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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  July 29, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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road at stanley. and a grass fire burning in a threat zone. we're not going to jump to that conclusion. as i look the the map there are buildings nearby. you can see the fire is growing although it does seem as if fire crews are there. this is highway 24 pleasant hill road and the exact location given by dispatchers pleasant hill road by stanley boulevard. we are on our way. we will find out a little more about this. good morning everybody. wednesday, july 29th i'm brian flores. >> good morning, i'm pam cook. thank you for joining us. certainly that secting traffic already in the area as people slow down and fire response vehicles there. the good news is steve says not very windy. >> yeah 3 miles an hour. there is no breeze. humidity about 49%. this is the latest observation.
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i saw two sights near there. one 64, one 67. the closest one was 64. not much of a breeze. the direction is almost southwest more than west. fog has returned and it's very shallow. it will play into a much cooler coastal forecast. 60s and 70s inland. 50s for some. 50s and 60s closer toward the coast and around the beaches. it will be very hot. near 100s. all right sal sal. i can't find any grass fires. >> i looked at highway 24 at 4:00 there was nothing there were. i looked again at 12 minutes
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after there was a one on the hail side there. you can see for yourself the live picture. i see blue lights as well as red lights there. it appear there is is help on the way. highway 24 is not effected. i did hear cal fire dispatch to the area. i want to show you where this is on the map. this is highway 24 and there is pleasant hill road right there. there is pleasant hill road as you drive through. right there is high school right there. the fire department has arrived. we'll let you know more about what we know. the only thing we do know for sure is it's a rather large grass fire on that hill. let's go to the toll plaza. traffic is light getting into san francisco. let's goal back to the desk. i want to follow more of
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the top stories. a brief hearing will be held at 11:00 regarding the investigation into the death of eight-year-old mady middleton. prosecutors say he is being held in juvenile hall and could be charged as an adult. janine de la vega will report from santa cruz at the top of the hour. a two-day memorial starts today honoring a hayward police officer. a public funeral will be held tomorrow morning at 10:00 at oracle arena. and more than 1100 firefighters continue their battle against the rag fire in napa and solano counties. it grew yesterday when flames unexpectedly spread to wild horse canyon. more than 130 homes are threatened and mandatory evacuations remain in place. while the a's continue to trade away their best players in this disappointing season,
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there is hopes for fans keeping the team in oakland. a's representatives told us they had positive discussions with libby schaaf about building a new ballpark or retro fitting the current park. a young oakland woman with a goal of competing in the pareira olympics is is sharing her story. recently she qualified in the 1500 free style. just three years ago she contracted two antibiotic resistant infections influenza b and mrsa. >> i can't really think of anything worse than waking up
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and having -- knowing you will lose all four of your limbs. >> she refused to allow the loss to define her and hopes her experience will deal with life adversities. >> no matter what has happened in your life that you are only limited by your own will power and that there is so much more than our physical limitations. >> she hopes to place in the top three in the qualifying trials for the 50-meter free style. if that happens she will be on her way to the paralympics in 2016. consumer report released their reports on marin hospital battling infections. they are performing at or below the national benchmark in
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avoiding infections. kizer perm then they did much better. according to the centers of disease control thousands of hospital patients die every year from infections. primary export international is based in south san francisco. the fruits and veggies came from thailand, taiwan, china, and new mexico. miguel gonzalez is charged with murder and robbery. authorities say three men tried
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to rob a group of people at gunpoint on 18th street in antioch. one of the victims had a gun and opened fire setting off a gun battle in the street. one suspect and one robbery victim were patrol nounsed dead at the -- were pronounced dead at the scene. last week henry albert smith junior was convicted of murder with special circumstances in the 2011 shooting. the trial to determine whether smith should receive the death penalty was set to begin today but a judge declared a mistrial because one of the jurors is moving out of state and there are no more alternate jurors. now a new jury is going to be seated to decide the penalty phase beginning on august 31st. cal train service shut down for an hour after a man was struck in san bruno. that happened just after 10:00 last night. san mateo county transit officials says the man was on the tracks illegally when he
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was hit. no word on the man's injuries but the incident remains under investigation. all is back to normal but that is after an unintended suitcase prompted a closure of the international terminal. that happened yesterday afternoon. the suitcase was left on the upper level right by the curb. the police response prompted the closure of six ticket counters in the international terminal. the airport, bart station, and access roads from highway 101 were briefly shut down but the bag was safely removed in less than an hour and the terminal was reopened. there is concern that the drought may have caused a 75- foot tree to topple on to a group of kids at a summer camp in pasadena. the pine tree fell on eight kids. three of them are still in the hospital this morning with two listed in critical condition. they were leaving a day camp at the kids space children's museum near the rose bowl when the tree fell. >> we heard a crack and i saw a
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woosh. i thought that a branch had fallen off a tree. i started looking for kids because i knew a tree in front of the mow museum. i could hear the screams. >> the campers are between the ages of 5-9 years old. an independent arborist will inspect the tree. as we are all struggling to conserve water during a drought, a water main break in san bruno sent millions of gallons of drinking water right down the drain. a huge old water pipe failed around 9:30 monday night sending an estimated 15 million gallons of water down the park. the high pressure water main that failed was almost six feet in diameter. >> we got reports of water on the surface here.
