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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  March 30, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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some of these clouds are drifting off the sierra. a few of these will pop up, especially towards the north and east bay. a majority of the cloud cover is on its way out. we had a few showers yesterday but this -- that was down for the salinas valley. may be an isolated shower him a snow shower or two on the lee said. you can see how everything is coming across eastern nevada. 39 in san ramon. 42 in santa rosa. mill valley, 39. 41 in hillsburg in windsor. patchy low clouds to north bay and on the coast. look at this system. that is below that is turning in the four corners. we are on the western edge of anything left behind. patchy fog but mostly sunny. breeze will pick up at times. 60s, this is where they should
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be for this time of year. we are hoping for a quite commute. right now it looks pretty good as you were driving through. we will start off with a look at the bay bridge. one of the busiest commutes in the bay area. it does look pretty good. nice and early in light. also looking at the commute on the san mateo bridge. it looks good to the peninsula if you are driving over to highway 92, it is unobstructed to the coast. this morning's commute on 80 westbound does not look bad. that is a nice drive. if you are driving to berkeley, it looks good. no troubles on 24 between walnut creek and oakland through the tunnel and into oakland. let's go back to the desk. here is a look at some of
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the stories we're following. police in berkeley are looking for the person who used a pellet gun to shoot and kill three animals. five animals in all which includes a cat, a possum and three raccoons, were discovered saturday afternoon at the berkeley marina by a groundskeeper. three of them had been shot and killed. police say the two other animals were suffering from an illness and also died. alameda county sheriff are instituting new policies following video that apparently shows to deputies beating a stolen car suspect. the departments use of force policy will be reviewed and deputies must turn on their body worn cameras. attorneys of the suspect, stanislav petrov, say he was hit at least 40 times and suffered a broken hands and headwinds. santa clara county crime lab is replacing three refrigerators after one of them malfunctioned this month. temperatures climbed to 107 degrees. the district attorney's office said it does not believe that led samples of the suspects in the refrigerator or negatively affected.
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defense lawyers are concerned about the integrity of evidence and electronic notification process that should have alerted officials of the failure. the city of oakland is trying to make streets and sidewalks safer for people walking. christien kafton also live in said police will be out in force to make sure drivers are paying attention. >> reporter: morning. we are at eighth and webster right now. the light is just about to change. i will wait for the light to cycle through. what they are doing is they are on a special enforcement so pedestrians can feel safer. they are looking for drivers and pedestrians safety. for drivers that means they will look for drivers to make sure they are not to speeding and the yield to pedestrians. for pedestrians, making sure that they are yielding to drivers when they need to and making sure they cross within a crosswalk or against light. this move really comes as there has been an increase in pedestrian injuries and dangers
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and fatalities. the issue being that there are more pedestrians out there on the road trying to get away from driving and that kind of thing. they are looking for other options. the concern is those pedestrians on the roadways, the possibility of them getting hurt. oakland will do what many cities do to try to make sure those pedestrians are safe. we are waiting to time the lights. we want to be as safe as possible. the issue is making sure those pedestrians are safe in the cross with the light. that is what they are doing today. this will be at an undisclosed location in oakland. they do not want to give away too much location about where the special enforcement will be going on. the issue is making sure pedestrians are as safe as possible. coming up in an hour or so, we will give you some special tips they are telling pedestrians and drivers to look out for as they are on the roads today. fairfield police have released new details and the
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officer involved shooting of a man suspected of shooting a concord boy. a witness spotted james gerard on monday afternoon, followed him to a store and called police. when officers arrived, they say he started running. one of the officer said gerard reached for his waistband. the officer opened fire. no weapon was found. gerard was shot in the neck and is currently in stable condition. the officer is on paid administrative leave. the boy who was shot in concorde has a bullet lodged in his neck. semper cisco police have released a sketch of a man wanted for the brutal beating of a couple in the duboce triangle neighborhood. police say this shows one of four men who confronted that couple on the night of february 23. dean ayers said the suspect approached them, threatened to rape his wife, mary and beat both of them. mary was knocked unconscious and suffered a traumatic brain injury. dean suffered a broken leg a silicon valley tech
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executive died while trying to save his daughter electrocution in a swimming pool. a gofundme page is set up for the family of jim tramel of billing game. the executive at ramjet died sunday in palm springs. police say he jumped into the pool to save his daughter, who was suffering from electric shock. police say it was because of faulty wiring. tramel was also electrocuted and had to be pulled from the pool. he was pronounced dead at the hospital. his daughter remains in critical condition. another girl who was shocked is also still in the hospital. there will be no criminal charges in the berkeley balcony collapse that killed six students and injured seven last june. the alameda county district attorney said dry rot caused the balcony to collapse but there is not enough evidence to prove there was any criminal negligence or reckless disregard for life. among the many parties involved in the construction and maintenance of the building. berkeley's mayor said proving criminal intent is a high bar.
