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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  March 23, 2016 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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are you handicapped? >> no. >> well, what makes you so special? >> the anger's brewing when a woman on a coffee run is confronted after she parked in a handicapped parking spot. >> she why she may need to make another coffee run. it's an experiment with chips and magic. >> let's just say they were fascinated. >> the ipad trick that blew their mind and ours. >> how did he do that? dude's about to get some good news. >> shut up! >> the announcement six years in the making. >> shut up! and a prank we wish we'd thought of. see who pulled off a jurassic-sized scare.
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[ screams ] three things i never thought went together, coffee, canada, rage. >> so why did you park in a handicapped spot? are you handicapped? >> no. >> this guy with a camera confronts this woman he claims is parked in a handicapped parking spot. she's got two cups of coffee in her hand. she doesn't like being on camera. >> what makes you so special to park in a handicapped spot? >> get in the jeep, closes the door -- >> what makes you so special. >> back the [ bleep ] up. back the [ bleep ] up. >> was that her coffee? >> that was one of her coffees. here's round two. >> get the [ bleep ] away from my car. >> she launches the second cup of coffee at the guy. she said, i'm just running in for two cups of coffee. now you have none. >> i'm taking this to the police. >> good for you. >> you insulted me. >> as she backs up, you can
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clearly see the handicapped markings on the pavement there. and he does an aggressive mov towards the cameraman. and off she goes. in a completely separate incident, that one was in toronto. this one in winnipeg. this family just picked up a truck from the airport and got into a thing with the red pickup truck up ahead. brake check and slow things down. here they go in the truck trying to go around. wait until we see the passenger seat. there are kids in the car. reports say this guy already got into it with the driver the in the red truck. the driver in the red truck tried to shove him off the road because he was driving a little too slowly. as he slows down, he rolls down his window to give this guy a piece of his mind. >> holy cow! >> that's a coffee bomb that just came through this guy's window. >> please tell me they turned this into police. >> the video has been turned
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over. i do not know if the guy has been found yet. the license plate was captured in the video. no injuries in either of these situations, thank goodness. mona, denny and andy got their own personal magic show. i should tell you, for the chinese new year, the year of the monkey, this magician simon piero was invited into the zoo in germany to put on a show for the chimpanzees and they were fascinated. this poor thing, i'm thinking that's how i look. >> how did you do that? >> this one really fcinates the chimp. right here you can see on the screen of the ipad there's a phone. on the amazon page, nick, you would recognize amazon. >> this is your life. >> watch what he does with the phone.
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>> how does he do that? >> the chimp is more human than you. >> he's going to host a tv show next. this next one is really neat. you see him pretending to pour milk into the ipad. the chimp tries to drink what he poured in there. >> i don't care about this, man, that last one still blows my mind. that's a slick move. >> does that look like a groovy little spot? look at that. >> that's enjoyment right there. >> ladies and gentlemen -- >> that's the smile nick does. >> simon says this is a really cool experience for him. he said all the chimps had different personalities but they were fun to work with. the fact that you have the general understanding that i has and it shows their intelligence level, it is pretty interesting. >> does that mean they're smart or he's stupid? >> both.
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these people in mexico are off the coast to do a little parasaling. beautiful day and views. >> para saling seems like a dangerous thing to do. it never goes well. >> this guy is up there on his parasail like, okay, when are we going higher, higher, higher. >> you are attached to the boat. that guy has to get it perfectly right, and there's all these people on the beach. >> it is very windy. why is this not working? people on the beach now noticing -- yeah, he's going the wrong way. he flies over the cabanas and looks like he's about to crash into the palm trees in the background. then the winds change his direction and here he comes back again over the beach, over those cabanas. lucky day for this guy. because watch how this ends.
