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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  July 29, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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firefighters this morning in lafayette working still to control a brush fire that broke out over night and came dangerously close to one home. we'll tell you how the family who lives there was able to get out. >> reporter: we are live in santa cruz where we are learning more about the murder of maddy middleton. we'll tell you what is happening later this morning that will shed more light on this case. mornings on 2 continues. born. thank you for joining us this morning. busy, busy day. wednesday, july 29th i'm pam cook. >> good morning, i'm dave clark. we're starting with breaking news. that fire burning right near highway 24. we've been on it. ktvu fox 2 alex savidge was the first reporter there just after 4:30 so what is happening out there now behind you? >> reporter: well, dave, i can tell you much different scene
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than what we saw when we first arrived here. when we got here this morning right after the fire started, this whole hillside behind us was covered with flames. huge flames and it was burning through all of this dry brush and burning out of control. now the update i got a short time ago is that this fire is not actively burning anymore. so they have slowed the spread of this fire. they have stopped the spread of this fire. but they are still calling it 0% contained. that is because as you look at some of these firefighters here working on this hillside, what they are trying to do is make sure the edges of this fire are contained so it does not flair back up. so at this point still saying they have no containment on this fire. a lot more work to be done. let me show you a scene from earlier this morning. it was just after 4:00 this morning when it started on this hillside burning through this dry brush. this is just off of deer hill road. close to pleasant hill road and just north of highway 24.
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it was certainly visible for drivers coming by. now the fire came dangerously close to one home right off of deer hill road. firefighters set up engines around that home and they were able to save that home. we talked to the man that lives in that home. he and his family evacuated from their home as you can well imagine. he says his son woke them up. he was up playing video games and smelled smoke and this morning they are feeling thankful that their home was saved. >> we got things under control pretty quickly. two fires along the ridge line and it's basically nothing now. >> our main concern is that the wind will pick up and you can already start feeling it pick up. that will be our main concern.
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>> reporter: and again weather always the concern. thankfully this morning as this fire first broke out the winds were very light. just a slight breeze coming out of the west so there were not stronger winds pushing this fire and causing it to spread even more rapidly. again they are not out of the woods here. there was some talk about possibly as the sun comes up here as it is right now possibly doing a couple of drops on this fire to make sure they get it it all the way out. we should point out they have a fire investigator on scene and they are trying to figure out how the fire started. >> we were talking in here often when it's off of a road it's a cigarette flick that somebody sent out the window. it's dry out there so it doesn't take much. >> reporter: that would be a good bet. and it did start just off of
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from deer hill road. >> alex, you can see for yourself behind you how dry it is out there. how much fuel for a fire is right behind you. >> reporter: yeah. >> it's incredible. >> reporter: it would not take much to spark a fire in this brush. >> alex savidge, thank you. we'll talk to you later. let's check in with steve. he is following the weather. we are talking about the winds picking up a little bit. 6-14. unless something is going on. i would think they could get some choppers. this is the one we want to show you. this is the hardest forecast in the bay area is when the fog starts to come in, the temperatures coast and bay can drop 15-20 degrees. it's inland. there could be a tremendous spread on the temps.
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the fog is very shallow but boy is it there. heading up the marin coast. just off the coast solid, solid. there is going to be now the fog is down here. there is extremely warm air aloft. the breeze is picking up at travis. a little westerly or northerly breeze for some. 60s and 50s the temperatures though inland are going to warm up pretty quick. i think coast and bay cools off. some of the tropical clouds might play into our weather late thursday and friday. the fog though near the coast. it will be cool to mild to warm to hot. cooler by far by the beaches. still some 100s inland. 60s and 70s by the water. sal, where do you want to start? 880? >> yes, we do. this deadly crash has been there since 5:00. still there. southbound 880 between fruitvale and high street. you can see the traffic from downtown oakland is completely backed up. don't use southbound 880 to
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oakland airport. use eastbound 580 to edwards. take edwards west. it will turn into hegenberger and take you to the airport. you don't want to be stuck in this traffic here and the traffic is going to be effected for awhile because since it is a fatal crash, they will do a lengthy investigation. northbound traffic may be slow past the scene but southbound is terrible. let's move along to the toll plaza of the bay bridge. that is backed up to a 25-30 minute delay. we also have a lot of slow traffic on 880 southbound. in fact, if we can bring the maps back up. i want to show you something else. if the guys in the control room can bring the maps back up. there was a crash southbound 880 at a-street. not as serious as the one in oakland. but it is still messing up traffic. so it's really slow in the east bay. i also want to mention bart delays. major bart delays because of something going on at the pleasant hill station.
