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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  July 7, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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you told him to get his id, sir, his license. >> the woman named diamond reynolds. she continued the live stream for several more minutes. she describes being pulled over for a broken taillight and said her boyfriend was carrying a gun, which he had a license for. she says that he was shot while he reached for his wallet to get his id. crowds have gathered outside the minnesota governor's mansion where rends talked -- reynolds talked to protestors. >> i allowed the video to go live before my phone died because i wanted everyone in the world to see what the police did and how they roll and it's not right. it's not acceptable. i didn't do it for pity or fame. i did it so the world know these police are not here to protect and serve us. they're here to assays nate us.
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-- assassinate us. >> minnesota oregoner called on the white house to begin a justice department probe into the death. >> they called the shooting appalling on all levels and he said that race played a role saying the shooting would not have happened if the passengers were white. more on the governor's outreach, mike. >>reporter: that's, it, healthier. -- heather. this shooting of a black man forces us to confront the reality that racism exists. here's what the governor said. >> would this have happened if the as jerry peyton nationals were white? i can't say it would've. i can't say how shocked i am and how deeply, deeply offended that this would occur in minnesota to somebody who got pulled over for a taillight and how totally unacceptable it is by all standards and values that i hold dear and i treasure
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about this state. such a terrible incident could occur. >>reporter: it was just after 9:00 p.m. in a middle class neighborhood, that's a suburb of saint paul. as mentioned, the explanation for the reason the car was stopped was a broken taillight. after disclosing he had a weapon and a permit and reaching for a license, the unnamed officer opened fired. she said if she reached for across the state to help him, the officer would have opened fire on her. she explained why she elected to up load the video to facebook. she believed the officers, the police would ultimately cover up all of the evidence. now, the local department of criminal apprehension has started the investigation. the governor asked the federal department of justice to get involved. you may be able to hear behind me, hundreds of demonstrators
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assembled in front of the governor's mansion. he came and spoke samaritan while ago. they've been at it all night but for a break with the rain and the demonstrations have been calm. we've heard some of the protestors compliment on the job they're doing for securing the scene out here. back to you. >> mike, what if anything do we know about the officer who fired the shot? >>reporter: nothing thus far. he's on administrative leave as it compulsory when you have a police involved shooting. no identity disclosed. >> what about any information that led up to the actual shooting? has the police responded at all to kind of fill in the holes here? we know what ms. real is saying happened but have police commented at all? >>reporter: no, they have not. the only version is coming from
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diamond recommends. we have anode -- renoldys. >> mike, can you talk about the man who died. what do we know about him? >>reporter: we know that he worked in the local school system. he worked in food services, preparing food. a very humble job he held since 2002. he was promoted and ultimately the director or supervisor at the local mono-tequila sorry school. he was calm and kind and the parents trusted him with the kids and he knew which kids were lactose intolerant and played close tension to their diets. he was a good man who attended to his job and cared for his job. he does have a record but mostly petty misdemeanors. >> the police chief in that area, has he or she said anything at all about what happened or when they plan to talk to the media about this incident?
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>>reporter: no indications of when they plan to talk to the media. there's an interim police chief. the immediate agency over seeing this but they've handed it off to the local larger, what's called the bureau of criminal apprehension but the governor wants the feds to get involved and in all likelihood, the feds will be dis-sending on this case soon. >> mike in saint paul. thank you. this shooting in minnesota comes just one day after another police shooting. this one in louisiana. federal officials say they too plan to expand the scope of the investigation into the deadly shooting of 37 year-old alton sterling. police were called on a report of a man with a gun. the justice department will examine that shooting on tuesday which was captured on graphic cell phone video for possible violations of state and local law as well as potential federal civil rights violations. sterling's family has hired two attorneys to represent them who they say will seek justice.