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and soon determined that it was one of our older pipelines. our san andreas pipeline number two built in the late 1920s. >> since the break happened over night it was not reported right away and crews were able to stop the gushing water but no before 11:00 yesterday morning. the majority of people that live in los altos no longer have to boil their water before drinking it. the advisory was lifted after the test showed no e. coli in the system. on sunday more than 850 customers were told to boil their drinking water for one minute before ingesting it. there are several dozen people that are being asked to boil their water after a hydrant tested if positive. fighting fire with technology. coming up in just 15 minutes how aerial surveillance is helping firefighters see through the smoke. >> you can just make the
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process a little bit more accurate. >> we've been talking about this. america's favorite past time going high-tech. up next a look at the first robotic umpire being used in a minor league game. >> still have that grass fire burning on highway 24 or near highway 24 i should say and pleasant hill road. you can see it's a rather large fire with a big fire response. >> and thankfully the conditions are not that bad for the fire. it's still rather warm. 67 degrees. humidity 40% but the breeze is out of the west, southwest. less than 4 miles an hour. life's the food that brings us together. and kitchens where every meal is the most important of the day.
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life's the food that brings us together. and kitchens where every meal is the most important of the day.
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it's on the north side of highway 24 ape flames are visible from the freeway. this is not far from a high school. alex savidge is live in lafayette where fire crews arrived a few minutes ago. >> reporter: they are straining to gain control of this brush fire. you have a hillside that is on fire here. you can see flames, huge flames racing through this dry brush here in lafayette and you can see this fire is coming dangerously close to a couple of homes in this area. the one you see here imparticular in the foreground is of concern. we haven't heard anything official thus far but you have to imagine the people that live in this home and a couple other homes that have close by have been evacuated by firefighters. we understand that cal fire is out here and so is the contra costa county fire department as
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well as fire broke out within the last hour here. our location is deer hill road. close to elizabeth street if you are familiar with the area and this is just on the knot side of highway 24. quite close to the freeway. [ inaudible ] we drove up to the scene and you could see the fire on the hillside. what we're seeing here in the past couple of minutes is we've seen some of the cal fire crews position themselves around this home that is closest to us and they will do structure protection work. let me describe for you the weather conditions out here. very mild conditions. very warm here this morning. that slight breeze i just heard steve talk about it coming out of the west. we are feeling that from time to time you get a gust that is a little bit more significant. that obviously is of concern for the fire crews out here this morning. again we have cal fire crews. we have local fire crews.
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we have contra costa county fire crews. at this point it's hard to say if there is any containment on this fire. obviously far too early in the game to say exactly how this fire started but it appears to have started just off of deer hill road. again right on the north side of highway 24. but again burning out of control. this grassland fire. this wild land fire burning through dry brush here and homes be threatened here this morning. back to you guys for now. >> alex, i know we talked about that one home in the foreground. do you see any other homes perhaps on the hillside that may be threatened by this? >> brian, i understand there are more homes. we simply pulled up to this spot and got a picture up here so we could get this on the air. i do understand just down the bend there are some other homes and we talked about school as well in this area. i can also tell you i see a number of structures. the other structures i saw here
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look to be unoccupied. it doesn't look like anybody is living in those homes or structures or whatever they are. i see a couple out buildings that are firefighters are trying to protect right now. this particular home appears to be somewhere where people live. we have not seen the people that live there come out. they in all likelihood made their way out. there is a number of homes in this area. >> so the structures don't necessarily look like homes? we might have lost alex there. can you hear us alex? okay a little bit of a problem with the signal. again looking at a live picture of highway 24. let's check in with sal. obviously you can see on the left hand side of this screen with that shot it's certainly slowing down traffic in that area. is there some kind of fire road
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where they can get to that fire or are there homes on top of that hill? >> there is some homes and fire trails. pleasant hill road is the main road and that hill is the next hill over. so there are some homes and roads. the fire appears to have spread out wide. just got word. i don't know if you heard our producer telling us contra costa fire says no homes are threatened. the fire department got there quick. we did see in the pictures it appears the flames were close to some homes but the fire department was there. so again no homes are threatened. >> sal, do you know do they have to wait for sunlight before they could fly over head to attack the fire? >> that i don't know.