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we will update that for you coming up. 6:06 let's go back to the desk. we do expect to learn new information later today in the case against a 15-year-old boy who was accused of killing eight-year-old maddy middleton. janine de la vega is live until santa cruz following this horrific story and now discussing this teenage suspect. >> reporter: the district attorney's office may tell us the charges that he plans on filing against the 15-year-old suspect. he may also announce whether or not his office has decided whether or not to charge this teenager as an adult. now maddy middleton was lured according to police to the suspects apartment at the tannery art apartment complex. he killed her in his apartment and carried her body
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downstairs. video evidence, mady's belongings and witness statements links him to her murder. police believe the murder took place before she was reported missing at 6:00 p.m.. hundreds of people gathered for a candle light vigil at a bluff over looking the ocean to honor maddy's memory. her killing has been gut wrenching to the community. >> i can't imagine life without my girls. to have them taken away like that, especially with somebody they trust. >> we have a little one as well. it made a huge impact on us and just thinking about the family and the parents and you know this is part of where we live and we ride our bike through that area all the time. just thought we would show our support. >> reporter: maddie and the suspect were acquaintances and they had seen the two walking together many times.
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he is now being held at juvenile hall. his name hasn't been released yet but that may change if the da does charge him as an adult. investigators are waiting for autopsy results to see if maddy was sexually assaulted and how she was killed. pam. >> all right, thank you janine. we will stay on that story throughout the day. 6:09 is the time right now. beginning today the community of hayward will have a chance to bid farewell to police sergeant scott lunger. the 48-year-old police officer was shot and killed during a traffic stop last wednesday morning. there is a public viewing scheduled from 4:00 to 9:00 tonight. and that is at the chapel of the chimes on south mission boulevard in hayward. there are private viewings for family and friends earlier in the day. tomorrow morning a public funeral for sergeant lunger will be held at oracle arena in
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oakland. a police motorcade from the chapel of the chimes to oakland starts at 8:45 tomorrow morning. that procession is expected to arrives at the arena about a half an hour later. the funeral will then be held at 10:00 tomorrow morning. it is expected to last two hours with local and state leaders in attendance. certainly going to -- gasia mikaelian and ken wayne will then anchor our coverage of the service and that will be here on ktvu channel 2 and live streaming at time is 6:10. that grass fire burning in lafayette pam told you about is not the only one keeping firefighters busy this morning. cal fire is still battling the rag fire. and yesterday there was a
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flairup. the fire is 80% be cop tanned. so far it has burned almost 1,000 acres. more than 130 homes remain under ash masters degree -- it is now 40% contained. but the fire crews are worried about the extremely high temperatures and low humidity over the next couple of days. so they have to watch it. those conditions may get a lot -- those conditions make it a lot harder to battle a flairup. 2800-acres have burned there. time is 6:11, pam. >> a new program for young people in vallejo honors the first firefighter killed in the line of duty in the city 35 years ago. the robin macabee firefighter academy pairs firefighters with
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at risk youths. rico was 12 years old when his mother introduced him to the academy and now he is a captain. >> i grew up in a single mother household. >> the hope in vallejo is that the new academy will inspire the next generation to give back. and we're told that there are richmond academy graduates in the san francisco and oakland fire departments as well. >> bravo to all of them. >> nice tribute to that firefighter that was killed as well. what about those oakland a's? how about new hope about keeping the a's in oakland? coming up at 6:30 what the team has done to indicate talks with the city are moving in a positive direction. but first an unprecedented move in the history of the house of representatives. the effort to remove house
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speaker john boehner from his post.
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reports from afghanistan that the spiritual leader of the taliban has died. leading the taliban government before the u.s. invasion in rock of 2001. he led the bloody insurgency against the military coalition led by the u.s..
