2 months before new republican administration that could reconsider the rule and possibly reverse it. veterans day is tomorrow, a chance to honor american service men and women. but in sacramento, a theft of flags from a veteran's organization has members frustrated and upset. >> reporter: on this day at the vfw post they celebrate the 241 birthdayf the marine corps, veterans enjoy cake and traditional meal surrounded by old glory. >> it has powerful significance that most americans take for granted. >> reporter: veterans jesse and gordon cherish the american flag and they fought for it over
5:57 pm
seas. but one day before veteran's day, they are feeling disrespected. >> disrespectful to our post and military. >> reporter: out front, their flag pole is bare, missing american and pow-mia flags. >> they forced the box open with a cool, it couldn't have been done by hand. >> reporter: this isn't the first time someone stole both flags from this vfw post, they were taken twice this august, once in october, and a 4th time this past weekend. now the group is considering changing the way their flag pole is set up here to make it harder for thieves to get away with anything. >> we have considered maybe having this rewelded, fixed and put up higher so it is out of reach. >> reporter: veterans now fighting for their flags in a different way. >> considered possibly putting the flags up, maybe zip tie and permanently. >> reporter: they don't feel targeted and believe the timing is just a coincidence.
5:58 pm
>> i think it was just inconsiderate individuals who saw some easy pickings because there is nobody around at night. >> reporter: he says if someone in the community wanted an american flag this badly, the group would have worked to get them one. >> we are not against someone having the flag, or even asking us for a flag. what we don't like is vandalism. >> reporter: it is not about the price tag on vandalism, it is about the disrespectful message says orta. >> this is not the american way. >> reporter: the veterans still have hope someone will do the right thing. >> bring them back and we will forgive you. >> reporter: allie rasmus, fox news. >> the vfw is using replacement flags but are working to purchase all-weather flags to replace the ones that were stolen. president obama meeting with president elect donald trump as protesters across the bay area take to the streets for a second
5:59 pm
day. tonight, we are monitoring more demonstrations, 2 days after the election. the president and the president elect acknowledging their differences but also united in their desire for orderly transition of power. i am frank somerville. >> i am julie haener. happening right now, another night of protest in oakland, about a hundred demonstrators have now gathered, live pictures right now of that scene, they say they are angry about the outcome of the election, in part due to mr. trump's comments during the campaign about minorities, immigrants and women. >> here is another look at the crowd. last night, a much different situation, the protests started peacefully but then as the night went on, unfortunately it ended up turning violent. splinter groups broke off, breaking windows and vandalizing buildings. the protest, at least so far tonight, as you can see here, very peaceful. more on the situation in downtown oakland coming up in a bit. president elect trump
6:00 pm
traveled to washington dc to meet with president obama at the white house. it was the first time these two men had met. >> our political reporter, ross ross is here, the meeting lasted a lot longer than expected. >> reporter: the first temperament test for the president elect. donald trump and president obama met at the white house for the very first time, putting aside differences for the sake of the country. >> we now are going to want to do everything we can to help you succeed because if you succeed, then the country succeeds. >> i very much look forward to dealing with the president in the future, including council. >> reporter: the meeting mainly focused on transition went bether than both sides expected. >> the meeting might have been at least a little less awkward than some might have expected. >> reporter: from the white house, on to capitol hill mr. trump and vice president elect


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