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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  February 26, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PST

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steve paulson is off today but rosemary is here. we're looking at a great weekend. temperature not as warm, we have a slight chance of a few skat everred shower -- scattered showers but not enough to add up to a lot. let's look at the numbers outside your door. your door. . >> here's the sat -- satellite view, a little bit of low cloud and fog cover will make its way back to the shore as we get into the second part of your morning and afternoon as well. a warm pattern moving out and a cooler pattern moving in. a chance of a few clouds.
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we're going to be partly to mostly cloudy with a few sprinkles. afternoon highs coming down by 5, 10 degrees, 63 in san francisco for the afternoon, upper 60s for the inner east bay. 65 for napa, 68 san jose, skype in morgan hill, when i come back i'll have a look at the futurecast model and look at the weekend. right now traffic is doing well around the bay area, we'll start at the toll plaza, there's not a big delay. usually 5:30 we see a backup, right now not a lot of people rolling up to the toll plaza, looking at the freeways, this is one of them. it shows what's going on. this is everywhere, it's nice and light. in san jose, doing well. hoping for a lighter than usual
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day. let's go back to the desk. new this morning if you are headed to the gas bump -- pump you may see a jump. the seasonal changes start today. the prices climb this time of the year because refineries shift the fuel from winter blend to summer blend. california gas prices are some of the highest in the country. today is a day a homeless encampment in san francisco will be cleared out. people have been told they have to leave and a shelter has been set up to take them in. you are out there and people have not left. >> there's a lot of people out here. let's give you a live look. we'll give you a sense of where we are, right under need 101
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and 80. this morning's deadline is looming, people are living in this area. some people are moving their tents, we saw a couple people preparing to move their tent. they are waiting for the last moment before the city clears this area. the city issued a 72 hour notice to the people. a tent city strange up in this city the same time as super bowl 50. the city is hoping to move these people into a shelter. last night that facility was only 2/3 full. many say they will move at the last minute. >> they may move a block down, eventually in the week or so they will come back. if it's not them, the people that moved over there will migrate over here. >> it's a shuffle. that's all their doing. >> one of the major concerns as
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you heard, people who move out of this area will simply move into adjacent neighborhoods. that shelter at pier 80 has dedicated place to put their belongings. all in an attempt to get the people on the streets into the shelter as quickly as possible. that deadline looming. they will wait until the police show up to move them out. >> thank you. in shows the police arrested a charter school teacher on suspicion of sex with a steen -- 17-year-old. police say a part notified them last week of rumors of drew having a relationship with a student last year. when they checked out the
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allegation the school concluded an intentional -- internal investigation. the school is working with police. there's new developments in the case of undocumented immigrant accused of killing a shows mother. he is suspected of killing his 22-year-old girlfriend. stacey aguilar. pedroza is wanted by the feds. time is now 5:05. another midwest shooting rampage, this time in kansas. it left four dead including the gunman. a game drove through heston kansas, firing at people before storming the factory where he
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worked. the sheriff said the gunman worked at excel industries a company that makes lawnmower parts. when the shooter went for another gun the man ran away. that's how he survived. the gunman killed three people in the plant before he was shot and killed. >> this is a horrible situation, just terrible, however, there was a particular law enforcement that responded right away. he took fire, he went inside and saved multiple live -- a hero as far as i'm concerned. several people were wounded in the rampage, police have not told us the gunmans name or motive. there's reports the gunman worked at the factory. it's been a year since a
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man was killed by a san francisco police in the mission district. now a new autopsy confirmed he was shot in the back. this is the second autopsy conducted on the man with the same results. police at first said that perez low pez tried to rob a bicycle. the district attorney's office is investigating that shooting. today there will be a vigil where perez lopez was killed, his supporters will march to the police station. a man broke into two apartments and sexually assaulted a woman. this is the sketch of a man police are looking for, he's in his 20s or early 30s with balding head and medium build. he's latino or middle eastern. two weeks ago a man with that