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now he's been declared dead many times before. this current claim by sources within the afghan government says he died two or three years ago. in response to allegations of lethal force, waller county texas has released more video of sandra bland during her three days in june earlier this month. the new footage shows her first hours behind bars on july 10th. she is seen entering the facility, being questioned by jail employees, and briefly placed into a holding cell. portions of the video show bland making her first phone call and appearing before a judge. >> the misinformation that has been put out both through social media and through mainstream media that has led to the rumors that sandra bland was in some way deceased or harmed. >> bland was arrested and
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accused of assaulting a police officer during a routine traffic stop. the sheriffs office claims that she hung herself with a trash bag inside her cell. waller county leaders have received death threats from groups including the online hackers anonymous. time is 6:16. we are learning this morning the rules have changed for that first debate with presidential candidates. now originally fox news which is hosting the debate said only the candidates that reach at least 1% in polling could be a part of the debate. but now that requirement has been removed. that means all 16 candidates will qualify. however there will be two debates. the main one will feature the ten candidates with the highest poll numbers. a separate forum will now include all the rest. there is a war between rearview mirrors in the house
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-- war with the republicans in the house of representatives. mark meadows is trying to unseat house speaker john boehner. he submitted a resume to vacate the chair. he's accusing john boehner trying to con sal date power and bi-- consolidate power and bypassing congress. i want to go back to sal. traffic is a huge issue. we had the fire along 24 and a deadly crash. certainly effecting people to get to the oakland airport. >> and at this point the crash on 880 is effecting more people because the fire is out and people are driving on 24 with no major problems. but 880 that is a different story. still only one lane getting through. southbound 880 between fruitvale and high street and traffic is slow. the accident is right there 880 between fruitvale and high. so i do want to point it out to you. it is right here. traffic is backed up out of
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downtown oakland. we actually have a picture for you of the slow down. southbound 880 you can see how slow. but if you just want to stay on 580, it's actually in pretty good shape for the most part. there is some slowing near the lake merit area but for the most part it's much better getting out to san leandro. let's go to the bay bridge toll plaza. you can see traffic is backed up for a normal delay. it's about a 20-25 minute delay before you make it on to the span. northbound 280 and 101 and 85 are not looking all that bad. let's go to steve in the weather center. all right, thank you, sal. look what has returned in a big way and that is the fog. my goodness it is pouring in. it was 80 in the city
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yesterday. i'm anywhere from 65-72 should cover it today. if that. that is a lot of fog for this early in the morning and it continues to move up the coast. it's not retreating. that is a sign there will be cooler conditions. it's always the toughest of the forecast. if that breeze picks up and the fog comes back. inland it will still be hot. but the fog is just flying. yesterday the water temps were cold. today they have come up a good five degrees which is a huge jump in 24 hours. we do have a little bit of a breeze. holding steady west, southwest travis. we will see. a little northerly at napa. northwest at concord. north at oakland but there is a component of a westerly breeze for some. 67 seems popular. 55 half-moon bay. 60s, 50s for others. santa rosa 54. napa airport 56. 60 san francisco buoy. that is is five degrees warmer than 24 hours ago. a lot of the monsoon moisture
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coming up from mexico to the four corners. some of us sneaking into southern california. it looks like it will make it to the sierra late tomorrow and friday. 37 up in truckee. 36, excuse me, up in truckee. the fog is there but there is so much warm air aloft that it's putting a cap on it. it will not make so much of an impact inland. 60s for some. i know up toward middletown. again i may update this in the next hour or two. inland it will still be hot. by the coast a huge drop in the conditions and the temps. fog will win out over the next 24-36 hours. cooler pattern. maybe some high, mid level clouds as we go into the weekend. >> so fog was pulled in earlier, sooner than you
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thought. >> i thought there would be someone that would be very shallow but right now it's making a move over the bay. i would rather forecast rain than fog. because that is is tough. >> it is hard. you don't know when it will be pulled in. thank you, steve. time is 6:21. eight children in southern california heard a tree fell down. coming up in 20 minutes reaction from the people that rushed over to help those kids get out from under it. >> a dentist killed a famous lion in africa.
