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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  September 25, 2015 10:00pm-10:46pm PDT

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a professional photographer and university professor feeling violated and discouraged tonight after burglars steal her life's work. >> all these were pretty much self-financed and time consumer. >> good evening everyone i'm
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frank somerville. >> and i'm keba arnold. she's trying to recover years of work that was stolen when thieves broke into her home. new at 10:00, ktvu's amber lee live at oakland police head quarters to show us what was lost amber and why she's going public. >> reporter: keba, the photos are irreplaceable. we're talking about hundreds of videos, hundreds of photographings. - - photographs. the artist filed a report with police and now she's turning to the public for help. >> reporter: she told us she spent many summers in a small village in southern china documenting the plight of
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indigenous people. >> all of these projects were time consuming.  it's my driving passion and i pretty much put it ahead of everything else about my life. >> reporter: all her original work is stored on hard drives that were stolen along with five cameras and auto video equipment. >> most of that just can't be recreated no matter what i might want to do. it's really a tremendous loss. >> reporter: little suspects the thieves climbed in through her bathroom window and were familiar with her apartment. >> a couple of different companies are doing construction work on this building over the summer, over the last several months including one that had multiple people in my apartment. >> reporter: all she has left is this camera. >> this is the kind of camera you have to view with a dark cloth. >> and the laptop she had with her at her work. she says the stolen volumes are
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invaluable. she had planned to use. little filed a police report online but tells me she hasn't been able to file a report. keba. >> amber let's hope someone out there that knows something that they speak up. amber lee live in oakland, thank you. now to the peninsula, where caltrain service is back to normal after major delays for people trying to get home from work tonight. a commuter train hit two unoccupied cars on the tracks at broadway avenue in burlingame. sky fox two flew over the tracks. the tracks were cleared but there were significant delays
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after that as they worked to catch up. the three member panel unanimously agreed today withhold $8 million from american bridge and floor. that money will help pay for the retrofit that was ordered after the discovery of cracked rods on the bridges seismic stabilizers. the panel tacked on another $3 million penalty for hundreds more anchor rods that were flooded. despite the findings, the panel voted to formally accept the bridge and declare the construction project complete. the u.s. house of representatives is going to get a new republican leader. house speaker john boehner stunned today by announcing he is stepping down. they didn't consider him to be conservative enough. >> the announcement by speaker boehner was a surprised.
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but he announced he was considering stepping down at the end of the year. after a historic day at the capital he decided the time was now. >> my oh my what a wonderful day. >> reporter: an emotional two days for boehner, today at ease and seemingly happy with his decision. >> it's the right time. and i'm entirely happy doing it. >> reporter: a decision to step down after a tearful day for the devout catholic with pope francis. >> i hope that we will all heed his call to live by the golden rule. >> reporter: boehner says it was after his morning prayers that he decided to step down, a decision greeted by president obama with words of respect. >> he's somebody who understands that in government,
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in governance you don't get 100% of what you want but you have to work with people you disagree with. >> reporter: but some of boehner's fellow republicans were not as kind. >> i'm not here today to bash anyone. but the time has come to turn the page. >> i will sing your praises. i would be thrilled to appear at a press cob presence and talk about -- press conference to talk about the brave and courageous mitch mcconnell if they would simply act in a way i could say that truthfully. >> reporter: boehner faced a similar pressure. >> it was never about a doubt if i would survive a vote. i don't want my members to have to go through this and i deaf any factually don't want the institution to go through this. >> reporter: now the institution will have to find a new speaker and fast.
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>> that's up to the members. having said that i think the kevin mccarthy would make an excellent speaker. >> congressman mccarthy is from bakersfield bakersfield. president obama hosted a state dinner for visiting chinese president. the president and first lady michelle obama greeted the chinese leader and his wife on the white house steps. the menu included maine lobster and california lamb. mark zuckerberg and tim cook were in attendance as well as washington insiders. today, president obama and president ping said they reached an agreement. cyber spying. >> i indicated that it has to
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stop. the united states government does not engage in cyber economic espionage for commercial gain. >> reporter: they are making progress on other issues of mutual interests such as security for the global economy, climate change and trade. it's the latest highly contested bill. now california's end of life action is at the end of the desk and the clock is ticking. governor brown has eight days to decide whether it will become law. so far he's given no indication if he will sign it or veto it. and if he doesn't act, well it becomes law. the bill would allow terminally ill adults to obtain medication from a doctor that could then be used to end their lives at the time of their own choosing. state regulators today adopted rules to cut carbon emissions from gasoline and that will likely wind up costs drivers more. the california air resource board voted today for a low
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carbon fuel. the sources board says it will add 8-cents per gallon to the price of gas and 13-cents per gallon by 2020. new at 10:00, thousands of sea boards are washing up dead as biologists scramble to save them. it's happening up and town the west coast. ktvu debora villalon is live at one of the beaches where the bird are showing up. >> reporter: here at rodeo bridge. >> they should be angry.