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description broke into the bella vista apartments. he sexually assaulted a woman, a week later police think the same man broke into apartments down the street and tried to attack a woman but she was able to scare him away. >> this is a priority case for us. >> it studn't -- shouldn't happen in a nice community like this. you don't expect that to happen. a man who lives at the apartment complex said there was an attempted assault in the fitness center. there will be a neighborhood watch meeting. u.c. berkeley has issued a warning after the drugging of four women. police say two women at each
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house may have been drugged during parties. as we head into the final weekend before super tuesday, the five remaining republican presidential candidates faced off last night in texas. more on what some are calling a rough debate. >> so much is at stake on super tuesday. this debate was a final chance for other candidates to knock donald trump off his stride. if he didn't inher it $200 million. he would be selling watches. >> on the attack, there may have been five candidates on the stage this is a three-man race for the republican nomination. both rubio and cruz piled on donald trump. >> i watched him repeat himself five times. >> i've watched you repeat
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yourself five times five seconds ago. >> if you want to be liked in washington, that's not a good attribute for a president. >> this is a choke artist and he's a liar. you have a combination of factors. >> trump had to defend himself, questions about releasing his tax returns and promise to build a wall and force mexico to build a wall. >> how are you going to make them pay for the wall? >> i will, and the wall just gotten-feet taller, believe me. >> it seemed to spiral out of control with the changes edging out john kasich and ben carson. >> can someone attack me please? this debate was in texas
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because of all the super tuesday states texas is the largest. democrats in south carolina head to the polls tomorrow, right now the poles -- polls are suggesting hillary clinton has the advantage. a poll out today gives hillary clinton a 50-point lead. 5:11, it happened four times minutes apart. the search for two burglary suspects in fremont. major tech companies are supporting apple. the legal action they are taking in the battle against the fbi. . good morning, we're looking at the bridge commute, so far so good on the great gate -- golden gate bridge. cooler weather on the horizon. tracking a few scattered
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. welcome back. a developing story, another plane crash in nepal. the second air disaster in three days. the latest was if the mountains of western nepal.
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the government confirms at least one death so far. the pilots had technical problems, trying to land on a farmers field when the plane crashed. this follows wednesday's plane crash when a commercial plane went down in a central resort. all 23 people on the plane were killed. the families were in tears when they found out what happened. radio communications were lost eight minutes into the flight. investigators don't know why the plane crashed. the weather was clear, the plane was a new plane. back here in this country, a inmate firefighter is in critical fire after being hit by a large rock while battling a blaze. a rock fell a hundred feet from the hillside.
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the fire was really intense, a lot of heat and flames as tall as a building. the inmate was airlifted to ucla medical center. the cause of the fire is under investigation. 10 of the most powerful tech companies are siding with each other against the fbi. they will file friend of the court briefs on behalf of apple. the fbi are trying to get apple to hack into the cell phone of a san bernardino shooter. they fear it could force them to break in to other stored mental devices. apple is filing its formal objection, apple executives and attorneys claim the government is seeking dangerous power
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violating the constitution and the privacy rights of all iphone users. the dispute is raising difficult questions. >> i want to be sure people understand no demons, apple has been cooperative. we got to a point where they couldn't provide the relief the government was asking for. time the 5:15. let's check in about sal. friday morning. do we have problems. >> we don't have any major problems. a couple minor things, but so far for the general commute we're doing well. let's start with the toll plaza. traffic is moving nicely, there's no major problems