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>> i just think it was too difficult a standard. you need to prove intent or find gross negligence. it was very difficult to prove. >> an attorney for several of the family's said it, it remains our clients quest to uncover the truth, to hold those responsible accountable and to bring about changes to industry practices to prevent such a needless tragedy from recurring. since the collapse, the city has adopted strict new balcony expansion policies. three years after the shooting death of an eight-year- old girl in oakland, testimony has started in the suspects murder trial. alicia carradine was at a sleepover at a friend's home in 2013 when prosecutors say darnell williams opened fire to the front door, killing the little girl and injuring two others and the grandmother. prosecutors say williams was targeting the father of a leash as a friend in retaliation for a gang killing alley -- hours earlier. her mother broke down as in
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oakland police officer described how his body camera captured her last moments. >> she was like, our little light. at the end of the tunnel, everyone look for. she was our happiness. she was our everything. >> williams is also on trial for a second killing at a dice game. prosecutors are seeking the death penalty. apple is trying to pressure the fbi into giving up information it has about iphones. the tech giant once the government to tell it how someone unlock the iphone 5c used by one of the san bernardino shooter's. that is the phone at the center of illegal better when apple refused a court order to unlock the phone. the justice department withdrew its case when it down someone else to do the work. apple said it needs to know how the phone was hacked so it can make its products more secure. so far the fbi does not seem interested in cooperating with
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apple's request. several small earthquakes struck san jose last night. i want to go to a map from the usgs website. all of them were centered east of allan rock along the calaveras fault. all of them hit between 7 pm and 10 pm. the usgs said the last one was the largest, a 3.2 magnitude. the others were 2.7, 2.6, and 2.5. overall, no reports of damage. it's called the university of california but a new audit of the uc system said enrollment policies favor out- of-state students who pay higher tuition. the campuses had about 252,000 students last year. the audit said the number of nonresidents accepted has jumped by 18,000 in the past five years, an increase of 82%. at the same time, the percentage of students from california slipped 1% the auditor said that shows out-of- state students are favored. school officials disagree. students we talked to said it's hard for anyone to get into a uc school.
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>> i had a 3.88 and i know people who got over a 4.0 who did not get in. >> i know they have on out-of- state students and all the out- of-state students that i met -- i feel like it's harder for them to get in. >> the audit recommends that the university conduct a cost study at at least -- of at least five years to determine how much money it needs to operate. it also suggested the state legislature put a 5% limit on nonresident enrollme. uc officials expect to increase the number of california students by 10,000 now that the university is getting more state money. commercial crab season is officially underway. yesterday, bay area fisherman and seafood buyers agreed on a price of $2.90 a pound. it comes after quality tests over the weekend came back with good results. after that price was set, commercial crab both left pillar point harbor and started dropping thousands of crab pots.
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high levels of an algae toxin found in crabs had delayed the start of the season for more than four months. fresh crab should be available for purchase by the end of the week. many looking forward to that. former president bill clinton and his daughter will be in the bay area this weekend. how their visit may help settle a budget battle between the uc system and its workers. summa promising news for bart riders an east bay. the reason the agency thinks it could be closer to fixing a mysterious glitch. we are looking at a commute that is warming up nicely. i am talking about warm when it comes to traffic volume. it looks good on the golden gate bridge. it looks like another nice day, ever so slowly warming up. temperatures near average today.
