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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  October 12, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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only from xfinity. . i cannot wait to see how much this pumpkin weighs. >> pumpkin farmers take their shot at winning the half moon bay annual pumpkin weigh off for the 42nd year in the row. i'm gasia mikaelian. we understand a winner has been crowned in half moon bay. it is nice in half moon bay but inland it is in the upper 80s already. >> the summer that won't quit. we have 88 degrees right now in livermore. take a look what the is going on outside our doors around the bay. we have mostly sunny skies around the batch and inland, 70 noose areas like san francisco and oakland but you go well into
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the east bay and temperatures are holding on, 84 at walnut creek. 80 right now in concord and we're not finished just yet. these numbers will warm anywhere from 5 to 8, maybe 10 degrees before we get into the afternoon and when all is said and done, right now, eight degrees in pittsburgh, 82 for alamo and 80 in moragua. let's shift to the peninsula and take a look at a few more temperatures. 75 for paleo alto. a warm day around the bay, very hot in some of our warmer locations as we get into the inner east bay but along the coast, 65 degrees right now at half moon bay with mostly sunny skies. so, a nice, enjoyable day for some. your temperatures are up by nine degrees in livermore at this hour, over 24 hours, 4 in santa rosa. as we look to the south bay, up by five. when i come back, we'll look at what you can expect for the second half of the afternoon, we'll talk about how long this warming trend is going to last. perhaps the possibility of a
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little bit of rain. more on that coming up. the annual half moon bay pumpkin weigh off. alley is there. a winner was just announced. >>reporter: that's right. just five minutes ago they finally wrapped up. they had more than 10 pumpkins wafing more than 1,000 pounds and they saved the heaviest pumpkins for last. so, the winner was steve deletus of pleasant hill, oregon. he drove his pumpkin all the way here. his pumpkin tipped the scale 1,969 pounds. that is not a world record. the heaviest is a pim kin -- pumpkin weighs 2,300 pounds in germany. he did win the top prize today and at $6 a pound for first prize haeshgs gets an almost 12 -- he gets an almost $12,000 pay out because of his pumpkin. i had a chance to briefly ask him, what is your secret to growing a top winning pumpkin, he says there, is no secret. most of the growers do pretty
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much the same thing. he said he had a little luck with the weather in oregon. it was sunnier than it usually is and so he said that for tune worked in his favor and that is why he got the winning pumpkin. in addition to the heaviest pumpkin there, is also a competition or contest this morning for the most beautiful or prettiest pumpkin, and this pumpkin that you're lookin perfectly simple yet call. -- symetrical, the judge is the audience and the pumpkin with the loudest applause is crowned the winner. carlson won that $500 prize for the prettiest pumpkin. the prettiest and five heaviest pumpkins will be on display for everyone to see at the half moon bay pumpkin festival this friday and saturday october 17th and 18th. steve deletus's pumpkin will be part of a float that will be
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displayed in a parade on saturday morning. so people will have the opportunity to come see it in person. thank you. today's students return to class at umpqua community college in oregon where a gunman opened fire, killing nine people, nearly two weeks ago. this morning counselors and comfort dogs lined up outside the school to help students still shaken by the tragedy there. the governor says it will take the entire community to help the students rebuild their lives. >> first of all, this is a really incredible campus and there is still a lot of healing that needs to happen. the students that i met and talked to need a lot of support and they need a lot of love and it is not it is up to not only the roseburg community but the entire state of oregon to provide that support and love that they're going to need to get them through the next several weeks. >> snyder hall, the scene of the shooting will remain closed until further notice. the three people accused of killing a woman in san francisco and a man in fairfax are
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expected to be pooked in a marin county -- mook in a marin -- booked in a marin county jail today. they're travelling back to the bay area right now under armed guard. police say the trio used a stolen gun to kill 23-year-old audrey kerry in golden gate park and 67-year-old steve carter on a marin county hiking trail. they could make their first court appearance as early as tomorrow. investigators in san francisco identified a biker hit and killed by a muni bus yesterday afternoon. the victim is 47-year-old mark hurrier from berkeley. he was riding in the middle of market street. the victim's bike tire got caught in a gap. this deadly crash shows how dangerous it can be to ride on market. >> the goal is to try to stay safe. if somebody does, that they better know which buses they are and which they're turning and where they're going and what the traffic behind them is.