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>> what you see on that video tape, especially that second one, it's heinous. that was a father that died. a brother that died. that was a human life that was taken. >> the attorney said they're not buying that the officers body cameras fell off during the scuffle or that sterling who was armed was actually reaching for his weapon during the incident and at the time of the shooting. >> president obama is deeply troubled by the two deadly shootingings. the president is in poland and spoke about the shootings just a short time ago. >> that should trouble all of us. this is not just a black issue. it's not just a hispanic issue. this is an american issue that we should all care about, all fair minded people should be concerned. >> the president said there are changes that law enforcement agencies can put in place that
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can make all americans feel as if they are equal under the law. the use of facebook live by the girlfriend of the man who was shot and killed in minnesota is allowing millions of people to witness that police interaction as it happened. anne tells us why activists believe the use of technology is both necessary and inevitable. >> they killed my boyfriend. >> in the moments after he was shot by officers, diamond reynolds is calm and explanning live what happened on facebook. thousands and millions of people were able to watch. >> i thought it was incredibly brave and powerful and showed the state of why things are. >> activists are aplowedding her actions. while recording everything the ability to broadcast live is a game changer. >> now people are able to do it immediately. it's incredibly powerful and changes the dynamic.
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gives the power back to the people, the citizen reporters to get the truth out there and let people side rather than giving people time to figure out their stories and get their ducks in a row. it's immediate. >> larry believes this is the wave of the future. >> let's face it, just about everybody today has a video camera in their pocket called a sport phone and those are live broadcast studios . >> we spoke to one law enforcement officer off camera who believes this is more good than bad but has concerns people are more focused on live streaming but might cause angry crowds to gather in real life. >> she couldn't call 911 because it would have been answered by the very police department she would have been concerned about but could reach thousands and ultimately millions of folks around the world, some who might have been able to respond in realtime but most can respond in our own time. >> the facebook spokesperson
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apologized the video was inaccessible at one point. it went down and was later restored with a disclaimer. anne, ktvu fox 2 news. >> oakland congresswoman barbara lee had a personal reaction to these most recent shootings. she tweeted, quote, as a young mother of two black boys, i live in fear of the call the mom goaltenders last night. just a short time ago, we talked to congresswoman lee by phone about that tweet. >> i'm reminded of raising my two sons in berkeley and oakland and then washington dc. i had the same fears, this was in the 60s and 70s, thanes -- that african american parents have for their children, especially their black boys when they leave their homes. we never know what might take place. my heart is really heavy.
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>> congresswoman lee is a member of the congressional black caucus which today proposed new protocols for dealing with police shootings. it would entitle families to an independent investigation of the shooting and a prosecutor to handle their cases. >> joining us now to talk about the deadly shootings. thank you for coming in. i read aequat from a 7 year-old boy in minneapolis and told his babysitter, i'm scare, i'm really scared. i'm black and a boy but you, mom, and dad will protect me; right? when you hear something like that begin what has just happened, what do you think? >> well, i'm not sure how to respond to that. let me say this, as i mentioned before we started. this october is my 50th year in law enforcement, in those 50 years, i have never ever met a police officer who wanted to
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use deadly force during their duty day. never. why these things happen, you know, i just -- i don't know. i was listening to your earlier broadcast about the gentleman that was shot in minnesota on a car stop. in my career, i have probably stopped a dozen police officers or federal agents who were armed. the reaction has always been they put their hands in plain view and tell the officer i'm armed. the situation is resolved. why that wouldn't happen in this case is beyond me. if this gentleman was armed and he told the officer he was armed, that should have resolved the issue in my opinion. i don't know. i can't answer your question detectly but i can say that, you know, from my perspective,