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that i don't know. if that is the case, obviously they are waiting for a couple hours. i will try to find out the answer to that question. >> thanks, sal. >> so let's go from here. i want to show you highway 80 picture. highway 80 looks good. the rest of the bay area traffic is light because it's early and traffic continues to look pretty good as you drive through. we're also looking at a commute, traffic on the bridge looks good. we're looking at 880 and the san mateo and dumbarton bridge those freeways are looking good. let's go to steve. i do believe they have to wait until sunrise. don't you? i would think that would be pretty dangerous to fly that close to that area. alex is out there but he talked about the fire can create its own breeze here but there is not a roaring breeze. temperature is 67 degrees. reality humidity 40%. the wind is westerly. thank goodness it's not east or north. seeing a little west, southwest
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for it. did see gusts to about 6. the good news is there is not much of a breeze and at least it's not a north, northeast. any breeze does not help whatsoever. we will touch base with alex on that. the fog is roaring back to the coast. from about the marin head lands to point rays south it will be much cooler. water temps came up, up, up. it's warmer on the coast because of the fog but still very warm inland. the fog will not help today but it will tomorrow. most locations are running warmer than they were 24 hours ago by 2-6 degrees. starting off on the warm side. a little bit of a delta breeze. my feeling is it will collapse. west at 9 at sfo but they need a lot stronger than that to make it inland. a lot of monsoon cover making
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its way into arizona and southern california. some of that could work its way to the sierra by friday. 66 out in sacramento. 57 down in monterey. the fog is really ramping up even though the water temps came up. the on shore breeze is starting. the fog coming back does help. fog returns to the coast one more hot day inland unless you're up at lake county and vacaville. fog near the coast. it will be warm to hot. cooler near the beaches. 100s inland but 60s and 70s. i went 72 and fog makes it there that socially a sure sign they are going to drop pretty fast. fog will be on the move and higher clouds might play into our friday forecast. >> this is where you have that 30 plus debris difference. >> i would say 40 today. >> wow. okay. today mayor ed lee expected to sign san francisco's new
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budget. coming up at 5:15 the record setting amount the city is getting and the main question is where is the money going? >> and it's a distress call for animals in need of a home. up next the help needed by the oakland animal shelter after an increase in dogs being given up by their owners.
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welcome back everybody.
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time is 5:54. the california department of public health has issued a fine and citation to a fremont nursing home for negligent care after one of its residents died. the crest wood -- a resident at the nursing home choked on a piece of meat and later died. opponents of california's new mandatory vaccine law have been given the go ahead to start collecting signatures to recall the state senator who drafted that legislation. sacramento democrat and pediatrician richard pan
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twitter stock down about 10% this this morning. facebook reports its quarterly earnings. food, toys, treats and a dog bed will be provided.
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a barn owl that was near death when she was rescued by a san jose firefighter is back in the wild. they released the barn owl. the owl was found 7 weeks ago as . she spent time in an outdoor flight enclosure to strengthen her wing muscles. he was released a few miles from where she was found. >> that is beautiful. we're coming up next on our 5:00 hour. we are following that fire along highway highway 24 but also the city of rich command is making history. the decision by the city council that could save people a lot of money. and regulating the use of drones.
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we are continuing to follow the morning commute. this fire is still burning on the hillside. we'll let you know what that is doing to traffic. >> thankfully there is not much of a breeze. there is a lot of fog on the coast. west, southwest at 4. the air tankers cannot fly until about 7:45 or 8:00 in the morning.
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good morning. we are starting with breaking news this morning. you can see live pictures of fast moving grass fire. this is burning in lafayette. it is on the north side of highway 24 near pleasant hill road. it's west of o.k. ran thee high school. alex savidge is out there in lafayette. this morning. several homes are in the area.


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