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tv   KTVU Channel 2 News at 5  FOX  August 20, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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likely to show up other places in my body as the scans detect it in the future. >> reporter: president carter will continue treatment at emery hospital in atlanta. he started the first of several treatments just yesterday which included radiation and a new drug just approved by the fda. the radiation is less damaging to the brain and the drug will boost his immune system. the first treatment went well. president carter said he suffered 14 hour pain free. now his work schedule will slow down as treatments continue over the next 9 weeks. he canceled a trip for habitat for humanity and will do much less while fighting cancer. cancer does run in his family. his father, mother, brother and sisters had cancer. all of them died of cancer.
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we spoke to a specialist about the radiation treatments and we will have a report on that for you tonight at 5:45 p.m. >> he did seem in remarkable spirits. thank you. firefighters made progress on the fire that is burning east of livermore. sky fox 2 flew over head and there was a few small plumes of smoke. it started 24 hours ago and grew to last night to 2500 acres. here is where the fire is burning. east of the lawrence livermore laboratory. ktvu's john sasaki is near the fire lines. firefighters made a lot of progress here. >> reporter: yeah. what a difference a day mains at last report it is approaching 45% containment. . >> reporter: the hills are
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still smoldering one day later. >> we have pockets of unburned fuel, close to the line. we will reinforce the lines throughout today, tonight and tomorrow. >> reporter: it started at 2:45 p.m. wednesday afternoon and spread across 2500 acres. >> sky was turning colors. it was getting scary. the sky changed. >> reporter: you can see how close the fire burned to her home. crews stood their ground saving homes and outbuildings that are sprinkled across the county. >> we are really happy. >> reporter: what goes through your head? >> oh, my god, i could have lost everything. everything. >> we know how dry the fuels are with the drought. all >> last night the winds gusted
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to 30 miles per hour. and that type of activity can change the containment picture. >> reporter: two fire places stand where the home around them burned to the ground. this is the only house lost to the fire and no one lived there. >> a former residence that was abandon and set to be demolished was lost. >> reporter: most of the fire zone is chard land with no danger of flames spreading. one area is seeing active flames and the danger is still high. >> because they have the potential to throw embers across the line, that is what we are worried about with the area on this incident, particularly at the afternoon and evening winds. >> thankful to all the firefighters. i feel blessed.
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>> that was john sasaki recovering the tesla fire for us. see how close the flames got to some of the homes. great work by firefighters keeping the houses from being burned. bill now for more on the weather conditions. >> winds gusting up to 35 miles per hour, 38 miles per hour, i saw last night. one thing i noticed during the interview, behind him you saw the dark hills and the trees. most of that was grass that burned. it doesn't burn hot. when you drive by there, you will see the trees in tact. you weren't getting tree fires. it was flashing under the trees. not hot enough to burn the trees. temperatures right now looking at 79 in the pass area.
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with humidities, this is key, 43%. humidity livermore -- these are massive humidies. upper 70s -- humidities. upper 70s for temperatures. still dry out there. and temperatures increase in the area again. we will let you know what to expect. good news from the fire lines. i will see you back here. firefighters are mourning the loss of three firefighters lost in a hell storm. >> horrible. i can't imagine. i can't imagine. to lose your life fighting a fire. horrible. horrible for a family. >> the firefighters were fighting the twisp fire in washington state. four other firefighters were injured when their vehicle crashed. the fire forced many people in twisp to evacuate. u.s. army and and national
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guard troops have been deployed to help the firefighters on the ground. >> we come out to hope with the locals. keep their buildings, and houses from catching on fire. make sure we keep the fire under control. >> as of this week 7 million acres have been burned by the firefighters burning across the west. the size of massachusetts and more than any other year in the past decade. in oakland a grieving family is speaking out and demanding answers tonight. this comes one day after police showed the media body camera video of the last moments before richard linyard died. it happened last month after he was wedged in a tiny space between two buildings. ktvu's cristina rendon is outside police headquarters where the family was given an opportunity to see the video but chose not to however they may have changed their mind since then. >> reporter: in a crowd of
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people at city hall, friends and family of richard linyard offered comfort to her mother. she doesn't believe the police department's account on how he died last month. after searching for him for half hour richard linyard was found unresponsive wedged between two buildings. >> i don't think it was an accident. >> reporter: [ inaudible question ] >> i believe he was murdered. they are trying to cover it up. >> reporter: she leaves he was beaten -- believes he was beaten. she plans on viewing body camera, the same footage the media saw on wednesday. police say she declined to watch it previously. [ indiscernible ] >> i don't want to hear no information. i have an attorney. >> reporter: her friend shared pictures. >> he maybe didn't have space. there is no way there was pressure to die.