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getting into the city. we've had minor things go on that have not slowed traffic. that's what we look for. let's look at the commute on the sap mateo bridge -- san mateo bridge. let's look at the south bay road censors, nice and green, when you see green on my screen it means the traffic is at or near the speed him it -- limit. if there's green on rosemary's screen, that's difficulty. if i was wearing green i would disappear. we're looking at dry, mild weather for the friday afternoon. as we get into the evening hours that could change. in any event the temperature will be on the mild side. here's a look at february as a whole, rainfall didn't amount to much, one system rolled
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through in the beginning, light rain and drizzle, and then for today, looks like to the north bay, we'll see maybe a 10th of an inch or less. not looking at a lot. but there will be a few scattered showers. look at where we are for the month and where we typically are for february. here's a look at the next system that will remain to the north of us, where the bulk of the moisture will be, it begins to fizzle out. north bay will get a better chance than the rest of us. there's the rain. by 6:00, 7:00. scattered showers over the north bay. and as we get into the 9:00, 10:00 hour it shifts. it breaks apart, we're partly to mostly cloudy for the
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evening with a few sprinkles. if you are going to tahoe for the weekend, rain tonight, drying out tomorrow, and as we get into saturday, partly cloudy and dry, a second system will move in and bring us the same possibility, the one on saturday looks weaker. scattered showers tonight and on sunday, but not a lot. if you are going to tahoe, partly cloudy skies, will be breezy with gusts to 15 miles an hour. 54 in strapp, 50 degrees in walnut creek. for the afternoon, 64 in san rafael, 68 for oakland. 63 for san francisco. 65 for santa cruz. the exended forecast, a few scattered showers in the forecast. outside of that we're looking
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dry. time is 5:20. united airline mechanics will hold for -- to pickets. there are 9,000 united mechanics across the country. the picket is set to start at 6:00 a.m. it is a friday, a lot of people may be headed to the airport. a strange story, drivers slammed on their brakes, people pulled out for a a their phones and cameras a chase involving a unicorn.
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. a police chase getting attention because it involves a unicorn. we'll, a white pony dressed as a unicorn. it was performing at a child's birthday party when it escaped. it was caught only to break loose a few hours later. it was finally taken into custody. we're days away from
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hollywood's biggest night. the academy award show. the crews are working hard to make sure everything is ready. the oscar statues are in place. and the red carpet is ready to be rolled out. the academy promises to address the lack of diversity, hosted by chris rock, who is expected to talk about it's a lot. >> he's going to make fun of it, he will make jokes about it. it will be humorous, but it will be biting humor. al sharpton has organized a demonstration not far from the theater protesting the lack of diversity, the academy is making sure the show is more diverse. catch up what's happening with the tanner family on netflixs,
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the show is a revival of the sitcom full house, this time the daughters of the tanner family moved back into the san francisco home to help raise kj's three sons. >> blowout the candle. >> a dog cannot blowout a birthday candle. >> that's the famous family dog from full house, comet. if you want to relive the original series at 2:00 this afternoon pet tech company whistle is re-creating the opening credits to pay tribute to the late gold enretriever. the donations will go toward k- 9 cancer studies.
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facebook founder mark zuckerberg is not happy with some of his employees, what they are accused of doing to a wall at facebook company headquarters. a high school teacher is facing serious charges, having sex with a student. what police found once they started digging.
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. san jose looks beautiful when you have micic -- music. welcome back. it's from 1969. when our dear friend nelson started working here. he is retiring today. you're going to hear his name throughout the show, we're going to miss him. this is a nelson long day. since 1969. he started in kinder garden. now he's retiring. first grade he says. it's friday, february 26 on this nelson wong day. it's officially nelson wong day. thank you for joining us, it's 5:30. rosemary is joining us. i know nelson loves heat. he will play golf in the summer
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in phoenix. he loves it. it is going to be mild. we have a cool down coming our way. a noticeable drop off. similar to how we started yesterday, partly cloudy, patchy fog, temperature in the mid-40ss to mid-50s. 54 in san francisco as well as oakland. 46 in livermore, san jose you're waking up with 51 degrees. partly cloudy turning mostly at times. low clouds along the coastline. a system coming our way bringing the changes, a few scattered showers, it just doesn't look like it will be much. talk about your friday, as we get to the second part of the day, in and out of the mid and high-level clouds. low clouds along the coastline. low to mid-to upper 60s.
