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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  February 26, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PST

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here's my jam. this is a live look into the city from our roof cam. off in the distance, beautiful morning. the home of the warriors. you're talking about steph curry, i'm talking about how he scored 51. you're talking about the curry family. they are amazing. welcome back to the mornings on the two. thank you for joining us on this friday morning, who else is joining us, rosemary is in for steve. with that music playing. it's hard to know if it's morning or night. it's relaxing. happy friday. we made it to the weekend. it's a fairly nice weekend.
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temperature will remain just above average. slight chance for scattered showers but not much. still a dark sky. sun will rise just before 7:00. our warm weather pattern is going to be shifting out of here. cooler for today, many of us will notice. there's a slight chance, it favors the north bay, we'll leave in the possibility. mostly cloudy, here's a look at the comparison from yesterday to today. dropping off by 10 degrees in santa rosa. concord 67, in the forecast for you, upper 60s for san jose.
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low 60s for pacifica. 68 in concord, 65 for napa. in the south bay 69 degrees. temperature will hold steady as we get into the weekend. a slight chance of showers. happy friday, traffic is doing well, it's not a bad commute. let's look at what we have. this is the bay bridge toll plaza, looking at interstate 880 the traffic is moving nicely. there's a little bit of roadwork, eastbound 24 causing slowing, nothing major. we talked about that, westbound 24 is off to a good start. let's go back to the desk. here's the top stories, a
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shooting rampage in a small kansas town leaves four dead including the gunman. the man walked inside the excel same-sex marriage plan and opened fire. the prove is being call -- explant. >> a man accused of killing his girlfriend. pedroza is accused of killing her. he's an immigrant who could be deported. u.c. berkeley is issuing a warning over the drugging of four women. it was reported at two fraternies friday night. police say two women at each house may have been drugged during parties. all four women are students.
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a high school teacher has been arrested accused of having sex with a student. >> we are here at summit tahoma charter school, on the same cam pus as oak grove high school. zachary drew turned himself. >> -- in on wednesday. arrested on three counts of sex with a minor, police say a concerned parent contacted them after hearing a rumor that a teacher was having sex with a student in 2015. the police discovered drew as a suspect and concluded an investigation. police followed up and obtained an arrest warrant. we'll look into if the school
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identified the police. these are serious offenses. 4:34 is the time. fremont police need your help. two men breaking into a gas station on south grimmer boulevard and taking off with $2,500 in cigarettes. the four burglaries happened minutes apart. the businesses were near each other and in all the cases the police received the same description. anyone with information is asked to call fremont police i- 15 more nurses are set to be laid off. last month 49 were laid off. the company contracted to provide medical services for
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inmates. have not hired enough to replace the lvn. the cut was part of a restructuring. on tuesday the family of a inmate who died last year filed a wrongful death law suit. a new shelter is hoping to change that. 100 people occupy the shelter and that leaves 50 open spots. the challenge is getting people to come. >> trash, rats, was by the pit. it breaks my heart. i feel sorry for these people. >> one feature at the shelter is a space to store belongs -- belongings and it is stored
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behind secure fencing. people in chinatown say it's time to make changes at a dangerous intersections. there's been a pedestrian death. it will make improvements at the intersection by april. they will have the lights turn red at the same time. community leaders want a diagonal scramble. it's not cost effective. >> that will require installing new hard wear and digging up the intersection, that's something we don't have the budget for, we don't have the approval for. >> san francisco superradio visor -- supervisor suspects that diagonal scrambles holdup traffic. a san francisco man suffered a broken leg when he was hit by a car that sped off
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crashed into a home and height pole -- light pole. that was in the outer richmond. that car was speeding when it went up on the sidewalk and hit the man, it hit a home, narrowly missing a baby before crashing into a light pole. the older driver was going 55 miles an hour, he said his brakes weren't working. he was taken to the hospital with chest pain. a 16-year-old boy was shot in san jose. that happened at 6:30 last night near boynton high school. police are looking for three people who may have fled in a red car. >> in san jose, police are investigating another shooting involving two cars outside a busy shopping mall. someone fired at a minivan
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before 10:00 yesterday morning, a 17-year-old man was shot but expected to survive. the gunman was in a nissan with several other men. this was a very dangerous situation. victims of a fire in san francisco mission district are calling on the city to save the building. this fire killed one person, forced 60 out of their home, this was in 2014, inspectors ordered that building to be demolished. former tenants want imminent domain to takeover the building. under san francisco law people displaced by the fire can return at the previous rent. bart is warning people about a spark in catalytic
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converter thefts. the latest four thefts were on tuesday at the north berkeley bart station. catalytic converters have been stolen from honda from other places. kaiser plans on opening new medical offenses in san francisco. the medical building is on owen street. the building will house services from internal medicine to dermatology and sport medicine. kaiser says the building is led certifies. a man suspected of breaking into apartments in santa clara and sexually assaulted a woman, the sketch police want you to see. mark zuckerberg not happy
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with employee, what they are accused of doing to a wall at the company's headquarters. good morning, the commute is not bad. we'll tell you more coming up. tracking a cool down for the bay area weekend. we'll check in on the current conditions and what you can expect. a slight chance at a few scattered showers.
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plus up to $600 free onboard spending money. call your travel consultant or visit princess cruises. come back new. welcome back, an unarmed nuclear missile soared into the sky last night. this was posted by the department of defense.