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the search continues for those two missing florida teenagers who disappeared while on a fishing trip last week. this is showing some of the search efforts. the boy's boat was found on sunday capsized. their families believe the boys may be floating out there somewhere using some items from the boat perhaps a cooler or three life jackets that were on board. our time is 6:25. a minnesota dentist who killed a famous african lion is defending what he did. his name is walter palmer. he says everything about his
6:26 am
hunting trip in zimbabwe was legal and said he didn't know anything about the fame of the lion cecil the lion until the end of the hunt. there were reports that the dentist and the big game hunter that was with him paid $55,000 to kill cecil the lion. that big cat was a beloved and protected lion in zimbabwe. there are reports that palmer's guides lured cecil outside of the boundaries of the park and then shot him with a bow and arrow injuring him. the lion was later found dead. the two guides by the way have been arrested. boy from baltimore is the youngest patient to receive a double hand transplant. >> i just want to say thank you for helping me. >> he lost his hands and feet to an infection several years
6:27 am
ago. now the 11 hour operation actually took place earlier this month in philadelphia but was just disclosed yesterday. leg prosthetics have allowed zion to be very active. he learned to use his forearms to write and eat but doctors hope he will be able to achieve more milestones. >> when i met zion, i said to him and i didn't know what the response would be why do you want hands? eight-year-old i'm figuring what kind of response would he give me? he said i want to climb on the monkey bars. >> doctors say zion will spend several more weeks at the hospital before returning home to baltimore. the doe far's family has actually chosen to remain anonymous. >> i like how they put it together on the screen. >> wonderful gift for that little boy. time is 6:27. still ahead millions of gallons of drinking water down the drain. what is being blamed for a water main break in san bruno. >> we are still looking at a
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lot of slow traffic on the morning commute especially on 880. this commute will not get better if you are just joining us. avoid 880 down to the airport because of a deadly crash. >> fog. there is a lot of fog. inland temps will take time to cool off. there is a west wind at 19 miles an hour.
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we are with firefighters live in lafayette. these firefighters are busy closely watching this hillside right along highway 24. a fire broke out early this morning but firefighters have now stopped it from spreading. great news. alex savidge has been out there since 4:30 this morning. alex will be back.
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he will have a live update on everything happening out there along highway 24 in a couple of minutes. thank you for joining us. this is mornings on 2, wednesday july 2nd i'm dave clark. >> good morning, i'm pam cook. it is now 6:30. we will check in with steve that has a pretty tough forecast to call. >> temperature wise. they were all very hot today. they are all going to be off on the coast. >> the weather changes around here. >> it's not going to happen. >> inland it will still be hot. there is very warm air along. port chicago just reported a west wind at 19 miles an hour. let's get to it here.
6:32 am
napa valley chick is her name. that is good news. a lot of smoke has been filtering around from the fires. look at the fog. my goodness. it is just making a huge impact here. coast and in the city temperatures will drop big time. west, southwest 13 we'll see if that holds. fog near the coast. i don't think it's going anywhere today. so warm to hot. 100s for some inland yet 60s and 70s by the water. all right sal 880. >> yeah we've been telling you about heavy traffic on interstate 880 in oakland due to that deadly crash. ktvu fox 2 brian flores is joining us live from the scene
6:33 am
right now. what is going on now this >> >> reporter: well we talked about this crash. they have brought the flat bed tow truck here to remove the cars that were involved in this fatal crash. heavy traffic remains on the southbound side. we let the ktvu studios around 5:30 this morning. we just arrived on scene. that gives you a little perspective on the traffic. this is a fatal accident that happened just before 5:00 this morning. i'm here with sergeant michael wolf with the chp. thank you for joining us. what can you tell us in terms of what happened this morning? >> preliminary indicators report that a vehicle was stalled here in the number two lane. the red car which you see behind us swerved to avoid that and lost control. there was a blue subaru that collided with that vehicle and collided with the driver. >> reporter: do you know who was killed in this?