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from yesterday into today. even a 10-degree drop off in areas like santa rosa. temperature coming down, as we get into the evening hours a slight chance of scattered showers, detail your weekend for you. let's check the roadways with sal. right now traffic is moving nicely around the bay area, we don't see major problems, go outside and see what we have. traffic will be busy but not stop-and-go here on interstate 880 in oakland, it's moving nicely with no major issues, get to the toll plaza the traffic is backed up. the metering lights have gone. on the traffic is slow at the toll plaza. it doesn't look deep. it's lighter than usual. we're looking at highway 24 between walnut creek and orinda and oakland.
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it looks good into the oakland area. >> shows police arrested a high school teacher on suspicion of having sex with a student. information about the suspect and also the school where that teacher is teaching. >> pam, the man who was arrested he worked here at summit tahoma charter school, there's about 300 students. here is a booking photo of 29- year-old zachary drew, who was arrested on several counts of having 2nd with a minor. police were -- sex with a minor, a parent heard a rumor about a sexual relationship with a student. school official has conducted
5:34 am
its own internal investigation and identified the suspect. the police followed up and obtained the arrest warrant. we are waiting to hear from them and we've asked about what the status is of that teacher drew, is he on paid administrative leave. we're waiting to hear back. >> we'll check in with you throughout the morning. fremont police want to solve four burglaries, this video posted on facebook by the police, showing two men breaking into the gas station, stealing $2,500 word of cigarettes. they happened minutes apart. the businesses were near each other. in each case the police
5:35 am
received the same suspect description. if you have information call fremont police i-15 more nurses are due to be laid off attall media count -- alameda county jails. the nurses will be fired effective today. last month they fired 49 nurses. the for profit company hasn't hired enough registered nurses. the job cuts were part of a restructuring effort. on tuesday the family of an inmate who died last year filed a wrongful death lawsuit. people in chinatown said it's time to make changes at a dangerous intersection. the agency said it will make improvements at the intersection by april and
5:36 am
proposing to have the lights turn red at the same time so people can cross in all directions. they want a die -- diagonal scramble. it's not cost effective. >> that will require installing new hardware and digging up the intersection. that's something we don't have the budget for, we don't have the approval for. san francisco supervisor says he suspects the reason isn't the cost but that the diagonal scramble slows down traffic. a san francisco man suffered a broken leg when he was hit by a car that sped off and crashed into a home and light pole. witnesses say the car was speeding when it went on the sidewalk and hit the man, it
5:37 am
hit a home, narrowly missing a baby on the other side of the wall, witnesses say the older driver was going 55 miles an hour, he said his brakes weren't working. he was taken to the hospital with chest pain and the passenger suffered a leg injury. a 16-year-old boy is in the hospital recovering after being shot in san jose. it happened last night on boynton high school. we don't know what led up to the shooting or the actual condition of that boy. in san jose, police are investigating another shooting involving two cars outside of a busy shopping mall. someone fired shots at a minivan. about 10:00 yesterday morning. a 17-year-old man in the vinny -- minivan was shot but he's
5:38 am
expected to survive. the gunman was in a silver 99 -- 1990s nissan. a fire on mission and 22nd street left one dead and forced 60 out of their homes last year. recently inspectors ordered the building to be demolished, former tenants want imminent domain to attack over the building and turn it into affordable housing. under law people displaced to the fire can hit-and-run under the previous -- return under the previous rent. >> the latest thefts happened on tuesday at the north
5:39 am
berkeley bart station. in the past few weeks catalytic converters have been stolen from hondas in other places. facebook ceo has strong words for employees who crossed out black lives matter and wrote in all lives matter. zuckerberg was disappointed. facebook encourages employees to write messages but he wants everyone to treat each other with respect. the company will host a town hall meeting to educate employees about the black lives movement. he was in a lighter mood in germany, he was honored for being innovative and helping to shape culture. zuckerberg talked about everything from being a new dad
5:40 am
to the t-shirts. >> you only have gray t-shirts. >> i have colored ones but only wear them to the weekends. >> he goes colorful on the weekend. >> facebook opened a new office in germany last week. president obama has nominated a high profile silicon valley judge for the federal appeals court in san francisco. known for presighting over legal battles over tech giants. she needing to confirmed by congress. she was confirmed in 2010 he was the second corina a an -- korean american judge. two people will be known
