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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  August 22, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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steve is off and we have rosemary.>> let the good times roll.>> off to a great start, and we are tracking a few sprinkles off an over the bay area. something new to talk about as we look live into oakland, a dark start, and a little bit longer before the sun rises inland, and that could be the only spot seeing the sunrise because we have low clouds along the coast, and similar to recent days. in addition we are looking at a few sprinkles this morning. we will have that coming up and just a little bit, and as we get into the afternoon, hazy sunshine as the smoke continues to drift our way. the afternoon high will be a lot like yesterday with the hotter locations, inner east bay, mid-80s. low 80s in concord areas, 58 in san francisco, 60 in oakland,
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and 59 to start your morning and free mark, 61 in san jose. when i come back we will go to the radar to see the rain moving through the area and i will show you where this is coming from. but in the meantime, let's check on the traffic. good morning. we are looking at a crash approaching the richmond bridge with three lanes blocked. it looks like they are trying to make progress with the overturned pickup truck that hit a pole barrier. the traffic is being pushed to the side, and the lanes are not available. the area it normally taking the traffic but not for use, and traffic is busy driving through this area. as a matter of fact, approaching the richmond bridge, give yourself double the time that it generally takes you to get through the toll plaza. it will be a bottleneck. beyond the hills there will be
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slow traffic. at the bay bridge toll plaza, okay, had an early stalled vehicle that has been clear. no major problems, but a little bit crowded. if you're driving on the san mateo or dumbarton bridges, the commutes do not look bad. looking pretty good over to the peninsula. 6:02 am. topping the news, a family in the south bay dealing with tragedy after two brothers were shot and killed last night in a drive-by shooting at the downtown san jose. we are live in san jose to talk about the investigation.>> reporter: one of the brothers involved in the shooting that was a victim was found in the front yard of the home on eight street. the other founded near the sidewalk. the police have been collecting evidence all night, hoping this will leave them to the per
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person's responsible, and they will received 911 calls just before 9 pm last night, and the two brothers were standing outside of the home and were both hit. one of them died at the scene and the other was taken to the hospital and died a short time later.>> we have the crime scene unit during the follow-up investigation. homicide detectives are in the process of conducting interviews to determine what led up to the event and the details of the event.>> reporter: the police do not have a motive that are looking into the possibility that it may have been gang related. we do not know how many suspects there are, and homicide detectives are following up on leads, but the others were in their 20s and 30s, bringing the total number of homicides to 33, three more than last year for the entire year of 30. 6:03 am.
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pg&e called out to cap a natural gas leak and it started when a car slammed into a gas pipe heading into a business on story road near the south jackson avenue. that force people out of their homes and businesses in the neighborhood. officials say it happened yearly -- early yesterday afternoon and they could not find the driver of the car. they found gas flowing out of the pipe and evacuated the area including 10 homes, and it took pg&e three hours to cap the gas leak.>> now that we do not have a leak, the hazard is significantly reduced. and you have free-flowing gas there is a hazard of ignition, that the good thing is it is windy which helps to disperse the gas so that were not as
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concerned.>> story road remain closed while they repair the pipe, and was they had the leak capped, people returned to their homes. 6:04 am. if you are waking up in oakland, castro valley in san leandro, check your clocks, and outage of power for two and half hours affecting 12,000 customers. the power was back on by 10:30 pm. the bart train's were delayed but expected to run on time this morning, and pg&e said they had in equipment failure. building trust between the police and the community, a meeting held last night and broadcast live on 106 as part of the street soldier program, and the police chief in emeryville, police chief and san francisco and oakland police chief part of the panel and community leaders. the young people told the officers what they worry about.
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>> when you're in the community more and you know people, you are able to connect with them better. i think the connection with people will be a lot easier if you have people from your community that you are able to get along with. >> there is a lack of understanding about the day-to- day operations and the special operations of the san francisco police department. were on a campaign to be more transparent so the public can understand more about what we are doing. >> many on the panel say their priority is reengage in with the community and building relations tips. -- and rebuilding relationships. a man says he tried to track down the teenagers that he claimed stole his car yesterday morning on mclaughlin. this was just before 1:30 am, and when the firefighters arrived, they sent five young people in one car to the hospital, and the man in the other car did not want medical treatment, and was pretty angry as he explained what happened.