6:34 am
we understand it was a young woman. >> a young woman. we don't know the age yet. >> reporter: there was an earlier accident on the cad report. there was a hit and run off 16. was that any relation? >> we don't believe it's related. >> reporter: traffic was very heavy on 880 be what do you see in terms of traffic? >> try to avoid the area if you can. we will try to clear this area up as quickly as we can. >> reporter: so what we understand so far a recap is that there are was a car. it was a third car. a hyundai suv or sedan? >> it was a hyundai sedan. >> reporter: it was stalled in the number two lane. the woman in the red car tried to swerve out of the way and she was broadsided by this suv that is on the flat bed is that correct? >> correct. >> reporter: so thank you sergeant for your time. i appreciate it. my photograph er sid is taking
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a look at the traffic. very heavy traffic on the southbound side and on the northbound side. obviously a lot of people looking to see what happened. but here a young woman killed trying to swerve away from a car that apparently stalled in the number two lane here earlier this morning before 5:00. the coroner has yet to arrive here this morning. so this investigation is going to continue at least for some time but at least in terms of the cars that are still here, they are working to remove that as we speak. we will deep you updated here. sal, i'm assuming right now the alternative is to take 580 for those that may be heading to oakland airport or wherever they need to go. >> that is right. eastbound 580 is the call. people are on eastbound 580 and there is a little bit of a traffic jam on 580 approaching grand but still not that bad. this is the backup you are dealing with on southbound 880 out of downtown oakland. i do not recommend that. even if they were to open the
6:36 am
lanes, this will take awhile to unwind. use 580 eastbound as an alternate route. let's move along to other traffic issues. talk about the bay bridge temperature it's backed up for a 20-25 minute delay. we are looking at more of the east bay. we've had a lot of slow traffic on 580 over the altamont pass which is normal. we have just a lot of slow traffic heading down south to fremont. it's not a light day in the east bay. at 6:36 let's go back to the desk. we are still following developing news in lafayette on that grass fire off highway 24. it started more than two hours ago. now that the sun is up, firefighters are out there are really getting a better idea what they are dealing with. alex savidge is on the scene. the flames burned through homes and right into bereave owns in
6:37 am
-- regional park. briones regional park. >> reporter: you can see firefighters working on some of those hot spots. again it's not burning actively anymore. they have contained it to ten acres but they still are calling this fire 0% contained. let me show you the concern this morning. look at this home to the right hand side. this fire came dangerously close to this place and the people who live there they were evacuated in the middle of the night. a very scary situation for them. as this fire started around 4:00 this morning. right off of deer hill road. this is just north of highway 24. not far from the freeway at all. drivers saw this as they came
6:38 am
by. thankfully the winds were light. the fire did not spread as quickly as it might have. still the flames did force that one family to evacuate this home. we told you this morning their 13-year-old son happened to be awake playing video games. what alerted you? >> smoke. i smelled it through my sister's window and her door was open. yeah it was pretty scary. >> reporter: this fire burned in a northeast direction and went up to hillsides and burned into the park this morning. now as far as how it started, where it started, firefighters say the fire first broke off of deer hill road. right on the side of the road. they will be looking at whether it was human caused in any way. at this point they don't have
6:39 am
any definitive cause. it was brought under control. it is no longer spreading after charring about ten acres. but still a lot of work for firefighters to do to get this thing fully contained. >> alex savidge looked a lot different behind you than what we saw earlier today. good news. we'll keep you -- we will touch base with you again. time is 6:39. meantime an 11:00 news conference will be held by the santa cruz district attorneys office about the investigation into the death of eight-year- old maddy middleton. a 15-year-old boy accused of killing her is in juvenile hall this morning. prosecutors say it's possible the 15-year-old will be tried as an adult. police say he lured maddy to his family's apartment and killed her. ktvu janine de la vega will report on everything from that news conference in santa cruz at the top of the hour. the city of richmond has scheduled a special meeting for next monday. they are finalizing a new rent
6:40 am
controlled ordnance. last night the city council held a packed hearing debating several issues including affordable housing. supporters say average rents in richmond jumped 13% last year. under the new proposed ordnance landlords can only raise rents 2% a year. however, all single family homes and rental units built after 1995 would be exempt. the ordnance would take effect in december. in the meantime the city council also rejected a plan to expand the west county detention facility. important meet willing be held regarding the future of the oakland raiders. the bay area news group reports the nfl will meet with the team and oakland city leaders about the status of the coliseum city proposal. so far oakland has refused to use public money in building a new stadium. now the a's continue to trade away their best players in this disappointing season. there is hope for the fans
6:41 am
keeping the a's in oakland. representatives from the team tell the chronical they have had positive discussions with libby schaaf about either building a new ballpark at the coliseum site or retro fitting the current site. time now is 6:41. as we are all struggling to save and conserve water during the drought a water main break in san bruno sent millions of gallons of drinking water right down the drain. i mean it's a huge old water pipe that failed about 9:30 monday night. sending about 15 million gallons of rushing water right through the park. the high pressure water main that failed was almost 6 feet in diameter. >> we got reports of water on the surface here. and soon determined that it was one of our older pipelines.