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>> oh, wow. >> without incident -- >> that guy is a legend. if you go parasaling, it's amazing. these guys in wyoming are about to do a paragliding dunk. they take off the canopy right above them. >> oh, oh, oh! that's more like sledding. >> i don't think it goes that way. >> no, they started dragging their feet over the snow. they are going to need more height. it was all a terrible fail but it turned out to be pretty all right. have you ever found yourself on the wrong side of traffic? maybe you need to go the other way but there's way too much traffic that way? >> never, no. >> well, i have, too. and i wanted to do this. but i just didn't have the guts. this is ukraine and there's all
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this traffic but notice this car. it's just backing up, missing other cars. >> are you kidding me? i thought there would be one other car on the road. >> no, he's making all the people switch lanes and go around him. >> yeah. and he makes it all the way down the street dodging other cars before going up the street. and he's going to make his way to the intersection. >> no, no, no, no! >> gosh, look at this. what a jerk, he's risking causing an accident just because he's too impatient and lazy. >> yep, that's complete disregard for everyone else. >> well, how many people are like that on the road that you see every day? >> but you're not supposed to do that. there are rules on the road for a reason. he's got everyone's approval and now -- >> it's time to set the plan in motion in three parts. >> we'll see if he's able to reel her in. >> she holds back the tears. plus, if you don't hold a paint brush, there's no need to panic. >> she's literally using the
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kids mix. 20 flavors kids love! america, we love our cars and horsepower, but you're not the only country that does. we'll head down to the country of australia, or the down country. high-powered cars, beautiful sound of the engine -- you think they are all going to be pretty mad here in three, two -- uh-oh. >> oh [ bleep ] oh [ bleep ]! >> you can see that again. it's exactly what you think was happening as they were following too close together. and it's cool to see the cars going by and hearing the engines, but somebody at the front suddenly hits the brake and people are somewhat divided as to why, but then everyone bang, bang, bang, bang, bang. in fact, five are performance cars. in a couple pictures that were also posted to facebook, that is
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a lot of front and back-end work. >> i'm glad these guys like working on cars. >> right. >> you see this one coming from half a foot away. and it's a pretty slow one as well. this guy helping a truck driver blind side backing. he's trying to back his truck into this space. >> look at that. look at that. >> come on. cut it. cut it. cut it. >> he's doing pretty well. the guy we have here is kind of directing -- i think he has a gopro strappeded to his chest or something because you can see his arms. >> this is how oli parks. >> okay, okay, it's going well but stop! stop! >> oh, no. >> whoa! >> no, no, no, no! this guy comes up to the side and is like -- stop! >> i don't understand. this guy is actually sort of a good samaritan and is not from the company, he's just helping a guy out. this artist is using very
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natural bristles. and when i say natural, i really actually mean her own hair. >> oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. no, it's still attached to her, nevermind. >> right. >> my sister did it with her son when he was born and created a paintbrush for his grandfather which was really cool. but this is strange. >> this is amy pierce. she's using literally the end of her beautiful long hair. she's dipping it in the paint and painting. and you're thinking, could this actually work? but of course it could work. it's just like a soft bristle brush. >> yeah, you can do it. you can do it lots of ways. >> bam! bam! >> that would be a very interesting payday. >> look at the technique. this is really awesome. woman you would say, what does she use on her ends? >> conditioner. >> she's painting and
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moisturizing at the same time. >> and she's probably used acrylic-based paint. either way, look at the final product. it looks really cool. >> the eyelashes are on the hand. drew is about to lay it all on the line but first he has to check a few, bo boxes. he's going to tell his parents about a plan. >> i'm going to propose. >> andrew. oh, i'm so happy. >> and now that he has their approval, he's going to talk to his girl's father. >> i'm going to surprise anne with proposing tomorrow. >> all right. >> so i was going to -- can i go old school here just to check to make sure it's okay by you. >> yeah, it's okay by me. >> now that he's got everybody's aproouf approval. >> the proposal is going to be part of a geocaching.
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she loves geocaching. >> look at what is in his hand. and now for the first part of the plan. breakfast in bed. >> that's super sweet. >> now for the second clue, number two. this next stop can come in handy. >> a nice manicure. >> girls appreciate this. >> he thought of everything, i will say. because what happens after you get your ring, you take a picture, your hands look a hot mess. >> okay. good job there, drew. >> clue numero >> they are headed to their destination. >> we are headed for the geocache. he hands her the note while he takes the tube and switches it out. >> you are my heart?
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>> he hands her the camera and drops down on one knee. >> oh, look at her trying to hold back tears. >> he pops the big question -- >> will you marry me? >> yes. of course. >> and she says yes. >> that was nice. honestly, it was pretty smoothly done. >> and he thought of every single itty-bit ty detail to make this day special. >> i love you. >> i love you. it's springtime. >> and all the offices are getting their softball leagues together. >> a look at the stereotypes courtesy of dude perfect. and time to crack these easter eggs. >> so there's a swirl in the egg they undo, open up and start reading the message. >> find out what the fortune revealed.