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in 50 years, i've drawn my gun twice. i've never shot it once, except at the range. >> i want to talk to you about tactics and about training. there has been a lot of focus recently on de-escalation but given what's happened in louisiana and minnesota, does there need to be more training in dealing with bias and racial bias and is there enough of that training or do you think there should be more? >> there's a tremendous amount of training in all your curriculum. i can only speak about california. i don't know what other states do. part of our curriculum has extensive coverage of issues of bias. it's reinforced annually and in training and management training. i was talking to frank briefly before we walked out here. i said, i have never felt apprehensive about stopping
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people of any race. never. i don't know. i don't know what they do in other states but i think, i really think we are really, really, really ahead of the game on this and trying real hard. it saddens me to see these kind of things for all size. >> i'm a dad, i have two daughters. one ovmy daughters is -- of my daughters is black and one is white. right or wrong, i can tell you that how i honestly feel, i don't worry about my white daughter, but i do worry my youngest daughter who's black is only 11. i'm starting to think about, is she gonna be okay? is she gonna be treated any differently? do i have to worry? i don't know how to answer that question. i just don't. >> well, i know you live in oakland, close to me as a matter of fact, and i think if anyone should have a sense of
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security, it's in oakland because there is so much emphasis on racial bias and i think the same is in san francisco. i don't know what's going on in minnesota. i can't speak to that. i just -- i think with the current training and the current climate in the bay area here, your daughter is in good hands. >> i want to go real quickly before we go, i want to get to san francisco and an incident that happened yesterday. a standoff with a man who was armed with a gun. it seems that san francisco's approach was different than the post and they took this approach of give him time and we're going to be patient. i spoke with john burse yesterday and he said they got it right yesterday. is this a shift in policy. again, every since i've been a police officer, we have been taught that contain and -- in
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contained and controlled situations, time is on our side. clearly, if you look at the -- at the video from san francisco, what other options were there? he's laying on the ground, face down, not moving. best thing to do is wait and see what happens. unfortunately, in the majority of police contacts, the situation is different. it's one on one, it's happening quickly. time is on our side. i mentioned earlier, no matter what the police do, somebody will complain. we were too fast or too slow. i think it's important to note that one of the big shifts in training that's happened roadway cently is how to hand -- resently is how to handle active shooters is we can't handle things slow. we have this dichotomy of training going on. when appropriate, slow down, when not, step it up. when all done, somebody will say we're too fast or too slow.
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>> all right. certainly glad with the way it ended in san francisco. >> chief, thank you. there are other stories making news today. >> welcome to the bay area. kevin durant, it's official. the splash brothers today became the splash family. we'll walk you through kevin durant's introduction to the team and media. and the fbi grilled for hours at the investigation of hillary clinton's use of private e-mail use. we're tracking that cool weather pattern out there. we'll talk about what that means if issue your -- for your bay area weekend which is really just 36 hours away.
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in the hillary clinton the fbi director spoke and explained his team's decision to recommend not press charges against hillary clinton for her private e-mail server at secretary of state. >> ross joins us and, cross arkansas ross, tell me, it came under fire. >> that was a long hearing some four and a half hours. fbi director james a republican was pelted by question after question from the republican leadership running the hearing. democrats dismissed all of this today at the political theater and what a show it was. >> did hillary clinton lie? >> republicans on one side. >> i condemn these completely unwarranted political attacks against you. >> democrats on the other: . >> no reasonable prosecutor would bring this case. >> and fbi director james comey everywhere in between.
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>> i did not coordinate that with anyone. the white house, the department of justice, nobody outside the fbi family had any idea what i was about to say. >> for more than four hours the house congressional oversight committee examed what he said two days ago that more than 100 of hillary clinton's e-mails contained clads fizz logicalled information and -- classified information and was negligent but should not be prosecuted. he said the criminal intent was there. but republicans believe it was and that clinton's public contradictions have been criminal. >> we have no basis that she lied to the fbi. >> did she lie to the public? >> i'm not authorized to answer that. >> others want to see the transcript of her fbi interviews. >> we have b of the information of the information. how long is k -- investigation