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you have to be aware at all times in every direction. >> this is the 23rd traffic death so far this year in san francisco. the city vision zero plan sto eliminate all traffic deaths by the year of 2024. yesterday's crash really shows city leaders must redouble the effort to focus on engineering and enforcement. the oakland police department received a grant for a program aimed at preventing traffic deaths and injuries from the california office of traffic safety and it will be used for the year long program of sp enforcement. now to the city where they're testing out a new traffic signal to marshall park. here is how it works. the lights are dark until a person walks up and pushes the button to cross the street. you see the signals start flashing yellow and turn solid yellow and red. that means the person can safely cross the street. this video is from the delaware department of transportation and they already have the lights.
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several bay area citys are planning on getting them. mayor of santa fe said the city is moving forward to create more housing for the sglls it is taking a couple years to find willing sellers but we have a couple now. in fact, one downtown that we're going to be looking to purchase and renovate in the weeks ahead. we found relatively inexpensive ways to expand the housing stock. >> sam licardo joined us live and many income low residents can't find a place to live because there isn't enough inventory. alameda county sheriff's office says deputies shot a man who threatened them with a knife. last night about 7:30, a woman was looking for her two sons in a creek bed near old dublin road. their uncle, who was also searching told deputies he was threatened by a homeless man. deputies say the transient ran at them with a knife and the
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deputies opened fire. the homeless man is wounded, he is expected to survive. he is facing charges of attempted murder and assault. the two boys were later found safe. there are new signs vice president joe biden could decide soon on a run for the white house. gop frontrunner donald trump says he is not going any. >>reporter: at home in wilmington, delaware, vice president joe biden watches his grandson's flag football game while gathering with family over the long columbus day weekend. sources tell fox news, biden's team recently met with officials to discuss campaign filing deadlines, all clues he could announce his decision and a presidential campaign at any moment. meanwhile, hillary clinton and bernie sanders, martin o'malley will have to prove himself. >> i'm looking forward to the democratic party finally joining this game and having a debate about how we solve our nation's problems. >> donald trump still leads
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republicans despite a september's slide in the polls. >> we need somebody very tough, very smart and somebody that is not so decisive. >> but gop arrivals pulling in the single digits like chris christie hope mounting pressure on trump takes the toll. >> as this race gets deeper in it will get hotter and more difficult. >> biden could become a threat to candidates in both parties. a new poll shows him with the highest favorability rating of anyone in the race. in washington, kristin fisher, fox news. donald trump is being threatened with a lawsuit for playing aero smith songs at a campaign e event. steven tyler sent cease and desist letters. they say it is not political it is a copyright issue. a journalist convicted of espionage in iran. why they're calling the verdict an outrageous injustice and what they're demanding. >> a great white shark in san
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francisco bay. why experts say this is so rare.
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layover. 24 hours. hello, reykjavik. oh, so that's how you spell it. what are you looking at? oh, cool. hungry. fish, anyone? hello, seventh waterfall of the day. hello, duck boat. hello, sheep? oh right! itchy icelandic sweate and no foreign transaction fees. sweet. one last look. ahh. triple points. and we're off. what's next? wherever the journey takes you, carry american express gold. it's more than a card. it's the gear that gets it done. . it could be 10 years in prison for a marin county native and post reporter jailed in iran for more than a year now.