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>> reporter: these mirrors are too weak, far from their ocean home. they arrive at the international bird rescue center in fairfield in desperate need of fattening up. >> extremely skinny. so they're basically withering away. >> reporter: it became noticeable in august. more in a day than would be seen in a year. and rescuers are up and down the beach are finding the malnourished sea birds. >> seven or eight i saw washed up on the beach. these surfers also saw some floating near them. >> they were coming so close to my surfboard, bird species usually when they see a surfboard they keep their distance. >> reporter: 16 new patients on this day alone. evaluated for injury and
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infection. most go into a pool for four feedings a day, the weakest need liquid diets first to gain strength and half coming in have died. >> it's great that they find their way here but sometimes it's too late. >> a healthy mere is so strong it dives down hundreds of feet for fish. but the suspension is those fish are swimming deeper than ever because of ocean warming. >> the food supply, the warmth of the water is probably driving their favorite food down. >> reporter: it's labor extensive bringing them back to health. the center has added extra pools and the meres have taken over all but one. >> reporter: the die off is happening from alaska all the way down the west coast. and the birds found are presumed to be a fraction of those that have actually perished. it's already been a tough year for baby sea birds, many
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species keba, the center has already treated 104 animals more than last year and there's still three months to go in this year. >> quite the mystery,deb. live in marine county. a new feature for your debit and credit card. should you dip or should you swipe? the changes that are being rolled out. tracking your bay area saturday forecast. i'll let you know which backyards are going to be just right for bar-be-quing on saturday afternoon. pope francis caps off a hill wind visit to the big apple. we'll recap it all for you coming right up.
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a busy day for pope francis. pope francis is drawing a huge crowd at his stops. joel waldman live in new york
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city once again today for more on the pope's day. >> reporter: good evening to you. pope francis capping off a day of action, remembrance, and well wishes with a very special mass at madison square garden. it's a packed house, the roughly 20,000 faithful all united by faith were eager for a blessing from the leader of the catholic church. during his homily, the pope urged his followers to walk in the path of god. >> reporter: go out and proclaim this joy that's for all the people. >> reporter: 80,000 people were on hand as the pontiff waved
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and smiled to the adoring crowd. the pontiff began his day, with children. it was there they remembered the teachings of martin luther king jr., telling the crowd keep dreaming. >> us adults not to lose the hope of a better world. >> reporter: now pope francis departs for philadelphia tomorrow morning. he'll attend a vatican sponsored rally for catholic families then on sunday, he holds his last mass for an estimated 1 million people, frank. >> joel so many famous people and world leaders come to new york city. how does the pope's visit compare to that? the crowds that he is drawing are just incredible. >> it really is amazing. i can tell you i work here locally in new york city for
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about five years, prior to this job, and i grew up here and i have to tell you i've never seen this sort of reception for any leader, keep in mind the united nations general assembly there are about 170 foreign dignitaries here. everything from the security here to the reaction from the people in the streets. i've been monitoring social media, twitter and facebook and my friends and people who i don't know, and just everyone posting photos of him. just the tiniest glimpses of him. he's really truly having an impact on this city and i believe the country and the world as a whole. >> joel waldman in new york city, thank you. loretta lynch paid a visit to talk about the relationship between police and the community. lynch is on a six city tour to discuss the issue which has caused friction across the country but she says richmond is different. it's made big improvements. one said that improving looking at the root problem that
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results in people winding up in the criminal justice system. >> it's clear to me that richmond is working toward a whole listic approach. that's more than just an arrest. >> lynch also spent time with young people at the rise youth center. one teen said it showed him he can do anything he wants if he sets his mind to it. police in san jose provided new information about a police shooting last night. they said it started with a call about a suicidal man on a home on the monterey highway. today they identified that man as ronald woods from san jose. police say his injury is not life threatening and that he's in stable condition. the officer who responded to the initial call says after he got out of his squad car, woods reached in through the window. grabbed the shotgun and tried to pull it off the rack. the officer was afraid that wood was going to get the shotgun so he used his taser. when that didn't work he shot
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woods. woods was arrested and booked for trying to take the officers weapon. tonight we're learning more about an act of bravery we first told you about last night. as ktvu's rob roth reports, two men ran into a burning house and rescued a blind man who was unable to walk. >> reporter: mike mcintire talking to vallejo paramedics moments after strangers carried him out of a burning house. mcintire is blind and a double amputee but -- >> i'm fine, i'm fine. >> i saw the smoke billowing from the house. >> reporter: before firefighters had even arrived, the neighbor says he heard a man yelling and began to lift mike mcintire off a wheelchair. moments later this man who was working by, came and helped.