6:42 am
ann andreas pipeline number two built in the late 1920s. >> since that water main break happened over night, it was not reported right away. the crews were able to stop that gushing water by about 11:00 yesterday morning. san francisco mayor ed lee is expected to sign the budget today. coming up at 7:00 the record setting amount the city is planning to spend and where that money is going. but first. >> i need to do my best to keep moving forward. i need to make sure i can get over this hurdle. i need to make sure my life continues to progress. >> a life changing illness robs a bay area woman on all four of her limbs. her decision to over come those odds and the world stage she is now training for.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. there are speculations the drought may have caused a 75- foot tall tree to fall down on to a group of kids yesterday at a pasadena summer camp. eight children were hit by that tall tree. three of them are still in the hospital this morning. two of them are in critical condition. they were leaving a day camp at the kids face children's museum right near the rose bowl when that tree fell down. >> and we heard a crack and i saw a woosh. i saw a branch fallen off a tree. i started looking for kids.
6:46 am
because i saw the tree in front of the museum. i could hear the screams and people running around. >> the young campers are between the ages of 5-9 years old. an arborist will be out there today checking the roots and the tree to see why it fell down. some say it could have been because of root disease, fungus, the wind, and other damage caused by the drought. a young oakland woman with a dream of competing 239 in the paralympics qualified in the trials for the 50-meter free style. just three years ago she contracted two antibiotic resistant infections influenza b and mrsa. doctors prescribed a drug to restrict blood flow but an over dose of that drug led to dry gang green. >> i can't think of anything worse than waking up and
6:47 am
knowing you will lose all four of your limbs. >> she refused to allow the loss define her and she hopes her experience will help others deal with life adversities. >> no matter what has happened in your life that you are only limited by your own will power. and that there is so much more than what our physical limitations are. >> she hopes to place in the top three in the qualifying tryouts for the 50-meter free style and if that happens she will be on her way to the paralympics. >> she is incredible. >> that is really an incredible story. we wish her well. let's check in now with another incredible lady gasia mikaelian toasty what is coming -- to see what is coming up. >> talk about an upgrade. some travelers on delta will have an option to fly private
6:48 am
for a few hundred dollars more. we'll tell you who is eligible. and if i were to sing happy birthday right now i would have to pay a royalty but soon that happy birthday song may be free. why that big change is being considered in court. >> i know a lot of those. >> thank you. let's check traffic. sal, you're the busiest man. stop and go traffic day. >> southbound 880. >> yeah they have just opened up one more lane down there which is slightly better news here. southbound 880 at fruitvale between fruitvale and high street. but we still have look at all of this slow traffic from downtown oakland heading south a few miles down to where that crash is. you saw brian flores there he just tweeted and saw a picture of them. they are almost ready to get
6:49 am
rid of everything on the freeway and that should make a big difference in all of this traffic. we will follow it on mornings on 2. let's move along and take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. we have a lot of slow traffic on 580 this morning. through livermore valley. 880 is moderately heavy as you drive through to fremont. if you are driving in the south bay 101 is the slowest freeway. let's go to the weather center with steve. there is a lot of fog being reported on the coast and in the city. thanks for the pictures here. i'm trying to get to as many as i can. pacific heights gets moved in. it won't help inland and the fog is very low. i mean it's right down on the deck. so there is warm air aloft. upper 70. there is still an indication of high pressure. this is from brandon in
6:50 am