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the minuteman three missile carried a load of test instruments and sent a message to north korea. this is the second launch this month. the. the pentagon launched a new campaign of cyber attacks. it is aimed at erasing recruiting new people. facebook ceo crossed out black lives matter and put all lives matter. mark zuckerberg was upset. facebook encourages employees to write messages but he wants each to -- everyone to treat
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each other with respect. president obama nominates a judge for the federal appeals court in . she still needs to be confirmed by congress. when she was confirmed in 2010 she was the second korean american federal judge. two people will be honored today. simpson is the president of oakland bay youth uprising. they are among nine people that will be recognized as champions have change. it will begin at 7:30 this morning our time.
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4:45 is the time right now. we want to check in with sal for a look at traffic. i'm curious about the traffic jams. >> it will be movie themes. for the oscars. you might hear old music at other times honoring our. >> our young man who's retiring. >> who started at the station in 1969. >> are we going to play songs from '69. one request from me. don't play chart 'yotes of fire: carryouts of fire. >> there's not a lot of traffic going on. if you're hitting the roads now, we wish you would stay with us. there's no need to run out of the house right now, unless you have a need we don't know
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about. you can see the traffic is moving along nicely, it's dry, we don't have problems on the san mateo bridge. and visibility is good. that's not me pam, that's the control room. i love it. playing chariots of fire. it is looking good. i should never have mentioned that. >> when i was a deejay for wedding receptions, don't play the back rene: bachrenna. >> you don't mess with a bride. >> 4:47. 13 before the hour. >> hello rosemary. >> the traffic cam should have been slowed down.
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we have good weather coming our way as we get into the afternoon. temperature coming down, not as warm, we have a chance at a few scattered showers, it won't be enough the benefit us. here's a look at the numbers outside your door, partly cloudy skies, dry conditions, most of the people in the east shore line. it's a school start. upper 40s. in the east bay, 45 in livermore, 52 in concord, upper 40s alamo, danville at 50, antioch 50 degrees. most of us in a few degrees of where we started yesterday. these clouds will continue as we get into the second part of the day. we have a system moving through, it's going to bring to the northwest corner of
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california. by the time it reaches us, it fizzles out. notice that rain line to the north of us, we'll be dry for most of the fridays. as we get into the evening hours things will change a little bit. not a lot, we have a few scattered showers along the north bay coastline. the central and south bay picking up a little bit of drizzle. if you're going to be out tonight, after 6:00 we may have light showers over portions of the bay area. for today, temperature in the upper 60s for mt. view, we'll be in the upper 60s for most of today, as we get into sunset things will cut back. 68 for concord, 68 for san jose, these numbers 5 to 10
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degrees cooler than yesterday, partly sunny on saturday. not a lot of change, not a lot of change in the temperature. there's a slight chance for scattered showers. we'll have to enjoy the nice weather. we'll suffer through it. 4:50. it's almost time to change the clocks. in a couple weeks we'll spring forward. some think it's time to ditch daylight saving. for many people the time change the difficult dangerous, it can lead to more work place accident. california adopted daylight saving time through a vote 70 years ago. it would have to pass through the legislature and a statewide
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vote. converting a taco bell to the first dunkin' donuts in the bay area. it will be across the street from the broadway plaza mall. i'll be there every day. they hope to have it open by mid-june, and will open 11 more. kohl's will be closing more than a dozen stores, they reported a sales increase, it will close 18-under performing stores to save $55 million. which stores will close won't be revealed until next month. 4:51 is the time. are you looking for something to the. the macarena, you can do that. we'll look at the events happening. happening.
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. welcome back. time is running out to save the college of ethnic studies.
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hundreds of students marched across campus, they are upset about reports that the program could lose 40% of the budget and half of the teachers, funds have run out. but there's no plans to cut the program. the college of ethnic study was the first of the kind created back in 1969. chinese new year festivities continue but there's other fun events happening around the bay. >> there's many events going on. here's just a few. in san francisco, you can enjoy russian food, dance, music and art at the russian-american celebration. there will be vodka tasting,
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kids craft, face painting and games. chinese new year festivities continue in redwood city. the celebration is happening saturday, celebrate the year of the monkey. the event in courthouse square are both free. in the east bay the oakland asian cultural center is celebrating the year of the monkey, it's on saturday from 11 to 3. in it's the final weekend of the "pirates of the carribean" ship tour in oakland. the self quited -- guided tours are free. the two vessels will be docked through saturday. in the south bay the jazz winter fest starts this weekend. jazz, latin, blues, r&b, and
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more. in sports, warriors are off and the sharks are away. coming up on 5:00. after months of relief at the gas pump. the prices could be rising. the reason you could be paying more than 30 cents more a gallon by the weekend. i'm saddened by this event. my heart goes out to all of my employees and the families. a shooting rampage in a small kansas town leaves four dead and a dozen injured. what we're learning about the gunman behind the attack.
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. we'll give you an update on the homeless community half in san francisco that has dead line to move out. thank you for joining us, it's friday, february 26. weather and traffic.
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steve paulson is off today but rosemary is here. we're looking at a great weekend. temperature not as warm, we have a slight chance of a few skat everred shower -- scattered showers but not enough to add up to a lot. let's look at the numbers outside your door. your door. . >> here's the sat -- satellite view, a little bit of low cloud and fog cover will make its way back to the shore as we get into the second part of your morning and afternoon as well. a warm pattern moving out and a cooler pattern moving in. a chance of


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