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>> i carried the guy from his little legs and i was trying to help him carry him. >> when adrenaline kicks in, you're not so stressed going in. but going out, you think, this is going to catch me. >> reporter: another man living in the house was burned on his way out. at the man's request went back into the home to retrieve the man's phone. >> i was scared for the man. he was very nervous. like, i thought everything was going to come crashing down on me. >> not a hero, not a hero. >> reporter: today relatives of the hospitalized man came by the burned down home where they grew up and thanked the men. >> very grateful that they went in there jeopardizing their own life. >> reporter: the damage is extensive but more importantly, everyone got out alive thanks to some quick thinking and a lot of courage. in vallejo, rob roth, ktvu fox
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2 news. tracking the lack of fog out there right now. it's clear along the beaches. fog should come back late tonight. i think we're going to see fog right at the coast for your saturday morning. and it looks like it's going to be another beautiful day. highs today got up there. they were down a few degrees over yesterday. inland maybe five or 8 degrees cooler. so milder today, cooler tomorrow by a couple of degrees or about the same then cooler on sunday. so here's the system. to the north, it stays there. fog trying to reform at the coast. looks like it wants to come back tonight. these are the high clouds that gave you the sunset this evening that was so pretty. the current temperatures, beautiful night. a lot of football games going on tonight are just ending. high school football. you have lots of temperatures in the mid-60s and low 70s around the area. minus two, two degrees cooler in concord than it was last night. minus two in napa. that gives you an idea. tonight is going to be a little cooler but just minus two, minus three. highs tomorrow, you will see the reds come in. tomorrow, saturday, a lot like today. a little bit of fog at the
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coast. slightly cooler. okay. going to be a great day. when i come back we're going to get into sunday and into the following week and we're going to go looking for a chance of rain. >> chance of rain. we'll see you then. thanks bill. a bay area family injured in yesterday's deadly duck boat crash in seattle. what they remember and why they're not blaming the driver. >> the giants and a's are playing each other tonight with a big reunion on tap tomorrow. >> up first though, another coyote attack in a san francisco park. the latest incident that has pet owners saying something has to be done.
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♪ great change comes from doing the right thing. like the radical idea that health isn't an industry. it's a cause. so we do things differently. we combine care and coverage. and believe prevention is the most powerful of cures. so forgive us for not going with the flow.