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>> all i know is my car got stolen, and we started following the guy, and once he noticed we were following him, he lost control, swerving and driving like a maniac. >> one vehicle had five passengers, and the vehicle that had five occupants were all juveniles.>> there is no word on the injuries to the juveniles, and the san jose police have taken over the investigation to determine what happened. the university professor has received a $1 million grant to study health and the latino community, and the grant will be used to study cultural practices and will one day be used as part of a mental health treatment plan. high school students will also be trained as mental health ambassadors. and the main goal is to reduce the stigma of mental health and
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the latino community and to encourage young latino community the students -- community students to pursue a career in the health field. coming up at 6:30 am, what is being said about the behavior in rio and a new report that the entire thing could've been a misunderstanding. controversy continuing over the naked trump statue that appeared in san francisco and other cities, and what the group is saying about a hillary statue. right now traffic is moving along pretty well. if you're driving on many of the commutes, but on the richmond bridge unfortunately that is not the case. a big traffic jam approaching the richmond bridge, and we will tell you what. cloudy start to the day, and moisture dancing around california. we will look at your monday and temperatures coming up. comfort food...
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it is 6:11 am. in turkey, they say the suicide bomber may have been 12 years old, setting off the bomb that killed 50 at the kurdish wedding party over the weekend. the suicide vest was found at the scene, and this happened near the border at syria, and the turkish president says that the evidence is pointing toward
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isis. turkey blinded the islamic state terrorist for an attack in istanbul in june, 45 people were killed. the numbers may not be good, but republicans open donald trump is turning the corner on the race to the white house as he campaigns in ohio. hillary clinton in california facing questions about the family foundation. we are live in washington with more on the campaign trail.>> reporter: good morning. seeing some emerging styles on the part of each candidate. hillary clinton attending private fundraisers, and donald trump relying on big rallies, and the important swing states. >> reporter: donald trump heading to ohio after trying to hit the reset button in virginia. it was reliably republican, but appears to be behind hillary clinton now. he and his party say he is back on track, and after a high-
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profile visit to louisiana, drawing in contrast with president obama who was criticized for continuing his vacation during the catastrophe. his new campaign manager suggesting it is a turning point. >> this is the best web so far in the trump campaign because he can be himself and be donald trump. >> reporter: there is a report that he is softening in his signature campaign issue, illegal immigration, and beyond the polls he is far behind hillary clinton on fundraising, maintaining a lower profile, keeping the reporters out of the fundraisers, and it martha's vineyard and nantucket through the weekend. and the foundation says it will stop accepting foreign donation to clinton is elected, and the campaign manager said that the attention is unfair. >> and the second president bush came into office nobody asked questions about the family foundation which was a similar situation and the
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family members remained on the board while he was president.>> reporter: hillary clinton is far outpacing donald trump when it comes to fundraising, the associated press reporting today that hillary clinton maybe halfway to the campaign goal of raising $1 billion for the election. 6:14 am is the time. following the saga of the naked trump statue that showed up in san francisco and several other cities across the country last week, created by the an archivist our collective group, and trump supporters took to social media to complain that the statute shows disrespect to a presidential candidate. supporters say the group is biased because there was not one of hillary clinton, and we spoke to the member of the art club that said that could happen soon. >> we are in no way supportive of hillary clinton or her campaign. were equally as disgusted with her as a politician and feel
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she is not fit to be president. any more so than donald trump, and no guarantee that we will not do a hillary statue in the very near future.>> the group gave us this video and the san francisco of -- department of public works to down the statue because the artist did not have a permit. the owner of left-field douls -- lefty oh douls -- lefty o'doul's once it put up and his restaurant and we will talk about his plans and the offer he is made to the artist that created the statue. 6:15 am. and have you fix things on the richmond san rafael bridge?>> it is still a mess, and let's take a live look at, and we can show you what the progress is, three left lanes are blocked and still blocking the lanes,