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>> if you feel yourself dying and you see a wedge, why would you let yourself die? [ indiscernible ] >> difficult to get to. they had to coordinate how to get down there. they had otear down -- had to tear down a fence. they pulled him out and immediately began cpr. >> reporter: the family believes there is a conspiracy. a report initially found no signs of trauma in richard linyard's death. >> talk about the police brutality. this really happened. crazy world right now. >> he loves everybody. >> reporter: and richard richard linyard's mother said there was never mention of video when they talked to her. she is planning on trying to see the footen tomorrow--
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footage tomorrow. >> can you tell us what you saw? >> reporter: when we saw the video it began with richard linyard outside after he was pulled over and when officers started questioning him he took off running and then police showed us the next clip and that is when officers were searching for him on a roof. they were getting red a tee call off -- ready to call off the search and that is when they saw him, they pulled him out and he was unresponsive. we did not see signs he was beaten. tomorrow she will be looking for the entire footage. she wants to see everything. even during the 30 minute search. >> cristina rendon, thank you. if you saw smoke in san jose this afternoon it was from
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a small brush fire near the free freeway -- freeway around 3:15 p.m. the fire did sunday lot of smoke into the air as you can see. the city of oakland and the largest medical marijuana dispensary lost a round in court today. oakland was challenging the federal government's attempt to shut down harbor side and confiscate the property. they serve 100,000 medical marijuana patients. oakland said they had an interest in keeping it because it collected millions of dollars in taxes. they said the federal government has the authority to confiscate property for alleged legal violations including the sale of marijuana. oakland is weighing its options about an appeal and they say they will keep operating. this is just one step in a long
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legal process. on wall street stocks fell today. the drop comes after the july meeting offered no sign it is getting ready to raise interest rates next month. the dow is down 358 to 16,990. the nasdaq is down 141 to 4,877. the s&p is down 43 to 2,035. garbage trucks could be used to collect something besides trash. the plan that has groups taking action. >> you had to figure this would happen. added security at bay area movie theaters following the recent shootings. what you should expect. >> and next, a memorial for a bay area deputy who died trying to help a friend. how friends and family remember the man known as diamond. >> after the break tracking the temperatures that are running mild right now. the weekend is just around the corner. i will give you the story after
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tribute to a fallen deputy. friends and families are remembering a sheriff's deputy, he died trying to help a friend who he thought was in trouble. >> reporter: with lights flashing and an army of patrol cars from across northern california came to honor a fallen comrade with sacramento roots. >> reporter: with bagpipes filling the air the flag draped
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coffin proceeded slowly, flanked by sheriff's deputies. he was known as diamond to his friends and family. >> when he pursued his career in law enforcement he was so happy and excited that he made it to where he wanted to be. >> reporter: he drowned in lake tahoe trying to rescue a friend. >> he died honorably doing what he swore an oath to do, to care for the safety of others. >> reporter: a former football player was part of the program set up by a sheriff's deputy who wanted to provide positive role models for young african american men. four of his students chose a career in law enforcement. >> we are trying to increase the number of african american officers around the country. we understand the importance of
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the success of building a better relationship. >> reporter: today scholarship was announced in his name. >> it will create -- [ indiscernible ] >> who want to be in the academy and get the aspirations. gives them a way. >> reporter: it provides a way for his legacy to live on. the procession of law enforcement supports fishes at the memorial -- finishes at memorial park where he will be layed to rest. >> he was a four year veteran of the contra costa county sheriff's department. the memorial service included law enforcement personal from the -- personnel from the sacramento county sheriff's department and the california highway patrol. train hit a truck before 3:00 p.m. this afternoon. crews are still working to pull the wreckage out of the water. witness say the truck driver