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of the investigation of the investigation. >> it may not stop there. >> one of the things we need to do to make sure this doesn't happen again? >> mark is glad today's hearing happened believing comey's explanation fits perfectly with his conclusion not to prosecute. >> he's a person who understands the constitution of ott united states and the law and he over and over said what brought him and his team to a position of there was no criminal intent. >> but both sides seemed unswayed. >> it seems to a lot of us that the average joe, the average american, that if they had done what you layed out in your statement, that they'd be in handcuffs. >> and the public may be can you haved to more hearing and more investigations. >> in their eyes you had one job, and one job only. to prosecute hillary clinton. >> well, house republicans want
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to know whether clinton lied to congress about this and the state department is reopening its internal investigation. it has suspended that probe because of the fbi case in april. the outcome of that could mean the loss of security clearances for top aids involved in those e-mail ands that could happen to some close aids and could be a major problem if clinton becomes a prosecute and wants to be -- president and wants to name her in her administration. that will be a top aid losing security clearance. that that's -- >> that's never happened before. >> never. >> the impact of all this on the campaign trail? >> never seen any follow up of any of this yet. democrats looking bad in another way one could argue to really a stalemate. hillary clinton herself has spoken out about any of this. this has been two full days now. she's been on the campaign trail. >> where was she today? >> today she was actually at
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her home in washington. she was -- she lives off of embassy road so not guilty too for from the hearing. no peep from her about this not yet at least. >> thank you. the sunshine came out today, temperatures in some spots came up a couple degrees. slightly warmer tomorrow. got in weather system to the north that kept us cool. the fueling's been -- fog's been so thick and wind strong, rain is trying to come out. this system as it drops south on saturday. might bring drizzle and see some showers north of santa rosa perhaps. look at the fog. looks a lot like last night or yesterday. it's a typical to see it shooting across the bay this early in the evening indicating tomorrow will be a day similar to today in terms of morning and cloud cover in terms of the fog in terms of temperatures as well. slightly warm in those inland bay valleys as well. but most spots tomorrow will be
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very similar so we're gonna see lots of 60s and low 70s again. the winds are blowing 32 at fairfield. out by the bridge at vista. it's a funnel of the delta. racing towards the warmer air. 26 miles an hour gust. the winds are going. the temperatures are mild. you can see the wind too based on the white caps out here. see those. it's an indication of strong winds. not just deep, deeper. set to 2500 feet now, which you get much higher than that and the fog goes away. it's barely holding on when you get to 2500 feet. when you get to 3,000 feet, it's cool, moist air. the forecast, the five day forecast and there it is. look at this top tier of numbers. stays kind of mild. there's that 87, 90. looking towards monday and tuesday, next week, there's a
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big change. in the meantime with this chance of drizzle on saturday morning and maybe a sprinkle north of santa rosa. a big flip-flop next week into the early part with temperatures back in the upper 80s and low 90s. we'll be talking ability perhaps -- about perhaps fire concerns. there's a brittle one burning over by san mateo but the temperature are cool and humidity is hot, firefighters are dialing it in though. >> thank you. up next, the splash brothers turned into the splash family today. welcoming party for the new estuary your, kevin durant. look at him. >> hear from the former mvp about why he wanted to be here in the bay area. coming up at 6, we continue our coverage of the deadly police shootings in both minnesota and louisiana. protestors gather in cities all
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over the country.
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♪ ♪ today kevin durant introduced to the golden state. >> players who are currently on the warriors now have won the last three mvp trophies. think about that. scott reese was there as the organization introduced kevin durant, the rich keep getting richer here. this is a great addition. >>reporter: indeed, frank. we all remember july 4, 2016.
5:29 pm
not for the traditional fireworks but for the warriors fireworks. the day we got word kevin durant was coming to the bay. since then, a whole lot of discussion and analysis and today we got to hear from the man himself. a rock concert atmosphere for the bay area's newest rock star. today, it got real. kd is a warrior. >> a four time scoring champion, a seven time all star, mvp of the league, kevin durant. ( cheering ). >> we all can dream. most of the time the dreams don't come true. >>reporter: this one did. a team that might have already been the best in the nba next season now appears head and shoulders above the rest. >> it doesn't feel forced. the relationship between me and this team doesn't feel forced. it feels like we're at peace. >> we lost in the finals. we want to do better.