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we just think the flow should go with us. which makes us rebels with one cause. your health. in the south of market, they say the fire started at an apartment building at about 7:30. when the crews got there to the
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scene, most of the fire engines had their ladders extended to the building. the fire was affecting two bus lines in that area. also in san francisco, growing concern tonight about coyote attacks pets. as tara moriarty reports that latest incident caused a husband and their wife their beloved dog buster. >> reporter: on a sunny warm afternoon like today -- this field at stern grove would usually be packed with dogs. >> it's horrible. look there's nobody here. >> the coyotes will take over this park eventually. >> reporter: yesterday afternoon a coyote killed a 7- pound dog named buster. their maltoo heard a noise in the trees, headed in that direction and the coyote pounced. >> me and my husband heard it and we were running but the coyote was already heading up the hill. >> i don't know when they decide too many is too many that they're a dangerous to people. >> reporter: golden gate park
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and lake merced have had coyote sightings for decades. but the coyote population has recently exploded. >> we're in the midst of an extraordinary event, a long drought. >> reporter: she's been tracking the coyotes with video surveillance and witness reports. >> coyotes are being forced to expand their range in search of resources. >> reporter: she says the drought means fewer rodents for coyotes to snack on. project coyote has advised the city to security open trash cans with lids and get people to stop littering but dog owners here say it's not enough. >> we don't take them to stone grove anymore. it's hard because he's too small. >> reporter: tara moriarty, fox 2 news. we learned tonight that a family from fremont was on board that duck boat that was
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on board that deadly collision in seattle. four people were killed, dozens more were injured. the moody family said they decided to take the tour to see the sights. today they were just grateful to be alive. they were sitting in the second row of the duck boat right behind the driver. katy moody suffered a broken clavacle. >> i must have blacked out. i had my eyes closed. i remember waking up on the freeway and i saw people running toward us from their cars to check on us. and everyone was actually really awesome. some lady helped me find my mom. >> she said her faith in humanity was restored by all the rushing people running to help. she doesn't blame the driver, she says she thinks it was just a terrible accident. >> a shake up at the top.
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the the latest announcement. to swipe or to dip? the question you may be asked next week and how it may change the way people do business.
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new at 10:00, newly issued credit and debit cards that come with a new security chip. they're part of a new system that banks and retailers are supposed to start using next thursday. jana katsuyama learned that not everyone is ready for the roll out. jana is in our newsroom to explain. >> reporter: president obama signed the executive order last year to transition the united states to a more secure system. come thursday, don't expect things to change overnight. some people haven't even received their new cards which have a new chip on the front. many businesses still don't have the new card readers. >> reporter: chef matt chuster
10:31 pm
has plenty of his plate. he's not only serving up food to customers at his bistro. he's also preparing for a big shift in how they pay their checks. >> this is not acceptable for chip and signature. for chip and signature you have to dip your card into the machine and this is just a swipe. >> reporter: starting october 4th, he and other businesses could get stuck with the bill. >> thank you. >> reporter: the new chip system makes businesses liable for fraudulent transactions if they're not using card readers. >> the liability is getting pushed more from the credit card issuer to the actual retailer or merchant. >> reporter: the new cards have a computer chip similar to the emv or euro pay system largely used in europe. >> there's coding in the chip, it's embedded in the credit card. >> reporter: edith lee says the which i which i happen -- the
10:32 pm
chips are more difficult for hackers to duplicate. the chip verifies your credit. >> it creates a unique code that only is tied today that particular transaction. >> reporter: customers say they like the idea of more security. >> my american express and mastercard both have the chip. i've used it as a mcdonalds and walgreens. >> reporter: but don't expect to see every pay station using the chip technology by next week. >> probably less than 30% of merchants and banks are ready to go. visa is i think 20%. >> reporter: one problem for small businesses is many providers are charging hundreds of dollars to change over. >> i think a lot of restauranteurs don't feel safe making the change. >> many consider this being a step in the right direction.