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was seriously hurt. amtrak officials say there is no time for when service will resume. a time honored late summer right of passage at college campuses. move in day. at san francisco state university today students unloaded all their belongings near their new homes. some brought more than their dorm rooms could hold. we asked one freshman from southern california what she will do with all her stuff. >> i have no idea. i didn't think it would be that small. >> my. somehow the students made it through all the check ins and procedures. met their new roommates roommates and will spend their first night at college. class classes begin on monday. move in weekend for cal begins on saturday. >> i don't remember bringing that much stuff. let's talk to our chief meteorologist bill martin about
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the weather today. nice day. cool down. >> it was. mild out there and cool. and temperatures going to stay that way. the big story -- couple big stories in weather. hurricane danny. the forecast path. first atlantic hurricane of the season. which is typical in el nino years. light atlantic seasons and increased pacific. so many hurricanes and tropical storms. because in the atlantic you fete more wind shear. it will get into puerto rico tuesday. hawaii bothered by more storms. the thing you know here is, this is tropical depression 3c. the system is traveling south of the island chain. the water is warmer down there. back in the day, it did a hook like this, it was a big deal.
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category 2. it would be a big deal. we will track that for you. again, the reason you worry when you see them south of the island, watt temperatures are warmer -- water temperatures are warmer. on the east coast, look at that. the storm wreaked havoc through the ohio valley. moving through boston and gone. central part of the country, beautiful summer weather. for us, more beautiful summer weather. the low-pressure system close to our proximity, keeping things cool. tomorrow like today. no surprise there. temperatures we had today. beautiful. 79 fairfield. no air conditioning. low clouds be there over night. fog pushing inland. helping the fire zone, the tesla fire. the low-pressure system to the north stays there and that sets us up for a weekend that will be mild. nice. not going it be barbecue
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weather in the avenues. sausalito, it will be cool. when the fog blows in. 82 fairfield tomorrow. 85 vacaville. tomorrow is friday. the weekend is here. weather looks great. hopefully a lot of folks -- well, kids go back to school next week. this is the last weekend before summer before school starts. vacation comes to an end. weather looks great. five-day forecast, clouds tomorrow. mild weather. look at this. the numbers are steady. no big changes. through the 5 day. that is good. we are not, you know, we are not worried about fire danger. that pattern is helpful. >> thank you. possible legal trouble for caitlyn jenner. looking more and more like she might face charges for a deadly
5:21 pm
crash. some think there is no way she would go to jail. >> later new at 6:00 p.m. san francisco is fighting back against the ugly side of nail salons. >> workers are handling the products just to make their customers feel beautiful. >> the task force working to improve the working condition into nail salons.
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more details are coming out about the people who use ashley
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madison. hackers stole the database of 32 million people. the list made its way on to the web. more than 69man e-mail -- 6900 e-mail addresses are linked to the u.s. and canadian governments and u.s. military. 12,000 e-mail addresses from the army, navy, marines and air force. caitlyn jenner could face a vehicular manslaughter charge for a deadly chain reaction accident back in february. caitlyn jenner's suv rear ended a car in malibu. the car was pushed into traffic. and the driver was killed when truck head on by another vehicle. los angeles sheriffs investigators found she was not speeding but driving unsafely for the conditions. we talked to tmz about what could happen to caitlyn jenner. he doesn't think it will go to court. >> even if she is prosecuted she will not do jail time.