5:30 pm
you can't do much better than -- you can't do any better than adding kd to the current crew. >>reporter: as it turns out that current crew had a pretty big impact on his decision. >> it was organic and real and peaceful. i couldn't ignore. >>reporter: or ignore his history can steph curry. they were teammates on the national squad in 2010 and it's possible curry's assurance sealed the deal. >> a lot of people's eyes he's the face of the nba. i wanted to see if he would embrace me as a player and as a person. i had no doubt he would. he showed that he was all in on this. he pulled away from his family to come to the meeting and be a part of the meeting. that showed me how much he cared and me to be a part of it. >>reporter: i said in the piece it got real today but it was
5:31 pm
more surreal seeing kevin durant in this warrior setting in the practice facility, the vibe was terrific, draymond green was here to support him, the fan season ticketholders. you can feel the positive energy. fans excited for next season. we won't have to wait till next season to see kevin durant because he'll be a member of team usa along with draymond and harrison barns and they'll gonna play a game at oracle in late july. they'll probably be big publicity surrounding that for the first time kd suits up since the ammonisment. >> scott reeves at the warrior's home -- i'm really -- >> thanks, scott. >> yeah, thank you. see you later, scott. thank you. >> frank can't get over that kevin durant is actually here. still to come, lawmakers, civil rights leaders, friends, families, even the president commented on the deadly shooting in minnesota and baton
5:32 pm
rouge. a man who crosses both sides. a black man who spent half of his life in law enforcement as former oakland police chief talks about things that need to change before these deadly encounters can become things of the past. >> i have nightmares of where she could be at. every morning waking up it's harder. it has been wreaks now since the bay area teen was disappeared. she was seen with a man who was ultimately killed in a standoff with police. her family talking about the pain of not knowing what happened to her.
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they killed my boyfriend, he's licensed to carry. he was trying to get out his id and wallet out of his pocket and let the officers know. >> a graphic facebook live video shows the minutes after a deadly shooting of a man in minnesota. we're blurring some of that video. police pulled him over last night for a broken taillight. in an emotional statement today, his girlfriend explained why she decided to show people what was going on as it happened. >> i wanted everyone in the world to know that no matter how much the police tamper with evidence, how much they stick together, no matter how they manipulate our minds to believe what they want, i wanted to put it on facebook and go viral so
5:36 pm
that the people can see. so that the people could see. i wanted the people to determine who was right and wrong. >> the shooting came less than 48 hours after the deadly shooting after alton sterling by police in louisiana. the two shootings of black men are stirring protest and anger across the country. what is like to be not only an officer but an officer of color, especially with the growing distrust from the public. paul is in our news room and you posted that questions to former police chief, howard. >> that's right, the chief said both shootings are disturbing but two more african american men are known around the world for their deadly run in with the police. it's a reality that men deal with every day. what happens when alliance come together? a man of color is also a man behind the damage. >> 37 year-old alton sterling and 32 year-old philando
5:37 pm
castillo will be shot in bound. both ill killed at the hands of a police officer. >> when it's captured on video, it looks bad. >> howard jordan has worked in law enforcement. two of those years as oakland's top cop serving as the chief of police. he said it's too soon to say who's right or wrong in any case but the role of an officer is extremely tough, and more so when you're a white officer dealing with a person of color. >> some scholars say it's a fear of culture. they're afraid of a particular culture. not necessarily the person but the stereo types of the culture. there's built in fear and bias. >> officer involved shootings are not not unfamiliar here in the bay area. oscar was shot and killed by a police officer. and last year mora woods was
5:38 pm
shot by five officers. jordan said things can get better but when the departments are ready. >> the more that the police departments can show that they're transparent and they're willing to hold their officers accountable, the better they're gonna be in terms of gaining or regaining public's trust. >> jordan said another way department's can work towards gaining public trust, hire diverse police force. not just people of color but women as well. he still stands behind the 99.9 per isn't of good officers who do their job the right way every day. >> as a black man, what is your experience like when you drive home from work at night, do you worry about being pulled over? >> to be honest, yes i do. seeing this video is disturbing on both sides. anybody of any color should be dis-disturbed by these videos. watching it's very difficult to do. being an african american man, i know firsthand. i've been pulled over by police.