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there are some scary moments in fresno after a car was stolen with a three-year- old girl inside. police released this video showing a man getting into the car at an auto repair shop. the father came out and realized his car has been stolen. police say the suspect dropped off the toddler a few blocks away. the girl is now safe and with her family. the suspect and the car are still missing. the alameda board of supervisors honor the first responders who jumped into action following that ace train derailment in niles canyon earlier this month. any of the 140 minute women who responded helped rescue passengers from the partially submerged trained -- train that landed in the creek. among them was a firefighter paramedic who used a special tool to remove a window. he was lowered inside the train car by a rope.
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they used a thermal imager to see if any passengers were still trapped inside. >> worst-case, i could have slipped out the real car or fallen into the creek. >> it was muddy and windows were broken. some seats were moved around. the crawled over that stuff. >> the rescuers are still amazed that the passenger survived. as for the recognition for what they did, they say they were just doing their jobs. a former nevada firefighter is battling to keep his job after he was fired for alleged marijuana use. the marin independent journal reports supervisors ordered kirt lewis to take a drug test after a captain smelled marijuana outside his dorm room at the fire station last august. lewis, a 12 year veteran, reportedly failed the test and was terminated. he claims he was never told he was under investigation and did not have union representative present. last week a judge refused to reinstate him but found the fire department probably
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violated procedural rights. heart is preparing to resume service on the pittsburgh bay point line but he can't say exactly when that will happen. bridges and train shuttles have been transporting passengers between north concorde and pittsburg since march 16. that's in the wake of mysterious voltage spike the damaged dozens of cars. bart said it is moving refurbished cars to that line. the cars are equipped with fuses and are less susceptible to voltage spikes. engineers are still trying to figure out what happened. what is not a mystery is that sal castaneda covers hour traffic in the morning. it looks good out here. so far, not a problem out there. i was telling mike earlier when we were grousing on monday, don't worry, wednesday will be here soon. here he is. already feeling more optimistic about the week.
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just two more days for most of us. let's look at the commute here on 80 westbound. traffic is moving along nicely up to the macarthur maze. also looking at the bay bridge toll plaza. not much going on when it comes to the commute traffic. it moves along nicely. as we look at the south bay via the map system, not a bad commute. traffic looks good on the 101, 280 and 85. let's go to steve. don't wish your life away, sal. >> a little rough, monday. >> i think tuesday's are the roughest. >> you could be right. let's get to it. we have some patchy, low clouds around. still a few clouds developing this afternoon. a lot of moisture left behind from the low that came by on monday which went to southern california yesterday. still giving some rain down toward san diego.
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trying to give rain to phoenix which is not had rain since the end of january. it's been hot down there. brian sumner is a chef at northstar. he sends me nice pictures. it is beautiful at northstar but where is brings? it's all good. there's been a lot of cloud cover in the sierra. they had some pretty good snow on monday. clear and calm. some cool readings out there. patchy fog, a little chilly. slightly warmer tomorrow. the weekend was good. 60s and 70s. cloud cover continues to stream off the sierra from the low which is splitting a little bit. some of that moisture degenerate shower activity toward hollister, salad that, 101 in south. cloud cover sneaking in, coming in from nevada and across the spine of the sierra.
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40s for some and 30s for others. low 50s for some. i'm sure there will be a few more 30s coming in. dublin just clicked over to 40. low 50s in brentwood, antioch and pittsburg. 45 in sacramento. you can see patchy fog there. the coast will stay in the upper 50s or low 60s. a little piece of energy breaking off toward southern california and another piece of that each acting out into the northern plains. this covers areas from almost a dallas to minneapolis. patchy fog. mostly sunny. a little warmer. the breeze will pick up at times. near-normal temperatures which is around 62 and 68. a little warmer each day. i think there will be night and
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morning fog but it looks pretty quiet. next week we may deal with a possibility of another low coming in. we have the a's home opener on monday. a lot of pressure on the weatherman. >> i think they will be okay. >> we will keep an eye on it. a filmmaker with a mission. next we will take you to a film premiere that gives developmentally disabled adults a voice.