pacifica. he was happy wednesday. pacifica checking in with lots of fog so it's pretty shallow. some locations will be in the soup as we say. inland temps will still be pretty warm to hot here. there is a little more of a breeze. we'll see if it holds. 14 at travis. 19 out of the west at port chicago. 60s on the temps but these i don't think these temperatures get any lower than that. 50s and 60s. actually san francisco 58. the water temps came up. san francisco buoy was 55. so the toughest forecast is the high officially in the city. 58 to start. i will go 72 after yesterday's 80 degrees. tropical clouds monsoon moisture flying into the four corners. some of that sneaking into california might play into the sierra nevada forecast. but i think the fog is a big story here. the on shore breeze is trying
6:51 am
to establish itself but i don't think it will help some areas. there is is just too much warm air aloft. a huge difference here. fog near the coast even if you get that sun there temperatures will be coming down. i had a couple nice days. it will still be hot inland. we will go 90s to 100. 90s for some. you get a south breeze some of those north bay locations could come off a few degrees from those highs. it will be very high out toward eastern contra costa county. around alameda and berkeley the fog made it around the bay. 90s to 100s for some. these are all tough when that fog comes back 60s and 70s and 80s and 90s. 60s on the coast. 70s to 90s. fog will win out here and tropical clouds means it could part as we go friday into the weekend. >> it's coming in pretty quickly. >> flying in. >> flying. some people are very happy
6:52 am
with that fog comes. >> some people in the east bay or north would say can you get that fog out of here? not going to happen. maybe tomorrow. >> yeah a little air conditioning. 6:51 is the time now. the ceo of twitter calling for big changes. coming up in 20 minutes what he wants to do to attract more users. >> two people connected by life meets. the reunion between a 12-year- old girl and the woman who saved her life from the other side of the country.
6:53 am
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welcome back to mornings on 2. so far there are no signs of foul play in the death of bobbi christina brown. bobbi christina is the daughter of whitney houston and bobby brown. a funeral for bobbi christina now set for saturday. and then on monday she will be laid to rest next her mother in new jersey. an eighth grader from castro valet had a chance to thank a woman who helped save her life. 12-year-old malina met kristin sydney for the first time yesterday. malina has a condition that
6:56 am
prevents red blood cells from producing. but doctors couldn't find a suitable match until sydney who lives all the way across the country in rhode island registered in the asian- american donor program. >> i'm just so happy to meet her and it's so great she can come out here. >> no, it didn't hurt at all. the way i describe it is it hurts less than falling on the ice when you are learning to skate for the first time. >> once someone receives the transplant and passes through the toxic effects of the procedure, they are cured of the disease. malina is now playing soccer and learning tahitian dance. drone developers and users gathered here in the bay area yesterday examining ways to use the new drone technology safely. this tech convention was held at nasa ames research center.
6:57 am
the participants included a wide variety of people from backyard builders to nasa engineers. now drone lovers say the machines can get into areas where larger vehicles cannot and they have the potential to save money. >> to show that we can achieve vertical take off and landings at the same time as very efficient cruise flights. so really having your cake and eating it too. >> $2,000 an hour for a helicopter. we can come in at a much lower level. >> now incidents involving flying drones has become a problem. a drone forced firefighters from fighting that grass fire. a story we've been following all morning. fire crews are getting some control of that grass fire burning right near highway 24 in lafayette. coming up at 7:00, we're going to take you right back out to the scene for an update on that
6:58 am
fire fight. >> plus saying goodbye to hayward police sergeant scott lunger. the private viewing that will be held tonight and the plans for a funeral tomorrow.
6:59 am
7:00 am
the whole hillside was lit up. >> just about 30 minutes ago, we learned a fire along highway 24 is no longer burning. our alex savidge is on the scene in la fayette and will have details on the work to contain the fire. also we have another update the last of the wrecked cars has just been removed from that deadly early-morning pileup on interstate 880 in oakland. we'll show you the massive backup that fiery crash caused for the past two hours. it's 7:00. good morning. i'm gasia mikaelian. >> i'm dave -- dave clark. good morning. let's check the weather. steve paulson? >> there is a lot of fog and coast. inland it will


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