5:39 pm
had their gun pointed at me so i know personally that could have been me in that car but i know i have a lot of officer friends who are not like those gentlemen. i'm not saying they're right or wrong, i'm saying this happens as a reality for black and brown people every single day, something they worry about and dealing with but hopefully some day some time, things can get better. >> let's hope so. paul, thank you. a rally is scheduled for later tonight in oakland to protest the recent killings. posted on the fab page called -- facebook page called shut it down rally. they're calling for an end to police brutality and other issues like the sexual misconduct daises that surfaced in the oakland police department. fireworks caused part of oakland general to be shut down. the building was put on lock down for two hours while police searched the premise. no guns found but did
5:40 pm
confiscate some illegal fireworks. no one injure and had police have not said who brought the fireworks into the hospital. >> it's been a little more than six weeks since 15 year-old pearl was abducted and they don't know what happened with her. in an emotional interview. they spoke with pearl's family and the anguish they face every day. >> her family took us to the foot bridge over at highway 780 where 15 year-old pearl was abducted and last seen. >> the amount of blood they found there. >> that was may 25, about six weeks ago. the family said six horrific weeks of not knowing where she .s. >> i have nightmares of where she could be at. every morning waking up, it's harder. >> pearl was a freshman at her way to jessie bethel high
5:41 pm
school. a witness reported an armed man pulling pearl by the bridge and people reported hearing a gunshot. the next day 19 year-old fernando was kill inside a shootout, he was suspected as the abductor but not sign of pearl. their family never heard that name until after the abduction. he lived about a half a mile away, they don't know where -- don't believe pearl knew him either. the bridge has become a living memorial to pearl -- memorial to pearl and the family is putting up fliers and signs to keep her case in public view. >> i have my phone out checking in constantly to see if any missed calls or text messages from here. >> she talked about becoming a firefighter or veterinarian some day. now they just want to find her. they say their anguish gets worse each day.
5:42 pm
>> i'm praying she's back home safe but it's the worst possible outcome, i'd like to know where she's at so we can put her to rest. >> i know she'll be brought home safe, i just know it. >> they're asking anyone with information to call 911 or the saleno county sheriff's department. well, it is the news that hillary clinton supporters have been waiting for. when bernie sanders may officially put his support behind her candidacy. >> also an update on the wv emission -- vw emission scandal. why the state of california is seeking a bigger payout.
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. the state of california is seeking an additional $86 million in several penalties from vw in connection with animations scandal. -- emissions scandal. it'll be in addition to the original settlement announced last week. vw agreed to pay $14 .7 billion in a nationwide settlement. the car maker acknowledged to software in some of its diesel vehicles enabled the cars to heat an envisions -- cheat an
5:46 pm
emissions test. >> for the forest time, more than 50 years, a woman compete inside the annual cable car bell ringing contest. it was held this afternoon in union scare. our un--- square. sal was one of the judges and asked sandra about her strategy going into the contest. >> rhythm in the wrist. >> yeah, it's like dancing in the wrist. >> sandra did not take home the title this year. that went to leonard oats who beat out the six year bell ringing champion who was byron and frank, you were a judge. >> it was the first time i've been there and seen in person. they are very good. >> super impressive. >> and a big crowd and they have some musical entertainment. it's a lot of fun. it's one of those things only in san francisco and i've never done it and only seen it.
5:47 pm
never done stories or been there. i was glad they invited me. a lot of fun. still to come, a dramatic rescue near a san francisco rescue. what led this worker being loaded onto a ambulance with traumatic injuries. plus, dreams will come true for a select group this weekend in the south bay. we talked to the talented group of the u.s. gymnasts looking for a spot on the u.s. team. pressing into the bay area weekend, it's by no means hot but changes are coming that will have an impact on your saturday and sunday.