5:25 pm
this is where a judge would absolutely do probation. no criminal record. this would be a probation case. >> the district attorney is expected to get the case next week and then it will be reviewed. the accident happened before bruce jenner's tranksition to caitlyn jenner. a southern california kayaker survived survive an encounter with a great white shark. >> just heard and felt that really intense impact and it was like a big slam. >> tooth marks tell the story. he was tossed sidewaysways and came face to face with the shark. >> i saw the shark's head with the front of the kayak in its mouth. had a clear picture of the eye. which was like that big around. something like that. big open mouth.
5:26 pm
>> too friends got him to safety on a fishing boat. they say measurements show the mouth was a foot and a half wide. he called the experience awesome. >> when you see an eye that big and a mouth wide open -- >> i would have different words, not awesome. milestone for the u.s. military. the first two women about to make history from graduating from the army ranger school. >> the movie theater changes in the wake of deadly shootings and garbage trucks as a crime fighting tool? one city has civil rights groups taking action.
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it is a different way to fight crimeane city facing -- crime in a city facing a shortage of police officers but now san jose is thinking about equipping garbage trucks with an extra set of eyes. ktvu's azenith smith reports. >> we live in a different world. >> reporter: never did he think his garbage -- garbage trucks could be used for anything more than trash. >> that would be a good day if we drove by a car that abducted
5:30 pm
a child and the child got safe. >> help with amber alerts and tracking stolen cars. the reason the city is exploring mounting license plate readers on garbage trucks. >> i call it a unique move. we have to think outside the box. we are in the silicon valley. >> reporter: he calls the idea a nobrainer since -- no brainer since they travel every street once a week. advocates question how the information would be stored. >> whether you are attending a gun show, all sots of things people have the right to do, these are the liberties they expect. if that is recorded and tracked, that information could be used to harm them. >> reporter: in response he says there shouldn't be an expectation of privacy given the cars are in the public. >> given everything going on i think it is a great idea. >> it is a private company, why
5:31 pm
are we giving them the power? >> reporter: where will they be installed? are they compatible and how much is everything going to cost. each reader costs $15,000 so it wouldn't be till next year at the earliest that this could be implicated. the city is studying if it is even legal. in san jose, azenith smith, ktvu fox 2 news. estbay mud will be working into the night a -- east bay mud will be working into the night to fix a water main break. initially by 200 gallons per minute was flowing down the street. crews capped the line and have been working to replace it. the water pipe dates back to 1933. so it is old and likely suroded. >> -- corroded. >> we replace 10 miles of people a year. we plan to increase that to 40-
5:32 pm
miles a year. that means more work but the work has to happen. >> at this point it is not clear if the break is related to monday's 4.0 magnitude earthquake. tonight 2 investigates uncovers how old traffic tickets are coming back to bite drivers. one man contacted ktvu's eric rasmussen for help when an issue from 30 years ago in another state suddenly caught the attention of the california dmv. >> it did. he had an unpaid ticket from so long ago he struggled to remember how or why he got it in the first place. he was more confused when he got this letter warning he could lose his license. he confirms he got a ticket from making an illegal u-turn in chicago. that was in 1984. he says he was a student and couldn't afford to pay. he moved to oakland and he didn't have any trouble getting a california driver's license.
5:33 pm
that is till last year when they told him he had to clear out the issue in illinois or his license here would be suspended. he says getting illinois to clear his name wasn't easy. >> they said we have no record of that ticket. there is no record whatsoever. the records are gone. it is too long ago. >> how did they find you? >> i think they have a database. >> he is right. >> reporter: we took a look at the timing of what happened. and koved change in reg -- discovered a change in regulations that explains why it was popping up. we talked to the california dmv about this. they are getting thousands of calls about this same issue and there is a way to find out if you have a problem with your record out of state before they do. important information we are putting together for tonight at 10:00 p.m. >> not like they are actively looking at this but if you call
5:34 pm
and say you want your license renewed that would trigger them looking through the database? >> that's right. the feds are requiring them. anytime they get a contact. if you get married and change your name. they will run your name. if it pops up, you have to deal with it. >> thank you. big changes are coming to the largest movie theater chain am regal will start checking bags before people enter the movie theater. in comes in the wake of a number of shootings. they know the checking backs may be inconvenient but it will provide better security. people we spoke with said the inconvenience is worth it if it keeps people safe. >> i feel like if people don't have anything to hide, anything like that they are going to do, it doesn't matter. they are checking that they don't have weapons.