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and all of the traffic is being forced over to the right, and you can see there is a big back up that you cannot see around the corner, and it is much slower than it normally is. about an hour ago a pickup truck went through and hit the barriers at the toll plaza. the truck overturned, and that is why the traffic is very slow. it is still trying to get this vehicle out of the way. the fire department and the medics came and went, but the traffic is still a mess. let's take a look at the bay bridge, some may have decided to use that, backed up for 15 to 20 minute delay. westbound ate at redwood in vallejo a crash, but not yet causing a big back up. traffic will be a little bit slow past that scene and we will keep an eye out. those avoiding the richmond bridge may want to use highway 
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37, not looking back over to marin. 6:16 am. good morning. mostly cloudy skies this morning, and as i mentioned earlier, tracking the moisture over the bay area, and a live look at across the oakland estuary, and the a's are back home, mild weather for oakland this afternoon. we will go live close to gametime. looking at the radar, painting a picture for you as we start out with this wide view. this system off of the coastline bring us counterclockwise circulation. we have a system moving through the pacific northwest, and the flow across the bay area with the upper-level wind coming in from the east, pushing some of this moisture in our direction over the sierra and down through the sacramento valley, and into the bay area. that was going on overnight in
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early morning, storms firing off long highway 50 in and around the cameron park area. at home a few lightning strikes in the rotation over the fort reyes. still a possibility of scattered showers over point reyes. with a slight possibility of some sprinkles this morning, 58 degrees to start the day in concord, 58 in san francisco, and shifting into the south bay, 61 in san jose in starting out similar to yesterday with an onshore breeze, and it feels a little bit cool. and the marine layer, clouds, all in place with a relatively mild day in store. oakland upper 60s near 70. very pleasant and a look at the afternoon highs around the region, low 60s in the pacifica with mostly cloudy skies and fortunately not a lot of changes. 73 for redwood city, 75 in san
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jose, 71 for hayward, 81 for concord, 86 in antioch and brentwood, and those are the warmer location. a beautiful day, 76 in napa and 75 in santa rosa. temperatures will c-line tuesday and a little bit warmer on wednesday, but not a big spike in the numbers, upper 80s and low 90s inland, 70s along the bay, 60s on the coast. cooling-off once again with low 80s friday, and saturday and sunday even cooler inland. a nice and warm, not hot, mild along the bay, continuing this cool weather along the coast, and i did look back. in the month of august, concord, livermore and the other communities, mid-90s and they have not yet hit 100. the farther we go in antioch and brentwood, i'm sure they have plenty of that.>> and they
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say that way inland they are tired of the, and the coast is tired of the fog, no sunshine. it is 6:20 am. a big acquisition by pfizer, and the bay area drug company that has signed with $14 billion. stripping off the close in protest, and in 18 minutes, the controversial call that made them angry.
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welcome back to mornings on 2, 6:23 am. a 74-year-old woman may be facing charges after crashing through the crowd in the outdoor concert in ohio, and 10 mile south of cleveland. the driver hit the gas instead of the brakes, slammed into the crowd of 100 people, and the woman and eight others were injured, two had serious injuries. woman said she was not feeling well and let the concert early. we are learning new details about the death of music legend prince. the officials close to the investigation said several pills taken from the pays the park estate contained fentanyl. that is a synthetic opiate 50 times more powerful than
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heroin. the pills were mislabeled and it is unknown whether he knew what the pills contained, and the autopsy report that he had had so much fentanyl in his system that it would have killed anyone. they are trying to determine how we got the drug. people in louisiana trying to clean up from the historic and deadly floods that killed 13, damaging 60,000 homes. hundreds of volunteers helping the baton rouge families empty their homes before the mold and mildew sets in. they shoveled what they could not save, sorting through clothing and shoes that could be okay. one volunteer said she knows what it is like to lose everything in a flood.>> when i was in the seventh grade when a tropical storm in my neighborhood flooded. we had 3 feet of water in the house, and i remember doing that with my family.>> the storm dumped more than 20 inches of rain in two days.