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oscar-winning actress, patty duke has died. in 1963 she starred in her own show, the patty duke show, and played identical twin cousins. view before, she won an oscar as helen keller in the miracle worker. patty duke did not have an easy life. she was bipolar and was not diagnosed for many years. the family said she died of sepsis from a ruptured intestine. she was 69. two iguanas that will illegally smuggled into the u.s. are adjusting to their new home at the oakland zoo. they were among 60 illegally trafficked animals that were uncovered last june. the iguanas were handed over to the zoo, they were severely dehydrated, covered in parasites and cold. zookeepers work to to keep them alive. you can also visit them in the
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zoo's reptile and amphibian discovery room. dog owners continue to voice their disapproval with a plan to restrict where dogs can run off leash at the golden gate national recreation area. another meeting was held in san francisco last night. dog owners held up paper plates in protest. some red, leash nps while what was written on others. there are people who support the plan saying it is a reasonable compromise. >> most of the time people are walking their dogs they are responsible. everything is fine. every now and then there is a dog loose that is uncontrollable and chases the birds. it disrupts the natural environment there. >> one -- under the plan, the park service will limit dogs running off leash in some areas including ocean beach, feature -- baker beach in fort funston. another meeting will be held in sausalito tonight. one in pacifica tomorrow. lift has launched a service
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in san francisco. the company partnered with the metropolitan transit commissions 511 ride match. they say it is a way for people who already commute to work to pick up fares along the way. this differs from uber where a driver can pick up different pairs heading the same direction. the first routes are along highway 101 between san francisco and palo alto. mtc interested if i've said it aims to lease traffic condition. cirque nevada county schools expected to reopen after was closed when an unvaccinated student was diagnosed with measles. investigators are tracking anyone including unvaccinated classmates who came in contact with the child. unvaccinated children at yuba river charter school will not be able to attend classes for at least two weeks to make sure they do not get infected. only 77% of incoming kindergarten students in nevada county were fully vaccinated for the start of the school year.
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state legislation makes it more difficult for parents to refuse to vaccinate their children. it goes into effect next school year. in a touching film premiere a little more, this launched a new program aimed to help developmentally disabled adults show off their talents and skills. aspiring filming her, jeff smith has down syndrome. his film called, save me mine, premiered last night. it's about his life and his relationship with his late mother. he got some help from joey travolta and the nonprofit, futures explored. >> i always had this thing for the underdog. the program is not just about filmmaking. it's about life skills and social skills. everything that goes into filmmaking goes into everyday life. >> with or without down syndrome, i would never give up. >> jeff tells ktvu he wrote and
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directed the film. he also worked cameras, lighting and editing. hundreds attended last night's premiere. coming up, three animals are dead after being shot with pellet guns in berkeley. the search underway for the person responsible. more fallout after north carolina's passage of a bill requiring people to use public restrooms based on the sex listed on their birth certificate. the silicon valley tech giants now urging that state to repeal the law. we are looking at a commute that is okay so far. not much of slow traffic on 92 heading over to the peninsula. a little chill in the air and some patchy fog but temperatures are starting to bump up slowly. we will show you those coming up.
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>> reporter: questions is running the integrity of evidence at the santa clara county crime lab. to recent failures that could end up costing taxpayers. big changes following the beating of a suspect in alameda county. what officers will need to do as an investigation is underway into the department use of force. good morning. welcome back.
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it is wednesday, march 30. i'm pam cook. >> i'm dave clark. let's check weather and traffic. steve, how was the forecast? >> a little cool but it will be nice. not a bad day. we have some patchy fog. if you 30s is showing up from mendocino county, lake county. temperatures are on the chilly side but they will start to warm up. near-normal of the temperatures. 38 degrees in clear lake. calm and clear. some cloud cover continues to stream off the sierra. some patchy, low clouds. some moisture is left behind. 38 at the napa airport. 39 in palo alto. woodside at 36. stanford at 36. 40s junior 50s for others. some chili nu


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