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jason rezaian was convicted of espionage. >> the legal trouble for american journalist jason rezaian grows more serious. authorities in iran detaining the washington post reporter for nearly 15 months more espionage and other charges. now, he has been convicted by an iranian court. >> it is just a tragedy that an innocent man and accrediteded journalist, a good person is a victim. >>reporter: rezaian, detained in july of 2014 with his wife and two other journalists. all three later released. the washington post executive eder says the verdict is an outrageous injustice and the paper along with rezaian's family says they will continue to fight the charges. back in august, his mother demanded iran release any evidence against her son. >> i want them to publish that information and i want to make public the tapes from the trial so that the rap rhiannon people and the american people -- the iranian people and the american
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people can see if he did harm. >>reporter: her request went ignored. rezaian's conviction came back as the parliament reached between the iran, the u.s. and five other countries. there is talk of a prisoner swap by officials but so far, nothing has come into fruition. >> he has been caught up in this collision of forces who are at odds with each other, whether it is about the nuclear deal, whether it is about the things that we don't know. >>reporter: rezaian, who holds duel u.s., iranian citizenship faces up to 20 years in jail. in london, fox news. >> the minnesota dent yitsz who killed a lion in zim babay has been cleared of any wrong doing. the country is no longer seeking extradition of walter palmer. he sparked outrage after killing cecil the lion in july. he was living in a national park and wore a tracking collar. palmer maintained he acted
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legally. a group of tourist in alcatraz after regarding what is believed to be a great white shark having a meal in san francisco bay. >> that is a great white! >> holy krud! >> the post on youtube has hundreds of thousands of hits. witnesses describe the shark as being eight to 10 feet long. it is unclear if it is feeding on a seal or sea lion. travelling into the bay is common but seeing one attack prey in the bay is rare. some experts say this might be the first recorded occurrence. the question now is is this something to be worried about. >> the chances of encounterering a white shark -- encountering a white shark are so, so small. >> looking at this as a positive thing. an opportunity to see the animals when we might not usually see them. i think, begun, this is all a sign -- again, this is all a sign of a healthy eco system. >> don't be surprised to see a more of this type of thing
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happening in the bay before el nino conditions arrive. the bidding process for the golden gate bridge suicide barrier begins. they will start looking for a construction bridge to build the barrier. friday, the national park service agreed to terms including letter builders store their equipment on park land during construction. the barrier will be made up of a giant steel net. a new insurance product for lift drivers expected to be announced today. the insurance commissioner says it is the first of its kind for lyfd drivers. he plans to talk about the features of the project and will when it will be available. the golden state warriors appear to be confident about their move to san francisco. they have purchased the mission bay arena site. the terms of the deal have not yet been announced but they've acquired the 12-acre site for the future sport and entertainment complex from sales force. the warriors have to secure the city's approval and beelt back
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legal challenges before -- beat back legal challenges before they break ground. they plan to open a new arena in 2018. we've learned a spinal fluid leak was behind steve kerr's decision was behind his absence. he suffered it during finals. he sustained a spinal fluid leak during the surgery. he is still experiencing symptoms like headaches and loss of energy. he will not put a time table on his return. >> it is not like a sprained ankle, there is no telling. it is sort of like, open ended but everybody is very confident that everything will be fine. >> i have to get my health right before i can coach the team, before i can bring the energy that is necessary to coach the team. >> assistant coach luke walton is acting as interim head coach. he has been checking in on video. warriors open the season in two
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weeks. let's turn back to rosemary orozco for another check on the weather. hot in some parts, rosemary. >> the further inland you go, the warmer it will be, the we have unseasonably warm weather. we're sitting at 88 degrees. giving you a live look over the bay and towards port san francisco. most of us enjoying a mostly sunny skies this afternoon, right along the coastline, just a little bit of patchy fog and as i squeeze in closer, we'll take a still photo of where it is still a little bit gray. right there, at half moon bay. so for the folks out there with the big pumpkins this afternoon, we have still, partly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies but the rest of us enjoying blue sky, a variable wind out there, coming in from the north at fairfield, 10 miles an hour. coming in from the east in concord at eight and we have a bit of an on shore bridge, a westerly one in oakland. miles an hour. very typical for when we have the ridge of high pressure in place, the variable wind with us. with just a very weak sea breeze expected for the afternoon. a look at what is going on. mostly clear skies for the
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entire state of california. you can see it here with the ridge of high pressure locked in place and is actually going to strengthen as we get into tuesday. i expect tuesday will be the hottest day. as i shift you to the south. look at the system. we've been watching in near baja california. this will make tracks into california in the coming days. going to bring scattered showers to areas of southern california and may actually bring ace few scattered showers wednesday into thursday it is not going to be much but let me show you what i mean. as we get into the afternoon, we have mostly clear skies, tuesday, again, more of the same. hotter weather in the forecast for some of us, but by wednesday morning, the clouds begin to move in and by wednesday night into thursday, we may have a few sprinkles roll through. we can see it through southern california and early morning hours, we may wake up thursday morning with a morning drizzle. there is a second system, though, that we continue to watch as well. this one coming in early saturday morning and timeline could switch up a little bit as we get closer but you can see it off the coastline here it wants to fizzle out as it moves a
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shore. we may not get much out of this either but we have two shots of a few scattered showers later in the week, between now and then, we have dry, warm weather in the forecast. 80 degrees in napa. 69 in san francisco. 74 in hayward, 79, san jose and as i mentioned. 88 in livermore. upper 80s to near 90s. areas like napa and nevado, 80 degrees, going to be warm in areas like oakland. 84 for you this afternoon. 84 in hayward. 94 in livermore. as we get to the southern half of the bay area we have 87 san jose. 89 sarah toega and -- saratoga. the extended forecast -- hottest day rolls in. we see temperatures drop off. going to be quite warm but we continue to fall as we get into the bay area weekend and a few scattered showers wednesday, thursday, maybe into saturday. >> let's hope it will get the moisture. see you on the 4's.