5:35 pm
>> the company operates 570 theaters across the country. ormer u.s. president jimmy carter tells the world his cancer has spread to his brain. >> 10 years ago the prognosis would have been awful. >> coming up, we talk to two experts about the treatment he is going through now. >> treasure hunters celebrate their big fine. the $4.5 million dorffry 300 years after it -- discovery 300 years after it was lost. and history will be made tomorrow in georgia as the first women graduate from army ranger and another force is about to follow.
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the fastest internet and the best tv experience is already here with x1. only from xfinity. a military milestone and it is set to take place tomorrow. that is when the first two women in american history will graduate from army ranger school in georgia. the women passed the grueling 62 day course. training in the same conditions as the male counter parks. they say they wanted the same challenge as the men. >> the reason why i chose to come was to get the experience of the elite leadership school. >> we have been consistent on -- we said there would be no change to the standards. there weren't. >> also this week navallal officials say they are on track
5:39 pm
oopen the navy -- to open the navy s.e.a.l.s to women next year. it comes as they are moving to open all cambought jobs to -- combat jobs to woman. analyte plea for david -- a not guilty plea for david sweat. there was heavy security there today. he escaped with richard matt june 6. they used power tools to saw through cell bars and pipes. matt was shot and killed after 20 days on the run. police captured sweat two days later. he is serving life in prison for killing a sheriff's deputy. treasure hunters are celebrator after recovering gold coins worth millions of dollars. divers say the treasure came from spanish ships sunk in a
5:40 pm
hurricane. spoiling the coins across the sea bed. the head of the company says the kovry came 3 -- discovery came 300 years to the day after they were lost at sea and there is no dispute about the authenticity. >> you know they are real. nobody is planting them out there. >> the coins are from the 17th and eighteenth century and worth $4.5 million. ormer u.s. president jimmy carter begins radiation treatment after his cancer spread. up next experts walk us through the treatment that he is going through and the over all advancements. >> two months after his home was raided and he was taken into custody, a undocumented immigrant is speaking out. coming up what he has to say and the new life he is trying to lead. >> the weekend forecast, around the corner. i will let you know if it will warm up any.
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or mer u.s. president jimmy carter announced today his cancer spread to his brain. melanoma is one of the more aggressive formsf cancer. there is a lot -- forms of cancer. there is a lot happening. ktvu's noelle walker got an idea on what kind of treatment he began today. . >> reporter: president carter
5:44 pm
has melanoma, skin cancer. we talked to doctors about some of the advancements. >> reporter: it a cancer patient's last hope. >> attach the patient to the actual treatment bed. >> reporter: this room is similar to the one former u.s. president jimmy carter received his first treatment in today. doctors are treating melanoma that spread to his brain with radiation therapy. >> i want to use the gamma knife, gold standard for focused treatment for multiple small lesions. >> reporter: she says it is a one time treatment. >> 10 minutes or as long as a few hours. >> i get my -- >> reporter: the radiation he is getting calls for multiple
5:45 pm
treatments. doctors use cans and mri scans to diagnose and identify where the cancer is. >> they are easy to pick out. >> reporter: it is called staging. once the cancer spread it is stage 4. >> melanoma is a killer. the best way to detect is skin exam. >> reporter: he says it is not uncommon for melanoma to spread. in general the disease cell by cell into the blood treme and it will -- stream and it will carry elsewhere in the body. >> the liver and brain are common. melanoma is aggressive. >> 10 years ago the prognosis would have been awful. >> reporter: there have been advancements in diagnosis and treatment. >> high chance of successful control with radiation treatment. >> reporter: which gives home
5:46 pm