5:41 am
for inspiring people. they are among nine people from across the people who'll be recognized as champions of change. that ceremony will begin at 7:30 this morning our time. time is 5:41. time is running out for people in san francisco tent city. we'll have another live report as the deadline for them to move approaches. right now we're live on the campus of u.c. berkeley. a crime alert involving a couple fraternities. . we're looking at a morning commute that doesn't look too bad. we have crowding, but there's plenty of room for you in oakland. partly cloudy and cooler. i'll have a look at what you can expect for today into the weekend. a light chance of scattered showers in the event you're
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. welcome back to mornings on two. there's a warning going out the students. >> it appears four female students were drugged during frat parties. brian flores, what happened to the students? >> what we know so far, campus police are opening if there's potential victims, go seek medical attention, come forward to police so police can launch an investigation. u.c. berkeley police issued a crime
5:45 am
alert. the incident happened february 19th. the alert names fraternities. no other details were given in the crime alert. all four women are students of the university. campus police are asking witnesses or victims to come forward. we're going to talk with police hopefully through the morning. a lot to figure out in that case. it's 5:45. we want to check with sal who has the friday traffic jams. >> today is movie themes, because the oscars is coming up. you can go to facebook, instagram or twitter and hit me up. i'm going the pick among the best. >> there's a lot of good movie songs. good morning, let's take a
5:46 am
look at what we have, the commute is doing well so far, doctors a little bit of slowing, i think on friday we have lighter than usual conditions. the meteoring -- metering lights on. after that there's not slow traffic on the way. looking at it 80, it looks good, so does 580 in oakland. so does 238. even in hayward we're not bad. if we look at the east bay commute, you can look at the traffic. you can see the traffic is doing very well, there's no major problems on 24 or on 13, i can back it all the way up, we can see 680 from concord to walnut creek. it's 546. >> we have a decent forecast as we get into the bay area weekend. temperature falling off as we get into the afternoon, a notable drop for most of us.
5:47 am
>> a high surf advisory, it lasts until 3:00 tomorrow afternoon, we're talking the large shore break, the sneaker waves and the rip current, and careful out there. keep an eye on your little ones. never turn your back on the ocean. we weak system bringing us cooler weather, it looks like the north bay and the north bay coast will get the scattered showers, it continues to slide into the central and south bay, it may squeeze out drizzle. it's going to be a mainly dry day. it will be dry for friday afternoon. once we get past sunset. scattered showers are a possibility for the north bay. for the weekend, if you are
5:48 am
thinking about heading into tahoe. rain tonight, no advisories if you are heading up i-80 or 50. the pass is clear. breezy conditions and dry conditions for the weekend. gusty to 25 into the afternoon, a late wind advisory expected as well. so, looking at mainly dry conditions, no problems getting up. it could be breezy. that tends to impact the ski resorts. here at home partly cloudy skies, patchy fog, 47 in novato, along the peninsula, redwood city 49 degrees. in the south bay 51. 53 at hayward. for the afternoon today, a lot
5:49 am
of low 70s yesterday, for today, widespread 60. 64 in novato, low 60s san francisco. mid- to upper 60s for the east bayshore line. 68 for the inner east bay. 68 for san jose, and 70 degrees for gilroy. the extended forecast, the temperature not going to change a lot as we get into saturday, sunday, saturday will be a dry day, another weak system on sunday, bringing a slighter chance at a few sprinkles. >> we need your magic and find water. you can do anything. >> not enough to water the plants with a slight chance. >> we're talking a few 100s of a inch. traces to the central and south bay. >> just enough to make the dust on the car to make it dirtier. >> you'll be out this evening,
5:50 am
mess up the hair. >> not enough to do anything. it is 5:49, and construction set to begin to convert a taco bell to the first dunkin' donuts is beginning. it will be corner shopping center, i guess it's not going to have a drive-thru. not this one. probably to come. this is across the street from broadway plaza. hope to have it open by mid- june and open 11 more. for the first time kohl's will close a dozen stores. the department store reported a modest sales increase during the holiday season. it will close 18-under performing stores to save $55 million. which stores are closing will not be revealed until next
5:51 am
month. the water supplied measured from up there. what the survey can tell us about the drought.