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president obama will visit the area tomorrow. some people have in criticizing president obama for not cutting short his summer vacation to visit the flood victims, and he and his family were in martha's vineyard, and returned to the white house last night. the white house said the president has been responding to the situation but did not want to divert the necessary resources necessary for a presidential visit in the days immediately after the disaster. the leaders of germany, france and italy are meeting to determine how to keep the project together after the brexit vote, discussing how to relaunch in europe from the bottom up, and the meeting is in naples, and comes ahead of the eu summit to discuss the reverberations from the brexit vote. pfizer is buying the san francisco bay cancer drug company, meta-bashan --
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medivation, and it is still subject to the closing conditions and antitrust. right now it is set to open at $67 a share on the nasdaq when the market opens in about five minutes from now. x 20 6 am. a man accused of biting off the bartenders finger, and the surveillance video to try to catch the suspect. back to school for thousands of kids throughout the bay area and some of them may be turned away from the classes this morning. good morning, looking at some serious traffic issues, and here's a live look at westbound 24. looks like something is going on on the shoulder and causing some slow traffic. sunrise is upon us, and sunny skies and cloudy conditions with a few
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good morning and welcome back, and thank you for joining us here on mornings on 2 on this monday, good morning and welcome back, and thank you for joining us here on mornings on 2 on this monday, august 22, and i am dave clark. >> i am pam cook, good morning, and thank you for joining us. let's check in with rosemary, here for steve, on the weather. >> not a lot of sunshine yet, and we will have the clouds clearing back once again into the afternoon, temperatures relatively mild. mostly cloudy skies along the coast. as i mentioned a few moments ago, tracking a few sprinkles, santa rosa and 54, san francisco checking in at 58,
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oakland 60, livermore 57 and san jose 61 to start the day. showing the storm tracker, you can see california is active this morning. over the sierra and into the central valley, some of this moisture is pushing across the bay area. we have a little bit of lightning reported at point reyes, a little bit of green over point reyes and a few sprinkles, and south of santa cruz and monterey bay as well. a little bit of drizzle possible, and the onshore breeze continues, 23 miles an hour sustained, and as we get into the afternoon, partly cloudy skies away from the coast. in the afternoon temperatures not changing a lot. at 10:00, partly cloudy skies, and into the afternoon, mostly cloudy along the coast, 60s and 70s across the bay, 80s in the
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hotter spot. when i come back we will have your afternoon highs in what to expect in your extended forecast. right now traffic moving along pretty well, and on the richmond bridge we have slow traffic approaching the toll plaza due to a crash. it looks like they may have cleared the lanes as we look at the lanes that appear to be open. i want to see somebody driving in that lane in order to be sure, but according to chp the crash has been cleared westbound. it looks like traffic will be busy in your drive, and still a big back up. if you are approaching the richmond bridge, give yourself plenty of extra time. moving along to the bay bridge toll plaza, traffic backed up or 15 to 20 minute delay. you can see it is backed up to
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the maze. in san jose along northbound 280 looking good, and checking on the south bay freeway, nothing on the unusual. 6:32 am. the first day of school for the 46,000 students in the oakland unified school district. as many as 1000 students may be sent back home. we have brian flores and oakland, and the school superintendent is getting ready to mark the first day of school, and good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the superintendent will be here at the academy here in oakland, and will be making his way to three other schools as well, greeting the students on the first day of school. this is senate bill 277 passed late last year, and basically requiring all of the kids to have an up-to-date vaccination. we are seeing this is the transition period for many
6:33 am
parents, and some kids could be turned away for not having their immunization up today. this -- up-to-date. this is the first day of school, and we spoke with the administrator, and he said anywhere from 200 to 1000 kids may be turned away from attending classes in the oakland unified because there immunization records are not up- to-date. last week they sent out a press relate -- a press release stating that up to 4000 kids do not have the correct records. they estimate 400 students before the law came into effect will still be allowed to attend classes, and the district said that will be very few exceptions. >> reporter: the district says that if the kids had the vast
6:34 am