for president carter's prognosis. >> there could be hope for people who have spread. >> while he gives hope to others. having someone so high profile speak about the challenges ahead could help others fighting a similar battle feel less alone and more able to reach out to the support of friends and family because having the cessions is good medicine. noelle walker, ktvu fox 2 news. donald trump has been drawing large crowds but today or tomorrow in alabama, it could be his largest yet. the pep rally in mobile was going to be held that civic center that holds 4,000 people but it was moved to a 43,000 seat stadium that is used for high school football games. the campaign says it expects 30,000 people will attend. martin o'malley is making his first visit to the bay area. today he met with leaders in
5:47 pm
downtown san francisco. he is in town to try to raise cash. one big topic discussed was the ongoing debate about immigration reform. >> our best shot at getting the greater number is through immigration reform. i don't think a piecemeal approach will forge a new consensus. we need comprehension immigration reform. >> in addition to talking about immigration reform he is interested in learning how technology could solve the toughest problems pace facing the country today. our chief meteorologist, first time where i could remember we are not talking about a new fire. >> isn't that the truth? especially this time of year. the heart of fire season. it has been slow. there is a lot of breaks like we had today with the mild
5:48 pm
weather. light winds and high humidities. look how cool it is, 84 antioch. 80 fairfield. i would expect fairfield to be 91. maybe 89. the fog right now. the fog will continue to push in tonight. you knew that. it will be there tomorrow morning when you wake up. fog and low clouds along the coast right now. that fog is cooling the numbers. current temperatures. classic late august pattern. as we head into the evening hours we will find plenty of clouds around the bay. like this morning. friday morning. highs will be -- or over night lows in the 60s. not bad. week flies by. amazing to me. friday tomorrow. right? >> friday. >> goes so fast. 59 tomorrow morning in san francisco. 65 degrees for a high in san
5:49 pm
francisco. not that warm. cloudy day. san jose tomorrow. remember the 95 degrees few days ago. it wasn't record. but warm. tomorrow 78 degrees in downtown san jose. that is a nice day. for san jose. the fog forecast tomorrow morning, push of it. there it is. burns back. there is your numbers. 90s east of here. that is really -- that is -- friday, saturday, sunday, maybe monday too. that is how it will look. for the bay area weekend. all good. it is just the same. no big temperatures. tomorrow vacaville 85 degrees. with this pattern it is great air quality. unreal. fire danger is down. for many, especially folks who live in the santa clara valley and places that don't have air
5:50 pm
conditioning. it is nicer. right? 90-degree -- 95 degrees days in san jose, it is brutal when you don't have ac. nice looking five-day forecast. i told you, i did a survey, when we had the hot days. you know, do you have air conditioning, where do you live. it was half the people had air conditioning. half did not. people in danville without air conditioning. people in san francisco with air conditioning. half the bay area -- >> starbucks -- [ talking at the same time ] >> on my facebook. >> oh. >> got to a bunch of people. when it is cool out here, it is easy -- >> we have air conditioning and my kids used it, what am i, the electric company -- [ talking at the same time ] >> east bay, it is so hot. we have offer conditioning -- we have air conditioning.
5:51 pm
thinking about going solar -- [ talking at the same time ] >> i am so cheap. the sound of the air -- it is sad. it is sad. >> i get you. >> thank you. immigration and customs agents arrested him and now he is speaking out days after being released. the people he thanked for standing by him. >> new at 6:00 p.m. dying wildlife and bigger wildfires and communities without water. the nude study giving us a -- the new study giving us a look at the effects of effects of the drought. >> this new center in concord means to improve on the record.
5:52 pm
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5:54 pm
law makers are taking the first steps towards fixing california's streets and highways but it will cost you at the pump. adding 12 cents a gallon. that would raise $4 billion a year. right now drivers pay 42 cents a gallon in taxes. opponents say this would leave hybrid and electric car drivers paying less than their fair share. president obama will head to new orleans next week to mark the 10th anniversary of hillary rodham clinton.