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provided by -- ♪ safe driver ♪ accident-free ♪ everybody put your flaps in the air for me ♪ let this hero help. in the fight against cavities new act batman rinse tastes great and helps reduce cavities up to 40% for better checkups. act kids. by this time we know the guys over at dude perfect nearly always hit their mark. but now they're nailing it with the jokes, too. >> i got it! ♪ >> two out. play to first. >> it's spring time and all the offices are getting their softball leagues together. i bet there's a few guys on your team that might resemble a few guys in this video. >> get in the batter's box. >> i don't want to get hit. >> not everybody's a sports hero. >> this thing is hard as a rock. >> you can guarantee an out
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every at-bat. >> come on, give him a break. >> he's about to throw him off the team. >> thank you for letting me play with you guys. i look forward to thursday night. >> seriously? >> who else we got on the team? >> that umpire. that umpire, this is just his best day of the week. >> because at work he can't act like that. >> exactly. >> yes! >> come on, baa baby. >> yes! >> we all know these people. >> oh, yeah. you have all played with them. they go on and on. this entire video chalk full of softball stereotypes. all super funny. if you want to see the entire thing, go to and click on tv show or use the mobile app. don't forget, the guys over at dude perfect have their up tv show coming out on tnt. i have to imagine that
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finding out you're going to be a dad is kind of a big deal. >> it's a little bit like being hit by a truck. >> and yet exciting at the same time. watch how this guy reacts when he finds out he's about to be a dad. >> read it out loud. >> bet you're proud and feeling glad that soon you'll be a brand new dad. shut up! >> what do you think? >> shut up! >> that is like, o-m-g. he's like, shut up! >> please tell me you're not messing with me right now? >> no. >> i think he's happy. >> oh, yeah. yeah, he's definitely stoked and for good reason. he and his wife have been trying to have a baby for six years! >> shut up! >> yes. they really have. >> i think this is the kind of reaction you want. >> after waiting six years, this grandma-to-be has been waiting for ten. she's been waiting to have a
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grandkid from this daughter, so this daughter, her and her other son, longing to be bro on the floor, they both have easter eggs in their hand and have to crack them. >> one, two, three. >> you see you've got halloween colors in there. >> is that when the baby is due? >> that is when the baby is due. coming in october, we figured it out. they're still trying to figure it out. so they are just opening up the egg they up do and start reading the message. she's like, is she serious? i'm going to be a grandma? >> a baby. >> she just breaks down. >> look at her, she's in tears. it's so beautiful because she's been wanting to meet a grandkid from her daughter. so dad now gets his egg. >> what a sweet grandpa he's going to be. >> what would you do if you crossed paths with a dinosaur? >> these guys are going to hand
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them the most unbelievable dinosaur costume. >> see what happens when they get peopleown
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center any time you want because they gave us the recipe. after watching this prank, 65 million views in the making, knicks and i came to the conclusion that you and i need to up our game. >> hello. >> hi. >> this is down in australia. >> i have to get one of these costumes. >> these guys are going to hand them the most unbelievable dinosaur costume. and all they're going to do is get people down at the car park. >> i'm going down do my car, would you mind helping me come and grab it? >> so they are eventually going to see a real dinosaur. >> that thing is so good. amazing. >> they could cause an accident for somebody just going into their regular spot and see that. >> it's worth it.
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[ screams ] >> it's a moonlit box from a movie. >> it sounds gnarly. >> yes, it is. the way it's moving its head, it's pretty realistic. >> yep. [ screams ] >> but she's laughing. >> after that first initial -- then you realize it's not a dinosaur. >> lodgic kicks in. you're not about to be killed by a raptor. >> your worse fear? >> i can actually feel my heart. i know it's fake but still -- >> he knows it's fake but the adrenaline spike is real. the biggest thrill of them all -- >> i wet my pants.
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>> i peed a little bit. >> anyone in america have access to one of these things, call or tweet me. >> don't. that's all for this show. but we've got lots more available on we'll see you next time on "right this minute."
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[captioning made possible by warner bros. domestic television distribution] harvey: welcome to "tmz live." harvey levin here. van: van here. harvey: so kat williams got in a fight with a kid and the kid basically beat the crap out of him, it's all on video and we have the video. this video is insane. van: it's just shocking video. harvey: we're going to show it to you right now. when you watch this, we can't give you the exact age of the kid, we're told he is in seventh grade. van: a minor for


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