majority of the vaccinations already and have plans to get the rest taking care of in the near future, they will be allowed to attend class on a conditional basis. the district began letting the parents know late in the summer, but the superintendent is expected to be here later this morning and we expect to talk with him later today to talk about the effect this has on the district with the kids not attending classes. there could be financial impact as well.>> brian flores on the first day of school in oakland. 6:34 am. a bizarre case that the san francisco police need your help with, they want to find the person that bit off the finger of the bartender last month. this is the video, and it happened on july 17 just after 2 am on lombard street. the man left the bar and tried to get back in as it was about the close. he was told no and tried to
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climb in through the window and was confronted by the bartender. in the bartender went outside, the man attacked him. >> he was beaten pretty bad with several contusions on the face, scratches on his arms and hands and swollen eyes. at one point the bartender turned on the suspect to could turn -- to control him and the suspect decided to bite off his ring finger. >> doctors were not able to save the bartender's finger, and investigators have released surveillance video showing the suspect, and it one video he is play fighting with his friends, and in the other video he is putting his shirt back on. if you recognize him, call the san francisco police. fire officials have lifted some evacuation orders, burning 133 square miles, and only 60% contained. the fire officials say it may not be fully contained until
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the end of next month. one firefighter died in three others injured while battling the fire that was started by an illegal campfire. the wildfire in san luis obispo county burning 2 miles from the historic hearst castle which is closed until further notice. they say the fire does not pose a threat to the landmark and they have a plan to protect it as the flames get closer. the fire has burned 43 square miles, and the fire is 35% contained. the crews in san bernardino county making progress against the fire that is now 89% contained, and the mandatory evacuation orders have been lifted. at one .80 2000 people had been told to leave their homes, and the cause of the fire is still under investigation. the clayton fire is 95% contained, destroying 300 buildings in many homes,
6:37 am
burning nearly 4000 acres. a 40-year-old clear lake man is charged with deliberately starting that fire and several others. the family of firefighters from around the state holding a rally at the state capitol, the union representing the cal fire crews says that the public may not realize that the entry level firefighters that are in danger every time they go to work earning just minimum wage. the family and union leaders explaining the pay disparity between the cal fire crews to work on the by fires, and the city firefighters, and the union says that the cal fire crews love what they do but the captain earning less than a first-year city firefighter that works few hours with less responsibility. 6:37 am. another warning about shellfish contaminated by the mall with gas it, the same toxin found last year and the dungeness crab, and there was a ban on the dungeness crab until
6:38 am
march this year, and the acid found in the rock crab's down at the half to be. in the half moon bay, but the local crab lovers say will not stop them from eating the crabs. >> i am nosy so i asked the fisherman all the time what it's the scoop. they will not served if it is not good. >> i think a lot of the time the public health officials are on the conservative side, and for example, on the water they will say it is not meeting our standards but it is drinkable. probably the same thing. >> the warning applies to muscles, or star's, plans and scallops from the monterey bay. the commercial fishermen are not affected because there fish are tested by the state inspectors often. harsh words coming from the ceo of the u. s. olympic committee for ryan lochte, but a newspaper investigation says there may be a new explanation for the incident that run like
6:39 am
the first described as a robbery at gunpoint. he and the other swimmers home before the closing ceremony started, and the head of the committee is promising to take further action against the swimmers involved.>> they let down our athletes, they let down americans, and they really let down our host in rio.>> now the investigation by the usa today says that the language barrier could be at the heart of the incident, the newspaper says that the witness at the gas station encounter is come forward saying that the man, speaking english and portuguese, said the security guard did draw gun on the swimmers and demanded money. the witness said that the swimmers were under the influence, and ryan lochte did pull off a sign from the wall, and the man intervened to help with the language barrier, and said the sign was all that was mentioned as the guards
6:40 am
demanded pay for the damage done before they were allowed to leave. the summer olympics officially coming to an end and closing ceremonies last night, rio de janeiro handing the game over to tokyo for 2020. >> plenty of fireworks at the closing ceremonies, and the stadium in rio inside the japan prime minister made an appearance dressed as the super mario, and a good sport, emerging from green tights, and many thought it was the highlight of the ceremony. >> the u. s. men's basketball team winning the final gold- medal of the rio games, beating serbia oh, 96-86, and kevin durant finishing with 30 points. the americans have not lost a basketball game since 2004 and then they won the bronze medal.