5:55 pm
the storm hit louisiana -- hurricane katrina, the storm hit louisiana 2005. 2,000 people died. the white house says the president will meet with the mayor and residents who spent the past decade rebuilding their lives. los angeles county social worker is recovering from chemical burns after an attack. it happened yesterday in the parking lot of the department of children and family services. a spokeswoman describes what happened to the victim. >> a couple, a male and a female in the passenger seat called her to the car to ask a question. they asked are you with department of children and family services and she said yes, and that is when they threw the chemical on her. >> the social worker was hospitalized with second degree burns. social services managers say they plan to step up security in and around the building till the attackers are found.
5:56 pm
two months after having his home raided by u.s. immigration and customs enforcement and then arrested for a decades old conviction, he has been released last friday and today he is speaking out. ktvu's keba arnold joins us now with what he is saying. >> he was just 2 years old when he was brought to the u.s. 20 years ago he was convicted of armed robbery. he served 5 years. he spent the last 15 years now trying to make amends. he was surrounded by support today. his co-workers were there along with his attorney and advocates who helped organize his release campaign. he admits to making the mistake when he was younger but he served his time and lived a good life since. he thanked his team for their support and keeping his job open. he is glad to be back at work. >> provided a lot of the drive,
5:57 pm
the community networking, and from that we received a lot of support. we received a lot of signatures on my petition. >> reporter: he said it took a month before he was able to contact his family. he was critical of the system and said others he met had it worse than him. they tried to deport him after he served his time in 2001 but the government would not provide the travel documents to allow that to happen back then. >> what happens next? >> reporter: i.c.e. might now be able to get the travel document from china to deport him although supporters say they should allow him to stay provided he is not considered a threat to national security or to public safety. >> all right. thank you. ktvu fox 2 news at 6:00 p.m. starts now. >> questions for the family of a man who died during a police
5:58 pm
pursuit. officers found had suspect unresponsive -- innocence unresponsed -- the suspect unresponsive and wedged between two buildings but his family doesn't buy it. >> reporter: [ inaudible question ] >> i believe he was murdered. >> all of this comes one day after oakland police showed the media body camera video of the incident. good evening everyone. hello. i am frank so merville. >> and i am julie haener. >> police say the family was given an opportunity to view the video showing the last moments before richard linyard's death. we get the developments now from ktvu's cristina rendon who tells us the family says that was not the case. >> reporter: richard linyard's mother says she talked to a investigator. when he asked her to come down to the station he never mentioned the video so now he is open to seeing it. >> friends and family of richard linyard offered comfort to his mother. she doesn't believe the police department's account of how her
5:59 pm
son died. officers pulled richard linyard over for a traffic related stop and he took off running. he was found unresponsive, wedged between two buildings. >> i don't think it was a accident. >> reporter: [ inaudible question ] >> i believe he was murdered. they are trying to cover it up. >> reporter: she believes he was beaten. she said she saw bruises and cuts. she plans on viewing footage from a body camera. >> i want to see the whole video. >> reporter: police say she previously declined to watch it. [ indiscernible ] >> they said they want to give me information. i was like no. i don't want to hear no information. >> reporter: richard linyard's friends shared pictures of him. >> he didn't have so much space. if you feel yourself dying and you see an open wedge, why
6:00 pm
would you let yourself die? >> in an area that was difficult to get to. they had oo coordinate how to get down there. they had to tear down a fence and find a smaller officer tafit into the area where -- to fit into the area where he was. . >> reporter: the family believes there is a conspiracy in the department. a report initially found no signs of trauma in his death. >> we talk about the police brutality and this really happened. >> he loved everybody. he didn't deserve this. >> reporter: his mom says attorneys are working to set up a meeting to view the body camera video. >> you were give an chance to view the video. what did you see? >> reporter: at the end of the video was the initial contact with richard linyard where they


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