5:48 pm
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members of congress, 200 house republicans showed the headquarters for mr. trump's first meeting with house lawmakers. the republican presumptive nominee had tensions clash. some said they feel unified in the message the party wants to send out. senator bernie sanders confirms talks are underway to endorse hillary clinton. in an interview today with bloom burg views al hunt, senator sanders came close to endorsing hillary clinton saying we have got to do everything we can to defeat donald trump and elect hillary clinton. in a dramatic cliff rescue near hoyt tower this morning,
5:51 pm
firefighters rescued a worker who fell 50 feet and suffered traumatic injuries. about 90 minutes after the man fell down the sheer rock face landing half way down the cliff, the victim was with a few coworkers working on the cliff and the man was working for a private company that was hired to shore up the cliff and add metal mesh to keep the rocks from falling. >> talk about our weather now and bring in chief meteorologist, bill now. it's not that real hot summer that we're used to. kind of mild. >> we talked about that fire in san mateo and looked at pictures in the news room. they got it out. the temperatures are so low that in a typically high fire season -- high fire time of year, which is right now, fires aren't in the bay area having a foot hole. temperatures cooler, lots of moisture, these were the highs today, 83 the hot spot in
5:52 pm
anteoc. this is a very early summer or late spring temperature map it looks like but we're in july actually and it's quite cool. as we press forward, the system to the north of us up here is producing some rain north of the california border. it could as 23 moves further south on the weekend, bring us a shot at the shower on saturday. but a drizzle event. north of santa rosa maybe a sprinkle and up towards del nor county some rain. parts of whiskey town could get rain as well. this is the right now fog, look at that footprint. it's already into parts of san ramon or working its way. see it up on the hill. 77 in fairfield right now. it's 70 in the liver mother valley. cool. gonna be windy again tonight too. get ready for that. the forecast, you can see the winds blowing in fairfield, gusting to 32. it's just a night tonight and tomorrow, a day tomorrow, very
5:53 pm
similar to what we had today. the fog forecast, there's the fog footprint, the morning hours, burns back, same as today. there it is. the 90s up in sacramento. there's some 90s 245 will try to show up but mid 80s, upper 80s as we move forward, that low pressure center drops down, right there and brings us a chance for maybe even a sprinkle as we head into your bay area saturday. the five day forecast, there it is. saturday with a chance ovdrizzle, maybe a few sprinkles but the big story is the next three days, three and a half days, it's very cool, even in the hot spots. monday and tuesday, it starts to warm up again but back into the upper 80s and low 90s so next week, we'll be talking more about air quality issues and fire danger issues. >> thank you, bill. still to come, four weeks from tomorrow, the olympic torch lit in rio. athletes deeming of metals are in the south bay for one last
5:54 pm
competition and only a handful of them will get a chance to move onto brazil?
5:55 pm
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♪ ♪ summer olympic games in rio set to begin in 29 days from now, the grueling process of picking the women's gymnastics team is set to begin. >> south bay reporter jessie has more on the process that
5:57 pm
turns friends into competitors. >>reporter: for chosen few, four years of hard work comes down to the next few days. at the gymnastics center, women's hopefuls are running, soring, and jumping. >> we're all here because that's the one thing that drives us the hardest and it excites us the most. >> simon and 14 other hopefuls sandwiched into a media skrum after their morning workout. >> we walked in and were like oh my gosh. are we really here again. >> are back and ready to make a run to the five rings in rio. >> it cops down to this. -- comes down to this. >> tomorrow and sunday, the 15 will compete against each other trying to make the grade and the mark for one of five slots on the u.s. olympic team but
5:58 pm
it's more ooof a collaboration of love than a winner cut throat. >> we're competitors, and wish the best for each other and go out and do your own thing. >> we're kind of feeding off of each other. >> thaws seated -- thousands seated above and all eyes watching every step or misstep. >> it's frustrating when you fall because the crowd sighs and you feel disappoint the in yourself and they feel disappointed in you. >> by sunday night, we'll know the five headed to rio. the more vexing question is picking the one to three alternates. >> tears will be shed but this talent the group of 15 is enjoying the lime lite of going for the gold. jessie gary, ktvu fox 2 news. for the second time this
5:59 pm
weekend, a black man shot and killed by a police officer and this time it happened in minnesota as the man reached for his id according to his girlfriend. >> tonight, her amateur video streamed live and allowing the world to react to the case and leading to outrage. good evening everyone, i'm frank. >> and i'm healther. it shows the after math of the police shooting following a traffic stop for a broken taillight. it's registered more than 4 million views. christina live with the shooting. >> the victim is named philando castile and he told the officer he had a concealed carry permit and trying to come ply with orders to show his id when the officers shot him. moments after she started streaming on facebook. >> they killed my boyfriend. >> philando's last moments
6:00 pm
broadcast to the world by his girlfriend diamond reynolds on social media. what happened when a police officers open fired on him during a traffic stop for a broken tay light. >> he got pulled over. >> i told him not to reach for it. i told him to pull over. >> it happened wednesday night in the suburbs of saint paul. before the shooting, he reached for his wallet with id and registration and told the officer he had a firearm and a concealed permit. she was shot four times. >> i wanted to put it on facebook and go viral so the people could see. i wanted the people to determine who was right and wrong. >> following an overnight protest in front of the governor's mansion, the oregoner said justice will be served. >> would this have happened if the passenger and driver


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