6:41 am
a very unusual protest over losing the bronze medal, and the coaches stripped off their clothing to challenge the score, and here's what happened. the mongolian wrestler apparently won the match on points and was celebrating with less than two seconds left and pakistan challenge the score saying that mendelian was playing rather than fighting and running around in celebration with time left in the officials agreed, awarding two points to the pakistan wrestler. 6:41 am is the time. and coming up in 20 minutes, house sheriff's deputies going above and beyond to help a family in need. and is there an issue in the a's clubhouse? reports of an altercation involving billy butler and danny valencia. looking at a commute where traffic will be
6:42 am
okay on highway 4, east bay traffic getting busy, and new information about the san rafael bridge coming up. an interesting twist in your forecast this morning, and in addition to the clouds, tracking scattered showers and what you can expect outside the door right now and through your afternoon.
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a federal judge in texas issuing a preliminary injunction blocking obama to allow transgender students to use the bathroom of their chosen gender identity in the schools. texas and 12 other states filed a lawsuit after the government issued the requirement in may. the injunction will apply nationwide, but the judge said that states that have chosen to accommodate the transgender students will not be affected. the california arrest rate at an all-time low, estate researchers say this because of proclamation 47, reducing penalty for certain drug and nonviolent property crimes. the number of felony arrests have plummeted 28% last year, misdemeanor arrests are up 9%. the justice department found that there is an 11% increase in thefts statewide. researchers say this to soon to tell whether prop 47 calls the
6:46 am
decrease. the giants and the dodgers, the giants with the four-game series with the new york mets, and taking the no-hitter into the seventh inning and then allowing a double, and that was all the mets needed, 2-0. madison bumgarner on the hill when the giants face the dodgers in la tomorrow night. the a's have lost eight out of the last 10, beat by the white sox, 4-2. scoring three runs in the first inning and the a's got there runs in the fourth inning thanks to kris davis, his 32nd for the season, and the a's back home the host the cleveland indians tonight, kickoff and the three-game home games. the san francisco chronicle reporting that billy butler the designated hitter missed the last two games against the
6:47 am
white sox because he was injured in an altercation friday night with the third- base mean, danny valencia. -- third baseman, danny valencia. sources tell the chronicle that it began with butler told the equipment representative that danny valencia was not wearing the spikes that he said he was, and when he was asked about it, he said no comment. and he says what happens in the clubhouse stays in the clubhouse. 6:47 am. and if you are heading to the richmond-san rafael bridge, it is been a problem.>> it looks okay as we look at the toll plaza, and the traffic is looking good. let's go to picture of the toll plaza, traffic moving well. the crew is right here and getting an interview with chp. there is our truck, and we will
6:48 am
get to the bottom of this. this truck was involved, hitting one of the medians, and this is at the richmond bridge toll plaza, and i'm pretty sure someone was injured in this crash, look at that. they still have to repair the toll plaza lane that he hit with the truck. we are getting information from the chp right now in that area. let's go to the brave bridge toll plaza, traffic moving along -- bay bridge toll plaza, traffic moving along okay, a 20 minute delay, normal for this time of the morning. westbound to 80 -- 280 looking good, and the freeway system so far are looking good. 6:48 am. back to the grind, and
6:49 am
outside our doors this morning not a lot of change when it comes to temperatures, but it interesting change when it comes to the amount of moisture in the air, a possibility of light showers. a live look over lake merritt, and you can see oakland in the backdrop, gray skies along the bay, and along the coast, and that is not changed much. but we have a system off of the coast, and this will continue to shift inland to the south of us, and not seeing it moved toward the bay area, but you can see the circulation, and some of the moistures getting caught up and into the bay area this morning. a few sprinkles over fort reyes and a few lightning strikes early on, and that will continue with thunderstorms in the sierra. we have a six hour time lapse and this happened overnight from highway 50 over south lake tahoe, coming back around into the cameron park, lightning
6:50 am