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a plan is considered that will allow inmates with violent past to fight wildfires. currently only those with no violence can participate in the program. there are 3,800 inmate firefighters in our state. the proposal comes as new data shows there have been violent incidents involving violent firefighters in the past 10 years including riots, fights and weapons. but those are rare they say. california public schools are barred from using the name redskins. governor brown signed the bill that gives the four remains schools still using the name until january 1st of 2017 to choose a new mascot. critics of the name say it shouldn't be used because it dates back from a time in state history when bounty hunters were rewarded for killing native americans. last year a federal panel ruled that the trademark should be cancelled but the steam challenging that decision. after the break, details on what is being called the biggest tech deal of all time.
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. taking a live look at new york stock exchange. all three indexes appear to be making minor gains this morning. they did dip a bit into the red. the dow is up just about 39 points. s and p and nasdaq appears to be making modest gains.
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silver lake partners and dell computers are announcing the biggest tech deal of all time. they're buying the data storage company emc corporation $57 billion. it is a major milestone for dell, founder michael dell is trfling to make his company relevant again. normal operations have resumed for southwest airlines after computer problems delayed hundreds of flights across the country yesterday. the problem affected the ticket check in system on the mobile app, the website, and reservation centers. that forced employees to manually issue tickets. early this morning, a few southwest tickets were delayed but they did not affect the three major airports, no word on what caused that glitch. we're getting reports, san francisco's twitter may be laying off employees. there are several rumors that twitter's ceo will cancel the company's expansion. when jack dorsey released the quarterly financial report, he said there was good progress in making money but they're not satisfied with the pace of the
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growth of the users. so far twitter executives have not commented on that forbes report. students at an east bay middle school received a special visit from a music legend. . >> that is cindy black man santana on the drums. she and her husband, carlos santana were at a middle school in san leandro. it was arranged by the music foundation to talk about the importance of music in schools and their lives. >> when you can make this light in your eyes with intense music, you will do something that president obama and the pope can not do. you can bring peace on earth. you can heal people. you can create miracles, this is
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what mus. >> talk about a class assembly. one of 11 schools in the school district where music classes are offered. the foundation provides needed funds to help the schools operate 17 different music programs. thank you so much for making ktvu your choice for news today. follow us on twitter and facebook and by the way, join us back here for the four! captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: babies who are talked to from the time they're born are more likely to have a successful future. talking and reading to children in their first years
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has a huge impact on what they do with the rest of their lives. the fewer words they hear, the greater their chances of dropping out of school and getting into trouble. talk. read. sing. your words have the power to shape their world. learn more at
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>> today on tmz --. >> so, the plot thick ens with the justin bieber nude pictures, although he's not happy they came out it showed something he wants everyone to see. >> he has a big wiener. >> he showed it in the best possible light. >> right after sex. >> is that the best possible? >> yes. >> i'm too busy eating after sex to notice. >> a bunch of floyd mayweather's cars burst up in flames while being transported across the country. expensive luxury cars. a stroke of bad luck. it was just over the border from the county law enforcement to an indian reservation. >> so this is all in the indian reservation issue. >> no one tried to put it out? >> they tried to put it out with


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