5:52 am
5:53 am
. an unarmed nuclear missile sword into the -- soared into the sky. this is from vandenberg air
5:54 am
force base. it cared -- carried test instruments. is the second such launch this month. u.s. officials say the pentagon launched a new campaign of cyber attacks against isis. it is aimed at erasing ability to recruit members through social media. the campaign is moving forward on all fronts with the 66 member coalition. this comes as a size fear goes -- cease-fire goes into effect this weekend. a tornado this week has sustained winds up to 165 miles an hour. the national weather service has classified the twister as a ef 3 tornado. this is cell phone video of the tornado. it doesn't look that big there, but there was a 13-mile path
5:55 am
through the area. it damaged more than 100 homes. this is one of a series of tornadoes. a team from nasa jet pro poms -- propulsion laboratory are helping with the snow pack. the technique the more than 100 years old. nasa airborne snow observatory plan provides a more complete profile of the snow pack. >> we are pulling snow pillows everywhere with the hundreds of thousands of laser pulses per second. >> multiple planes may fly over the sierra down the road. water managers will make critical decisions based on the late ever snow pack results.
5:56 am
california fell short of water conservation goals. the conservation rate for january was 17%, that's below the 25% mandated by the governor. it's the fourth month we have been short of the goal. in the bay area, january conservation rate was 13%, the average person was using 49 1/2 gallons per day, among the lowest across the state. in january of last year the average person used 57 1/2 gallons a day. last night was the steph curry show, he scored 51 points. they beat the magic, but steph curry kept doing that. he set another nba record, his 128 straight game with a 3- pointer. that was ridiculous, 24 in the 3rd quarter, and capped it with
5:57 am
a half court buzzer-beater. he had to laugh. the warriors close out the road trip tomorrow in oklahoma city. >> the record of consecutive 3- pointers in a regular season, he put up 10. he's awesome. coming up in the 6:00 hour, a san jose high school teacher has been arrested. how police learns of accusations of inappropriate relationship with a student. >> gas prices are going up. why you will see a spike at the pump this weekend. is
5:58 am
we're about to show you an incredibly low fare. like all our fares, you get two free bags and zero change fees. because what's the point of an incredibly low fare if you're just going to stack fees on top of it? our sale fares have nothing up their sleeves. book them now at low fares. nothing to hide. that's transfarency. sfx: clap, clap, ding
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. good morning, thank you for
6:00 am
joining us. i'm pam cook. >> i'm dave clark. steve is off today, rosemary is here. >> we have partly cloudy skies. not a lot of rain in the clouds. cooler, but no rain. >> we have a weak system that will cool us down. bringing us a slight chance of showers. this system moving through northern california, that's the brunt of the moisture will remain, oregon and washington, and the northwest corner of our state. as you get into the bay area we're partly cloudy. as we get into the evening hours it will be dry. it's after sunset, maybe early evening, late evening. here we are at the here and now, 54 san francisco, 46 half moon bay. to the nort


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