strikes and thunderstorms. here at home a little bit of a point reyes, lightning strikes earlier in the morning, moisture over the area. outside of the as, mostly dry day as we get underway on this monday. fairfield reporting 23 mile an hour onshore breeze at 829 mile an hour gust. the marine layer at 1500 feet, similar to yesterday and not as the as sunday morning. -- not as deep as sunday morning. temperature similar, 56 in berkeley, into the south bay mountain view at 61 in san jose at 61. and to the north be, 64 in santa rosa. your afternoon highs looking like this, mostly cloudy and low 60s along the coastline, 63 in san francisco, upper 60s in oakland, and the a's will be home plane, and mild in cooling
6:51 am
down through the evening hours, so bring along your extra layer. the north bay at 75 expected in san jose. mostly sunny and 75, and we love this weather. temperatures beginning to warm as we get into tuesday, even more so on wednesday. this will not last, another cooling trend into thursday, friday, bottoming out on saturday with the low 80s in the forecast for the inland cities, 70 along the bay, 60s on the coast, and good weather. and now that the firefighters are getting a handle on these wildfires.>> it was brutal with that he. we worry about the lightning strikes. -- it was brutal with that he. -- heat. louisiana hit by historic flooding, and coming up the new threat they could be facing from the zika virus. 10 more
6:52 am
seconds, if i would have jumped in 10 seconds earlier. >> a kayaker tries to save a drowning man in the lake in northern california.
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6:54 am
a sad story this morning, the funeral being planned for the man that drowned in lake natoma in sacramento county,
6:55 am
the 21-year-old from sacramento was swimming with a family member saturday afternoon, and both of them began to struggle. according to the witnesses, the relative was rescued but neeham when underwater, and a woman in a kayak a few feet away jumped into try to help. >> if i had jumped in 10 seconds earlier, and i keep going over that, and he went down fast. >> he was swimming and began to struggle at a certain point. >> his family has set up a go fund me page to help to pay for the funeral. hundreds coming together over the weekend and richmond in an effort to stop the crime and violence, at the "soulful softball sunday." they want to bring the warring factions together and invited people actively engaged in the violence on the city streets to come out and play. the goal is to make richmond a
6:56 am
town with no territory. >> to bring the warring factions together, and we have individuals that were engaged in shootings in the streets, now they come to play and participate in soulful softball sunday.>> there was more than softball available, also 260 job opportunities. traveling between the u. s. and mexico should be easier for the air travelers, most restrictions on the flights between the countries have been lifted, and until now two or three airlines from each country were allowed to fly in a particular route, and the trains prompting southwest, delta and american airlines to offer new flights across the border before the end of the year. more flights means more options, and also means lower airfare. there are a limit on the number of flights at the mexico city airport, and the first new flights will focus on the smaller resort towns in mexico. amazon prime subscribers
6:57 am
can get the hyundai deliver to their doors for a test drive, and they can test drive 2017 hyundai sonatra. getting new funding for muni for the 10 new trains, many will get a $45 million grant from the cap-and-trade fund, and muni has 64 trains on the way to expand the fleet. with the addition of the grant, 42 trains are now paid for. the new trains are set to begin service late next year. coming up at the 7:00 hour, unthinkable tragedy for the family and the south bay, two brothers killed in san jose, and the search is underway for the person responsible. streets shut down in several homes evacuated, the
6:58 am
crash that led to a big response from the emergency crews in san jose.
6:59 am
police are searching for a
7:00 am
suspect who gunned down who brothers in a san jose neighborhood. we will tell you what we know about this investigation. that's all ahead on "mornings on 2". >> this is ktvu "mornings on 2". good morning to you. i am claudine wong in for gasia. >> i am dave clark. steve is off today, but rosemary is right over there. >> yes. if you look over my shoulder, we have a little bit of moisture dancing around california this morning. an interesting twist to the day here. we have the clouds outdoors. temperatures not going to change a whole lot, but we are tracking a few showers. take a look at stormtracker 2. again, areas south of us, over monterey light scattered showers. if you look towards the east, the thunderstorms firing off over the sierra yesterday, and even early th


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