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but be aware these chips do not protect your online services when you enter a card number and gas stations don't have to switch until the year 2017. >> jana katsuyama in our newsroom tonight. jana, thank you. excitement is building for a weekend visit from the prime minister. he frequently speaks to sell out crowds plus he has more than 30 million followers on social media. over the weekend he will make appearances at tesla also facebook. his visit will wrap up with a sold out speech at the s & p center that will be on sunday. >> we hope your visit will energize people in the valley. exciting people all across the country and strengthen our partnership. >> the prime minister is also coming to silican valley to push his digital india initiative. the goal is to improve the high tech infrastructure in india
10:34 pm
and encourage investment in the country. mateas miller was the head of porsche. muller says his most pressing task ahead is to restore trust in volkswagen. the dmv says issues licenses to immigrants is all a part of an effort to keep our roads safer. the new licenses initially generated huge interest with long lines at dmv offices that was back in january and february. the state expects to issue
10:35 pm
another 1.4 million licenses to undocumented residents over the next three years. on wall street, stocks ended the day mixed. the dow was up more than 100 points. the s & p400 was flat. chief janet yellen says she still expects to raise interest rates by the end of the year. ray mcdonald pled not guilty to felony felony rape charges. a grand jury indicted him for allegedly raping a woman. the alleged assault happened december 15th at mcdonalds home in san jose where the victim claims she was sexually assaulted after a night of drinking. mcdonald claims their encounter was consensual. if convicted, he could face eight years in prison. new details about the truck involved in a hit-and-run that severely injured a man in san francisco last week. police say that driver was in a blue ford ranger pickup truck similar to this one here. the 31-year-old victim was
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walking on san jose avenue in the city's outer mission neighborhood when he was hit. police say the truck should have damage to the right front corner at the passenger side head lamp and parking lamp areas. the victim is still in the san francisco hospital with life threatening injuries. so what's in the seafood that we buy? the unappetizing discovery researchers made when they bought seafood right here in the bay area. >> bay area weekend is finally here. i'm going to talk about your saturday and sunday. we're going to talk about a warm up headed your way. and a cooldown as well. we'll see you back here. female announcer: through sunday, get sleep train's
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a new study has found that tiny bits of garbage are making their way into the seafood they buy. 1/4 of a fish samples from markets in california and indonesia had manmade rubbish in the guts of fish. here in california it was mostly fibers likely from waste water from washing machines. more debris was found in fish sold in markets in indonesia. the study was conducted at uc davis and a partnership in indonesia. i'm tracking your bay area weekend forecast. temperatures cooled a bit today. they'll cool a little bit more tomorrow. for the most part as we talked earlier, tomorrow was warm like
10:40 pm
today. like antioch and fairfield. i think those will be low 90s. low temperatures tomorrow around the bay much similar to what you're seeing here. 70 in san francisco, down 20 degrees from yesterday in san francisco. beautiful night out there. i don't have any fog yet. i have fog showing up around point rays right now. but nothing next to our coast. i think we will see some storm along the beaches. the next 12 hours kind of nasty storm moving up the eastern seaboard. you kind of see it right in here. that's going to show you down as you travel to new york to go into laguardia, you're going to boston. this is going to be a bit slower. heavy rain will slow you down. as we look at the forecast, we're going to take you into the bay area saturday, sunday with fog showing up tomorrow morning. a few high clouds. the clouds clear tomorrow afternoon and you get mostly sunny conditions out at the beaches again. with winds going 18 in fairfield out of the west. let's check sfo right here. they're doing 12, so pretty light winds really for this time of night. here's this fog forecast.
10:41 pm
you will see it along the coast. tomorrow morning at 6:00 a.m. here we go. afternoon it's kind of gone like montero looks like wants to hang out. then you see these cool cloud streaks. you're going to see another as we go into sunday. this is a cool model transcription. what i notice is very little fog at the coast. not bad. good looking sunday. this area pass through is going to cool things down just a couple of degrees. saturday the warmest day a lot like today. sunday cooler by another five to 6 degrees. saturday's temperature in vacaville 90. sunday's temperature in vacaville 84. 90 in antioch, 91 in brentwood. 84 in brentwood on sunday. still nice. 88 in milpitas. and then along the coast you will get some upper 60s. there's fog, i think we will see some 70s pop up. because the sun is going to pop up in the afternoon. bay area forecast in view. just a beautiful beautiful fall
10:42 pm
like. because it is fall. but boy it just turned to fall just like that didn't it. >> open up those windows and let the breeze come in. for us inland folks i'm talking. >> i got a message from julie haener. she went to jake's game. she got out and about. julie get better soon. >> she'll be back soon enough. bill, thank you. and that's it for us tonight. but jason applebaum is here. >> they'll have to deal with their siblings from the other side of the bay. and tonight, it was a real headache. also 21st ranked sanford in friday night under the lights. see which cardinal showed shades of his hall of fame dad next in mercedes bends sports weekend.
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hello everybody i'm jason applebaum. welcome, bragging rights at stake and not much else in this late season match up between the giants and the a's. i guess this giant's fan's sanity is at stake as well. picked the wrong section amidst the crazies sat the coliseum. billy butler not known. billy burns, excuse me not known for his power but this one gets out in a hurry. mike leech a's lead 3-2. bottom sixth now in the other billy. this one billy butler he is known for a little power. fourteenth of the year puts the a's up. parker gets one back for if giants and boy did he. look at it go above the boxes there in the upper deck. 476feet. the longest hit by a giant this year. but the a's they come


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